The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1943
Page 8
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r$ -V 7* ^y-f 1 j- EIGHT ULYTHEVILLK (AUK.) COURIER NEWS pich Team To Organize ' *- i. For Season • Softball players who will be ci>i>- iidale for places on Iho' independent team sponsored uy the Loy Eioli Chevrolet Company here will opening training at Haley Field next Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock, It was announced today by Manager Marshall Blacknrd. . . -Although no schedule has yet been arranged,. Ulackard has received several proposals for games with teams In Southeast Missouri lid. Northeast Arkansas. He probably will book a game for May 0 to open tlio season, he told the Courier News today. The game would be played away from home since the local field will not, be available for home games for several weeks. Blackard Is assured plenty of talent since practically every member of last year's squad will report will) Hie ; excepllon oT Envln Jones, pitcher, who now 'is serving In the Navy somewhere in the South Pacific. ' Among the veterans again available will be Dallon Taft, catcher; Sanford Shelton, Roy Cunningham, Bill Crawford, Liigronc Whittle, and Blackard, outfielders; Jimmy Lutes. shortstop; Sonny Lloyd, second bawma'n; Monk Mosliy, Jhird baseman, and Elliott Salto, pitcher. • Blackard Issued an invitation to any 'others j who may wish to seek places on the team to report for tryouts beginning Wednesday.- Inside Story Of Dead Ball FRIDAY, Al'KlI, 30, 1943 BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUI'IIUKN I.EAGUK W. L. Pet Birmingham 4 1 .80C 'Ijitlle Rock 3 1 .750 Cliatlanooga 2 2 .60C Knoxi-illc ..- 2 2 .50i Atlanta '. 3 3 .SOI Nashville 3 3 ,50i Memphis 1 3 .251 •*New Orleans f 4 ,3Qi *Night game. i ""•' ' NATIONAL LliiVGlili .,'.'•' :, • W. L. pet BrMklyn' ;. 5 1 .83 Boston 3 2 .60 SU Louis .'............... 4 3 B7 Cincinnati.' .. •! 3 .57 Chicago :i 4 .« Pittsburgh : 3 •! New York 2 4 Ph'nadelpllia 1 4 .20 AMERICAN LEAGUE ' : • W. L, PC: New York .5 1 .83 Cleveland 5 2 .71 Washington 5 3 .02 Detroit 1 3 .5 SI, Louis 2 3 .40 Philadelphia' 3 6 .33 Boslon 2 5 .28 Chicago 1 4 .20 Tests prove lhat Hie bnlaln ball, used in both major 1r»i;ne.s iinlll liic Nnilonnl threw ii out. ts 'Ki jn'i 1 cent deader limn UK; 1042 variety. The cranl?. pellet lins a cork mid bnlutu core, rlinjecl by thin layers of block and red uulalii compound, wrapped from pill In cover u'llh Wue-ffny and ivliitc woolen yum, nil licld togotlier Ijy rubber cement. Covoi 1 is of domestic' horaelililo. 'I'lie cement, niiule from rcprocesicd inbbcr, Is Warned for the bull's luck of resiliency. A now lyjic of cement ini.s been tested and accepted. ami is beiny USMI in the manufacture of livelier balls, BBBQBDBQQE2 Ily IIAIIUV GHAYSON Ni;.\ Hpurls IMilur NEW YORK—Unlike argnnt/ed M.scliall, which I rents dishonest iln.ver.s as persons «'ho linvcii't ex- sled and obliterates their records rom the books, Ihc American ini; publication, iisiiig money i-i>l- Icclcd for advciilsing. A Hayrcvllle, N. J., .secretary not life because lie [ailed lo turn over equipment and jiropcrty of the association. A Pnrkcrsburu, \V. Va.. man was i-xiiellcd because he issued School Has Intramural Track Meet Alhlclr.s, former athletes aiid atli!i'tcs-lo-i>e answered Coach Ar- Ul l-ricu Green's call to parllcl- I'iiU' In nn indutmirnl track meet ycMcicluy iillernoon. The meet was lield :i.s 11 part of I lie school's in- IwHficd War Bond »IH| .slauiji sell- liw campaign for Oils week. The |:ikt> of admission was a War stamp mid nllendance was csllinat- ed at about 150. Although none (.1 liie boy:; had . trained for the event, all appeared in pretty fa)r condition find all strove to ijlve | ihc tuMomct's tlielr money's worth, Altngc'llu'i 1 , they delivered an al- Uinojii of lo nil. ' In lh<! first event, the 100 yard da.'li. Hairy Halues cin'ne home In place in II .seconds flat. Jimmy Alien and Hill Stewart ran :"i(.i,cl mill lliird in that order. TMr: 220-yard clash wa.s won liy as he broke (he tape (ahead of 1 [nines with Connie Hay iHkini? second. The time was 20.1 ;;<ramU. Jlesliarsc also won the 440-yard (lasli finishing ahead of Hal Thompson, Hay running third tignin. SBO-yiu'd honors went to I,. K. Ktatlord who carried oil Hint event in 2 minutes and 44 .'