The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 1, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER DP NfipTHRA RT ini/-»vTc..«, .»,~ -„.„.- :. _ f*~r VOLUME .M^-NO. 39. Blyllicvllle Dally News Dlythevlltc Herald Ulyihcvlllc Courier j Mississippi' Vnlley lender THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOpTOEA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBBOUKI """ ' ' *"• '" • • __ liMTHKVII.m,.ARKANSAS, SATUHDAY, MAY 1, liVIll GOVERNMENT TO TAKE OVER SINGLE COPIES FIVE CKN'l* Today's War Commentary Axis Reserves Could Change Picture In Tunisia «)• Tf'OMAS .1 ot United 1'jess Developments of the next low days should K ive n fair iiuliciilion of how inueli longer Ihe Axis can resist in Tunisia ; hvenls to \yatc-li for include a Hritish break-through into the plains luaditiK to Tunis; a full-scale attack hy the Jintisli 80) Army, or a Gorman counter-attack in force I he situation is -such that any one of these eventualities could change the whole tactical picture of the i-anip»ign The Axis Is believed lo have » . somewhere In the neighborhood of 175.000 men in that narrow corner of northeastern TunUia. So far, very few of them have been employed in major counter-attacks. 'Hie Nazis have used only about 500 men at tiny on? time with liberal tank support, in punching baek at Ihe Allies. Obviously, tlie main body of German and Italian troops is being held in reserve, possibly for a supreme lunge at the closing Allied ring. Yanks Capture Important Hill On Route To Mateur 900 Tons Of Bombs Hit Essen But unless such a counter-blow Is attempted soon, there is a strong possibility of a British First Army break-through in the Mcdjez El Bab sector, or a French breakthrough at Pont Du Fuhs. Once the Allies cross the last mountain barriers to the planes leading lo Tunis, Ihc fall of that great'.port city can be expected to follow swiftly. Ther e has been very little major activity on tllc part of the British Eighth Army since those veteran Imperials captured Enfidaviltc on the east coast. ' General -,\50!itgomery, however, is not. one to eonfiiie his activities to patrol actions or limited altacks. - He obviously is building up his. strength again for. another power ful onslaught, similar to those which broke the German front at Ala- mein and against the Mtireth Line. Tlie time that has clnpscd since the Eighth Army capture ol En. .xvidayille lias been just about cnoi'i'h to t^iye.. Montgomery the , opportunity hft ; iiet;ie<l''tn rcplei^sh •• "-niir-supplies .and 1 re-align his "formations. He may. strife again at any moment. All'of which makes more, compelling than ever a powerful German counter-assault lo disrupt Allied preparations and so stave off Ihc inevitable a few days or even weeks longer If the Eighth Army strikes first, any German plans for a counterattack in force would be iuiiu.-K in iorcc would De smashed. ., m | .'they compelled lo draw I j wl >.. j Hy United Tress J RAP heavy four-cngined bombers last night hammered Essen. Germany with 000 Ions of bombs for the second time within a month The big bombers casx'flded clcm- olillcn and lire bombs on the Ruhr Valley home of Ihe sprawling Krupp arms works. Thirteen planes wore lost in the raid that was carried out in bad weather. 