The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1938' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Farm Security Administration R e n o r ( Shows Loans Well Repaid An encouraging record of progress was made during 1937 by the 152 rehabilitation farmers in Mississippi County, according to an annual report submitted to state farm security administration ofll- vmls recently by Harold Splcer, Jljcunty PSA sujXM'vlsor nnd Una A. Ford, county FSA home management supervisor. The government advanced S37,- 128.95 in this county in rural rehabilitation loans during 1937 [o enable farm families who could no secure credit oil reasonable terms elsewhere to carry out n farm program. Of this sum, $29.800.00 was due at the end of 1931. The remainder was advanced to enable the borrower to purchase mules, Soulli's Highest Highway Bridge Nears Completion PAGE THREE Towering 230 fret In the air, the reaching urn is of Hie Bisantlc structure of the $2,700.000 Port Arthur, Tex., highway bridge provide a frnme In the picture above, for n steamer plyine llle Nechcs river. Workmen rushed lo close the 100-foot gap remaining in the iiille-nrul-tt-lifllf-loiig bridge, high- opened to trallic late In March. tools, and other essential equip-! csl i" tlle so"" 1 - Financed by \VPA, state and Jefferson county funds, the bridge Is expected to be ment and Is payable in from two to five annual instalments. Repayments Good Of the $29.800 due this year, $25,24.1.68 has been collected and returned to the United States Treasury. Anticipated collections between now and March 1, 1938. nre expected lo swell tlie total re- A Decorative . Dance Dress Uses "Big Apple" Theme payments In tin's county lo approximately . $31.000, predicted. the supervisors Excellent yields in 1937 were offset to some extent by unfavorable market prices fov cash crops, but FSA farmers have an abundance of food and feed on hand for the winter months and were able to ., . M-iiicet loan-maturities in a satisfac-' l rtimis Blylheville School News Loral Students MtfitA Ilcse Bo\vl (Jame lilytlicvillc high school was represented In the stadium at tlic Rose Bowl by two of Its football players, Calvin Moody and Homer Besharse. Junior Class Mory manner. Records show that 42 borrowers paid their entire loan to the FSA tins fall while 110 more are on n current basis with excellent prospects for J938. Of the 152 FSA farmers In Mississippi County in 1Q37, 144 were white and 8 negro. There were 140 tenants and 12 owners or part- owners. Growth in Assets The average PSA farmer in this county has materially increased his assets since he became a borrower. The report estimates his net worth in 1935 $115.00, $275.00 Jerry Cohen, president of the Junior class, was in charge of a short program, Monday. January 3, consisting of New Year's resolutions rend by Howard Prisbec, Mary Dec Fitzgerald, Molly Guard and Thomas Seay. After this brief program. Miss Elizabeth McLean, former student, gave an allegorical dramatic reading. * » * New Hooks Received II y School Library According to Miss Amy Bailey, librarian, twenty-two new books have just been received by the li- E i« a,, ^io"hT7«rss ss °u h < "•? M» = rence; "Li/i'l of Promise," Lynn; 'Jim Dayis." Masetleld; "D'ai|gh- ter of ' the Nohgu,'* 'Sugimoto; "Story of' Jiick Banister's !For-| tune," Pyle;'"Dog Puncher on the Yukon," Walden;-. "Magician-' of Science." Ham'm'bnd; : "Middle Ages," Mills; -"What Every 'Boy and Girl Should •> Kiiow," Sangcr; "Food Purchasing for tlie Home," Blinks: "Covered Wagon,"'Hough. 