The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1934
Page 6
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I'AflR SIX NRWS Pace Second Flight of Heavyweight 4i Guys" Camera and Baer Fair Butj Prospects Among Lesser j Heavies Gloomy. BV BIIX BRAUC1IKK NEA Smlrr. Sport? K.litor ' NEW YORK.—Since 1927 vh?n Gene Tunney retired after kncck- lng old Tom Heeney's eyebrows down on h!s c>.est, the heavyweight prize ring has been largely a parade of !n-arid-ouiers. Tiic outlook for 1934 isn't much move brilliant tlian it was for the Mu.lviile nine that day Casey look his cuu> at the empty air. Names with which cauliflower critics have become nil too familiar during the last six years still remain in the first flight of hcnv- > ies. Primo Camera is champion, i but would you bel your shin on i him—even that one with the heliotrope stripes that Santa Clans | brought? Max Baer nu:sl Ije ranked next, and lie looks 10 IK a sure pipe to take Camera, but Max is another you Just never know about. Going on down the Jine through Levinsky. Loughmn, Sc-iineUn and Sharkey there appear to bo no surprises', at least not happy ones. Levinsky outpointed 'Sharkey some what recently, but he also managed to lose to nisko and Lough- i ran in 1933. Loughran brut Shar- ' key, but he too was licked by RIs- ko. Risko. in turn, iost 10 1'atsy Perron! and Gypsy Daniels. Of all these the record of Schmeling seeins most resixirlablc. Ho was knocked out by Haer nnti he went home. Give him crcdl! At least (or that The second flight oilers 11 few j promising names, Intersiiericd among barnacled veterans. Pour newcomers heading the list of second raters are Palsy Pcrroni. Charley Ma&sera, Rtiy Imi>e]ltllieri.' and Walter NeuEel. I In this strata Perron! looms as I most likely pay dirt. He hasn't! been seen much around New York, but in his single engagement against McCorkindals he exploded all fears that the hcavyiveight championship was about to g" to Africa. He hos done r.;oM of his fighting around Cleveland where lie is highly respected. At least he packs a terrific wallop. Ma.^fera, after beating a number of obscure people, such as Able Fcldman, Bob Olin. Juslin Strut!* and Art Huttlck, gave the boys something to think about when he came down from Pittsburgh for nn overnight stop and pasted ringwise, Mnxic Rosenbloom at will a co,,-j om nl Wmtc . r "." pie of weeks ago. TUKSDAV, JANUARY 193-1 MIGHTY M1LERS 11 UPSETS! I) lilfml On Stanfor !-x|icrls Wild 7 lo 0 Victory. Palsy IVtronl, left . . . t<i]K Ihc second llii'.ht . , Mrony, youui; jnjnc'lu-f from Gomianv. f pirjini.'in^ lii-avy v/i-inlil. 1 ,' ANOTHER QN£ Blythcvillo Cagcrs Open Season Against Cape ? *5" Friday The lilytl'.evilk' hlKh school tig-. M V:t .school cniinoclod with a Capo ITS, d;:.!rii-i tllli'lKj'.dci.s. will meet (In- C'.iin 1 (rliaKleau, Mo., Pivps in llii'lr liiit Inline siillli' of the w:l- sini at tin' annorv here Friday niulit. H will be :i icluin er.K.i^cmi-'nl, the Chii-kn.s'r.v. hnvin^ jnurney.'d to Ciii);- bvfitre Cliris(rn:i.^ fur tlH-lr flr.'.t cuiiti-sl mid losinij t" ihu l'ri;|« by a liMisidL'd .score. TJU- Itit-iils PAMAUKNA. Ciil.. Jan. I'ull.ii:! lltllr band <>f f 11,111 Ciilinntiiu was i!M i'.-. '.'•; l::t< j- I:, Nov. 1 York n;day nfl n-iiiiii'/ on" of tlii' bi-i'i'.