The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1934 BLYTOEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Today's Markets Shows Transfers Effected in... Reorganization of Corporation One of 28 originals of a sale through federal court deercc of properties of the former Chicago Mill and Lumber company and the Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation in four states has been received at the o/llco of the circuit court clerk here for recording. The deed, reciting on its face a consideration of approximately $482.000, conveys a small tract of land Immediately west of this city site of the Chicago Mill plant here, and limber rights on 4,000 acres of land west, of Blythcvllle, deeded by the Chicago Mill to Drainage District No. 17. n also includes lauds In a number of other counties in Arkansas and Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana as well, The deed was executed on Sept 22. 1034. E, c. Homer <ras special master in the case by apnolnlnvnt or some six federal courts The- Comvay Mill Lumber company its' mortgagor foreclosed on properties of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation, sale being made to Charles W. Hume, who assigned his "(crests to a bondholders committee and the latter subsequently assigned Its'Holdings to Hie Chicago Mill and Timber corporation. Braggadocio News • Miss Madeline Dodd, of Denton, spent the week-end with Miss Eunice Dye. Miss Jewellc Hatley, of Beeri«e. spent the week-end with Miss Koberta Denton. Miss Jfnvelle Lewis spent Saturday night H .j t ], M! . s . Bert skj) :icr. Joe Bob Coppage. who attends Cape Girardeau teachers college. •Wit. the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cop- Mrs. Bob Green, Misses Nonna •Till Bca Holt, visited in Hayti E.Uurday. Raymond Gallaher, of Calico Rock, left Monday after a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. c. GalJaher. Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet visited in KenneU, Friday as -he guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Cleveland. Mrs. p. c. Holt, who has been thb gurst pf Mrs. Nora Clnlloft c -j£ n "H ..J*P- returned Monday: Miss Beatrice Holt is visiting Mrs. hd Caldwcll, of Blythcville lor several days. Miss Dorothy Coppnge had as D" C <Iay £" rat M >£S Eunice School opened Monday after a ..ix weeks cotton picking vacation rno Rev. and M rs . B D . Crocker spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long. Miss Sylvia Huckaba spent Ihurrcay night with Miss Flora Uta Kiersey. Miss Pauline Crowe spent the week-en ehvith Miss vwna Ferguson, of Hayti. Dclno Holt left Saturday ni^ht after a $ l:orl visit with his parents, Mr. ami Mr?, p. c. Hoi. Miss Viola Bennett is visiting sini lyn M >' rcs - ol Missis- •Miss Flora Ben Kicrsev'spent Saturday ni s ht and Sunday with Miss Sylvia Hucknba. Mis. Carl Long, of Chicago, is the guest of her mother, Mrs Jim Grinstead. Misses I.ora and Mahlc Lor^ shopped in Camthersville Tnti- Mtss Lucille Crowe is visiting fiieivJx in Paragoidd. Misses Alma Gene Morgan atul New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 18. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. oi>en high low clow Oct 1223 122-1 1219 1223 Dee 1232 1240 1231 iz:w Jan 1530 124-1 1235 1235 Mar 1244 1251 ' 12-11 1242 May 1248 1256 )2>W 1218 July 1251 12GO 1250 1252 Spols closed <|iiiet at 1255, olf 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oet. 18 (Ul>) — The cotton market moved along nt a slow pace today and finished four points loircr, December 1234 and March 1245. open high, low close 1225 1232 1223 12221) 1230 1244 1233 12114 1244 1244 12DS 1238 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 1245 1253 1244 1245 1250 12C1 -1249 1250 1255 1258 1254 1254 Spots closed quiet at 1204, oil 4. Closinff Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 18 (UP) —A rally on l\ic stock exchange toward tions to more than two points above yesterday's close. Volume was C/uerr.f/o Wheat Dec May Dec. May open high 99 1-4 100 1-2 90 3-8 100 3-4 iow close 39 gg 7.5 09 1-8 110 1-8 Chicago Corn opsn high IS 3-4 78 1-4 79 1.