The Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah on October 1, 1862 · 4
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The Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah · 4

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1862
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THE DESERET DESE RET NEWS OCTOBER 1 1862 N IN ellas ELIAS EDITOR AND PUBLISHER PUBLISHES 13 186- 0 OF THE WAR there tere bas baa been but very little war news in circulationsince the he retirement of the confederates from maryland the war nevertheless th eless we venture to assert has not terminated ani ia is and bas las been progressing as rapidly as ever and will continue and not cease orease till those who initiated it and arecarry ing lag it on shallshail haye have been wasted away S verai veral fights haye occurred I t f late in ken- tucky with varied successes the federals andaud theconfederates at ot others hers herb having been the victors tile the most disastrous resu t to he federal arms reported was the capture captive of manifolds ville vile by the confederates on the letb the day of the great battle in maryland with the pur vur surrender render of the place after several days hardbard fi 4 litin f four thousand federal troops became prisoners of war the number of prison rs captured in kentucky by the confederates and rede Vede federals ralsrais respectively fromthe to the ith alth of september as stated were about equal and which hadthe most killed and V 0 durin during that times time ia uyi ual known unknown j california ania ITEMS the united states diar Alar marshalmarshai shaiand the chief of police in san francisco recently received orders from the secretary of war to arrest and place in confinement all berso persona found ulterina uttering treasonable language against the go government ver yer rilent of the united states Se ceders dersin in california well will to bridle their tongues I 1 otherwise it the officers obey instructions the the prison prisons s in that state will soon be filled up with lhome exercising 0 the supposed ri night right littit of free speech in ti times mes ot 0 civil war several are re reported portet to have been already arrested and sent seat to alcatraz gen issued an order on the ox ex ludiniudin lading from the mailsmalls of ot the united states and from express within the military depart anent of the pacific the stockton the stockton democrat the san jobe joae tribune the vidalia post and the visalia equal rights expositor the order ia is understood to mean something mo T e than the mere exclusion of I 1 the offensive journals from irom the malls as under tb the e recent order fromthe war D department the editors editor sL and publishers of treasonable papers which could not with safety to the general government bp be circulated through the country by majl mail or express would be entitled tob to aard board and hodg government expense The great influx of emigrants of secession I 1 proclivities into the sate state has creat created edof of late considerable alarm and vigor vigorous oui measures are recommended by the press to be taken to prevent present etil such bugh person fron from preaching and teaching traitorous doctrin doctrines ps publicly there the c by preventing as far as possible uprisings among the people which seems to be not a lttie little feared by many of the union tinion blotting qUi citizens zens zeng the eiaela cllonclion returns at latest dateshadbad not riot all been liden received but so far as heardbeard from the result although the unionists so callcail called coll were i with with a few exceptions triumphant discloses thathe fact that there isa is a strong feeling in opposition to the views of or the majority in california and the southern portion of the thi state is salato saidsald to be over oyer wh e I 1 ning ly y in favor Q af secession A correspondent of the bulletin n I 1 whitin writing from los angeles ang eles after the election gare give utterance rance to the follow following nw to all intents and purposed we might as wellivell live in tietle southern confederacy as in southern california the difference la is mostly nominal in fn point of fact union majorities m are goibe e thare here they are aart gali loyal coyal ayal men this way are beginning to doubt it we vre belong to or are a part of the V united i cited ta states at all we have haie not now I 1 beleke bg leye leKe a falp fl lp tp als alb Ans hipbip ar ex county 40 not c elba elta coneon constable stalle who is an unconditional union man it heaven a ven help ul usi for I 1 dont see how we are going to help ourselves and the government that we supposed bupp ased we belonged belong eJ to for happen what may here no notice is taken of it it would seem that nothing but a thunderbolt willwake up vip the military authorities of this far distant and isolated pacific coast A farmer of grand island colusacalusa counti counts county hs h s raised this season as reported eight acres of most excellent tobacco which beheis manu 1 fracturing fac turing el for market ile he expects to reale realirealize ze a large p profit rohit on the time and money expend ej 1 I 1 in it its c culture u iture and anti prepa preparing it for sale in the e case bno bro breight ight before the supreme co court ur t to decide the question whether the go vern ment treasury notes were a legal tender for taxes due the state it was decided that they were