The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1934
Page 6
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srx B'i.VTflEyn.LE, (ATIK.) roimmn NTCWS and Slides Braucher Record of Three Grcal Coaches Ahead ol Him At Notre Dame. Makfnc It Snappy: Connie Mack paid $150,000 for rove and Cochrnne nine years .ipc nnd won three clinmplonslilixs .nnrt r> couple of world series with [them ... lie sold Hie pair for j 5225,000 . . . nliev having nine i yotirs' use of such talented ivory. ... Andy Mellon is n Pennsylvania business ninn, too. ... No- Dame's basltelbnll season Is By FRED 1UII.KY United Press Staff Correspondi-nl CHICAGO (UP)—Elmer Layden. recently appointed football coach and director of athletics at Notre, Dame, has one of the bigpfs: !=!>>:successful financially".' .'7 maybe in football ahc-ad of him (or nfxt |iM „ coup , c Qf ycAK thc cngefA • will be paying for the upkeep of Ihe football team. Adriiits Strangling Chum for "L'ying" WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3, KM full. ' He is the successor 10 great coaches, uv.o, In 20 years, had lost but 26 games. Dunn* that period, since 1913. Ko:re D.nnf. coached by Joss Harjx-r. Kmite Rockne and Hunk AiMcrfOii. '*on 154 games. He is stepping into the slioc-s lint Anderson was licisled of alter three years, during »bic:i he wun 1C games, lost nine and lied two — Denny Misses One The yacht likely to he America's Cup defender againsl T.O.M. Sop- wlih's British challenger, Endeavor, Is being built at Ilrl.siol, R. 1.. on Narragnnsctl I!ay. . . . Chick Ilafey wns sent to ilm Reds from the Cardinals two years ago b'.n the rumor persists Hint not a bad record, cor.sklorms Na-jst. Louis sllll owns a £50.000 piece tre Dair.c played virtually all the of him. . . . Benny Friedman, ams of the country. ihnself Semitic, picked an All- football team . . . and named nob Bloom, center on the University of Illinois learn leading teams Rejrtls Anderson's Departure While extending Layden a hearty welcome, the Notre Dame student body unquestionably ieg:<".s the departure of solemn, earnest Hunk Anderson. At a theater patronized largely by students in South Bend. Anderson's and then Layilen's pic- lures were thrown on ihc screen. Loud cheering greeted Anderson's likeness. Slony silence set- tied like an ominous calm over Ihc house when Liyden's was shown. Perhaps it meant nothing more lhan a rousing sendofT to a man who had given hir, besl for three years. Despite the apparcni rebuff. Layden always has been popular at Notre Dame. He was the dark horse o! thc Pour Horsemen that rode roughsbcd over opposition In 1924 Weighing but ICO pounds, he wcv one of the lightest fullbacks in col Icge football. Knute Rockne was. and slill is, Layden's Ideal. "All I know he taught me." h? said simply and seemed to think he had covered the subject. That Layden learned well was evidenced by his success at Dumiesne, where he lost last season only to Pittsburgh, by six poinls. Perhaps the key lo the reason for the change in Notre Dame coaches lies at the banquet table more than on tt:e football field. Anderson didn't like to backslap alumni, and he detested formal dinners. Layden has "front." lie tells story well. He knows all thc old grads, or almost all. by their first names. His favorite story concerns Hockne. 