The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1943
Page 8
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fSGE EIGHT BLYTflBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNK 10, 1943 Marquard, the $11,000 Lemon, Became A Million-Dollar Peach record which still stands was his pitching In six straight games. During that .stretch lie turned in tour shutouts, rjlirce of the games wtrc two-hitters, two three-hllers and the other a [our-hlltcr. Me hung up the league mark for low-hit games with 18 contests under five hits, one being u no- hitter. Off In 1914, Martniard turned In a no-hit game .against lirooklyn on opening day of 1915. HEI.l'S KOIIUV TO TWO FLAGS Waived to the Dodgers, he helped Uncle Wtllicrl Robinson, hi.s old mentor, hag Hie (lag In '16. He won 19 games for Ihe Dodgers in 'IV. lie broke his leg sliding Into second In June, '19, but came hack to help Uncle Hobby with 10 victories and lo unolher gonfalon In '20. 'lie ha<i enough left to win n for (he ficds In '21. Marquard wa.s In five World He,rics, and the best he did was win two of the three victories scored by the Giants In the hard-fought eight-game .set with the Hcd Sox In '12. Marquard obtained tremendous .speed with a thrcc-iiuarter motion and easy pitching grace and hud a very goixl curve, lie was a smart, keen and dead game pitcher without a squawk or alibi. most pronounced physical By IIAHKY CltAVSON NKA Hiiorli; Kililor NKW YOHK.-Mils Angel Plrpo wants to bring un Argentine hcavy- 'ivelght lo this country, and second h'lin against an opponent handled by Jack Dempscy. In that way, Ihe Old Wild Dull of the Pampas would celebrate the 20th anniversary of tlie mad Dcmnscy-Firpo match. Klrpo's protege is Abel Ceslac, and Dead Pan Loole says his punch Is so terrific Ihnl Ihc Aigenllnlait federation of Uoxing had lo devise a spccal set of rules lo govern his fights. D. P. Loole neglects to slnte Just how things are made any easkr for the Moke In tlu» oilier corner. He discloses Ihaf Ci'slue has 30 knockouts In M fights and has never been beaten. Mrpo reveals that Ceslac carries his own physical!, Dr. Ito- dofo Espcll, Argentine congrissinan and brolher of the ambassador to tlie United States. Judging by what he tells I.lcnlenant-Cominnnd- cr Drmpsev In a letter, lie should >K an undertaker around. If Lieutenant-Commander Deinp- cy believes his diaries can obtain mploymcnt, Flrpo will also bring Uy HAKHV GHAYSON NBA Sports Keillor As a gangling kid hanging around Engine House 20 on Cleveland's w;sl .side and pitching lor saridlot teams, Richard W. Marquard .was called Richie. This nickname fitted Mnrquard much better thnn Rube. There was nothing of Die plowboy In Marquard, but the lag, Rube, was' fastmcd on him because lie was big and lefl-handed and coming in as the immorial Waddell was passing out. Tall, slender, dark complcxloned handsome Rube Marquard was one ' of the 10 best dressed nun. He Was a young man of the world and Brba % dway,- wooed and won Blossom Sceley .of musical comedy faii|c. vMarquard was only 19 'In the tall of 1908, when the Glnnls, gave (he Indianapolis club Ihe then record price of. $11,000 for Ihc winner of 23 games. Against the advice of John McGraw, Owner John T. Brush ordered that Marqnard pitch late that season, the one in which the Cubs, Oinnts and Pirates had their memorable three-cornered fight fo the pennant. McGraw claimed that start set Mnrquard back two years. Anyway, Ihe $11,000 'Beauty became (he $11,000 Lemon as the Rube luVjijed through Ihe following two campaigns. S!"1'K .HKCOKD— 1!) STRAIGHT Maiquard also might have been lliroivn off stride us Ihc result of Manager McGraw and his coach, Wilbcit Robinson, working on his pitching fnulls In the spring of '00. Anyway, 11 wasn't until '11 when lie was 22, stood six feet three, and weighed 180 pounds, (hat Ihc Rube made his critics change their lime. Marquard helped the Polo Grounders to pctumnls in '11, '12, and M3, with 24 victories against 