The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEVim, (AM.) COUMER N1W8 McKenney Presents Interesting Problem in Contract Social Calendar Uove, of Stcole. Mo., and Lloyd J. Booker, of Holland, Mo., occurred In this clly Monday. The Hey. S. M. Watson read llie service. I • THURSDAY'S EVENTS Yarbro missionary society meet ing with Mrs. BF. Potter. •, laticv-Voung. C ?r h ft SS Viu arims Announcement 1ms bnn mud, of meeting with Mrs. Paul °«'""; | lhc marr^c of Miss Mldrcd U. D. C. mwl'ig at Wilson «"- |Y and Fcl|x u ,, l!U1( , Vi , )31U Ol WiUbn coopemve club. ! here. The ceremony was perform- EVENTS •> Slcnte-( looter Society — Personal FRIDAY'S _ Elimvood -Cemetcrj 1 association meeting with Mrs. Eugene Dlcfcm- £oii, 2:30 p. m. Ladles Bible class, First Methodist church, meeting with Mrs. i-. M. BuriKtte, 7:30 p. m. Snn Born. Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Cruflon an-1 nonncc the blrt!i of » son today nl.- son llie Blyllicvillc hospital. The bi- .I by weighs eight and a half pound.-.. MlSS Annie LeC ! Before licr marriage Mrs. Oration Ml' C B. HoU' was Mlss H1 ^ bcln -Murlin. Week The marriage ot Miss Annie we, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon I . Lee, to Mr. C. B. H°». was announced last nielU. The wcdimiB was • solemnized Saturday. December 16 at -Hie First Baptist church ot caruthersville. Mo., with llw Rev. D. K. rosier reading the rliie ser- The bride wore a track o! black karasha crepe, cut along bias lines. and trimmed with black velvet. Her matron of honor, Mrs. Paul llnilu-r-l.anr Rev S M Watson DC- I Mi'-* IK>llk ' L™" nml rl ° s '' Hooker were niarrk-il In lllylhevllle i \Vulsim. They were iillnidcd bj .', Mi-, anil Mrs. Ki.rl Ilmlgins an< liuddy. nml Mlfs Olive Ilooke j of 'Holland. •I hi- bride, a nr;)ilu,ili- of. Steel [high .school, \vhr-rc t-hf was prom : Ii-.cjil In allili'Ui-s. wll! i-onlimie I | hold In 1 !- portion In (he Sleclc . i«:Mo!firi'. Mr. Booker, win of Mr. | anil Mrs. fj. K. Poker nf Holland, •was itrailnatoil from llnllaml liigh I school and allencled college al Ca- her, Mrs. Alice Stone, and sister Ilss Florence. Mr. Mallory and hto> son, Victor verc ut work oti a new house or heir farm mciir Cooler Salurda when a stray bullet, hit Mr. Mallr n Hie back. His Injuries are no serious. U 1ms not been leanie who fired the 5)101. Mr. mill Mrs. Sloan and chlldre and Mr. and Mrs. 11. H. Tiaygoo< returned Friday from an extended visit with relatives In Arltndclphta, Ark. Miss Gladys Frank left Monday to enroll In llie .state teachers col- Icije "t Cape filrarrii-au Instead of : .WEDNESDAY) 'JANUARY'"! Osceola Society — Personal - t olak'VD: rtal- ford'.tp: h,is, hqnie /following a . OhrL5tm»s,-visit.i*jtU relatives here. They'returned Mondat accompan- l led'by their-pa'rehls. Mr. and Mrs. Al Curtis, who had 'spent the week with-their daughter, Mrs H He<i' la^pwwwst*vw f.iA 4., -,,, Word has been received that Mr. clly Mr. Wayman. was dressed in blue crepe with a lace collar. flat Mr. Wayman was Mr. Holls best Bit&oJ NtiCs Mostly Personal NTomlters (if tilt 1 Woman's chili were RHO.-IS nf Mrs. D. Collins I-'rl- Mrs. II. E. riarfni'lic sr.. gone to Pon Allen. La., to spend ]•; two weeks with her son. " Iday alti'i-noon. Tlie next meeting ll!is !