'Ilic Air Ministry says it was a "heavy]" attack. It's the 55111 time during tllc war thai Ihe RAF has pounded Essen— Ihe lasl raid was April 3rd when fJOO tons of British bombs also were dropped. . The heaviest raid of the war on Essen was on March 20lli when Ihc Britisli lost 23 planes and siiowered mcro than n thousand tons of blockbusters and Incendiaries on the industrial steel city. ; Tlie Krupp arms works lias be)cn severely damaged in all of the previous Essen raids and it is probable that last night's .raiders interrupted repair .work: '' '•'. , :: '- " : The factory produces much of the vital war material 'sent'.; to '.Kilters armies on all fronts':' 1 '' "*"' While tlie big bombers ivprc over Essen, other hcnvy planes made subsidiary altacks on various targets in the Ruhr. In yesterday's daylight action. Britisli fighters attacked enemy transport targets on both land and sea. Spitfires damaged nn enemy minelayer off the Brittany coast and American-mads Mustangs iHtd to their difficulties, would be able to fight on much shorter lines than al present and could present a strong front everywhere al once. Conversely, however, the Allies would be able to concentrate llicir full strength- American, British and French—on n slaglc sector. Allied artillery would be able lo bring the entire Axis army under a shattering bombardment and our air forcDs would have a closely packed target on which to work. It is c.l'.iestiouable 'Whether Ihc enemy would be able to withstand for long the full weight of our massed artillery and air power. The Germans have a healthy rc- .spcct for tllc devastating accuracy of American gunners, 'nicy hnva played a major role in the American advance niwn Mateiu-. In which Ihc Germans literally were shelled from the top of one mountain peak to another. Reports from the front tell of Increasing numbers of German desertions. Some German soldiers who have come to our lines say Ihc American artillery nl times kept tlirm pinned to Ihelr foxholes for Iwo full days and nights. Although it's too early to speak of an Axis collapse in Tunisia, Ihere are signs of a disintegration of German morale. And when morale goes, no army can fight very long. Unless a violent German coimtcr- allnck is attempted on a large scale and the Allied tactical position is upset, It Is difficult to see how the Axis can hold Tunis much longer. And if Tunis falls, the Blzcrte fortifications will draw Ihe full power of the Allied attack. •'Hie decision in Tunisia is not far off. Child Fractures Arm Bobble Lou Peterson, flvc-ycar- old daughter of Mis. Tollle Peterson, fractured her right arm yesterday afternoon playing. Removed lo Blylhcvlllc Hospital. her condition lacky is very good. over no'rthcS'ii Prance. on their defense elements facin,, the First Army and the Americans and French in order to meet it. Or, they may decide to abandon the entire area south .of Tunis and pull back into the Bizerle region, where the mountains again would force;Ihc Allies (o fight their way AI forward In the face of strongly I\I I' M11 >l I i-^ !\'[(>/>li emplaccd mortars, artillery and ma- " J""-:> J.MH..U chine guns. A German -withdrawal to the Biz;rtc area would give the enemy tome advantages, but, it would also No planes were lost by (he RAP In yesterday's daylight attacks. Cotlon Problems Arc Discussed At Thirty farmers and cotton buyers from Mississippi County ami adjacent Southeast Missouri attended the meetings in Memphis Thursday and Friday when the Southern Cotton Shippers. Arkansas Cotton Trade Association and American Cotlon Shippers held .streamlined conventions prior to nn open forum held by the New York mid Memphis Collon Exchanges. The forum, which dealt with cot- Ion problems during the present war and Its outlook for the future, so interested Iho leaders in this Industry that questions mul answers continued tor five hours. .Attending from Ijlythcville were R. D. Hughes. B. G. Charles Hose. H. C. Knappcnberger. C C. Lniigston. H. Highfill, E. C. Palton, J. Fnrrts McCalla, W. I. Os- Lornc, Lloyd Stickmon. Louis Ap plebnum and W. B. Carroll. They Died by Torture Clears Way For American At lack; Flier Downs 5 NM: Long row of mulilaled bodies of Russian soldiers nl ZimovniUi