-2 80 3-4 low close 7C 3-4 77 3-4 19 1-3 80 3-8 W. E. RICHMOND & CO'S. AFTERNOON COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS, Oct. !8 -Futures lost about 5 points today in a stagnant market. Speculative activity was restricted and a little selling on the statement by Secretary Wallace predicting a further decrease in exports next week was anout the only feature. There was small buying on the lack of spot offerings in the interior, but th!s demand v;as easily supplied. The spot basis remains firm. Tl, together vath the large proportion of cotton going into the government loiui, makes spots hard to tny and the turnover was light. Business in dry goods was reported more active with an advancing tendency in some descriptions, ^but improvement was not reflected in the .market, for |l! raw material. •••••• Liverpool cabled tlic innrkit (hero was entirely professional, with speculation too confused over Washington's program to operate in either direction. Latest information ",s trrat no cotton program lor 1935 will be adopted until Eoiithcrn farmers have decided what they want lo do nboul continuing the Bniikhcjicl Act for another yenr. News dispatches continued lo point out dint the admlntstrn- .1 is making an effort lo arrive ai a better understanding with business lenders. It mis iv- liortoel today that Ihc new organization of tha NKA will not be announced until udmitiistralion ot- licials arc convinced It will inspire confidence In the business v oriel. Hawaiian Serenaders Will Open Studio Here The Hawaiian Serenaders studio will open |n this city Friday, October 28, according lo announcement made by Cecil Price, 11 M. Teasley and W. L. RoberUon, who comprise the trio. This group, which also has a studio in Memphis, will leach all Fretted Instrument 1 ;, including- Hawaiian guitar, Spanish guitar" ukulele, tenor guitar and tenor banjo. The studio will be located in the W.O.W. hall over the Mid-West Ice Cream company. The trio plans ,t° give a number of public concerts. They have made records and played over a number of broadcasting stations. New Football Experiment Tried in Missouri Game _ MARSHALL. Mo. (UP) —A new football experiment—marking quarters by 30 plays instead of 15 minutes—was tried with success here. Central College scored a safely to defeat Missouri Valley, 2 to o ruder Ihe system. Coaches said they believed the new way of mark- lug quarters wonldf speed up the game. Christina Harmon, of Hnytl, were guests of Miss Nonna Holt Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carmen spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Lcmami. Manuel May is working in California. Mfss Nina Huckaba, who has beci; v.'siting Miss Margaret McCall, in St. Louis, returned Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clevc Crowe vis- ilcd relatives in Marston over the week-end. Micscs .Nor ma and Bea Holt spent Sunday 'with Misses Katharine and Mable Long. Miss Madeline Dodd, of Demon, returned homo Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet and Mr. Hamlet's mother, Mrs, Mabel Hamlet, of Cooler, went to Memphis Sunday. Favors Making Children Fear for Their Safety CLEVELAND. (UP) _ patrolman Henry Kei'Jnll, of suburban Cleveland Heights' police force, believes it pays to "bring f ca r" into hearts of school children when their safety is concerned. For 12 years of (he time Kendall has been on the suburb's force, he has been assigned to safety duty. In that time, not one of his charges lias so much as suffered a scratch by an automobile. Kendall has ti big, booming voice. He yells, "C'mon now. Go." Or, if the light isn't right, "Hey, you. stay cm the curb," He isn't gentle, but he makes a point of teing careful. Harvard Library Houses 5 and 10 Books CAMBRIDGE, "Mnss. (UP) — Widener Library, as ancient and august as the Harvard University of ivhich it is a part, lias become sufficiently plcbian to sport on its shelves a. series called the Bit' Little Books, which may be purchased at a dime apiece in any five-aiicl-teii-cent storj. Oddly enough, these pocket- size volumes have been given a ptacc of honor in that section thai houses the Shakespeare first folio, the original edition of Miitoa's "Cosimis." nnd other rarities. Gordon's Lively Top HOSE Kiuls knuc si rain and runs rfisulling from it. Wear it for Odiiforl, chic . . . and economy. 