The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUMK 1—NO. 221. l!l,YTlll';Vll,U'!, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, MAY I, KM;! THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIU CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In Hie interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying Bchool of Dlytlievllle, by tlie Blythevllle Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. Army tlses Official JNa/i Film To Show Men Who Caused War SUBSCRIPTION^ RATlis WASHINGTON (UP)—The laic Prime Minister Chambevlnin rc- .urncd to London in September, 938, from Hie Munich conference, lepped from bis plane, waved a inper signed by Hitler, and said ic had brought back "peace in our Ime." Millions of persons the world over remember ncwsrcel pictures of he incident. The picture is rerun in the Army Orientation film, "The Niv/.is Strike," and labeled "one of the most tnvgic and ironic scenes hi al) history." "This is one. of the unforgettable parti-.of. the graphic picture, composed mostly of official Germfill films, depicting the aggressions of Hitler commencing with the occupation of Austria through the collapse of Poland. The film' is the second in a series of seven pres>ared by the special services division of tile Army Service Forces to sliou American soldiers how the wai started and what their relation b to'it. 'Began With Bismarck The .film asserts that Gemini' ambitions for world conquest dalec from Bismarck. Hitler took up the cause after the Kaiser failed. Tin. ambitions of these three cost tb world 20,000,000 persons killed am 60.000.000 wounded, rendered 200, 000.000 homeless and resulted ii (lib 'destruction of .billions of dol lar's' worlh of- pro[)crty. Tlic Army picture outlines thi a^r plan for conquering the world The.first slop was lo conquer East ern Europe, and next what th German geopoliticiaris called Hie "Heartland,". • representing roughly thc'area in Europe and Asia which 'centuries nyo was conlrolled by the'great'conqueror, Genghis Khan. Tills would lead lo the complete control of Europe, Asia and Africa, and finally the conquest of the .world: - ILitlcr started teaching that persons with .German blood anywhere .o\ved allegiance' to the German (Reichft'er<9ij to.atheisixth^aiid. sev- '.eritli genejatitir)., /.-... ; Some persons of German descent had different, ideas, Hie film con- inucd, as pictures were thrown on .screen of some oulstiindhifi Americans of German ancestry — Oen. Walter Krciifjer, Icr of the litli U. s. Army in tlis Southwest 1'iicitic: Wendell Wlll- de. Republican Pri'.sidcnlial can- lidate; Henry J. Kaiser, West sliipbiiilder, and Senalor ?ol)erl Wiifjiicr of New York. Shows Nazis' Melhuds The film portrayed the Nazis' tietlioits. ineludiiiK Hie "hardcnlnt; ip" at home in which con- -cri|)t labor worked long hours lo inn the. lieich. and (lie ".softening up" processes elsewhere in Europe, and even in the United States, in- Uidliiti the fonicnllng of dissm- sioii aiui unrest. i In 193"> Hitler ordered national conscription In violation of his treaty commitments and occupied the Uhineland. Encouraged because Hi; democracies did not oppose this move, and aggressions hi China and Abyssinia by Japan imd Hnly, Hitler begnn the piecemeal assimilation