The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1943
Page 7
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FRIDAY, Af'KIL 30, 19-13 BLYTttEVlLLE (Attfci)' COUlttfeh NfitVS IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified "Advertising In The Courier Newi Will Be CASH ONLY, Kicept (• Established Holiness Ft ran. Became the low cost «f cfeasl- fled ads dots nut justify the expense of bookkeeping Rnd collections, we liuvt adopted IHla policy ratlier than a raise In rate. No Exceptions (o this Policy 1 For Sale Electric Range, market cooler and case. 1'lione 3!)'J!J. IlOpkS-n For snlc or Irado for haiiwlnillcr— :i room shack in west end. Excellent wiuer. Bob Easlc-y, 1«0'2 Chickasiuvba. liO-pk--) Baby's bathetic, rubber-lined, new condition. 108 S. Mtii. 4-30pklll ice crcajn wagon, good rstnblishcd Inisineis. Can earn up lo SIM) n moiilh. for .selliiiR, Ill health. 1117 Holly. 30-|)kri-l CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING- INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for consccn- ve iiueilions: iliiuniiim Clinryn f>flc time per lino I5c limes per line per day 12c times per line per Uiiy.... times per line per day 2 times |)(T line per tiny 5c Month per line; OOc Ads ordered for three or .six times nd stopped before expiration will >e charged Tor Hie number of limes lie ad appeared and adjustment, of >ill made. All Cltissificd Advertising copy iibmUled by persons residing cuticle of the city must be accom- lanlcd by cash, Rates may tic cnsi- y computed from the .above lable. Advertising ordered for irregular isertions takes Hie one time rate. Nn responsibility will be lakcn or more than one incorrect Inser- ion of any classified ad. For Rent On account oi labor shortage I am ottering for sale 25 bead of CJriulc Aberdeen Aligns cows, most of which have pure lireil calves by (lu-lr side, and me re- bred to 11 registered bull. Cows range in mjc from 3 lo (i years old.- noselawn Kami T. c. Guthric, Owner .Stnlihville, Ail;. 4-30-ck-2 Two lai'ge outboard motors. K foot outboard boat, no IU>. Marine inboard motor. . liAiiKsnAi.E MFC:, co. Phono 2911. Dlytheville. 4-:iO-ek-4 .'lioice Prycrs, on foot. 40c Hi. I'lioiii! 2!!«a. Ilickinson's Dairy. 4-2!l-pk-2 2 bedionm suites. Kroehler sofa- bed. Ovcifiiutfed chnlr. 3 linvr ehalr.s. Moore's Airtight con! hentcr. 2 smnll fcltclien tables. As a group or by (lie piece. May be seen at 1138 Willow aflcr C. Phone 22G(i. ( |h-lf Oil burner healer and Warm Morning coal heater. Until practically new. Cull 2224. 28pk5-5 lilCYCU!. Call 3127. 27-pk-5-l *om room furnished apartment. 1S25 West Syeamsrc. 'JO-pk5-7 ?onms for men. Harry Atkins. 4-28-pk-28 Barker rooms. IOG E. Main. 4-3-pk-3 jood grocer;,' s-torc building and fixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-18-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. chlcKasawba & loth. Fhone 2413V " " 11-ck-tf bedroom. 1017. Walnut. Phone 25lfi. Il-7-ck-tf Farm INceds SCREEN ACTRESS HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured motion picture uclress, —1~ 10 Perform 13 Aljjenan scnpprl 14 Erbium : (symbol) ! 