The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 255. BIATHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JUNK 10, 1943 .•SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST THK BLYTHEVILLB ARMY JUB CORPS NSWS Published daily except Sunday» . In the Interest of the personnel at the Arm;'Air Forces Advanced; Two Engine Flytoi School of BIythevlUe, by the Blytiwville Courier New; It ; • • contain* the newt at ttw Air Base. ••••-. List of 333 Promotions Here Includes Six Master Sergeants i '.Six master sergeants, highest noncommissioned olYicer grade, are included in the list of 333 urornptions announced today by Col, Kurt M. I.andon, ;conimanding oll'icer of the Blytheville Army Air Field. This is the largest single list of promotions since the'field was activated last yeiii 1 . Nineteen were promoted'from, staff to technical •sergeant and 57 have added a rocker to'~their three stripes, becoming noncommissioned officers of 'the third grade. All promotions ar,6. effective as of June 1. '•;=..• ; The new master sergeants "arc: Gn\dy P. Aaron, Lewis W. Mimrer. Joseph O. Talley,, Sim J. Hayes. Adam M. Kluzek and Rnlnh S.' Hastings ''... .' Elevated lo His grade of technical sergeant" from staff sergeant were: Liirry •>• Normanci, John W. Berry, • John W.'.McBaln, John.S. Madden, Janies C.^Klllman, Paul A. Hudson, Janies .-H. Miller, Henry T.' Parish Jr.,; Robert W. Jordan, Russell E. Clsen, Pntsey Gandinnav Ernest E. Etlls. Richard K. Htill, Albert E.' Deville, Wilhelm A. Anderson, Fred R. Baker, Willis D. Miller, Leonard U Burnsten and >Mnrk C. Collis. '•>' .; Staff Sergeants Promoted to staff sergeaiit verc ihdmos E.. Griffin, Lotus D. Coke, " Warren E. Slansbury, Walter K. Naquin,- James W. Bennett. Henry A. Cornell, Herman • Carder, John p'. Moseley, Robert .L. Lutz 'Jr., Hafold R. Williams, Alvin J.'i Atkins, John E. Brillhart, Edward J. Wilson, Guy S. Kemp, Jack R. Newsom, Donald C. Harvey, Joseph E. Deeririg, Charles M. Sinith, Virgil E. Williams, Leroy W...Walker, Gu^ P. Lailouceur, Donald D. Brandon, George R. Hlrikel, Olenn A. Catterson, corjwln M Bladock, Paul Chambers,- Firian E. Dickey, John T. Moore, Clarence Decoux, James B Pettit, William T McCaughliey, Marvin L..Kelley, Edwin 'Ar'Irigram, Joseph .G^Hermley, Joseph D. Law, Irving M Skinner Jr,, Benjamin Smith,- Prank Pachuk, Joseph G. Walker.'D: J: Gesford, Rooert A. Everett P. Caie, Patrick J. Perpetua, Austin C. Moore Jr. Corporals—145 Promoted "to corporal were James B. Giithrlc. Robert J. Clolns, PVank A. Llpari/, Thedore Marshall, Raphael H.-Bagwell, Fate E. Hai- nion, Lawrence J. Prcuss, Albert L. Clsse, -L«wljs M. Doan, Michael Prokopowicz, Orn 'l, Pitts, John W. Tooloy Jr., Louis Burke, Charles Byril Jr., Herbert A. Thornton, Joseph J. Bruno, Frank A. Herbert, •Villiain D." Rawls, Harold Ilirsh, Franklin E. Moody, G us N, clmisnrU, Andrew L.'McDowell, Roland Al- Gray,' IJugh F. Lennon Jr, Mack aire, Nathan C. Moody, Lloyd D. King, William Cotes, Johan O McWhorter, James E Aston, Joseph" .ALiyons, Jess \V Ainsworth, Neil B Owens, Paul C; Bui - bage, Maurice B Phares Marlon G. Batey. l^ori-F .Reid and James E. Jones, Ih'e latter fto promoted from private. "$ V •- Sergeants—91 -. ' . • . The list of sergeants Includes the Lee J. names of. R. L.- Carson, George P. Zixzo, Leone, Jacob G. Emmert Jr., David Lup'a, • D. Terinison, Orlando A. DeBello, L'ouis ; G; Pappas, bewey G. Davis, Albert O Zukas, John Pill, Leon L. Kanto'r, George Vesey, John J. Walsh, William Lucks, Teddy S. Chmura, Robert S. Jillson, Karl H. Moellcr, Romeo A. Turcotle, Frank T. Anderson, Charles ,H. Burkhnrut, John R. .Musgrave, Isadore Winter, William, s! Bernard, Orvnl C. Eubanks, John L. Logan Jr., Charles D. Kirk Jr., Htrman A. Haakenson, Ame'rico J. LaFranchi, William (H 1 . Weaver Jr., David' R.' Kennemer, Edmond G. Reed, Lynn W. Brown, Carl M: Davis. John W. Bates, Lloyd M. Hcndrix, Wagner W. Adams, Selton O. Longino, John H. Beevers, Frederick W. Kettner, Robart E. Rndabaugh, Jacob Senator, Dennis H. Walker, Lewis D. McBriari, Harold C. Miller, William u Irvine, Jacob Brooks, Daniel A. McDutfie, James A. Drake, Edward E. Pridmore, Paul W. Feazell, James C. Gaston, Austin Keefe, Sol Wachs man.. Limmic A. Dean Jr., Robert Gray, Harold F. House, Oscar P. Martin, Jim A. Coc, Jacob A. Mycr, James H: Hughes, John I. Hill Arnold,L Israel, Norman Mitlin Ralph! 