of neighboring countries. After Chechoslovakia was overrun Chamberlain knew there would be no peace. He and Daladici' pledged support of Poland. Hitler didn't think Ihr: British and Picnch would fighl, but this time he was mistaken, and the forces opposed to world domination by the Nazis finally came 10 grips with the German war machine. The picture was studded with numerous takes revealing Nazi bru- ialifies. It concluded with one of Churchill's most eloquent, passages, holding out hope lo the downtrodden and pledging the last vestige of TB5EBEJT Sunday Hospitality Hour Will Be Sponsored By Community Group Home Demonstration Chili women ol Shady Grove.will be hostesses at the 'USO hospitality hour Sunday afternoon. They'swill provide homemade cakes and pies tlieir ova kXc'heW Cora U'e Coteimin. Home Demonstration :i|;ent, reported oilier clubs would spmisor hospitality hours as follows: mack Wntqr, .May SI; Leachvillc and I'awheen, May \'j, and Lost. Sane. May 23. Lone Oak. Home Demonstration Club members were hostesses the previous Sunday. They brought 20 pirs and n cakes, as follows: Mrs. Charles Necdham, a while cake; Mrs. Effie Davis, a fudge cake, :\ coconut pie ami lemon pie; Mrs. J. O. llucy, an-.angle food cake ond two pecan pies;'Mrs, J. W Field, a coconut cake; Mrs. H. K. lialdriilge. a devil's food cuke; Mrs. Hen Ray, a coconut cake; Mr.s. Gene Alexander and Mrs. Tom Brittain. pineapple cakes; Mrs. Shelby Cook. Mrs. Ora Brooks and Mrs.-J. !>. Morris, chocolate cakes; Mrs. Amie Robinson, an orange cake; Mrs. Amlc Garner, a pineapple cake; Mrs. Erby Hodge, chocolate cake and two lemon pies; Mrs. Harold Sullivan, n carame cake; Mrs. Alma Austin, n chocolate cake and two butlerficotc pics; Mrs. Widncr, a chocolate cake: Mrs. H. A Davis, Uvo pineapple pics; Mrs. C. E. Hart tint Mrs. Mollie Line, two pecan plcf each; Mrs. J. \V, Tomlinson, pineapple pie; Mrs. Freddie Hode c aii< Mrs. IV li. Hodge, Iwo pineapple pies each; Mrs. E. L. Powell am Mrs. joe Walters, two lemon pie. each Pvt. Maurice Wilk played tin violin, accompanied by Scrgt. Her man Spier on the piano, at tin Gen. Arnold In Warning To Japanese Grim warning (<> Jap:m is Implied In n lelicr from Cii-nortil II. U. Arnold, commiinilliii; ycuer;il of Hie Army Air I'Mrce.s. lu 11 letter iuldie:;se[! In nil pi'i'sonnel of (he Arm'y Air I'orcc-.s mid received ycs- Icrilny nt llio Illylhovlllc Army Air Field. The teller rends us follows : -"In violation of every rule of military promlure and of every ronceiH of human decency, the have executed sevcml of your foruv comrades who tool; p;ut In (lie first Tokyo raid. These men died as heroes. We must not rest— e must re-douhle our efforts— ntll the inhuman warlords wlio ommllled this crime have been (terly destroyed. "Kc-meinuei 1 comrades when on i;el n V.ero in your sights — lave their saerlflco before you •lion you line up your bomhsiuhts n a Japanese base. "You have demonstrated llml lie cannol mutch you u aerial combat or lu boinburd- nciit. Let your answer .10 their realment ol your comrades be the .extinction of the Japanese Air ; 'orcc. tlieir lines of coiniiiuiilcn- iou, and the production centers vhich offer them opportunity to :otitinuc such atrocities." AIR SPEED KING PLANS POST-WAR FLIGHT RULES Hitler