Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 23, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1896
Page 6
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The Cyclist's Necessity. WILL CUBE CUTS, BURN'S, BRUISES, WOUNDS, SPRAIN'S, SUNBURN",. Oil A FINOS, IN'- SECT BITES, ALL PAIS, AND •INFLAMMATIONS. USED INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. IN- TOLL CONTROL. Altgeld Makes Programme lor Illinois Democratic Convention, quarters of the people's party national committee in Uiis eity advising populists throughout, the country to. make Henry M. Teller, of Colorado, their national standard -bearer. No Chance for Boies—Gold Democrats in Control in Wisconsin- Silver Address Issued. GENUINE IN' OUR BOTTLES ONLY, .BUIT WRAi-pEiwr, SEE otm NAME, POND'S EXTHACT CO., NEW YORK, 76 FIFTH AVENUE, JSE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PILES. Sent by mail on receipt of HO eta. They will not spill or spoil In the luncn hamper— Uan Camp's Pork and Prepared with tomato Sauce jire (lie easiest things t< > carry and the mast dulicMful lu eat for luncheon o-jt of doors. They satisfy hunger; always Rood, hot or Cold. Can carry them In _ your pocket. Send six cents for sample can; a me.il for one, VAN CAMP PACKING f-** , Indianapolis, Ind. BEST- THE WORL.D For kecipinK th« System In a Healthy Condition. CURES CURES Constipation, Acts on thu Liver and Kidneys, Purifies th* Blood. Dispels Colds and Fevers, Beautified the Complexion and to Pl«,nnln(f and Refreshing to the Tasto. SOLO BY ALL DftUQQISTm, «»-\ nicely illu»trate<l eifrhty-paue Lincoln Story Book einrn to etery purchaser W t package of Lincoln T«SL Price 25c. A»k y«oidraeffUt.or.LiKOMj! T*» Cc^Tort Wa/ii»,M For Sale by B. F. KEESLlNd. PLUG-IN E K^ INSTANTLY T& ROACHES * BEDBUGS * MOTHS* ANTS +ETD 25CTS I BEWARE OF IMITATIONS* ALERS INTAKE NO SUBSTITUTE* EXPLOSIVE ALL DEALERS ORDINANCE. iiu •*• "i-iliiiiicil by the Common Council of the City of LoKanspyort, Indiana: TJiait Section One (1) oC an ordinance providing for the Jiccnsiu.fr of hawker*, peddlers, canvassers ,'iiul others, puss by tlic Conn-mom Council of tlio City OL Logarisport, ludltiua, on tlio 15th day f>:' April, 1SOO, be nnd the siuiic is hereby amended to rend as follows, towit: Section 1.—It Nliall be unlawful for any person, parsons, llrm, company or corpora I ton, or lit*, her or their agent, servant or employe to carry ou the noss of. luvwklns or peddling or can- Tasslnjr -w-Wriu the coi-porsite limits of {he City of Logansport, ;it wholesale or retail, l>y can-yliiR, exposing, crying for sale, sclli'DK, bartering or excliangins, or offoHtig to soil, barter or exfthango, or by hiking orders Cm- immediate or -future delivery, at amy place In, upon, along or within any ati-et-t, avenue, alley or")nMlc place or fronn house to •liouse in wild City, or otherwise, any goods, wares. mei i eh<iTidtee or artlclos o£ coni'meree, without firot uavJng obtained from said City a license for tliat pui-powc: Provided that t.liis section of this ordinance shall not apply to formers, nor to \vliolesale traveling 1J]ct - .channs, who sell only to retail dialers ki like comiHtxlirU'x, nor to the sale of ncwspripeis. Any person, PLTSOTLS finn, company or corporation,, or hLn, her or their agent, sen-aut or employe, who shall violate any provision of this section of this ordiionucc, shnll for each and every day said offense is cmrnniitied, pay and forfeit to the City of Ix>gMispoit, damages In any fliim not less than twenty- live dollars :in<J not mwo tliau one hundred dollars. Soetiion 2,— This ordinance shall be in force from amil after its passage nnG publication for two (2) weeks succes. sively, oiice each week on a stsitefl day, In, some dally iiewypapei' printed ami published In rl«> City of IjOgansport. Passed June 17, 3S9(i. GEO. P. JI'KEK. Mayor. Attest: Clerk. .TORN B. AVINTEUS, City THREE NEW DANCES APPROVED Work of llio Unnclnc MuiterV Convention nt rUtuburcli. Three neiv dancojs wove iidoptecl by Hio convention .of d.incing masters at Pittsburgh, Ta., tli« other dny. They •were the "Varsity Gavotte," the "Xa- tionnl Gavotte," and "Le J3enu Qwn- ilrillt." The first is fi d;ineo in -t-1 tin:e. Tho gavotto movement changes to n balancing stop, then into a glicie. The "Xatiomil Gavotte" develops into :i graceful step, after a .curtsy. It suddenly changes into n quicklrtpp, ending with a wait/ movement. Gavotte and •waltz time are used. "Lc Bc-nu Qua- —— , , •.. ' , - , , ... drllle" i* of-theminurt order, embody- c fe. for ,»« ?!W le ?A^,.' !! ^ ±1- BALFOUR OUT. Uncoullrmoil Kiimor Tli.