1 . Seventy-three books were added to the library In 'a previous ship- Stamp Collector Finds Error On Australia SVDNEY <UP>—An error In lite new 2-penny- stamps just Issued to commemorate Sydney's 150lh an- 'niversary hAs been 'tJIscovt'refl by »' File Divorce Suit He points out that Hie stamps show Captain Phillip j\t. Sydney Cove in .1180 wearing epaulettes, whereas these adornments were not worn as part, of- the naval uniform until .119&. Police Unable To Find •Thief In their Jail PUEBLO, Colo. (UP)—Police here were perturbed to find that n theft W. Franci.5 Craiiin lias'filed'suit ll!u! occurred Inside' llielr'jiill. in chancery court here asking for An elderly man who had been u divorce from Mrs. Roberta M Ci-onin on the ground .of- desertion. Partlow Ills .attorneys. and Bradley are average loan, on tlie oilier hand, dropped from approximately $425.00 In 1936 to $235.00 in 1937. This is attributed to two facts: (1) heavy They arc: "Sociology," Hayes; "Mystery Experiments and Problems for Science Classes and Science Clubs," Frank; "Institute of Child Welfare: Child Care and S?3S,^S s 'JIMS ?•='?r* \™r™ York; "Sue Barton, Student Nurse," Boylston; -"Presto John," Buchan; etc., w.ere acquired in 1936 "and this expense was not necessary in I 1937; <?rti)efaverage FSA farmer 4 was able -to produce tiis food, feed, seed nnd other Items in 1937 that ,ivere purchases from the store under tlift one-crop system of fnrtn- Ing. Lived at Home Evidence that PSA families in this county have mode good records in carrying out n practical live-at-home program Is seen in the report. It reflects that 152 of the 152 families participating in the program had gardens, produced poultry and eggs for home i use, 135 produced an adequate supply of milk for home use and 140 produced pork and beef for | home use. Homemakers produced 81,982 quarts of canned vegetables, fruits and meat during the year, or about 97 quarts for every member of tlie family. In addition, 24,785 pounds of cured meat were preserved. About eight out of every ten farmers produced nnd stored ample feed to winter the livestock. Better Farming "Practices W'' Substantial . progress was made in the adoption of sound farming and conservation practices during the year. Of the 4750 acres farmed in the county by the FSA borrowers. 1800 acres of this land grew some legume either inter-planted with another crop or by themselves. 1400 acres of inter-planted corn and beans were turned under. The 152 farmers used improved field seed of a recommended variety. There were 132 farmers In the county who participated in cooperative loans which are financed by the FSA to permit farmers of limited means to participate In services that would otherwise be beyond their financial reach. Cooperative services operating in this county include a cooperative medical and health association project, a cooperative school transportation project for the families located at Marie, Ark., and cooperative buying of the necessary canning supplies nnd pressure cookers. There were 521 farm families in Nazarene Revival At i Manila To "Continue MANILA,' Ark.^A revival,:: which started ataiie First Church'of thd Nazarene i-lnsfr Sunday \vlll con-: thine. for..-teh. : jiiore days',' it 'was announted.'-'Tlie-.ReV..:c.' B! Fugett-Kentucky • evangelist, Is cou- "Harpoon.-" Dulles; "Dog at His ducting the metinir Heel,";Finger; "Bent Twig." Fish- , _1 er; ' "Maria C!in[>tle)ame," Henion; "Let the Hurricane Hoar," Lane; "Sound of Running Feet," Law- the county who were assisted by lie PSA in some manner during the year, the report reflects. Another interesting phase of the report shows that of he 152 farm- eis participating in the program in 1937, five have been borrowers since 1934, G8 since 1935, 42 since 1L'36 and TIG were accepted in 1937. t PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY ^ Phone 141 ^ FOWLER DRUG STORE OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * PRESTONE * RADIOS * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 Read courier News -Want A'dsl leld overnight fov. druijkennesii complained; tliat.hLs..overcoii.t bad been stolen.' A search of the Jail revealed the caut secreted between twq Cecils und covered with puper. The ;thtef ;*\vas-not found. Much-Publicized Pheasant i Shot DQWD By Hunter MONS6rj, ~*f v i * Hill's •JiY CAKOI- DA\\ * IT'S the younger set this casual itu'ss will ili.']i|;)>l, wilh Its llii; Apple nnianH'lil'cind its \ilnluollri sliU'hi'il skirl. I'iitH'ni tllJM of-' fors just the drc'Ss for t«i dunce:; when unyuiiG is likely lo break