and wiped from his works the face of the earth. Doiuiles Gehrig Scr;ipbnoU CGOPERSTOWN, N. V. iUP>—A Lou Gchriy scrap-book, faithful reproduction of Hut kept by Mrs. Uchrig during the career of the famed Yankee first baseman, has been J * presented lu tin; National Bnscbatl Museum here by Samuel GokUvyn, movie producer who used the book in Hinting "Pride of the Yankees." would be | "cspHallly hour the first ?ft> Sky Full of Flying Fortresses V X. cf Ihc month. Mrs. Ralph Berry man played classical music on tlv piano. Women of Bunch, Ark., pro vlilccl 97 slices of cake mid 15 pieces of pic. The hostesses fron Bunch were Mrs. Lee Styles, chair man; Mrs. Spencer Bunch, Mrs George Bunch. Miss Lillie Btincl .Mrs. Paul Abbott. Miss i^ucille Ab .bolt. Mrs. D. D. Abbott, Mrs . clin ton Abbott. Mrs. Gene ^McGuirc Mrs. Rcbert Thompson, Mrs. Waltc Harncs. Mrs. Elza Wheeler, Vii'Biuia Wheeler, Miss Ethel Wheel er. Mr.?. Gerald Wheeler, Mrs. Nin nlmni, Mrs. Henry Young,-Mb Mamie Young. Mrs. Doris lloivnix nrt Mrs. Punk Willis. A big chocolate cake was mad jointly by Mrs. O. O. Elkins, Mrs E. B. Cliitwocxl and Mrs. D. A. A trainer for bombers is e.ssen- lially a platform, perched 10 feel high on a skeleton framework and moving on rubber-tired wheels. Every condition of actual flight e.xcepl rough air can be duplicated l>y the mechanism, j Riding High Here's how the skies will be looking over Germany one of these days—full of Flying Fortresses. This picture of the big four- rnotored bombers on mass maneuvers wss made in San Francisco, but Bremen and Wilhelrhshavcn have already seen similar sights. FUNNY BUSINESS Policing riii /'"i ; -.'/ J / lie if rounds Pic. Frank Cermliiiirn, buck fiddle [ilaycr for the "Jive iiombsrs," has black eye. He ace,ulicd.<lt nflcr a dance the other night. He wn.s strictly an innocent bystander and was drinking a coke. The,-wallop was meant for I'fc. Marion'E. Castle, who ducked. Cermluarn was standing right behind him and didn't. ' * * 'if';' 1'vt, Edward S. Sabicen -of the Guard Squadron, sleeps spfsoundlj that he didn't wake up the olhei night when some of his buddies carried his bunk and him but of the barracks. An hour laler he came charging ill pa jama-clad and shouted, "What so and so did lhal?" * <> * First Lieut. Richard n. Jaegyln, quartermaster property officer nncl commanding officer of Ihe Quartermaster Detachment, now on detached service 'tit Harvard University, was immensely relieved and pleased when men of his command .sent him a report that Tabby had given birth lo kiltens and was doing line. Tabby, a gray and white cat. and Ibe lieutenant's pet, was an expectant mother when the lieutenant WHS ordered to Harvnnl. When the blessed event occurred, u detailed re]>orl was sent on Hie Iwo ittcns. including place 'and time ol Ijirlii. and remarks. He O.K.'d the report and expressed his approval, t * • Pvt. llobcrt, 13. Beglcy of Hie Quartermaster Detachment, Iclls this one on himself: "I wns tan iml raised in Hazard. Ky., n small [own, and on my first visit to Lexington I was scared by the heavy traffic. 1 didn't, dare try to cross thn street, so I just leaned against convenient light pole and look in (he .sights. Suddenly I felt the business end of a policeman's billy prod my ribs and a big cop said, 'llowdy, son. How's everybody at Hazard?' "Oil 1 pretty good," I replied. "Why, do you know someone from Ihcrc?" 