The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS 'OIAJiMK 1—NO. 25(3. m,rni!<;vii,i,K, ARKANSAS, FHIIMV, JUNK n, I'.M:J S'UHSCKiraON 'RATIOS ON REQUEST. THE BLYTHEVnjJ! ARMY'AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except 6unday« In the Interest ol the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flylrn School of Blythevllle, by th« Blythevllle Courier New*. Il contains the news o! thn All Base. Maiden 9 Loses 4-2 To Locals Pins Wings On Son Open Post Attracts More Than 5000 Visitors Here Yesterday Col. Kramer Thomas, chief of staff of the 19lh Division on maneuvers in Tennessee, pins the silver wings on the uniform of his son, Second Lieut. Kramer Thomas Jr., after he \vas commissioned in recent, graduation exercises iit the Blythevllle Army Air Field. At the left is Lieut. Geoffrey Wiliohghby, miblic relations oificcr at the field. . Rigid Sports Program Underway Here Fits Army Men For Combat The Post Buseball Team made lie most of live hlt.s and defeated Ihe Malilen Army Air Field team t-'2 before a large crowd of spec- lalors al Ihc alhlctic arcu Thurs- daj afternoon. Tlie local nine made good impression with fans here for Ihc open post Inspection. They made several fielding botbics early in Ilic game, but. Ihen settled down for some air tight ball playing. 'Ihe visitors were nhrud 2-1 (jo- Ing Into the last of the fourth Inning. Then Ferraiio, second baseman for the 1'ost Team, stepped lo Ihc plnle and smacked a linglnu home run off one of the Mulden pitcher's fast balls, and tied the score. In (he next inning I'nrneU, pitcher for the local learn. slepi>cd np to bal and, .swinging from the port .side of the plate, slammed a loin; homer into ccnlcr field lo put hts team In the lead. That was Ihe clincher iix 11 turned oul, but Just lo make the victory sure, Travis, third baseman loi the Tost Team, scordcd Ihc fourth run for hts team in the eighth inning. 1'arncll, southpaw ne'e of the Blythevitle loam, was easily the star of the game. He allowed only three hils. no earned runs, and struck out 13 batters. 1'erraiio wa.s the hilling star for the Post nine, getting two oul, ot three and scoring two runs. Hill- nan, third baseman for the vlsi- ors, .was his team's outstanding liltcr, gelling two oul, of four and scoring one run. The box score was: Klythcvlllc All the folks and their families >nd kinfolks came lo the Air Field uut swarmed nil over the tjipunds 'csterdiiy afternoon. It 'was Op:n I'osl, celebrating the list aiuilversnry of Ihe'ncllvatlou of (lie Held, liy actual count, S.o:t'.l uen, women and children entered by the Southwest dale, and an es- linalecl 500 ailditloinil persons einiie n (hrauijl) Ihe West Cmte or before the main i;ate wus feminity opened. The bis show of Hie afternoon wus the formal review of the troops of the. Field by Uol. Kurt M. Lniulon. commanding officer, with his executive officer, Maj, Hurry A. McQulrc, and his ndjutaiil. -lent, llcglnald C. Augustine. The thousands of visitors ringed the parade grounds to witness the ceremony. Overhead circled an Army plane. "Hie band, the colors priulcd by a color Kiiiird, and the military lines of the several s<|liad- rous as Ilicy (lied by drew K|>- Where, the [oiks wanled lo know. was Hull promised .simulated hoinh- l"fi and slniflin: of Ihc field with an antl-iilrciall nmchlneiiim MHind i>ullii>j> u|> a .spirited ri'.slsliiiUTV The only explanation was that Muster Scrjit.'Llcoi'dc P. McC/lnlu and Sniff Sernt, (;lmi'lc.s I 1 . KraKler were lime with (heir si|imd and their gun, ami the ships weir overhead Whnt's mi nir mid without actual bombs anil builds! Capl. H V Nerflr-el, lnli'lll(;cnce ofllciT, and Capt. Joseph C. Irons, statistical officer, offered lo nmke parachute jumps lo phase Ihe crowd. Hut they didn't mean It. Oilier |K>ptil(tr evcnt.s were the baseball game til which the Illy- Ihevtlle soldiers won over tile Midden Army Air Field •! lo 2. the band concert near the necreallon Hull, Hie nuiM drills and cales- llu-nli's—ami (he coke stands. A Link Trainer DuildliiK- was