The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 2-1, 1931 RIATHKVll.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THHEl JfflEQ PILOT 1EILS They Have Said Farewell to the Sea Navy Aviator Drifted in Scu'.h Pacific for 5 clays Before Sighted. Vlr— Wnrrcn II:i;Mli:ili, I'. S. Navy avbticn isilui, vt:is k>sl ill Ihe Snulh I'jclfll- for s:s iliy. "in :i ru'iber lifr lu'i'l. "lid UN- ;:lrl;eu lip :ll «':' by :l sli-aiiur after I'ini iRi'iii'.v sup- plus v.cre very !i:w and his dl-;Iri-^s tign.ils .'ihno'.t nil sune. ^ ll Hie folluv.inx i-Jbli'SiMin to ll.i- I'nilcd I'nss from l!in:i:t Ventura, Columbia, the 'Iyer describes lien' he was luU from b]s (uinrailrs. nv vi:nsr. WAititi-N C'ablcjir.iiii to I:illled 1'n-ss BUENA VENTURA. Ciilombia. Starch 2<i (UP)—While fiyhi'.; wilh. other pilots of '.lit- squadron to : Thr which [ nin a.tlac!:?rl iv-ar the, main body of ihr lie.-], my p.uxii-1 Innk ran dry \vh!!r we wn? through, Ihe clouds, visibility had bc-coinc [x>or sine. 1 ! we left Ihe- aircraft earlier Lang-i ley early in the morning. During. Ihf time 1 it tonk me to Kei i>asj preisure on my main lank ar.d yet my motor started a^ain 1 Irnt some altitude and lost s'RlU of ills: rcti cf the n'.nwdron. I circled b^- 1 low the clouds for a few minut:s. then climbed up again, but cr.uld see no oliir.- planes. I then went dcv-n below Ihe clouds and made a : sccutms circuit. I dirl no', se? any ^ other ships, so I flew Xhe plane i • up-,vi-.'d for ten minutes and land- I i ed in the water, as my gas running low. ; I Urn used my dilution scar- v.'ith v.hich the plane wns equip-. pcd. and it functioned This wns about II March 11. H started raiding hard almost.: uimiedlnUlv with re.Millflnl poor visibility. 1 vol my rubber life : boat out on top of the upper wine ; stocked it with a canteen ol: water, a pistol and ammunition for' night distress signals .and a rod: la= for day. I \Vednesday Ihc weather was over-: I cast, and it reined. I saw nothing Thiiisilay or Friday. Sainrdnyi IF sighted a *hip that came fairlv: close to ;h" port side. I iired line, red star signals bnt apparently: they '-ire not ccen. Champ "Non-Professional" Flyer •'.• thru- K-lyp* suhmariiK-s will soon be reduced to Junk. They tu'e \vattin;; hi drydock in Philadelphia for word that svill soon put tlirm »m of ci;inuii: ; r,ion in accordance with the liCtidon Na\al 'Treaty. COP SLEEPS 12 HOURS PORTLAND, Ore., IUI')—A city wide search » p ns started for veteran police sergeant B. P. Sheiwood, who wns missing for 12 hours while III niul off duly. Shortly thereafter Slicnvood walked Into a prcclucL police statiun; explained thai ho liii'JI none Into an Odd Fellow hall lo rest; fell uslccp; slept 12 hours. Al Sin i lii, Miner For a Day , Osceo/a Society- Personal (Ccmlnunl from Page 1) ! jinw i-iin legally do wlril I thcv'vo iloru 1 under ccvor. ^taily | find 111 gambling a freedom from' slrnll-liir<\>. laws. Nevada Is still u ; free slutc. and wllh Kambllnt; run- j ning anyhow, docided It couldn't 1 ic'-mlnle ix^oplr's morals by lnw.| and Irgnliml whal was l>clng iloni' 1 unyhow. \\V ny lo innkc none a' place where yon can do ns von! please—iirovldins you ro.spcct Hie rlchls of oihrrs." • Dlrorrr i.awv Llbrnillird Foi' years, Neviuhe.hns of-! feral divorce lo mtsmated coophvs | i with n wide innnber of rccoanl?ed| I Rromids for suit, and n reildcnce! [ reiiulrcment of only three inonlhs.i AikiuiSLis soimlit to move Into Ihlsj I sunn. 1 flcl:l wllh similar residence I rot|iiiicnuii!s And ncno struck i back. A sis weeks' residence Is suf- llclenl In lile dlvoice suit In Novadii j allov May 1. And you needn't^ siwnd all of thin, time In one couu-i 1 ' 1 " 1 imllon's "rhninpkm non-iirofcsslonal llyrr" is Lloyd F. Lnyiu*. ly either--drive out and sec lhe| wealthy iMi-niplils, Tcnn.. \uitw works en«lna'r and .sport.sman, who '.',?. h " t l. l .". i ,! ll " B . u> J l '" s '. "A 111 ' ?." thc i'"»^ boiiBhl n nnv plai:e for himself every ycur [or 10 years, lie HERI.IN. (UP) — Music may foollie tl'.e wrair of beasts but li nl:.a makts ninn forget tb.? inctcv, 11 laxl driver here discovered. He lin» enulpiwd Ills cab with u urain- i\]]ljjnc Pas.scnKcis choose their own music, oi'cru or jn/z, and do not Crumble wiu-n thcr.e arc long tH-ups lo irnfflc. The Baptist Woman's Missionary j Union .vostvrday suipriseil I heir j prebidcnt, Mrs. Idr. Tucker, wllh a hlvllidny parly, CKnmenioraling not riiulc ranclK'S, look at the Hoover | Dam slle, see the other attractions during your six weeks' stny here. The lav: also was amended sn. that UIKJU request of cither party's' counsel, Ihe Irinl imist be held be-' hind closvd doors. It also provides! that one need allege a cause of action, and not specifically slate Ihe holds n Iransporl yilol's license. His companion In many cruss- country fltslus, Mrs. |j.iyne, Is shewn As Miss Ruth Doughty, she won u beamy contest and was crowned "Miss Mcm- Thcy leave .soon for a trip lo Mexico. Midway l\'oten only hci birthday bnt in lion of lic<- nine years Juithliil s»V- ' vice as presidcnl of the Union. Mis. Hale Jackson, Hie honorcc's dangluer-in-law, was gracious hostess to members of the urmip and ; was assisted In receiving by her sister. >frs. Ncely Bowcn, of Chicago. who is her House guest. The lighlcd blrlhctiy c.xke, cut and grounds in the complaint. Audi Mr. E. M. McDonald wns a lily- . . . . pravlslon is imule also for scalhii;: thcville visitor, Tliuisdny. all papers connccled with the sull.j Miss Cora Ue Cnlcman and Mr. once 11 Is ended. So in addition (o|S 15. Curponlcr vlsll«l the l!urclhnlnallns: resilience, the new luw'deltc school in the i ran eliminate publicity. interest of delicious •I-II club work, TiniiMlny. ! Colc vla "Beat tlml. Arkansas!" says Nc-| Mrs. A. j. mil visited her mo- Slm(ln >'- ™dn. !tl;cr, Mrs.-D. P. Honrk [it lilythe- Ncv.idn. jenlon? of her divorce In- j vll| c. Tlnusdny. dnstry, claims (ho new measure is! *' r - nnii Mls ' Ornn A<.li»lirnnner j ! Clou^liland nnd son,. Gns, nnd ' Leonard HI] were Ulyllicvillc visitors. Saturday. Mis-s Ila/rl Handol]>h Is ill tit her home rere. Miss Muiy Bnker and Miss Irene. ;d Miss Helen Sixlon, The Flavor is fust Right Ice. cut- as bullet-proof as her 1933 model , nlKl were visltorb in lilythe- VKl IVILIL il Ut-lIIJLUUa ItCi LUl" " ~~ '" ""' "•' '"-* *»""* inuun • - - - — -j mtcd an aflei-noon of deliiihlfuli But Arkansas is only SO hours | v " c - . ln , i ;™" | 5'- ,,, ial actlvitv. which included u l f™» New York; easier to reach; m J " ck IIm W" 1 'Ihursday In Oi- ccola. , . „ . "fCP OS Gpd Choir charming respDiistvc talk mad i by the honoree. ! ... | Methodist Women's Missionary j society circles met yesterday utler- : noon for c ocial meetings. Circle A ! was attended by 20 members who met at the home of Mrs. A. S. Ro;;- .ers wilh Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Justice ' Edrinslcn. Mrs. Paul Conway and Mrs. Tibb.s ns hostesses, and Circle n nireiiihT a: [he church wllh Mrs. C. N. P.i-:e, Mrs. O. C. Polilson. Mrs. .Diminish and Mrs. Mona MODre as bo^te^sts uas alteiKletl by 23 int'in- b;-rs. i Mrs S. L. Glndish entertained thc'.i^rii Alfred 1C. Smith might bz introducing a new Demo- "b: Ladies Guild of Calvary Epls- | ernlic' mcsco: iV.c !:i:cs: s;ylc in b'rov.n derbies for iK-desirians. CC;M! church al her country horns : served with ! mi 1 social activity. .. i series (it co:iUsts and gnmes. and! lc;:s expensive trip: close lo the ' .«•... ; home folks. Sn Nevada mel the Ar- O. Randolph was a vlstor in j kansns challeiiRe with a quicker- tll ? v "!9. 