The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1934
Page 3
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.PAGE SIX ir j ' « ••.' . V: • M^Vt" '~~~~~ : —., '• COURIER NEWB ^ ^ • ^ ' WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 17, 19,? VM?M?»^i^n^Clash Here Friday Niiht I CALLS PmNrF.TON PT AV<r~n7i^nnilTll rn mnn . ' * ??_ o' * "'t> MIIJ , tti.iuiM.uig m YV, \J McClurkln, Mipciinteii<l v iit uf Sbawnee's Hardest Game Was with Hughes; Thoro- breds Gave Locals Bailie By J. I'. Ff(IKNI) A season's perfect record Is bound to fair in the game at Haley Field Friday night when'Ihc Dlythcvillc . Chlckasaws'and the Shawnec Green Wave clash. Neither tcnm has tasted defeat — this-year. lioth have chalke<l up " ol - sufficient to wnvrant a clash ;three consecutive 'victories. The!*'"' 1 tllc Clilcknsaws. erccn Jerslcd team has recorded! If il Is nt nil possible lo do so wins against Ffugl'ies, ' 8-6. Craw- the writer believes U, would' !» to lordsvillc, 34-0, Trumann, 43-0. the best Interest- of Both leasts foe Tlic Chicks began the season with the game to''be cancelled''iti the a 39-0 victory over Osccola lii a event that niythWlllc coufd" book. driving rain. The following week a game with a more formidable I'tlr.,, ,-,,,,<( (-,,-,,.„ .1 _ (._..: I .-. 1 _ „„, .... ... . . IIIIUH I.J|(, Messick Will Meet Chicks Turkey Day ; As lins Ijccn "llie prnc(lcc for several yews, llio' nlytlicvjlle phfcknsnws 1 will'blush' with a Memphis team tills season. Messick high, toasting one of ihc strongest elevens In the Bluff City, hns been selected to oppose the tribe Jie'rc Thanks- CALLS PRINCETON PLAYS - By giving dny, according to W. 1J Mipc the city schools. It, v,-lil mark the flrst ti.inenrniicc ot the Panthers here. Last year Memphis l.ijj], Tech defeated the Chicks, 42-13. Mcs- •ilck and Tech battled to a scoreless tic In tjiclr '.encounter this year. they smothered n hapless Earle opponent Instead, preferably here Cardinal, 85-0. Lust week Forrest • •>''' ' City fell before an alert, vicious tackling and 'charging eleven. 21 13. Sluwne'c Seeks Re n-.M, Kjvvn.l AlllllIKU ...i..>i.l>u__ ililu UUA1[)|T SHOWS llCrC Humors einnnnllng from the lair snys lie will give, his Instructions' of Coach Johnny Burnett ami his lo the referee and expect him'to crew areito the effect thai they carry them out. ';•'•••- nre planning' sweet revenge for Mr. Reed, realizing that "ron'Sh their 13-12 detent last year. The stuff" forms a big part of the nH- Johier mentor scouted the Tribe the l«al of the mat sport for s.icctn- first two games and did he sec plcn- tors, does not plan to make the ty hi that second game? Lost week Brunt and groan nctors hue too lie saw the Pine Bhifl Zebras Irani- close to the line but Is more or !c>a; pie Uie Jonesboro Golden Ifurr!- wllllntr (o let 'cm swap ft out when cane in the Cmjghcntl center. How- opponents nre both of the rout'h ever, n representative'was on hand nclor type. to view the Clitcks In tliclr best game. — . ~.~. — ..... ......I..,,, un; Jlmll >ine . who has the say-so over wrestling If the visitors flash the same style Is In a tough spot. Some like it as last year, and H Is likely they rough, others prefer to see a grip "Will, fall."^ U'ill Sfn n Ittn.t. ll'nll .invt. . hlntrMmr Fnpl nn.l ..11,1 _j I. . ... , fans will sec n.tcnm well versed In gridiron tnctlcs, employing a shlftln... jtoc and bnckfield, fasi '«» intervenes ii'Jwit ' the match breaking, tricky backs, wilh plenty doesn't suit, some he Is blamed If of scoring power. The air Is ex- '>e doesn't he is thc target of peeled to-be nilcd irllh footballs, criticism from others. the past Bumctle-coachcci elevens throw plenty of aerinl bombs. Last year their heaves nearly spelled doom for the Tribe. "Wimpy" Burns Out A bed quilt, said to be 220 years old and handed down through 13 generations of her family, is the proud possession of Mrs H O Atkins, of Tulsa, Okla Mexican Am.ilciir Oct. 30 MEXICO CITY.