The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE, FOUR FIGIJIOlFT IEILTH Oklahoma Democrat Plan Congress Baltic ,lo Pre vent Profiteering BY Ti:i> ]t. MAI.OY United I'roM Slair (.'uiresiioii.leii NORMAN, Okln. (UP) — Haiti lines aie being, drown for u fl^h ! In (lie next congress to enact log Elation that will draft wealth a well as men in future'wars, Leadliisr (he battle Is Josh Lee Demociatlc nominee' from. Okla lioma'i fifth congressional distrlc- Mho made n pledge In Feunu <HV the body of his World Wiir burld; that his next nght \vciild te oi the \\nr profiteer. For 15 year, he has spoken throughout th< Soillh and Middle,West telling au diences the way to prevent iv«r is to lake theorem out of thcjm Since his nomination last sum iner (whtcli is tantamount to oJec tton) the former University o; Oklahom-x public speaking pio- icisoi has made extensive lecture touis. Aid of congressional colleagues has been promised, the American Legion- • in practicallj every Mate has renewed Its plecl°e against. v,ar profiteering, and educators ha\c tail, their assistance Camp.ilijns in Missouri Lee cnrried his appeal to 20 Mis- soml counties last summer undci the niisplccs of (he state education deparlmsnt. Following cadi op peaiance before the county tanoli- ers associations resolutions were passed urging congress to enact a draft law " thai In case of war would comci-lpt money and nntci- lals as well ns men," and mgliy (he piesidcnt to lend his assist ancc in Use increment.' •Hi nn unannounced, iiddres; b=- ioic the Missouri department, ol the Amciicim Legion early in s c ,,. tfcmbei the 42-yenr.old orator received a standing ovation of sei eial minlites from weeping clieei- Ing veterans and. their wives •Tor 17 years," he rtoitl the lyg- iommncs, "tills oreniiizatioi) lui been fighting .for universal conscription, it hasn't gotten to first base, rm going i 0 congress in January, and ru be Hie noisiest ireslinmn in Washington." Lee plans to attend the national convention of the Lc-ion at Miami, Fin... o c t: 21 t 0 25, to assist in the passage of a resolution urging adoption of universal description. He will address tne Arkanssis Education association nt its . animal convention 'In Little.' Rotk Nov. 8-lb. In on Interview with the United Press, Lee reviewed lib campaign against «ai; There are three steps •1—Placing • an embargo on anus, 2—Opposition to an intervention policy. that would send soldier Into foreign countiies to protect prlvata invesiincnls. 3—"Conscription of properly as well as iiien !n time of war." He 1ms t;ui thr, flrst two par tially i'u'.niled. When war broke out In South America between Bolivia end Paraguay, lie remmcteti the United States placed nn embargo on arms; encouraged by the exiimple 18 other nations placed embargoes ;,s far as that war was concerned. When ;nc recent Cuban situatio i arose, he recalled, the United Slates took the stand there should be no intervention since it was a domestic revolution. He believes the arms liwcstlgn tlon now underway may lead to .fulfillment of the third step. A Monument to Toil-Moscow's Subway xatMpnpufv*****.™.,*^ -rrnmimm nim,,, W«~M-V-»>-/»—».' ^.....„.,.,.;.„. _•/ A Russian laborer looks qut next „*„„., <n, ls shows n completed section of Moscow's eight-mile subwiiv "win i "V i := = = onc-tmcU left ,,,nno. of the Tr =«v;s; — Ing.nlonsslde the most modern construction mndilnery. 0 en r Star'Gazing o 'If I could do no more In my first two years in congress," lie said, "than to have ft small part in pasting a law thai would uralt, money, and materials along wilh men in time of war, I would /eel . that my time had been worth vrh'lc." , • v Lee has armed himself with statistics that flow easily in his eloquent and sincere oratory. "Owing the ten months I was in France,", he said, "there wcr- 3,000 milliciralrfs made in Now Ycrt- fhs war cost us 27 billion dollars, hut how much of that went (o the pay of the soldiers? JuJJ 5. per cent. Tiie rest went to thc manufacturers of munitions, the financiers and profit- 1 ecrs of war." ] He referred to ^manufacturer,! now in Sing Sing prison, who made raincoats thai "leaked like mosquito nets" by using half the rubber called for in contract I specifications. ' These things are his arms in' .luirilling the pledge he made its; he fired a'salute over his dead! buddy—they will be amis 01 "thei noisiest freshman in