The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1943
Page 2
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MOvTWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1943 Do Away With Things That Kee You Awake 1 jgli School 'Formal' Is Held Last Night e annual May-Day High School nal" was attended by almost: boys and eh Is, last nlghl for trjpii paitv aE'l/cgTon ,Hut i7"he hul was.'bcalillfu".y decorat- rfr- with baskets- of wygelta, bowls oMullps and mixed Spring flow- erhe lace-ilrnpefl tahlg held for'Its centerpiece a punch 'Ipbvyl draped '#s pastel shades of'tre|>e paper ii51l lied v,itlj l j laigc, pink bow Lferited tapers w«i;c pla.ced at either/end of Ihe long table anil sprays otj Spring blossoms' 1 In low bowls completed the decoration. .'iMrs. P. G. Relchel, chairman of (fie committee served punch and cifnkles during the evening. She vtyK assisted by -Mrs.• Husstll Parr, XJrs. -Nelll Reed; and "Mrs. Harry Mlnps. Miss Rosa Hardy and Miss Mclicnry assisted in 'chap- ig. Many mothers and:fathers opped in during -the-evening! Jon Scribncr furnslhed organ isic from 9:30 lo 12:30 o'clock. Peanuts Excellent As Menl A'llernalc- !E I'AHTY fkXOIlS ClIAS'fAlNS; ,; When Dr. anrtyMrs. \O/ J. •din's- lifih arrived ; li6jme from 'Memphis hai night fhey.'.iound''their home fifed wilh members of-',thcrr church bjflv as well as ; many friends lo y&'el them on'(heir; 20lh nmilvcrsary. H' "fills surprise'- '' planned Feattut cuileti, a niifrllious meal alternate simmered-in lomalo juice. >* their daughter. Miss Louise Cljaslain, and Mrs. Gene BarlU'tt. wife of the choir director of the Mru Baptist. Church, of which the H{J. Cliastaln Is pastor. ' The home was beautifully dcco- rafcrd with Spring flowers, the table which was draped with an Ini- p^lcd lace cloth, held as a cen- .Icupiece a decorated three tiered wsidlng; cake. A crystal bowl of piftich was placed nt either end of tlifi table, wilh Miss Marlon Tomp- ki'hs and Miss Carllyn Ulbocl prc- .'.i»Hii|j. They were assisted by Mrs. Qftic Bai'tlelt and Miss Jackie S'tplth who served cake, the first vitjice ot which was cut. by Dr. ami Mrs. Chaslaln. Curing the hours from .;7 to 9 o'clock, about 150 friends callcd-to gitct the guests of honor and to parent them with a pair of Im- vicfile'd vases for their mantle. (meal, poultry, fLsli or dried beans, peas, nuts ': At The Hospitals £ Elythcvllle Hospital Acknilled— .-'.': Serry Hodge,-city. Jirs. D. p. Wright, Manila. 4, D. Bell, Hayti, Mo'.^"'"~ : Bobbie Lou Peterson,;clty. ,Vrs. Mamie Yowell, city. Dismissed— • ~i\'V - 1 j ; • yrs. Wilbur Clouse and baby, Anuorel. • i J Walls IIMpllal Admitted'-. - ; •|J. O. Brooks, Lcachvllle.' . Bnrolyn Lintzenich, city. LlrE. Euln Bryeans, Rtl 1, city. Mrs. J. M. Walls,-city. D$jmlssed— Mrs. Walter Cox and baby, Oce- oi5. . ! ; JJxtcmphi'i £t. Joseph's HMpllal A*hitleil— Ed'.vard Young, Burdette. ^Mfmpliis Methodist Hospital Admitted— •Mrs. Bruce Summar, Hayll, 'Ma. Mrs. B. B: Tliomas, city. .-)'•' Memphis Bapllst Hospilal /.uinlUcd—. ilrs. Prank Jones, city. • . BY OAYNOU MADDOX You must cat om> fond from each of the seven basic food groups every'day to'kcep strong ami well. Meal, of course, is the stellar member of the foods In Group :> t'liSjs; and and peanut butler.) But pcnnuls arc nn excellent alternate. Dried beans arc also, a good protein alternate. Tin™ two recipes will help yon on meatless (lays. Peanut (,'ullcl.i (8 cutlets) Three and one-half cups salted peanuts, I 1-2 clips chopped cabbage, l cup chopped carrots, l-:i cup chopped onion, 2 eggs, beaten. 