The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
Page 3
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J1DAY, JANUARY 8, 1937 BL'ifTHEVILLB, (ARK,)' COURIER NEW8 kbson Sees luvesliiienl Opportunity of 1937 in AH Indushy. By KOG1C11 HABSON' BAUSON PARK, Mass., Jan. 8 -Early ench January I try to seed for my own satisfaction one particular industry which I uslieve :ias an excellent outlook. List year I nominated building. Up until a few days ago I was prepared to vote for It again. However, ii\ spite of recent unfavorable accident pub liclly, certain figures have been ro leased which have shUtctl my pref erencc to aviation. In a recent review while summarizing the 1337 outlook for trans porlallon securities, I sail!: "Rails may be n feature markelwisc, hut airline issues offer better lon»-pull possibilities." My runciamsiitnl position on railroads for the past four years lias been that the coining era of prosperity may be the Jast opportunity to (jet rid of nil 'tocts. They have a high leverage flctor and some limy show sbarj >Uvanci?b In the nest fen jeirs ventually, -however, a big portioi if. present railroad mileage mus lie scrapped. Labor, taxes, am equipment replacement will skin vhat cream is left after the nir ines steal the high-paying an preferable traffic. That is why 'avor aviation in the transports ion field. There are three separate-aspect t the aviation business—(i) Iran? »rt, (2) express, and (3) .mami tfaclurlng. All have enjoyed tre ncndous growth, particularly in th ast two or tliree years. They nr nontlily registering new peaks I volume of business. Figures rcleas eel recently snow that not eve :lie coining of stormy weather an (unfortunate accidents have tse able to, halt the moiHh-to-mont gains in passenger miles flowi This is the first winter that pas senger business has actually show increases at this season. At th same time, airplane manufacturer have • orders to keep ihelr plant running at capacity for months' i advance. The air express divisio lias also made startling progres recent months. As I look at it, commercial avi tion is going, through Hie', "awl ward age." It :E growing fast an on the surface it is not showing ti profits it should. The real story that depreciation charges are keep ing ayiallon companies "broke Eventually, a good portion of wlu IB now being charged to obsol? •ence can be used for dividem rile time to buy into an industr » not in the early stages wheii is being written up in magazine. Nor should one 1 \vait : (mlil it-is inak ing btft profits Ihe'tmiL to buj during tile intermediate i>:rio;l a tcr the balryhco is over, but befo the dividends are being declared That is where aviation seems be today and why I nominate it the 1037 "industry of the year SALEM, Mass. (UP) —Mrs. Is rainc J. Krochman. 22, didn't'wa to see a movie she had alrcai seen- her husband wanted her k Iii court she won a divorce b grounds of cruelty. HOPEFUL mother was seiit ' ing her boy of 4 to a piar [teachei m Bohemia, while In [husband stormed against the pro; !pects of his son's career as pianist, But when FnediichSnw tana was D, m 1830, he won publ acclaim for his genius at the key I "„, s falh er's opposition mcltec I .Then came more concerts an I greater popularity for the youn I pianist. He soon began to com I pose ror the piano, then symphon I'pieces and operas, and in 1866 h produced his most famous oper* ;"Thc Bartered Bride." He ha I married in 1848, and lived joyful] I until his wife's death in 186 I Then, as his interest in life wanei Ihe began to lose his hearing. I1 By 1874, he was totally dea JTcn years later a fete was ar I ranged to celebrate the 66th birth rday ot the great composer, whom lihis friends called the "Beetho Ivcn of Bohemia." But. on tha Ivery day, Smetana-lost his reaso land was removed to an asylum | lor the insane. There he died t\v months later. In 1934, on th 50th anniversar; of Smet ana' 1 death, Czechoslo vakia issued stamp picturin the great com poser. , NB,v Service, Inc. As President Delivered Message to Congress Speaking at a jomt session of House and Senate P.esldent Roose lc lt Is shown on the rostium of the House chamber as he delivered his annual message to Congress, which included a summarj of the ream! of his administration Back of the piesldent me beulcd Vice Present John N B-mun and Speikei W n BinUiead Dn cctH m f.ont of the dais me Hie cabinet members with senators occupjmg the first Unco lows of seits in the picked chnmuei Ou t stimllu. in the addiess was the icbule to comts foi nairo* Interpretations of fundamental lasvs and the call for Immeil iale emuareo of arms to Spain, Upper-IIonsemcn Get Their Heads Together Miss Dry den Reelected Pemiscot County Agen OARUTE1ERSVII.LK Mo—At i mctllng or Ihe executive commit tre of the 1'emlscot Comitj Fur Bureau hero