The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1943
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APH11; 30, 1JM3 Published Every Friday In the Inbreak of Farm families of Thl» | Agricultural Section. BLYTHKVILLH (AUK.) COUHllilt NJSWS PAGE FlVh f ARM NEWS-PEA! VRES Suggestions For Better Farming Featured For Thin Section 1 ! Pro-! grenaive Farmers. Land Army Garb: 1918 and 1943 -cafy Plants Parlicularly Respond To Application Of Nitrogen Side - dressing many vegetable crops, mid particularly leafy vcg- elablcs, with 100 to 200 ]>umuls o( nitrate of sodn per Here, will encourage the rapid urowlli thiil is needed lo produce better quality ;(iitl liiglier yields, according to J. J. Pickrcn, county agent. Lack of nitrogen in cool, wet periods, he said, is one reason for slow growth, Plants iismilly need ndclitionnl plant food when they seem to be stunted in growth or yrowlh is very .slow, despite adequate amounts of moisture in the soil, or when they become pale in color. Side-dressing Irish potatoes will pay, he said, unless exceedingly lfir(;e quantities of mixed commercial fertilizer or manure were applied to the Boil before, planting, This Is purticularly true this year, when 'In'-some cases,-potatoes lintl lo be replanted because hard freezes destroyed the seed in the ground. The cooler-lhan-norinal season, so far, has held buck potatoes, and some means of hastening- vine growth Is needed in order for the crop to properly mature before the extremely hot weather of early summer. Side-dressing the potato crop with 100 pounds of nitrate of soda, the county agent said, will hasten vine growth and increase yields. Kitchens Should Ik El'l'icicnl For Wartime Wives With many hoinemakcrs spending some 70 per cent of their time in the kitchen, the- addition of war duties to their already full schedules makes an efficient, arrangement of the kitchen equipment a necessity for saving time and energy. Miss Corn Lee Colcnvin, county home demonstration agent, declared this week. To be efficient, Miss Coleman advised, kitchens should be planned so that the preparation of tood follows a simple direct route the time the food enters the from en until it is served in the dining rorjm. r ~ :: -; . Tlirc'egcnenil prbcesse's'tak'e'place in-' every kitchen in connection Iwth .each meal including storing anil preparation of food, cookiui and serving, and clearing up. These activities center about the refrigerator and cabinet, the cook stove and the sink. It is important, for efficiency, to have these pieces of equipment conveniently located with the shortest passible distance between them. The shaiw and the size of the kitchen and the location of the doors and windows will influence the arrangement of the equipment into work centers. These features should be studied carefully before building or remodeling a room to be used as a kitchen. However even though the kitchen is already Dmlt, arrangement of the criuip- MoticTn jvcialls arc Ule uniform lor the women's Land Army being formed lo help plain and harvest U. S. crops. Ann Douglnss of Greenwich, Conn., models the- 1!M3 garb while tier' mothui wears the Land Army umlorin she wore 55 years ago. mcnt can be checked and necessary changes made so that it is more convenient. Steps can be saved in kitchen nhout one and one-half Inches in diameter. They should be five to six feet tall, driven into the ground 12 to 18 inches so that they will work if all food supplies, tools and hold film. These stakes may be put utensils arc stored at (lie work i in the Hardens now ill the proper centers where they lire used. 'distance and later tile plants tuny Advising that Extension circular be set a lew inches from them so No. 395. "Improving the Kitchen," that they will be ready when the ;ivr\s excellent information on ways in which the kitchen can be im- tomalofs begin to climb. Pruning to a single stem and ly- proved. Miss 'Coleman said and > ing to such a stake is the most that free copies of the publication arc available in the county extension office. Tomalo Yields . May Be Boosled Through Training Pruning and (raining [onial have many advantages In the home garden, according to E. P. Brasher. truck crop specialist ware Agricultural yxl^nsion Service. When lire plants are pruned more growth goes into the fruits on the rciiiaiiiiny steins, making them ripen earlier and grow larger, and yields arc increased. There is less Injury from disease, especially rottong, since the tomatoes arc kept off the ground, and the hulls arc cleaner. And [he training makes the plants easier to work with in spraying and harvesting. One