3, Groves, Benjamin Lipsky Bryant- H. Bartsley, Seymour Schwartz, Pred J. Ludwig. Riissol O. Massey, Dexter II. Buchanan Wayman W. Kennemer, William H. Ryan, -Walter R. Carter, Raymond C. McGray, Raymond E. Cole, Harold W. McLeary, Robert O. Childs, John P. Under, Winfrcd L. Hamzy, John S. Koslurski, Emile Robichaud, Edward J. Smith Jr,, James" R'. Earliest; Russel E. Ben- nlng, .Robert O. Burton, Fleet P. Crane Jr., Alfred D. Phelps, John T. Brown, Woodrow P. Seybert, Suurliaiis,. Pastjual Barea, Hilly L. Cheves, Harold H. Stringer, William. A. Yates, Columbus Phlpps, Ezra J. Shaver, Victor T. Vlien, Albert M. Howard. Bienvcnu Tra- lian, Dennis H. Canlln, George W Edmonston, William B. Gnidlner Douglas C. Plummer, Fcrdlnnm Leyser, Paul F. Lehrrmi, Robert A Bflinko, Edwartl E. Zimmerman Bernard Kaplan, Donald A. Davis Paul J. Hubyack, Daniel M. Gramza Herbert J. Pellerin, Frank Langonc Frederick A. Schweng, Frederick J.'-Rumig, Robert D. Butler, Fra W.< Scarborough. Bennlc Whllfleld •Abraham Ezrntl, Irving Rafcy Francis J. Hatey, Hugh R. Bryant Lucio, E. .Torres, Ralph L. Lowe Thomas J. Morena Jr., Clarenci A. Beaupre, 1 Carl R. Frear Jr. Bernard J. Callloiiet,. Rudolph '1 O'Dwyer, Ronald E. Anderson Willie L. Sims, Richard C. Creswell George Prybyla,' Dorris E. Pentz Truman E. .Renfroe, Joel E. Con nway, Eflward J. Whelan.'Ilenr Steckel, Paui, P. i Baran," Ronald M. Dedzek, William -W. Hyatt, John L. McDonough Jr., William C. Riddick, Lee J. Rosenbaum Jr., Anthony J: flHETiNfl 3oy Seoul From Keiser Arrives A Bit Early, But Gets To See Sights Will) full ceremonial review o[ .nxms at Retreat, to the music of he 351st Army Air Forces Band, and an afternoon replets with events and exhibits, the Blytheville Army Air Field today cele- jrnted the first anniversary of lls iclivatloii. Ojicn Post was to be observed 'iom 2 to 5:30 o'clock, 'and before the opening hour the crowds commenced to arrive. As the' training' Oilps roared overhead, .the' people; of nlythevlllc. Mississippi .County' end nearby communities .commence cd .streaming to the Air' Base-by' lulonioblle and by the 'public bus,First to arrive was a IZryearTOld Boy Scout from Keiser, who managed to crash ths gate far' In advance of Ihc set lime, 'make- his vay (with military .escort)!.lo Post Headquarters, where . he was ushered lo Ihc desk of the command^ ini; officer. ' .. >.,.'. Col. Kurt M. Landon, the coin-: manding dlficer, took him-In charge and gave him a personally, conducted tour to Ihc Link Trainer Building and even to the rigidly restricted area of the flight Hub where the aviation cadets ..were gliding Into the sky nnd swooping 5iilo the field in their morning [mining period. ' , A bund, concert began at 1 o'ciocic nnd was to continue until 4) o'clock; when Colonel Lnnclon was to present War Bonds to the enlisted men who were winners in a mill- 1 tary courtesy contest. j Athletic events and mass drills and caltsthenlcs were on the program throughout the afternoon under the direction of Lieut. Bill Adams, head of Ihe physical trairi- ii.g department, and members of his staff. Features of tlie aflernoon were the baseball gniim between the Pcet team and the Maiden Army Air Field, nnd n Softball game between Negro soldiers and the Blytheville Negro Independents. To The Public Tlie personnel of the Hlyttievllle Army Air Field cordially invite the people of Dlyllicvllle and of nil the sui rounding comtminltlca of Mississippi County and of the SI me of Missouri, to visit the All- Base on the first anniversary of It.s formal activation, Thursday, June 10, 1943. Il.wlll be a pleasure to receive yon at this Field, which is