The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 4, 1934
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Served by the United Press BTTTHEVILtE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORT1IKA tfr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Tmmim . . , - ' . ; : VOL XXX—NO. 248 Blytheville Daily News Ulylhevllle Courier Mississippi Valley U-ader Blylheville Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY •!, 193') SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WOMEN DESCRIBE TABERNACLE KILLING The Face Is Familiar but Can You Recall the Name? Must Borrow Ten Billions by July 1 to Finance Recovery Program. WASHINGTON. Jail. 4. (UP) — I'reiidenl Itoosevell reported to congress tcda.v in his lirst aim budget message an over all deficit Dl 57,309.058,211 for this fiscal year and the nercssity of borrowing $10,000,000,000 by July 1 to balance the treasury bcoks. These figures represent, the bill for recovery io that date. They imply emergency cxpcndl'.utt: by I government at a rate upwards ol one billion dollars eveiy thirty days lor the next six months. The president's tax proposals do noi include increased income levies Mr. Koosevell is understood to fee tiiat income taxes will not be in• creased at this session. He rccom- j mended that the 3-ccnt postal rate for non-local mail be continued In elft-ci and estimated that SloO.OOO; OCO annually may be gained b piiiendmcni of administrative sec lions of the income tax In*, which J-. P. Morgan an-j olher i ::ave found loopholes for tax eva to bitty Washington, and glowing with * Texas tan Mr. Vire- irr -~-*—' —epares to lay .aismokt'kcrfren uver his Capitol office. t ~ . - - -.'•-. ~E- PREFEIIS UNLBE help or hindrance from Jack ; nor. I Gentle reproof draws -from an effort at self-defense. ; "I could have stayed, up here isioii. Kstlmufes Conservative Deliberately utilizing oitly th lowest estimates of potential reve : nue. and generally the highe : estimates cf potential cxpenditur I the president expects the ultlmat i lacs to be somewhat more favoi j able t'nan Ihe financial.situation ! , pictured today in his message. His liquor tax income estimate at the S2 a gallon rate now pr posed, for instance, was for an h crease of only 550,000,000 above I come af the extetuig $1.10 ra The message, contained an, iw • irect warning-to the states to'aye , | loading liquor with burdenson * " j gallonagc taxes him! Coneressienal leaders have to "- Roosevelt the liquor income onesboro Man Jumps from Los Angeles Bridie LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4. (UP)- ttle hope was held by physicians xlay lor the recovery of Jumei C. urns. 55-year-old Jonesboro, Ark., urist. who leaped from a 50,-Ioot Idge anil then complained to po- ce because he was not killed. "I'm sorry I didn't -land on my ead," he remarked to |»lic« cjues- oners. "I'm tired of living. Physicians said his »tsh probftb- will be granted. He suffered in- rnal injuries, a, broken back, and fracture at the base of the'skull W « I I P' outdrive iuperintendent Greene Agrees to Plan Advanced by Alumni. In line with the proposed "new eal" In athletics at Blythevilte ilgh school, members of an aluro- il and citizens group last night cached an agreement with Craw-i qrd Greene,, school superintend'; nt, for appointment of a board f five, members to take an active part in directing school athletics Superintendent Greene will be a member of the committee which 111 also include a member of the school board-and a member of the citizens school committee. The other two members are Fred Si- Iba of the. B. H. 3. alumni and Sheriff . Clarence Wilson of the citizens athletic, committee. Pull control of all scholastic requirements for school athletic.} wll remain with the school admlnis tration. It is understood • thi while the committee of flve wil assist in scheduling games, em ploying a coach, »nd other mat ters, that It-will probably » in an advisory capacity. ' ' KU3WIIEK Mr. would be far . He ' told them above his estimate. •in j return -that he Vacation Part o( His Job Senate and h Exactly Suits the Vice-: '"-me""cii'ieT President. I Iu, to aid home loan banks, and [ to refinance farm loans with the RV BY NBA Sen-ice Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. -Walk right up. ladies and gents. Meet Presidency is his job and I my noso ollt of il except ,- m cal j cd 0] , t h , .. K Remember a popular song fpw keep when of n At the While House last Monday night