'I1'"rsday. | and-easier bill. But KusineBs Slen Worry • Reno business men nre somewhat Ci. W. Stnnford has been nllend- i Ing court at Osccola for the pnsl week. ' WaiTcn and licdford Harrison of] worried over the new bill Apart- „ W01TC1 nm ' "cuiord Harrison of j ment owners fear the short rcsl-j f ( T 1rvl ' Cl 'cini "re v| 5 ||i, 1K their j dence will cause divorcees to live !'';":. Mllv U U ' t-,innaday and I family M. ami Mrs. Willie Tlowatd and ! in hotels; home owners fcnr divorcees will live In npnrlmonts rather than rent furnished homes. | ^'."""•' ."/, "•'•"""•_ Storekecprrs wonder if (he feminine;*) ', K r5 ' ^ visitors won't bring A complete j '«j r _..j », , wardrobe, rather than buying in 1 Will Sin" at Revival [ As :1 matter of fa.-i. however, the fcrmer New York governor is plc- i! cf lown afternoon. f t'jrccl hero i:L-fui: j J;c \\'f:n on an inspection trfp through a mine The iijembeis completed a patch wc:k quill, which will be sold tor member in good standing of the miners' local union. Th: evangelistic meeting at the ; near &rr.ntc:i, Pa. He v, as. clad in helmet nncl overalls, and was; bsnrfit of the organization. Dcllcl- cus refiesnments were served following a social hour. Mrs. Georgia Wiliiamscn of Memphis, who is the guest of her sister, Mrs. P. P. Jacobs, \va> a visitor. ' I Church of God \vill have a special! made [feature tonipht. The choir ct the j I church of the Nazarenc, directed • I bc-rs. ! I An illustrated Eennon on "From I iTlie Cradle to Eterniiy" will be giv- ; • en by the Rev. James Hooten, of; |Hi!ham, Tenn.. who is conducting Colors of Rainbow Lend Beauty to Arizona Mission t £f a ^, Reno. But time alone will tell, fl is but n few weeks until May 1, when the new measure becomes effective. And already, unhappy husbands and wives arc flocking here to get "the cure" after residing six weeks. Quicker, easier divorce, and legal, wide open gambling—they now! bloom in Nevada, where only quick, easy divorce and Illegal, but wide! open gambling, bloomed before. Folks look for a great summer: out in this Informal commonweallh. Crawford left Sunday ._ _eri visit, wllh relatives ! in Shrcvei>ort. Ln. • officers were honor quests here last! ming wns attended by more ttnu a hundred members and visitor:; I including representatives of cl'.r.p-; Iters 1 from Missoiiri. and from B'.y- i Ithevllle, Wilson. Lepanio nnd l-aK-n. Arkansas. Tho meeting, held in the chap-. I to 1 rooms, which reccntlv I been refnrnifhcd ind last ni;h'. [were decorated with a prcfnsicn of a !'T of Blytheville spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. Smith's parents. j Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Smith. In Os; ceola. joining their sister. Miss Vir! ginia Smith, who reiiirned from Co• tnmbus, Miss., where she is altcml- j ins school at M. S. C. W. for the j week-end here. ! Mrs. Georgia Williamson of Mem; phis Is visiting her sister, Mrs. P. ! P. Jacobs, in Osccola. „, ltl vii,evilh Saturday. 5 , . Mr. and Mrs. Ed Spann and family have moved to Half Moon. Bedford and Warren Harrison, Jke and L. B. Cniiimrtay, Mr. Mc- ;FRI$aO -Important Changes In Time of Trains A (.'hange in sclttdulu of rerluin Frisco trains will .'lie m;ulc tffeclive SUNDAY MARCH 29,1931 For detailed information inquire of the Ticket Agent W. S. Merchant, I'aiBrnRcr Traffic Manager, Saint Louis Will Start Work Soon On University Buildings PAYETTEVII.LF,. Ark., Mar. 24 (UP)--Work on three new buildings for the University of Arkansas, a library, medical building and science building, was expected to get under way soon. • Architects were selected by the board of trustees yesterday. ~ FOR. A QUICK COMEBACK Read Co:irar News want ads. lf:om the three lodcss of Elythc- Iville. Wilson and Osrco'.n toik part.' Icir.d a feature of uhich was pro-, of a sheaf of roses to' l&rr. Amy Sluttle. of F'ocahontn. 1 ;, «'ortry grand matron of the Ar- Snn Xavlrr Mi.-'inn. San Xavicr MKsior,, T.i •-„:«.. socin 10 br'?n ^b:o to com- Ariz.. ^Hli its erca; \vhi'.e .Moc.:^:i- mnnd Ihe Lrst of nrih!=. In s-.)it2 COATED TONGUE, BAD TASTE "I suffered from heartburn and indlgc.Tlion. -My tonipie would get | <-.j:i(fil, nnd 1 would havs a bad ! !.,.