The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1937
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, JANUARY 9, 1937 " rr " EIIIS; China From Tennessee Glay Tennessee Valley Develop-i merit Opens Way to New Industry By NEA Service KNOXVILLE, 'Tenn.—Within the shadow of Norris Dam a Email group of men have transformed gray Tennessee Valley clay Into light, white, egg-shell porcelain dinnerware that is acclaimed as fine as any in the world—tile first time that porcelain has been made from clay found in this country. Up to now, either the clay or the finished, product has been tin- ported from Europe or Asia. And capping the achievement of open- Ing Amerira's clay deposits to In- '•istry, for the first lime the firing baking has been done uy'clec- .ricity. According l o s, T. Henry of spruce Pine, N. C.. who conceived .tie idea for the experiment, their success will have far-reaching consequences. It means, for Instance, that high grade dinnerware will become avall- iblc In this country at a low price -possibly low enough so it can be iotd in tin? lowest-priced stores. It means a new, major iridus- :ry in the United slates. Now you liave" only lo took at the back of your plates, cups and saucers lo see lhat they come from Japan, Eng- laha,-France, Poland and Checho- slovakia. Hereafter, in times of "war, we no longer will have to depend on other countries for the kaolin vitally essenlial to make spark plugs and electric insulation needed in military .transport. The fact that North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama have rich deposits of kaolin is not news. Up to now small '.quantities of it have been used in a mixture with i ported kaolin. The real news is that porcelain can be made from the native clay. Also that, in such a refined state, It can take the place of imported kaolin. Mr. Henry and TVA administrators picked one Robert ' E. Gould, an American ceramics engineer lo head the experimental laboratories. Mr. Gould, then chief engineer of a ceramics plant in Po land, picked his staff' and set t' work. After months of experiment 'ng with a washing and settlini process that had not been used be Jlwc, they found ways and mean •a remove all impurities from tli jrative kaolin. Electric Oven Invented Next war tackled'job No. 2, firin by electricity! Up to |now electricit had been used'in a small way i: firing fiecoraligns pn, pprcelai, ware, but this -called .for'.a- temperature of only 'around .'900 "degree fahrenheit, whereas the TVA re searchers required a temperature o 2500 or more degrees for fusing tin kaolin, felspar and quartz into porcelain. ' . . The use of heat units made of metal was out of the picture Metal would not stand up under such heat. Experiments were made with other materials. Finally car- borundum bars were decided on They 'worked. See Wasle Reduced Mr. Gould and his' electrical experts want to find a material that will last even longer than car- borundum. They think that they have found it. It is graphite in a •vacuum inside a carborundum bar One furnace with such resistors lias been kept at 2600 degrees shTce last April,and the units haven't burned out yet.. • A much larger kiln is being built It will be the only one in the country and a high degree of efficiency is expected of it. Up to now ceramic plants have fired with oil, gas or coke. Electricity is believed to have several hi" advantages, provided it can be bought cheaply. Mr. Henry said electric fifing will greatly reduce the waste because the heat can b° Wntcolled nnd is more uniform ^ liforin heating js important be- KUtse if, for instance, more heat BUS one side of a cup than the other, it will warp or break it. Two Win Divorces Mrs. Pauline Jackson has been granted a divorce decree from Jesse Jackson by Chancellor J. F Gantney, in nn lmc ontested case u. j. Carter has been given a 1 vorce from Mrs. Steelc Carter nlso in an uncontcsted suit. . ' BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS OF Fragile-looking egg-shell porcelain tenpots' made from Tennessee valley clay arc among-the first all-American products of their kind, made possible through the research of Robert E. Gould at Norris Dam. Those below arc'two pots from the same mold. That at right Is the larger because It has not yet been fired, Electric firing ovens (top) were designed lo make , use of the vast Norris Dam power supply that walls only- the throwing of n switch to work for the potential new ceramics Industry, James Paul Young, 11, Succumbs lo New Year's Day Injuries CAPE C1WARDEAU, Mo.