—The 'amateur golf championship of Mexico will rj ij"ni5 uui, be decided here over Ihc Country The Injury jinx struck the. local cl 'i b course here, Oct. 30-Nov 4 Wigwam ngnln yesterday when John "Wimpy" Burns, understudy for Hershcl Mosley, received a badly smashed ankle in scrimmage. Taking the offensive reins after a tenure on the defense, the mite quarter who is fast rounding into a vnl- uabl member of the Chicks, started off tackle and ran Into a bunch of varsity tncklers. He \vns thrown hard (o (he ground backwards, doubling his foot under him. 'The extent of the injury hns not been determined but h c Is expected to be out for some time. For the: secSnd time this week Coaches Laslie and Puckctt sent the Chlckasaws through a lone, hard workout, capped-with a shot at the dummy for tackling and blocking. ., ...-.-. i/' i T ' Crai f' who was sent to the sidelines by an attack of appendicitis a few days before the Tennessee University .gridiron season got under way, .has donned Ihc moleskins and is helping the mentors get the chicks in shape for the .Green Wave. Especially is the former Maroon and While star pay- Ing. attention: to the pass defense giving valuable pointers to break up. the air-raids. . . On Tlie OiitsitV Looking lu By "DUKE" ' The Bij Game They're getting ready for the bin game of the year down Shawnce way . From all reports the Indians (or Green Wave as some prefer to call them) are carrying the hopes of south Mississippi county against the Blytheville juggernaut and inost of the footloose residents of the Osccola district will be here lo cheer the Indians on when they face thc Chickasaws Friday night It-seems that reports of a victory over Crawfordsville for the Indians ; last week was In error What the Indians actually did was to swamp Trumann « to 0 Ttu- maim previously tied Paragouhl Crawfordsville ,'was beaten the previous week. ' "Beat Blythcville—Shawnec Never Quits" has'been adopted as the pass-word at every door In ' thc Shannee school buildings and some of thc gridders are even mumbling It in their sleep we're told. Openiy pointing for the Friday night tilt as the "Big game" of their season Sliawnce's gridders may be expected to play' the best football of the season. Shawnec' was bitterly disapp^ntcdin losing to thc Chicks-by one point last jear. They're out for a win and no mistake;, . May Kot Play Wilson .The writer understands that Wilson is negotiating with school authorities here,looking toward cancellation of the Blytheville-Wilbon ; game this season to be played at Wilson. -.•_. , From what can be learned there Is no ill feeling existing but simply a strong belief on the part of Wilson school officials - that the strength ol thtlr team this year Is A Thankless Job Nelll Reed, the ncw.lnsnic.Lor or bputy commissioner In charge of •rcstlliig and boxing shows ^ Whatever his attitude Ihe man • •-- »" «JY.\, ll (_,i |lj latching test and still others like mixture that is hard to mix. If match 63 YARD? ^ THE OfePklCK'ON RECORD,,,. AW)E'BVA\. PAYME OF DAK. VJKLEVAM A6AIW6t HE FADES BACK FROM A ShbRT NCR HE WAS GOOD.-Too... plant is thought to be native to Hawnii. It Inc n : England are rejected for uiifit- ness; nearly 25 per cent arc be observed with the htunitn jectccl -wltlioul even'' a medical :ex- the Uncle Dan and Major Bob lo Be Among Missing Next Season n> IIAUUV GHAVSON NKA Service Sporls Kdilor riiatball won't seem the same at two southern schools next fall On the heels of Col. Dan E. McC.u»!n's ' announcemcnl of 'retirement at VntiderbllL after 30 years comes - _,. 