not and that the state had a right to require the taxes duefrom her tier ci i t zens in colp coir beca because becaj ise se taxes were different from ordinary debts and the law was specific c I 1 on that point providing that the tax dues olues should be paid in coin which congress r could not cons constitutionally titu tiona I 1 ly abrogate nor llor modify A large and spirited meeting ir vas as held in san francisco on sanday sunday evening evening V sept 14 J for the purpose of raisinraising money for the relief of the sick and w wounded soldiers in the east nearly one hundred thousand dollars were raised contributions for that purpose were being raised throughout the state COL CONNORS COMMAND A correspondent of the sacramento union ution I 1 writing from ruby valley bea before ure the return of col connor from from sat salt like bays says that a fort is to be established at that point according to orders received from froan lie the lleile headquarters I 1 of f the pacific department to be called fort ruby at which will be stationed two tivo or three companies compani es of infantry under col pollock the work of build nig ing rig quarters teis had commenced i A later report represents that pollock j i badhadreturned to stockton cal to take corn- i 1 mand of the he troops at that place which were expected to remain for the present on that s side de of the mountains A rumor was in circulation a few days since that col connor left ruby with a portion of hisbiscommand on thefor which has since been contradicted I 1 it t i is understood that no movement of it troops oops has i yet beenmade east of that ll 11 but will be in the coarse of a few days NEVADA ITEMS accordia Ac according cordin cardin to the ire ige the snug little sum sum of tv two ab hundred u ildred and eighty dollars were paid pan to the jud judes judea es ani ani clerks of the election in vir ginia city and ninety dollars fur exta police ce on the day of theannual el elation elc tion the people of carson city are accordia according to the turning their attention to church building and two meeting houses one I 1 belonging to the catholics and the oberoher to i episcopal methodists the church north of cou se will soon oon a soon be completed there seems flom the announcements to be no want of cleryciery clergymen ir men of various in and about the mining t owns jans of washoe but thereis b ba one place set bet apart for religious purposes exclusively in the T artory the khe election returns show that judge diot molt has beon bean elected Dx delegate legate to congress from that territory by a plurality vote J D winters being the next highest hinbest on the lisils it was reported in carson a few days since silsll ce by two gentlemen aiom walkers river that one hundred pi plue ue warriors made their appearance pe arance in that region aboutthe of sept all wellweil ft el armed and about halo halt balof of them theta mounted they came from the humboldt country their presence in that region I 1 under the circumstances caused some U uneasiness ne aginess aann among ca the he settlers se but at that timm time they bad not heard hearal of the hamboldt massacres it is stated that governor nye has given orders f r the removal of all the indians to pine bine nut nat valley several dew des destruct iceica fires are reported to have occurred in the washoe country within vi thilithill the last few ve weeks eks orle one at gold hill ifill destroying property to a considerable amount among the number gleat exertions were being 11 made nade to get ge t up a territorial fair a and ad the prospects are ottering ote ott ering that the object will be tamed at COUNTY COURT count an adjourned session of the county court for great salt lake county will b be p held today to day commencing at 10 an m i- r 9 T- X Ss 10 PROPROGRESS oress CRESS OF PlIES PRESIDENT IDENT YOUNG AND COMPANY ST GEORGE washington COUNTY i sunday sep 14 1862 I 1 EDITOR deseret NEWS dear sir bravin having reached a point from whichwinch I 1 can mail a letter without fearing its detention for a week in a place I 1 improve the opportunity by writing to you another epistle it may not be out cut of place here to sy s y that the cause of my rny last communication being bein so abruptly brokenoft off was that ibethe messenger er who 1 1 was going to carry it to cedar city came C a me for it in a hurry harry and hence I 1 was obliged to wind up ins in taher lawer i I 1 we jve have not bufferedsuffered any mental tortures in our travels from apprehensions of nocturnal I 1 visits visit from the wily red manraan as isoften the case upon such journeys this however may le be attributed by some to the facer there being beiner n our coin corn company pany such a liberal sprinkling of gens cols al jors and captains 1 I believe a first lieutenancy is the lowest military title any one will acknowledge holding anilanti they are men too who unlike many many of their contemporaries have not been dubbed col by virtue of having killed a rattles rattlesnake no sir their titles have been leg u ai conferred I 1 1 I 1 boquer in the kahute language signifies mocie block and antl was the i ame lame oe of an industrious ind an chief who was found here when our tur first explorers traveled ti a meled through this country at that time he bad a farm of five acre acres on wh ch hr be raised wheat corn pumpkins and melons lie he was somewhat pome what aristocratic when compared with his