-.t He Has Ko- KlU-ni-d I'niin <Jul>ln<:t. London, June- 22.—A lui.stily siim- inoned c 11 ^! 11 '-'^ council mot at thu •foreign ollice Jlonday forenooii and .s:i for tin lionr. It is rumored that Jit Hon. A. J. Ualfour, ilrst. lord of tin treasury, and the government lender ii Uie house of commons, hns resigned from the ca.biiiet. The rumor of the resignation of Mr. Bulfour cannot be continued. When the house of commons resumed its sitting in committee of the whole on the educational bill Monday Sir. Ualfour moved that Die chairman leave the chair, which motion is equivalent to dropping- the bill for the present session. Murderer 13rcukH tlnll. St. Louis, June 22.—Noble Sbcpard, •who murdered Ltezie Len-hey and Thomas Morton on a shanty boat nearly ii year apo, escaped from jnil here Sunday night. His absence wa.s not discovered until the prisoners were round- ad up for breakfast. An investigation showed that Shepard snwud a hole in the bottom of his cull and escaped to the street. Over 3O,OOO Lout Tholr Liven, Washington, June 22.—Secretary 01- uey Monday "received the following- dispatch from Mr. Herod, secretary of the United States legation at Tokio: "Deaths caused by the tidn; wave estimated at over 30,000. In reports to date (21st) DO mortalities among-Americans." Select 8»n Fnmclnco. Louisville, Ky., June 22.—The North American Turnerbund Monday selected San 3?ranciseo as the citj r in which txj hold the next biennial convention. St. Louis will continue to be headquarters. Drinking by Initlnct. Some discussion has lately occurred in scientific journals on the question whether newly-hatched chickens will drink water if the mother hen does not set them the example. Mr. H. W. Elliott, in a letter to Science, answers positively that chickens will drink of their own accord. He has frequently placed a dish of water before a brood hatched the day before, and observed the chickens, without any maternal teaching- or assistance, putting' their bills into the water and lifting- up their heads to swallow It, in the nwnner of full-grown fowls. Philosophy of the Home, A philosopher observes: "Six things are requisite to create a happy home. 3ne of these is a good cook and the other five are money." Pepriav 111., June 22.—Save in the matter of political complexion the. demoerutic 'state convention Tuesday will be a reproduction on a miuiuture scale of the gathering of the republican hosts at St, Louis. The silver element hero is as much in control a* was that cf the g-old standardites there, and Gov. Altg-eld is the Mark JIanna of the occasion. He will designate the dele- gafes to Chicago, draft the'platform, indicate hls-preferences for t.he nominations on the state ticket, and whatever lie says and does will be accepted without murmuring. EverytulnK Cut anil Dried, •' Everything- is so thoroughly cut and driexl that Secretary of State Hinrich- •cn said Monday inorning that the entire business would be gotten through with within two hours, instead of two days originally contemplated. As for the sound money minority it will content itself with a protest against the silver plank, but Diphtheria In London. The prevalence of diphtheria in Eon- on is occasioning some anxiety. DISEASES OP THE SKIN. The intense itching and Binarting inci dent to eezemit, tetter, salt-rheum, nnJ other diseases of the skin is instantly aJJaycd by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bncl cases have been jermanently cured by by i efficient for itching piles a it. It is equally and n favorite reni- . .. . . . , I