The Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 12, 1862 · 4
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The Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah · 4

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1862
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T HE T HD ES E S eret E R E T N EW 8 t edias EL las EDITOR AND ann PUBLISHESPUBLISHER y 18621863 s STATE OF FIRST GENERAL ELECTION FOR corf THE constitution FOR GOVERNOR B BRIGHAM RIG nig H ail ayi YOUNG FOR lieutenant GOVERNOR JU neder HEBER E B el R C ili iki al B I 1 L L FOR representative TO CONGRESS JOHN 51 J FOR SENAT SENATORS ORS FOR representatives THE NEWS the latest dates from new york and other atlantic c ules received by mail are to the of january the news is somewhat interesting berestin te b and shows the onward movement of events which will from fron present appearances be more exciting and important as time progresses gr esses the people of the north are evidently getting impatient at the slow progress of the war auldanid they cry loudly for a forward movement of the federal armies that the rebellion may be crushed out before the resources of the country are exhausted and before eng- land france or other european powers may deem it advisable proper and fitting to take in the fight how far their demands will be heeded by the government will ere lonion long be seen there have several fights 0 taken place between small divisions ofthe fe leral and confederate troops in missouri kentucky and virginia since the commencement ofthe year butthey were done up so BO scientifically that comparatively but few men were killed 1 they may not nov be so scientific in future engagements the flood in washington county communicationsfrom the south recently received fully confirm the reports which reached thia thib city in advance of the semimonthly mail between fillmore and santa clara ofthe magn magnitude itule of the late flood which deluged washington cn county to an extent un khoan kno sn to the oldest inhabitant 1 either or red the loss or of property sustained by the inhabitants bi tants it is true does not amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars but it will be remembered that the settlements there have but rice recently antly been veen made and that those who first went thereto there to make experiments in growing cotton grapes and othor fruits requiring 0 a warmer climate than that of most of these mountain valleys for theirsuccessful pred c f ion were not wealthy anddid not possess cattle and goods in great abundance but were nere experimentalists whose principal resources were the labor of their handsbands and their indomitable perseverance with which they have laened farms built houses and planted vine and orchardsand fully demonstrated that thit with proper culture cotton can be grown therein large quantities probably enough to supplythe demand for home consumption I 1 in deseret AS isgenerally the case in forming ne v settlements settlement tle tl the most feasible and fertilefer locations oca eions were selectedfer fei farms which always alwa s i C t 0 a mountainous countrymon coun tryon the alluvial bottom bottoms sarong along the ir e avi ari avs and tar e the th first washington c 0 un ay iy z c om m n ce d theirthier experiments opened their firm b builtbulit built their houses laid off and began to build u 1 up towns and villages planted ther orchardsand vineyards never so much as dream ng that a flood would come and sweep them away as has been the case within the last thirty days causing causin destructionand desolation wherever it went the damage which the settlers on the rio virgen and santa clara and their tributaries tributa ries suffered although not so very great in amount when estimated in dollars and cents has nevertheless been heavy as the waters have swe swept pt away nearly all they ing their stockbut it is not irreparable industry and perseverance well directed will soon restore what has been lost and in all probability thebenefits that will accrue to the people from what they have suffered will soon overbalance their lat te losses as they have now ascertained to a certainty where they can plant and build without being in danger of devolution demo lution by an overflowing overflow overflowing in g flood so far as reported no lives were lost but there were several very narrow escapes mr solomon chamberlain an aged 0 man with his dau daughterliterilter and another person sought ref refuge up by climbing a tree about dark where they remained till afternoon next day oay da Y it was with difficulty that they were extricated from their perilous condition and as reported in a short time afterwards the tree was uprooted bythe raging flood at grafton the house of bishop tinney was wag washed away a few minutes after his hia wife with a recently born infant was convene con conveyed veye from it on a litter utter to the bench some distance on other hairbreadth escapes are reported battalion parties of the five hundred men who served in the mormon battalion 73 there areas d at least three hundred residing 0 1 in this territory at the present time andthey occasion aly avy like otherorganizations associations or classes of community meet together in their respective locations for fon festive amusements and recreation thereby renewing their former associations and strengthening those friendly attachments which were fored formed I 1 in the days of trial and danger those of the Bat battaion talon boys so ao called who reside in this city and vicinityhad a social party at the new nev buildings B u aldin 0 s fourteenth