1 teaspoon WorccsLcrshln: Kaucj, 2 teaspoons salt, 2"cups loniato Juice.. Combine ground peanuts, cab- base, carrots and onions. Add beaten eggs Worcestershire sauce 1 and salt. Form'Into small cutlets. Place in, a pan! Pour heated tomato Juice over cutlets. Cover and simmer -gently for 'one hour. Arrange on plnttcr,.garnish with parsley and' serve with, the tomato julc'e. ..Dried Kidney Bon. Cakes Two cups cooked kidney boans, 1 .1-2 .cups"soft bread crumbs,' 1-2 cup grated American cheese, l egg, ier, mustnrd, egl'. crnhibs. Mash beans thoroughly or i hem through food chopper." Add ill liquid from cooking. Add lireail •riinibs. cheese,,slightly benleti eyg onion and seasonings, Mix thoroughly, chill and shape into-cakes loll in flue-dry bread'crumps, ill) iito beaten CKK and roll In crumbs- \galn. Let stand for 15.minutes ,o allow coating to harden, then brown on both Bides in n •'xmn! •unbuilt of fat. Bit* of Newt Mottljr Pwmal Mrs. Ciai'lli G'astllo Ls convalescing at IK r home, after a serious opera- Ion performed at, a Memphis IIOK- )lldl several weeks ngo. Mrs. L, B. Baker Is confined lo ier lionic because of illness. • !r. mid Mrs. A. M. Crawford and daughter, Carol, of Memphis, are spending the weekend here with p W. R. .Crawford family. Carolyn Llnlaenlcli undorwenl a lonslll'.ctoiny today at Walls llos- jilnl. Her condition nl noon was very good. Mrs. .1. M. .Walls Is 111 at Walls Hospital because -of an eye infection. R. U Jjtockcll went to Clarks- ciali', Miss, (oclay whc.te lie 1 will Visit his parents over (lie weekend Col. .and Mrs. Knrl M. Landoi have us their guest this week Mrs Luiulon'.s sister, Mrs, II, J. Consyay Palls Church D. C. Colonel Road, Washington Con way. who ha.* State Guardsmen '• To Attend Church Members o( Company K, Arkansas State Guard, will attend services at First Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning tat the second time this grou pirns taken part In Sunday morning church services. First Methodist Church recently Invited the 55 members and three olficors to attend -services there. The company. In Summer uniforms, will be accompanied by Cnpt. O. \V. Coppedge, command- Ing olllcer; First Lieut, W. I!. Crawford, and Second Lieut. I3en- iile Hessle. They will march from the Armory to the church a feiv minutes l;ecn on an inspection • lour, wil arrive Saturday for a few day. visit befori; he and Mrs. Conwaj return lo their home. f'fc. and Mrs. Dan Miller am son Hewayhe, spent yesterday Ii Memphis as guests of Mr. and Mrs Elbert Crowe. Private Miller, who Ls the son of Dave Miller of Leach ville, will return to Patterson, N J. tomorrow where he is stationed. IJcut. ;und Mrs. K. II. Picket and family have none to Michlgai to make their home after spendini several months In Blythevillc. Whili ere Ihcy lived in Ihe home of Mr 1 small onion, chopped, salt, pep- prior lo 11 o'clock. Revolt Of Youth Screen Starlet Gloria Jean Sounds Off AbiUSowiiiess Of 17-Ycar-Old's.Tos Social Calendar - '-'- MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's Missionary Union. First Bavittst Churcli, will have their executive board meeting, 1:30 p.m. followed by business meeting 2:30. Woman's Society of ChrisltaV SeH-icc of First Methodist Church haying business meeting al church 2:3(> p.m. iirs. C. B. Klene entertaining T)y;ce Quads Club. Woman's Missionary Council First Assembly of God Church meeting Monday, 8 p.m. Executive Board of the Woman' Auxiliary, Presbyterian Church meeting al 2:30 o'clock nt, cJiUrch •• TUESDAY'S EVENTS " Wcslcyan Service Guild meetln at.\First Methodist Church, 1:3 p.lrr, J5rs. Pat Brown enterlaiiiing Til 40$,'Club. 