open lo tln> public, two liiiinlni; ships were there for inspection, mid so were srinadron barracks, dny rooms, elderly rooms, supply rooms and utlier |>olnls oE Interest. Tough Training Makes Disabled Doughboys Fit To Fight Again The biggest sports program ever attempted in the State of Arkansas is in operation, as a by-product of the efforts to "Prepare for Combat", at the Blyttievillc Army Air Field. U is likely that it; is the largest athletic project the Mid South has ever known. Not aimed nt the development of individual champions, not conceived for the purpose of training athletic teams capable of winning games u'Hh squads from other service camps or colleges, its reason for existence is to build the sinew, the endurance <an<l %the * muscular coordination demanded ot fighting men in modern warfare. Personnel of the Blythevllle Army Air Field all participate in physical training classes, where they are. gvcn cxercsc that has been carefully planned and tested by Army athletic experts. Calisthenics, cross country runs, an obstacle course, and competitive sports all have a part In this gigantic body-building program. After a few weeks of t, the soldier has lost-surplus weight, gained wind, and is agile and alert. After months of this strenuous exercise, lie is in the best physical condition lie has ever-been in and can perform his military duties with prccison and 'efficiency and without tiring. In addition to the regular physical training • in which • all soldiers, cadets and officers participate daily, athletic teams are constantly active. They were formed because Army physical directors have decided competitive sports do much to increase general interest in the body-building program. These teams meet In inter-squadron games and occasionally play other teams in the vicinity. Volunteer athletes make up the personnel of these itams and they receive the finest of training in whatever sport they participate. For example, during Ihe basketball season ten learns played in an inter-squadron !c;igne. Tlity comijcted against each other regularly and played other learns within traveling distance from Ihc post. By the end of the season, total of 1000 basketball gnmcs had been played. A softball league has been organized and at least 600 games will be played by the various squadron teams. The Post nascball Team, recently formed, has joined the newly engaged in a series with other camp and civilian clubs. Every soldier on the field receives regular boxing instruction from expert tutors and the outstanding sluggers from the psysical training classes have been organized into a boxing team for individual training. How good this training is can be seen by the record of this squad. Participating in lln's year's Mid South Golden Gloves lournamcnt nt Memphis, the Blytheville Army Air Field had one champion and had three olhcr members in the finals. Later, at the Arkansas AAU tournament at Little Rock, another member of the Post'Team became a titlehnlder and three oth|.'S reached the finals. This is a record, considering thai all bill two of the men had never had ring experience. All in all, there are facilities for participation in over 50 sports. And there is a large staff of highly trained physical instructors to tench military personnel the fine points of every sport. Heart and soul of this gigantic athletic program is First Lieut Bill Adams, physical training director, who came to this field soon after it was activated. A veteran sports coach, he has labored tirelessly to prepare men for combat by giving (hem healthy bodies and strong muscles. Now, after almost & year ol planning and hard work, liis athletic project may well result in Ihc Blytheville Army Air Field receiving recognition as the "Sparta of the Mid Soulh." While ss Travis 3rd ilndscy If Fcrrario and Sranc rf ... Ciiillcrit'C cf ?allca c .... •arncll p ... 1st Ah . 4 . I . 3 . 4 . 3 •. 4 . 2 . 3 . 