further illustrates the German inelliocl ot warfare. Troops were cup- tnrcd and tortured to dcnth by Nazis. Arkansas Briefs .TONBKBOKO. May 1. IIJPI —Secretary W. H. .llrllun of ilic .loncshbro Chamber (if Commerce says farmers there are protesting thai the poultry (Tilin;; price is ton low to permit profit. The ceiling price, set by OPA Is 26.15 cents per pound on Trli'urains hnvc hccn sent to Senators Halfic Caraway and .lol):> I,, jMcCiclJan .su^gciliuj; a ceiling of :!5 cents. UTTU: HOCK, May I mi'l —Stale WI'A Ailinhmlralnr 1-loyd .Sharp says itelivilic.s of tin 1 Works Project AilminiMia- lioii in Arkansas ended at miii- "i;lil last night with only a few exceptions. In ils l)r.«t''iJa,v.r, Ilic IVl'A employed several thousand pcr- tnns in Ihc stale. Schoolboy Loses Check Intended For War Bond Whether H. c. Allen Jr., gets to buy another 525 War Bond depends upon whether an honest person finds the check he yesterday while en route to school lo make Iho purchase. The 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hives Allen last the check i v between the post office and school I ST. I GUIS, May i lUPicaUle where he was to purchase a bond j receipts total COO, with none sal- al the auction sale singed there jablr: calves none. Compared with close last Keek: Steers and heifers .IONK5IIOKO, Blay 1. (IJP) —Junior hiRh school shiileuts have sold SIOG.I51) \inrlli of bonds, in a (ivo-ncck drive for money to buy a pursuit plane. The plane will be n;imci3 "I.e- l.-uul I'Liync" in mrmory of a fermer athlrllc coach at Jone-s- boro recently killed In action. Livestock Long Illness Proves Fatal To Farmer; Rites Plan, ncd Tomorrow navid lialnh Mahttn, who assisted his brothers in funning, die< yesterday afternoon at Blyihcvillt Hospital.' Ill fur a IOIIH lime, hi was removed, lo the hospital sev cral day* prior to his dcnlh. was :i3. Funeral .services will be held Icmqno'.v afternoon, 2:M o'clock, at New Liberty Baptist Church, by Ihe Rev. Mr. Miller, pastor, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Heotl of Clear I..ike. Burial will be lit Elmwo'Kl Cemelery. Me long had • lived r.n a fnrm belwecn niythcvitle and Bimlcllo. He is sunlvcd l:y his wife. Mrs. Katie Mnhan: twin sons, Gerald nnd isurl. Mahan. and another son. ,;<MT.V Carter Mnhan; his mother. Mrs. Katie Hancock. <-! near Blylheville; live brother.---. A. D,, E. M.. J. W.. ,i)if) H. W MiilKin. by junior high students." U was a check from Sinclair Oil Company made to B. j. Allen for the ium of $18.75. Junior High Sturents Put $3000 In War Bonds -Junior High students sold $3000 worth of war bonds and stamps In the auction sale yesterday which started out as a two-hour "event in Ihc morning bill wns continued into Ihe afternoon because of the wide Interest. This event, hi which children of the Central Elementary School also purchased stamps and bonds, followed 11 similar sale staged by use their paddles for the high school students to Illus- es 25 to 50 cents lower; cows strong' bulls 30 lo 75 cents higher; vealcri 50 cents hlghsr; replacement cattle weak to 25 cenls or more lower Tops for the week: 1,215 pound steers $17; 975 pound yearlings SIC.50; 814 pound heifers $16.75; 850 pound mixed • yearlings S1625- cows $13.50; sausage bulls $13.75; vealers $15.75; replacement steers J15.40. Hog receipts 250, al| salable. Not enough on sale lo maks a market Few good and choice 190 to 230 pounds SH.60; few 140 to 160 pounds S13.CO to $14.10. Compared with close Jnst week, market generally 20 to 30 cents lower; sows 20 lo 2D cents lower. sllrring up mild in their search the , Interest being taken by .-.:! . L - ., . . . . .. 0 ,.,. .,,„,. <M MICH bi.n'i;!!: umi-. me; micrcst being if for the small organism.! on which Blytheville- 'boys and girls they feed. 