-i in- •• li. Kc.-v lic-.vl hl'.'ory bv Vaih 11. ii'.nvily favored Sifinfon vi n. 1 in 0. and lu|i;iini' i:l! -i " nn lhat hn-, lii'i-n unu'uaHv h:i nr ']>e "-'V[i;il-." v.'1'.n ;tljl:'Jil !i: :i man hud "rtJdi-" Slinfurd fn:' li: - 'k)i •• Mi'-i] r-;isy oinxisilion. The Cnlimibla I.loi.s •«•/:• ?':>d' li> 111' docile luaMs anil ppnid - j nnlv a small ni'-asuri! of i-nii; ni'ii- | nil-Ill for Ilir- hip powerful !'-' inasi tram. Mm (he '-Vw Y"-' i«lii!.cd !" lay down ami make tli" Roman liolidn 1 .il;i' Indians llial h:!'l bn n iliili'd. liisli'i.ii :hcv shu'.Mi iiv Hint coibfoniKli'd a rrwil cil nt'.'.) who ev|*-LU'i! lilt.!-.' fiom A forward pa?-.-- from Cliff Mnnl- uitmi'ry lo Tony Mnlul in ihi' M'f- Columliia's only real ihveal. plac- ini; tin: ball on Stanford's n-yi'.rd line. From there Al Tlaniba:-. who) and r.oi C.'.IIMJ Cf-nlrnl, have one of Ihe eln^ir.u iininlels the locals i-ver !:n.-d. Most of the Preps an:! players but extremely fnsi and nood .shots from any part of '-'H' court. They look small :m:l .'•h<i:t in contrast to the mil Hlyt: ?vi!> "unfit. The Chick.; resumed practice yes- lerdiiy nfler layim; off durini; Hit to MllfRS W INDOOR SEASONS QPB1ER — R^UvWO OV-'ii r^'IO METER WOOOR k ii.cUlL-ntallv oiitiih.yr-d his m;ttc Mimtyomri v. sknti'ii end foi :: touchdown. Aflrr ilinl ;lic Lions rhit: in nnd rcpnl-si'd ru-rvllm:;! Che liulians had to over in ilif way o! :m offense. Stanfunl npnarontlv had ll'.e l^-sl of cvi'iylliini; bii! !!ie ball i Columbia defense recovering '! most every fumble. l:u]X' in lart' b-rtlu against the Christmas holidays and cxjiecl Missomiam, cmisldi'rrd oil'.- of the | b c In bettor slmpr- Lhan when they -lafjV best iii!!:r«'«.it!ons. when ihryjmci Ihe Preps abnul iwn weeks ari. i ?n '. lmn " meet. be:e. in ihe rncoiinler at ' The ideal h.iikolcors and Ihc ll<il-P';'' IB * Cii|i; the Chii-ks '.we forced lolhimi. Mn.. hi.'h sc-luxil 'team will " '"" leave iliclr lOiirli. W. I). McClur- Adi! Hi lln: !iM tionfd [is liki-ly imiKa^ ''hiciuaall Keils. (In 1 Hob u Kn-ioll. Tin- (Ihuils' and ('arils' i-ali-lier. abovo. l.s rn|i(i "rcliiililo iUUKy" to .-holce, practice scrimmage | armory tomorrow uf-1 rr of Hi*. 11:11110 nf fen mi."' \-(-lei-;iu '.kin, behind, i .;i-y also found the session, j court ;H Cajx 1 blKBfr than thu one j icrnoon. •they play nn here and bronchi back Crawford OIT»HO, 5up«i-inlcn;lent'i!' ; ' | reports Ihni Ihc Cap; school, which I of sclmsls. said today ellorts -,\eiT _ ([o:'s mi; liavi- ii urld team, had , under wav to line nn" a preliminary' been practlcini; nil fall mul wns. In | name for Friday niijlit's pro-i-niu i I lop-iinlch ; .ha|R'. i ,M. W. Mi-;tcn. of ihe Shaw-' I The Prcji-. representatives of a! ner schrxtl. will referee the lilt.s. | ilov.ns lo three for Columbia f.n iiilviinccd (he hall 212 yards 10 II for Columbia from Illi' Inn; of scvimniage. Tiie Imlims iil>o oul- tlie l.ionr; !7 jioutjils to man \i\\i were- unable in Inkc»ee (if their welclu cvrn on H-: wet a field as ever prei-led Rose lluwl conleslnnls. Fumbles al cru- <-i;il moincnls mi.sel Stanford's al- wi'.ii an alert iU " j Californians Seek Hidden Treasure of Pioneer Days Growing Huge Cabbages SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (UP) — Iiicl- Anntriiii- Ta«U