<:,: n: my Tuoii'.h. J bail gaa patns, . .-ii-.:! if T iH-lclioil H would be right Channel Markers Driver Grow : Tlie mission was founded neir-' Tn» nave nnd f.vii«r|its r.< tiie ly ?50 years .11:0 by Father Fran- prlncipil chapel a s:^;iy in Mr. and Mrs. Jpmcs A. Whit? of cisco Kino, who set forth 1'rcm M?x- . polyci:roina'.ic eUccts. evciy calDi Ciirdi-f.e visited friends and icb- ico City and joiirncy-d nortiv.varl of '(!ic rninbr,'.' bcinj r;iircr?:;i.-i here last wcok. wllii cross and rosary, os'pblisriiv^ in the paintir.'js ;'.'ul nui'.T, 1 . ovj.".- Chniles Spri'iser visited the linlf missions a day's journey r about -w ralio::s iijion v.-r.lls and coiHn-. ' [MOO!-, school. Friday afternoon. mi:es> apart. He reached San Xav- The Frr.nciscan fa'.hers spcn:! , Mrs. Ethel Swain and Mrs. j ;r ( n 1^57 lm . c l, O f t)ie i r t c x ,, instructinc • tloude Jones were guests of Mrs.. At Hut li™. Spanish roc.xa a:l children at the Indian iMervathri i . Springer. Thursday. • v;ils („ its tl|U g i 0 f_ v nVl( i t i, 0 p^,- r <: 3 f s nn Xavirr. . | . W. A. A'exander. Frank nnd- _. _ _.' i . hlartin Sickrider and Ted Brock , . ! °' >'t-rc Mlylhcville visitors, Saturday, ftoble Gill Toastmasler • ,Hn 0 l'-?l%S'r wv'crs Wednes ~ . Jow While cf Burdette was the „ „ |« (11 '' c ' (l .'P 00 ' 31 . 5 , ?n '",,,,„=," fcuest of Charles SpriiiEcr, Friday at College Banquet i rtn > •'vfni:w, 8 oc.o.k. .it the St. f- .-.[ \va\\l\\ inslc much lieilcr. I know ii..«t iituck-lJr.iusl-t hcl:»eil n:e."— Hi-'if it U a tic y t (}fi i nc jfro TO, Ocorg fa. Ii.sisL on TheOforJ's ntn-t by Oruggisls, In O C K [liprt. Mnrlin Hrackon visited In Gcs- Stephen Epiiccpil church, in con! tinning Iho Lcnteii observance. hell. Sunday. ! MCEd.imes Sara and Tx>la!i Hall tf Calumel spont Sunday with ;. Maude Springer fcunday with Lron Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Jc[sie Widrcr of one Oak were guests of Mr. and Odes Brcck?, Sunday. Krbie Gill of Dell, a student al . Hls subjf . ct f0i . a sprmon ttil , ^ ; rrcnrtrit-IIciKicrson college at ,, Jcsus M Bn if fsls His Redeeming I Coiv.vay. was joint toastmasler at ' thr aininal Ilarlan banquet at the al P.1I Robiiifon. imvor of Rock, \vas the ]!rinci;>al which l.ltlle Love To The Dyir.!; Malefactors." LONDON'. (UP) — The sraco of aker lhat dninty dancer, the la'e Pav- " . loi-a. miv be preserved for |»ster- ity in n white marble stalue of her AnUOUDCCS Special Lenten ' In the first movenvnt of "Tlic Dy- j file. Driver Grove Sunday school n . , ' iy j j In? Svirui." A memorial fund is be- ervices ior Wednesday lllg ra , SC(l fo , crcctio ,, o ill elect new cfficcrs and leaoh- Irs. Sundny. Everyone Is urged to Ittend. The Rev. H. J, Kleindienst, pas- of such slalue, iwsibly in Kensinston Gar-; dens. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 In the eavliur days of this country, spending the family budget used to be a hazardous business. It was only by harsh experience that a householder learned to steer clear of bad bargains and come into port with his money's worth. There were snags and shoals aplenty. Inferior goods and unscrupulous merchandising methods made the channel dangerous. "Let the buyer beware" was an accepted slogan of trade. Fortunately for millions of consumers, this condition has wholly changed in more recent years. The channel has been charted. Today advertised, trademarked goods of known value are for sale in every city and hamlet. The buyer knows he'can trust such products. Rereads the advertisements in his paper, chooses the commodities he needs, and makes his purchases with the.knowledge that he will get full value for his outlay. The advertising columns of this newspaper point the way to satisfaction. If you make a habit to read them daily you will save money, and save time. Advertising is your guide to safe buying

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