blaiiis, Trost bites, and chronic eore eyes. .ing. the Newport, two-step, iintl ™ ! M for sale by draKgista nt 25 cents per box. Mmrka. Tim premier On.nco lia« been | —— abolished, nnd consequently the gold i Try Dr. Cady?S Condition Powders, they medal wa.s not awarded. ' aroju»twhatahoKcnccdswlieninb:idcondj- tioo. Tonic, blood purifier »nd vermifuge. GOV. AT/TGELD. according to the present programme here will be no bolt. Leading admin- .stratioji dci))Ocr:itM. -of whom Postmaster Washington llesing.of Chicago, s the most conspicuous, were (looking n Monday morning from ail over the Kfale n> Jook over the field, but they ire without weight, or influence, save n exhorting the minority to keep a till' upper lip and not permit the Vkfjeld programme to go by default. No Hope for Hole*. The advance guard of the Boies boom 'lit in RII appearance early Monday norning in the pin-son of Editor Samuel Brewster, of C res ton, la., and a Viies delegate in Chicago. In the alt- rr.oon he was joined by Secretary Walsh and other Hawkeye state democrats. It did not take Editor Brew§ter very long, however, to reach the conclusion that there was no earthly hope of his candidate receiving the indorsement of the convention. In fact, he wue plainly told that while the lenders of. the Illinois machine had nothing against Horace Boies, yet it was not in the programme to give even a quiet indorsement to any candidate. The entire .Illinois delegation, so Mr. I!rewst«r wa.s notified, would go to Chicago prepared to take advantage of opportunities, and would follow the finger of Gov. Alfgekl with as much fidelity as wns manifested by the Colorado delegation last week toward Senator Teller. At the same time he was nssured that there wa-s nothing in the story sent out from here Sunday night that the Altgeld brigade had settled upon Gov. Stone, of Missouri, and Clark Howcil, of Georgia, as the presidential ticket to be championed by the Illinois delegation. Sllvcrlte" Unlii Another Convert. The silverii.cs on the ground, and they nre coming in with a rush, i>re jubilant over the accession to their ranks of Assemblyman O'Donnell, of Eloomlngton. Up to a week ago he was counted with the sound money advocates, but he a'dmitled Monday nio.rn- ing that, governed by the sentiment, in his district, nnd in, which he js a power, no other course was open {o him but to get alongside tho sixteen to one banner. CAPTURED HIT GOLD, y cl'.sclalminj; nny purposn or rlfi-hc to bind any p«rty or person by tho views here set forth, we but yield to an ovr;rpowerlns sense of duty In saying what we dc to members of the people's party and to all other good citizens who. apprehending th<i approach of a momentous crisis in our country's life, are wllllns to averf It by acts of exalted patriotism. Wo came to St. Lotila as citizens, members of tho people's party, lo bo present at the meetings of the national republican convention, that wo rnlsrht determine more definitely for ourselves the true aim of that organization In the present struggle. Hero we havo scon the 'boas' In politics) more securely enthroned, more servilely obeyed and more alctatorla.1 as to candidates and policy than wns ever witnessed before In the field .of national politics. One man, the pcrfcc-. tlon of his type, representing the millionaires, the banks, the corporations, tho trusts and every other remorseless and plutocratic element In our country's life, has, throush the power of money, dictated the nomination of Mr. McKlnley and shaped the platform of. IiJs ;ja/-ty. "This convention, slavishly responding to tho will of the money power, has forced an issue which must be met. It Is a chal- lenne to the yeomen of the land. If It la declined, or If It shall succeed, the fetters of ft tyranny more Krlndlr.K than that of the czars nnd emperors will be riven upon the plain people of the country, fetters which must be indefinitely worn with tho contemptible spirit inseparable from willing serfs or in the end be broken with the I invslsrlblc power or u mighty revolution. That issue !