1 Rock sent me in at fullback early In 1923 after thc team had piled up i big lead. On the first plav was as nervous as a bride. The play called lor a line plunge and the" ball .came to me. "I shot 'at the line, and as I hll it, the ball popped out ol mj hands" and bounced over boll teams and across the goal line. A Moire Dame man fell on it for i touchdown, when I came Rock slapped me on the back ant without cracking a smile said 'That was quick thinking, boy'." new it turns out that Bloom is a Blooming Swede. * * » Paying the Penally The severest penalty ever given a hockey player was visited upon Billy Coutu ... In 1927 he lilt Referee Jerry LaPiamme . . . and was barred from Ihe major leagues of hockey . . . now he's coaching al Providence. . . . Bill Tilden will be 42 in February . . . and he will celebrate by battling Ellsworth Vines .somewhere between the Atlantic and Puclfic . . . iluu be on Cotton Acreage Reduction PUTTINC; THE PLAN INTO OPERATION QUK&TION: Who is to put the cotton acreage reduction plan into operation? ANSWER: Cotton producers, themselves, llirouxh voluntarily signed eonlracis with the sccre- taiy of ngrlcnldirc. QUESTION; How does the producer enter into n ronlrnci? ANSWER: Tile producer nib ed by llu- county coininlflee from ;itnoiitf lt'<- c-lianer mi'mbi'r.s In the 1 comity, mid is conipusi'd of throe IN ! for (he purpose of determining the | Hie contract. who wants to start producing cot cotton ncre.iEt? reduction and the i QUESTION: Can an owner or ton eligible to sign the contract? payments. [landlord enter Into n column COY- ANSWER: Yes if i, f . i ! QUESTION: Why wns llie per- erln B " farm rented to anil opcrat- •--- •-•--• »•• • • ''• ls ! !od 1028 to 1332 adopted as the ^ by " eusli l*iiniH or :t iminiiS- j ba.w |x?rlod for the cotton l»lt? ''"8 .share-tenant? ANSWER: A study of different j ANSWER: Yes.-If the icnanl Is Ing . the • wer „„.,„ land which is C | 1( , lblc UIK|C J contract; otherwise the am-l Is, "No." . . . being a stretch of territory to covered by tile professionals (our. You Shnulii Hrar Him Bill Gutlnle. dismissed last year Ameiican League umpire, longs or further punishment . . . he lopes lo be back in the loop when he 1934 season opens April . Bill's manner of calling n guy out Is n picturesque and vocl- erous "You're a dead bird!" out nnd stuns a contract In which fie offers, in return for certain 1 payments, to reduce his cotton ncicage for the 1934 and 1935 crop yenrs. When this contract Is certified by the community am] the •county committee.'! anil accepted by the Secretary of Agriculture, It Incomes blndlnx on both parties QUESTION: What Is the Cotton Production Control Association? ANSWER: It Is the County organization for the administration of the 1934 and 19115 cotton acreage reduction plan. Us membership will con.slst of producers In the County who have executed acceptable contracts with (he Secretary of Agriculture for the piir- WHO MAV TAKE PART •rilK PLAN QUF.'STION: Who may enter Into tin- tullun ae.K-.igc- lettuction j)!onv j ANSWER: nil Any producer who ( Is an o'.vner, lumiloixl. cash tenant. or iLaiiaglii!> share tenant and wlioi iipi-rates or controls a cotton larm • thai fulnills or.e of the following.' lh:v'' cunditious: 1 ! i Cotton was planted for at le;i.--t 4 yenvs ol the ua.v period of the years 11128 to 1832. Inclusive. : '2i Cotton vvn.s planted for three! l>or!o<ls indicates that the 1028 to , IP32 perlo<l Is mast nearly repre- j HIutatlve of cotton production for ! the Cotton bell ns n whole. ! QUESTION: Can a contract bo i i-!(_T.ed covering a farm on which • col ion lias nevei 1 been grown? i ANSWER: No. j QUESTION. Should a contract be signed covering a Jarm on | vhlch it Is nol Intended to grow roilon In 1934 and or 1935? ANSWER: No. except as provided for In question 34. QUESTION: Can a contract be signed covering nn Idle or abandoned, form? ANSWER: No. QUESTION: Will a conlract willing to enter Into the contract with him. QUESTION: Is a new runner' Paul lievere was a cartoonist, successful engraver, goldsmith bell nnd cannon founder, aiicj soldier of the toe period, one of: signed by n cash tenant bin not which years wns either I'M or. bearing the signature of the owner IM2. he accepted? Cotton was planted in Ixnli I post of reducing their cotton acreage. QUESTION: Who (ire the Char- lev members? ol <lj( Any product 1 ]- who Is an n-.sner, landlord. c:ish tenant or managing share tenant niul who lulnlled an acreage induction con- n-mi with the Kcca-lmy of AMII- titlum- In l!