The Daily Spectrum from Saint George, Utah on October 23, 1991 · 23
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The Daily Spectrum from Saint George, Utah · 23

Saint George, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1991
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Spectrum Wednesday. October 23, 1991 -11 B Baptized inside the republic First Russian Mormon missionary proselytizes CLINTON ( AP) - He appears to be the typical Mormon missionary, with dark suit, white shirt and tie, short haircut, riding a bicycle. But there is one major difference about Elder Anton Skripko. He is the first Mormon missionary ever from Russia, the largest republic in the Soviet Union. Skripko, 26, is not only the first Russian to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he also is the first Russian permitted by his government to be baptized inside the republic. Skripko was converted and baptized 20 months ago in Leningrad, which has since been renamed St. Petersburg. Having served as a Mormon missionary in northern Davis County for 2 weeks, Skripko said proselytizing is much harder in the Clinton area than in the Soviet Union. "Being a missionary is easy work in St. Petersburg because there is no knocking on doors Congress helps out Navajo President: Indian rights threatened WINDOW ROCK (AP) - The U.S. Supreme Court has threatened Indian sovereignty, but Congress has taken up the cause, Navajo President Peterson Zah told the Navajo Nation Council Tuesday. "We face grave threats to our status as sovereign nations," Zah Casino owner is given green light LAS VEGAS (AP) - The city of Las Vegas has given casino owner Bob Stupak the green light to begin work on a 1,012-foot tower, but gaming authorities reportedly want to know more about its financing. The Las Vegas Sun reported Tuesday that financing of the tower is part of an ongoing investigation by gaming authorities into allegations that Stupak is using deceptive advertising to lure customers. The tower, next to his Vegas World Hotel at the north end of the Las Vegas Strio. would include a S. wedding chapel and what is de-; scribed as the world s first indoor African lion park." Stupak, in a news release, said he was consulting with underwriters to obtain funding for the $100 million project. But the Sun said he is attempting to raise money by selling memberships in what is called the Stratosphere Club. The $2,750 package includes five free vacations at Vegas World with a total of $3,500 in spending money over the next decade, the paper said. Stupak paid a $125,000 fine in March after gaming authorities challenged his advertising practices. The newspaper said Stupak's latest promotion also includes a letter from former Mayor Ron Lurie praising the tower project. Lurie said he didn't write the letter, and refused to sign it. "I told him (Stupak) he could use anything I had said about the tower at a public meeting," said Lurie, who voted for the project. "But I didn't feel it was right to sign a letter like that." Hubble Telescope finds puzzling hydrogen clouds WASHINGTON (AP) - The Hubble Space Telescope is presenting astrophysicists with a tantalizing puzzle: the existence of hydrogen clouds in space that should have dissipated tuitions of years ago. "It's by far the most significant result Hubble has made so far," says Ed Weiler, the space telescope's program manager at NASA headquarters. The Hubble spotted the clouds between Earth and the nearest quasar about four or five months ago. Until then, scientists were comfortable with a theory that hydrogen clouds resulted from the Big Bang that created the universe 15 billion years ago that they slowly formed into galaxies, stars and planets over the next few billion years. "As you come in a little closer, say 12 billion, 11 billion, 10 billion light years, you start to see these clouds dissipating," Weiler said Tuesday. "So the prediction was that ... the universe would have evolved to the point where all the gas had dissipated or condensed into galaxies like the Milky Way." But then a Hubble scientist look Marshals capture SAN DIEGO (AP) The county marshal's most wanted scofflaw was arrested on 119 misdemeanor warrants, including 100 citations for riding trolleys without paying the fare. Kenneth Montanez Jackson, 32, of San Diego was to be arraigned today on warrants that total $37,000 and date to July 1988, along with "I don't understand how American people are. In my home in Russia, people open the door, say, 'Come in, and then they listen. Here, it is different. They just close the door." - Elder Anton Skripko wearing a missionary tag is enough," he said. Before arriving at the Missionary Training Center in Provo 2 months ago, the only English Skripko knew was "hello" and "goodbye." Skripko's missionary companion, Jay Cobb from Philadelphia, said Skripko is doing well. "I think it's a gift," Cobb said. Skripko said he gets frustrated sometimes