« formulated in tho demands that "the existing gold standard must be IJi-uncrved' and for tho enactment of 'nil measures designed 10 maintain Inviolably the obligations of the United Stales and all our money— either coin or paper— at the present standard.' "Tlu> money power has forced this Issue new, because, In Its Judgment, those whom its policy will enslave are divided Into hostile polV.ical families which cannot bo united in time to resist Its onset. It re- g-nrds It as Impossible that harmonious iiclion can be secured between tho different organizations that favor monetary reform and resistance to their Insatiate greed. With populists, silver democrats and Independent Llmeuilllsis supporting different nominees for president and the national congress. It feels assured of victory. and It has determined to press now and without abatement the advantage whiih this apparently lamentable condition raises before It In this, the most threatening crisis that has menaced the country since tlic civil war. "We see In the private and official life of Henry SI. Teller a beacon, burning liright- ly, warning tnc- people off of the threatening shorns of dissension. He nas but now publicly abandoned the republican party, with which he has been associated since Its first organization. When to his official record lire united an unsullied private life. a charn-.-ter wltnout bioi or stain, a grateful, generous nature, a patriotism tha; Jmows neither state nor section, we fesi that we are bui- performing u duty to our •ualovcd country In thus calling attention to Mr. Teller's merits and availability as a candidate for president; as one upon whom all populists may coiisls-i'onily unite, wiuli! UK.-J' strenuously preserve and strengthen their organization. The necessity and wisdom of a dispassionate consideration of his claims upon the support of Ameriimn people have become the more apparent since the patriotic republican leaders who abandoned their party under his Inspiration, have announced him as their nominee for president of the United States " _ __ Jllcjdo I-'Hi:tory GIMM Down. Indianapolis, Ind., June 22.— Sanford C. Confle, of this city, was appointed receiver of the Arrow Cycle Manufacturing company, which has a plant at Shelbyville for making the Planet and Arrow wheels. The liabilities nre placed a-r $100.000. with $60,000 assets. The receiver was authorized to continue the plant in operation. A SPIRIT EEAD: Singular Apparition Appear* in New Hampshire Cemetery. Wonmn'H Face Outlined,on a Monument— Tho Snperiititloni Filled «Hh Aw* While the SplrltuuilitiAre KUtod Of er the Affulr. The little village of Smithtown, ?T. II., seven miles from Amcsbury, >fasa. ( ig in a fever of excitement over nn apparition that has appeared in. the village cemetery. Thousands of pe-ople from Amesbury, Xewbvryport, Ilnmpton, Senbrook and other .surroundiuff towzis have visited the place during the last two days, but as yet no one is able to g-ive a clear explanation of the mysterious case. Last Saturday Mrs. William Eaton, a rtajdeiit of the vil- lagre, was passing throug-h the cemetery, when her attention was strange^ ly attracted to t,he larg^c monument in the Walton lot. Mrs..Eaton is not at all timid and stopped to investigate. What attracted her attention was the dim outline of n woman's face on thp monument. . It was under a dark spot on the righ«-)inn<i side of the monument. Mrs. Eaton took several perspective views, and found that she could, sec it most plainly at a distance of from 12 to 15 feet, looking from tbc southwest. The news spread like wildfire, onil crowds began to visit the eemefory. It was not until a day or so Inter thntovjtof town people l>C£an to arrive, and for two dnys groat crowds have been in t.he village. Xoavly everyone has n difTer- en.t explanation. That Ihe face is there and is plainly visibly toall its T.rne. Some believe it to be tho face of Walton's first vrife, who died some 30 years ago, while some say it is caused by a Haw in ths marble. Those of a spiritualistic turn of mind are greatly elated over the apparition, and decln.ro