17nhVr land, of Tenncss.., . lericd by tlic War , fv j tin J tuniLA word that Ma). Robert Reese Ncy- --• — *J2parlmenl to the I'unama Canal Zone on a two- yeiir assignment, effective in Jan- forccs against those of the Armv strategist. . * Colonel McGugln was (he first southern coach to. prove to northerners that Dixie lads were capa- 'blc of taking care of themselves when pitted against the best Colonel McGugln, famous Michigan guard In the old polnl-a-min- ute regime and' brother-in-law of Melding H. Yost, made his 'tow us a coach In an intersection... oame against his alma mater in loo5°The Wolverines repelled (he Commodores in four consecutive years but these games sowed the seed 'that >wis to result in nationwide nltion of southern football. • * • III on ISroadu-ay. Colonel McGugln turned out many championship combinations hi the southland, and made (lie name of Vanderbilt feared on every football field. The same Is true of Major Ney- .land, although his success lias been >-; recent, since he assumed com- ruck to score the biggest hit recorded at Pasadena' until Columbia so surprisingly upset Stanford nine months ago. Griddevs Of Forrest City, Blythcville Meet and Major Ihe guiding furnished nary. Cotonel McQugln Ncyland have been ™, , - .,...,. S n TO Dixie with some of its most brilliant and rousing. duels during Iho past eight years.,,- They did more lluiii llielr shtvre . toward putting the game In the south on an equal footing with that of .other sectins of tlic country. It was not until th c husky ma- ior came to Tennessee as cut! coach n Iflzs that the Vols had any success at all In their annual cn«a"c- ments with Colonel McGu'gin's -oinmouores. -Major Neyland licunmc nend coach In 1026 and one yeir later Rained (he plaudits of Tennessee ncn and followers when the Orange and White tied the Nashville •Uhletes, 7-7. * * * nls Take r Char(;c Since limt eventful aflcrnoon Vnnderbilt has bowed every year '«ept in 1032 when the contest aided In a scoreless i\e after th« renowned Beatttc Feathers, luggin" he leather for Tennessee snji^"c ; l i pass ami ran 58 yards for what appeared lo be a touchdown, only o be called back for stepping out of bounds. Nothing has been sa id as to who will succeed Colonel McGu?in mand at Tennessee eight years a»o the Orange and White has .won "us games, tied Dye, and lost live, for one of the Imcst records j n the country. •. '. • ... Major Neylaiid's , 191.1 team was one or the Broadway hits of that season, when, participating in a game played for-the benefit of New York's unemployed, the' Vols trimmed New 'York : University. 13-0. They were led by a on'e-man crowd named Herman Hickrmm who played- so much tackle that all .of the critics regretted navin» left him oil their All-Americas ° Another coach who did'a great deal toward putting Dixie football on the map is Wallace Wade, now at Duke. His Alabama teams thrice appeared against Pacific Coast champions in the Rose Bowl without a defeat. The Crimson Tide's 20-10 victory over Washington on New Year's Day, 1926, was one ol the most thrlll| u __ games ever played, and the outcome was heard around the football world Alabama came from far in the young men enlisting for th> armv C J !l ,' a - |cr Nc i' Jl > nti . but regardless i-: ir,...i....i _ :-oi who is chosen they will not be - -w,. t ., v j wlu ;|t)l. DC able for some time to build up the color and drama that always -was present when .. n.v. htvll-\ Vanderbilt lawyer deployed the keen-witted his Again Blythcville ' and Forrest, City will be rivals when the Bly- Ihevllto negro high school Trojans clash with the negro high school team of Forrest' City at Forrest City tomorrow. The Trojans hope to follow in :he path ot the Chlckasaws by turning in a victory over their Forrest City opponents. They expect to show Forrest City that Blylhei'iHe is Just as hard to take on one side as the oilier, it is stated. ' The .TrojajiVigettuig off lo a late start, will;.have., a squad or about 18 players' 1 'Coach Barbln a former star of Virginia negro college, will depend mostly on line plays