'Nope. And I've never been there?' "Say. how did yon know I'm from Harard? 1 ' I asked. • "Oh. that! Well, you see every man thai has ever visited us from Hazard lias scratched his back against llml same j»le." Summer is here. Officially cotton uniforms will become regulation on Monday, and the well dressed soldier i-i examining cotton shirts and slacks to make sure they are ready. Woolen uniforms will be stored until Fall. •Mr. Abe, formerly Corporal Segal, attended the 32Gth Srinad- ron parly the other evcnhiB. In civilian clothes, [to looked so funny! ?Ul | Abe lias (jonc back lo Porlaucviile , s y o run his store, warehouses etc. lischarycd as over tNiinting to network of existing and imiji'di'd future ninvuys, ('olonvl Itoscou Turner, tmly Uircc-llme winner of TLointlsou Troiiliy Itnces, nuw (raining uilols fur Uncle K:un, cmlnrHcs liroail federal regulation of flight, (.'ol. Turner—wlio 10 yours ago llcw ruast-to-const in record tiinu of II hours MO niiiuilutt —says U'rrilir speeds of nimlern aircraft mean pas- sate ovtr MWlor sluti's in but * Jew .mliiulc', jiinlslng iVo/fcorns Will dive Dance At (Hiibroom The NCO Club will hold a ilunce for ineinbcr.s and (noli 1 wives or Girl friends. In the club rooms at Ihe Glcncoc Hotel tonight. The ilance will lii'itln at 9 o'clock. Tile "Jive Hoinbcrs", a four-piece! jam band composed of Hut 3!>lsl Army Air Forces Hand will Iiirnlsh (tie music. niniulalory "ftilmil coutrol of air (light as ni;alitst Ktutc Inrlsdicllou". An VlctM'ri'slilrnl of Nntliiinil Avinlhm Training AKHiKiatlon, Col. Turner recently nptu'arrd before IntcrHUitc and Foreign Commerce Committee nf U. S. House of Koimwnlnlivin anil- cmliirxeil thul Commlttefi'H Hill cuvcrlui; this subject anil, nuHt-vur aviation |iii)injii|(. - Free Calls, To Reward; Paraders Cnpt. John P. • Mend's ''•headquarters sqimdron, the :t201h, wan the most. soldierly outfit. In, the weekly luiriidi.' ceremony,:Thursday i afler- nooii. and in reward fourcinen' of the squadron, selcctt<l by their commanding officer, will be .permitted n (roc IOIIH distance lelcplionc. call lor five minutes to any pni't, of tlio United Slates 'Ilii; telephone cnlls' will'be paid for by u bli; brewery of St. lonis, throuuh Ihe l'ost .Exchange, •('lie rewiml will li? Kiveii td'HIic nest .•.([million In-the .'lluirsday pnrndc furmallon each week, until Mriy 10. The• jiul|;hil! was by 'a'lioiird of clflcers appointed by Col.Km:l M. idon', coimnandhii; officer, and rcnslsllmt of MfiJ. Charles'E. ; 'llay- lon. C'a]it. Joseph C. Irons.and 'First l.lelll. Hntiis M. Dobte, Jr. Until);; was I'njide oh 'tomnVifucl.s ami performance in, Infantry drill, l>rimiptm:.«. diet's, and alignment, iuul dlH'IplliH' nt dm assciubly';' the uniforms of officers.-and enlisted men; facluK. marching, 'column, Hank iuul eyes rlglit'tn' innss n\bvc- nviiil.s; to. coihmiinds l>y Mliiuilrijiii) ciiiiiimirwl ii.