into a Sljiiu or Hux.y (,) lit the drop »f ii hat. Collur and culls in contrast jjivu 11 Irini schoolgirl look that is extremely fresh and lie- comiinj. Keep it casual, yet decorative c'tioiifjli for the most ox-: I'ilinij dale, by clioosinj; n thin' wool, alpaca or suthi as your fab- I'll 1 . Uink brown or b);ick is n sninii choice, with colliir and culls in while or natural. You can make- this drcsii quickly, easily—Dtp pattern includes complete sewiiiK instructions together with d ingrains sliowintl you cxarily how lo proceed. I'allern 8IM is desiuiu'il for ' n/fs M, 10, 18, 20, 10 und 42. Siw Iti requires'! \.-J> ymds O f 35 incli or -I :i-il yards ot III) inch male-rial, plus ;t-l yard 35 inch material for contrasting collar unit cull's. In- strueiions /or applique Included. • n™?- l>ew W1N ™* I'ATTBHN HOOK is ready for you now. It has S3 paces of attractive design's Siuirrknuii Tracked Back To Tui'Lars; Worldwide, Kuieu in China. Too KAUUIiKllAUT WASHINGTON lionii' ('dummies hun-iiu ol the parlmcnt uf Arrinillmv, alter nioiitli;, i>{ KWnirh, Ims solved the of wlmt to a-ive ut u with homo methods of making (UP) — Ihn byiii saiici-nilicn und Baucrkmiit. Ills ivclix- Is jniUlsliMl by (lie Dc- piirliiii'iit «| Aiii'lculturi!, The best wtiy lo keep either .one^ he wiii), Is (« pack It In two-quart Ulawt Jara, it h much more con- (cnlenl than tho old-tasliloiiKl We ,, . ,, \ilMiu croi-k anil Mio product kec-pi It IM ivolly unite Klinplo: RUHSV-i 1 • (in-many. China. Krunrc, Aii.slrln Kvi'ry minnlier of the lulcnm- llonul parly would ri'cOKnlw> It anil like it, 1-Vcni'lnniin it Tin Uc:.t variety of turnip for rnb';n, (ioi.solSiiL.' :;ald. Is Hie top t.lrup leaf. Full varie- lii'.'f iiri: bcllw ilinji sprliij; otit-s, Mcdluiii-.slM'tl turnips iiti'd as (;oon , ll: ' |W.--lliii' ufU'i- IjtliiB pulled are ^un.l wluit II»' Clilnc.'.e called It, art. 1ml thi 1 ntlii'is would call it Kiiur-r-1 j.> c)1 . i| j,, „ I "" UL '<"H Ihf fiiiluwliiK dirf-ctlon>:: "Wn.'.li tlie turnips; do not sciiib. Hmiovc HI-I-UI top. Do not peel. .SI'icil; <M nut j.llco. Por each Uvo- Thi- namo for the dish orlnliml- i'd In (ii'innuiy. but tl:o bnri'tui liiiini'tl Ih;il .'4nu'ry;iuut ori^lii'ilfd In A^.la unit iviv.i intiudiiced uuu J'.'fisti'ri) oiiily tldu T by tin' iaiv, n(;i>. 'ftirl u 1 buii'iiu li:is dovi'lopctl U, own ircijio for :;iiu(>rknilit and n Jilmllur pi-oilucl, .^uLif]' luben, muiLc frum : : hri'(lilril turnip:; fevmenirtl In ihrlr own Inlno. liulh ure prepared In :!honl the sun lii'.li.' Miini'ivltnt ullkc:. Hurry Cloivslhu 1 . b with the biiii'im of clu'mlslry and .'Oil!!. I'ulldlll'll'd Ullllly VXpl'l-lllll.'!!!.-! n'lart jar H ; -C. [(iiir pounds of turnip:;. Add sail nnd mix. For 5 two- iiuait Jui'i use '.'.It puiind.-, of tur- iil|r-; V ounce:; of salt. "».•'« (ila.'ji Jars with I'lnra \\±;, Tin' cull will corrode Ihti '/.inc Wpi 1 lids. I'ut on n rubber anil nelHhl. JlHlilly. Dnco awry '2'l hour.; nips Into tin; Jar. As soon as Ihe itus bubble:; have died down, usually niter about lour days, clamp !ln' lid (m .vtrurcly." {•lianniiiR'deslmi's "i"iT "this oaiik help you in your spwini' One pattern aiulllic now Winlcr I'altcrn lluuli—25 cents. Winter Hook alone—15 rents j For n 1'ATTKKN of this nllrac- live model send lfji> in COIN your NAMB.'ADDKKSS. STYLK ' NUMHKU and SI'/.K lo TODAY'S PA'ITKIIN liUHKAU. 11 STKK- LING I'L., 13KOOKI.YN, N. Y. your envelope, to islythevliifr coun.r Rc«s Today's Pattern '• Bureau, •!! Storllnu Place, Brooklyn, N, y. lomouUps made It the subject ol pictures and articles In sports magazines. -.•Marbles-arc put to other uses than in games. They nre used In plate graining. In jlthogrnpln work. in unto rdleclors, ImgoU'llo boiird.1. reflccHng nnd lllumln'nllng signs, -The British ' Empire- comprises an arcn of 1:1,220,74!) of the earth's 52,000,0,00 sqiinra ; miles, oC, Inml surfncc. mul, jiVs/i ppuulation of more (linn oiic-IouVlh-thnt of the entire earth) .!,;•! : < In the commercial value 1 of 1U products, Hie . flshlpg . hulustry ranks first in the state of Florida. • ' cock (UP)—Done are days^ of East| : " pheasant;- 1 ' but its.;,. . •Mullet is the Vnbsl Impo'rlant iish on a commercial bnsis.' death, unlike tliat of many a car- chasing dog, resulted from'- the tylast ^f,a hunter's gun.