Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1895
Page 5
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oliday Noveltiesl eckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. ' 8 Said one of our Customers, but 1 want you to save J| my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR stick to him. You Suit rne to a T, E. PUURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER &YOUNG, TMB PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. P. J. PITZLIN, ofSt Louis, Is orKWilzIni? classes In Physical Culture. kverjonewlH&InK to J° ln cai1 obialn fnll p,irti- r . . . ,^ (jiii^ji HTUllK, Mraniic, r.N'D,, D(ic. 14,18W. • We lmv« b'on mem' or» or I'. J I'ltzlln Ai.hlftlc Llwn ana luive nccn w. 11 pltwd with tils metlicxl nom-hlHK PlUfltf" Cultiirfl. Prof I'lizllii In a i»ln*takliiKtMiclinr»nd m-oi ureat cure Unit : ncn pupil b currect y ln»tructfU In pvery mov-. WehpnttllyTPCcomcnd li-in'oun) one (las ring iviOfB. Kf IMI t;tnUi-n,iui ni.U tlioiouglily ^..ianUHhla bu.il ness. \Y L Wmhtell » M VVlnimS M D 1 C H Anthony ¥ w hfft'ti D L ftnn'O > : ' J s M iiJily | C KNeeir ' Willtnr Scott Thos L Ryan w l» Meyers Art liar W Ciiso. DAILY JOURNAL "THCKSDAY MORNING. JAN si; McKoon'a steam laundry—good work Peru Journal: LoganBport U to Lave a prlr.e t ght Boon. To Mr. and Mr?, Sin'ord Vcrnon of tjefTerson township, a son. Got VOur raualtfl. embrold.'rle--, co^, etc., r.o'.v at thoTraOo Palace J .hu Croll who w.i* injured la a bunnway somotiroo ago, is ablo to bo i L i£,insport BJISO Ball Club ia IhTnrtmo finally decided on by tho old l)stoB olub tor next s-ofu'On, See tho fine sorg:eJ aod Honrlottas „; 50 coma on i.ho dollar from formor prices. See the new weaves, our own Importation, at the Trade I'alaco, A largo number of younR people ]rove to the home of Georpo K' wier, Jlvo miles couth of tho city Tuesday Evening D mcinp and refreshments [were Indulged In. A reception wl'.l ho given at tbe 3ozne of tha Frloadlosa this afternoon m 2 to 5 o'clock to the ministers und their wlvei 1 , and to the members f the pre:-sof the cliy. Ihe Ladles Auxiliary to the B of _l. R, T , will give a pupper on tha evenlog of February 20, atiho residence of Mrs. Grorpe Crawshaw. 119 Danal street. Price 15 cents. Everybody is invited. Awarded I Highest Honors—World's Fair. ^^ ^^•V.H^T^uTA 'BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. A mire Grape Cre.im L ' Tartar Powder. Free 'jam Ammon 1 Alum o, <my other adulterant 40 Yf THE STANDARD. Col. Goo. W. Immel celebrated his 66 .b birthday Tuesday Ohia G Wolfe aad Allio Harney have beea licensed to wed. . Telephone N Y o. 171 has been put In ot Tucker & Young's tailoring: establishment. J. D Ferguson Is having tbe interior of his clothing store decorated and repapered. An afternoon tea wlllba given Saturday by Mrs. E. F. Keller at the Murdock hotel. The Presbyterian Ladlea' Missionary Society mst with Mrs. S. B. Bo^er yesterday afternoon, W G Zihrt, the new steward at Lonfr C.lff hospital has been commie- fcloned a notary public. Tho interior of the Johnston house saloon Is balng Improved by a new floor and a coat of paint. Juraes E Lemastera of Unyal Center, ard Rsna B. Clary of Lucerne, have baen licensed to wed. Will Couch of Cincinnati, is collect In? matter for a history of Casa couniy'fl private so'aierfi In the late war. Tho revival meetings at the South Side U. B. ch'irch will begin next Monday night, b;ing postponed from last night. MI-B Ida Molten of Pratt street on the West Side Tuesday eight enter- talced n parly of her young friends very pleasantly. The Andrews Opera Company in "Fra Diavola" which waa advertised for a performinco in tho city last night, did not perform. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Campboll cavo a very onjoysblo entertainment to a fow friends Tuot-day night in honor of Miss Miller of Lafayette. The funeral of the llttlechild of Mr and Mrs Timothy MsCariy was bald yesterday from St Bridget's church at 2 o tn., the Rev. Father Krcegeroflici- a'.ing Mart Ganter, erploeer on tbe Richmond division of th« Pan Handle has the Brat new "steamboat" whlst'e. recently adopted bvtba Pennsylvania system on his engine No -1SS A delicate surgical operation was yesterday p°rformed hv Dr. Stevens at S' Joseph's hospital on Mrs GpQrsre Murphy. Dr. Tucker a?. Bi«tPd-Dr. Stevens, and a number of physician? were present. Mr and Mrs. A. C. Bear?s of Peru, hnvfl issued invitations to the wedding of thoir dauc'htor Miss Helen Bear.=s to Thoo Enscl. Tha wedding will take placo Feb'-'-vry Gib. Both the young peunls fxro well nr.d favorably known in the city. DJ vou ask for A test o' SOXO- DOKT'S power, <;.' Just to talk to a lady for halt an hour; If her breath is sweet, If her teeth are white, If her gums are clean, if her gums are bright. If her mouth Is pure and her teeth are clean, She uses the SOZODOJTT, : tben, we ween. SILVER JUBILEE. ST. JOSEPH'S CBURCH WILL CELEBRATE NEXT TUESDAY. Frocram of The Exerci«e« And An luiercHilulc Account vt The Grow I h of The C<i««rrrirai.ioii—Ttte Advance Made During » Qnsrter of B Ceinnry. On Feb. 2J, 1895 St. Joseph':) congregation of this city will h'-vve completed the 25th anniversary o( Its history, A resume of the most im portant bventa during- tbie period of time has been made and treasured up for lut'ure reference la a beautiful little book, written by Rev. B. biart manofSt. Joseph hospital and pub llsbed under the auspices of St. Joseph's congregation at a cost of nearly $200. Tbe bouk, nicely bound in flexible oloth cover bears the following title, "History of St. Joseph's Congregation, Logansport, lod. A Souvenir of the S.lver Jubilee of ilia Congregation Feb. 2J 1S95 " Toe book coniaica ten well executed illus trationa. It ia sold for the small price of 50 cents par copy and can be had by applying at Father Kcehne's or at the Sinters'reeldence. As the text of the book Is written in German, a synopsis is given in English. The present pastoral residence was formerly known as the"Cullen House," and waa purchased for church purpo see by the late energetic Father Hamilton about the year 1864. Father J Meyers organized the congregation In 1868, and built the old church on the site now occupied by the new school, and in It tha first civlne service was held February 2, 1869. The coogre gallon waa then in turn presided over by Revs Melll, B. Vidan and F. Von Schwedler. The latter two still sur- vlvlng 1 , have been invited to the silver jubilee. During Father Kce'ine's pastorate, which commenced In 1872, tbe congregation has made rapid strides In membership and material prosperity The old debt of |4.500 was paid in the course of a few years Tho Sisters of Notre Dime ef Milwaukee wero secured in 1877 to conduct the school. Tne new church begun In 1884 was completed in 1888, The school was erected in 1891. Three church bells wero bought at a co^t of $1 250. Th>> throe now altars purchased In 1894 necessitated an outlay of over ,;2 000. It ia Interesting to note how much money waa contributed by ihe people for all these Improvements. Tno totals in round numbers are: ;urrpn f expprsps from JS72 tol&T $35.