'the Q. N. B. Club will meet with Mrs. Stella Davis. Mrs. Sanford Boone will entcr- 1 law Ihe Double G Club, . Mrs Chester Caldwell, rompH- meritlng the Tuesday Bridge Club, pcta Bildgc Club will meet with Mrj;. Ed Cook. f WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs W J. Wunderllch enter- lauiing ttie Wednesday Bridge Club A: D. C. Club meeting with Mrs. Satfford Shellon. ^{rs Taylor Ginhain will have .ih«.Threc Table Club. Wednesday Contract club meet- rn£*wUh Mrs. W. W. Shaver. First Church of The Nozarene Mjislonary meeting 2 p.m: at chttjch Tlpwn and Country Club meeting \vitli Mrs J. O. Ellis. Elmwood. Cemetery Association vl$' meet 2:30 o'clock with Mrs / AVi.3. Brewer. « THURSDAY'S EVENTS Club Eight meetln j w;|th' Mrs. R B.J'fetOUt. - ' Mrs F B. Joyner enterUlnlni 'IlrUrsday Contract Club. 1$Ild-Week Club meellng wttl Mrs; Cecil Shane. Thursday Lunchqon Club wl m*J with Mrs. R. D. Hughes. < Ifis A. E. Kunlley 'will ha\ th«i Fortnightly CJub. Pour Club meeting Victor StUfttill." id Mrs. South. W. E. Evans, Highway Mrs. E. IJ. Thomas was ndmlltec i Memphis Methodist Hosplta •sterday afternoon for a checl ,i. She was accompanied by Mr.' ime.s Hill Jr.. who returned las By IIH. THOMAS D. MASTERS Written for NKA Service Insomnia Is not , a disease. It mply Is sleeplessness, It has numerous causes, and the tire for Insomnia depends on Ihe llmlnallon of, or adjustment lo uch faclors. Such a simple change ,s moving Into a new nelshbor- ood, with a nevy set of environmental noises (or even lack of raise), sometimes causes sleepless- icss. nut Insomnia of this type Is cmporary and disappears when the Iclim gets used lo the new clr- umstancc.s. Ordinary insomnia Is most often he result of emotional disturbance, uch as anxiety, resentment, rear, disappointment — and . notoriously ovc. Although these disturbances nay not be recognized by the person affected as the precipitating lie-tors of sleeplessness, thi-y inusl ie done away wllh If normal sleep s to be resumed. Certain stimulants are ' wcll- uinwn causes of wakcfuliicss,. like "offcc. tea, and even 'alcohol for omc jxioplc—but not all people are iffcclcd by all tliese. things;-Stbtiu- ailng talk, exchange Of, ideas Jroduclng excitement may lead; to nsomnla also. Sleeplessness m.ay for iny one of these reasons'come lo one who normally sleep.? wel|, uriil akc on the,' aspect o^ a bad : habit, which can Jic broken, but which r or the lime'being i:; extremely annoying. •'•' ' .'.'.' "'erslslpnl,,' liabilual - insomnia 'liciilarly^'iu older people, may of course be • due to., some "organic disorder like hardening of the arteries dr.-- high blood-pressure But elimination- of most insomnia, except the last mentioned.'can be undertaken by the victim himsell once he recognizes the .source ol lils stimulation and remove* it from his scene. P.E. 0., ^'ouvention Will Open Tuesday A i Little Rock of USO fere To Alt end fleeting Monday Leaders in the USO activities of llytheville will learn more about lie hostess service at a luncheon icetlng In Memphis Monday when Irs. Dwlght Morrow, of the na- onal USO office, will be guest pcakcr. Important phases • of this de- artment will be emphasized by this alional worker, which will be of real .interest to the local leaders two hostess planned for VOID POTENT DRUG The treatment for sleeplessness akes several forms, any one or II of which may prove useful. Is Important to set the stage Tor cstfnl .sleep. A glass of warm milk Jefore bedtime can be soothing, and he habit of light reading In lied ielps many. Absolute quiet, corn- icle darkness are necessary lo sotne eopli", and all find a comfortable >ed in a well ventilated room of iioderale tempcralnre beneficial. .The .occasional'use of a mild c-datlve siich a.s bromide each light for a week is entirely jus- Itied, and, will frciiuently serve 0 Interrupt the habit of sleep essness. More • ixjtent sedatives honlU not be' employed without llreclion. Tliey may lead lo habit ormation and their use may tie ract from the' necessity of correcting the other factors which onlrlbulc to (lie cause of Insom- ila. 1 Indoor, sedentary, workers .often Ind that a day of outdoor exer- •Ise Is the best sedative' of all. in-' Crania .should not be 'permitted o continue to Ihe |>olnt of pnv duclng fatigue/ Irrilabllity, or m- •fficlency. ' ... ' ntsti/iy 8:00 p. m.; Junior, Friday 4:00 j>. m. ...... You arc cordially Invited to al- lend Ihe services of this church Visitors In (he clly arc especially welcome. FIKST METHODIST CHUKG'H Corner Main anil Seventh Kev. S. IS. Wilford, paslor ' ' 0:45 a. m. Church School. U. S.; liranson, supt. . 