\vlil in- hold next l-'riday with Mrs. Trie bride, who was reared in tills city, is n graduate of the Blythc- ville high school and later altende; Arkansas State college nl Jones boro. For the past season she ha worked tn the Memphis °mce «' tlie Mid-South Cotton Grower? association. The bridegroom is Ihc son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Holt ol Newport Tcnn. Since he caiv.c here five years ago he tins been connected with the Cobb underlakinc com pany. Mr. and Mrs. Holt arc making their home with Mr. and Mrs. Bruce • -Holt t& 'llC5 West 'Ash street. Tiie amiounccmeni -was made a a parly given by Mr. and Mrs Bruce Holt'last evening which wt also In celebration ot their scvcntl wedding anniversary. Ti-.e ten couples present playe Bunco with prizes going lo Mrs. J R. Stovall for high score and t Billy slqvnll for low 'score. A salad plate was served nnri tl cakes had the words "Annie an C. B., Dec. 1C" on them to inak the announcement. * • Eastern Slar Bfgin* Year The local chapter of the. Ensle Slar had ils first meeting of the ne«- year last evening with Mrs..M. FttKimmons, worthy matron, in charge. Other officers who will servo [liooks. r I Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fitzgerald, the Barnc-ttc jr., and Inmlly. I latin's mohlcr. Mrs. .1. C. McCalg, Mrs. C. W. \Vomack ntul daii'/h- Mrs. F.lphia Hond ol Iliiyll, Mr, ler. Shirley Anne, of Memphis, I an a Mrs. J. L. Ricknrd. :H>A Mrs, spent the weekend with Mrs. C. Tinn!r> Bond were dinner gnesb • - of Mr. anil Mrs. J. W. IllackwcV of Gibson Similay. Mrs. Ruth l.awhon and son Elbert went lo Monotte, Ark., Sun- J j day lo attend the funeral of the '• lumiil daiiRhler of Mr. and Mrs. returning lo college nt Murfres- Ixiro. Tenn. Wnkelciiih Clark and Misses Helen Vickery and Lucille Southern reUii'iicd to Hardy college, Morrill- on, Ark. Hud Story has relumed Irom Osceola where he has been employed. Announcements arc beln? received here of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brillon of.Hayti. Mnsclicll Hfimm and Robert Today's C«tract Problem !j South hag tho contract at three no trump. West.operia tlio klnK of diamonds. Mow Dhoiil.l Koulh pliy Ihu to mako four no trumpt set "'land Mrs. Tim, Evcrs of Johnson TWfeKE Jacksoh' : and:Mr. and >Irs.' : Brax-i rilp abends A (J10 7 3 A S 6 4 V 3 8 li 5 I'O 1 1 ]Holt returned to Osceola. Momla CartwrlghlSj.,Saturday I .,, , ,U> jilll n. ItjH^l I lids was Jj*;i.< Cit,ftjtlne (1 : Jon ? s •daughter op'Mr/ and' Mts,! Ifarihn Starr of Qi«oX;>nd : 'Mr.yp.seph Ransom diUlptyv'SQfr'JW'.'vW- HIKV.' Mrs, J. C.'CiillohV of'WilsoA.-which '' solemnized " A K 10 2 V AK Z A SZ G. Hires r.nrt family. Mr. Womaek motored down for them Momlay. Alvip. and Frank Huffman Imvc rclitnieri to school In Clinton, Miss. 'Hicy were accnmpanicd Memphis by Mr. and Mrs. Solution to Previous Contract Problem suit realJjr Is i'c'luiii.-.Noah's .bl^ol.L^ m „ four spades shoes', no losing tricks f December ' 24, 'at. the -Methodist ... „_„,,„ -.-• .r p aM onage M'-Wlson: The Rev. E. 'In spades! j South bids five hearts to fihow l,ce of Uycrsbiirg spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Howard. Mrs. Dick Mlchle was hostess to the Young Matrons club of Cooler with a bunco parly si the beer garden. Husbands of all the mcm- , tlial he would prefer to. play the i hand in hearts. North can take' the BY \VM. K. McKKNNKl [contract;to seven Hearts. -.East, Secretary, American Ilridfc W.igue makes a^'flne sacrifice bid of seven Naturally, most of the interest-: spades, it-- E.jlng hands al conlruct bridge^ pre-; South'fMiow Is confronted with sent only a problem in bidding.' quite" jfrjjuoblcm. His partner has The following hand wns indeed a", made a : 'ine bid in spades, showing interesting problem, due to the fact, no faiflf. spa des. Due to the fact that East, In the course of the uld-, ^at'Siiu 1 " ding, had put In a psychic. 'it 'looks R.?Bewcll ,officU«d. • '''' hfeh , brldc'jy^'s.'a'.mtmbcr of the school .-isemor class licre.. S!ie lias won many honors in Who's Wtio contests at the school and wns one pi three, beautiful girls --•--' : -~' -- njaids to Tri-Slatc holds n singleton spade, very much as though Over Soulh's bid ot one heart. North' holds the ace of spades ra- Norlh should bid two diamonds ther than a-void, and, it .this fs were giiest.s. Mrs. Sidney I rather than support the heart suit, the case,' undoubtedly a grand lo Jake an. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Lewis have clnrned home troin Lillle Rock tier spending llie holidays wllli Dr'°and Mrs. C. A. CidcKvcll, of nfe. Ark., rue moving lo this clly his week. They Wrmeily tnntle heir home lieic until several years when Dr. Caldwell begnn iracllcinf; medicine In l.afe. Milton Allenberg Is rcUiriiinB I ils iiffman and Mt-s J. C'i. Lawhon. Mr. and Mrs. Doc Richmond of Dnnlphan. Mo.. si»nl last week enil in Cooler as guessl ol Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hopper. Mr. and Mrs. Ehwr Wright and children and Mrs. (',. W. have been vlsillng relatives in Miss Nora Ilalforcl returned to Memphis with _Mr. and Mrs. W. I I Powell t» .siiend a week as thcli f Fort Worth •k with friend n-Cootei 1 , where 1m \vns pi\sto iof llie linpllst chureh lust yeur. i Miss llawl McAdnms spent the week end nl Aimorel, Ark., as the Remember that we do hot advocate the supporting of partner's bid with less than four Iniinp—even Miller received the high score irixe, and Miss Nina Brooks the prl/.e for low score. The bunco - :rl«! went lo Mrs. Jesse BurkeU.hv'llli three to the ace— if there Is Tommy Hopper held high score (a better bid In your htiwl, until among tlu: men and :cr llie low score. slam in no trump can be made. .However. .South should not-guess —his proper declaration is to pass. Lewis Les- j partner, by a re-bid, shows his suit [to be at least five cards In length. The Jully club entertained their! East's bid of three clubs over liusuamls lit 11 bunco party at the (he two diamonds, ot course, Ls home of Mrs. T. E. BrlBjjance. purely ft psychic, with a good out Mrs. Clarence Shanks won high hi spades. South iiroi>erly doubles score prize and Mrs. Velmer Camp- j the three-club bid, North letting bell low. Homer Smith wo: bunco prize. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Holly This partner Milton AiienuuiK "> i<-«"""»h — in, leS | ils home in Memiihk today i>»«r; ' u^; R o Klil . ut „ i brief stay with ills fnlher-in-lnw, | , |V) . s)) .. nl ,,,,., Wl>cl| B: H. Levy. Mrs. Charles F. Wood has rc- tiirncd from Onrulhersvillo. Mo., where she spent the holidays. I MI5S Ruth Butl left last night. | ^^^ o[ Mjw c||lm o . imer for New Orleans, where she is n : fre(t 11|u , j| iss Lucille Homra re student at Sophie New-comb col- lmllc(1 M 0 ,,,]. iy lo their home at, ;. utter spemlliiB the holidays, Failott _ Kj . | n i lvr .„, ^ extended I nl home. j visit liere with their slbler, Mrs. Miss Nellc Lee Oorroh, of Cnr-jg. ml , lRinrn . iithersvllic. Mo., and her i-imsln.| Mrs h w weaver s|X?nl Ihc George M. Green, of naw.scm j k cml in Ut . x i C i- with her 11111- Sprlngs. Ky.. vlsilcil Mrs. ' '— Smith wort the it remain. ! If East had passed. East and have i West would not lake n nick. East, taken their son, Buc.1 (Bud) to! takes hiniscll out with three Ml.-Vernon where he will enter a .spades. sanitarium. His wife is accom-' Now Sonth's Ijid of lour clubs panylng him. proper to show thai his second chscn last' sii'irinicf' as Miss Osceolu at ' the Cotton carnival., Mr. Cullom is a graduate of the engineering department of (he University of Arkansas and is now connected: with the Kansas Cit) Shook company at Wilson, where they will make their home. a forcing pass, requiring either to bid seven .no trump or to double. _ Naturally, without the ace , spades, North is forced to double 1 If North's cue bid had been based on the ace of spades, the grand slam in no-.trump could be made. This is a fine example of. the forcing pass, and is- a. bid for which our readers 1 should carefully. watch JIVEIi Butter yields. WOO calories, to the pound and"fs one of the most nourishing foods. . - . ' . •'' Braggadocio Mrs. ticrlrude Cunningham o Tuirelo, Miss., arrived last : Wed nesday for a visit with her sistei Mrs. J. P. Bennett. ' Mrs. Harry Davis hnd Miss Ed na Ruth had as their dinner guests ', * Friday Mr. and -Mrs. H. M. Mills! of Millsville. and Messrs. Frank; Wilks, Harold S. Jones, and Nor- | veil Long of Caruthersville. - j Monly Grimes and Bayard Hedge! left. Saturday., for Chillecothc, Mo', j where they attend school, j . Austin Curtis fl5iH sister,. 