7 defeats, 2(i ami 11 and '2'i and 10, rind canicd-nm marks of 2.25, 2.57 and 2.50. . , . Starting on opening day, '12, he established HIE modern major league record for consecutive victories lit 19. lie wasn't beaten until July 7. The record would have been 20 under the present method of determining credit. Marquard was an Iron man In Ihe, American Association. An A. A. characteristic was a wry neck. II head Inclined toward his rlgl shoulder. Uube IMarquiird was .still pltchli for Alanln In '32 at the ngc of -li :nit he will always be remembered as the SI 1,000 Beauty of Johii McGraw's favorite team of Giants. along Juan Urllch, a Peruvian leavywclght, but he wonlO especially like the one big date—with Ihe Old Manas.™ Man Mauler behind Ihe otficr fellow. II would be an unusual attraction for war funds. >ir|ro recalls the good times he had In.America, >whtcli hardly includes lhat September night at, the 1'clo Grounds, when the most cyclonic, ring battle In history was foughl. Down seven times in the Ihst 'round, Flrpo got up again to club Dempsey out of Ihc ring. It couldn't have been more exciting had Ihey been doing It foi pic lures. Count Fleet's next assignment 1. the Arlington Classic, July 24 Kelgh .Count's long-striding .sol will pass up the $25,000 The Dwylei at Aqueduct, June 19, which ts nici nf Mr. and Mrs, John n. HertK That will Irave something wortl while for Blue Swords, which woult be tlie thrcc-yc'ar-old leader bii for the presence of the streak fron Stone Crcrk. Count .Heel suffered what L known as a speedy cut on a fore Icf; as.he set a new record for the Winer Wcller Champ Faces Crucial lest In Pittsburgh Ring PITTSBURGH, June. 10. (UP)— The last of the fighting Zivlcs comes to what may be the end of he trail tonight. Foimcr Welterweight Champioi Fritzie Zlvlc Ls scheduled to meet Jake LaMotta—Ihe "one-man ;ang" from the Bronx—In a 10- round bout at Forbes Held It: Pittsburgh. Pillule, n veteran ol ever 12 years in the ring, will bo up against the middleweight division's leading campaigner. A large crowd of home-town fan: Is expected lo be on hand lo ruo SiO.OOQ Bclmont Stakes—2:28 1-5— hard held, Horsemen pick Count Fleet t pieces. They /don'l like his con foimallon, suspicious ankles, etc. All Count Fleet can do is run. All Walter Johnson could do was pitch. bout May or Pittsburgh Frllzlc. The rlglnally was scheduled for 411), but was posl|xmcd. Fritnle will give away about six rounds. LaMolla will come into he ring at aboul 157 and Zivic at bout 151. This means lhat Jake will be a bit below his usuiil n«lit- ng weight, and ?,ivlc will be a tood deal above his best poundage. LaMotta has the distinction of )elng the only person ever to beat Sugar Ray Robinson — Ihe "uncrowned king of the welterweights" —who's now In the Army, lie reg- slered a decision over the Harlem flash several months ago. LaMotla will have everything in ils favor— age, speed, and endurance, In addition to weight. The Bronx buzz-saw lias been installed as a 7 to 5 favorite In —but the boys there would like nothing belter than lo ;:ce then own odds proved wrong. Zivic, at the nge of 29, will have lo rely on his experience and craftiness lo outwit the younger I.a- Molla. Fiitxie is a master ft in- flghling, and there are few— if an —Iricks of the trade that he does- 't know. He's taken part in c rylhlng from icapartles to pier s rawls during his ring travels, and I ic's ready for anything Jake has| o oiler. An upset victory would mean re-1 icwcd life for Zivic in the welter-1 veighl division. 