that it. is an exemplification of their teachings. There are many, too, who believe it to be an (I! omen, and predict all sorts of disasters, not alone for Smithtown, but for the wli-ola country. T_ie monument on which the fact- isseen is a hug-e granite stone, erected in. honor of Jonathan Walton, -\ ho died in 3SW, :iff«l S3 years. In the same lot is buried his first wife, who died in ISO!), a son who died from ivovmdtj received in the war, and an jrj- fant son, and Mrs. Charles T.Katon. Mr. Walton, was, before lus death, one of. the most prominentand highly respected men of that part of Xew Hampshire. •'THE tRIUMPII_ OF LOV2 18 HAPPY, rilCJTFUl, .VACRIAOZ." Every .linn \>'to VToqM Know Clio Grand Trathii, l'io rln;ji Fnrm. r.o New Dlwcovcrlctl cf JUcdlr.iI ^.<-icnci» fc» Applied to 21.11-ric.i J.iiv, \V!:» \Voulil Alono for l'nnt Error* JIE.I Avoid Future ritfalln, Slioul,] Scrun; 11m V.'unilerful I,:nlc "oolc Cnlk-J '• Complete Manhood, and Hotv 10 Attain I:." " Here ot List is isform.-xtlnn from .1 ] i~h mcdieul source tliut moot woi-k womicra vita tbin Kent-ration of men." , Tho book fujly describes « method bywljica to attain full visor and manly pov-cr, A method by which to end a!l unnatural •'rains oa re cervonsness, lack«£ self-cor.trol, '! , . Vo cjicli.incc a jn'lcd ftiyl ivo.-n r..-.:_ro.rcr or:? of iriphuic^, buoyancy .in-l pov,\ r. 'j'o cure I'orevcr effects cf cxcc^eb.uvcr-.vcr!:. \r-v-ry, i-c. To fivefvllslrcnRth, development .ir.d t=-o to every poviion and orfrixi) of Ihe body, Age no barrier. Failure invisible. Tv:o tbousaix! rcfto-iiccs. Tho book is purely medical arrl cclcntif.c, r.rolcss to curiosity Bcctcrs, iavslas'jls to =ca »::]>- v.-lio need it. A c3c?7>airinff maa, wbo had r.pp!lc'.l to tic, fter>:i .ifier wrote: ••\Vcll, I K-ll you lliat flirt <!ay is one I'll ccvcr farRiM. I just bcbbJcil wilh jer. I Wiri^'l 10 liuc: everybody au<l tell tln.-^iiTny *. h'cT had died yesterday, ftndi: 1 .^ ijewbolf v;i* l.":-n To-duy. Why diOn't you tell -:0 \vli-u 1 Jrst wrote tbat I v.'culJ llstlit&U way'r" . And another thus: "If you rlnrnyx.''! a cart Joad of pcVi ,*.-t my feet it would not brinR such during:, into my l:;c :i.s vour ir.ethod has done." V.Vjiuioilic EKI.E .MEDICAL COMPANY, Br.TiJo, TV. V-, nml ask for tbc little book '•:!k-.| "C'OMl-'LETE MAXHOOU." Hcferto :}ii.s jxLper, aod t,he company promises to send ill'" 1 bonk, in eenicd envelope, «ilbout any ••:•••!:*, s-'vl entirely free, ujn.il it is veil isiro- WI«conHlu SIlvorltoK Full to Securo Control of Democratic Convention. ilihvaukee, June 22.—The gold men end friends of the Cleveland administration appear to have captured the Wisconsin democracy, and at the convention of the party which will assemble at the liijou theater Tuesday morning' at 11 o'clock, the gold men will be able to mil things their own vray. The silver forces of the state tire not organized, ami t.h^ victories won by them in the preliminary skirmishes about ten dnys ago alarmed the gold men, and only tended to spur them on to more vigorous efforts. Every sound money man in the state was called upon to make a Special effort to secure the election of gold delegates, and Ihe result was that in some of the counties which were though! to be bimetallic the gold men were successful. , There will be 350 delegates in tltc convention, or one for every DOO votes cast for Cleveland in 1802. A. careful estimate prepared Monday morning- shows that there -will be, as far as heard from, 143 gold men, 87 silver men and 02 doubtful. Thomas F. Frawley, of Eau Claire, a Bound money man, will be temporary chairman. ISSCK AV AODKESS. cliiKu l>ay »t Vale- New Haven, Conn,, June 22. — Monday was cla-ss tiny at Yale and the ex'- ereises of forenoon, afternoon nnd evening were conducted by the graduating class and devoted to them. At 11 o'clock the seniors of the academic department met in Battell chapel for the presentation exercises. The clnss oration wns delivered by George S, Buck, of Chicago, and was of the conventional order. The exercises -ton- eluded with the planting of the clusa ivy by T. F. Archibald, Scranton, Pa.; Chauncey W. Wills, iliddletown, and W. S. Wooaiiull, Orange. X. J. THE MARKETS. Groin, Provision*, Etc. Chicago, June 22. 