>:i:i and '.vill farm land in 1934 on which such a contract fulfilled. PROVIDED, in ei- "f bat my temper ... Slio told EtDrl.'s mo." After tioiira of Killing, this u'iiu thcexcimo polleo 2:.1.1 Mary Kavalu, 13, gave for strungllnx loi'.'jiilli tier elKbt-year- old chum. -Icsepliiiip Waropny,; wl.oso hoily waa found under poreb stepi. at fasliionablo Hastlngs-on- llmlscin, N. Y. Hiding tier tears vrllh her hamls. the Kara In girl Is escorted by n detective after ecu-- TeiBlng the crime at White Plain!. ANSWER: Yes. If t!ie tenant Is eligible lo sign and If he furnishes satisfactory evidence of a least' covering Ihe years 1934 and 1935. QUESTION: Is a cash tenant for n period of less than two years or a managing .share-tenant eligible to sign the contract. If the owner or landlord refuses to sign the contract with him? ANSWER: No. QUESTION: Is a managing fhnre-ioiiant who is renting land- 1 from two or more owners or Inml- A stuily of the movements bf meteors has revealed that terrific storms rage at n height of CO IIUIL.I iuult ,1 Ulllu UILU. ... I] . .. ... . ie knows some other phrases and mllcs l " tho cnrlhs atmosphere. •vords not In Webster's. 'c 'Em Rogers Hornsby offered John Shibi- his Browns lo lake along on that world baseball tour next fall on condition the Philadelphia magnate promised not. to bring any of them back. Clothes moths cannot eat while in the flying stage, since their mouths are put together imnerfect- ly; they damage clothing only while in (he larval stage. tSWERS "The Star-Spangled Banner" written- to Ihe melody of an English drinking song titled, Anacicon In Heaven." was old "To A submarine boat invented by a German | s propelled by (ins like a fish's. tlier (in or ih). thai the reduction shal] not IK.- than two acres, and provided further that, on land ANSWER: The Charier mem-! planted lo rotlon for any of the . __ _ hers of the County Cotton Produrv, periods specified, the average pro- lords eligible to siyn the contracl? lion Control Association are pro- duclion shall not be less than one, ANSWER: Yes, by signing con-! ducers who are eligible to parti-i hundred (100) pounds of lint per tracts jointly with each owner or! cipale In Ihe 1934 and 1935 cotton lucre. | landlord to cover the land which 1 acreage reduction plan and who. QUESTION: What Is a manag-1 each controls. If one or more own-; are designated as such by the'ing share-lenanl? I ers or landlords refuse lo sign the I County agent as far as poxsiWe ANSWER: A managim; share-'contract the managing share-ten- from.'among those committeemcn! tenant Is one who furnishes woikjanl may obtain permission Iromi who served- In the 1933 collonl stock, equipment and l.ibor used' the Cotton Seclion. Agricultural acreaee reduction campaign. in the production of cotton ami j Administration to come into the QUESTION: What Is the Conn- who manages the operation of the'plan with those owners or land- ty Committee? farm. • lords who arc willing to sign conANSWER: The County Com- QUESTION: What is meant by i tracts with him. mltlce Is composed of three <3>!lhe bate period? | QUESTION: Is a producer who nen in Ihe County who must lie j ANSWER: The base period is has moved from the land he farm- eligible to participate In the 1934! dial scries ol crop years 11918 to! ed in the base period eligible lo ind 1035 cotlon acreage reduction' 1332, Inclusive) from which lep-, enter Into a contract? plan. The temporary county com-. rffcntullve average acreage ami! ANSWER: Yes, if he has moved mlttee for Inaugurating the 1931 production figures