because nis vocabulary is limited and he has many experiences he would like to share, and because of the way he is treated sometimes. He said the first time he went door-to-door, the first door was shut in his face. Then another, said. "In the United States Supreme Court, Indian country has lost several very important cases. These decisions are a threat to sovereignty and a challenge to self-determination. "But in the Congress, we are now picking up the pieces we lost in the Supreme Court. Congress is City officials have given Stupak the go-ahead on the base and shaft of the tower. Still to be approved is a 212-foot pod at the top that would include a chapel, a lounge and revolving restaurant. City spokesman Doug Bradford said the engineering requirements of the first part of the project have been approved. Stupak contends the tower would be the nation's tallest, and the ninth tallest structure in the world. "The engineering requirements of the first part have been satisfied," Bradford said.'JWe' P taking a harder look at the other engineering requirements, including the weight of the pod, to see how it influences the rest of the structure." Stupak said construction plans are underway, with groundbreaking scheduled in about two weeks. Promotional materials say construction is currently underway. Stupak first proposed the tower in 1989, with an architect's rendering of the 119-story tower resembling the Seattle Space Needle. The plans call for double-deck elevators, indoor-outdoor observation decks and a 400-seat revolving restaurant. In a news release Monday, Stupak came up with some new twists, including a fog machine to go with a laser light snow, a "thrill ride where visitors will soar 1,000 feet above the Las Vegas skyline," a "trip to the universe attraction" involving a 747 jet simulator and the "world's first indoor African lion's park." ed at a quasar named 3c273, which is only 2 billion light years from Earth, expecting at most one or two clouds. They would show up on the Hubble's faint object camera as lines on a spectrograph. Instead he saw six or seven lines at different velocities and different distances. "This was quite a surprise," said Weiler. The order went out to look again with a high resolution spectrograph, which has the ability to see more lines. "It was even more of a sur- grise," he added. "They confirmed etween nine and 16 individual clouds spread out." The scientists were in for a further shock. Not only were the clouds there, but their density was more or less the same as it would have been 10 billion or 12 billion light years ago. "This truly is a mystery," said Weiler. "How did these clouds survive to this day? Are they being created somehow by some mechanism we don't understand? If they are created, how are they . being held together? There are a lot of theories about dark matter, perhaps this is where this dark matter is. In these clouds." $37,000 scofflaw warrants for jaywalking, loitering ana lauure w appear m v."m v, oam deputy marshal Larry Kusler. Jackson, who is unemployed, was arrested Friday and jailed on $37,000 bail. , ,. t . The marshal's office has a list of about 480 scofflaws with at least 15 outstanding warrants apiece, and Jackson led the list, Kusler said. and another. "I don't understand how American people are. In my home in Russia, people open the door, say, : 'Come in,' and then they listen. Here, it is different. They just close the door," he said. Skripko said he likes Boris Yeltsin, whom he described as the first president of his republic who has believed in God. Skripko said his people are "hungering for religion after 70 years ot going without." With glasnost and perestroika, Russians are allowed to travel outside the Soviet Union and were given freedom of speech and religion. now the battleground for Indian rights and survival," Zah said. Congress has approved a bill to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that said tribal courts don't have criminal misdemeanor jurisdiction over members of other tribes. Meanwhile, Navajo Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Tso submitted his resignation, citing poor health from diabetes. The council voted 70-0 with one abstention to give Tso full disability retirement benefits, normally given to those who have served 15 years. Tso has served on the court since 1981 and as chief justice since 1985. In other business, Zah proposed the creation of a Navajo Board of Education for reservation schools Kit includes: Canon Rebel camera, Canon flash, Canon 35-80 Zoom lens, Canon wide strap Easy to use AF SLR i witti full features and affordable price Light weight, compact design 4 programmed automatic shooting mooes 3 zone evaluative metering Includes Canon U.S.A., Inc. one-year limited warrantyregistration card. JVC RC-X310 Super-Bass Horn 20-track programmable CD player Random play FMAM tuner Single cassette with auto stop Bass treble control 95 Ml