'wineffort. in the Au automobile spark plug streaked .with soot on the outside !*Ji- catcs the need for a new, cooler all of near ijlythcville, and If. J. Mahan ol the Army. :• Honed In Pittsburgh. P«.; a l: blether. Attolph Mnhan of I 1 one .'Islcr, Mrs. Nellie Bell IJav uep.r Blylheville; i.wo hall si.sic Aiif. Ida Cillar of Toccspola, Mi and Mrs, C, F. Collier of K.<: Miss. Cobb Funeral Home Is in oh.irso. 1'vt. New York Stock* lanes B> United I' I lie Americans are smashing niCiul toward Malciir and Ulxcrlc n northern Tunisian again. 'Ihe Viuiks fitormed mul cnptur- ul DJehcl Talienl where IHO cjcr- nuns (In;. dec|i In Ihe rocky Morns held up the advance on Malcur. ujebcl Talienl, ulso i:> Hill COrt, was luken In n surprise attack yesterday nflcrnodii. It lies 12 miles southwest of Malcnr and iboul the sumc distance northwest of Tebourbji, Us fall clears the . sviiy for a strong Ameilcini attack on (he road curving baek from Miilcur around Luke Aehkel In Dl/.crte. Bolli Ihe Aiiiericans and French on Hie ninth wist have almosl readied the shores of tin: lake and can see Ihe white houses of JJIy.erte iicross the rugged terrain in miles away. The- Americans have taken three more localities and 200 Axis prisoner:: In their drive toward the lake road. Hrltlsli <lh-e (iriuiml Meanwhile the Uritish have been force:! lo fall baek slightly In ferocious fighting around Djelicl boll Aoukaz southwest of Tchourlm on (he ccnlral from. But the Ninth lost licavlly lu men and tanks hi Iheir furious counter attacks 10 hold this approach to Tunis. And the British Eighth Army has made more local advances on the East Coast. The Allies had a day of .spectacular trliuii|ilis In the nir yu> ,01 any. Our .llior.s sank . flvu Axis ships. Including"'three destroyers' nnd set a cruiser afire. : /. •' Uul ihc. most remarkable - exploit was thnl of HAP Flight Sei'ficanL A. B. Downing of .Surrey, England. Sergeant Downing, flying a Be niflghlcr, ciiuglit five loaded Junkers 52 Irnusporl planes, caeh capable of carrying up Lo -10 men, heading nprlh off Cagllarl, Sardinia. In ld::fm'tous minutes, Bcrgl. Downing destroyed ,uh five. Four ol the Irausfjorls exploded In Ihc air and the fifth fell in tlie sen. spilling Us occnpanls. Nazis (irah Itaft Downing said lie saw tiie Na/i.s from the fiflli plane Inflale n rn'n- bcr rafl thai they snalclicd Irom the bunilng ship. In their attacks on the Axis ships bringing fuel mid men lo the Axis armies In Tunisia, fliers of Gen. Doollltlc's slralcgle. alrforce .sank a destroyer and set a cruiser on lire. Filers ot Air Marshal Conlngham's tactical air force sank another destroyer, 11 torpedo boat, n ln;ik carrier ami :i motor bnryc. Two 1500 ton merchant ships also were hit. The airports at Tunis nnd Br/crle were plastered wllli blockbusters and incendiary bomiis and n Jelly at Cap Bon cast of Tunis wns blown up. puring Ihc day we .sliol down a total of 18 enemy planes and lost seven oE our own. And RAP headquarters ;il Cairo reports we raided Messina In .Sicily llc yesterday setting big fires around the harbor and power station. One bomber failed to return. IN PACIFIC Decisively Beaten .In Tlie Air, Jitieiny Switches To New Tactics Hy United I're-.-, 'Ihe icrrille. benllni: AimOenn fliers have liceu administering to Jnpfliuw air forces appear;; lo have i' I'd .Inn Pnelfle slrntjty. Boll) (Jen. MncArtluir iiiHl Axil jrjniink'iiMs reiiorl Ihe .Injis hiivn apparently .suspended.the air tiuht, in lenst tamporiully, In lavor of submarines, Clt'ii, MiicArtlmr snVs enemy Milvi nro ploiiKliliiij Ihe wntcre e:isl of Ausirnllii, piesiiinuliiy on Iho hunt fill' Allied -,]lil)))llili Anil bi)lh Tokyo and Hriilln hint ol mimmnil big dcveloiiuienlii In Ihc I'nclflc. ./apiiucM' bases In the Norihmi Si.inmons are wltlilu slrlklpii dls- liuiee ot Allied shipping lanes to Australia. However, a German mlltluiv rur- respomlenl preillel.s the uexl bin I'aclllc biilllu will lie In Ihe Aleutians with Ulllleil HluliNi lorei'-s taking the olfen-slve, The laimehliHi of the ,la|nine.