fourteen th ward on thursday evelingevering theath instant and we should gladly have accepted of the invitation extended and been present on the occasion had not other engagements inh inhibited baited those who were present say that thit it was a splendid reunion re union well and ably conducted which all present especially the boys felicitously enjoyed the managers were ephraim green elam luddington elijah thomas henry IV brizzee jonathan jun christopher layton and john C naile the same evening 0 the battaglion Bat tallion boys of sarn 0 ville and vicinity had a party at that place in Groes groel becks becis hall the managers n of which were john roylance dorr P curtis and horace bl alexander an eyewitness eye witness cepres ants that theassembly was of the hirabira order thedecorations of the hall splendid and that with dancing interspersed with u ith songs and short speeches the evening was pleasantly passed by those in attendance among other amusing incidents mentioned was the calling of the company roll by geo IV han- cock each member answering to hii bli name as they were wont to todo do when in the he service sen ice of their country CITY election EJECTION the municipal el cllonclion on monday last resulted in the election of abraham 0 smoot mayor elijah F sheets william clayton alonzo H raleigh jeter clinton and nathan davis aldermen robert T burton leonard IV hardy isaac groo theodoremckean andrew cunningham enoch reebe reese nathaniel H felt elnathan eldredge and john sharp councillors robert campbell recree ader hiram B clawson Cla cia waonweon treasurer and jesse C little marshalmarshai Mar bhai ROCK HAULING As anticipated hauling rock for the temple was resumed on thurs day last since which a considerable quantity hasbas been deposited on the temple B ock and thereis ia moe more coming the roads are now goodbub good but fron tron present appearances it will not be I 1 ng ng 0 before they will again arain for a lkaika sason son i 1 idec become onie vir dry y ime aft etee ethe 1 tee the 4 reign if oti f frost r 0 t i shall a e n d e d si aa WAR WAS NEWS three confederate i ucb ats ata from colum- bus attacked the federal gunboats gun boats essex and st louis lying off fort jefferson on the morning of january lith A brief eng gement ensued for a short time when the confederates retreat do d the federal boats pursuing them until they reached the batteries at columbus it was believed thit that th at one of the rebel boats was disabled four federal pickets were shot on the night a of jan ish near birds point supposed by some of col longwoods Long woods wooda cavalry which was roving a about that neighborhood 1 committing depredations A force was immediately dispatched by general paine in search of them according to published statements on mon monday eay lay jan jtb the union forcia forc a in eastern kentucky under col garfield including the forty second ohio tenth kentucky and tig eig eighteen lateen hundred cavalry had proceeded to Paints PaInt vine vire on the big C sandy sandys within seven miles of the camp of the confederate troops under gen humphrey marshall u where here they were met by a flag of truce from the enemy asking if matters could not be arrangedbut by fi fighting to which col garfielogarfield Gar Garf beil fiell replied that there was no alternative for the confederates but to fightlight or surrender unconditionally marshall on the return of the flag of truce addressed his men telling them th tint it theyhad the alternative of or disbanding and that they aoud take their choice they immediately set fire to alltheir them wagon tents camp equip page ac and thenthe whole force scattered each to take care of and save himself no attempt having been made to save anything but their cannon which they hauled ox ott the dispersion of the Cor confederates federates under Ma marshall beema seems not to have lave been universally believed A subsequent report represents that there was a skirmish on the ath of janu- ary between a part of the federal cavalry and a portion of Marshall 3 forces under col shaw three miles west of paintsville Paints ville on oc jen nis creek in which the confederates lost sixkilled and fourteen wounded and the un zionists ioplop ats two killed and one wounded wo on the athcol garneld garfield made an official report to captain J B fry assist adit gen in which he says that hebeentered paintsville Paints ville on the ath with the forty second ohio fourteenth kentucky and three hundredof the second virginia cavalry that on hearing efcf his approach the enemy left theirstrongly entrenched camp and fled and that he sent hisbis cavalry to the mouth of jennis creek where they attacked and drove the confederate cavalry which bad been left as a vanguard a distance tf cf five fire miles killing 0 three and taking fifteen prisoners and wounding a considerable number col garfield says in his report that mar- shall abandoned and burned a large amount of hisbis military stores and that theconfeder- ates dle alej as armies always do in confusion but makes no mentionof taking from them any armsor other munitions of war his re port closed with the announcement that the federal loss was two killed and one wounded in a subsequent report datedthe lith at prestonville Prest onville kentucky he says hebe left points ville on theath with eleven hundred men and drove in the pickett tsi two miles below Preston burg the men slept on their arms and at 4 on the morning of the oth they moved toward the main body of the enemy at theforks of middle creek under the command of marshall skirmishing commenced with marchallsmarshalls