The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1950
Page 3
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•K>NDAY, JULY 8, 1950 8LYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS GOP Senators Demand Truman Find Chairman For Understaffed AEC By OLIVER W. DeWOLF i WASHINGTON, July 3. <.»>>— TWO! Wjubllcan senators demanded today that President Truman name a new permanent chairman for the Atomic Energy Commission at once. The senator* were Hickenlooper (R-Iowi) and Bricker (R-Ohio). The atomic post was thrown open when David E. Ullenthal resigned last February 15. -Since then, Mr. Truman has named two temporary chairman — Sumner T. pike, who left last Friday when his reappolnt- ment for a new four-year term hit a Senate snag, and Gordon Dean, who now holds the lob. Hickenlooper, ranking Republican member of the Senate-House Atomic Energy Committee, told a reporter that a commission chairman should have been named "long ago." He noted that Lllien- thal announced last fall that he intended to quit, and added: Known Since November "Since last November it has been known that it would be necessary to name a chairman, but up to the present time no chairman has been named. I strongly urge that the President now appoint a chair Bricker, also a member of the committee, said the job requires top flight talent and he thinks men with the necessary qualifications are available. "The chairmanship ought to be filled at once," he said in a separate interview. "Such a Job If properly presented would challenge the most able men In the country." Only Three Member* The commission is now operating with only three of its authorized live members. One vacancy has existed since April 15, when Lewis U Strauss left. The oilier occurred Friday when pike was forced to stop down after three and one-half years of service. Mr. Truman named the 58-year- old Maine Republican for a new four-year term. Last Thursday, Senate members or the atomic committee voled five lo (our to send the nomination to the Senate with a recommendation that it be rejected. . ' The Senate, which usually follows committee recommendations on major appointments, is slated to act Wednesday. : rench Cabinet Stirs Socialists Right-Wing ROUMS Opposition as Premier Prepares for Test PARIS, July 3. tf}— Premier Henri Queullle has formed a new cabinet whose right-wing ting* already has roused Socialist ire. The government may receive It's first crucial *st In the national assembly tomorrow. The new Dredge, Freighter Hit In New York Collision No. 2 NEW YORK, July 3. (A>>—A 2.0WH ton sand dredge and a "freighter three times her size collided in the New York harbor narrows before dawn yesterday-r-the port's second big-ship collision In five days. The crash pitched the 34 crewmen of the dredge Sandcrafl into the water. Some of them swam for in hour before they could be hauled to safety. Only fast rescue won; prevented loss of life. The dredge went lo the bottom in 10 minutes, catching most of her men in night-clothes. The freighter, the 6,600-ton Coliier Meirose, had a hole punched in her bow. The cause of the crash—which happened in clear mopnlight^-rc- mained a mystery. Officers refused to discuss it pending a Coast Guard hearing that probably will open today. "I feel good at not losing any of my men, but I feel rotten about losing my ship," the Sandcrafl's master, Capt. Robert Ammon, 52, of Chicago, said. . The collision occurred m the liar- rows -R mile-wide strait that separates Staten Island and Brooklyn ' ' divides the big harbor into the - and lower bays. 6 scene ot yesterday's crash was only a few hundred yards from where the American liner Excalibur and the Danish freighter Colombia collided five days before. The Ex- calibtir had to race for shoal water to save herself from sinking, and went aground In the mud. She carried 114 passengers, but neither tiiey nor the crews were hurt. The Sandcraffs crew escaped with their dunking and a few cuts »nd bruises that required minor hospital treatment. Australians Undecided on Troops Use CANBERRA, 'Australia, July 3 ')— Prime Minister Robert G. Men es said today the Australian gov eminent lias not decided whethe to send Australian troops from Japan to Korea. "We have had no requests," he laid. "Consequently, there hiv been no decisions." The Canberra' correspondent o the Sydney Daily Mirror said, how ever, he understands the govern ment would not hesitate to sane ion the u%e in Korea of its British commonwealth occupation forces ii Japan il it is requested by thi United States.- Australian army headquarter* a Melbourne are In constant touch with U. S. authorities in Japar ind the necessary permission couic be flashed to Japan without delay Menzies already had ordere postponement o! plans to repat rlate the force U>- Australia Th original plan had been to return the men to Australia to instruc compulsory trainees. XOTICE Of GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that the OommLssioner of Revenue of the State of Arkansas has issued a' permit No. 217 to L. M. Chappell to aell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 326 East Main, Blytheville, This permit Issued on the 1st day Opea 7:M, Starts t:M Monday 'THE WINDOW" with I rbara Hale A; Bobhjr Driscoll t Cartoons Ic Monkey Short Tuesday & Wednesday "WONDER HOW'S KISSING HER NOW" with June Haver * Mark Sterem 2 Color Cartoons RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "THE RED LIGHT" wHK °*rp «•« * Vlrrfnta M,,, AIM Wmnwr Ntwi * Slwrl THE MAN ON THE EIFFEL TOWER" wtth Ctiarto Ijmrhton, Franrhnt Tone >IM! R«fcrrt Rattm New* * Sfewt The National Geographic Societ ays a statue is to be erected a Haarlem, Holland, in honor of-th boy who. tradition says, put his Jin ger In R leaking dike. th of July 1950 and expired on 30th day of June 