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The Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah • 11

The Deseret Newsi
Salt Lake City, Utah
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i I 1 1 1 jl alc all alaj 1 JL etl sr i lt appear more absurd thanthe real ii nar r- on justifies but aa as I 1 cant coneon veya proper idea of that I 1 will just tell you wha told to tome m- ei must state first though that the poor fellow go goi got a bad fall frombois from his hia hors esome years ago byjbyi which his leg was broken and he dim jim been obliged ever since to wear wearisome so some bome pae iron apparatus to assist it for thebroken le leg is shorter than the other this necessity etsity obliges him to hobblebobble but he canean scuttle aver ayer the ground at a wonderful pace jn in ther theu lher respects he lp i a talip good mank he was waa piece lion nginugin ogIn lq kattawar Katt iwar jn some parts of the abe district it is toletoie tolerably open thathe used to follow folio gamegama ow horse horbe horseback backi ride up then dismount to toge get ashot unless their steady enough 11 jostand kostand i fire tire from their thein backs after the shot they quickly re mounted and gallop galloped ej fact sot soi something in irk the manner that the african way of conducting the is described 4 qu one occasion my friend hadturned up a couplecoupie of furrowed furro waedawed lions and was opt apt ip wing them on the plain he maiimali managed to get within range andas and as his horse harse would not nob stand quiet enough for him to nire fire from his back he jumped off and threw thiis the bridle over hisbis arm by some chance however omitting to slip his hand through ita it wellweil he got gob a fair shot and hit one of the lionshard but the noise moise startled the horse As there was nothing to check it oft on it galloped leaving my friend standing he fired hisbis second barrel and then had the horbor or seeing the wounded lion lioa chargi charging pg down upon him himi all head tailtali talland and legs I 1 and roaring his rr rifle was now useless and und of course there was no time to load his first impulse naturally was to boltboit boltas as hardbard as he could and accordingly away he stumped for the nearest tree but long before he reached it the roars became closer and closer behind him and behefelt that he had not a chance of reaching the tree before being overtaken by the angry brute still behe sped on with the instinct of self preservation but the lion was fast closing with him what could ba bel done there was no time to hebe lost in a few more bounds his head might be crushed in by the blow of a paw or his man mangled ledlimbsbe quivering in the ani animals mis relent relentless lecz jaws it suddenly occurred to him fo tny try and startlethe beast by some unusual combination of form and sounds his resolve was immediately taken and act without delay ly in his pace with his back still toward the dhar char charging ging lion now drawing very close he duckedhis head and body till behe looked at it from between his legs Ie gsand and in that positionposit iobloo made some of the tho most hideous faces and gave utterance to some of the most appalling yells at the same time geati culat ilig wildly with hisbis arms this was a metamorphosis for which the savage beast was vas unprepared just justabe be for ethere had beenaheena runruu runaway away man ae leg- gins gingln it atas hardbard as he could coulder lit lu front but the brute was staggered and hesitate hesitated in his headlong careen career thenn thed pulled ap and looked advanced a step ai anid arid id looked more morer closely heard a frantic yell of extraordinary power the thel last despairing effort lof of the ithe huun hutt huetter ter turned audand with towering tall trotted off to his companion dompa ilionlilon now disappearing pear ingin in the distance after a short space my friend hrose arose almost burp purple the face from the violence of hisbis exertions ions and the unpleasantly low posit position ign ot othia hia his head but much gratified i and chuckling greatly at ht the success af hisnis ingenious stratagem stata genk gem i 1 WHITEWASH OC 1 whitewash ab Is ls one of the most valuable articlearticie ain aln the world when properly applied ihnot it not only prevents the dew del decay of wood buthut cond condu conduces uces aces ces cea greatly to the healthfulness of all buildings whether of