Mi I Murders Followed Discpv ery- of Spo'iise in Room er-s Embrace; Break in Line Cuts Natural Gat Supply MEMPHIS, Jan, 4 lUP)—A break n (he main line near Tunica, Miss., shut olf west Tennessee's natural gas supply today. Cities cast of here drew heavily on reserve supplies and Memphis was being supplied by artificial gas i from an emergency plant. p • ,.;(..' The break occurred at 5:30 a.m. r rioriiy \ An ) 10Ur lftttr |, rcsMll . c i, m . Over Direct Otjlieations i wcak ™" 11 hund/«is i>t house r'-r. o WUgdUUIlb: suittiit.m.n co ]iT ur ead for loan at Ol Ihe btatC. • breakfast. I Restaurants, the ones that were 1.1TTLK HOCK, Jnn. 4 lUP)— : able to sew; meals at nil, operated members, In a light on Uw.slowly and with dilllculty. refunding b'.l! n.s li stands! tiny, usked. as in previous leg's-! tivv sessions, thai, road Improve-1 oil district bunds be given | •lorily of payment. • A resolution thai "the house of epresenlatives go on record as' any refunding bill that, oc.s not give the Improvement | Iftrlcts a priority in the payment - Hifir debts." was passed. 40 i Settlement of Stcele Representative Jc-hn Vajice In- rctluccd an amendment to the re- mifUng bill, which provided for rioclly ol (jayniem of road im- rcvt-iiient district bonds at 5 per cr.t. Road bonds would come sec- nd. ed to thu bond committee. [.dent. nreferrcd against Altoi Ta\ Stind Cheered ."Frog" Hardy, local car salesman, "We have a certain ability to • after the fatal inlury of E. E ay." Vance raid, "and we will ; Phillips, 73 year- old retired farm- pay as lar as wo can and no,er. ut Steele, Mo... December 17 urthcr. The improvement district • wns exnecled here loduy. Lor.ds are mortgages, in effect, on i Examination of Hardy had beei irmes." • set for today before Justice C. E Vance salil he docs not favor i Bragg here. An'agreement to dls Finds Much of Antarctic Continent to B e Water JACOB Jllll. 4. ADOAKD S. S, PERT, AnUuttca, _. . Rear Admiral Klchcml K nyrd'lias wiped 200.000 miles uf territory otf Antarctic maps In two dangerous .•seaplane llli^is ami remarked them us part of the Pacific ocean. In fur. second tll K iu yrMrrday Bjnl (lew alon e the mm meridian of longitude In 7;! :tu degrees south Itilliude. Hi- covi-ml tills lime by obwrvntlon urxml 5U.OOO square miles. As on his iif st night two weeks uso lie foiiml that nhiil was marked us lei- vuvnrcl land was ocean. way Death Case Is To Be Made Today. CARUTHEHSVILLE. Mo.. Jnn. -Dismissal of n criminal charec Tlie amendment wns refer-1 ol leaving the scene 'of tin accl- Ldcnt. an increase In any taxes. ' His i miss hns statement was greeted by cheers. I formally A somewhat similar attitude ex-; originally iited In the semte. A suit Is i »s " -the been 'reached but nol entered. Hardy wo. accused of murde driver of the deatt pending against the state of Ar- • kansas In the United States supreme court. It was filed by the .late of Pennsylvania,' holder of eeveral hundred dollars ; of (he load-bonds. Priority of the Mar- Uneau law road bonds and the diversion of highway revenue" from payment ol interest on ttwu obligation Is -the bast" 6f v t}ie suit. A resolution by Dowell w»J> adopted in which p. committee was to be appointed - to • Interview Judge John E. Mnrtineau regarding • a final decision In the in- Vr.ction -. suit • by which, .highway Bonds'"of 'Uie stale 'have befn tied car but the rhnrtfe was lute reduced when It was found tha the only apparent,state witness t the accident saw : the hit-run ca swerve as If seeking, to avoi striking an objecl. The Blvthevill salesman through covnitj 'em phatlcally denied .the accusation claiming th»t.he was with friend. In BlytheirSlle'at the time, of• th nnnfllKnt '" * - ' ' " years ago—"Rip Van Winkle the Vice-Presideni States! Don't believe it? that, white-haired, ruddy-faced, hawk'-nbsed old feller sitting down there on top the Senate rostrum? The one with the gavel? Thai's John Nance Garner, who ran on the Democratic ticket with Roosevelt in 1932. of tlie"un!ted ? lept wil1 ' One E J'° Omn?" Talking to Gnrncr "off the Well, you see " lakos >' 01 ' think of it. Surveying' the New Dell You cr.n got olenty of perspective on the New Deal in Uvulde, Tex. Lots of Garner's friends in the administration and the press gallery wrote him confidential re- He's the Vice-President all riRht. ports of the progression. Garner H'says so in the Congressional .read the letters eagerly, along with Directory. The Senate doorkeepers fmany newspapers, looked