<e sub ciiiiipnlKi) loHuWH u lull in cnc- m.v nir altacks. Tlie Japs lmv« not apiieared over Allied oiilpust.s lor two weeks — since MacArlliiir fliers shot down 00 of their planes out nl a possible I i; 0. jMciiinvhlln Tokyo nullo clnlm.i 11 Japunese Mibitiiirlnc sank Iwo of our Ivansporls lust mnnthl—olulllnr llt.DJO Inns 111 Ihc H-Jiilluveslen nclflc. In Chlnn, Ocnerall.'islmo 'JhliinijVi orces nre Inflicting: heavy casualties In flfihljiiii itrdiiltd tlie Tiillmna Mouiiliilns. The blilncsi! 'cuiiiiimnl!|iiit' wiyii the .laps were iiltnekcd from Iwo ides—w|th one'dlilnose fnica Jub- hiB ul Ihe enemy's renr nn Ihc norlli shore, of ; llu; Yellow lllvrr wlille other troop.i fouiiia, nl,'J>l- hnrm—iiitxVit Ki 1 miles iisvny. ' ' 'Hie Chhieso sny lliey liavu broken the eiitlio/.lijpuncsi: clrvlr In the 'ralliiin^ rimgc, qn ,th(~ llonaii-Shan- sl liorder, in nojth Chlnn, A T fc T Amer Tolwcco ... Anaccnda Copper Belli Steel ....... Chrysler Coca Cola Ocn Electric Gen Motors Montgomery ti Y Central Harvester n:> 7-s M 1-1 23 J-8 65 . ____ ... Ward SO 1-2 .. 11 1-2 , Ml nl Harvester US'M North Am Aviation 13 1-1 Republic Slcel n ,l-» Radio 111-8 ;">•! T-fi . 48 7-3 , 4 .1-4 . 55 1-2 Slaiidard of N J Texas Corp Packard- . -...-.... U S Steel Three Slates Seek To Extradite Four UTTLE RO3K, May 1. — tiov- crnor Adkins will hold extrnrllttoii lieariiiR.s Tuesday on (our persons living In Knslcrn Arkansas, but wanted by authorlllcs In Ihrce stales for crimes, Ally. Clcn. (Hiy F,. Williams said Friday. Martcopa County, km. officials want w extradite Jlcrman Clarrett nf Hrlcna on a charge of emiK'^^le- ment. Governor Adkins had held up Ihe 'Oarrelt hearing until he could be placed under observation at the Stntc Hospital for Monlnl and Nervous Diseases, lie was arl- jutigcd sane, Tracy Burl, Osccoln. Is wanlctl by police on a charge ol InlM' 1"'°- Icnsc In coimeollon willi .T Sllil incrlgBgc on tour mules, which he obtained lor Hie Dank of Amoiy. Ihc extradition papers charged. Tlic sheriff of Clalbornc I'arisli, UT., has ren.ue.slcd Ilic return of Wiillc and Huby Daniels on a charge of criminal neglect ol six children. He charged lhat Ihev lell Ihe children In Clatix.rne i'aiish without nny means of support. Tlie Daniels are living in Blytlieville. New Orleans Cotton open high low elite Mch. . 2002 200.') 109fl 200ii 2005 May . 2C46 2048 2012 20-ia July Oct. nc.e. . 2024 ,. 2010 . 2003 2024 2014 200S 2012 2023 200a 20),') 2001 :M(M 2020 201.1 2003 Dl-ltf FLIERS British Aces Blast Germany; Fortresses Heat! I'or Occupied France Hy United Press Allied bombers crot.scd Ihe toulh const of England this morning In a coiHInuallon of the air atlaclu on Hitler's Kuri)|ie. 'Hie plnne. 1 ;—A-everal s-qtindri Klronif—{.wept across the Channel In Ihe direction of Cherbourg, France. During 11 ic nli;lil. I!Af-' bis. bombers'returned from their S5lh raid of Ilic war on Bsscn—Ruhr Valley Industrial center, The foiir-ongincd bombers cascaded fino Ions of bombs on Hie home of the spiviivliiiK Kru|)i> »rnu works, malctilng Ihc tonnage dropped on Usscn less lhan a month ago. Thlrlcen ' bombers failed lo return from the sweep over Ihe Ruin- Valley, ifctiirniny pilots reported (hat the weather was bad. Arliconii was a territory of the Con fed r racy before It licciimc ;i tcrrltoiv of Ihe United Slates. Drafted! SlnfT Sergt. John R. Brown, on Army veteran o£ 30 years, is slightly perplexed to