«ishrdelaohr M|iin(lruii cdimnander.s, platoon lead- ens mid enlisted men; •illsclplliA! us shown by iillcjnlloii. to toiniiiniuls, silence In funks iuul ulertiiess; pro- clslou, nnirormlty and no.illlon of (inn In siihiliiiK, and correctness iuul discipline In dlsihlsssnl. v ,; Armorers Assigned and Quail I cam 10-9 Decision lu Inlcv- Squaclron Clash T]u: Hiit cif fculotl !U-il in 'rrnlnliiu Ciroup and Q tin 11 icinn Four aircraft nrmorers have rc- Ipoiicd to tl)ls station from technl- |cnl school i\l Napier Field, Alii., find huvc been ussiftneti to the 25lh amt 2Glhh I'MylitB TriilnlnK Groups. They nre: Pvt. Lorenzo R. llcruljljc DIM! I'vl. Ebcnc/er Yeinjci 1 , both assigned to Hie 25lh, and I'vls. Mclvln W. Kirclnminn und Carl p. Meyer, as- .siijntd to the 2(>tl] KlyiiiH Training Ciroup. Hold Everi/thing nia.^col of a fighter sctuacl- ron somcwlicre in Britain, "Wing Commander Billy" lacks wings, but be still manages lo fid up in the air. His favorite porch is on shoulders of a pilot. Any Shoe Cnn Be REPAIRED Hie nrpers are still food, (hem lo us for quality HALTER'S Quality &ho« W. Main Shop Ph. Z7J* i parl of the act's I'ootZ conservation "program--1/ they drop, one we. fry.it_rjsM_«wayl" Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream He Hickory Inn Aero* fr«m Hifh Mr. (formerly Knight a S5,DOO aye. Corporal) Kc bond the dav the Ale un Inter UMIKUC U!*»»o Thui'sdny ufU>niuoii nt tlnr nlhlctlc nvdiin. H was u f hitUny un'mtt all llio wiiy inul drciidiul liy Ilif lonu tllstnncu 's tiln}i mul 11 K! .s]Jt'wly riiu of OH; victors. C/crnik and Suj K-d Ihc '.K-lli in iHiLllnK. ench tlnir Ihrfc lilts nul of [tnir I In Die ptolc. AitKCll led the: Jo.scr.s »t "tin: jilulc, ul-'it) K^ttlili! llirei; for four. In iinoLht'i' ^nnu 1 Ihc li'Jflih Lenin dofoiikMl UIL* Qii:ifloriim.stiM' 3-1. ]^>x .scon' of llu- 20lh-Alu and Qiuill ^dinc! wus: rvt.A Hanoi- MaltcU Transferred to OCS 'vl. Altrnur II. Miillot »f Ihe :nd V'lylnir TrnlnliiB Siiiuidroii, has b'.en translevred from IhLs slatlon lo tin! Otters' Candldle Schodl at Ciiuip l^ce, Va.. when! he will .study for a commission In anll- ulivraft artillery. Prlvnln Mullett WII.H iisslitncd t>» an a^'liitlon mccluuilc when hi: reported here. In Jiuuuiry. lie onllsl- ed lust August, lie had previously served with (he Ciinucllnn, Army. In civilian life he was in the rail rslule and uisuranci! bustncfis In Alhol, Mass. 704th Wins Game Pfc. Irving M. Cralis '" Placed In Payroll. Section I'le. IrvliiK M. Crall.s, li| civilian life a clerk for Die Social StciirHy lionrd. Washington, l>. C., hns been tninsd'rreil lo .this station from Ihc Army Air Field at' Now|»rt, Ark., mill Is assigned as a clerk in Ilii! |)ayroll .si'cllon. He was Inducted Into Ihc -Army May 'a. He Is a 1!«<1 i>mdua,te of Cimnuerclnl Arts NIslH Scliool In Uoslon, iuul Is a I02D (jradiifttc of umton Commercial High School: I.ii Clrutta If Ilrantly u .. C/,! riili: cf .. I'lynn Und .. Hur.civniuil si Crest I i'f .... Kalrel Urtl ,. £i'm])k: 1st .. Hcr.vle i> ,... O.l''airell ss A I! 11 11 Ale ami ((null 10 13 All H H G'llura Lind . Hiiccl ss 'I'ubbs cl McKidglil sf Husch ^rd .. AiiRdl rf ... Hrool-.e -If .. Swan 1st ... Nelson c .... Kovncs i) "My (;irl sure i:i romanlic— calls me her knight in shining: armorl" look off his O.D.'s and put on civvies, "it I can't take earn of Inc Job personally." said Mr. K:gal. "J can help buy bullets, guns, gvenndes and airplanes for the boys." The Modern Ice Box COOLKKATOK For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Fhone 51$ PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guaranteed Hesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair \Vnrk on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwij & Walnut I'll. 533 LL LOANS On Anr(hln« J Vila. East Main Loan Co. >M K. M»l» — rhon« U>H Just 4 Miles To The <7W .)l. -.i Pmlhps State Line Service Station SAVK on Phillips (|iiali(y n.isn- Ihie & Oil. Prnmpl, Coiirlrous Service. Oticratcd liy Mrs. II. '• Itcynolds. OPERATING HOURS Kor A-H-C Con ii on Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. lo !) P.M. ALL WKKK DAYS J) A.M. lo 12 Noun 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. Thr With <lefenle<l Ihe Medicos !i-:i Ill mi Inler-Miuiulion softbull Kiuiie »t the iillilellc in™ '1'lnir.s- ilnv iillernoon. U wus n ll({ht bull tliinie inul wn.s tniirketl by this coolness ol Mcl'lierson, rellel pitcher 1 for Ihe 10-llh, who londcd th,. buses !\vhcn he llret cinnc into the bah •Biniic. then .struck out Ihe nexl two linltci-ji and ciitiscd the third lo po|> out. In n second gumc' lh« Atldcllc: l)e|»ii-|iiii:iil defi.'iiled Ihe I c 'lylnB Adinlnlsti'nllan teinn 17-1. Nurse Reports Here Second Llenl. M»ri;nrct Tiynnl- .scth luis i-qiortcd for duty lit Ihe niylhcvlllc Army Air Kield nnil hn.s •been uddccl to the sluff ol nurses 1 the Hospital. She is u IMS !i-(lii:il(i «f Ihe University of Mhi- lesotn Iliisiiltnl anil wiis Irnlned Uso nt Ihc Dnwsun Sui-cicnl llos- tllid, l"Ja\Vfion, Miifis. Transfers To Memphis Pvt. Chni-les 11. llrown, tcchnlcul supply clerk unsigned lo Ihe 25th VlyliiK 'I'mhihiu Cl'ronti, hWhccn tviinsteri'ed to the, ..t'V)j|vlli...ferry Gemminid In Memphis. In civillnn life lie Issued mid - checked' stock In the ,£>ub ; p,ep9t l)ie,r.e. I'rlviilc llr'own reportrd '(9" Dils uhillon In November from ViS'rCoi;- IcllioiiH;. On. He entered the. Army Oct. lit. I'TlTHI) IJY Doctors J. I., and J. GUARD OI'TOMKTKIS'J'S C. HLVT1IEVIIJ.E SINCE 1922 IPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 C- S ; Webb Cities Service Station (Ilwy. Gl ul (,'fitlmi Hell Tracks) I'lilMiC !)2l We Fix Hats \ViishinR fit. (Jreasluj; Our Specialty Cninplcto Rloclt': Sled (mil- Elastic :••;•• TRUSS.E'S -.:• Save 50% • STEWARTi/S., Drug Store Miiln & lake .. (Mione 2822 WK HU, AI.I, l)OCTp«8' PRESCRIPTIONS'^ AND SAVK YOU MONII STEWAftOT' Drug Store Main ,t I,nkc . I'lmnc 2822 Mollu Sunday, M;iy m FLOWER SHOP IM-I.IVKItY ANVWIIKRE- (il.KXCUK MOTEI, BU»O. AIRWAYS BUS LINE IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS .j (Mini.its iiislrncl th:il our buses sloji al regul;>r bus slops only while ;il the Air ISnsc. i'lcasc ealcb Ihc Ims at your nearest-st«p. HUDSON CLEANERS Siiccial oare taken in cleaning tinifnrr.»c, '• Bullons carefully handler!—Pleats and creases hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA Does Your Car NKKD THESE? l!.itlrr>—Scat Covers Oilfiller—Kailio Fog I.iRhls—Lock Gas C:ip A complete line of Polishes LOY EICH Chevrolet nt ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection ot shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties, do., In Blythevlllo than at Robinson's. Latest Magazlnes-r-Foun- laln service— sandwiches I , i Service'Men! Meet Your Friend"; at Rohiiuon't!!

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