1951. L. M. Chappell 71-1 cabinet formed yesfer- lay. eight days after George Bidault's government toppled, could defeated tomorrow, if the as- embly votes ngainst Qucuille on ome technical issue. The crisis which brought in the lew government has had little to do with France's foreign policy, 'orelgn Minister Robert Schuman las been kept In his post, indicating hat his plan to pool Western Europe's coal and steel has lull government backing. Meeting Recessed The meeting of six nalloa-s discussing (he plan was recessed when he French crisis came. Delegates went home to get their governments' opinions on Ihe French proposal for an over-all International authority to control the pool. They meet here again today. . Complaints about France's new government are expected to come from the left side ot the assembly The Socialists,'who refused to join, dislike two new ministers. They are former Premier Paul Heynaud, who takes the new post of minister of state for the associated stales and the Far East; and Paul GiacobbI, minister of state and civil service. The Communists like them even less. Both Right Winter. Botli men are right wingers. Reynaud is an Independent and <3ia- cobbi a member of'Queuilie's radical. Socialist group. Queuille's 'new government, his second, is the seventh under the Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinees Sat. & Sun. Ph. 58 Monday "FRANCIS" with Oona.ld O'Connor Tuesday "MR. SOFT TOUCH Cilenn Ford Wednesday &• Thursday "STORY OF SEA BISCUIT" Shirley Temple * Barry Fitzgerald AtDREIFUS Trousseau Luggage by Samsonite in natural rawhide finish HATS OFF!—There's no limit to the sue of this year's beach liMs, as Bunny Ycager demonstrates on the sands at Miami Beach, FU. fourth republic and the 12th since the liberation. Queuille himself led the longes one. It lasted 13 months. The new government, has eighi radical .socialists and nine members of Bidault'.s popular Republican movement. Bidault becomes vice- premier. Quenilte will continue interior minister in charge of the police, as well a.s premier. MAKES 10 BIG / /&1S COLD DRINKS / / M BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Monday —DOUBLE FEATURE— "CAPTAIN CHINA" John Payne & Gail Russell . 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Noncr, Notice U hereby given Unit 'the siKned his tiled with the ommlssloiwr of Revenues ol the ate of ArkiiLsat lor penult Co sell id dispense hrer tt retail on the remise* described u Walnut and ivislon, Blytheville, Mississippi oimty. The undersigned slates lliat he a citizen of Arkansas, ot good oral character, that he has nev- beeii convicted o[ a felony or her crime Involving moral turpi- de; that no • license to sell beer the undersigned ha-s been re- Jkect within five years last past; id that the undersigned has nev- been convicted ot violating the s ot this state, or any other te, relative to the sale of ulco- olic liquors. Application is for permit to bo is- i«l tor operation beginning MI the day of July 1950, and to expire on ie 30 day of June, 1951. R. E. Robinelte Subscribed and sworn to before e tills 1 day of July 1050. Mrs. Marshall Blackard My Commission expires: 3;9[53. 'l-3-50l PAGE THREE Acrobatic AMVET Stages Show On Flagpole, Sign, Window SPRINOKlELn, Mass., July S, but lost his grip (AP)—A man watching a parade fell out of a third lloor hotel window yesterday, grabbed a frail flagpole, .switched lo a .sign bracket, dropped 10 feet to a chain support and then wa.s rescued through n second-story window. The hairbreadth escape of Henry Lcte.ive. 4fl. occurred as hundreds along the route of an Am- vels slate convention parade watched from the ground 40 feet helow. Many of the parade spectators dashed lip two flight ol stairs to as-sLst iii LeFeave'.s rescue- Police snitl U'Peave apparently leaned too far out the window, iost his balance and was about, to plunge headlong Into the crowd below when lie grabbed the llagiiole jut- llns; from the third-floor window. The pole was bending perilously when I^Fcave caught hold of the sign bracket. He hung on for seconds A IETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 He fell about 10 feet but managed to grab a chain supporting the lower end ot the sign. As he wn.s about to l<xse his grip again, rescuers pulled hlrn In the second rloen windov. He suffered only minor head and back injuries. NOTICE Or GRANTING OT LIQUOR fEBMIT Notice Is hereby given that th« 3omnitssloner of Revenue of th« State of Arkansas ha« Issued a permit No. 221 to Harvey W. Stewart to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises dnscrlbed as 218 A East Main, BlythevUl*. This permit Issued on the 1st day ot July 1960 and expired on the 30th day of June 1961. Harvey IT. swwart 1-* 7-10 NU-WA For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cam Inveili- galed in leveral hospilol« and clinic$, lubnormol Kidney function was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after th« ui* of Mountain Valley Water. 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You want style . . . you want selected colors . . . you want clever patterns WELL, NOW YOU CAN HAVE ALL THESE AND SAFETY TOO. Here's the top value in quality cotton twisted loop rugs. Colorfast with the Plasticized Back that locks the loops in tight and makes'; this rug a non-skid performer. Don't worry 1 about the kiddies slipping on the floor . . .' step out of the tub without fear of skid-i ding . . . Come in today and see the rug ! qAFPTv e MMp Ul Qnd Safe " Insist on the ' SAFETY LINE ... the rug you'll really love to own ... it w il] avoid accidents m the home. 24" X 36" $O29 2 27" x 48"... $3.45 36" x 60"... $5.45 4'x6'...$8.95 6'x9'...$19.95 9'x 12'...$34.95 JIMMIE EDWARDS 301 E. Main FURNITURE GO. Phone 2487

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