«o;> OU J.'Stof nmv church -v nil iin lost ot iiewacB ol -j.uuu uu Tnid mhfces aa averse of abuui $6 000 annually from 1372-1892. The lltt e book mentioned contains full Information on those matters together wlih a complete list of all the benefactors, Cithollcs and ion-Catholics, ot the congregation and tbe amount en by each person. The growth in membership is shown by the following 1ST.'. ISO I M'H 4n'rs"o'r"i't".i'o^'p!i ; s Society -I" ™ Mnmbi'rsor Youne Men's Soiliu'ly '-'- in.' ll^inur-rs of Yoijiii; Lvillfs soelctv i; 1). Mniiibi'i-.- M.irrlwi Liidin-' Altar bucle'y -I- K'J Biipilsms t'r mi IS'l to iij'.M H-^ 'The Silver Jubilee will ce celebrated Tuesday, Feb. 5tb as the 2d lalls on Saturday. . Oa Monday even ing Feb. 4ih the young people of the coi gregation will present a pleasing entertainment at. 7:80 p m. in the hall of the school building -on Second street to which all are Invited. The 'church celebration will take pUcoinSl Joseph's church on Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock. Many clergymen from abroad have been Invited to attend, as: Rt, Sev. J. Radotnacher, Very Rev. A. Soboidler, Indlanafolis; Rev. H.Boers, Lincoln, 111 , and the Rava. H. Melss* ner. Peru: H. Eoeischer, J.Guendllng, Li^ayette; C. H. Rotner, Delphi; F. Weichmen, Gas Cltj; B. Vidan, Xow Hiven;Fr. Voa •Sshwedler, Monroe. ville. L. A. Moencb, Plymouth; and the clergyman of the city, Very R«v. M. E Campion. Ravs. B. tUnman and Rev B Kroeger All tbe socle- ties of St. Joseph'.- church will aitecd In a body. Father Koehne, the pastor, will chad a solemn high mass with deacon aud subdeacon. The Rt. Rev. Bi-hop will ba present and deliver tho EoglUh sermon, while R^v. H Meissner of Peru, will address the congresrsition in Gercoao. The services will close w;th ibe solemn chanting-of iheTri Deutn, the hymn of praise aud ibank^giving. A 1 the citizens of Logansport are cordially invited to witness this most notable celebration Tne members of St. Joseph's congre- gallon make use of this opooitunlty to again publicly express their thanks to all «bo have assisted them by their liberal contributions during '.he pa=t 25 years. _ Brand new U. S. postage stamp?, warranted to adhere, have been received at the.local po NEARLY A CENTURY. THE OLDEST CIFJZEJi' OF CASS CODNTY PASSES AWAY. Henry P. Wlppirmau DlrA Yestcr- <IBJ- Morning at Th« Hrwldenc.- of HIH Dnushirr lu Xoblo T .w nlii|>, AKfd Xin> ty Elabt Vmtm-Llv Firiy-Klglit Years lu Cax.M Couuiy— Hale aud Heurij- I'p C» a Ymr Ago — A niffhlv RrMprcCi-d Cltiz-n Who Lived • tonf »-id PehCrful JU1V. Henry P. Wipperman, clotty-eight years of age, the oldest resident of Cues oouoty, and one uf the county's most respected pioneers, died yeoter- day at 8 o'clock a m. The funeral services *ill probably be held Siiur- day from St John's church ia Clinton tOWLSblp, ; ho deceased, up to a year previous to his death, had bean healthy aod >.t all times full of energy, attending to bis business alldlrs intelligently and thoroughly In spite of his unumul burdeo of yeirs. Eirly in the wiot r Mr. Wipperm ia had aa attack of erysipelas, from which he was thought to have recovered until last Saturday, when he was again takao sick and as his rallying- forces wero not equal to tte battle, be was 900Q seen to be elnkloc, and yesterday morning came the end of a long aod useful, life. Hanry P. Wlppertn&n waa born February 21, 1797, In Prussia He wis the youngest of seven children. He received very Jiitle (schooling-, being taken from school at the age of four teen He wan confirmed in the Lu',her an Church at the age of fourteen acd wai a member of the church up to the tlma of his death. At an early age he learned tha trade of a baker, work- Ing at that trade in bis native country until 18S2, when