Armed with a divining rod and a Just anottier lasK ra<11o meM |ocalor _ tl = rpc ^ Ali . DUJIANGO. Cnl. il)P)--With :t cabbage, raised in ;: .small garden patch, welching 21 1-2 pnnnil.s, mid 4G Inches in circiimfcrciice, V. H. Ilrandcnburg, of Ihi-s city, Hie garden chanipionsnip of United States. To prove thai hi.s c! cabbaise is nolhim; exceptional money when he thought his life was threatened by General Sanchez, last, of the Spanish-California soldiers to combat Bear Flag vcvoHcrs in Northern California. BAYF1ELD, WLs. HIP) — P. M. Gordon is wondering how a large silver souvenir medal of (he Columbian Exposition, came to be under a huje rock he had removed i his yard. The rock five feel .... diameter, was removed by American occupation! members of a CWA crew. Under gcr nnd a nc\v camp . . . year: they worked out In California under Ducky Harris . . . Mickey; Ccchrnitc will preside over their ac- I tivities at Lakeland. . . . The dear.' delightful Dodgers will resume l''cir I dear, delightful spring i;c.sLiires at • Orlando, a Irck Into the interior, nnd the Phils will In- sweated "Point A \Iim.K-" Train Fins Little To "Roust Aboiii |Demctroff and Gonzales | Winners On Mat Program I Pole Demelrotr won over Irish I Pa! Mi-Clre and .Illan Oon/:ile:; dp- j Whiluy Swede Olsen in ilu-1 him, he prodm-etl iwo others gi?le s men, headed by It. n. Du- carti. Jr.. are searching the hills - of Ihc Augustine rancho • I yranl for Ihe hiding [ilace of S40,-! f Oflfl believed buried there al Hie | cl " 1I . 1 "!lirac of Ihc American occupation j members of a CWA crew. " I of California. j n n 1( ,y found the medal, which i-mninni J ' H l''«-*cu. pioneer of Ihe MO's. I had been struck off 40 years pre'".',„ I accordlm; to legend, buried the i viously. 1 oiicii ior --- weighing 10 l-'J and 20 pounds. - Weds. Impellittlere has even more size than camera. He surprised even his manager, Harry Lenny, when he knocked out Jose Santa Just about as quickly as Jose Santa ever was knocked out. Ray hns not indicated, however, that he ever would acquire much si«ed either with hand or foot. Neusel is a young glnnt from Germany, former amateur champion and winner of more than half of bis forty-ood bouts by knockouts. He started his Am;rican career by knocking out Stanley Poreda and Lcs Kennedy, two belter than average trial hors-K. One of these four may change in 1934 what has been a very dull picture. At any rate they stll • must be regarded as "promising comers," which is something. Hooks and Slides fu Fads Two other tcatn-s go South hp Tiulians at Wevv Orleans he Washington champions al lii- I |i"" oxi, Miss. . . . Hie fishing i;i liDlh | , rilll-'NOI A. K-in. (UP)— Arnln rennln Hjah School hns a nolnf- i' fnnlbnll trim, but it ri-niiT! -my hone in tiw of NX follower.'!, for the j rlri!"iri'( j hearts ° n lhr wro "" sillt ' two matches on tho weekly lln-: ciirtl ni thi- armory last niiiM A small hnnsn sal in on t::e shmv which failed l'i arouse the onthiis- iiisirt of torn' 1 jirevious ]>er/:irm- ancos. According :o Jell liolan;!. coin- mteiotirr. tin re v.-cro no subMiin- lions on the raixi. Jlal. 2 ::!