can lx-obtained I to a farm which is eligible under and 1935 cotton acreage reduction plan Is to be selected from the Charier members from among (heir number. QUESTION: Hoty does the con- trad run? ANSWER: The contract covers Ihe lf)34 ami 1935 crop years. QUESTION! Is It necessary for the producer to employ outside help in making o\it the contract? ANSWER: No. The county agent, thf: county committee, and Ihr community committees will provide all Ihe help necessary. QUESTION: What is a community committee? ANSWER: The temporary community committee for Inaugurating 1934 and 1935 plan Is lo be. select- Don't I,et Your Boy Miss Hearing BABE III Til tell how he is offering 3950 prizes iuclud- ing 50 vacation trips as Babe's guest to . . . where? Tune in and find out—A Boy's Dream Come True! 5:15 P. M. .... WMC EVERY MOX«WED^FRL "BABE III Til BOYS CLUB" A New (§15) Program Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, in-2r,c Nile fi:4. r >, 10-35c I SALLY EILERS in "WALLS Of GOLD** IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE OSCEOLA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OP: THE ESTATE- OF MAMIE B. DRIVER, DECEASED. . , Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator ol the estate ol Marnie.B. Driver, deceased, will 'apply to the Probalc Co'jrt for the Osceola District of said County, at Osceola, on the 5lh day of February. 1934. (or authority to sell the following lands belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, towit: "The NE'.S of Section 28 Township 16N, Range HE, situated in the chlckasawba District of Mississippi county, Arkansas." Said sale is made for Ihe p:ir- pose of paying Ihe debts of said estate. JAMES D. DRIVER, Administrator. Notice given January 2, 1934. 3-10-11-24 Francis X. Shields Is No AXK1NO U. S. TENNIS PLA.Y- -H. The, flag Khown Is that of <EW ZEALAND. The bird Is a. ROXY .and Thursday MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c ,ET'S GO TOLLYWOOD! • ET IN STEP \vilh a nock of dimpled darlings. VATCH OUT for fun! For love! For eye-popping splendor! Combined tor one grand en- lertafnment; GET A LOAD if sonu, love ard laughter! you PeadThe WANT-ADS To-day i CHICAGO WILL & LUMBER CO. THURSDAY-FRIDAY MATINEE-lOe -. 25c ' NIGHT-10J - IJ.ic MKCROffiX Fifi D'Orsaj, Stuart Erwin Ned Sparks, I'ulsy Kelly A Cosmopolitan Production A Mctro-Gcldwyn-Mayer Picture Directed by RAOUt, WALSH LEWIS CARROLl'S // ^4I ice in Wonderland *,-h CHARLOTTE HENRYo^c. and RICHARD ARIEN ' ROSCO ATES GARY COOPER ' LEON ERROL LOUISE FAZENDA ' W. C. FIELDS SKEETS GALLAGHER ' CARY GRANT RAYMOND HATTON ' Kfff, MORTON ROSCOE KARNS > BABY LeROY MAE MARSH ' POLLY MORAN JACK OAKIE ' EDNA MAY OLIVER MAY ROBSON ' CHARLIE RUGGLES ALISON SKIPWORTH ' NED SPARKS and FORD STERLING Dl'IC'.d by Nom-cn Wtl«cJ-A. Po-onouM Pklut Dick Powell Short Harry Langdon (iomrdy r: Take Nurse's Advice If Gums Hurt After Brushing Your Teeth The time to think of saving your Icclh from infection is when yon notice the first sensitiveness in your gums. If there is bleeding and soreness after you brush your teeth, relieve the inflammation by using the home Ireaiim-nf which leading dcntisls are prescribing for their patients. Then you know you'wiil be using Ihe treatment which these men, who know what you should use, personally approve. You cnn get this dentists' prescription right al home, here,' by just asking for Prescription Tooth and Gum Powder a I the drug store. It is the same powder which ]>cople gel when their dentist prescribes (his same formula. Be sure to remember the name—Prescription Tooth and Gum Powder. Get il at any drugstore. KIRBY DRUG CO., Distributor EVIDENCE OF PURITY INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Laboratories WASHINGTON, D. 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