Mar outposts at 8 and at 1 pm the engagement became general marshallsmarchalls Mar TAlar forces consisted if cf two thousand five hundred men with three cannon and were strongly 0 posted on a hill garfield Garfie IJ having been re reinforced by about seven hundred men from P fought the enemy till dark and drove him from hisbis position on retreating marshall carried off according to col report most of the dead and all the wounded but next morning t twenty seven deadbodies were wire found on the field he estimated the number of confederates killed at sixty twenty five were taken prisoners with ten horses and a quantity of atres stores the enemy b bernid irn E d ahatabat i hat t ji es le coa id d not take away and put out in the night the federal loss as reported was two killed and twenty five wounded the confederate CAn federate acbo acio account of the A battlebattie published in theNor theN off tolktoik daydag bool re reported p ted at abington participants by in the fight depre bents that gen marshall Mar force was three th 0 usa d five hundredbundred men and avld that the federal forces It timbered numbered eight vl t busand that Mars marb marshall halihail was retreating when nhen attacked and that the federal fejeran troops came upon him in a narrow gorge gorg the en engagement allement Is ia reported to have been one of the most desperate that has tak n place during the war col aio nio moores ores regiment charged ch argeiargel the enemy in a handband to hand conflict which lastedhalt an hour the federals fought 0 gallantly but finally broke and ran in bull run style and Mar marshall force being exhaust exhausted d and so mu h smaller than the enemy fell back to t b the confederate loss according to their version of the was twenty avi enty five killed and fifteen wounded and that of the federals over two hundred killed and wounded A dispatch from hancock ancock II ya va jan announced that gen jackson with eighteen thowald thou and confederate troops after threatening w romney appeared before that place an on that day at a considerable distance but made no demonstration A week beforehehad with a large force appeared at bath whre where there evere w ere some five hundred union tro troops an attack was made bythe confederate militia forming a part of jacksons torce force who were twice repulsed subsequently general jacksons regulars made an attack in fron froni at the same time executing a flank movement when ben the federal troops fell bick on han- cock A later dispatch says that jackson was still at bath and that he had not appeared before hancock the cincinnati gazette gazelle of january announced that the governor of ohio hadrebadre hadbad received dispatches from washington iD informing forming him that there was a pressing lecessi necessity for more troops in western virg nial nia and an that thab gen mcclellan was wag informed forthwith that fourteen regiments of infantry five batteries of artillery and two regiments of canair cavalry couldbe marched into virginia from ohio within four days the order given for marching was subsequently countermanded b ut with instructions to have the soldiers held in aea diness to march instanter should they be needed it was announced at rolla holla on jan 14 b that the kansas re regiment which left that place for lexington some daysdaya previous hadbad arrived at that ill III ratedfated town and had arrested several of the most active secessionists they also took and destroyed adolt 1500 hogs being packed for the use of priced army and much other valuable property the last of the troops of burnsides Burn Burns idea expedition left fortress monroe on the of january on the transports louisiana and new brunswick A cairo dispatch of january announced that gen grant and s baftbair ass aff embarked on the steamer morning and took the field at fort jefferson disi dis aicheshad been received from the advance column under gen mcclarnand me ernand demand saying that it was on the march and would rould encamp at mayfield ky on the night ofthathe lath the wheeling published a dispatch announcing that on the loth of january the union forces at romney under general lander left in great haste habte and retreated to pattersons Patter sons creek and that some of the companies were compelled to destroy a portion of their tents and a considerable quantity of provisions was destri destroyed for the want of transportation etwas it wab was reported that G deralueral he ralrai lander issued an order which was read on dress parade before the evacuation that iny anyn one caught setting fire to the town or perlia gerpe brating any other outrage would be instants instantly shot it was not admitted that general lan- der was afraid of an attack from the thi cos cord federate troops under gen jackson but it w was i alleged mohave been a piece of stratagem which jackson avoided by going back to wilid chestercheater on january the sloop of war penic pens cola which had been at the washington navy yard for some time completing her machinery and armament succeeded in running th confederate blockade and getting gettin to sea captain morris in his report to secretary wellis says that the batteries at cockpit and shipping po nt were passed by the pensacola Pena pens acola without be n- hit ng the confederates fired about fifteen shells shell nearly adlof allali of which passed over ovir the shie he admits welwei fh eh fit filing in was mas good but si says y s they J ai aimea aimed to 0 4 0 1 high F frona ra t e 14 batteries about twenty nty guns were madethade not notre r

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