that up before they let him So just blot out any Impression in. . , that the long-lost Vice-President Strangely enough. Jack Garner hasn't been keeping up with events is the only official here who looks : back here where he works, healthier than when he boarded a if j ( ] 1B( | n ' t been for Garner and train just as Congress adjourned . withdrawal of his presidential can- last year-Io be seen thereafter. di j nc y at . tnc Democratic conven- only by unfortunate sundry fish tion. another man than Roosevelt and game near his home at uvnl- m i g!v , 1RVC ^^ nomillaU![ j and de, Tex. ... elected. Garner Is proud of his ,. ,, _ : > rart in that convention now—and Likes Uvatdc Best • 0 ; the rccord of t ,, c adrninis , ia . It's a new country now and Gar- : tion. ner was greeted as a man frotn- Mars. demanded (111- spondent. "T like Uvnlde better than any place In the world." lie retorted. "This Is where I work. "For thirty years I've left Wash-; He tngton on tho first train and come to back on the last." A ,,„,„.„ h|mself ' Ii)ct tn(U blg Ufces now toke informed Democratic congressional leaders that he wanted from this session an appropriation of two billion of emergency funds for use In the next fiscal year. He estimates $600,000.000 for relief. $500,000,000 (or public works, $500.000.- OCO for the R. P. C., $300.000.000 for the Civilian Conservation corps, nnd S100.000.000 for farm credit and home loan ;u'd. The president asked the Democratic leaders for a lump sum appropriation. Failing that, he wants authority to shift Itemized allot- I nu-nls from one avenue of expenditure to another. He feels, for instance, that relief needs in the next fiscal year may vary between S300.000.000 and $800.000.000. and does no; want to be tied to n specific sum. The rather mysterious SSOO.OOO.OOO for the R. P. C. is to be ear marked, the United Press understands, to general emergency- needs. This budget takes no account of additional taxes which may be , levied at this session.' If congress i puts them on—and it must be remembered than at election Impends—the proceeds will be so conference] CHICAGO, Jan; 4. (UP)—John " Pietrowski,' 27-year-old CWA work- Roosevelt er, confessed today police said, that he. Killed his -two small, children and probably fatally beat his 53- year-old" wife after finding her and John Panfield, 19, in each other's embrace. Pietrowski also confessed, police said, that !ie killed Panfield, a roomer iu the home, and then hid his body.- Police, however, were un- abie to find the body at the place where Pietrowski said he left it. The 10-months-old boy of the couple was found thrust unto a wash boiler where he either was drowned or was suffocated by the water soaked clothes. His sister. Ihree years old. was found terribly beaten, and died a few hours later, i up In the treasury. The house adjourned until 10:30 A.'M. •' ' • - . .Votes .Tax Fxithslon -The. senate bill extending lime for redeeming dPMnquent lands until.': April 10 end the house measure appropriating expenses of the special session were passed In Ihe senate today without dissent. Despite pleas that failure to ncc An agreement for dismissal o the charge is said to Involve pay ment of funeral expenses in court costs by the detention Claude P. Cooper. Blythevil attorney,'' Is representing Hard while Robert Hayvkins is II Pemiscot county prosecutor. lulee C. A. Cunningham Plans Action to Force Appropriation. While court action .seeking to orce the Mississippi county mio- um court to appropriate funds or the Blylhevllle munlclnal court s expected Friday, n jiosslblc tit- nck on the court from another source loomed today. It wns rumored that Hie lilylhc- vlllc city council, which meets Tuesday night, will be asked to abolish the court It created three rcnrs ngo. Success of such nn effort by opponents of the court appeared doubtful, but some claimed it would be attempted. Mandamus proceedings, on behalf of Municipal Judge C. A Cunningham .now serving the second year of n four year term, to compel the quorum court to mee and aproprlate necessary funds will be instituted tomorrow. The quorum court made no provision for »n appropriation' tor trie muni «p«! court, at Its session early thl Story of Murder In Jones- horo Church Told in Piggott Courtroom. ; PIGOOTT, Ark., Jan. 4. (UP)— The stale expectcfi Io rest Its case late today in the trial of Rev. Dale S. Crowlcy, pastor of Jonesboro llnpllst Tabernacle;- facing a .murder charge aa a result of .'Jones- bore's' three-year church war. ' " ' ' Mrs. Lena Shook, who witnessed the slaying p( J. W. McMurd6..Hab-' crnacle janltqr, was .on tl':e''.stand. two hours this mornlrigV she : • p'r'e'"-"' sented evidence substantiating the' testimony yesterday of Mrs. Clara' Coieman that Crowley flred the fa- lal shot Into McMurdo as the la(ter lay wounded on the floor. Mrs. Shook said the minister ap- licared at the tabernacle during an atlerncon -prayer service attended by a group of women arid ordered IcMurdo to leave "within an hour." i an argument that followed she aid the prayer meeting was brok- n up. Ketumed With Revolver She said Crowley left and re- urned with a revolver a few minutes later, shortly thereafter/ she. aid, she heard two shots... Entering the tabernacle -she ound McMurdo shot. She testl- ied that he said "Crowley shot me n cold blood." -The witness on dl- ect examination said she did not see McMurdo's gun. Following thn testimony by Mrs. Sliook the slate called Mrs. Stacy Hraswell, who said she was : attracted by loud talking Ig.'the,east hall when she . itrHved • it'' the tabernacle »t v 12:3p'P. M.'on'the" cay of th4 slaying" : ' •' consider-, the- refunding bill was-I delaying the session, most of the' n.prning went to discussion of a bill by Senator Olltcrt which pro-. \:ded that a Joint committee from the house and senate be appolnt- •d to draft a new bond bill. 'Hope'of early senate action on the refunding bill was abandoned. The senate passed a resolution Senators Cardwell and -Beasley Io petition the Unitrd States congress that the government apple laboratory at Benlonville be maintained. The government recently announced the laboiatory would be n.ovcd to Vlncenncf. Ind. J. H. Beavers Named CWA Safety Supervisor LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 4.- Appolntment of J. H. Beavers of Frenchman's Bayou as CWA safely 1 supervisor for Mississippi county, Ice versa. And if there's a tie iv l vote in the Senate he hopes It -win come on a measure taxing inheritances or otherwise tending to i pass on huge fortunes after death. much velvet, to use language of a high authority. Neitlier is the possibility of war debt payments reckoned in the totals. But the government will continue to seek its due- from Europe. Against expenditures for this fiscal year is estimated revenue of $3.259538.750 considerably more than had been expected. Revenue Trial of Dr. Wynekoop Continued for a Week CHICAGO, Jon. 4. (UP)—The case of Dr. Alice Undsey Wynekoop. charged with the murder ol her daughter-in-law. Rheta. was continued for one week when call ed for trial before Judge Joseph B. David. Doctor Wynekoop's precarlo-.i. physical condition was cited as the reason for the delay. was announced by W. R. Dyessi state CWA director, here yesterday. .Appointment of safety supervisors in all other Arkansas counties was announced at the same time. "All CWA employes paid from CWA funds, who are injured In performance of their duties, are entiled to CWA compensation benefits, as arc nil federal employ- es." Mr. said. "Medirnl. hospital, funeral and compensation based on salaries will be paid, subject to various regulations Issued from Washington." School Children to See "Alice in Wonderland" week. who as a ivhote comprise the court, were outspoken in criticism of the municipal court at Monday's session of the county body. Since its creation the municipal court has tried.many cases that might otherwise have .found their way Into justice of peace courts. A writ of ' mandamus will be sought to force the justices, as a court, to • make the appropriation, reallv' only a formality since court officials receive the county's share of their pay through the court's revenue and hot from any other county fund. Tile city pays half Lhe cost of the court. Some attorneys opposed to the muicipal court said they anticipated several legal barriers to an action to comi>el the quorum court to make the necessary appropriation. Others seem to think such procedure only a formality. Sign Laborers for U. S. Work at Huffman : big ones broken up when the One of tho most arduous re-'owners arc through with them sponsibitities of any Vice-President I earner won't admit It. but j for 'ihe'V^Vf seal "year Is esttmat- Roosevelt makes valuable use of! c d to be $3,974,665.