receive a notice lo appear at Drntt Board No, 1 In Evergreen, Ala. lie's nt l\njnbr,i(|go,Fic!;l,.Ga. Army Is Ordered To Protect Thdsi WantingToWork WASHINGTON, May I. (Ui')--The K dvcnimcnt i<, UK f over the eoiil milieu, where .strlknx are in piogtc.i 01 me threatened. The Army will provide protection for the niu\ KOIIIK l;nd< to worls. I'rc'fiilcinl KnosiivelL ordered Ihe twin moves ,tn horn ,m<l ti'lmlf afler his no idriko. ulUmnluni hud cxphocl, and John 1,. Lewis had fulled to order Ihc men'hack to wwk Abnil iMilf i) million mill mid linn! coul miners art on sttik' 'in-ii runliiicls wllli the (.rieialms hud expired nl mlclnlqhl last night nnl Lewis had ri'lmcd in uerintl Urn War Lnbor Hoard to take over In the, illsputc. Prrtldenl ROOM:veil Rave Secretary oi the Interim- Ickes the Job of InkhiH pwwsslon of tho cuul mhict.. It-ken win; to nit Immediately The I're.'ilduit gave lite illrecl iiulhorlty to cnl! on the Aim/ Ui provide iirotectlnn. wiu. i;xri,,\iN MOVE TOMORROW 'Ilic I'rrsldenl will mute n rnillo address to the nation al ID oUo * tomorrow.nlt)lil, oxplalnlnt; hl-i move. In Ills provlniw no strike order ho hud compared n coul Kloppinie lo n defeat In the Held of Inltle f) Ihe Allies. ft Is believed Uinl Ihe Prcfldciil will ar-nciil to the minus to dis- resiird Lewis imd net btn'k In work for llicir government, Acctmllnii lo union estimates M5.CM mincrn v iirc Idle tijay 'Hit i nre '1511,000, «>fl nonl miners mid no,00<) hurd conl workers for which Lewis was 'iiflKOllitlliix. which would menu llmt only 10,000 men rcmaln- ed in llio nils. Mimy of these probably are malnvciui'irc woikeis pu milled to remulii In Iho mines to prevent 'delcrlorulhm dining a work Moppagi;. • • .. Thn President's actions were iinnmmcctl by White House becielnij Klpphcn 'I 1 . Uml)'. A sliucmenl from the I'rci.ldcLil li cxpulcl Iitcl Hnrly liiild In (he broadcast tomorrow nlghl, the President would deal bluntly with Ilio question of the need of cmil IT win tho wur, I'KiKKT UNUH ,\HK OKDKIH.V Ko inr, there bus licuii no violence In tho strike iurns At some of Ihi! inino.s, picket. HUM hnvo r^'ifinoil, lint Ihov lire ordeil)', In Wi«L .Vlrxlnln, stiitc police look n[i jionls lit scvernl of the states Mti strlke-elreitd-mines curly toddny. Hill II wns only ns iv precautionary ineiiKtire. .... The strikers tliroilnhtiul the country diinMchrd malntuniince wot'k'- IM-S In the struck mines to keeji niniihlncry and other mine nxluri^ from tli!lerlornthif(. v 'I'lw nilno workers linvc lutai the ixaltlen 'tlint Ihey cnnuol wo>-| tor Ilin coal operators until they h:we a contrnol, AH oslsllni! igiec,- nii'nL'i expired nl nildnlghl and Ihu work stoppages',frllowed lliiuuc,h Ihe morning ns shlll nflcr slilfl. fnlhd to rc'iior't." .' • SOME MINERS i'lNISIl KlIIPl'S Home workcnt wl«> wore In the mines when 'Hit mlthilKht duiid'hic arrived vcimiluod lo lhilsl> Ilielr shllls. Others nind out wilhoiil dls- lurhiiiicc)" ' , '''.•."—..;'.,'.- '..I.;_.; .i':- i" ^ ,>~ <yS From Hie ndvermnenl vlew'iiplnl,'lhcre ; ni : e'iwo major iwnei linoHccl- In the .itoppapt!. . . • I'lcsl, rrcsldent iiooscvclt lin*. LAJcc'n the :|)6sl!loii thSl Ihc mhien are striking amilnst (he govenuncnl'iiiul llur.wnr elToit liiiicnii of Mine figures .'iliow l.hal. lhc\e' Is'liltli. IIIOIL thnn ft niontli'K sumily of con! nhnve the ground. Hied men sny steel niilh mluhl, lie forced lo close down In Iv/o ivccta.,* And othcn fc ir a powei ^liortiiue Unit would cripple the millon's war liuhisliy Tim KCCOIK! K<ivernmenl ronlenUon Is-Hint If Hie miners win Ihclr wtijje ila»i!iid/i IL would l;u » fli^t ii.swujll oil tho tan lei i nLiilnst In Million, ! The miners waul cllher n Hat 3:?-ariloy wa»e hiercavc or porlal to portal ]iny. 