ha emigrated to America. He came to Caes county from Pennsylvania In 1837 He cleared a farm In the wouds of Clio ion township, where he lived until 1881, when be went to live with his son Charles Wlpperman, in Washington township, remaining until 1886 when ho took up bis residence with ad aughtar, Mrs Mary Kuhn of Noble township, where his death occurred. The deceased was twice married, tbR flrst wife, Mary Klensek of Prussia, being taken in 1328. and dvlog in 1849, on the Clinton township farm. In 1854 the second marriage, to Mrs, Eliza E. DeBqlB, occurred, and, in 1881 she also passed away. To the first union nine children were born, of whom six, two sons and foar daughters, are living, all of ihcm well along ID life. The sons are Henry and Charles, and the daughters Nancy Henkee, Mary Kuhn, Amelia Carney and Caroline Sturkin, the latier of Rochester. LEGISLATIVE NOTES. The Uovi-rnorVi lleecptlnn — Cu H Comity 1 * I'cllilon AarmiinC ilie State soldier'" II mi-. Indian iipolls, Jan.."D. A new legislative tipporn.j. moat, bill was preaonled in the House tonay by Ropresen'alive Melendv of Steubyn Cjuoty which/ i= sail to re^re^o;. the views of about inirty Republican Senators and R-prPseotatlves who are dissatisfied with the Wisbard bi'l. Tee new- bill does not provide so many joint districts as tho pibers. R.-p.-e sentsuivo Mslendy'd bill makes Cues and Fulton counties a senatorial district and gives Cass county a representative as well as making this couc- ty a joint reprofentatlve dUirict with Pulaskl county. '» *, The Republican members of the legislature in joint caucus last nlyht igreed that all political legislation shall be referred to joint caucus c m- teee. These tommlsttee are 10 agree upon biUs, and report ihem 10 the caucus for icdorstment. Senator Cotlett was named as chairman of the jommittee on fees and salaries and Representative Stu'.e=man made a member of the committee on Cotgress- looal appoitioament. M * * In tha House today a petition, signed by ex-soldiers and citizens of Ciss county, was presented. a-kioe that the bill 10 establish a soldiers' come b-3 nit passed. The petition stutes that tbe borne is not demanded by the soldiers of the S'.ate. mush less ay citizens, who were not soldiers, E'gaty-two persons, signed the petition. m * Invitations uave been issued for an nformul repj'olican gilbirinir Feb^ ruary o'.h to get acquainted aad die is m=a-ures No caodi'latrs are to ba boomed and every republican -in vitad is requested to bring- b's repub- j.-.an frieaas so thil t.ne Idtcb string is OO6D IO all. ' J* * • Ths *ork ibus far is eoiioer.i. 7 sat_ B fiCtorv to parry ladders. Both branches ha»- b:ea careful aod coo- Party Slippers! All colors in Satin also white, red, black, pink, blue and bronze kid and Men's Hand Turned Patent Leather Pumps. See Window. $2 98 for Choice Men's Fine Shoes worth $3 50, $4, $4.50 Laoies Jeivej brand rubbers 2 and 3, 15c •Ladies spring heel Candee rubbers 3 too, 25c Childreas heei rubbars 7 to 10, "lOc Misses heel rubbers Oaodte and G-oodyear, I3o Ladies storm rubbers 2 and 3, 15c Ladies Preach Heel Candee 1 to 4, l{?c • Mit?tes Caodee ^lai-ka< heei 13 to 1, 35c " •• •' spring 13 to 1, 3i>c Ladies ' " " 2103.^500 Children ' " ; ' (i L- 1", 25c Misses high hu^o-i Ar-T : c j -vMi-.h^i, (>5c Meus rubbrr b >< TS \vcnh .>2.50, *1 9S Mens tine .