phase of the (raining ran common method used. In this system all shoots Browing In the axils of the leaves arc removed while lluy arc small. The plants an. usually trimmed about once each week or tch days. The top ot the plan! may be pinched out when it reaches the top of the stakes. Plants should be tied to stakes witli soft twine, loojjcrt around the <jlake and tied under the leaf stem ,pn (lie opposite side of the plant, tomatoes , The twine should not be ' tied 'so Unit it restricts growth of the plants or cuts into the stem. Plants for the Deln-|are sometimes tied lo wires attached to posts or stakes driven into the ground rather than to individual stakes. Anny-Siml (.'IfaniiiB Jub Insecticides Still Are Available In.seclleled.s will be in-iilUible gen .'rally In sufficient imimtlllcs to uect nil normal dcnunuls this year, iccordiujj to Inloi'inntlon received »y J. J, I'lckrcu. county agent, from Charles O. Lincoln, extension entomologist of the University ot Arkansns College of Agriculture. Uicul availability, Mr. Lincoln said, will lie the big problem, because "even though adequate .sup lilies of insecticides arc available from wholesalers, many inseetlvldcs are not slocked locally." More calcium iirscniilc will bo manufactured than In 10-12, u record yenr, according to current plans. However, the ileinand for it for cotton-Insect control develops so suddenly Ural local temporal's shortatjes are expected. This sllmi- lion Is afjgr.'ivitted by the sinuli carry-over and Iho resultant dependency on current manufacture Advance buying of minimum re- qufcrcmeiUs. Lincoln advised county agent. Is the only solution to this problem of local shortages, Supplies of lead arscnatc and Paris green are adequate hut there is little .surplus Sodium firsenltc is very scarce, When local supplies are exhausted, sodium fluoslllcate be .substituted for sodium ar- senllc in grasshopper :ind army vorrn baits. Cryolite, barlm fluosllicnte, anil sodium fluosilicate will lie avall- i')!c In quantity, uiul should lie substituted for rotenone und ar- senicals whenever possible., He said. They arc especially valuable for (lie control of garden Insects, but arc interior to calcium arsenatc for lioll weevil and cotton leaf- worm. I Rotcnonc (derris or cube) presents the inrist .serious shortage, Sir. Lincoln said that, because of the shortage, the use of rotenone limited lo Ihc protection of pens fro mlhc pea aphid; beans from the Mexican s bean beetle; cole crops-other than cabbage but including broccoli, mussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, turnips, and collards—for protection ayalnsl caterpillars and aphids; and cattle, for the siwcific control of cattle grub (ox warble) or short-nosed cattle louse. PjTCthrum is not widely used In Arkansas except In fly sprays. Lincoln expressed Die belief Hint a restricting order similar lo the one for rolcnone will soon lie Issued, its use will be permitted for cnbr bagc worm control where arsenical residues must be avoided. Abundant supplies of sulfer are available, Mr. Lincoln said. For red spider .control, however, a mixture of sulfur and ON, 10:1. Is imicli superior to straight sulfur. The entomologist pointed out Dial eertiiin insecticide imilcrliil.v arc scarce, and suhsitutes may lie used. He added that "all insecli- New Duroi- Field K<'|H'i:soulalivo furson N'i'lii) h»s bi'fn nppolnied iii'iv Diiroc field represeutallvc for 'Hie Diiroc News. piiljUi-iitlon of Ourui- brccdcr.s, it was aiuuiunceil In (he April issue of the publlcu llcm. Mi'. Ciii.'iou Is not u .MriuiKer to Ilii' Durov business, or to Ilic live .stoi'k world, fur he raised Duroc.s In Oklahoinn after ullending Okln hoinii A. ami M. Lutcr liu was closely identified with Hie Jersey cattle business and the llerelord entile buslnewi and more lecently iimn- iised \Volf River liriinch and now Or. Curaler's ranrh west of Colllcr- villc. Term., where ho Is working with breeders In the .MldSouth. Lalc 1'lanlings Should Not Worry Gardeners; Warm Weal hoc Needed ^prliiii liii.s come late lo Arkiins"* Ihls year. :uu! many i;:mlriiers IKIVC been worried atj'mil 'not gel- Inti Ihelr soil prepmed In ilmo o make vci;ctnblc plaiillnus on ici-- mmrudcil dales. This fuel need not worry the Victory Clauleiier loo much—most of Hie planls which were sel mil nii'ly liuve been fro/.cii, and though seeds punted curly me not affected, (hey will mil urow much imlil Ibe ivealher l.s- wjinii, Oiii'di'iicrs .should ijo ulieiid and plant the vegetables which Ihey have planned |o urow, even (hoiiKli H is much Inter than tho dales tilveu on the Ciarden