an exemplification of the mighty force that the United States' has built during the 18 months since I'enrl Harbor. In coming here today.yon will be guests at the great military installation which your patriotic spirit and gracious mid cooperative attitude have helped to make a huge success. J sincerely, KURT M. LANDON, Colonel, Air Corps, C'omniniidlng. Policing The Grounds A bottle of milk. A whole quart. Crenm on top. Sit right clown and drink It. Oboy. They sell It in mmrts now nt the PX, and Ihc Of who WHS raised In '\ dairying country loves It. He was raised on it. And over at the Noncom's Club, Corp. James Walsh, clerk at Cadet Headfiuaftei.s, has been appointed chief, bartender. Back In New York he.' presided as assistant at tlie Silver Gardens barroom. A new picket fence is being built around tlie Band's barracks area. The' musicians themselves do the labor in off time. The members of (lie Medical Detachment boast that their men have a high fQ nnd a keen sense of the, practicalities of life. Every medic has signed for a National Life Insurance policy. Average policy ' Is $0,802. • . i * * And War Bonds? Every medic is an. Investor in his Nation.•nnd •Is war, They all have signed for payroll deductions, averaging $8.66 jier 'man. ' : ••'*•» After these many months . noncom, promotions are rinCroze'ii. A lot oj new stripes, have been added to GI sleeves. / William Joe B. P. Selva, Walter Pachl, Weaver, R. V. Circcn, Rufus Louis Liikowskl, Robert L. Pletsch, Lawrence J. Taliancich, Shelby L. Pccvy, Lonnie A. Wiggins, Raymond L. Slape, Harold M. Brents, Donald W., Burton. Roy W. Taylor, Otis J. Wright, .Roland J. Hamel, Walter J. Wright, Alvin A. Scoggins, George J. Kochik, Chester T. Green, Tesse B. Black, Beryl Lanham, loward A. Aycrs, James M. Ben- lett, Robert E. Powell, Harold J. Announce Contest Winners l Seventy-five dollars worth of War Bonds and $18 worth of War Savings Stamps were to be presented to seven enlisted men, winners in the Military Courtesy Prize Contest, as an event of Open Post today at the Blytheville Army Air Field. The winners are the men who gave the best answers to what was wrong In photographs depicting groups of soldiers going about This warm U wonderful! Arkansas sunshine Ask Lieut. William G. Rose of the Medical Corps. He's Just ,buck from two months detached service at Oswego, N. Y. ' •*'.»' The Army hasn't killed chivalry,.but chivalry almost killed the Army. Staff Sergts. Anthony A Daplce and Mortimer I. Kassewlfi" of : the Medics,' gallantly loaiidi! their raincoats to two 'girls who s PORTS * * NOTES* Lieut. Allen A, Hurley, junior ihysical director, struck out twice ind Lieut. M. .), Angell, also a inilor physical djrcctor, struck out nice in a Softball .game Monday iflcrnoon. Gibed Lieutenant An- 4cll, "Well, anyhow, Hurley's worse hsn me." -Quipped Lieut. Bill Adams.-post athletic olfice'r, -"That nits him pretty low," . \ * * * " Staff Sergl. Mack MeWhorler, >byslcal instructor, was umpire 'or n softball game the other day. \s an • arttltcr he's, a good first mscninn, the players sold. • • • • Pfc. Melvin Pernell of the 703rd, tiinor league pitcher In civilian .ifc, had opposing batters - wafting :he breeze in the recent game with the Fourth Ferry Command. "He's crackerjack southpaw," his team- nates say. • • • Almost anyone at Blytheville Army Air Field is willing to bet a iliirt or two that Capt. Martin. B. Biles, javelin thrower etraordlnary, brings home tlie bacon if he enters the National AAU Track Meet late this month. The fanner national champ ts regarded ns invincible by officers and men stationed here. * • • Pvt. David Murphy, half mller, should develop into a champion track man. He works hard at his specialty. Never a day goes by but what he goes for long, solitary Jogs that build leg muscle and wind. He is sincere lu his love oi the sport and that is the basis of athletic greatness. - Letters Circulated By Army Personnel Might Help Enemy Agents A concerted effort to stamp' out the circulation