-l'9- hini as a liaison man with the Senate. The one-time Speaker of the House Is still one of the u. forpu that no one uil torgct auoui nlm The New Deal offered C.nvncr n splendid opportunity. He could smartest legislative ]x>litlclans in have barnstormed the country, the business. speaking at banquets nnd' lunch- ; « t . eons. He could have popped In and out of the White House, solemnly reassuring dents after each Adept With Can and Rod There are many here to envy Is .vaca- New York Cotton , NEW YORK, Jan. 4. (UP)—Cotton closed firm. open high low close 1021 1047 1021 1047 103S 1059 1030 1057 1050 1074 1045 1073 10o8 1090 1060 1087 1087 H06 1078 1105 1103 1105 1098 1120b " Isht turkey, have i.vmed ponderous statements which correspondents would hove, . „ studied carefully for some slight q " ai : <™in>aral and peccary." he deviation from the presidential. viewpoint. I "' slcnl outdoors all the time. ""''"* « feather mattress and a cot. Eavors Outdoor Life Instcad he shirked those respon- : Down there you thing over you. don't need any- A nudist colony slbllltles to sneak off to Texas, could operate there nine months fish, hunt, sleep outdoors, work in a y c ". the back yard nnd gaze nt the. "I guess there arc over five hun- plgeons in his trees. And the New dred pigeons nesting In my trees Deal enquired the country wllhnnt : And I Hkn tn sit nnd wntrh 'em." Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Spots closed steady at 1065, up 20 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 4. (UP1- Cotton clceed strong. open high low close 1019 1023 1019 1043b 1034 1055 10*3 1052 1047 1071 1044 1070 1061 1085 1058 1084 1082 1104 1077 1104 J093 1093 1093 1119b Jan. Itfar. Nfay July- Del. Dec. S|X)ls closed steady at 1050,.\ip 16 -losing Stock Price* A. T. and T 108 3-« Anaconda Copper 143-4 Bethlehem Steel 3C Chrysler 57 7-8 Cities Service 21-8 Coca Cola 96 1-4 General American Tank 34 1-2 General Electric 191-4 General Motors 34 1 -'i International Harvester 39 7-1 Montgomery Ward 22 1-8 New York Central 33 1-u Packard 31-8 Phillips Petroleum 16 Radio Corp 61-1 Simmons Beds H 3-' St. Louis-San Prf-ncisco 2 3-8 Standard of N. J 45 Texas Company 24 10. S. Steel 41 3-4 Through arrangements made by a committee of the city council of Parent-Tea cher associations pupils of the public elementary and Junior high schools and the Catholic school will be released front their classes early enough to attend matinee showings of "Alice in Wonderland" at the Ritz theater today and tomorrow. Pupils of the Lange and Sud- ury schools will attend the thea- er today and those of the Central, untor high, and Catholic schools One hundred and fifty common laborers were being signed up here Mutton Denies Aimee's Charges of Cruelty LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4. (UP) — A series o( denials of cruelly charges was contained today in an answer David L. Hutton jr. filed In the cross complaint for divorce of his i-stranged wife. Alince Semple \lcPherson. the evangelist. One lone admission was cxcept- Kl. Hutton agreed he has not sat- sflcd a $5,000 breach of promise udgment awarded months ago b; jury to Myrtle Joan St. Pierre 'asadena nurse. for emolovment on govern levee fleet work at Huff- May July May July Chicartn Wheat open high low close 83 1-2 82 85 1-4 83 3-8 83 81 1-2 84 582 7- Chicaao Corn open high low close &» 3-8 52 • 50 3-8 51 7 52 1-8 54 3-4 .52 1-8 A3 6 today ment man. The laborers were being signed at the courthouse office of the CWA by Jack Robertson, employment officer. Employment of the men hns no connection with CWA activities and they will not be oil the CWA payroll. Registration of the men at \ the courthouse office was simply adopted as the easiest 111 go tomorrow. The theater bal- way Io get the required number, any-has been reserved for ne^ro | Seventy seven were signed this Ony mis. half of whom will go today nd half tomorrow. The P. T. A. council Is encour- glng attendance of school chil- ren and others at pictures it re- »rds as worthwhile in order to ncourage the production and ex- liblllon of such pictures. fegro Held to Grand Jury or Hold-up at McDearman Floyd Spates, negro, alleged to h»ve participated In the hold-up oi a farmer at his home near Mc- Jearman New- Year's Eve. was held to the spring grand Jury by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday. Bond was set at $500. LeRoy Howard, negro, was fined HO and sentenced to 60 days In jail for petit larceny. In other decisions rendered recently Jchn Bishop was fined $50 for Illegal possession of liquor and lln f"r mtft lar^nv. A charge of selling milk without a city license aijiinst. K. J. Brown') w«6 nolle pressed. A similar cise Is pending igahul John N«wtn»n. morning. Signing of the remaining number this afternoon was expected. The period of employment to be given the men was not known her but work for several months wa. believed to be offered when thi men Huffman. Trucks will be on hand at the courthouse in the morning to transport the men to Huffman and transportation to and from Blythevlllc dally Seek Webb on Former Wife's Alimony Plea MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. Jan. 4.