• Charles Warren ran second mid noli lioirj'iiiaii third. The .soplirmiorti-lrc'.shinan relay team of HalKi-li McDonald, Kmart and Be- sharso beat a junior-senior team of Allen, Bcnyman. Danlelson and allies. The contest was a .sprint : of 540 yards. H. Stafford grabbed first. In shot tml with a ncavc of 35',5" nrold 'I homp.son was second. Her •it Oi uliam kicked home first in H' mile, followed by Stallord and ay. SlalTord took first place; in ic discus throw by virtue of his j-fsot hurl. Thompson again nishcd second. The high juni)) iidcd in a tlnci! way tie between Bowling Congress publishes In its 51200 ill chirks much livelier iliim Otien 7:15 Slum 1 Starts 7:15 Adm. Alwavs lie and 25o Friday and Saturday 'Underground Rustlers' with The Itaiifc liuslcis Serial: "1'crils of Nyoka" Cbap. 4. Saturday Midnight Show Starts 11 p.m. 'Devil Pays Off Ulargarcf Tnlichelt and Wright Selected bliurls nual record book the names of suspended kenlers and accounts of (heir violations, most of which ire fur (lie misappropriation of lirizc funds. AUC blacklistings bar parlicipa- lion In orsanl/ed leagues only mi- such . times as reslitiillon Is made, good faith reestablished and there is a favorable rccommenda- llon by Hie local group, The nnttcs Of u Battle Creek brother, who Took a sum of money without authority nncl left the city for purls unknown, are described. Following a physical description of the abscondcr, the ABC adds, as an alterthoushl: "He lias a pleasant personality." The kind of pal, nn doubt, lo whom yon would en- Irusl the keys to your wine cellar. As related, most of Ihc suspensions are the resnll of culprits handling loo loosely money which Is not their own, bill there Is sharp praclice In bowling, too. Two Chicago 'bowlers were sentenced lo u year apiece, one for bowling under nn assumed name, Ihc oilier for being an accessory The story, no doubt, is that of a good bowler faking his name and average lo win a first prlssc. A Mincoln, N. Y., member charged will) falsifying his average for his own benefit, misrepresent Ing his ability to obtain betlci classification. II is bnrcly possible that this fellow wanlcd a shol al richer prize money. » A Cleveland bowler was suspended for collecting prize mono.) and failing to distribulc share? to teammales; for misconduct. an< destruclion of property while engaged ' in a contest. The latle could be marking nnd cloctorln;, Ihe runway with Irlck heels 01 otherwise as a means of handicapping Ihe other side. A Keck Island member was nr rested for working a confidence game In connection with n bowl the balala baseball. Mcmljei 1 :; are scl down for failure lo pay dm failure lo inert sohaluLes, t:lc. .Suspensions rani;e I rom one year life. Following tin' list uf violators and violations Is a list of tlicw reinstated. Tl is a compliment to bowling hat its parent orRiinlzallon puh- shcs names and olTcnscs wilhoni ssuniina Hud. a membership can lakes all members an'^clr, and pil- aiA of the coimmmily. Bowling gives 'em a sceotu' hance. Track Meet Slated KENNETT. Mo., April 29.—Mor han (in Dunklin County youths 'cprcscnthig six hirdi schools ii he county, plan to compete ii he amnittl Dunkiln County tiacl and field meet which will be hd nt the local ftthlcllc field Fridnj Schools rcpieseiilod will lie Ken nelt. Cinnpbcll, llolcomt), bcnall Cnrdwcll and Horncrsville. STANDS UP AGAINST WEAR AND WEATHER FLOOR & DECK ENAMEL For porch and interior wood floors. Dries tou |>li and hard —quickly: John Miles Miller Co. Distributor Joiinld liracy, Hill .Stewart, and ffubert Graham, although science .caclicr Vaughn Mutlins wa.s declared chninj) by iiojiular acclaim. Allen look first place in the broad jump, leaping 17 feet and 8 inch's. Second place went to Stewart. Allen and Kay Drown lied for Irst in Hie iwlc vault ns Mullins conceded defcal. Although blimps are vulnerable o submarine dock (,'iin.s, one )llmp, leaking gas for 12 hours rom H gaping liolcs, flew 400 miles for repairs. Today's Games J.KAGUK Hirminshain at Memphis (nlglil). Allanta at Knoxvllle, Cliattanooga at Kashville. Little nock ul New Orleans. AMiatlCAN LKAUUK Ht, l.ouis at Cliicago.' Cleveland at Detroit. New York at Washington. Philadelphia at Boston, NATIONAL I.KAGUE Boston at Philadclplila, Brooklyn at New York. Only games scheduled. Urges Co Ordination Of CINCINNATI (UP)-There Is a need foi 1 both coixJiliouine exer- dscs und