—Jnmes I Paul Young, n, died yesterday of Injuries received New Year's day In I an automobile accident in which i his mother, Mrs. L. A. Young of Kansas City, WHS Instantly klll-Ut and his father nnd two brothers were Injured., I Tile' car in which the Youngs ' were making a trip to visit Mr.' Young's VC-yenr-old mother, Mrs. N. J. Young, at cotlonwoo'.l point, sldeswiped a motor, transport on Highway 61 nsar New Madrid and was wrecked, . Mr, Young was dismissed from the local hospital Tuesday .but the two other boys, Lcroy, 1C, and Billy. 8, are still conflntd lo hospital ' eds with serious injuries. James Paul's body was accom- anied to Kansas City by an uii- le, J. L. Young, principal of the rarte, school at Haytl, and an aunt "ss Leugenia Young, leacher at Cottonwocd Point. Another aunt, liss Rulh Young, teachei nt Warell, is remaining at Ihe hospital •Ith the Injured boys. Simple Cakes Often Spoiled by Too Prolonged Beating, Too much beating may spoil the cake, if it' Is not very rich, says Miss. Colcman, home demonstration agent.- It ruins the texture, and makes the product" tough and full of tunnels. Too much beating after the flour is added spoils more plain''cakes and: muffins than any Other one "thing. • '•" •' In making muffins, using 2 cups j flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder,' 1-2 teaspoon salt, one egg, one cup of milk and 3 tablespoons fat. Miss Gertrude E. Conant, extension nutritionist; University of Arkansas College', of Agriculture, recommends ' a three-step mixing method. First, mix and sift all dry ingredients together; then combine beaten egg,. milk and melted Jat- and, as the third step, add liquid to the dry mixture, stirring just enough- to • moisten all ingredients The rather sliff batter, still with a rough appearance, is baked about 35 minutes in a hot oven. The liquid material should be all the same temperature when combined, the eggs, and milk at room temperature . and . the melted fat warm. • A plain cake can be made with one cup sugar, 4 tablespoons fat 2 eggs, 1-2 cup milk, 1 1-2 cups flour, 1-2 teaspoon salt, and 2 teaspoons of baking powder. Cream the butter, add sugar, then beat in the eggs, one at a lime. Beat In the milk, and add the othei dry ingredients mixed nnd sifted Realty Transfers Warranty needs Punk Willis and wife to Walter Roos Moore and Elizabeth Moore -south half of lot lo in Punk wn' Us sub-division, part of southeast Quarter of northeast quarter' of section 33, township 16 north range 11 cast. ' J. D. Baldridge nnd wife to Mrs. M. E. Lowry, lot 4, block 0, Highland place addition to Biythcville E. O. Sclllian and wife to Cly Farmer, lot 16, block B, Southslde addition to Manila. Ed W. Esslg and wife to Cly Farmer, lot 17, block B Southsfde addition to Manila. A. o. Douglas and wife to Ale\ Baker, southwest quarter of northwest quarter and northeast quar- Iter of northwest quarter and Ifljvtheast quarter of {northwest •Quarter of section 11, township 14 •njprth, range 8 east. Read Courier News Want Ada stirring just enough to moisten the flour. This will make two lay ers. which can be varied by using different flavorings, : Icings,'fillings. Or if a sheet cake is want ed, Miss Conant suggest sprink hng with sugar nnd cinnamon o cccoanut before baking. ..;Mrs. J. Y. Jones "at' Oseeo'la am Mrs. Lucy C. Barksdale of Blythe ville, ' Route one, are known : fo the delicious cakes they bake. They also, realize quite ,a neat weekl; income from their cakes. The score card to be. used In judging layer cakes is: General appearance— Shape (uniform,, even layers) Smoothness of surface ...... Cake-Crust ' Texture ... ..] Lightness Flavor Filling: Consistency .. Flavor Icing— , Consistency 5 Flavor - 5 - Combined flavors 20 ' : • 100% A score card for judging loaf cake Is as follows: General appearance— f : Shape 5 Smoothness of surface 5 Cake- Crust .'