The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1952
Page 6
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r PAGE six BLYTKEVIU.R (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1952 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* per line for consecutive Insertion : Minimum charge We 1 lime per line l* c 2 times per line per day I*c 3 times per line per clay 9c 6 times per line per day i -c 12 Umes pi-r line per rtay ac Month per line " flc Count five .ivorage uordi lo the line Art ordered for Circe or six limi'i and slopped before expiration will be charged tor (he number of lime* O»f appeared nnd adjustment of bill ma""-All rl^slliert advertising copj- suh- milted by persons residlnc outride «i the «)(>• must be .irrmiipanirrt h >' c- lsh Rates may easily he computed Emm the above table, Advertising ordered '«' Uremia* insertion* take the one tlmr table No rrspotnlMHlv will Is* la *r n fll j more linn «-ne hiennerl insertion of any classified -id. All ads are reM rifted lo Ihelt P' 1 ^" Inn st;v{p and (y/ic. The Courier N>» s reserve* (be tlphi in ptllt or rejeft any ad. Guaranteed PIANO Tuning * K«pair. Call 2071 days. 2050 nlfOus. 4.26 pit 5,28 E n Alley — Air ConclltlontnK Re- trVerallon Servlcp. Ph- 2418. l« E Missouri, BlythevllLe. Ark 4 30 |ik 1^ 20 MItfLTF. MIOTOSTAT1C SEKV- ICE. O'STEF.STS STUDIO. 116 W MAIN For Safe, Misc. wheel chnlr. Ph. 21 M, sacrifice! Bargain tifdroom suite, tit net l refrigerator. Shtiwn , 5 10 Jik 17 . 510 |iX 13 20 In. Chrome Kan with 3- Kpe< 05 00, Excellent condition. P?i 8-' *10 l " FinlSMert hickory handles. Hsu (jindle.s n)l 51/es. $1-00 ft Am , H>!M hamllrf- si.00 a <Io/... ha undies $1,35 ft do/,. pleU hand!* 40 ch of . bath, 401 K. Davl for Rent .. water fv.rn Ph. 31B3. 5 r> ji i tf. frfi . flfiH. ndlr*. HOSE KAI.FS CO.. 501 ^ . niythr-vlllr PH. 4596 510 pX 14 jp baby tied, 515 on ami h*"lst'-a<l Cull (ir (see I/>«-l Hoy Cfror. Pti. 3 I" P* l4 3 rooms rtnd h",th with rvi furnlslu-cL; 4 moms niv! bit>i l*.hcrt Cr.ll e.?25. 719 U 1 Ash Si mhim: mfurn- i For Falf—Nt-w and irerl pmv-'r mo'-i- rrs, Onp xlrl'i nntl f>r>? boy'5 hiyt 1 I>i ryr> pnrtR and ri-palrs. Also i>-)v.'r movers lor rent. i Wcstbrook Machine Shop Across ftom Kroner 3 rm. imtiirn apt-, pvt tialh NMrliol* j barber shojj 413 K Ath 55 j>:; 12 j 3 room ft A room i S612. C. Abraham Modern 2 ionm 4585 ftpl Ph 250$ or 2 14 ck vf Modern apt. 3 rooms tind bath, IV rtecor^terl, Rood liirnlture. fcas rq mcnt. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 921 Small Apartments, furnished. ?S op per week. Hedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Pli. 2833. 3-1 ck tf 5 room (urn, apt,, private buth P 2109. 57 pR Auto Supplies and Services Don't pndtinker your Tnrnlly with fnulty tlrrs-- BUY I,KK TinF.S. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main ftnd Division Phonp ?J6,1 12 U ck tl Serv/ccs Fryers lor Vr,ct1 elrctrlr ref rt^orrtior^, i^ p. Artnins AppHnnce. ph. 2f>7l 5 7 pk 21 nn'l 56 rk C6 Savfi Money Whon Vou Buy -- Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HAUUISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2o5 COMPARE PRICES! COMPARE QUALITY! You'll Choose an A-l Car from Phillins 1951 FORD $1495 Powered hy a S'-S cnsitiR, this deluxe Tudor Sedan runs llhft a new aiitoniDhilr! Katllo, heater. An A-l far! 1950 FORD $1045 Vou read il rijjht! Only §1015 huys this I9r>0 ilrluxc f'or<l ('ntipr. \'rry Irnv niilciiKC, runs bpaudftilty, Jfrnlcr, only 1946 CHEV. $745 A city-driven, A-I used car, this '1fJ Chevrolet 2-iloor Serin n has r;uilo, lir.ili-r :mtl new scat rovers, new bed! 1943 FORD $795 An S-cylindcr, ^i-Ton I'irkup with new 700x10 6-pljf tires nil around, heatPr, new s*:al covers, new l>ecl! 1949GMC $845 fomfiire. price, compare cjual- Ity! This ^i-Tnn Pirkup liai cattle rack, lie;ilrr, new tlrPS, I,»jciks and runs fine: 1948 FORD $795 Tills IVi-Tnn Ford Truck hai i IIPIV l»]ork assembly. It's A-l! S'lre 12-foot hfil. tnn. A real (ruck—a real bargain! Get the Best! Get an A-1 Used Car! oiiipang Phone 4453 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 112 W. Wfllnnt Plenty of Parking Space SPRAY WITH JACK ! Spray Machines For Any Make Tractor Jack Robinson implement Co. niytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 For Rent FtirnKhed -i room house find. Wonted fo Buy v.-lth chlnp Antique chest drawers If : hHrhfn anrt wa-shlnK ina- I Mrs. Sam Norrls, 5513 or 2034 , 013 Anderson, ph, 8386. 5,3 pfc 15 j 510 ;i tin. home and bath In 110 Jolinsoi 1 ! > Want to buy several ruw. Call or see Oscar Al^xftndcr J-ii. f Call 2071. Nights 2059, 3470. ' 38 rk U i i^FO ptanns 4,2» ck 5 S8 V/ANTS13: We pay lop prices (o r Hlfjj; in it 70-cnnr/ftp [loor—for- j soybeann. soybean splits, Blicllecl corn mcfly f)<:c:u[ilfd tiy Tant Consirnctum i oftta. wh«at and bur ley Oe\ nur price Co.—Clias. Brltfhi. 5.7 pX H I be/ore yon cell FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP. beds, art- H. Broadway, Blyilie?llte Pli. 3191 Mire front room with o1i\)ri£ ft^tl) BH II<!-:trn. 5,:t 11 lor .it ion Rnom hniLff, elpclrlc Kltchon, goo .'I Ph, 2MB or 0671. 5,3 ck 11 nnrt bnarrt. Rliw ineals to the nuliltc. Sfirvrd tlnlly U :00 to 1:30. Brnckin Hoarding House. 126 f. 4 18 pk 5 18 i ph. 42R2. Concrete Dloclc Building, suitable for "3••«(,'P f'f store nnd nrtjolnlng 5 rooiu kouse wlih b^th Located In curve on Hluhway (il. Kovith side nf Holland, MO. Call -^rj-i or write Paul Bj-rum Implement- Co, l;22-ck It 3.20 ck 5,-il) We will pay CASJI /or your olri Ko- daks, cameras and lenses for parts O'STEEK'a STUDIO. Jli West Main. in hoiiso and bath, i^ck porrhps. front ; JUKI .-. I nrnl storage. Pnvptl StrcpL. GRS ht-at. !ln Kood contlltlon, $fi5. Write Box C-10. \ ',;, Courier News. 5.9 ck 13 Rlictland ponlps hy the diiy. w<?ele or month Delivery service. John D. McDowell, ph. :n06. -V.5 pk 65 Lucian Gaincs Furnitvire Co. Trade your old furniture now. I will also l>uy your o]d furniLuro. [-'aimers lorms '/a down, balance in thr fall j Well toealcd 2 bedroom home on paved street near \Valktir Park. Complete mod- is r n equipment. Financing Pormcrly Ph, Arnold &. Gaincs. 