yesterday, re-employ merit! of Miss Lorene Drydeh a. county home demonstration ngcn wns approved. Several other matter'! of 1m portahce lo the bureau, were dis cussed Tlie membership cam palgn foi the bureau organiza tion vis discussed and delegate for the annual meeting In Co! umbla,- Mo., to' be held Jnnuar 27-^9. ueie named They arc T: R.' Cole, Pascola; Abe Onlthc Jr. and Mr. nnd Mrs. W. C. Pose cyirutheiTvllle Al(eni-(les Mr T P McCloskes, Braggadocio, C B. ; Bryant, .CaruthersvUUr and M. Rice, Pascolrt. Plans were, made to hold '.11 annu-il county meeting early February The 'executive ^ci mlttee -nent on'record iu> lA fa \or of the University , JMenslo Uepiilment giving more work! t cotton] experimentation inj tK section In regard to the lei nnt rjroblem of nation wide li teicst now, tlie committee appnn cd the plan lo encourige Ihe be ter • class of tenant farmers . be allowed the purchase o[ farm on long-time..payment terms. Will Operate Standard Station on East Mai United States Senators all and not a disgruntled expression m the lol, despite the urgent necessity for getting do™ to work for the formulation of '15th Congress legislation p.ctured 'in characteristic poses of Illinois, Bailey of North Carolina; as they assembled at the Capitol are left to right above, scnitors J Hamilton Joseph r Robinson of Arkansas, Matthew M Neely of West- Virginia below Josiah W Henry Cabot Lodge.of Massachusetts; Carter Glass James P. Byrnes of South Carolina of Virginia and Realty Transfers Warranty Deeds W. A. Afflick and wife to M. P. Brownlce, northwest quarter of section 28, township H north, range IB east, except 2 acres. Peoples BIdg. and Loan Co. to George E. Snider and wife, lot 7 and east halt of lot 8, block- 2, Chicago Mill and Lumber com-i pany. second addition to Blythc- \ille Louis Brown nnd wife to W. D. Godwin, northwest 5 acres of north half of east half of north half of southeast quarter of section 27, township 15 north, range 12 east. Mrs. Mildred H. Stevens to G. G. Hubbard, undivided half Interest in northwest quarter, of northeast quarter of section 16 township 14 north, range 12 east and also undivided half interest in cast half of northwest quarter of section 1C, township H north, range 12 easl. W. O. Edwards nnd wife to M, C. Croom, lot 2, part of lot 3, southwest quarter" of section 18, township 14 north, range 8 east] J. M. Ayres nnd wife to E. Recce, 11 acres in southeast quarter of section !5, township 15 . norlh, range 11 cast. ' . ' Evelyn Roberts to Louts nnd Mattlelean Brown, lot 8, block 1 Hollipetcr and Shonyo addition to" Blythevitl.e. John c. Dungan and wife to Lennic; Cannon, one•; acre in sec- tio 2-1,.'township 15 north, range li east. Students Prefer Dickens AMHERST, Massi (UP) —Dickens is tile most amon'g freshmen at Massachusetts It has: been.'announced that M. (Jimmy) • Blnklcy, for for years, with the -W. T. Barne Auto Sales Co., and Cleoti Tucke late of Star- City, Ark., have ta: en over the Standard Service St tlon at Main .and.Franklin stree They plan lo make a number improvements In the operation the biislness, according to It Atchley, owner. (Continued From Pane One) 10 nre eligible for WPA work, this rcsixxst Ihe WPA and wel- re board me coordinated' ad- Uilslinllons, Ihoiigh one is fed - nl.and Ihe'other Is state, and c same Is Iruo in 'respect to .rlous commodities which arc i'nlshcd by the WPA nnd dls- ibiiled lo needy persons on the of welfare board Investlgn- ons. WI'A Work lii Prop-ess Of tlie Works Progress [iilinln- trallon project'! underway In Isskslppl ciiunly ut this time u: of Ihe largest Is tlie develop ig of an athletic field, lighting the field, preparation of park K nrciis mid driveways, fencing ud Innd.scnplng nt lha mniilclpnl ark nnil fairgrounds here. When the lighting equipment la oni]ilck'ly Installed ' II will': const of 70 1,500-waU lights, cap bio of lighting the baseball pnrk isldo the liulf mile track or the oolball gridiron also lo be laid it wllliln the raco track InflcliL 11 connecting 'wires will'be laid i underground conduits. A totnl of 8,312 garments have -cen mndc In" the sowing root. rpject.s, only one of which Is be- ig oiwrriled at present—at the lylhevlllc city linll. A negro school building la under onstriicllon at Luxorn. the Oieai Lake road Is being giaveled, nboul me nnd n half miles of the nine nlle project already tnvlng been jinvelcd and about three mile radcd, A loud Is being built nnd arnV led Into the 'Drainage Dlstilc 1 colonj ' In the Milllgan niclgi r Mnndnlay community off high vny 17 for n distance of • nbou K miles Work Is' proceeding 01 he Manlln-Monetle "cut-off road o be gnucled nnd work is un demay on the Osceoln-ban loud rond, mostly grading at till line ullli urnyellng to follow niei The snnllary privy project, : >iojcct that htis bien underwa indci