- •/ / ' Ther bird's habit ot chasing aii- The 1030 Canadian 'tliccsc' 1 production amounted to.. 117.019.000 IHiunds factory-Inade riiid '1,1)32.000 poiinds i'.,im -made. Calico first was mimumiHureil hi Calicut, Madras, trom which city It derives Its name. Wrricht of one pigeon's whin, cut olf close lo the body, was only lourtilMbs of nn ounce. A Three Is Your Danger Siena .lust rt common counli, a chest cold, or iv bronchial Irritation of today may lend to .serious trouble tomorrow. They may be relieved now with Crctotnulsloii, mi emulsified Creosote Hint Is ulcnsnnl lo Ink*; Cieomulslon Is u medicinal combination ilcslfiiwl to iilil imturc III Baolhliii; mill hoiillni; Infected mucous Nicmlmmt'S by iillnylnt; Irrltn- tlon nnd lullnmmntlnu and by FISTULA Every person Millcrlug (torn Fistula, Piles or oilier recla) Irolibli; is urged lo write; Hie Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1210. (KB Me- 1 Gee St., Kansas city, Mo,, for their free took which explains wluii complications mny develop if these treacherous nlTUctlons nre neglected. Tills vnlunblc book Ims been prepared by specialists on rectal nnd colonlc diseases nnd Kivcs • full details of tliu mild Thornton & Minor methods by •which mote' Hum '18,000 patient* Jinve been trcnlcd in Ilic 1 pusl Sflj ' years. 1 In looseniiiB and cxpulllng the iienn-lnden phlegm. ^Tlie Medical Procession lin.i for many yctm rccoiinlml the benell- clal effect of Hoechwoocl Creosote Iti thu ticiitiucnt of counhs, cliesl colds. and brondikil Irritations. A special process wns worked out l>y u chemist, for blending Crc.osntc wltli other In- Kra)leiitsiimli>owliiG'ri;flimilsloityou gel a real dose of genuine [3i Creosote which Is palatable nml can even lie Icikun frequently und continuously by both adults and children. Crconuilslon is one prcpnrnllou Unit Goes to the very seat of tho trouble to help looseii and expel the- L'crm-hulcn phlegm. 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Seems like if a man smokes Camels once —he sticks to 'cm. Come round-up time —I'm in the saddle for hours, and not sparin 1 myself. A Camel sure hits the spot then. I get a mighty pleasant 'lift.'" Yes, and to America at large, Camel's costlier tobaccos have such a special appeal that they are the largest-selling cigarette in this country! Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas Tax Paid All Leadlnjf Brands of Beer, Ltqnor, Wine, Gin and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.1.5 Carton Highway GI—Holland, Mo. AUTO MECHANIC Al Patterson says: "In the garago business you havo to catch your meals on the run. I find that Camels seem to smooth the way for good digestion. The Mrs. smokes Camels too." CHIEF SIGNALMAN John Gcraghty: "You don't hnvo to be o railroad man to know tliat speed and safety —our watchwords — call lor healthy nerves. I smoke plenty. Camels don't jangle my nerves." SALESGIRL? Elsie Schumacher works in 8 department store. Shn soya: "When (lie rush gets me to feeling worn out—it's me for a Camelj and I get n quick 'lift.' Practically all of us girls in the store prefer Camels." PERSONAL SHOPPER Irene Slier- wootl says: "1 guess every woman knows how hectic shopping ig. I'm up against that six days a week. When I'm fatigued, 1 light up a Camel. It hplns mft tf> snap back," Camel spends MILLIONS MORE FOR COSTLIER TOBACCOS! Cam«l» ar* a matchless blend of finer-MORC EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS .Turkish and Domestic PHARMACIST J. E. Bayiia says: "I get in a lot of Camel smoking. And when I say I novcr tire of Cornel's lasle—it's experience talking." CHAMPION TYPIST Rcmo Poulsen: "I enjoy Camels from one end of the day to tho other. And Camels are so mild, they don't irritate n,y Oiroat" are the LARGE CIGARETTE IN AMERICA

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