15 Age 1C Female deer n Container 18 Ne;ir 19 Hussian clly 20 Dined Answer to Previous Vuizle AL AM OP PS PA AB .TlAlIIJt OT ON 51 VA AgSA ALAMO V A AB.-PM^A r5 OR NT SMT 1 IS 5K 1! AT KM AME. |PM TAR RRS 11 Folding bed lacioK device 18 Atmosphere 19 Eilticr 2?. Hoop 2S id est (nbbr.) 27 Shallow utensil '<? 28 Aid ~.V 29 Slate- M Gaelic 31 Indctenniuale quantity 34 Deserve 30 Moving truck 37 Mollusk ' 21 Cloth measure 421Iiilf an em 00 Place (abbr.) 39 Stair '22Twice 43 Laughter 61 Small part 43111m ,f, •23 Music note sound . (12 Born ,« Spoil away «; i24Gcal 44 Tear '> 03 Periodical 45 Also 26 She is a 40 Relative h!s, VKKTIOAb 40 Spcod contort ' movie .1 (abbr.) •£; 1 Jupiler , 47 Check 28 High card ' 47 Symbol for i 2 Russian 48 Alleged fore* 29 Compass point coball mountains 49 Soft mineral 32 Rhode 49 Strike lightly 3 Pillar . 01 liird island (abbr.) 50Pnvtof "foe' 1 4 Within is 82 LtEht brown ;33 Exist. 52 Beverage ; 5 Wagers n 53 ll(;Iovc 34 Auricle i- r>4 Praise »j.'i?. 6 Iridium i 55 Amateur :35 Ellipsoidal « Mi Any .•V'^qi (symbol) ,<i. \Atlilctiu ' objecls *' 57 Right \\ 7 This place f Union (abbr.) '38 Compositions Worshipful ij 8 Mineral rock 57 Edible'fc'rh , 40 Month (abbr.) 'S (I Homes ot roolstock 41Transpose • 58 Circle part ' UiiiKS CO Jumbled tyni : (nbbr.) ' 59 Boat paddle 10 first man BlTlmtono Au.slralla has n rabblt-iiroof fence 1IUO mill's long. KIWRIGKRATWN KLKCTRIC MOTOR SKRVICK1 I'. W. Talnin, Jr. l>h. !ir>7 Ulyllicvllli', Ark. Metal baby Iniggy. Like new. Call 2230. 4-20-ck-2 Monre's enamolcil kilchcn riuiRO, Wood or coal. Phone 282G. 4-28-pk-l 1041 Chevrolet Picfcup. Good condi- lion. U L. Anderson. 38 13. Muin. 1040 T'lymouth Tudor. Good condition, radio, heater. One owner car. Private owner wanta $050. Call Prilcbard, Slecle High School. 4-27-pk-! GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." G. c. Hawks. 3M E. Main. Ph. 32D2. 4-13-ck-13 FOR SALE Better Used Cars ll C'IIKVI!OM"r Sl'liC. Hct,. 'I'«\V\ SI-DAN, Uraiilirul Mn- I ...... Cnliir, llailln, Ili'uler, Mirsloiie Th-cs, Clean us a |iln. I!W I-'OHI) VH "«0" TI)IM>1( Nl'HAN. I'Mni ciuxl tires, inc- I'llilhliully siiinul. Sjll'l'llll l«w prii-i-. till" Cl ]MASTi:il SI:D,\.\. uinii,,. oii K iiiai Culur, ,\-l Th-i's, Hiiliol- lila< iicvr. "MI roiii) iMvi.tixi: Si:i)A\, Miirmm Color, Itl'cvn- illlliiiu-il liinuntunil, (i ..... | (Ill's. inn i-'oui) s. Dei,, ii-cvi,. TD- DDII. llhu-k Culnr, evi'i-llrut I-'iH"itii]ir 'rircs, I. iioks ami runs litu- nru. 'I'lin-c is an I'xlrcine slniihgi' uf s<i»il KoriK mill Clmv rtilcts. si i; us ,\ti\v ron ,\ :n I:AU iu:roitf. TIM; s 1'i.v is r.o.Ni;. Phillips Motor Co. ())M'n N IK bis NEW TIRES Fur Cms, Trucks, Trador<i T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. m \\. Axii I'liuii.'. mi FOR SALE Oho rornrr slurp mill I roltnfios --•I'liiM' In—I'llrr- $1150.00 tar ill) fkc. THOMAS LAN!) CO. CONCliCTi; STORM HKWKR FIIV Hnlo A 1,1, Nl/US Oiceol* Cuhrert C«, riwiu's 253 A M 1). S. l,:uicy Kit \Ylsoiiiun OsivnUi, Aik. JTO I )RK I EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Comiilete Sloi-k «f Part*. HARRISON I Auto Partt & Garage _ I Oliver farm Kijuipiurnl I I (17 W. A«ti I'h. J55J I 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcinlzlhf—Tire