IMunllni; Calendar for those piutlciilnr crops. Hill Iliiisi! with eiirllei' planting dales .should lie set out as .soon us possible, uf it Is I'spcclnlly Important ihul head lellure. ctib- biilU', ii i id broccoli plants be .set at once, .since tlicy do nut grow well In hot wenllier mid will not head In giii'dcn plans of which gurdenm were warned. Since your vegetables are lidtliiii 11 InIc Mint, yon will iviuit to be especially careful to give Uicm a liocid slaii. lie Mire ihul (lu> soil Is In good comllilon—loosen U up with a rntcc before you plant If a 1ms rained since the soil was worked. Ifo nut let « little unusual wcMith- i'r keep you from producing vllul- ly needed fond. lf>0 From A. I,, hi Service NKW YORK (Ul'(—Tlie American U'iiguc biiseballers have been joiuinu Iho armed forces at the rale of almost 10 n month for the ycnr, iiecoi-dliii; lo .vtnd.ttlcs released by the leanno's service mi- I'ciui. TUcro are now more llinh 150 players . from the Junior loop In the service. b? started stakes. Thev now—preparing are usually cut the HOLLYWOOD. Gal. (U.P.)— Tile Army does its dry cleaning on a slightly augmented scale. A caravan of 2f> Army trucks arrived here from Needles, Cal., 300 miles away, loaded solely .with combat clothing, including padded overall lank, uniforms. A cleaning establishment contracted lo do the job in 72 hours— and did. or one and one-fourth inches square, or are cut from saplings Read Courier News Want Ads. We re Ready To Help You To cides should be conserved and cultural controls used whcnefer possible." Dogfish are tile principal source of vitamin oils In Uritish Columbia now. They .were considered valueless at one time. Hill do not lei your j;arilen go to waste just limiuse we have a lute i'h)|;. You ran .vllll gel nil of Ihc vcuelable.s you urlxlnully phin- ned DII. The necesally for Into planting Is just niKillier of Armorel News Members o! (hi- .Senior Class of Armorel High School presented u hiTe-ael comedy, Wednesday ulghl it the ilaifleld Auditorium. title was ' Hemembci You're,* I.ady". <lhc following people tciok > part: li. W, White,-Ncely Perry*' Qtncvievc nml CTeiicv'e '/faijcn.V' James. Hcn&on, Claude Cnsskly, Maltha Pruilt, Evelyn Ungstoni' Ik'O HiU'blii, I'cte Wulkcr and L, D ' Ryals. '': <!'t'.':l la Gurrn; KINOSTON, N. Y. (Ui')'-Two" soldiers from this city who fought- ut Guadalcanal were given a great, surprise when they arrlvrd hojnq on furlough. At the railroad .station' Ihey saw an Immense crowd gathered and bcllercd they were DeliiK' given u royal welcome They found " however, thai the crowd was'bid-' ding fai'iwcll to a departing-'group "• of M'lecfees. *•,».,? •>". Cash for Your Car Old American ASPHALT ROOFS ' fOft ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION DELTA Lumber Co. ' Illjilicville's Only Hume Oivm-d Liimbi'r (;i)inpaily rlione -197 TO MAKE YOUR ROOF COMB-SAFE BUY U. 5. WAR COMDSI KEEP LLING with a $10,000 Stock of TIRES and TUBES! Sizes For Trucks, Tractors and Passenger Cars K ami C Card Holders— Votir tire ccrtilicntcs will he HOIK! for Cnttlc 1 tires ;iflei- .Miiv'lsl. BRING US YOUR CERTIFICATES! HERE'S HOW, You Can HELP YOURSELF DON'T Hump or Scrape Curbs. DON'T K:iil to Kotale Tires. DON'T Hide On UnderinHat- cd Tires. DON'T Make Sudden Slops. DON'T Sliced On Hot Roads. Missco Implement Co Osceola, Ark. THE NEW TYPE PAINT ... i»s alkyd resin base makes if WASHABLE: plus other great feature' Ask for Ulu-i Luminill, the water-dunned paint thai gives you jptra umbabiliiy...gnua beauty...up to 503! wing in co»t! ...On* wot «v«n ...Savtiup I»50% ... Extra Wttlw Wily . . . Dri*t in Vi hour ...J btavtHvl lints \ ...AHkintrswotlbowd surface! DELTA LUMBER CO. Blylhcvillc's Only Home Owned Lumber Company 204, e N,'Second Phone .197 Any M<(ke~ All WE NEED 50 USED CARS KIT m :it onec |f )•„„ „.;,„( lo sl ,,, yl)||| , ,, 1|f volt CASH" Ni) <lrlii)-_(irlvr. In uj- Irlriilinnc »iiil uur rfurwnlallre' ulll call at mice. ' Phillips Motor Go. Tel. r>0i & Wal"Uf SHIP US YOUR Soybea on hand and left over from planting this year's crop.,. The Nation urgently needs oil from Soybeans NOW!... Soybeans should be delivered to processing plants both to expedite production of oil and to spread the demand OR existing equipment through Summer months. One bushel of beans will produce 8 pounds of oil... Every pound of oil is needed... Your job and burs is to see that every buste! of the 1943 crop is crushed! FOR FREEDOM'S SAKE BUY WAR BONDS Swift & OIL MILL BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. "Feed Soybean Hear

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