congress By Harry Gray son Just rambling A short time ago, Coach Ray Morrison, of s. M. u, remarked that the boys of the southwest were playing a brand of football on a par with any In the country and TCXHS' victory over Notre'Dame ami Rice's over Purdue seems to Indicate that sharp-chinned .Morrison knows, what he is talking about. No .one gave that Dorothy Trilling, 20-year-okl San Franciscan, a tumble as she walked to the nrst tee at the start of the recent Women's National golf tournament at, Olicstrmi Hill, Pa. . . . But nil me golf experts say she Is the one Ikciy youngster to unseat Virginia Van Wlc from the throne of the mighty next year . ... Met t | lat she-played a.'ainst |hot Hie Michigan track ace who was, Ilk) hot shot, of the 1932 Olympics —is to sail for Australia next month to compete against Australian professional runners. , . , Foot racing. Is conducted much the same as horse racing In Australia . . . with oMs on thc runners being posted the same as on horsss and the fans placing their bets'with bookmakers. In losing to St. Mary's. California uncovered a sophomore star who Is expected to lis one of tl)» best backs on the coast. . He" Is a hlgh-stcppinj,' hull c!irtst'°in.-J Jim Carlyon . . . and slil) MolU . gan, Gael coach, says lie's one of the b?st he's seen. George Olscn, orchestra leader, plays hts golf to three-four time . . . u-o notes for the back swing, comes domi on the accented note, nnd finishes on the fourth note . . , allowing twice as much time for thc backswing a s the downswing . . , But every once in a while George gets his music mixed and starts opcrnluiK on rumba time. * • • Gotham sports scribes Insist, the deal has gone through which will we Dick 13art«ll leaving the Phils to become shortstop o f the New York Oliints . . . which sjcms to Indicate that Travis Jackson is to lie shifted to third. -Freddie Hopkins, who developed the great Equlpois- is back on (he Whitney payroll again and may take the great handican- per to Clifornta . . . and prep hlti for the rich 5100,000 Santa Anita classic to be staged there In February. —-Fishing, t ,i, e Nebraska slate hospital states, may be thc mean; to heal shattered minds. The mstitulimi Is using the old-fashioned cane pole type in its cxperi- 'nents. . . . It . s t ,, e otllcr t that drives you )v ild. After that Michigan State drubbing, all that's left of Michigan's 'punt, pass and a prayer' system of football seems to be the prayer . . . and even then some Of the boys aren't praying so hard. Error in Beverage Killed Best Man CLEVELAND. (Up; - Michael Roharik, 23, swallowed poison by mistake Just a few hours after he had been best man at (lie wccldin- of his brother, Paul. n c died almost immediately. Tlie tragedy occurred in front of lite house where the wedding celebration was in progress. Roharik was sitting in 3U automobile with Ins mother, Mrs. susus Roharik and Miss Betty Barbol '»o ,,„',?,? _ B ™ what he thought was a WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, Hutchins Joins Brain Trusters I an Rings to Tell Story Of Matrimonial Standing LITTLE ROCK, Ark. <UP) — Things will lie greatly simplified If Miss Valentine Pulton's patented rings for maids and bachelors are worn. Slie has copyrighted the titles "maid and bachelor," and "single" to be used as further distinction /rom Die -liiellei- bles. Thc first Improved model of the ring will be sent the Prince of Wales, Miss Fulton said, Jas .the most popular bachelor. Stenographers will no: longer wonder if the clerks who lake them to dinner are married if the rings are popularly accepted, Miss Fullci! suggested. cupunts of the car were unhml SHADYSIDE, O. (UP) - This time the bridge as well as the automobile got thc bad end of a crash. A Wheeling, w. Va/, machine which rammed a bridge spanning- Wegce .Creek smashed the bridge :Jnto the creek. The oc-" Read Conner ««» want Ads, VACUUM CLiAN£R, &«U Y01HI CLASSIFIED 9 ft Tl «N Another college president to lju recruited for the Roosevelt brain trust Is Robert M. Hiitcbln'a, 35, youthful educator who lias won fame na head of' the University of Chicago, shown hero as ho left tho White House. He la mentioned tor head of the National Labor Relations Board and also aa a co-ordlualor lie- UVCIKI I-JH* divisions. Gaztng pensively out on world,. Whitney Bourne visions fields of conquest. When New York society life palled on her she turned to the stage A success on Broadway, she at.rac e d HoUv- ^ rt= " "" S1 V C ' 11 °>\ <° "«* success in the cinema realm --.