1 .25 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1934 Shooting Will Be Legal Three Days a Week, Starting Tomorrow JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. Oct. 18 (UP>~The fall cluck-hunting sen- ton opens In Missouri tomorrow, under federal control for the first time. Wilbur C. Uuford, state game fish commissioner, estimated iod:iy that 10,000 .sportsmen would iwrehnse federal slumps mid be !n Ihc blinds during the 10-week puled to shoot at the gams vvntBV- lowl winging southward for the winter. Tlic season will close December n. Tills year, hunting will bo allowed only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, n new systMii inaugurated by (ho federal and state governments in nn attempt to preserve llio niitlon's game supply. This season's bag limits, as announced by the Untied States Biological survey: 1. Total limit 12 birds. '2. Of Hit; 12 ducks, hunter must not liuve more than 5 species ol elder ducks, canvasbacks, redheads, Bwatti- scaups, lesser sca_,_., nnsnecks, blue-winged teal, groen- wlngccl teal, cinnamon leal, shovcl- ers and yadw.ills. 3. The five birds may be all of one species listed in the restricted—bin the total number el nirijs bctons';!ij to 11.; ll types not c.vied five. 4. tjhooting of wood ducks rudely ducks or buflleheads is prohibited. The game and fish departm»ni b preparing for the deer season, .t.'JMI (|«r tags mroieuy hiivn been distributed to county clci, ior use timing October 25, 20 nn 27—the three shooting days. The state collects 51.50 lor ea( deer tug, wiiicli hunters must, pu chase 1:: addition to regular I causes. The only deer sensou in Ls that only bucks with foui poln may be shot. IF YOUR BREATH HAS A SMELL YOU CAN'T FEEL WELL / ^ hen we eat too much, our 5oml deca III our bovrtln. Our friends uneJI th ..tCoy eoiliiat out of our mouth und call baJ bnalh. We frel tk« pol Mn „[ , h iletay all over our body. It mates JSP' 1 srn ? ucl> !' "i" 1 "" 8oo<l for tnytiin What make, lhc fooll ,] ec . y in ^ b »cll. when we e«l too muck our bi juiec can't ,l iccJ t it. What I. u,7 W |,Tj ui « \L\' ^i"" 1 ^ v U1 J; K««"« lulce (no boar Unlru 2 pmu of it ire Oowini! fro oor liver into our Lowclj every Av, ou movement, set ],i,j Bn ji con.tiratej i \ "'.'rt- ? <i ""I» (a our £8 ittl i -> ' ' ! «"y: Minis poison nil o 0"f t ,fc«lr every ,ii minuta. Good Shoes arid Hosiery Uti I'VE INTERVIEWED GROCERS ABOUT Our leading grocers "know their ten." Each one I have called on is strong in his praise of «oo<l Blnck tea Thev say their better customers prefer it. They like 'its rfrr, W iny rtavor and satisfying strength. The" i s £,£ weak or watery about it. *• And here is n tip .straight from these alert men-bchind- counters who keep tabs on public taste: India's good Black tea is winning more and more new friends every < ay. Because India Tea is always certain to bring you the satisfying drink you want. Arid more, it is so easy to identify. To be sure you are getting genuine India Tea simply Jook for the trademark (JclrJ on the package you buy. Make a note of that, it is worth your while. I know. INDIA TEA - 'There's more to it" PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SMOKED HAMS Half or Whole 20 to 24 Ibs. aver. Bacon Kwick Krisp Slim! I'on ml 25c pound 21c ialt Meat »«sl Sides, 1'nunil - - "SiiUs, ire I'nnnil U 18 C K. C. Itrundcd liuof Thick Kih, 1,1). - 17^ Hri.skei, {'mind ••UN^KI^^KS u**m lOc GRAPEFRUIT lf <»17 c ONIONS Ye "" w *"";? 2? MATCHES Finest (i Hoxcs ul SOAP p. & c;. "5 !,;infe HHTS J! .levvel vcl n^C i'lc; 1,1). LL SALMON J Churn or Pink 1 Can .1 APPLES' Franks and Wi'iners round 12ic Spareribs lie llh Steaks K. C. Round I'ou'ud 20c BANANAS ""^ S19 C MACKEREL No -iri5 c CABBAGE Tft New Green I.h. CARROTS Fi Hunch CAMAY SOAP ,m.l4 c Cocmimit Silver Cake A Large 2-I«iycr Each.49c Kmliassy Peanut Butter 2-Ib.Jar23c Lettuce Tokay Grapes II19c Celery Junilio Crisp Stalks Kacli FRESH BREAD'S 1C 1 7!c Country Club MILK 3 Tall or (> Small For 17c in; 5 ••••VBMHM Hein?: • Cnciimher PICKLES Quart Jnr Zlc \ff)V C ' IOC ' Whipped 1QC Crcum. 1,1). li? •lpMD]^S^g MGJOOD v ;^ FLO«R c - c - VKGKTAIJI.KS MH.KS 1AC \'o. 2 Can iU No Killninrc Flour iWj^^lf PEACHES Evilporill S, OD1?AR DliMlJ W. Wlicat, or Kaisin. Uyc in Each 111 CHERRIES L IL10 C PI1M Chcwins?. All Kinds IflC Ullnj J ' 3 forlu FRESfEGGS ,., 24 ( PEACHES.,^ ; ' .Silver Wcdilinp •IS-1,1.. S;ick - SI. 1 2!-I,n. Suck 86c Queen Quart ,!nr 33c Coffee Cnunfrv Club 1-1,h.' C:;n 27c I'lire Gninnlaled 10 I'numls 49c Crackers -19c Butter Surinir Hrook or Cresta Pound 25c Potatoes Fancy Irish Colililers Pound 39° If Pure Lar ...55 C r $1,10 Beans String No. 2 Can 3 for 25c

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