arid Tab* Ktpalrlnf. AH Work Ouarantecdl • WADE COAL co, Alabama Ked Ash Coal.' iiwy. 61 Ph. zm WK NKI-il) USED CARS • nil TRUCKS Top prices for I. ale MuiH-ls - - "S™ S'i'ay Hnfore Voii Sell," T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. lviiiolhs & Chrystrrn Nr\v 1 W. DON EDWARDS "The TyiicU-rltcr Mun" HOY Alt, SMITH, CORONA, AND J1KM1NCITON POHTAHI.K ] 118 N. 2nd STUEET • I tEvury Transacllon Must Uc Sattsfnctory) 3M2 | We Run Loan Cotton Geo. H. McFadden & Bros. Ag'cy. Over Itniiini's Diiiu Klurc E. C. PATTON rho 1'. O. llox 218, mydievllle, Ark. BAKER L. WILSON For Sale COTTONSEED Dt'lfos !!2r>2 Bloncvillo 2-1! WIltl'H 1 2 Will's- JH SOY BEANS Arksnys . . IK'Istti -Ho.vnn.Vs LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. I''fciifhtniiii 1 .s lluyoii, Ark; Ancient Egyptians used funerary wreaths as cnrly ns 1MB 13. C. Used Sewing Machines bought and sold. Singer Sewing Center, 114 So-.itlr Droadwny. Call 2182. 7ck7 Wanted To Buy Wanted to buy—One Used Truck with long wliecluasc. Call 2212.•. Late model car. Will pay cash. R. W. Wade, Uixora, Ark. 2 miles cast of DurileUe. •l-2-pk5-2 us your poultry, hot; and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Ton- Its and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. •3-lG-ck-tf Services . •\pril Special—Pcrmancnis two for Lamlys.' Beauty Shop, Main and 2Ist. Phone 3333. 7-pk-1 Sewing machines repaired. Singer offers C war-time service specials to suit j-our machine and its condition. From $1.50 UI)P singer Scwinf! Center, in South Broadway. Call 2782. 7-cV:-7 Help Wanted Men \vith aecountiii" extieriencc needed by essential Industry. Answer giving age, qualifications, and type of business of present employment, nox CW, Courier News. 4-30-ck-tr TWO CARPENTERS- TWO imtJSIT PAINTERS- TWO SPRAY PAINTERS- ONE I'Al'EKUANGEH— Sec .). W. Meyer. Lee Wilson Co.. Wilson. Ark. 4-2n-c)i-2 Experienced seamstress Hudson Tailor Shop. wanted. SCcktf Waftted Small APT or bedroom for cndel's wife. Hox N. Courier News. •i-UD-pk-2 Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of goon" used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-lf Will pay 20c per doz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-ck-tf Wanted To Rent Email furnished iipnriincnl. Wanted immediately. Call Mrs. Ryan, phone-2413. 30-pk-5-4 Downstairs furnished apartment or small house wanted immediately. Call Miss Weeks, 2028. 28-ck-5-l Lost Sack of pedigree Stone 2B Cotton Seed lost between Yarhro and Stale Line nrcli. Reward. Andei 1 - snn Hicks, stecle, Mo., Route 1. 28-pk-5 ; | WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 3311 • DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 319 W. Ash Ph. 551 PIANO, OKOAN mid VOKJK ClasMa nininunrcil fnr SPRING Mrs. Diirolliy W. Pawlsfon, n A. M S SI ORGANIST i TUACIIKR ' ' ,, Mi '! i . sl T, nr Allls!r> lir5 , 1 ''resliylerlan Church Mrs. rnwlslon 1(01 Chickasjwba or riione 2011 FORD PROTECTIVE SERVICE 1'roloiijf llic life nf your Ford, avoid major rc- iwiirs. save gasoline and motor .oil, enjoy (hat smooth new i-ar performance wild genuine Ford: NK\V PISTON RINGS & ItKAIirNfJ INSHUTS. $39.00 COIMI'LKTF,. inchidiiiff