-h'-c? worth ^3, 64 find $4 50 OTTO KRAUS. Bargains in Suits and Overcoats, The Indications Are mat Walker & Ranch nave tbe kind of Rubbers and Overshoes you want. Try it on. Wf\LKER 5c RflUGH 420 Broadway. For Fine Printing. * * You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER HBflDS INVITATIONS NOTEHEflDS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, GrtRDS, ENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY. You get our figures and we'll do the work. Do not-fail to call on the JOURNAL for .STl " di l&t ^T? vfy >1? Job Printing. He« e Spring Curry Comb CinrjcSprin" Blnde. Snft ns n Bruslx Fioevery Carve, riio .v Pcrlcci Comb. Hscd bt> 0 S Arm* «na by Banrain «id cDimsti Circuses, aad LcadinR anrscmcn Of Olo Worul. yon> DcaiCT (01 ft Samoic miiu-o post paid 25 SI'ItKU CL-EBI C021B CO.. ire and no *'ild k'sislation hae been engaged in « The Gov^rnor'o reCrpiioa lOD'^ht was an -elegant afTuir The S;ate House was handsomely o'ecoraleti with igs and brilliaailv lllutuioaicd. * * Representative kong-well's bill re- girding proceedings In changes of venue has been reported favorably by tbe House judiciary committee. In Oldeu Timf* People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient mlion; but no*ih*t it Is generally known that Syrup of Flgr <vlll perminently cure habitual constipation, well-informeo people will not buy other laxatives, which act for a time, but finally injure the system. One hundred puces of the new and etylisb plaids so popular now in the Ea.il, 31 inches wile, worta 20 cents, at this rale only 10 cents a yaro; only at tbe Trade Po-lace. Aho. at tbU .ale 100 pieces of 35 cent worsted goods, double width, only 15 cen-s a jard. In order to secure these goods .me quiet. Mother, of Every woman noove 15 yenrs of age should read the book --Advice to Mothers Coccer. ing Diseases of Women and Children,'' publi,-hvd by itir. Z >*-Phora. Medicine Compiny. Send to tbe Seeretnry of the Company, H. G. Colmin, Kalamazoo, Mich., or ark your druggist fora copy Sold by B. STREETCAR POLITENESS. 3L<>n \V!io Are -Ktnnmrn; Will S;irrcri,liT Ri^litu i<> u-Scst Alumxt lnv:irml>iy. "Thivo you cvorm>licotl,"jisl»i'il ::n ob- surving young \vom;in. "hcr.v inucli politer :ncn are who ur<> -slunding- up in streetcars tlian men \vbo are sitting- donm?' 1 I confessed Uwt I had not, says a New York Herald writer. "Well, you watch, and you will find out that I am right. It Is comparatively; seldom tluit I enter a crowded car and have a man rise to offer me his scat. Most* jnen settle themselves comfortably,! stick their noses more deeply into their; nevrspapcrs axid pretend they don't seo' me hanging- fast to the strap. But if any^ one should then vacate a seat and a mail tvas slant!ing by it, the chances are fifty to one that he v,-oiilcl beckon me to come over and toko it. rather than sit i down himself. "Now. this i>n't imagination. I've j noticed it score* of timo.s. I think men , go on the principle 'hat 'possession I is nine-tenths of :.he lav,-.' or rather, I . might say, nine-tenths of politrness. j What a man has he keeps, and he hays: • •llacpr politonoss: 1 J;i:i if In 1 'is already , standing it is jast ns e.T-y for him to keep on str.r.-rlng 1 . nni! i" that case po , liteucr-s :ia.s :o:ni-!.ji'-,w v.-iih him. "I'm not tr.i;;in;_ r nonscnso nov. 1 ." she Tveat oru v/iti :: n^rrry l.i'jg-h. "I'm tallcing- fact, and if you' don't believe it vou can easily get proof for F. aad Cou'sou & Co. Panther leather is a very pretty nov- • eltj, and is mndc in(o purses, card f CRAas, portfolios, picture frames and aH ] the ct:icr cscf'-l and onjaroentr.1 .irti- J cles for v.-hioli Icr.ihcr is used. It b as j soft =s Uid to the touch and delicate < and pk-asinfi; in color. A spray of mis- j tliitoe -.vrought in silver or gold ic the J corner of a purse or card-case is used ix honor of the season.

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