10:50 a. in. Worship service, Sermon by the pastor. Special music. ' C:45 p. in. Youth fellowship meetings. 1:20 p. m. .Worship service. Sermon by Ihe pastor. You arc Invited to alleml (he services of this 'Jhurch where a welcome awaits you. you In some of your problems, iier- sonal and social. Sunday evening vc want to help you with your personal faith in God. Won'l you be >resent? The service will be arounj' Ihe Ilienic, "Blessed arc they who Believe!" CHURCH HEWS VVIH, GQSPKI/ TABERNACI.K l.lly ul.'Vinb Sis. Clifford I.. Thicker, puslor Sunday School; 9:45. . Preaching, 11:00. ' Junior P. Y. P. A.. 0:30. ' Senior P. Y. P.. A.. 1:00. Evangelistic Service, 8:00. Midweek services: Young People's, 'service — Tuesday '' ' Prayer- meeting, Bibio study— Prf- day nightr-8iOO. . * L this time because nstitutes arc being lie Junior and senior hostesses, vhich will be held here in June, it vns ixiintcd out. the Blythevillc DSO will be Miss acncvleve \yiial- n, director of women's division; vlrs. Marguerite Brotherton, Mrs. V. L. Homer, Mrs. Elton W. Ktr- • and Mrs. Hussell F'hilti|>s. In dlsciiKsing the luncheon incet- ng iu Memphis, to be held at Ho- cl I'cnbody, it was pointed out. by the local leaders thut more women workers are needed for this ictivity ami that any one interested in assisting the war effort In .his way would be given homplcte .uformatlou by culling the USD Center. Arrangements will be made for transportation for any prospehlive hostess leader. 1 :, it was announced. Mrs. R. F. Kirkihner, stale presl dent of P. E...O. Sisterhood, wil leave for Ijittle Rock tornprrov where she will malte pre)>aratlon for the state convention of P.-E. 6 lo be held In the Albert Pike Hole next Tuesday and Wednesday. - | . Several women from here will Itave Monday, as representatives from Chapter D and Chapter N, to be present for'the two-day meet- Ing. Mrs. Farmer England who Is visiting her brother in Little Rock will appear on tile program,twipe, whfn slie will lead the devotional aiid also sing during the memorial hour. Mrs. H. H. Houchins will .serve as )>age for Mrs. Kirkshne'v, Mrs. R. B. Gee -will give a 1 summary, of Hit president's letter on''Wednesday' norning and Mrs. B. A. Lynch,'who s past state president, will •make a alk' at the 10th birthday dinner to ie held Tuesday night at 'Albert 'ike Hotel. CHURCH OK IMMACULATE CONCEPTION 'flie Rev. J. J. Thompson The Rev. Amos II. Endcrlui Sunday Masses at 7:30 a. m. and 10:30 a, in. Holy Hour for boys In service, 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. Novena in honor of our.Sorrow.•> ing Mother, Friday.-7:30 p? 1 in. Weekday Masses at U:30 a. m. and a. m. ITItST ASSEMBLY OF COD C'HLIKCH Seventh and Ash The (lev. H. K. Slinms, pastor Sunday School 9:45 a. in, Mornlhg Worship 11.00 a. in. IWdio Program, 2 p. m. C. A.-Youne People G:45 p. in. Kvangellstic Services 8:00 p. m. Prayer Meeting Tuesday 8 p. in, Kible Study Friday 8:00 p. in. LAKE .STREET .METHODIST CHllKCH.. The Key..Belles Sturdy, pastor Church School 9:50 a. m. MornlUff Worship 10:45' a; .in Tlie Rev. A: W. Fisher ot Jonesboro will speak. Ills'topic will be; "What Does Th, tCrass-Meaii". Junior. TVUowshlp 7:00. p.m.; Intermediate • Fellowship 7;00 pi . . . . • . Evening Worship 8:00 o'clock. The Rev. Harris.' The revival will continue through the week with two seYMces daily The public is cordially' invited. '. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH .Main a I Sixth It. S. Baird, minister* Bible .school,' 9:45 .a.m. All children, young people, and adults who are not enrolled u'l Bible School somewhere, are cordially invited to attend here. Pine teaching materials are provided.- Instructors are thoroughly Christian. . Morning worship, 10:50. "The Church in Thy House"-will be the." subject of the serrnon. The Lord's Supper will be served. .There is a cordial welcome for everyone. The Christian Hour, 8:00. This, hour of worship is help' Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nunn have received word from their son, Marvin Jr., who is a yeoman In the Navy that he has arrived overseas He. did not reveal his station, bu said he was south of the eriualoi and Is eating cocoamils. Pfc. Raymond Saxc who is sta lioncd at Paris, Texas, has com pleted his training in the cooks and bakers school and now is spe In baking. Keeping Up , With The Men In Service Jack McHaney, son of : Mr. i Mrs. John McHaney - writes -fron Ihe Pacific - War Zone that aftc being -a. corporal one week- he lia. been made a sergeant. He-write that "where -I am, people get, tw gallons of gasoline a month." H said, he went up into the moun lains for a little trip and the peo pie considered him.quit: a. curiosity They had never seen nn America! much less a Marine. Pvt. Hubert W. Baser, son o Mrs. Baser. Route 2, box,'213, T> ronza, Ark., has graduated froi the airplane mechanics school Ihe Marfa, Texas, AAF Advance* Flyliw School. .New Mexico is the secon state in Ihe Union. Arizona hu a (oui et »,» iriijei^o^ hlghwtyi. Smari. and far from (he "Sloppy Joe" Iridilion af many 17-ycai- oli cirls Is s.crccn slur-hope Gloria Jean's outfit of checked jacXet and black skirl. The Insert shows her hi another ncat-as-a-pln outfit—a navy blue crepe suit with red Irlm, whose color accent Is nicked ill) in her rcrl slraw Jy>' HOLLYWOOD—Gloria Jean Is The lillle lady practices what tagln8 ^•^'^"ss'-.BiJ?. iie iir °r hos ' io r For iiistancci ier spring purchases ly-Joo-lsli-ncsa" of slrls her own ge. You'll probably remember Gloia Jean b&st as a child star. She's all of n now and launched 1 on her econd screen career— aa a grownup atar hope In Charles Boyer's new film, "Flesh and Fantasy," Gloria's Inshlon notions have, jrown with her career. "We all lalk about not wanting to be regimented," the young lady snorts, "yet what could be move of a uniform than the standard wear of girls at school. There are (he Inctltable Sloppy Joe sweaters, drooping untidily around the figure, the unattractive, shapeless plealed sklru, usually uneven at tne hemline nnd the dirty saddle oxfords they all wear" CHANGES IN SCHEDULES IRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH James A. Overholstr, minister Sunday School 9:45 a. ni. Morning, Worship 11:00 a. m. aeme,. "Living in a Shaky World", ebrews 12:27. Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. Sei> on subject and text, "Forgive us ur debts, as we forgive our uebt- s.' Series on the lord's Prayer. Midweek Service Wednesday ' T30 . m.. Choir rehearsals: Senior, Wed- OSCKOI.A PKN'TACOSTAIi' Clll'ltCli The Itcv. T. I/. Lewis, paslor Sunday School, 10 a. ni. Morning Worship, II a. m. Evening Worship, V45 p. m. Gleaners, 0:30 p. m. Tuesday Young Peoples Service, 7:45 p. in. Wednesday Evangelistic Service, 7:45 p. m. Saturday Evangelistic Service 7:45 p, m. Public is cordially invited. CHURCH OF THE NA'/.AKKNi: First and Syramoiu Streets rieli-hrr Spruce, f.ustor Sunday School opening exercises,. 