brethren living in are- spectable pec spec B tabletabie sort of or shanty bovere I 1 over with iab the broad leafed cane which grows in great I 1 abundance in the bottoms adjacent to the river from frem him this place derived its name nande the first sight of this thriving village gives the impression said to be experienced by ibaibe trav traveler travelis elir who suddenly comes to an oasis in an arabian de desert s ert J we ie held field a public bibic meeting at 7 pm at which president young pre preached ac h ed to the people upon the t and spiritual salvation afi of the hon lion st in heart called attention to the condition of he iha states stales andthe world at large and the imperative n cess 1 ity ot of our i lo 10 becoming morning independent of all foreign markets I 1 ere re the time comes that we shai be shut out I 1 froinfrom the commoditiesof the world lie he I 1 warbled to see bee the brethren ra s all the tobacco that is wanted in the territory ory inasmuch as the brethren will use it and cease paying to outsiders from sixty to eighty thousand 1 I dollars annu llyily for that one article told 1 them that what hat they were doing was jast as muchconnected with their salvation and aund that of israel and with the building up of the kingdom of god as if they ere i ere eie preaching gr eachin the gospel of or jesus christ I 1 j eders lorenzo snow E T B t nyon nion geo A S nith and arid john taylor followed all reason I 1 ing to show that we have the ability to become c 0 me a self belf sustaining people in every respect res ct B benediction ene diction by elder S ephen chilmancaliman Chi Ch liman palan thursday morning we put out for tor grafton which lies nearly due east from toquerville at this point we ve pass round the last list ink sink of the wasatch cham of fountai s and descend into a wild lo king abyss below andthen comes the almost interminable windings of N aphis aist T so called from the fact of air nephinepul johnson eddingending eiding feeding the company that ex elored and made the road we talk about j mountains arid and valleys bills and daedac ravines i guu gul ley a and gorges rocks stones gravel bind rivers and creeks well nell they are al n here and I 1 such a road I 1 think does not exist anywhere 1 i else ficia the atlantic to the pacific I 1 have I 1 seen twisted fliesfiles twisted saws an and twisted lumberbut I 1 saw such a twist as this but lut we were rewarded for all unpleasant ant i travelling tra velling when we e reached the pretty little site sit e on aich which is being built virgin city the inhabitants complain that the vulgar call I 1 it t Pocket Pock elville villel satiated on the ban s f the rio V rin r in the indian name of this river is I 1 pa pah h roosa e rs talk a about bo lif lie water rmel r melmei melons 0 su sugar bugar ar- cane and cotton this isthe coudry for theinthem the people all look cheer cheerful fulp and appear to enjoy rhems lve finely in their new locations we held meeting in the bowery Pre president silent young deliverer delevere del de livereiverel i a short di discourse in which he said we a e herehid up it in the chambers of the lord if thethese seare are not the chambers 0 the lord I 1 am sure I 1 do not know he e they the y are showed that the people are se t there t to 0 accod lish lisa a great and anti good work in orde order r that this people iny as the nations decline N in wisdom and strength and arid finally crumble to pieces the latter litter D y saints may increase and grow s roi ro ger learn ng 0 sustain ainaln and thusthiis become an ind independent e peo le e eders benson and bore testimony the company j into their respective car carriages rages and away we went towards graf- ton pashing th ough duncansdunchus Dun calls caus retreat a funny name f r a place lighttight on the public highway hichwa y to grifton grafton rockville and az several other villages sto ping ring to look round or notice of illailia improvements t except the one belonging to thi the late recorder reorder of G S L Cou compty lity rity which is a sort of diamond shaped sq square iarelare built builte if brush and canvass with aith one scarp corner towards the street bu of course this is only a temporary axing simply designed to stand until the cieli labor of 0 this asoo lo 10 boyer yo aye yer the citizen s of grafton were already assembled when we arrived therefore the president commenced the meeting immediately elder john taylor addre addressed sped the saints for a short time upon the object of their bein being called to locate in those settlements ile he w was waa followed by eld ra rs G A smith E T ben- son and L snow elder smith harked re that lie hecould readily appreciate the feelings of the brethren who had lived in S silt tit like city but hebe wished to stat that when we get instructed ted in th doctrines of christ it must aid and will be the policy of this church to ieni feni end us to to different parts of the earth trt do business for the kingdom rf ct god ile he also said that it should be rem rein inhered that in building a gre great housebouse it is necessary to do it by a variety of or labor hence the means appointed in ill this clicil church lent young then gave pave counsel relative iyelye to 0 o building houses planting cotton fruit trees etc and to give the land a high cultivation blessed they the eople people in the name of the lod lo 10 d oar friend friends ii entertained us to