3 27 H 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 2 0 Maiden Hall 2nd nitli cf ... Posey ss flillman 3rd Williams c Les If Friday rf ... Filler' 1st .. Fnichcchi p-i Ab R H 32 2 3 organized "Flyer League" a ml is Training Groi Seven Men Qualify For Cadet Training Seven enlisted men of Ihe Blytheville Army Air Field who some lime ago qualified for aviation cadet training by appearing before a candidate board and passing tbc rigid physical examination required of such applicants, arc now on their way to Sheppard Field, Tex., where they will begin the rigorous course which leaels to the winning of the silver wings ol an Army pilol and a commission in the Air Corps. They are; Tech. Sergt. Oliver J. Barcus, Corp. Clyde R. Bradley and Pfc. Howard L. Baine Jr., of the 326th Squadron; Sergl. Carter L. Ncl.son and Corp. Edward E. Culler of the 701sl Squadron; Scrgt. Carl Robinetl of the 702nd Squadron and ^crgl. Jacob Brooks of the 20th Winning Streak Finally Broken The 101st broke the 700th's consecutive five game winning streak by winning 15-3 in an inter-snuacl- ron softball league game Wednesday afternoon. The winners loosed a barrage of extra base lilts off the deliveries of Scliwarlv.mann pitcher for 700th, and made most of them count. In other games the 704th defeated the Finance and Ordnance team 7-4 and the Ale and Qua! squad defeated the Alhlctic Department, a-7. Box score ol the - 701st-7COtt: ;amc was: 701st Al) R 1: Truax 2nd 3 1 : 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 Harlwig cf 3 1 Ifcrmlcy If FUNNY BUSINESS 'Mouse!' White Dccoux i Jenkins 1st Hunt Stone Jones 3rd Bounlis rf .. Policing The Grounds Stnff Scrgt. • Mitchell Jncijnes of lie Finance Drlnchnienl has left o attend the Finance officer Can- lidale School at Duke University, Durham, N. C. In three months it vll! be Second Lieutenant Jnccpies. Newspapn's no'iv available nt the 'osl Library, In the Special Service ulUUiie, Include the Hartford •ouraiit, the Indianapolis Star, Chicago Daily News, Detroit News and the Annlston Times Weekly. What's the Navy doing In Missouri? That's what Corp. William Snorll Hyatt of the Squad- 'on a.skfd himself when he visited Portagevlllc recently on a three-day puss. Corporal Hyatt hud vlsloncd n gorgeous occasion with the one and only, but on arriving found that a sailor had torpedoed his hopes and had laid a smoke screen mound the girl he had drcanud ot nightly "Snort" withdrew gallantly but I* making it uncomfortable for some of his barrack mates by trying out the same tactics that were used against him. H ho problem of passing Ihc cigars when promotions are announced Is Preliminary Work Underway Year Ago The 55 miles of runways on the millng field of tlii- nlythevllle Army Air Field over which hundreds ol training planes take off anil and throughout Ihe day and night, were non-existent a year ago. Grading and .sodding operations were under way on June 10, and ,paving began ten days Inlet 1 . On the same day, bids for construction of approximately »0 bar- rucks were opened nml tin: contract wa.s awarded lo the Forctim- Jnmcs and Co., of Dycr.sburg. Tcnn. Cadets begun flyliiu here Aug. II, Inking off and lauding on a liun- porary field. The last scoop of concrete from a giant irtlxer wa.s poured by Col. Lelnnd S. Slianathan, first coimr.andins! officer of I lie field and now commanding officer of Ilic flexible gunnery school at Tyndall Field, Fla., on Sept, 17. 'I lie first landing wa.s made by liUvd. Col, Paul T. I'renss on the sinni; day. My TDM WOLF M:A Slaff < V,i t'o:;ji[ili(leil£ UKllAlllLl'l ATION CICNTKIf, Kinjland.