'MrV Bert' Skinner, .droyc to'.'-Princeton. 1 Epidemic Tfic Travel Bug is bilinn and tvcrybody is getting itie fever. The firsr lymp- toms are n dcliro to viiii far away pl.iccs .and ire orange people. Hill Carter of Career's Travel Service, Hotel Pe.iboily, Memphis. Tenneiiee, has ]im the prc- tciipuon for yon. He'is a travel expert. He will not only plan your trip but plan your pleasure ns wcil. Just tell him where you want to RO and he jUtcmU to every 'detail. His service coils you nothing. You pay only ihe regular railroad ' or steamship r.ites. Mr. Cirter in your toun soon. Drop liim a line at I he Ca.rtcrVTr.ivel SerVrcc, Hotel Pcaboay^ Memphis, -Tennessee, .noiif/^n'rT 1 : he .uill be migbty. glad to rail 'upon you-Feriorwlly-"' . S General Insorsuioe.> A IDS N. Rroadwij.V.:. ' Charles F. Wood Sunday. Mrs. C. II. Ronhhis am! sou. df Memplils. arc Kiirsls ot Mr. nutl Mrs. K K. Stanley and [ninlly 1111- this years are: W. W. Holllpolcr, worthy \5atron; Mrs. J. W. Adams sr.. rcssociate matron; E. F. Blo- moyer, nssociatc patron: Miss Elizabeth Halsteacl, "conductress; Miss school after Willie Marshal], assistant; Mrs. Charles Alford, secretary; Mrs. S. P. NSartin, treasurer; Mrs. Emma Burney, chaplain: Mrs. E. F. Blo- nieyer] pianist; Mrs. Zelia Copeland, marshall; Louin Isnncs, sentinel: Miss Cora Lee Colcman. warder; Mrs. Pearl Hill, Adn; Mrs. W. A. Stlckmon, Riilh; Mrs. L.' M. Bumelte. Esther; Mrs. W. W. Hol- lipeier, Martha; Mrs. Joe Isaacs Elcctra. * « K Has Clob Mrs. M. A. Isaacs entertained the Tuesday Contract club thl week for the first party since before the holidays. Mrs. Elton W Kirby won the prize, lingerie. A salad plate was served. lit Friday. Misses Nell McClnnnalmi and i Jewel! Williams, of Ciu'iitlu-ravillr. Mo., were In the city Monday guests of Mrs. Chares F. Wood. Miss Sue Bull, who attends Han- dolph-Mncon Woman's college nt jvnchbnrg, Vn.. left today for the loltdays at hoaie. Her bratlier-in- aw, Farnsworlh Dlark. accoinpiui- cd her to Memphis. Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion ixin'l let them gel a strangle hold. Klijlil iii-rms quickly. Creo- iiiul'inn c-iimbliics. 1 major lii-ljis in !J | ™c. I'owrrrful bill harmless. Pleas- j cnt lo lake. No narcotics. Ymn own druggisl is aiilhorizcd to re- luul your tnoney on llie spot il yeur cough or cnltl is not, icllcvcc in 1 Crcomnlsiou. —Adv.l Don't wait your on you i Hospital Notes AdniUU-ri: W. O. Kearney, Slcclc. Mo.; ifrs. Rupert Crallon. clly. BAKOAINS INNKW&USKU FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 E. Msln - Phone 155 Council Postpones Tlie council of B. Y. r .U. lend ers and officers which was lo b held at the First Baptist church Thursday evening lias been postponed until Sunday afternoon because of the meeting now in progress at the Second Baplisl church, which is being attended by young people of the First Church. Club Has Party I Members of the Yount; Matrons! Bridge club and Mrs. Charles Per-J ry played bridge at the home of Mrs. Hiley B. Jones Tuesday afternoon. A luncheon clolh went lo Mrs. Murray Smart for the. prize. A pear salad was served. * * « Has Dinner Tarty Jeanctta Jean Sehaugh entcr- . talnt-i v.'lth a diner party last evening in compliment to her house guest, Ann Haaga, of Memphis. who formerly lived here. Afler the appetizing dinner menu was served the party members enjoyed a game of Bunco. The hostess was assisted by her mother, Mrs. C. V. Sebaugh, in entertaining her guests. * + • Current Ev«n(s Cluh To Study New Russia. Russia of today, as compared witn the country before the revolution, will be discussed at a meeting of the Current Events club Wednesday evening. 