—Dep uty sheriffs, armed with an orde for the attachment of the body of Jesse H. Webb, were seeking the former Blythevllle, Ark., man here today. The order was issued by Chancellor DeHaven but deputy sheriffs were unable to find Webb, who spend most of his lime in Crlttenden and Mississippi counties in Arkansas, yesterday. When taken into custody Webb will be held only until he has made $500 bond for appearance in court Jan. 13, when his former wife's petition for a citation in con- empt of court will be heard. Webb was ordered to pay Mrs. Wpbb $100 monthly, as well as $500 on Jan. 1, and a $100 attor- 'h'en'ra' fiev!'.''CJwMeV'tell. \ ifcfiirdV'"-"-i lie would "have to get oul within" s ah hour." ... . .' The wpmnn said she heard''Mc- Murdo reply "that he liad consult-' td an attorney who adyised : hlm i 'ie could not be -forced to vacate' until official . court .notice,'.was She testified that Rev. Crowley! t.lled out the names, of, each'-of- group, of .women' who entered he taberuacl".- .nud. told. Cletus Vcbb- to write them down.. ' ' Slncy Braswell, husband of, the .itness, asked Crowley, "What are you doing?" . she testified, where upon Crowley .replied, "That's' my . Hisiners." ^ -' : f. Trlrd Io Selie Revolver. Mrs. Braswell said she-followed Webb to on autouoblfc but furrr^ (d around when she heard a n6&&. Behind her. The .pastor was lying, in a gutter, she said.- •- • . '"~A revolver had fallen - to the picund when Crow'ey (ell into the gutter, she told- the- jury, and she attempted to pick i; up, but Crow- !ey beat her to It The woman asserted that only a few minutes elapsed before she saw JUm "tneakiny to the door, where'.lie. Bred a shot Into the hall of the tnbernacle." The r.itncss said slip tlfcn screamed hysterically, -"lie's killing Mr. McMurdo." .. . She ran to McMurdo after he : fell, according to the testimony, ur.d the wounded man said: "Take my gun and keep it until the law arrives ind sliow therfl there's not a shell gone. Tell them to hurry and get my dying Matement." Mrs. Alice Coble followed Mrs. Braswell to Ihe Jtnnd. giving substantially the saniL- testimony. Cross examining the witness, a defense attorney ifked, "Did you tell Mr. Hughes that you wanted him to tell every JeHerite he Saw to hurry over to the tabernacle. that Crowley wan going (o be tl'tre?" "No sir." she replied. will be charge. offeree? for a specific County Health Unit Will Expand Activities It is planned to widen the scope of activities of the Mississippi County Health unit with the addition of a nurse, Mrs. Samuel C Owen, of this city, wr.o has been npuointed by the state deparlment for special work on the CWA pro gram. Another nurse was also appointed to this county but she has not yet arrived. ney fee. In lercd Nov. a divorce decree en- 15. She said yesterday that he has paid only $65 of the $815 now due. Rev. Kyzar Preaching at Second Baptist Church The evangelistic meeting at' the Second Baptist church, which opened Sunday, is arousing much interest. The Rev. W. W. Kyzar. formerly pastor of the First church here and now pastor of the church at Meadvillc, Miss.. Is doing the preaching each evening- at 7:15 o'clock. ' His subject last night was Ing and Reaping." 'Sow- George Southard Dies | at Home Near Gosneiij George Southard, 55-year-old farmer, succumbed yesterday after- WEATHER noon at home near osnell. Funeral services will be held at North Sawba cemetery this afternoon with the Cobb Undertaking company in charge of arrangements. The deceased is survived by his widow, Mrs. Becky Southard, and three children. Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. Colder in extreme east, warmer in northwest portion to- FridaV. and vicinity—Cloudy and colder tonight.' Friday fair. The minimum temperature MM yesterday was 49, --minimum M, clear, according to Sauel f. NorrU. official peather observer.; lUlnfaU Kit night totaftd in of «n tahi

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