of "round robin", or group "newsletters', among Army personnel Is currently being made by tho War Department to prevent compromise of vital military information by enemy agents. The "round robin" might be termed a third cousin of tlie once- popular chain letter. H is usually originated by the office "gang" back home, sent to a former employee, now in service who reads its several communications, adits one of his' own, then forwards the letter to the 'ser.vlce mail whose name appears next on an accompanying list. ' ' f. While in its original conception the Idea is innocent enough—inerc- ly a means of former fellow workers keeping their men -In service dvised of what has become .'of ach other—before completion of he mailing cycle a complete-.file f vital military information in- ariably Is compiled. War Department studies of such otters. reveal that the technicali- ies of training of multiple units, pccific duties of individuals, fu-. lire movements, exact locations of ndividuals and units, and the tech- lical aspects of our own' and enemy weapons are freely discussed. In explaining 'he implications" of his -practice, War Department of- icials point out that one of these etters in the hands of an enemy igent could give him, bound in a single convenient volume, the c'om- pelte outline of a large-scale trqo] movement, or details of the development of new and secret com- iat techniques. Groups of all kinds, as well as Individuals both in and out of trie irmed services, are being urged .by :he War Department to immediately discontinue the mailing . o these "round robin" letters. _,'• Dizzy Dean be '"Hie Big lias-Been" to, some,, but he's the ace" pitcher of'nil' lime to the Army. The GI is utterly devoted to , Stanley Cairnccki, Edward .Butler. Clarence J. LaFountain teorge C. LaPalme, Stanley A. Ho'chnncz, Norman Solomon, Lester H. Breaux, John J. I,upa, James S. O'Farrell, Wilbrosl H. Vlelleux. ouis Baffaro, Tony Lucas, .Claude H. .Lupp, Logan W. Prather, Edward J. McLaughlin, Barley A. Stone, Clarence E. Zcrbe. Guy A. Tardif, Russell Bruno, Orvil L, Deriton, Philip P. Nevcii, Robert H. Miller. Walter A. Douofrlo, Zack T. Britt; Harold S. Mitchell, Alfred A. Agiilar, Albert D. Adams, John J. Lightner, Robert G. Myers, James D. Lewis, Floyd F. 'Huffman. Roland L. Spangler, J. D. Donnell Jr., Joseph- R. Laverty, Paul L. Lovelt, Lawrence G. liutlson and Eugene B. McNcal. In the 945th QM Platoon, Ellis M. Moore was promoted to sergeant, Leander J. Wax was elevated to corporal and Janies Gray and Vcrnon Berry were made technicians fifth grade. lii the Del 907th QM Co. promotions to staff sergeant included John C. Stevens, Cecil Miller, Carmine L, Zullo, Ronald II. Geary and Jacob Scmiatin. To be sergeant: Robert p. Edwards, Richard J. Shaughnessy, willard J. Howell. iheir everyday a If airs ut the Air Base, together with a brief statement on the subject of military courtesy. The winners: First prize, $50 Bond, Pfc. Norman C. Weiss, Headquarters Squadron. Second prize, $25 Bond, Sergt. Frank Brine, Headquarters Squadron. Third prize, 410 In War Stamps, Staff Scrgt. George F. Kirby, 702nd Squadron. Fourth prize, $5 in War Stamps, Sergt. Herman Boykin, 309th (Negro) Aviation Squadron. Fifth, sixth and seventh prizes, SI in War Stamps, Sergt. Kenneth M. Fye, 702nd; Stan* Scrgt. V. A. Gutdry, Jr., 700th; and Sergt. Jerry R. Davis, 309th. The presentations were to be made by Col. Kurt M. Landon. commanding officer, • at 4 o'clock, In the Recreation Hall area. were' dashing for cover on their j the Garrulous One. way ti-oin the Postj Theater to the '• civilian employees' \ quarters. The noncoins 'got drenched.' Next day they had colds. • • • Corp. .Thomas T. Thomas, surgical technician, has learned so well In his study of suturing (stitching .wounds) that now he .alters trousers and shirts for his pals In spare time. • * * • Patients talk under ether. Corp, Albert J. Mcldium, medical supply clerk, lopped them all while under ether during a recent Deration. He talked, all the time about the fun he was going lo have while home on convalescensc furlough. Read Courier riowa want ad*. Hold Everything Tlie racing outfit worn by a Jock cy weighs only about 30 ounces,'in eluding the boots. • Back to Nature One Of First Here the Welshon One of the first, of the Army officers to arrjve in Blytheville to build the'Army -Air Field, Lieut. Col. Gordon C. Welshon (above) Post Quartermaster, has been on duty here for more, than a year. Two others who were on duty al this,station when the Post was activated a year ago today by Col Leland S. 