'WHEAT— Moderately active and unsettled. June. STiSSSe: July, C"V4@SSUu; Sep- tcbe'r. 5S14U39V1C. CORN— Steady. No. 2, 27Kff?'-'7%c: 2' Yellow, 2SVi«?2?Kc: July, 27%ig'2SWe; Sep- teinber, 2!>!j@29?4c. OATS— Slow and steady. June, 17c; July, I7Vl©l7V4c; September, 17V4<?)n ! jic Samples sf/eiidy. No. 3. 17W@aS^c; No. 3 White, ISViS-lO-lic ; No. 2, 17?i@lSe: No. • A MASTER BLACKSMITH. Career of tho Man Who Nhod the Moit ruinous Trotting; Hones. John Keid, for many years a blacksmith at Forty-fourth street and Broadway, Xew York, who has just died, wa.s considered such a. master of his trade that the most fajnous trotting horses were shipped from long- distances to his shop to be shod. Jay Eye Sec, Goldsmith Maid, General Butler, and others were regularly sent to him. He wa-s S3 years old at the time of his death. He was born in Cork, Ireland, of Scotch parents. His had been a remarkable eoj-eer, before coming- to New York city. lie enlisted While n young- man in Kng-land in the famous Xinth Royal La-ncers as farrier major. He went throug-h tlie East India campaign of 1541-13, during which the ameer of Sccriele was routed at Hyderabad, under Sir Charles X.spier, in all seeing 20 years' of service for the queen. He '.-aroe to Xew York in 1855 and entered into the horseshoeing business. He continued a resident of New York city up to the time of his death. His family hold medals and other tokens of honor conferred on him during his service in India. He leaves a widow and eight Hving children, who are all residents of New York city. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKETHE~«~J—- TO DARING HAZING BY STUDENTS. Itccomiucnd Henry SI. Toller us C*n<lldat» for ITenldont, St. Txiuis, June 22.—As the result o£ a. series"of conferences bistween committees appointed by the seceding silver men of the recent national republican convention and a committee composed of. prominent populists an oxl- ess has been issued from the head- BARLEY—Quiet, with no chanRO in prices: not much Inquiry. Tliln, 22582-10; fair wight, bat off color, 2!i@27e: ?ood color, fair to good welpht, 2C@23c: choice to fancy, 30©33c. MESS PORK—Offerings rather liberal a;id demand active. Prices easier. Quotations ranged at $ii..i5ij'7.00 for cash; 5C.000 G.!)j for June; $G.97',4@7.00 for July, and J7.]2Vs0"-l"V4 f° r eptember, LARD—Demnnd moderate and offerings free. Prices easier. Quotations ranged at Jl.02'^04.05 for cash; f4.MflH.02% for July. £ind t4.MQU.22to for September. BUTTER—Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries. 10@UWc; Dairies, 9®l!e, LIVE POULTRY — Only moderate demand. Turkfiys, 7<R)9c; Chickens, S©S!6c Spring Ducks, l!@14c per round; Geese, per dozen, J3.00@-i.00. New York, June 22. FLOUP.—Qul«t and steady. WHEAT—No. 2 Ked dull;.steady. July, C3VSS>li3 7-10c; September, 63to8>63 15-lCc; December, GSH@65->ic. C OBN—No. 2 dull, weak. No. 2, Wid® ZWuc; July, 3-IMic; September, 'JSVfciS^ic. OATS—No. 2 dull, nominal. State, 2Jto@ 27c; Western, Z2to®27Vic; July. 217ic asked; September, 21%c asked. BESF—Quiet nnd steady. Extra mess, JC.OOi3i7.00; family, $S.w@9.oo. PORK—Steady, quiet. New mess, J8.75 09.00; old mesa, $S.25S)8.W. LARD—Dull, nominal. Steam-rendered. BUTTER—Fancy fairly active and llrm. Western creamery, HVj@15Vic; do. factory, S@illc; Elglns, Infcc: Imitation creamery, CIIISKSE—Quiet. Part skims, 2®IHc; full skims, l>jS<2<:- EGGS—Quiet and steady. Western, 10V4 Live Stock. Chicago. June 22. r 4.TTLE— JIarket steady to lOc higher, Fo'ir to best Beeves, $3.5004,50; stockera and feeders. !2.CO©3.SO; mixed Cows and Bulls $1.4003.03: Texas, $2.40^3.73. HOGS— Market opened 5Q>IOc lower: decline partly refirn.lned. Lieht, J3.20(ff3.M: rough packing-, J2.70fi92.30; mixed and butchers' $300(£(13.35; heavy panklnp and shipping. $2.9n@3.2C; Pigs, $2.70S>3.