10 :i, in. Communion sermon and service, 11 a. in. N, y. P. S. meelina, 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service. II p m. Y. W. M. S. meeting, Monday, 8 p. in, i Missionary meeting, Wednesday, 2 p.-m. Piaycr meelliu;, Wednesday, 8 p. .m. These services are for your spiritual benefit and inspiration. Come and worship willi «s. I'lI.OIlIM LUTHERAN CHllKCH -Sixth ami Wiilmil Holier! itiel, ii.istor Divine Services. Sunday at 11 a. rii. Topip of Sermon. "The Bless• ings "Which Thomas Forfeited." Sunday School 10 a. m. . Sunday School teachers meeting-, Thursday. 4 p. m. Visitors in the city are welcome. • For the picture "It Ain't Hay" to be shpvyn at (he Hit/, Theatre, May 2-3, the theatre n'i,U open. 1 at'1:15 and the picture will start at 1:;50. ,• • : -''. > First Show 1:3fl Second Show 3:30 Third Show ri::tQ Fourth Show 7:30 Fifth Show 9:,'t6 Wherever She May Be- RRMFMBER Her With FLOWERS! SAVE THE COST OF THE WIRE by placing telegraph orders before Wednesday, May ! / The Flower Shop Flowers Delivered ANYWHERE Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 491 The Miracle In Permanent • Waving! COLD RAY, the modern, .scientific wave. No lu-al—Ne> machines. Drop in lor details. MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP « S. First 1'iione 2532 Ill/ Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN :H a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Saturday Serial "Perils of Nyok:i" Chap. -1 : . , ;iiul short. loutiiiuous Showing Sat. 1 to 11:30 Sunday & Monday £«r,c Sla No. 1 .Effective May 2,1943\ »»Kl Up i Ly ST. I.OU1S Ar. 3:5Stl( Ar Maldn U. _9JOW Ar BrinMty Iv. 8:30)4 12:45* 10:10F* 7:22M 12:1BU l:22M 3:16111 _Jj10UI U MEMPHIS *r. 8:55H 6-.45M 9:50l« I, & t ;Mef Ar. «:55HI 4:}3« 10:53W Ar Stuttjirt t». 5:52W 3;JI«l Ar p; ne tMt If. 4:56» . Ar C>md*n LY. 3:09ni 7:20« *' SHliEVEPOKT 5:55*» S:20» AT Ttiirkwi .....',.U 12:55N I0:25f» Ar. Ml. Plitunt U HrJOw t:40m _Ar CammVrct .......U 9:59AH 7:Q4P« Include wo-plece sull thai Is becomingly •outhful. The jacket Is shepherd checked black and white sliark- .kln, worn with a plain Muck wool ikiit. Her blouse Is white pique, with a tiny bow at the. high ucckr line, with It she wears a pompadour hat of lacquered straw, fluffed over with black netting and carrier a black patent leather bag. Another of her spring oulflts feature.-, navy blue. It. too. Is a suit, of solid navy crepe. A red band trims the jacket and Iho vestce she wears wllh it is white crepe wllh pearl bultons. Her hat for this suit Is red mllan with n scooped-up brim, worn well down on her forehead. 11:50m 10:20fii Ar Ur.ivtrsiry Slltion ....l». AT DAU.AS .U 8:11X11 S:OOU 5:OOM Fl. Worth* S.'OOU <:30rK U...! MT. I'LEASANT ...Ar. 11:«W 9:45« 8:15iii Ar.'.''."'.. TYI.ER"..!.!..!u 9:OOJai t:IOM Ai.. 12:05 Pt Luttiin At. Conicini > U. Ar WACO ........U 6-.45M 5:00 Ul 3:55P* 1:00 2:30 3:00 H5 J-.1S J:4S >:IS 3:54 4:» 7 : JS S7l5 l» Wu» At. *'. Ntith Cim; Hoi* t». M H • 3:!0 M» 7*) 2:4S 1:15 6:15 k«.'U:W' SKA 10:19 Ar,... GiltirlUt ...I". Tkkvti OM «iv «r i l c »non 'enli, Irtf ST. LOUIS SOUTHWESTIRH RAILWAY LIMIS W. I.. Koper, Phone ' You Can Depend »« Blytheville laundry Now, when your lime is so important . . . *licn your Uud«u has lo ^4relcll further , . . when qnaltty meuns so much, ur are :\l your M-rvlre. We orTr-r » complete lainidry pnicts.1 on FOR BETTER LAUNDRY PHONE 418 DRY CLEANING AUNIVEBSALPICTOKE IK.!- Paramount News & Selected ShorLi ROXY lUrjlin Nlgltl Every Night Esctjrt Saturday. Box Olllce Opens 0:45 Show Starts 7:00 C*otmm»a» Show. Sat. and Sm«. Saturday Serial "Overland Mail" 12 ;<"<! Shorl. Cent. Showinc Satur. 1:00 lo 11:30. Sunday and Monday 'Nothing But the Truth' with Knbe Hope and Godd.iril. F«x Newt and Selected Short*

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