'Stranatlian, the then commanding officer. They arc Maj Carl McKee, personnel adjutant and Capt. Jacques H. Segal, officer in charge of the field rations system, Others were here during June 1942, and who are,still on duty at the Post Include, in the order which they reported for duty, Capt William R. Mease, Motor Transportation officer; First Lieut. Richard B. Yaeggin, assistant Pos 1 Quartermaster; First Lieut. Geof. frey Willoughby, Public Relation: officer; Capt. Leon E. McDonald assistant Intelligence officer, am Capt. R. Vance Norfleet, Intelli gence officer. FUNNY BUSINESS i^BwiA^&g.^fe.j^Kwtfl.rf'CSJAJigac'r'.- Swingsters Will Play For Dance Tlie. GI Swfngsters will provide the music at the regular Saturday, night informal dance this week, at the Noncommissioned. Officers Club In the Glcncoc Hotel building. This group Is popular with the members who gather each Saturday night to enjoy food and dancing at the NCO club. Tech. Scrgt. James H. Harding, in charge of arrangements, is planning a special program of entertainment. And many sportswriters and fans think Jack Dernpsey in his prime could lick Joe Louis. The soldiers don't. But they' wonder if Billy couldn't open Louis' bomb-bays in a return match. ' • • • 1 Isj the Reception Center- Baseball Team of Camp Robinson, ifraid to tangle with the Post Team? Mebbe not, but the fact remains that Sergt. Robert Tubbs, inanager of the local team, has issued a challenge to the Reception Center nine and It hasn't been accepted. * * * It would add to interest in tlie "Filer League" if the Fourth Ferry Command baseball team of Memphis, could be luced into entering said league. Tho. Memphians play heads up ball and aren't at a loss for talent. '. ' * * • Sergt. Gordon Donohue, a boxing instructor, has been transferred to the line as a mechanic. He continues to workout In the ring daily, however, and gets tougher all the time. The ex-New York pro looks awkward in action, but don't get into the ring with him. That is, unless you're tired of your face the way it is. While many of Its features, like the fin, arc vastly Improved, the basic design of the Flying Fortress is the same today as It was eight years ago. Mono and Inyo counties are the leading trout counties In California. The Mustang has also been produced in a dive-bomber version; the dive-bombing equipment adds less than 200 pounds the normal gross weight of the plane. "Probably lost his ration book!" Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream He Hickory Inn Aer*M fr» m Hl«h To be corporal: Herman Schllpf, Carl D. Ison, Walter u Hnser, James B. Sexton, Herbert O. Hacks, Vernon H. Wilson, William G. McDowell, Ray McWtniams. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock ( Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Pb. 519 EaH M7 F, Main SMALL LOANS O* JtuTtMoc d TdM. East Main Lou Co. *M L Mklm — FbMM MM Good Only In Hollywood HOLLYWOOD, Cal. UP)— Jus at the moment that Hitler's tailor stopped making uniforms for tin Africa Corps, because that "critter 1 doesn't .exist any longer, Hollywooi jumped into the breach, it \va able to.sccure a perfect Africi Corps, uniform brought back fron northern Africa by Lt. Col. J. B Barret of the Army, to use as a Henry T. Cox. model. It consists of a gray-green tunic, shirt, breeches, shorts nnd cau. Nearly all studios are now . 