The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1950
Page 9
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1K3WBAT, JULY 8, 1980 BLi mETiiXB <ARK.> COURIER NEWS MOB OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopla KRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSER Hit Hard , i DON'T uke TO MOVE/ I WAS A Ht<SHl_V RESPEGTEt? SUV IT TOOK YEARS TO EG IT-WOW THINK OF TH 1 BLACK. EVES, LOOSE TEETH AW PUFFED LIES I <bOTTAc3O THRU AS AIM.' &G AD, BOYS .'MY FIRST SltJG ING PUPIL 16 DUE.' MIGHT I A<5K VOL) TO UP YOUR BUSH TRiee MOT ASK ALVlM TO HCLP VfcXJ CAlOARtES, WE'LL FAY A DIME TO Sr/V// SHftlL voepi* HIM SORRY \ Uow DARE ISN'T sue A HOMEY? MAGIC VlOLIKl TH/fT i REPRODUCED TAHICA8 BRAKE TOO KEEP ME „ WAITING? POT ON THE M6M6EB- OF Go TO YOUR NOTHIMS- WITH WHAT WILL YOU Get CCZY wnw TflAT HUMK CF CYANIDE AND SILK/ BORN THIRTY YEAR COM, 1«0 rr «* SERVICE. INC T. M. RIO. y, & pAf. w . "Now don t tell me a lot of things I never will be atle to remember—I learn much better through trial and error!" Political Announcement The Courlei News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 FOR COUNTY JUDGE ^* Roland Green *6k STATE REI'KKSENTATIVK LL n Atitry Re-ejection Post No 3 7ohn .' Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A, Bunks Post No 2 E. C, "Gene" FJeeman <For re-election Post No. <) W F Wells For Slnte Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally William Berryinan 15 OFF On Your* Coleman FLOOR FURNACE N^ou Install It Before July 31si Do It Now! Save money,-' be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat See A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons Furniture Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc TIIK STOKY: Jiihn Smmt, M. !>-, M frErml wkrn hr IrcnlM m From 1892 to 1949 a total of 5,26ft elk were shipped from Yellowstone National Park to foreign countricj; for exhibition and establishing of herds. SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! I'rompt Service Expert Workmanship Ml [hr nl^kt ^.V" l!r«'nrVlv;i"l IN Wall Pol lit. .tloui. The doctor *U« mn-ls thp ctiwltuy'ji Rlrl rrJrnd, Kit Cnr»»n, vrliu l« npMnr<»ily tili-r numi il HJnrkjufk Lnwibrrl. KII, *i hn run* [he huicl. lm\ IIT* Doc l« brrnklnHt and mm Ihry It-nvft line •! lack* a prowlvr nexr the haute. 'I'hi* prnwltr In Tuad. a frlcnti ol ihf camblrr Duwty HPHOSE first few weeks were -^ busy ones for John Sand. It was as if the entire citizenry of \Volt Point and Ihe 40 miles of surrounding cow country had been hoarding all kinds of ailments until a doctor got there. Kit Carson sent her help over lo clean out the log cabiri and give it an inside and outside coat of whitewash. It was actually a three-roomed cabin by the time they got the two doors set back in place. John Sand turned one room into an office and the adjoining space into a consultation and operating room, and he slept in the other room. The sign over the door read "Doctor John Sand." Kit explained that people wouldn't understand the meaning of "John Sand. M.D/ 1 The owner of the livery barn put a lop buggy and team and driver at Little Dew's disposal, any hour ol the day or night. Kit Carson showed up brand new white nurse's uniform wilh a white cap that sat on her head at a jaunty angle. Little Doc never took the trouble to explain that it required a long strenuous course in nurse's training before she was permitted to wear the cap ethically a badge of graduation. "I got rid of the hotel," Kit told him. "Lock, stock and the bar- reled goods that went with the saloon downstairs. I moved to a ittle frjimc house down the road, vJth a morning glory vine covered jorch and a nialtcse tomcat called bourbon and a liltlo lady clog with hrce puppies—" "Wait a minute!" Doc Inter- •uplctl. laughing. "You're shooting so fast I can't dodge." * * * OUT Kit shook her head. "I've •^ got n lot lo tell you, Doc. Now, ct's see ... I brought over an old ledger to keep the accounts straight, and a new broom and a mop. A stack ol old Police Gazettes tor the me'n and some La-! dies Home Journals and other women's fashion magazines and jooks and games for the kLOs. And a brass cuspidor." Kit had a couple ol fat book volumes she duslcd ofT and put on a shelf, then went on: "One is on horse doctoring, the other for cattle. The,ranchers will always find a sick animal for you :o doctor. We'll read up on the Vet doctoring in the evenings over at my shack when 1 get the sitting room fixed up. Dutch John is having trouble with his feet. He wants you lo cut ofT a big toe that swells up so he can't get a shoe 01;." "Gout," grinned Little Doc. "Painful and nothing to laugh at. I'll have to send olT to the nearest druggist tor some pills."."I'll mnke a note of it," Kit said. "1 brought you a pair of overalls to pull on over your pants when you drive out in the country. Dutch John hns a sheepherder locked in the snake room with his dog. The herder's got the D.T.'s ami the dog won't let anybody near him." "I'll go over. I'll take a pack age of T-bone steaks for the dog. AN hour later Little Doc showec up with the bleary-eyed sheep- lerder and his dog. When Kit brought Little Doc's noon dinner on a tray, he fed it lo the sheep- icrder and spread one of the bedrolls in the woodshed and gave he gray bearded man a pill to make him sleep, "You'll wake up wiu\ the shakes," Little Doc told him. "But 'II laper you oft." The dog wagged lis tail and licked LittJe • Doc's land. John Sand doctored a horse that lad been cut by barbed wire. That night he was two hours late for ;upper. Little Doc never let on ,lhal 3utch John had told him how load had cheated Carson out of her hotel. It had belonged to ler father but he left no will and Toad, produced a sheaf of I.O.U.'a ic and Blackjack Lambert held or gambling debts/ Kit had been running the hotel, hoping to pay off the gambling debts. "When Dusty Rhodes shows up, .ittle Doc," Dutch John told him, Ihere'll be a killm', unless Toad and his cronies are Lay in' for Dusty and bushwhack him. Somebody ought lo warn Dusty." Bui it was impossible now to warn Dusty, who was on the spring roundup, branding his calf crop. "Won't Dusty Rhodes be arrested for killing Blackjack Lambert?" Little Doc asked KJU "No," she replied. "Dusty has too many friends around Wolf Point and when Constable Butch Bell ain't runnin' his butcher shop, he's out in his buckboard with a box of two-for-Gve cigars and a keg of bad whisky askin j people to vote for him next el ecu on. The law will be glad to see no mor* of Blackjack Lambert, but Toad will bushwhack Dusty il he gela the chance." 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HOW DID j YOU BREAK IT? VIC FLINT A Sli|) of Hie Toitfruc 1!Y MlCHAlil, O'MAU.KY and RALPH LANS THIS PHONE MESSAGE fKOM VlC SAYS "WE °N E QUESTION, JED— SHORT AMD SWEET. ackat the WHERE 13 MRS. 1 HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME. YOU KNOW SHE 15 AND HE'S TOUNO OUT WHO'S BEEN TRYING ML THIS TIME TO KILL ME. BUT HE DOESN'T SAY WHO IT IS. LETfe HURRY BACK TO \DUR PL ACS, ALEC—HE-MAY NEED OUK HELP/ YOU KNOW WHERE. , i DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS- HIDING. t—1 CANT TELL YOU. I'D UK& "JO, BUT I CAN'T. jfcofR. igao BY ar* scnvi&t, IKK. T. M, w>o u. s. rArToT CAPTAIN EASY He'll Wait IJY LESLIE TURNER , I HELPED VOU BeAr THE LftW \ CASH TAIKS X FOE A WHILEi DAWSOM...SO LOUS AGO \ (.OUDEE'M TSEEttS LIKE A BAD DEEftM. «UT WV )<5AB,CfVECIA[/ HUS- GOT TO STftV BUEIED FOE THE SAKE OF I HftUE HO CASH ! HOSPITAL BILLS TOOK. ALL I COULD BOCPOW! BUT VOU MUST NOT DESTUOV THE EESPECT I'UE WOEK6D 25 ; VEACS TO EAEH! WAVBE IU A FEW WEEKS WHEM| 1 SELL IAV COWS- AVE, Timrs BETTER! 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