. 5 Crumb texture 15 Negro Man and.Woman Jailed for Bean Theft J. W. Woods, negro, and Bonnie r aughn, negress, have been lodg- d in jail here In connection- with he iheft of 30 bushels of soy- cans from the Coppcdge-Craw- id gin company. Woods Is accused of binglary In he actual theft of the 505 beans vtiile the negro woman' Is'clmre- d with being an accessory. Broadway Packs s Em In, Far As Eye Can See ' PAGE THREE The mood of the biggest cioud ever assembled In the public square of any AmclUn city gave emphasis lo foiecnsls tlmt 1937 would be the e a S est nnd happiest within mcrnoiy. For the crowd .In this lemarkable New'Year's Eve-scene at limes Square New York brokn nl iccords fo, size, cheerfulness and spemilng-and >vas pointed out by merchants as a sign tho dei.ies.slon was over '-rhi view k north "long Broadly fiom 45th Street, but the crowd extended south for nearly live blocks more and ove,flowed into convening Seventh Ave Raise Money to Finish' Kisner Corner Cut-off MANILA; : Ark.—With only about one-half mile yet to finish on gray- ! I'ling the ciil-olf road between ncauchamp's Corner and Kisner Corner, the Lions club voted to underwrite what,is already osvinf and the balance that is needed to finish Hie project. About $250 is - required' to complete the work and''$90 of this was raised at the last meeting, the balance to be s&licitcd from business firms in this section which will derive benefits from the new load The project has been handled with WPA labor under the direction of Jim -David, in conjunction with local business men and the stale ^highway department. The slate i highway •' department ' lias agreed to assume maintenance of tbe road afler completion, it is said. ' Manila School Section Yields $6,000 Revenue MAN I LA,' A rk — Th e school boards which are interested in the rentals from Section 10 met in the city hall recently to hear the report of Alex Baker, manager of the section last year. He stated that the rental from this section had totaled almost $5,000.for the year and that the government rent had not yet been paid. He added that a conservative estimate on the entire revenue from the section would be about $0,000. The boards selected a governing board to manage the property for the year 1937. Lightness ...15 Flavor 25 Icing—Consistency 5 Flavor 5 Combined flavors . ,2C 100% Strange People, Chinese-Women Want War hi , Chhn and"' d, ax o event, climax of cv Us it the forefront of peace movements, the edu lead to afcilate for a war to drive the Japanese Invaders out of here-girl students enlisted In an infantry regiment (left) and' another of their number (right) .exhorting a slrect crowd to support a united Chinese nation. FLAPPER FANNY Mecnn tre.idmusic. He plnysbycar." "Then there's surely something wrong with his hca'rii New' Medicine Prepared NEW YORK;(UP)— A new nicd- lolni!—urotiumnc Insulin — h expected lo be i available, to nil physicians and Inymeii: soon. Distribution 1ms been held up pending devising of a label to wnnroriU falal effects to certain types ol imllentJi.' i Works for Auto ' Strike End Year's Chicken Crop Near 700 Million NEW YORK (UP) —The total production of poultry farms this year Is estimated at nearly 700,000,000 chickens, valued at about $255,000,000. The normal chicken crop Is believed to make It possible for the average family to eat more than 30 chickens during-the year. The dressed poultry in storage now Is 5(1 per cent heavier than a year ago. Estimates place the storage holdings at 160,000,000 |»unds as compared with 107,000,000 pounds last year. A general sales drive Is reported under way by the American Poultry Journal to meet the poultry situation. Woman Shoot* KIgMh, Deer CONNEAUT, O. (UP) — Mrs. Owen Barton, wlfo of a former Conncaut resident, bagged a slx- polnt buck dcei on the opening day of.lho season in Pennsylvania. It was her eighth deer In nine seasons. Shu dropjKd It with one shot. ttEI'OUT OP CONDITION OF FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. of Blythevllle, In the State of Arkansas, ft member of the Federal Reseive System, at tho close of business on December 31, 1936. ASSETS • . Loans and discounts '.....