wood or stone out oat buildings and fences nhep not aistedshou I 1 be supplied once or twice 1 ce a year with WI a good coat of whitewash velch which 8 should be prepared in the following way take a eean dean watertight water tigh tight barrelbarrei or other suitable i cask and put into it half a bushel of i lime slake it by pouring water over it boiling botand hot and I 1 in sufficient quantity to cover it nive five ve inches deep and stir it I 1 briskly till thoroughly slaked when the slaking has been thoroughly effected dissolve it in water and add two pounds of sulphate of zinc and one of common salt these will cause shewa 2 fo to harden and prevent its cracken cracking which gives an unseemly to ae he work if desirable a beautiful cream comman communicated cited to thea lvove washa 4 ay of yellow ochreachre ora good pearl or lead color by the tho addition of lamp van vine i or ivory black eor por fawn color addfour four foug pounds of umber turkish or amer- ican the latter is the cheapest one pound of Irl indian distl diali red ofie one ono pound of common lampblack for common stone colar add ada four pounds of raw umber andaud two gounds of I 1 lame lamp lampblack pan blaekblack this wash maydemaybe aepliapplied ed with a gom com commonmon whitewash brush and wili wie found much pil superior both in up appearance pe arance and durability to the common nah whitewash JP journal af Chemis chemistry irv I 1 I 1 I 1 I 11 it i i we wo dijk ther thee ra 70 nem Ms 1 erqin ram it 0 0 I 1 enterprise offa lk ja uit pit tester yester lay hsterling HS perling 1 for dor for maix mail of a gaag of men at i work on thetha vir- ginia ana and truckee railroad mado made a most miraculous ris rif culous escape from frogatt fro mant matt att art instantandhor- rible deaths death he with his gang 0 men was ah aa work on a cut of consid considerable era lo 10 depth near mill amerlan american fiatflat they hail had put in three charges of about a keg and a half of powder which they fired sim simultaneously ua two of these charges exploded and mr sperling supposing they had allalt gone off together went to the spot to note what execution lad had had haa been teen done and had reached a point just over the tho third charge when it exploded blowing him ss themen say fully 20 feet nto into the air ail he fell ingo into the ther open cut 10 feet below making his whole fall about SO 0 feetfeel the dirt and rock fell upon and covered him hint id tot such a depth that it was necessary to dig him out no man present expected to nind find him aliv yet strange cosay to say they not no only found him hun alive but could not even find a brokbroken en bone but the doctor after his return fromfreiti his visit to the tho injured man says that hs only I 1 injuries une are one brokenrib broke broken on the left left side of the back near the spine and some bad cuts on one side ofthe face A shouldering ing fire still continues burning in in the east ledge of the kentuck nedr to the yellow jacket line but it app appears tove tobe to be merely among the charred remains of the tho timbers buriedunder the waste dirt which covers them this is shown to be the cae ae by the fact that no smoke escapes from el- ther of the shafts but in instead stead such a gas as would naturally be be produced by the burning burin of charcoal energetic measures aioalo are aro smi still in use for the extinguishment of the fl nire fire and every effort is now made to rea reach qi th those points where it seems hottest 4 the crown point and kentuck people a are te workingtogether fighting the fire ad and ana dthe waste rock and other caved matter removed in order to get at it is taken out through the kentuck shaft nothing is or can lue luo 99 done at present in the yellowjacket mine owing to the strong gases prevailing there the plan is where work is being done fo 0 drift through the heaps a of waste rock putting up temporary timbersand throwing throwing water forward to cool therock as the tte work progresses this is 1 now ow thought to ito be the only practicable plan for reaching and extinguishing the nire tire progress by these means is slow as whenever tho the water strikes the heated tock rock there at ance onceonee issues from it and from the pyrites sulphur and bind lime it contains a gas or gases so suffocating that the workmen ae forced to beat bead a hasty retreat last list thursday night nive five men masked closely attempted tostore