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So far this year, Hughspn's record doesn't stack up so well. Uc- forc yesterday, he'd won four games and lost three. Some days he was hot— nncl couldn't be stop- lied.' Other days he was no more than fair. Yesterday was one of Hnghson's "on" days. Kc notched a neat :i to 2 victory over Ihe Washington Senators.. He defcaled two of the Nals' first-line pitchers. Dutch Leonard and Alex Carrasquol. For tlie firs! six innings he was invincible. ... He weakened In the seventh -and allowed a run. In the eighth he allowed another, on a homer by Alex Kampouris. IJul two first-inning home runs by Tony Lupien and Jim Tabor of Ihc Red Sox staked him to enough of a lead. And a Boston tally in the seventh- gave him the winning margin. In another American League Eilmo, Bob Mimcrief of the st LojiU Browns fashioned a G to 0 two-hitter over the Cleveland Indians. Gccrge McQulnn hit a four bagger with two on base to put the game on Ifie. A twilight game at Detroit saw the Tigers absorb a 3 to 1 beating from the Chicago White Sax. Johnny. Humphries was the winner, but he couldn't last through the ninth inning, nnd went lo Ihe showers. Hal Ncwhou'cr went all Ihe way for the . losers. Only one National League game vas played The St. Louis Cardinals nosed out the Piltsburgh Pir,ales, 4 lo 3. It was a pitching duel between Mort Cooper of the Cards and Rip Sewell of the Pirates Cooper had the best of it and racked up .victory Number 7. • Today's schedule: In the American League, New York plajs at Philadelphia, Washington at Boston. Chicago at Detroit, and St. Louis at Cleveland. In the National,. only, two games arc scheduled. Boston plays at Brookljn, and Pittsburgh takes on tn£ cardinals at St Louis . . Yesterday's Results SOUTHKKN LKAdtIK Knoxvillc G, Little Rock 4. New Orleans at Chattanooga, postponed. . ,-\ Nighl games: / ^ ' Memphis at Nashville. .'' Dhiningham at Atlnnla.' NATIONAL LEAGUE SI. Louis 4, Pittsburgh 3. rhiladrliihia at New York, poned. lioston at Brooklyn, poslixmctl. Only games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis 0, Cleveland 0. Boston 3, Washington 2. Chicago 3, Detroit. 1. Only games scheduled. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at Nashville, night. Birmingham at Atlanta. New Orleans at Chattanooja. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston at Brooklyn. Piltsburgh at St. Louis, night. Only games scheduled. i Open 7:15 iShow Starts 1:45 Adm. Always lie and 2!ie Last Time Tuilny 'Wings For The Eagle' with mi Shi'flilim & Drnnis Morgan 1'araimmnt News Cmueity REMEMBER "FATHER'S DAY Sunday, June 20! s \v . <ni" \,\c - v -.iVi-" . >s^' v .\ s\ e Friday & Sal unlay Dauchos of El Dorado' with The Three JIcs'juiliM'rs fc't-:UI,\L: "rcrils of Nynkii. Selected Shnrls AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at Philadelphia. Chicago at Detroit. Washington at Boston. SI. Louis at Cleveland,. iilghl. CHICKASAW Wrsl Main Near 2lsl SI. Eal. starts I2:J5; Sun. starts 1:15 Nij;M shews 5;J5 Except Monday, minis fi:-15 Continuous sho«"S Sal. and Sun. • Baseball Slauclings SOUTHERN' LEAGUE' W. L. Pel. xNashvillc ............ 3116 .060 Chattanooga .......... 24 17 ^Birmingham .......... 2720 littlj Rock ............ 25 10 xAllanla ...... ........ 21 22 Knoxvillc ...... -. ....... 20.26 New Orleans ......... . • 20 29 xMcmnhis .......... ____ 12 31 .585 .574 ,5GR .488 .435 .403 .279 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. \,. Pet St. Louis .............. 21 14 Brooklyn .............. 27 11 Cincinnati ....... ...... 21 19 Pittsburgh ............ 22 20 Boston .... ............ 17 19 Philadelphia .......... 1822 New York ............ 16 21 Chicago 27 .659 .630 .525 .S24 .472 .450 .372 .35' AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet jWlien voltage Is excessive Ihe brea) er points in jour car are likc- ty to burn New York .... .......... 23 15 Washington ............ 24 19 Philadelphia . ......... 22 21 Detroit ............ .... 20 20 Chicago ... ........... 18 18 Boston ........... ..... 21 23 Cleveland .............. 20 23 St. Louis ........ . ..... 14 23 Courier News Want Adi. Last Time Today Double Feature "YOU'KIO THK ONK" ' wilh Oirin Tucker >t Ikiunic lUkcr and "CUACKK!) NUTS" with Krwln & Dna Mrrkcl Selected Shorts Friday nnd Saturday Double Feature "MICIHCO OF I'AINTK!) 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