$ 109,129.03 United Slate 1 ; Government 'obligations, direct and/or fully guaranteed • 162,60000 Olher bonds, stocks, and securities ....» 60,10387 Banking house, $120,00000; Fnrnltuio nnd fixtures, $2,40000 122,40000 Real estuto owned,'Qthiy, than, bank'liiK, house 1.00 Reserve «Ilh Federal lieserve* bank 697,543.85 Cash, balances v>lth other banks, and cnsh Items In pro- < cess of collccton 1,601,84(5 83 Other asset?—Insurance! Department t 30,00000 Total 2,724,124.24 • • LIAKIUTIES Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1,893,63? 43 Time deposits of individuals, partncishlps, and corporations 178,65590 State, county, and municipal deposits 388,767.79' Deposits of oilier-banks, certified and officers' checks outstanding, etc ,~ Secured by the pledge of loans and/or Investments $ 40.00000 Not secured by the pledge of loans and/or ,Investments 2,440,382.47 21,53135 Total Deposits 2,480,382.47 Dividends declared but not yet payable, and amounts : sct • ,, r aside for dividends not declared and for accrued in- '' terest on capital notes and debentures .;...... 15,000.00 Capital notes nnd debenture';: , Common stock 6000. shares, par $25.00 per ' share ;.$-150,000.00 ' Surplus 40,000.00 Undivided profits—net 38,741.77 Total Capital' Account 228,741.77 Playing a prominent rolo as ; peacemaker in the General Motors strike, James F. Devvcy, above, federal labor conciliator, held conferences with both union chiefs and corporation leaders. Following the parleys, he was optimistic that the opposing forces could be brought together (or discussions that would show the way to settlement, Mrs. Josie Anthony Dies Friends here have learned of the death of Mrs. Joste L. Anthony of Bvansville, Ind., mother of Mrs. R. U Porter, Who lived here for imfny years. Mrs. Anthony, who was 88, had visited Mr. and Mrs. Porter when they resided In Blythcvtllc before moving to Trumann. They now live at Evansvllle. Volcanic Soil Rich HONOLULU (UP)—The value of volcanoes Is a. controversial point In Hawaii, one ancient now of mud poured out . by a volcanic eruption now yields six times more sugar cane than any equal piece of land in the Islands. Blind Man, 87, Can:es On I SAN FRANCISCO (UP)-P. W. Hurndall, 87, and blind, Is the oldest active member of the National Piano Tuners Association. He'still Is able to ^nake a comfortable living at his profession here. Total, Including Capllal Account ...2,724,1^4.24 MEMORANDUM: LOANS AND INVESTMENTS PLEDGED TO SECURE LIABILITIES United States Government obligations, direct and/or fully guaranteed 40,00000 .fotal Pledged, excluding rediscounts •; 40,000.00 Pledged: Against State, county, and municipal deposits 40,00000 Total Pledged 40,00000 I, P. E. WARREN, Cashier, of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the .above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge Elld b « llef - P. E. WAKREN. Correct—Attest: B. A. Lynch Cecil Shane I. R. Johnson, Directors. State of Arkansas, county of Mississippi ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of January, 1937. E. R. BRYAN, Notary Public. (Seal) My commission expires March 25, 1939. 1.9.37 DANCING FREE Every Night New $900 Phonograph All New Records SILVER MOON NIGHTCLUB ii CIGARETTES CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, ETC.' ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50c OF GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE MARTIN OIL STATION STEELE, MO.

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