17 rk I rcpnlr any mnkc or n'votjpl w fish Ina machln« 2 blocks wrst oi Dixie rL? nn Sth Si., hy new Bcliool. Herbert Orn- ham, Th. G738. 5,7 pk 6;7 Moving & Hauling Van trucks — Snfe. Depend a file. Courteous. Experienced Help. W. W. UcrA- ham. Ph. 8923—117 West Ro5i. ' If 11V ratllsh yon rvro lonidntt fc-r. ronm to net is Fish .Starkct. I h.nvp plrtily at nil llinos. Cnj^ nil nny 'Iv order 2010 Rosft -^t. hfllf hlork oa«.i of Oatcu-fiy Cvirvp, Ch, 06-18. 4113 pfc AJtO Gnotl Soyhenn Funk:'.'* Hybrid Seed Corn, Soyhrin Inociilmlon, Ml.Tff) F^rtllixer. flow anil Useit Bns^ FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP K nmfulwiw. DlytUcvlllc. ?li R191 3 20 P* 5 20 DO AT FOR PALK—hrnnrl nr'v J0-ri. Jiiirlne plywood l)or»t--oiilv 5:(!.'«.SO % 'iiht 1. ftOSE SALES CO., 501 S. 21st. 5 R pk 11 PrL monfcry. Owner sick. Mrs H.i r - Sic-r. S. 2tst St. 5 a ))< 11 PalntlnR or rnrpcntcr Klnnry. Ph. 8321. Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day service on Jewelry—3 rtnys on watches (\nd clocks Guaranteed work done - by expert repairmen. Lowest "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second ll);3 ck tf Upholstering and I'.pflnis'iln:; of yovir furniture. }Jo sure i.f sitl-ifft-",;-"!- Ph. 3583 5 6 PK 13 City Upholstery Shop Ph. 35S3 row Evrrs rl rotitlltl rdcttc Planinnnn, Pli. ot ton rliopp'T, asonflbly prl' < -I7R2. Bean and corn land. K. B. ORE COTTON CO. Call C. C. Oouncillc, GG45, 2026, night HIGHEST PRICES PAID ^or tin, wive and all kinds of crap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdway & Monltrie Drive Phone 8%2 4,15 ck tf Seed soybeans, Dortclisoy' No. 2. Only 1 year from Breeder's stock. Subject to certification. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2M2. (il Implement .Co. 3|31 ck tf MlNNOWS — Roaches. Fishing canes lOc tip. Ph. nite 3339, dny, flOGO. 328 R. Main St. G. C. Hawks. 'I]l7pk5|17 Ixist boy Courts. Bnrhrr Shop oprn, |>rlrcs rlKlit. Work f:uctrniUcrcl. Strictly snnltary. IHgtiwny IB W- CnM O. Sims. s;s pk to 58 U A very choice smnll (nnn nnd !<>i T- tlnn 40 acrc-n (more or Lrssj Thn-i l tonrlhn ml!r nf ctty llmltr, $2fiftr) r.i^ri v.'lll bind (irnl Tor Iniut. trncinrs, farm tools, wnlk-out Infonnntion at oltlift only. \V. M. «UKNS t Realtor s.a ck is Toninto plnnts, 3 vnrlctlf-i. 15c per rtoz, Ph, B327. 4,29 pk 5 1.1 LAVVNMOWERS Wa Bhtirpeii and repair nil typs mowers. Also new & vised power mnw- ern. All V.lmls mower parts. Alfo \wx- er mo^'pr.'! fnr rent Westhrook .Machine Across liorn Kroger Store 4.4 Nocrt your Walton Dl? rncilo vhIr:I v repaired? Oil teran repairs r r-i^on^ble prices. Chl Apt. 28A. Ph. 8^1B 5|1 pk * Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For cnrefvit. t heroin rtn; clrnnlm Bervico. call on Hiytbevl!lr> I sundry 'i 37 years of experience In this spcclnl- JzcrJ flrirt. FT ft- plrkup and (leUrery BerTlce—](ist mil -1*18 r.l.VTJIKVII,LE LAUNDRY CLEANERS •1 IB rjc J Fryers, live or dressed. Ilf»t. rnl.