compelilivc athletics and Ihc two must not be considered as ;;cpaiale approaches to physical :i meeting here of the National W ar -, . . -Fitness Conference that condition. Competition i»K e.xeidse.5 and competitive all,, letic embody different principles which musl be co-ordinated to produce Ihc desired results In the physical fitness program. "We Insist uixm a well-rounded program to develop men with en. fitness if the nation's physical education program is to succeed, according lo Dr. Jay B. Nash of New York University. Dr, Nash, president of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Hccreation, lold durance who are organically slroiii;, skllirully alert, highly cooperative and emotionally aroused lo meet Hie enemy, man to man, anywhere, on land, sea or In th e »lr—and win,"'Dr. Nnsli said. Yesterday's Results SODTIIKItN I.K.VGUi: Cnoxvillc 2, Mlanta I. lii.shvilli' 1, ClinllHiiontia 3. Jirmlneliam at MtmphLs, uiulil Bnnic. •itllc Hock at New Orleans, nifflit Sjami'. NATIONAL I.KAGUE irooklyis •;. I'hiladelplna 3. Jinciiuiali 0. Pittsburgh I. ioslon 5. New York 2. St. Louis 4, Chicago 3, 12 innings. AMKUICAN I.KAOUE letroil 'J. St. Louis 2. Washington 5. Philadelphia 1. New York 7, Boston 3, levclaiul at Chicago, j>oslopcnd WL'iithcr. CHICKftSAW Wial Jlalii Nrar 21st St.'" Sal. sliirts I'i-.'K; Sun. starts :l:l. NiRlM slum's S:4S l^vcc|il Monday, opens 0:45 Cnntiunoiis shuws Sal. anil Sun. Friday & Saturday Double Feature "lill.l.Y 'I'lIK KID'S ROUNDUP" willi lluslrr «nilil»! * Al SI. John "SlNCAl'OKK WOMAN" HiTi«l:i Jlnrshall SllllIAl,: "Dick Tracy vs. Crilnr;" rinncdy Sunday and Monday "flIY I-'AVOKITH SI'V" wilti !vay Kyscr Ifnivcrsal News A Cimicily Sunday & Monday "AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. I believe 'that every American should see it!" ..-Kate Smith THE OLD JUDGE SAYS. $&-i March of Time Shorts ,. " Makes me fed txtra good lieaiin' you talk that way. Judge.. .ticrer utilized I was conltibutin' lo the war effort in the way you mention." "You certainly arc, Hank. Part o[ the grain you farmers grow is used by Ihc beverage distilling induslry to make alcohol for war pur[»ses. Hundreds of millions of gallons art required every year for smokeless powder, medical supplies, chemical warfare, itialcriats, shatterproof glass, lacquer for camouflaging equipment, fuel to prop.:! torpedoes and in the making of critically needed synthetic rubber. But, Hank, (lie grain used in dislillmg this alcohol is not thrown away. H is processed and comes back lo the farm again in Ihe form of dried grains or dried solubles which you use for dairy feeds, IIOR supplements and poultry mashes. This year alone it is cslinialctl 388,000 tons of these much needed feed sluffs will be produced by lliedislillcrs." "/ can sec now, Jmlie, why you say it's a mighty 'good thing tee /im« a legal distilling industry in limes like these." They GIVE their lives You LEND your money BUY WAR BONDS i YOU wust vn «»• '«" 5riH IHl " $T Our taller Trie las usc{I cxcw lasti- . . . liis His shorli'r pal is "d<me- u]!-l>ro«n" with a vertical j;ickcl in drrcrt Isn, lo|;i:cil cIT by a |Kiir of srnsiyck brown . cnniljjned y hint! .slacks. is a Victory Garden r,rmi. .IACKHT SLACKS SI-ACKS $10.95 A communique from the slyle front says that unmatched . garments for spoils wear are more popular than everi Your jacket and slacks need not matcru They should, however, fit! They will if they carry the Hart Schaffner & Marx label. That's because good fit is a habit with HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Their craftsmen take as much pains with slacks and odd jackets as they do with regular suits.' This means lhat you're sure of getting authentic slyle, good fit and drape, plus the comfort you want in leisure clothes. Wide choice of colors and patterns! Prices are so modest they all but blush. if, MEAD'S 322 MAIN STREET llvi a grail combination, a V-neck, ralilc-slitclicil twi'.ilcr in canary yellow, wnrii over a con- vritihle collar iixford rlnlli slnrl Ilial can be worn for liolli business and sporlswcar. SWKATKR SHIHT $2.05 $2.50 Tbc cbap on Ihe ri^hl is wearing a Leisure Jacket lhal comes in soltil color lonc.s of Vic- lory Garden Green, Sky Blue, Desert Tan, Gun- slock Brown. All-wool . . . hrcev.c-lijhl. I.KISURE ..IACKKTS §10 lo $16.50

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