various woiks ndmlnlstin Ions nnd is generally consldercc >he of the most oulstandlng li benent derived, conlinues Wei ovtr 1COO snnltniy prMes hav been Installed In Ihe county with 60 per cenl of the rural schools equipped with SAtiltmy tjp Q lollets The tntire town of Wilson has ucui Included In one sanitary toilet program just completed and similar woik Is being cimied on nt Reiser nnd othei points Librarians are supplied for ctmlmunlty owned lilirarks ut O-j- ceoltt and Djev colony Bljthe- ^iIle does not qualify for such sen Ice nuclei WPA regulations Heullli lunch projects nre going on at the Lange and 3ud- burj waid schools in Blythevllle at. Osceola and at Reiser Oignnized recreational pro- grnrni are carried out. us \VPA projects in Bljthevllle. Manila i nnd Osceola , A homeslend valuation project underway for some time, Is now practically completed [CLAPPER FANNY * ^ — sert,t»«svi« m T v »i« u s m orr "Oli-ohl Do 1 l«l tefriblcl" YUH i. in i be out all night iiiul not be a\\ m iln. nut ih\ .* House Near Burdette Destroyed by Flames A house nt Toluc'a Crossing 1-1 mile east of Highway 01 nenr Bur- dctlc, was destroyed by fire Inlc yesterday nfternooa. Tlie house, o»ncd by A J Hill uas occupied by Mr nnd Mis n O Paul and family The nre stnrled \\hcn 6110 of the children, attempted to innko a. fire In the kitchen'stove. Bolh Die house nnd lls contents Isn'l were dostiojort The house, valued at $BOO was pnrtly covered by in- tturanco. 1 I'rofewfbr BERKELEY, cal Orators (up) —Fiof Dvsighl B Wixlklns of the University of California has prepared n recipe for nrioi-dlnnci „ „ that sounds like n nc\v cocktnll mlxlure.— nnmcly, short speech, not related to Iho subject, and re'- mimber tlmt an afternoon speech \aiidcvllle inoiiologue Flogging as a punishment was discontinued In the United Slalc- iiBvy an<l on mercliant vessels in IBoO. Stale College. Shakespeare was poor second In a recent questionnaire. Twice as many votes were given Dickens' "Tale of .Two Cities" and "David Copperfleld" as books of other writers. Hearing Is Continued The Insanity hearing for Ancil Harris, 43-year-old farmer, before Judge S. L. Qladish of Osceola hns been continued until Saturday. Tile hearing was originally set for today. Judge Gladlsh will attend to other county- nnd probate court affairs lomorrow. Read Courier News Waul Ads. r NOTICE Privilege licenses, city auto.•licenses, street taxes and dog licenses are now due and payable. Your prompt attention will be appreciated. V RUTHBLYTHE City Clerk. Strange But True FOR AN I INHOCUUTIOn- AGAINST SMALl-POX Your Resolution Fulfllled- casily and speedily Wlh an F. H. A. Ixian...We can furnish you witli comiMeic house plans and will help you complete your F. H. A. loan..^Consult us today. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. medicated with throat-soothing ingredicnu of Vicks VapoRub. VICKS COUGH DROP To faert of these FMOHS Musties Time tall, brautlfully dchcd gUwcj arc FREE. Before breaking rhe cmpCy bonlc, ju« K«k off the front label. One quart or two pint or four nail pint labtU enlltle you to one Bins. Hyou wi»n, iavc enough labels for a complete let of 6 ocl2gliHMi,iei 1 dthemlnallatonerlme.GU«» or glawri will be lent at once, prepaid. Send labeU with jour name and *ddre« BOURBON Whlikey ttoth 90 fraal DISTILLERlfiS, INC. i[Peoria, Illinob IGARETTES CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, ETC. ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50c OF GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE ' MARTIN OIL STATION STEELE, MO. < -F, 1- HISTORY OF WATER SUPPLY Modernize Your Home You may install city water in your home with the aid of an P. H. A. Loan...consult your plumber for full delnlb. Steps In Purification Filtration, ns disclosed earlier in one of these advertisements, was first employed in the purification of the public watei supply of London about 1829. .Today filtration affords.a far more scientific and accmatc puiihcation treatment than crude filters could have furnished. After the sedimentation process has been carried to the proper, point, the water flows to filters, still carrying' in suspension tiny particles of solid matter, which purposely have been allowed to rehiaiii after the previous settling treatment. These tiny particles, known as "floe," form in a thin porous mat on top of the sand in the filters. The water must not only percolate through this "flbc" but also through the graduated sand and gravel of the filters themselves. As the filters become clogged, they are taken from service and washed by a : reverse flow of water. Here is another itiiportant step, employed by the modern waterworks plant in the purification' of your daily water supply. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway

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