--Milton Drown, 1'Ic. from McMillan, Mich., hud n lmi(e .scc- Iton hts led thlKli bone shot mviiy In Africa. After sis months In a husplla], Hrmvu was sent here to the u. H. Army's first ivhabllllatton center. When llroivn arrlvi'il, be .scarcely could mm' his knee, l.rss limn .six wei'l;;; lalrr 1 tt'atelii'd him playing field hockey—mi Ha'ni' for |KiiHy-«'iiMs with (lie energy nml y.t'sl of a prnfe.sslonal, llt'f<ire lonn, say the doctors lien 1 , llrown will be buck with his unit - paratroops. Brown's case Is typical of what till 1 Medlral Corps expiu'ts lo nc- coiiipllsl) hi.Tc. It kioiics lei salvage men, to .save them from months, perhaps year.s, of si'inl-lnvalldlsm ami iu gel them back Into the line In record time. SECOND <;i:NTi:tt I'I.ANNKD Hecause this center Is mi new, flumes en (he miracles atii'ady prrl'ormi'il here urc liclng made public yet. Hut (lie results to date are sulticlontly exclllnii to warrant the oprnint; in tlie near future of a second, anil even lilg«C!i', miter nf thl.s type. The Idea came from Col. Ilex DKcley, of Kiinsns City, Ma., clih 1 ! oiiliupacdlc consultiiiu lor the Miropean Theater ot" operations. Cdlouel DK'day hud watched the lliitlsh Army gut iniirvclous results from Us rchai)llllat!iiii di'iiols and conval'ismil hospttnls. Me fell Hint II men could be taken out of eueivallng hospllal bi-d.s, even therapy and cxcrcl.s'd In propoiilon lo their .strcnylli. iiiere could be leriui'iidous savings In I line, money und ih^'s. Tbls center Is u rehabilitation lopol, convalescent hospllal and developinenf center combined, Tlie Like Clinire uf Name LOS ANGKLF.S. Cal. (UP) — When Louis Roosevelt Hlocum 12, had amnesia and could not remember Ills niiinc, ho chose his new one "Lylc Howard Smith" which has served so well since 1II2C. Ihal he has asked the court to legalize it. Since Ills recovery, lie lold Ihc court, he lias learned-that:lie has getting morif and more complicated. flvc irotnersurouml- Ciraml Tlie Past Exchange now limits the| M)c |, snle of cigars to six per customer. One corporal made six trips to the cijjar counter the other day and handed out Ihc cigars "as usual." Lieutenant Golden Is Assigned Here Second iieut. James E. Golden, recently commissioned, has been assigncfl to the BlylhcvllJc Army Air Field, and after n week's leave of absence, will report, there for duty. Lieutenant Golden began training as a .specialized aviation cadet lust February, after nearly a year in the Service. He recently completed a six months course at Yale University and was commissioned May 31. Lieutenant, Golden lives nt "i Leo St.. Ware S'hoals. H. C., and Is n 1S41 graduate of Ware SJioals High School. lOOlli 3rd Sawyer 1st Tallanclch Tarson c Hill cf Creamer If Korliel ss Schwarlzmann n Schmidt sf Prcnlhcr rf Davis Slid 30 15 15 Ah R H 30 3 7 B:forc it can rise from the grotmrl an albatross must make a run of CO lo 98 feel into (be wind. HA iff rOAT/C-«S3> The Modern Ice Box COOLERATOR Fur Kconomy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Pboo» HI Osceola Loses 7-1 The 25111 Flying Training Group iefc.itcci the Osccoln High Scliool cam 7-1 in n softball yauie plny- cl there Wednesday afternoon. Adams, pitcher for the victors, vas in fine form mul held the op- insilion lo a single tally without, liflictilty. Aaron, first baseman for lie 25lh, was outstanclini; hitler. Selling Iwo out of four. I'iimit Sells Hnmls LOS ANGELES, Cal. IUI>1—The Syrian-I/-tenon colony here has rained a parrot to help thc:m in .licir sale of war bonds. He hns mistered Ihc art of saying "Awrrk! jod Bless America! Wannn buy a rand?" with such fervid patriotism ,lial he selcfmn falls to make a sale. J Charles and Frank Duiyca built and .sncce.ssfMlly tipi:ratcd lliu :nsollnc cnr In America, In 1H02. hospttiil lUinosiiherc I; uusly ab.sent. 'IniM'e art- mnllrcsscH rolled to consplcn- ni> nt |>u- i mi clilra pii wkttowor; 1k« kondt y M boy will ktlp f ,,t K t TW Iktof i w.'r. f llents lyiny down. 'I'hc only hospl- tul hlgus arc short CIISIK on legs or nrais, ouciislonal iiiups ami lots ol scius. I'OlKill AT 1'IUHT As soon us a man comes here— II mil} 1 be the very ilay Jib JOHN cast Is inken off a simucn'd limb lie sliirls active work lie Is classified, according lo his physical condition, into one ol the four BI'OIIIIS. liven for Group U—men r;iih recent wounds, honilas, imcumnnlsui— Ilic oul-of-licd day sums at 7 a. m. mul continues until 4:31) In thu iiflurnuun. Most newcomers flatly stale tlnil they cim'l pnsslbly take it. A few days laler Ihey not only arc tijklng It. but lire (IfllKlitcd will) their obvious