^rrl. B E. Ash. Nichols nnrker Bhop. 57 pK 21 Soybean seed for sale. OS''r germination, !)9 r; r purity. Packed in 2 tin. bjijjs. Uozolle Gin Co., l.nxorn Ph. 2E111 or 2012 »;? ck M SPECIALS GOOD USUn TIRES All Sixes SI.50 Up B. P. GOODRICH STOKE -117 West Main 158 ck 11 USED SCHOOL RUSES IDRAM^liAROR RUSES GOOD, .CONDITION A.R.C. CAR CO. PM. '152-1 58 pk 11 RAROATSR IN DTSJIFS— while thry Inst! l'2-pr set of whHfi rh Inn -only S2 IKH Dinner plpt^. 22 k. Kolii .!• co- rntefl ~ fi for Si 00! D^cnrntM i-im ntnl sanrrr $rts, f> lor ."I 0(1! Savp SCl"^ nn nil typr.i of POTTKnv — (k,-, 1 lor Two t ravers? rod.-; and Ph. 23P5. ivlnc . il \1 . . yonrspir HOSE RAI.ES CO t st. . 5 a ."l S n - 13 D & P I. No. 15 Arbor pa'.r. h^nd s?\w. Joinpr pEanrr romplMe <-cl carprnicr'fi hirul tonlF Ph ^117. O.Trola. nr write P.O Bnx ?11 Oscroln. f> 9 pk t Srconr) from brprrfer. 8S r « | — - ~ - (?or in I n at Ion, dellntrd and tie at eel Srr us lor ymir Frr-rl corn w> nr S125 ptr ton U. S. Dlnnkenshlp. l>rll. i dpatrrs for DrkMh vnrlrllc*. nckriR riionc 24P2. 430 pk 530 I $11 ?D p^r tiirli-V H S U Hvbrlri. ciin lie arranged. Immediate possession. Several low priced houses, klcnl for home or rental. Worth investigating. See or call Wax Logan, Realtor Lynch Bldg. Phone 2034 5|5 ck 11 Modern 'l\/* room house and Ijntli in northwest part of' town ctoKc to new hia» school. Carport, fenced hack- yard. 5700 cash, balance §5628. at ?'lf. per month total Diojitlily payments. Vacant. Modern and extra nice <1- room house and bath at 2300 Kenwood Drive. J1050 cash j includes refrigerator, electric ranpre, heater, drapes, Vene- Idinds, etc. Loan linlance only ?f)Rll.r>0. Total monthly payment $.18.20. It's vacant — move in tomorrow. Modern 'l-room house and bath at 1116 llearn. Nice shop and outdoor storage. Kxtra nice backyard. $1300. onsh, payments $43.16 monthly. Owner being transferred. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone -till Residence Phone 2596 5,'10 ck tf phone 2880. 5 ! 6 ck 5 room furn, house with bath. ELd trie kitrben. 121 W. Davis, Call U HIH ph. 2606. S,6 pk He/p Wonted, Mafe SALESMAN' WANTED <5<1 REWARD \VHEX QUAUFIED VOU may be the man. Or. H may he your nplcrhhor. City, nearby towns, Guaranteed new Industrial roof leak- pmofln«. Amerlex demonstration F.ells on Blphl Dbpra) terms, comn\lsslOTis, t Abo drnw v,'lth smftll qno'.e. If over 35 reliable, ambit to ti.<. for ptowtns yr-nrly ln-omr. act NOW. Box VT6G-J ] CJpvrland, Ohio. ^!10 pk 11 Help Wanted Family to make share crop YOU CANT BE FOOLED! SAVE $25 OR MORE ON OUR GUARANTEED CARS AND TRUCKS AT SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 1950 CHKVROI.KT deluxe Kleetline <l-dix>r Sedan . . . maroon finish, large deluxe radio, heater, $< defroster and plastic seat covers I'M!) CHEVROLET deluxe Flecfline -1-door Sedan black finish, large radio, plastic sent covers, healer and defroster . . . only 1018 CHKVUOLKT Styleniasler 2-iioor Sedan black color, almost new tires, radio, seat i covers, heater and defroster ... a steal at only 1918 Y-8 6-i'asscngcr Coupe . . . green finish, real rubber, loaded with extras. Come in and see 9Q/IC this bargain today 043 1919 CHEVROLET 1-T. Pickup Truck ... the ?OQC- motor is in perfect condition . . . save now . . . OvO 1917 STUDEBAKER Vi-T. Pickup . . . the S'SftC molor is in perfect condition . . . save. now... vt?W 1947 CHEVROLET '/i-T. Pickup Truck in ex- $CQE cellent condition. Here's a real buy.. .a steal. . . 03 V 19-19 FORD V-8 '/i-T. Pickup Truck. It runs & SOQC looks like a new one (except for the price lag) 0»ID 19-16 DODGE y,-T. Stake Body Truck. A good- $1 running truck, it's priced to sell at only i 194! CMC !/ 2 -T. Pickup with cattle rack. Only ?l $295. You'll find this value at Sullivan-Nelson *295 Ph. 6801. 23 ck tf Elderly white v. p oirmn to care for two children In my home. Room, boar I. salary, Ph, S73B niter 1 p.m. S pit 15 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash St. OI.ENCOE HOTEL BUILDING 4!8 c)c If NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the De- i iiartmenl of Alcoholic Beverage, Control of the State of Arkansas I for R permit to sell and dispense j beer at retail on the premises tie- ! =crlbed as: 2023 Rose. Blytheville. IsslFeippl County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of Roort mor-j al character, that he has never! been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative U» the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the 30 day of June, 1902, and to expire on the 30th day of June, ,053. Nora Harvey. Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before :ne this 8 day of May. 1952. Pearl Caston. Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-15-55. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 Weal Walnut — Phon* 4578 Lost and Found $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 32G2, 3423 or 4464, Glcncoe Hotel. 11 ck tf Lost & found SEED 11EANS — Dottch No. 2 07% SCnnlnntlon. $4 Bu.shH, Oprten'-s flfl^o Rormlnntlon. $3.74 Bushel U S. Blftnfc- enshlp. Dell. Ph 243?, 4,30 pfc 5 30 Fryers. 11 VR or drppsrd, n^t. rftlsrd. 118 E. Ash. Nichols R^rher Shop. •I 29 pk 5 13 15!> on n. new Ftlpld^lre Her. R nio<Jt?ls to rhoo^f ftom Appllnncc! Co.. 20ft W Main 4 26 ck S 26 HERE'S HOW TO BUY A GOOD USED CAR [irr husiirl FF.EDFRS SUPPLY CO SH K- Mtim Phone 3441. A 0 r* 5 16 For Safe, Ren) fsftrfe Nlcp new 2-brdrnom homp Hi wrorl Moor, plcturr !vinrt<ws (rnrprt b.