9*. What do you want to know? In this column a veteran o£ years of experience in all the noncommissioned officer grades answers questions on Army customs, practice, tradition and regulations. Comment and questions are invited. Address communications to the Public Relations Officer, Army Air Field, Blytheville, Ark. Send in your questions. By PETER J. W ARAKS A Warrant Officer JC NMB May twins be assigned to tlie ame organization it they request t? ' , Yes. If twin brothers request hat they be assigned to the same organization, such •\s5Jgnmcnt is an-" thorincd if no ni li tary reason conflicts. However, such request. should *oe made at the time of nduction, at the induction :enter, when the [.wins are both at the same station, since, if the transfer involve a change of stat|on, transportation • and other costs and inconvenie n e e, Mr. Warak»_ ;he request would be disapproved, because a military reason would exist to the contrary. 16 Get First Stripes Sixteen enlisted men of Ihc 32Clli Squadron . have been promoted to private first class by Second Lieut. Francis X. Fnley, acting commanding officer in tlie absence J of Capl. John F. Mead. They are: Andrew Panos, John R. Wbrsham, John J. Joyce, Dominick Nfamone Jr., David B. Murphy, Edward W. Early, Lucius D. O'Neill, Dwiglit W. Lee. Raymond J. Barrett, .Randall R. Jackson, Robert B. Morton, Warren F. Eakins, Milton S. Auerbach, Harry C Riddle, William H. Sharpless and making copies for future models while enough are being turned out by one studio to enable it to shoot a; film ln_whlc_li the Africa Corjis largely "figures."' "."'.,'. About 1,750,000 troops a month travel on American trains in official troop movements, exclusive of furlough travel. . . '. Completes Link in Highway HOLLYWOOD, Cal. (UP) — Leo Post, Hollywood • contractor, had the honor of completing the last link from El Volcan, Panama, to Savallto, 'Costa Rica, of the Pani American highway. He wrote back : that the last 10 miles of the engineering feat was accompanied by much shooting of snakes, black . panthers, wild turkeys and taking iinto custody of numerous'monkeys. •Upon crossing the border he says, : he immediately posted a sign read- Viiig "Los Angeles City Limits." California's 1941 commercial output of mineral water "came" from 7 springs in 18-counties, amounted to 17,740,256 gallons, valued at $988,520. :' The Modern Ice Box COOLERATOR For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. C». Ftaon* 611 New Mexico appeared on Spanish maps of the New World as early as 1546. . When the fortunes of war landed fhim on a South Sea .island, jSergt. Charles. Gardocki .turned [Robinson Crusoe and got the most out of. a coconut tree in ithc.way.-of. food, shelter and clothing, 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY A Walnwt Ph. HI .WE.FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONEY STEWART'S D r u g Stor e Main & Lake Phone 2822 Flowers For Every Occasion ... Funeral designs, wedding flowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP WE DELIVER GLENCOK HOTEL BLOQ. Phone 491 FITTED BY Doctors J. L u4 J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVTILE SINCE 1912 Officers^ Uniforms Compare the fabric and workmanship of these fine garments before buying! Kettcr Blouses 37.75 Elasliquc Trousers 13.75 Pinks lli.75 Summer Trousers 7.90 Summer Shirts 8.90 BPTICBl STORE 209 W. Main St. TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE new HttL umnt . . , SeitK-rllng Factory Method. No Certificate Rtqntrtd On rassenser Cars, Quick, Dtpend- r>ble Scrvkc. the counter of th& shoe broken and worn, have us and pot in a new heel lining. neat, smart appealing nsult ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" Thert'i no wMer *!ectlon of shaving needs, cosmetics, norettle*, etc., in Blythertll* th*n at Roblnson't. Litest IfAgulnM—Foun- tain Hirlce—undwlchMt Service Men! Meet Yonr Friends it HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMALLER Khaki 75c; Tropkal VI; 3-day Serrk* Garrison Caps — Accessories —

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