FINANCING available 162 N. Main Cedar City 586-9969 I ? . J "The Russian people have not had religious freedom since the October revolution of 1917. In those 70 years, my people have endured a lot," he said. "We don't have families, or money or good homes. There are a lot of things we don't have." He said that in the past, the people of the Soviet Union nave had nothing to believe in or trust. "That's why we need the gospel of Jesus Christ. People who don't think we need it are wrong." Thirty-minute religious programs from different denominations are broadcast on St. Petersburg television each Sunday, he said. In April 1990, Russia was rededi-cated for missionary work in the Summer Gardens in Leningrad by Mormon Apostle Russell Nelson. There are about 600 to 700 Mormon members in the Soviet Union. Skripko said there are about 200 members and four branches in St. and said environmental issues would be a priority with the tribe, including the cleanup of radioactive tailings left from uranium mining. Zah voiced support for amendments to the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. "We want to be sure that all traditional people have the same right that every other citizen takes for granted," he said. "We are not saying that everyone should practice traditional Indian religion. We are saying that everyone should have the freedom to practice the religion of their choice." Native medicine men should not be denied access to sacred sites simply because the sites are on Ml DVi K L Canon biiv aw NO FINANCE CHARGES . unru M 1992! ' IIU mnw" ' Srtectio credit approval, bepg March 23. ISM ourchases made KIT An L,,hlj minimum cents tor any "7 October mZ2t 1.1991 only. 1 UHU JVC INTELLIGENT VCR DA-4 (Double-Azimuth) Head System with Nolselesi Special Effect! Interactive FDP Multi-ColorMulti-Language On-Screen Menu Picture Control Dlgiial Tracking hxpresi Start" with 0.3 Full-Load Mechanism Auto Head Cleaner 329 r ACOUSTIC RESEARCH WHAT IS It's the vivid Store Mon.-Sat. 9 Petersburg. . ''Missionary work is going well in Russia. A lot of young people in Leningrad are joining the church and they are taking their parents. We have baptisms in a swimming pool every Saturday," he said. - There are now many religions proselytizing in the Soviet Union, he said. "People are confused sometimes about which church is true because there are a lot of religions to choose from now." He said many Russians who were once atheists are now believing in God. "I believe that God created this situation," he said. When asked how life is different in the United States, he replied, "The people here are happy. Here, people smile big. There, no one is happy. They're not happy because it's a hard life. There are many problems." by courts federal or private lands. Traditional people shouldn't be denied the right to protest against development that will desecrate a religious area, Zah said. "We will not let the birthplace and the sacred sites of the Navajo people be desecrated by turning it into a dumping ground," Zah said as he maintained opposition to an asbestos waste dump near Huerfano sought by ICU, Inc., of Far-mington, N.M. Zah also announced that the Ford Foundation has awarded at $95,000 grant to a teacher education program at Navajo Community College in Tsaile. That program seeks to produce 1,000 Navajo teachers in five years. FINANCING ON Canon TDD AY - ""' H?edit The new on yuu. -, . Finance Charge ot su Y 8mm camcorder from Canon. v. - cmanrp tsimss JVC HR-D720 MINI COMPACT VHS CAMCORDER GR-AX2Compact VHS l-Lux Low-Light Sensitivity (with Gain Up) Full Range AF wilh Auto Macro - ec ME' Auto Head Cleaner Multi-Speed Shutter with I400O-Sec Setting 6x Power Zoom 95 I lihllilHiJildllldlllMHji.ia I A Whole New Slant on Music-A New Dimension in Stereo Enjoyment. HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGING? recreation of the sonic space on a recording and the exact umuHiuiw anu Mugcrs wiinin fCome In For A Listen... ...We'll give you a sample CD just for giving us your opinion of the New AR Holographic Imaging Series Speakers! Hours: a.m.-6 p.m. Clinton Skripko is surprised at the large families in Utah. "In Russia, families consist of only one or two children." Before Skripko joined the Mormon Church, he was an atheist. But, when his friend Aleksandr Chencov showed him a Book of Mormon for the first time, he was impressed by the pictures. As his friend spoke about the Book of Mormon, he became interested and found a local meeting to attend. From that time on, he attended church, which was held in a school of opera every week, until his baptism six months later. Four months after his baptism, he baptized the friend who first introduced him to the Book of Mormon, becoming the first Russian to baptize another Russian. Skripko said one of the things he is looking forward to is celebrating Christmas this year for the first time. 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