(iO. . _ _ Fre0hmon n.t.JohnH Ilopklnn Subjected to Laa^hkblv^idiffnltlcn. The faculty of the Johns Hopkins university has been worried to death by the open wholesale hazing which has been going- on, the victims being the youths who are now completing their matriculation examinations. They asked for policemen, and officers have been thick as flie» in the neighborhood, but the hazing has been going on just the same. The freshies have been inveigled into the pyrunasium, where they are divested of their clothes ami required to give various performances in "the altogether," Thou their clothing is put on wrong side out, and they are sent into the street with their cuffs around their ankles. Several were sent so attired in the register's office, where they came fnce to face with President Oilman and the dean. The officers made a raid on the gymnasium, but the hazers had gone. Tour were finally caught and given a ride in the patrol wagon to the station liouse, where they paid a fine of $4.45 each. SPEAKER REED A HARD WORKER. Notwithstanding HI* Dutlei In the Home He Due* Much Literary TVork. Speaker Reed has accomplished a great deal of literary work within the last few months, notwithstaudlnff his duties in the house. One of his undertakings in this line has been the preparation o£ a preface to the life of Henry Clay. Both Reed nnr] JfcKinJey have been, engaged on contributions for this work, but McKinlcy, who has been, ivriting a chapter on Clay as a protectionist, has been very tardy, and the publication lias been considerably delayed. This book was written by Prof. Colton, in six volumes, several years ago, but is being repnblished by Thomas P. O'Shea. Speaker Used has also writ- en another preface for a vi-oi-k on the nations, by George B. Curtis, of Bhigbam- ton, N. Y., not to mention an article for the Youth's Comrmn:on and several magazines. Affairs In Sicily. The condition of Sieil.v gees fro^n bad to worse, and fears ire entertained of another outbreak similar to Uiat of a«.tjcor. ••'. MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Thcareiteflt Perfection yet attained In Beet ConitructloB—Lmnriou* Equipment, Artistic FurnlfhlnE, D*co»Uoo end Efficient Service, insuring the bichest degree of • COJ1FORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. Faun TRIM PER WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit/Mackinac PET06KF.Y. '"'THE 8OO,» MAHQUETTE, ' ANDDULUTH. LOW RATES to PlrturwoB. NUckluc md Return, including Hull and Bertot. Pram ClevelBStf, fi8ifrvaT«l«d«, 5i«; from Detroit, (IJ-SO. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting «t Cleveland with Earliest.Tnin* for all poiot» Bast, South and Southwest and at Detroit for all point* North and NorthweiL Suntfv Trips lun«, Mj. ADQuit ind StytMtkH 0»rf EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay / Toledo Send (or TJlcitrated Pamphlet. AddreM : A. A. SCHANTZ, *.. r. ... DITKOlT, MICH. Tie Detroir and Maud Stan Mr. ft. * ONE-HALT »OX. OF BOX pozzoNrs 'COMPLEXION POWDER! I bus been tbo "Undinl for forlf lours »od • , Ii more porulM u>-U«7 tlinn over before. POZZOM'S LOO Ideal complexion powder—bcntlUfy1n(f ,| TrocLlDK, clennly, bcnlthful nnd hwnjlosi I A d«Uca:t>, liiTlalpIo protection 10 tl)o tace. ) With ewry box oUHMZON rHnmmg-1 I ntrlcviU fccovtlT. GOLD PIFF I . BOX la Riven Ire* of cnarg*. . ' AT DRUGGISTS AXD FANCY STORES.' Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully onjoy all If you take one of tho LAKE niCHIGAN AHD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chlcmto «nd Macklnac Inland (our tlnul every week. Tho new etccl stcaraslilp "M»nlton" Is a i".-n:iix- palace. Travels 'twlxti ChlCMo, :i- ; r!f?oli, Htrbor Sprlnsr», Petoshey, i^cliiauc Island, etc. Write for our rc:idaule reading matter, (roo. or ask your nearest affCnt. Adcfrcss Jos. Bcrolzbeiia, liA j t jj j^iicir. AND I-.VKE SUPEBIOIITK.VNS.CO. Ruth «nd N. W»ter St. Chic*(o. aon-roiaonen remedy for rarcufl, or any isduromw ion. irritniion or clccr* tlon of in u c o u « mom- 'or pout in pl.im ' . , by erprtt^, prvpiud, for *I.OO, or 3 (ml Hoi, fci.75. Circular scat oo r^'Uest*

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