7:30 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. Elton W. Kirhy. Mrs W. L. Homer will be leader. tVafson-Cunninglum" Miss May Cunningham and Willie Lcc Watson were united in marriage December 29. The Rev. T. R. S3heph«rd performed the ceremony. SlanKcH-Walker. ; Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Walkc-r of Luxor* fcave announced tho mar- rbgcl of tbelr' daughter, MLss Hazel Walker, to Mr. J. D. Stanfield of Bridgeport, Texas. FRED FLEEMAN Candidate for Re-Election 2nd Term 7"~ County Court Clerk Keep it healthy-cook with CRISCO, the digestible fat.' Don't become careful about your cooking fat after you have stomach trouble. Keep trouble away while your digestion is fine! Cook with Crisco— the creamy-light digestible shortening that digests quickly! Thousands of folks with sensitive stomachs feel grateful to Crisco! They've found that it's light and creamy and quick-digesting. And what a grand difference it makes in food! It's a welcome experience to eat crispy Crisco- fried foods and golden flaky Crisco-crust! Crisco's own secret process, you see, turns pure, digestible oils into fluffy, digestible Crisco. It's the shortening that keeps digestible, too. Doesn't have to be put in icebox. Keeps sweet and digestible for weeks! Crisco is not sold loose or in bulk When you buy. look for the vacuum-icakd c*n wilti Ihc familiar blue>and-white Cnico label, tt's your titaKh rro'.cclion anitm du»t and contamination. And il'slhe only way you can gel gen Itie t'U", wholesome fit that Criico li r.ot so!J loose i CRISCO -LO W' iiuc TiFli ^r.ik. rut in Untlirn in Hour slices II iitliiK small fl*b. split in Ii:i1f- Tan-fry slowly with Cn^n uhr strrrt. Jiim;i:cr shiwly until Cnffn (the crmna. otn. iKis /ai). Turn fish oticu'. thi'a cover p:i:i flsh iscookc<l. Sifvy wttli- Street and Sour Sauce: Try union lightly diiftllbiCskfiTtefiir.v). Stlriulluiir. Slowly add wairr. Kcri; smoot. Add unt'gar. sugar, sale. Binder, soy satico (or WorcestCTstnrP). Sur until ?auce Itiick*. us. Add piniicnto antl vfgotaWcs.(haiuTKX) sjirouU, l_ r -i" »p!CU'^ c'-Sciv or mus!irooiiis). Kcrvo intli sleaineu ncu, BARBECUE C Ial>le5poons Crises H U-wpoon itrpfirr fc» grains niycnnii CU[> tiirrant jrlly riMr^KHin Irnmn lump 5 uli!cs]»)inn Clm3i|inl nliui«ri'o sliro.sof l[-(t-o\cr roast iliiiB KiUwl water until IcrHcr. im-r — rlraln twain. Fry crinnl in ( risen iv[»y hrowii.ndtlnoodlw. -. . Ttie marriage "of Miss Dolne ; J. YOVR SUPPORT APPRECIATED 1 cup dry bread crumbs MLA.T IlARBLCL'l.r l small onion, chopped •1 liilili'sijoons Cri^co ] t.r.''u-MXK)ii> lh:ir stuck ur water XtK>dlrs; Cook iiOO-l!fs in ui — i>oiir co!il wjiic (thcttifisliblcftH). Wtitn Serve nith— Mrai llarbtcnt: l-'rv onion, toy tof in wholc^mo Crisco Hour, blend smoothly, siwly arM linuid. Stir, \\licii5aiicennrk- . P35 artel seasonings fitrnin. ftoiiirn to boat. Add curraut lemon juice, pimlculo. Add sicull iUces of tokl rout. SURPRISE Hi;. or skirl ivatrr or stork tunii[H ! cup [>carl onions IcU-ovcr i>oas Hour . ni heavy skillet ._ rryjMrpim <~n frc^in.V /I'M m heavy IIIDS until unlilcn. Sr^ r.)-10 nUniil». Aibl Cook 5 miumcs t 'ri ico is tho rcgislere*! trademark of A ins imnuficlurcd by Ibo IToctcr it Gamlilo Co; Mort has been in the dump with indigeslion,'too. So I'm going to try cooking with Crisco, since you soy ii helos jo much. It's the digestible . shortening, my dear!/ CRISCO digests At the Cornier News Cooking School, Mrs.' George Thurn mended CRISCO, the modern, quick-digesling shortening.

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