'Ilicy say prices nrc .sonrlny while their pay remains • isla- Unnnry. ' • R[Q OR! Russians Strike Hard In Air and on Ground at Novo- rossisk Naval Base III- Vtnllcd I'rci-s Tlie ItiiKslans ure hilling harder by I lie hour all nlnnj) Ihc viisl rnslcin front. 'Ilicy luive started a big offensive I'ltainsl Ilic lilnck Sea naval base of Novorossisk In the Caucasus. Supported ,by many dive bombers, the lied Army ground forces hnvr tnkpi: their first objectives and killed hundreds of Na/,ls. A German broadcast said Ihe attack wa.s launched wllli nine or t,.,i Infantry divisions and llnce lank brigades. And Ilic Red Air Force has lie- Uim a campaign lo shatter the German rear communication lines in Hie Ukraine. Russlnn plnncs scored many direct hit* on inll- way Motions and on triihiri bringing up supplies for the Nnv.r,' prci- jeclod Kumincr oftcnslve. The Kuwiaiis slnUKhlcied a force rf Cirrmiin tommy Runners that Irlefl to cross Iho fjotiets river oil Ilic hymn fronl during the nlghl. And on Ihc Smolensk front. Russian tommy gunners carried cut n mid In which downs of Germans were killed and many prisoners laken. In an allack on Ihc Leningrad fronl. Ihe Hussions wiped mil 200 NnzK Olher Ruf.siaii troops captured a series 'of blockhouses and pillboxes on the Like Ilmcn fronl. United Press correspondent M. K. Handler j.ay.s In n Moscow dispatch thai Premier Slalih'.s praise for Hie Anslo-American air raids on Germany has crcaled a profound impression in Russia. Handler says Stalin has made the Russians feel thai they are not bearing Die entire brunt of the Nazi attack alone, Nazis Ban May Holiday Observance ' Hy United ••-•>. The isny.lo called off jnost cd.tlic Mny.. Day Holiday In Europe:.'lod:iy because Ilicy feared n celebration with sabotage. • Allied lenders used the nnnual Internallonnl labor observance lor appeals to workers in occupied- Europe lo slnrl a new wave of'ic- slslancc. . -The Nn/is arc rc|iorted lo have cancelled or abbrcvlaleci May Day mccllngs and'parnrtes In Germany llsdf. 't'hc I-Veiich observance was postponed mill! tomorrow. A Dutch news agency says celebrations were forbidden In Holland where Gcr^ man broadcasts. Indicate the Nazis arc trying lo Intern-400,003 former Dutch soldiers. Gen! Oiraud is scheduled to deliver n ilTny Day message.-(a. the French from Algiers and apiJcn! for nntl-NMl acllon. : Vicliy-chief Lavcl Is reported do- Ing just the opposite after an anti- Invasion pep-talk with Hitler.'The German radio .says Laval has appealed to Ilic French for". more heli) In Ihe. defense of Europe. • 'Ilic radio Incidentally, adds that I.aval Is In,tho. best of health mid denies a French African radio, rc- porl tlial Laval was wounded when a bomb exploded hi his sleeping car on his way back from Germany. '1'nc German brondcasl denies any allempt. was made lo kill him. The Laval-Hitler conference was i followed by Italian broadcasts thai Italy intended to get more French land. And the presence of an Italian representative at the conference made some observers bc- llcvc there may be sortiethtug to it. New York Cotton oj.^n hleli low close Mch. . 1915 1976 1972 1979 1975 May . 5019 2019 2015 2017 201!) July . 1994 1996 1901 19% 1995 Oct. . 1380 1985 1979 1985 1981 Dee. . 1075 19SO 1973 : 1980. 1975 Mickey Loses Wife HOLLYWOOD — Ava Gardner, the br.mclte movie starlet, filerl suit for divorce today against ilickcy Rooney. This time, she says, "It's for keeps." N'. I). Golfers Good, Tno BEND, Ind. (UP)—The Notre Dame golf learn, coached by the Hev. George Molderith. c. S. ,0,, has had only one season since 1933 when team losses outweighed victories. Since that year, the Notre Dame golfers have won 69 matches, lost 15 and'lied 3.

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