progress. The D Group slnrt.s with easy work; weeding j;nnlens between barracks, (Joint: carpentry nml weaving, playing easy gnmcs. They Hake light physical training for (levclopnteni of Ihe entire body and Jiltcclall/.pd exercise for wounds In n specially cijiitpiwl leincdliil gym aiul 1'ihyslotUcrapy ] - eoin. Everyone (lues regular inlUlnry drill. I The schedule lor each group Is pictly much Ihc .snme, but It becomes tougher und rougher HE men lirogrcss. llcforu a I) becomes a C, for cample, hi: walks a milt: will] full pack. G'oMslnnl medical supervision pushes the men along as lust us their condition warrants, by tiic time a man reaches A Group he's ready for an a.ssaull course Unit would Iry a Hanger's slamtna and for road marchc.s under full puck of trom 15 lo 25 miles. When a man goes buck lo liis unit he knows he fs fit and ready. "IVjforc Mils center wa.s opened," said Major Kriink H, Stinoh- fk'ld, New York «rlliu|Hic(llR s|>r- clallsl in charge of Ihc center, 'we lu;d no way ol llgurint: ;nsl V, S. TVtoMtnr Try our "Own Marie" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrois from High School PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Rest 1'ricea Kirby Drug Stores Auto Repairs Rxpcrt Mechanics, on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales 519 E»ri ge en «, Shop Foreman 307 E. Main SMALL LOANS OB Anfthln, « V.I... Eait Main Loan Co. *M t. Mita Phnn. ZM* 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on Ge.icral Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY R'dwaj & Walnnl I'h. E53 FITTED 15Y Doctors J. L, and J. C. GUARD OI'TOMKTRISTS IN BI/VTHEVH.I.F. SINCE 1022 'I'lie sii'iie ,ilni\ T n1i ,j. ]„„!( like r.lrriiiiuus llaiit,u liiilnlitf, bill uctuil- ly It's iinil of Hie miicillal rvt'idse jlvcn til inuc tlUililrd siifillcri at Hie irli.ihlliMilin, ccnti'i 1 In l-nglnnil. llihm rmllltij, ncljjtils In n niinplclrly ri|i:l|i|ivil RJIII, am Clyilc Hml, nf (Ini'lnuil, 0, ami l.nk Jllililli-lmi, nf Crlsllrlil, Mil. On (lie cycle K Mlllnn llrftwii; nf Me"' Mllliin, Mleb., who soim «111 rejoin his piiriilriinii 'oatlll after TCCDV- I'l-lns frnin u slmld-reil Ilil^li Ijimi'. "' '"" how nnicii a soldier could take. We often found thill when a soldier wont tack to Ills mill, hi! couldn't keep up and had to return lo the hospital for further convalescence. "Here we're not only cutting drastically the (line II lakes to gel men buck lo Iliclr outfits, but we low they can do their full jnrt hen they gel there. IL all means Wlicn Itie counter of ilia ski' broken and worn, have us tfi^ir and put In a new heel Unliifi. ne*t, smut «rn«arlng result is HflLTCRS QUflLITY SHO€ SHOP IZl W. MHI+J ST. fiPTICflL STORE 20!) W. Main St. Phone 2912 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE . . . Scfticrliiijt Factory Method. No Certificate Kcquircd On IMsscngcr Cars. Quick, Dcpcnil- alile Service. LOT EICH Cfc«vn»]«t FtoM tit \VK PIM, AM. DOCTOIIS 1 PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK VOU STEWART'S Drug Stpr e Main A; Ijike Vhiaif. lhal we're sa!v[i|>lng lots o( inch— vntjliiR them tor thu''Army,"bill' more ImporlniHIy 'for Ihcinsclvcs.'-i Flowers For Kvci.v 'Ot'ca-" sinn . . . Funeral design^ "' flowers, cOi 1 " ' THE W1MHXIVKK •• " 'iii GI.ENCOE IIOTEI/ DLUO. ' 1 I'lmitu 131 '" • ' r '" U n i fo r ms Cnlnpiirr (be fabric and unrliuiaiishln uf tbcsc line garments before buying! .,.,',,. ;. Hell or Hltmst'.s ; .37.7f> •>. Kl;is(i<jiic Trousers '.13.75' I'iiiks '.13.75' Summer Trousers 7.!)() Summer Shirls ' 8.90' ROBINSON'S "THE RELIAIU.E DRUG STORED... . There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmctlcji. no'vbltlca, •-•) etc., In Blythevllle than nt Koblnson's. Latest Magajlnc*—I'nun-' Inln service—sandwlcheil ; • .' Service Men! Meet Your Friend« at Robin*on'i!-f I HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations IIODY OF UNIFORM SHIKTS MADE SMALLER Kliahl.....'.'. ! .T5c; Tropical $1; 3-day Service Garrison Caps — Accessories — InttfoU

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