storo at truck ee wells fargo fc COs express office at an hour when people were co constantly passing on the sid side sidewalk walk ewal th three 9 men eliell went wont into 1 the fy front 0 antt door and two at the back cashler ac presenting res ret ting pistols to theclerkerk cashier cash- ler an and another in er man but bilt the ci clerk 1 seized a chair an and struck tructrue mr obber robber a blohio blowbiow across the head A shot followedfollowed going tarou through to the bottom of the chairs chair then aw another atthe attebe clerk narrowly missing him and then appa another and another and ther at which the tle despe desperadoes ran from the store without any booty and without loing abing any damage to any of the persons shot at A short time after inner a person went into winnie wrights saloon and said the robbers shot phot him exhibiting lis itis ils ilg jeg shot quite severely below the knee it is 11 opposed up posed posea by many that this thia person wa was vas ono one 0 of the gang making the attempt which por for boldness and arid laeklack of skill surpasses all 0 credence speaking of tho the driving ofthe I 1 last silke of the pacific railroad the enterprise sats says at the point where the ends of the rallsrails will connect the telegraph will be brought close from this wire connection will he made with saltsali lake omaha chicago st paul st louislouls new orleans cincinnati memphis washington new york boston and ana allail th the large elarge cities ast sandwith and with vir- ginia jr sacramento and san francisco about twenty minutes before the time timo arrives for driving the last spike spi kethe the operator will commence a time signal andall over the tho continent will be heard the tick ticktick tick of othe the battery which will as Superintendent 1 charleschariescrocker crocken drives to its place the last spike echo beho the word done done dene done the pacific railroad the most gigantic epter enterprise prise ofthe jhb nineteenth century cen 1 completed the ironband that tiit bindshinds new ngew york and sant san sani francisco in closer embrace and which 1 ph brings england and the 0 orient rs near tag etherietherl i A 1 zit sit iliill 1 all the neato nero timit two sHave been bt the united states army 13 BREVITIES at is I 1 I 1 jerusalem Is to have a weekly news newspaper 1 1 i in the united states thethere re are churches the naw new ao boston ston io fo coat cost 7 a A afi there ae are said sd jo fo in the united jilt estates JS stat tates durlduri during th fortie Portie fortieth lh colicoll Congress 1 bills were werd were introduced quebec is to have a velocipede elcede masquerade qu erade this is the latest i the last revolutionary pens pons pensioner on er has haa again died atthe at the age of A A justice in the the town df llo dlo recently fined a juvenile nine cents for being profane it 1 1 anna swan the nova scotia giantess is exhibiting her fair proportions at the london crystal palace 1 i A coupiecouple were recently married ih 16 kansas ansas city missouri in less than thail one hour houn after being introduced 1 I madame 01 olympe ampe adoard who lately lectured in this thia country has been arrested in paris for seditious language an australian author asserts that theat napoleon the first had tieh twenty nt onie illegitimate children of whom nive five are still living 1 there is a candidate for office in co ington ind who copies names fromfroni tombstones in the churchyard to annex to his petition comeback come baekback sir air not theroanthe road said lord eglinton to a tress tres passe paste in hi his spark park do ye ken says theo the offender I 1 im gaunt gaun no reli replied his lordship weel hoo phecell the deil cell eeli do ye ken whether this be the road or no no less than fourteen railway locomotives have exploded within the past seven months in the united states killing 29 persons outright and severely wounding a much larger number the princess louise daughter of queen victoria Is to be married on the ath of july next to the prince royal koyal of denmark this will leave the queen only one unmarried daughter the princess beatrice the current australian papers announce the occurrence of extraordinary weather in some parts of the colony wagga baggs at the close of de- cember flowers and shrubs were literally roasted toastedand fruit trees burnt up plums approaching ripeness fermented underthe powerful heat the heads of many trees presented