lalior, parts, motor oil ami Baskets and engine Iunc-ii|). PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tel. .1.13 Authorized Ford Dealer Sth & Walnul We want to bay Homes. We have purchasers ror all kinds of homes.. If you want to sill quick, see, THOMAS LAND COMPANY II, C. Campbell, WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING 1215 Main Ph. 2842 Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Hblhevillc, Arkansas SPECIALS Esiracifons 51.00 Full Dp'r Si Lower I'lalrs $r, up , 1912 Blytheville 1943 Defoe Furniture Co. 12fi E. Main Dial M21 Wanted: Used Fiirnllort. Al- I io you can trade your alt furniture in on new. RATION CALENDAR April Zii: Coffee Stamp 2f! Explrrs. ~"ajr 21: Gu.siilljie Coupon 5 Fi- plrcs. June 15: Shoe Stamp 17 Expires. ' J. E. JOHNSON I'ire, Life and Casually INSURANCE 117. N. 2nd Street "Better Safe Than Sorry" U-BOAT BASE, PICTURES, AMP I560NE, IEAW6BNEMVPUR FAR BEHIND Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —IM More ami Better Fonil fur your ration liouks. ." Deliveries Daily C. L. NABERS Grocery & Market IM S. Division St. Phone Ml HKI) RYDER A Sc-iire lo Sotlle Hy FRIOD.HARMAN. VED'l^i'PER HA WEST- BOUMD TRAIN IM a PE5FECW6 ATTEMPT TO STOP AMOTHER MAIL CA AND CAPTU(7E THE- INPIAU OUTLAWS.' DRS. NIES & NIES Ostcopathic Phj/sicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Rlytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP 42 40 (Incltnlos I,alioi- Only— No ri'pf.-tocriionl (i ;i r t a costs. J. Ti-Blitcr, CVtlN-nER HEAD 5. Clitck nnil adjnsl OAR- "".'.LMAN'K^S- Ch«k nviliKTOK for best "M Mnnomy. fi. Adjust VAI-VE TAl'I'liTS, 7. Clean ami service ATll CM-:ANI:K. 8. Tlioroiighly Inspect COOr,- INHi SYSTEM. Tighten Hose Connections. Adjust Tan licit. f). Test nnd Service KAT- TEliy. Clean and lighten COMPRESSION. A d j usl HEAT VilljVK. 2. Clean and Tcsl SPAHK 1'MJGS. Ailjiisl Spark Gap. 3. Thoroughly inspect GENERATOR, COII,, CONDENSER, VOI.TAGK UEG- 11I.ATOK, IVIKIN'Q arid SI'AUK CONTKOI,. Tlghl- rn all cornieclions. 4. Clean ami Acljusl nis- TKillU'lOll. Adjust En. glnc Timing for maximum wartime performance. connections. 10. Tune MOTOR, fnr best wartime Performance ami mlle.TFe. LOY EICH CHEVROLET GO. OSu\ TiWQ 1 EVER S^OT IN 6.H3UT HOOTS AND HER IJUIIDIKS \0%V\...\.^'b\! w-'lVZi^ VOJRE VE3V FCOLI6H OOP...CME CAM M.VWS PLAMT 1H1NSS HAD ITS CHfWCE TO GO Off... GO NOW I'M GOfS'MA HAUL IT OUTA, By V. T. HAMLII-- OF couaet NOT// i.... MV 6TAG6, LOOK. THECE.' THAT'S fHE ODOE5T KCTIN6 DCXMQ I HEARD OF.' s^siPp^ i)'.'.r-i»^-,_:--—\ -=-"- sx- v ' ^> • •— ' ^I'^KI'KSjyNJ) HIS r's^ YOU CAtL Of! Thlf I'nlilicilv From the Press T/ Wf CAN'T FIND YJMl-fJ YOU CALL ON [|ID \ v vt l -A<N i MINLJ /»i SECRETARY OF THE 'Kctf'Wf, I °" li(i; sns.iccr |K)VJ CWYOU At»RESS HIMV ./,, t j v (r!-. E . 0 ^ v .9l 1 f:-_^' ^n ANY BOO^S Y ? -r/ K ME / < O?, "YOUU. HOMOR.'O"!. •. • V WHAfi '\'\-^,,-^. ( GEti, I. | i j / f . OONT. VI M! 'V KNOW/ VESJAFTER FAYING SVY 1M- •OMETA>\ 1' THIHK YOU ~u—f SHOULD ADDRESS t V HIM -'YOUR -. \ HIGHwess'' I DON'T KNOvVf WM-VT WR. MCXGENTHAU VVAMTS WITH THOSET KIDS—BUT WHATEVER iTlS.Gtr ^ OF IT/ /

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