and end. runs. • The line-up will likely be 03 follows: L. Little and M. L. Smith, ends;. L. Williams nnd A, Mack- jaekles; Z While and Jeff -•-Tir*"' g llil «ls; vv. o. Ramsen, centft-; Shine Garland, quarterback; -L. Macklyn and W. WfU- *ins, halfbacks. Fonnie Lloyd, full- )ack. Town Clock Rejuvenated POTTSTOWN, Pa. (VP)-PoUs- town's "Big Ben" in ilm steeple of thc Lutheran Church of Transfig-^ iration is keeping time again after electrical rejuvenation. WorWmcn stopped thc clock and installed electrical apparatus to replace weight operation. bergs invade ship lanes on ii u western side of Cape Horn. ever get to sen In trie'North Pacific, most of them breaking up Ir i'ne bays where they go adrjft. There are now only two hansom cabs licensed for hire hi London. Last Time Today .'.> Mat;'..2:30, I0-25c ;; :! : Nite;G:45—30-35c ; KpGKUvPUYOR'iinrJ ,,»KATHE...:;A;VGBI, in J ROMANCE IN , THE RAIN' Paramount News • Comedy today The North Atlantic, is the only area where Icebergs'offer a serious Th n S ? m __, fhin « Ne»' Under the Sun - There is Something New in Tilytheville - It's The Deluxe Cleaners and Hatters OPEN FOR BUSINESS MONDAY Across From the City Hall Phone 99 ET OFFERS FIT AS A FIDDLE ANDRARIN'TOGO! two c-oger heorls that even o countrywide scandal could not separcilel GREAT LINES OF LOW-PRICED CARS THE STANDARD CHEVROLET '465 SPORT ROADSTER AND UP _,„ COUPE.. ., •••••i.i.., STANDARD SEDAN.... s w STANDARD SEDAN . DELIVERY «o fco announced «>on) More are list pn,^ o[ ^^ tenter cars at Flint, M! ch . With bumpers, spars tire and tire lock, th, ;,'... pr!ce of Standard Afode/s i' s JT/S addi- ihnal. List pr^ of commoe. cia/ catt quoted nre /. o . b Flint, Mich. Special aquip- mentfztr*. Prices subject to THE MASTER CHEVROLET nrilF, worW a lowcst-priccJ Six ... f.,.1 hrollicr to a |l A Chevrolet mwlcls !„ fundamental quality .,,,.] rc] ;. ab.lity . . . that's tlio Standard Chevrolet! It's a ],i e full-size car-169 from burner to b, m ,r,er- bnnging you all the basic Chevrolet advantages a beautiful, roomy Fislicr body with No Draft vcniilV tion system . . . Chevrolet's famous valvc-in-hcad six-cyhndcr engine... and thc full measure of Chevrolet performance, siainiria and dqiciulsuility. Ami it sctx nao rocor* /or economy f n bah , Mrchose •„ and up/arp! See thc handsome Standard Chevrolet , 11f) .l c | s at yonr nearest Chevrolet (icalcr'g-todaj-! ^.CTEVROIET MOTOR COMPANY. DETBOIT. MIQITCAX fi,,^ pIIF. .le luxe car of the low-price field ... Chevrolet's olTermg lo men and women who desire economical transporlation in cars of Cxccptiona! size and hm.ry . . . the: Mwicr Chevrolet with Knee-Action wheels! Thc bodjsofcoursc.isby 1-i.J.e... the chassis is built to thc well, i • ""• 4"«Mij,<iiiu \um isiircmpn- .rfnr,?,,, the Chevrolet price range. You will receive ample proof of ,his when you tc-st Cl^vrolet's famous Knee-Acuon ride . . . i ls fleet, spirited, 80-horsepower 1*11 nT ••;"•' Bhocfc -P««>f *'^ring «nd cabllcon- trolled I,rak ?S . Itcmem!>er: One rideis worth a thousand words. ^\ isit your dealer and ' ONE RIDE IIS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET COMPANY Blytheville,Ark. '540 AND UP SPORT ROADSTER....... JS« COACH .•,..,. 580 TOWN SEDAN.'...,.' 615 SEDAN MO COUPE KO SPORTCOUPE 6W CABRIOLET MS SPORT SEDAN 675 Above are tilt paces ot passenger can at Flint, Mich. With bumpers, spare tire and ' tire Ax:*, the tint price of Mfsttr Modeli is f20 additional. Prices subject tochtnge without notice. IADY FOR RICHARD flRLEN MARJOI5E RAHBEAU 'Comedy - -' Musical Novelty Reel Wed. and Thursday MAT. & KITE—10c .- 25c Those Eyes! NILS ASTHER, GLORIA STUART With PAUL KELLY, Alan Dint- furt,R<ntt Gadd, Rusj Brown. Produced by C«rl L««mm!e, Jr. Wii««ix ,nd dlt«eud bv MM Mircln. Pr«. itnltd Ijy CjrlUcmmU.______ ' Pox News 2 Shorls

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