-irkyjml Ou-ner bclns crjinsfcrrcrl :ind will rtcrintisic fllfiO pciultv for cond cur Total pilre S7.S60 Lewis Rr-alty Co. Ill E D:\vla. ph 8865 -1 22 ck 527 LAND "FOR SALE' $3 nrros short rilMrmrp from Strrle, on Mate iilchway. Modern home with >!!tr<1ivoocl floor*. pliistorcvt waits. Thfs plr^e- is prrf^cl Iv timined, fenced «nrt friierii One in lie ftoin lilch XOTIf'E Notice Is hereby given that thi undersigned has filed with the De partmenfc of Alcoholic Beveragf Control of the State oi Arkansa. for a permit to sell and dispensi beer nt reinJl on the premises de scribed as: 2nd and Chickasa\vba Streets, BlytheviLte, Mississipp County, The undersigned states that is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has nev- T been convicted of a felony or ither crime involving moral tnrpi- udc; that no license to sell beor jy the undersigned has been re- ,-oked within five years last, past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the aws of this state, or any ether state, relative to the sale of alco- loJic !iquors> Application Is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the } day of July, 1952, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1953. Jack Jordan, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22 day nf April 1952. Zona G. Morris. Notary Public My Commission expires 3-1-55. IN THE CHANCKRY COURT, CIUCKASAIVHA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Life Insurance Company of Georgia, a Corporation, and Max B. Reid, Trustee, Plfs. vs. No. 12,053 s C. Burnett; Judy Biirnettf Frank Whltworth. Trustee Ellis C, Burnett, 3nnknipt; Buford Martin; H. T. Taylor, Trustee for A. R, McCune; and General tontract Corporation, a Corporation, Dfts. WARNING ORDER The defendants. Ellis C. Burnett; Judy Burnett; Prank Whitvrorth, Trustee for Ellis C. Burnett. Bankrupt; Buford Martin; H, T. Taylor, Trustee for A- R. McCune; and General Contract Corporation, a Corporation, are hereby \varned to appear in (his court within 30 da' 1 and answer the cumuLsunt of tli"? plaintiffs. Life Insurance Cr-mpti; 1 '•" of Georgia. » Corporation, and Max B. Reid. Trustee, nnd up" n their failure so to do said complaint will be taken as con'of^ed. Witness my hand as Clerk of said court and the seal thereof this 8th day of May. 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. C. Reid A: Roy. attys. for PHfs. John W. CftUdlil, afty. ad litein. o'LO-n-24-31 A ir-r.n-20 Montgomery WnrrJ truck I tlr* \- ivhrr! hotwron Wp.^t Memphis ,'.- Blvmcvlllc. Rrward. Ph. Tim O W. Davis. 5,9 Pk 16 \ Forrrrl lo xrll "CLlv T.ntirli" <hio to ; t »ioo| 111 rtrnlth Onnd b'is!nf"i.s (inrt loritlor*. i ji ri-r^ ?!.. m!lW out rtf fit'r Onlv brer Ipvrrn in town. Tricp Is ; hl. u -klop rtvi'd ivrtrrt lo<-:iT!oti TlsrlU. F.irl MnlPtt. Lcarhvlllf* _ _ j rcsin-M^r. h.irn nrul oulhulMln^ Notice FULLER BRUSH For service iu your door, call 63na .IAMFS LIGHTY, DEALER <!22 pk 5.21 Private Rooms .„., 'ol Stuclc. Ch. 5-Pass 1505 VIn Slude. Ch. 5-Pass 11S)5 . 1395 '50 Chev. 1-dr. . '19 Ford Y-S 2-dr. ... HH5 VIS Chevrolet 2-dr. .. . IW.~> M9 Chevrolet 2-dr. . . 1215 M9 Ford (f>) 2-dr. . . ]M5 '11 Ford V-8 2-dr, ... ;Mf> NASH l-(5oor Spdan. A truly nice that's breii carrfully fttv driven. Overdrive, too. A rrat bATgain! 1939 Comp In ('luu!il)lin's where every used car is caieftilly insjtcrtcd. completely re- ciinililinned. Vou can buy willi confidence here because we nuilic il a policy to put every used car in lop comliJictn — so you won't lie troubled with expensive repairs later. 