dinner this Is a fine location and better adapted f for or stock raisingthan some others aird the brethren feel like going ahead realizing the importance ol 01 the mission assigned assigns d them t i the scenery around grafton is quite pic and roma romantic titi henc there is some bome thing that is both pleasing and attractive to the stranger I 1 I 1 I 1 re regret ret being underthe rif rie necessity of recording cordin the occurrence of a fatal accident at this place on friday the ath dinst underthe following A boy named joseph Joaeph son of joseph field aged nineidne years was leading two horses down to the river when on pass passi iri iii riz a man carrying a couplecoupie of boards on hisshoulder shou der one of the animals took fright fricht in consequence of which the clariet by which b ch th unfortunate little fellow was leading one of the horses got fastened aro in I 1 ba bs wrist an i lie he was dragged two and half 1 blocksbefore the lariiari larit t could be got ot off ile he was da hed into tha th bru h thron throw n a aboutand arid brbru u sed bed BO so ba lly fly that lie he expired in fifteen after he was vias picked u up every E poa i sible bible effort was maiemale by P mr baddley J da ley andaud 1 others to stop the fhe terrified animal but all pr proved proves ve d unsuccessful turning r r ning roun I 1 we came down the ro roid id t j wards Tolue iville at chwi place the president hadbad determined to spend the night when ve we had passed through about two thirds of nephis avri tr a fractious hors attached to one of the presidents carricarrl carriages agres arres in wl ichieh hiram B clawson aid and david 0 calder were riding took a notion to 0 o kick the other animal and c nd off they both started il broke brote theneck yoke turned the carriage empty emptying I 1 ns out allthe content animate and inanimate t e litera ly smashing the tipper upper pa part rt of the carriage 0 if not riot int ma roa ch wood at least i to a great may smal small pieces fortunately 1 tuna tely no one was seriously billj ared br Claw sons sona foot was slightly bruised and professor calderscaldera car made to tingle by the too cose cose proximity of one of the carriage 1 wheels spinning round in the air at a fearful r speed tied up the broken vesicle reached four our destination without further trouble and aul spent the night with our friends i friday at 10 am we resumed our journe urne urle 1 i p asing over the three mile sand hillslulls we icamen I 1 came to harrisburg a village situate about i mid way between Tolu erville and wa hing 0 I 1 ton and which until now changed by P r ealcai 1 dent young v was as called caned cotton Cott oiw or ilarliar 1 brisville ris ville the r eople being r already gathele I 1 in the bowery the president gave theinthem the sary instruction principally of a local char I 1 acter ile he also told ahm fo- th roth tb ir encourage ant th t hebe had sent to the states slates forfur s me carding machines cotton gins for making hawl hanl car sj s allali allot of which he intended fr for the southern settlement sett ement went over to washingtonthe county seat beat of the county be rin riu ring the same name nanie where A here 1 I 1 we faunlfauni l the innabi inhabitant tanty tants anxiously look looking iti for the pres president ident ah all desiring to hear hl bishis 3 iu ill J I 1 1 oa 0 i the way bom harrisburg our company stop stopped ped their teams walked up the hill east edid aid and took a lew bew of a looking lookin babi basi i in the mountains which bea a indications ot of having been a lake wh ee se outlethasbas I 1 been c ose by where here the rio virgin nw new rugs i A 1 i bublic meeting was wag held in the bowery at washington most of thetime in the dark ivance bance I 1 have nialemale nia via le my notes from memory of what I 1 heard and not foinforn sight Theau tience was first address riiril by eders Lo lorenzo reizo siow slow and ezra T benson after which the president gave the brethren mach roach seasonable il st ruction told them to cultivate the cal grape in preference to all others it having having e been beell fou d to be theibe best adapted to this c climate lie he also advised them to procure the ariy arly barly rare ripe peache the best variety of apples and alialt 0 othar h cr duits that are ui tabietable to the clim cah ate t t e for a saidsald a 41 h b we w want an t to inakemake our own tv wine e loi ici to be used at tte sa cramen a little good brandy andaud rum for medicinal purposes T then h en we want indle in a call ran be rai ed anywhere north I 1 da behas F here re and thus s supply u aply ou ourselves r s e 1 v e i with dye tutis studs it is licit t the h e less i important p 0 r t a pt I 1 the tiie olive for we need leed nee lee d m the liae pile hiie olive al 01 oil ia E edels deldei a john taji tayl taylor icar aid george A smith bore testimony this is a good location and has facilities for the building up and supposing sup ol 01 of a large town we saw baw flae liae pale pate es of cotton growing ing here and that by bishop co ingbig ton and his neighbors had attuned a lux luy biant irow trow tl thetha thetha breth en trea ej us v I 1 ito to peaches water melons in abundance ard holie bOlle boney 3 yes sir air we had deseret honey ft fi esh f arn the hive placed on the thet table tab aich wana wasa I 1 k a new thing of q ly iq irl imlau lahiab laU

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