^ — ,, tjit^vbi-i] ILL my • tint and now has bcca booked'for the lead role in a Russia wood's attention. film. Tomato News Notes •> W Carson and family, of U- panto usited in Tomato Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Nave UK thc parents of a son. Squire Mltchuson was injured Friday while operating his sawmill. Mrs Joe Shefc, 0 1 the Dycss colony, is the guest of her father, Bud Powell. . . Miss Louise Carson, of Memphis, \isited hsr mother, Mrs. Annie Collins, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs JJIH Carmon us itca at Rosa'Sunday The infant son of Mr and MJS. , •Claud Underwood died Tuesday of Jast week.<- ' S.o»wi started here this t totals 78837} II BURIAL PROTECTION As Cheap As $1 Per Year No One Can Afford to Be Without It }Vc have Kiiccccttetl in t>n>ani/,in£ a !cg;il linri;il association. '\We have : postwl suffintnt l )( -mtl with'Ihc stale'-•-' - rianhinj; doparlmcnl, nnti complied.'' wilh every law, rule and regulation fcquircd of us |, v the 'state of Arkansas. This associiilion is 'not for profit for anyone, but is oryitnixcd to furnish burial protection and burials to Ihu public at wholesale uriccs. We will have agents rail on yon in ycijr home ;H nllre . though' don't wait frr nn agent but call Ui > t!te office of !hc L. G. Blosa mineral Home and receive the prolection at once. NORTHEAST ARKANSAS BOSiAL fiSSO L. G. Moss, Undertaker Agents Wanted ..... - •• >"o'» "t io,uuiy IIUL tlDHS were sold during one of the baseball classics in Detroit, - - Rn l r Foutls, •manager of Teddy Yarosz, nev middlewcight j cham- I' on, isn't any too anxious to have his boy nght any of those numerous leather pushers "who arc sending in challenges. . . He has an- .rry Jacobs.- hbne^mU- ht charge, as -policeman" and an Teddys challengers put the., finger .on Harry first. '*-• I was In a p automobile." -. They're' going for hoss rnang "18 wa out n in way out in California since , CS ?' feC(t - ' • ' Thadsanta Hack is expected to b=' com- xpece to b= com- P ete<l soon, an dlhe $750,000 Bay a ° or Pens Epitaph, Shoots Self CLEVELAND (UP)—"The valiant aste of death but once." Oscar J. liiderson, head of the detective .ivision of the Retail Merchants' toocmtion, penned the Slmke- pcaran epitaph on a note in his coiipc before he ended his life with a bullet through thc heart. Head Courier News Wnnt r\as. lixlra Nap Given Col DELAWARE, O. (UP>_Slcepitl"' collegians have a break at Ohio Wesleyan University this year Tl intolerable "7:45" class 'has ' been eliminated. The first scheduled classes will meet at. 8:10 now, tile administration lias announced. All Silent Funeral Services NORWOOD, Mass. (UP) — All- silent funeral services were held for Michael Jazukiczas, deaf mute. The deceased's wife, (he pastor, Rev. Stanley Light, who conducted services, and the six pallberaers also were deaf mutes. Services were conducted in sign language. Excellent Quality" says Edna M. Ferguson It's a pleasure to use meats, produce and other supplies from Lutes," says Edna M. Ferguson."Eve r U t h i n y is of such excellent quality. at the Courier News Cooking School You Will Hear the Lecturer EDNA M. FERGUSON Phone 327 discuss the advantage, convenience and economy of having your garments laundrictl and cleaned at regulai, fieijucnt intervals. You \vill leain moiq about this splendid seivice, which means longer life for your wearing apparel.; You can't afford to do :your dry cleaning at home/when you can send this work ami'have it returned, ready to wear and with -:that : - '"like new" 'appear- • Blytheviiie Laundry e Know How" Phone 161 GROCERY & Miss Edna Ferguson Domestic Science Expert heartily Recommends v SWEET&PUREFLOUR - Meets Every Requirement Instructors in Homc-Ktonomics and Dietetics concentrate upon two (iriniai-y factors—foot! value mid taste. These principles are also the basis off onr pi'otluction of S\vcct & Pure Flour. This Hour is used successfully in all branches of making breads, pastries,'biscuits and shows a decided improvement over other blends. Afe Ferguson in her daily talks and demonstrations uses this flour exclusively. Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO, , .Wholesale Distributors

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