7>0 Slncle. ';-T. ris'p . . HilS '.»'.» Stutlo. '1-T. Pkp. . . 795 '50 C'hev. ij-T I'hp.. .0!»5 '-19 Slude. 'i-Ton 7115 '4S CMC 2-T. l.WU .. GS5 '17 Chev. 2-T. Stk. .. 7-("> '•17 Dndpie 2-T. I,\VI} . . 795 '•16 DixlKC lii-T. ,Slk. . 5(5 $295 Authorized Hp Service « 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAWIBLIN SALES CO. if Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer *• Railroad & Ash Call CSS8 rrilrir<'<1 prrtprrty —Now •! rrxim hr»n = p - II*T- 5 «*.(>n <lnwn bnlnnrc cnf-y Ifnn* O H hi-r«t Rollt^on. Ph 3309 4 2fi pV: 510 B . rp " j ~~R^i~ESTATE~ii;s c lllV^P' Two •h 4!1 i Cool hedrQom. art]o!nlng bath. Hot water. Close in. Ph. 2532. 10 pk 1-1 j LI\TCP front room Trlvntp entrance and bath. For mm. etrls ' or couple. Meal* Available. Ph. 4fI60, 10 pV; IT Farms—City Properly 1.0 \NS If mtrrr.tled In Bi:ytn([ or Ailllnjt «ec Noble Gill Agency INSURANCF Glcncoe - ......... ..... ' NLrf> furnish pa hpdtooin, tonve , LriH lorntlnn Ph 2S14 , 4 21 nk S;2P O1f!ron. Mo . In Brtlrooni, prlvntu A entranrr. / 4 30 tf UIAT.KS H1vthr Hi. f)S(>8 ! 9 30 ck tt 1 lll<». Ark. . p-i^pll K ;-:322 — 4UP I'racl ically new residence 1 on NnrOi Franklin. Lot 50s \ !00 i'l. [las picture window. ; huvdworu] floors, olc. In G.I. ' loan. Will take £l- r >0. for equity. Move in today. i r. n. JOYNKR ! H, C. CAMPHKU, ' Price SOCK, J, C 5!> ck 13 Oonorfun/trcs pvt. biUh. Ph. W.13 S3 cfc 17 j Blytbevllle Hotel. | 39 pk 69 I Personaf ! TO or fi •vrrvt'Ody r.illn In love with the tc- iiilt^ you Krl from Mystic Foam Up- inlstrry A- Rug Cleaner. On Fnle »t Salesman Wonted Ot'Af.U'Y FOR SOCfAI. SECURTTV Kfll SpccLaUy ArlvfrtJshli: to Husl- r.("-Fi Kirnis. rHhrr tree lance or t»\\ '.\n\f. Inrrr.-isc your income nnd dc- t't'Ttip yii::r own business railing on if- toiler?, \vhol**5alcrs, rtlptrlbusors — prac- ?!''.iny ev'ciy type of t wilt" NM olive P- 5 p i o» ^r: m- :,;Ji tl.iic has!.= . n-Jtl) thl -Jilrli inrlndfs r^1rn<!i\TR. Ppcrln ^ivpntlrin Souvrnlrs. PJ.\ki=. F ln-Tmontrr^rs. PonrUs. nnrt n ho tli-r Imprint od Honis used l»y r" = F'.rni«; to Inrro.i^r salts. \Vr'U tell von hmv to mnV<» line ''v'- •n\ ?Uli L'fC< 'rr r< r i'.'i IV J-.atl F.rivLn-1 beer ol tortdon. VVlU sir.res bc-^uly p 'SUHURKA; ? honi!*. olrvsc In i n limn" N. fil, f t K(H^'i'n r .s ) down i ver hern lived ' ,* "r^'^r.rnv Ar>r. Turnuurr store s" AC RKAGKS F\:T» <:--"">..J l.>u<l M< S. Kim ^1 reel 2 ml " «t H!-I;^ iv ?' . : •\TTrt InTi;p lo* 5,;-V'i l) ^ :', \\{'"\: in on noiu-on AVO. mafliinp. Drntl berr. I : M ',<r»rtn ' s^riirltv BonerH^. \Vi ir VCAT unrtrr present f \ v , Vrv , on Mf[ j Co , u Ppt f, ton To^-\ S 1' ; OnpOTtunltv for full or pRr ^•.^?!Tlrsft in HlvthevtUe siinDlylr S.prm. 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Rocket Oldsmobile — CMC Truck* Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — PMme 6151

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