the appearance bf having been subjected to the action of a stream of game flam yet in the tumut district I 1 three days before there was actually ice in the wash hand basins of a mornings mornin gJ wild horbes horses being destroyed in large numbers on the levels country nair near bagga wagga wagga bagga where perish perishing from thirst at bahu ca on the sith of december bees were destroyed dis troyed by the heat mcjohn mr john found on his return from Melbo melbourne urile that the conten contents tb of of his hig largest and best hives had been totally destroyed by bythe the elting melting in 1 of the the combs comba and honey into one masar mass by which the whole of the beeb bees were smothered HOMEMADE HOME MADE 1 ti i I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 0 ON 01 HAND and for sale at 0 reasonable rates kates A LARGE narge ASS assortment OitT ment OF Th the eBest edest bestdest homemade home made cloth in in the territory at president 10 youngs WOOLLEN FACTO FACTORY i i at at the flamuth guthof ot kanyon creek i i 0 I 1 ui 1 1 near groat great i salts kallokailo cl eitycity ty i I 1 11 libl in i i ij the proprietor will exchanged Exchange 1 clothcioth and some borde yarn yam sor for forwood wool gool 1 tj 0 1 1 I 1 11 fl i it I 1 i finc 4 4 fine vari yari ya by mac hac za ade 1 claths cloths always al maysonwayson on hanban handak hand dat at th kali kald 11 RE A I 1 A THE MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD AND CO connections unite in running wom tom its iks pas bas segen senner TRAINS damy mamy between chicago boston andall points in new england new york endand the ean Can canadas aliasallas the renowned pullman palace slee Sice sleeping pinc cars are run on this line exclusively from chicago east and are jully supplied on oil nil all bightnight trains the hamous famous vellman leave dallydaliy on evening trains runningtanning directly through to rochester NY without change the passenger eq equipment ulment of this line Is une quailed by any other in the country and will be found bv patrons to possess all the ot of A SPEED comfort CONFORT and safety safer 11 connected with the GREAT TP RA eoute ROUTE is alzo arzo aheabe blue li ne established january 1 1867 for the carriage of thdorah hia MIA gigout transfer this line Islow Is owned ned and operated bythe by the mich- igan central illinois lil Ill nois central chicago birung ton and quincyquiney chicago and alton arton great West ernol ot canada as new york central hudson rudson river boston and albany providence and worcester yVor cester and nashua housatonic and jackson lansing and saginaw railroads reer tene IM I la Is the only route that offers to shippers of freight the advantage of an broken unbroken nn ganage of track ack from chicago and the missis- sippi river to there theme theS aboard Seaboard and is of the SAME GUAGE AS THE UNION PACIFIC over which these cars will run xun on completion of that road zhe THE BL blue UE zine zime eaks OAKS are ALL OF UNIFORM BUILD thus lar largely gely I 1 lessening the chances of dehay delay from the use of cars 0 of a mixed construction and the consequent uen ven difficulty of repairs while remote from their own roads the blue line is operated by the railroad companies who own it without the intervention of intermediate parties between thathe roads or line and the public the faculties of the lino une por for mailing uniformly nuck quck time nrc arc unequal unequalled led I 1 all claims promptly settled on their merits 7 01 freight contracts elven given riven at the offices i orthe fa 4 1 the companies in new york yorki boston eckeek I 1 I 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 I I 1 ja 1 el SA sargent aklkel ai 1 geni supt bupt chicago 01 ba IT a i i 7 gen pass agent agen chicago Cai cago 1 I HATES wates 4 detroit I 1 geni manager blue line lino wa ly a BROW BROWN AMA MERCHANT TAILORS and importers of fino fine woolens for hens mens wear special attention paid to getting up everything required for an officers outfit from a second lieutenant up to a major gen general eral furnished tarnished at reasonable prices special attention paid to making SHIRTS to order measures taken and dt guaranteed in all cases also dealdeai dealers ersin erain in gents fine Fumi pumi furnishing shing goods and everything that pertains to a gentleman outfit no 93 ave ATE A i CHICAGO ILI ILL wa I 1.

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