<!, Nito (>:•('>, BARGAINS IN' NKW & USKU FURNITURE R.J.DODSON :>m K. Main - I'honc 155 • \ minutes nlaycd. Ilii verM- Cirennln hbl and was defenled 10:! lo 0 four lave lo ask Jnc Crfinin alxiul thai, ast world series will be in the nature ol ilshinp;. loo. | Three teams i;o lo tiie Pacific ' once In onvn an nveraqe Ihal Scot, coast for Iheir c;ilistl:cnics and fun j up its point-n-minulc. vepiilaiion j—r . Hie Cubs -.Uarl out nt Coin- ' linn . . . the WliiU- Sox al I'asi- ; dcna . . . and Hit hopeful Pir.ili-s '•. J)p^>K Reca'ls; at P.iso itobles. Rend Courier News Want Ads. Hitler Unable to Have D . r - rrivacy tven in j Shipwreck .at Vineyard, ! | OAY I1RAD, Muss. Ull'i—The-' ; ilealli reepiilly of Ma^es P. Cooprr. j j OS. recalled Ihe worst shipwreck in Hie liistory of Maclha's Vin-- \ i vr.rd Tslnnrl—the ' ' G. G. CaudiH General Insurance lOfi N. llroailway Phone 797 Kathleen Norris' WAILS /GOLD SALLY E1LERS NORMAN FOSTER RALPH MORGAN Roiita Monrro For Sale • 3 ,5nmllcs - 25C Special iUtcnlinn large orders. CHICAGO JUKI, I.UMHKK CO. If) "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less \Ve have the Most Complete Tine of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhear! is Less. We 1'ay Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We hsve no delivery. No porters or hitjh powered salesmen. '\ Obviously Why Can'l We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to how and why. Come In and Be Convinced. We Accept the Challange. OUR MOTTO R1JRKK HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Priee To All Free Ice Water mil Rest Rooms for Men, Women and Children MUNICH. (IIP)— Chancellor Hit . Icr cnn't ;:o anywhere any mori- ! vnr<1 Tslnnrt— the sinkiiiR nf the \.ltliont beliin rrco«iiizci! Sonic- '• rilv " of Colnmhiis off here Jan. I. limes he wnuld i:vf t 'v not. m In'. ! 1SKJ - anproxtiiriti-lv no years nco. Hcccntly. -irfauip-inu-il l-,v chii-f'' C 00 ""'- n lisheiinan. wan mu- of Paramount News raii & Mark Comedy ROXY iiilciuli'd v conccr' ft). UK- Odcon'l 11 ' 0 "^ ^k'boat mid snfrlv land- fw] »«y » mi h;n-. Thr nvo arrived •a-i^.-r.iM.-il.i' 1 ' 1 , S|1VP " . MN;| ' 1 ''- vl ' li - T ' !lll>r - 13 ! I UPS - Wfifl - I IlllVS lircfcincd >i-jo lickuls. aftl. IOIK ! ll "" >1 ' survivors wore broiwhl j * "^ L> - ? * ^IJ. lUUiO. [Thursday & Friday i MAT.—in-2r>c MTF—10-3 ol Statf Fix-Inn. ' \) i-lianaMlnr ; ;1 " eincnjeucv crrw lhat launrliod 11 ' 0 nrst liMo; >t «'»! fy Bill Braucher Gossip Eleven major league ball clubs will" (rain in Florida when spring comes blowing northward . . . that number generously Includes the Cincinnati Heds who go to Tampa ... Ve rejuvenated Red Sox will do their stuff at Sarasota . . . . maybe Eddie Collins is making a mistake in self cling that site which ts winter quarters for the I Rlngling; circuses . . . the lied Sex have, five left-r.aoiders on the roster, you^know, and it's barely possible animal trainers will capture a couple of .them by mistake. -' • . • • * St. feit C*k»ws T\v 0 Most of the teams are going to the smaller Florida towns . . . but those Giants are going in for swank worthy-of world chair.picns . . . going throucb their exercises al fashion able Mlatt I Beach . . . The only town to have two teams is st Petersburg, where the Yanker; and Braves are to 'unklnk. Listen lo Mack! : The Athletics go to little Port Myers where you can hoar yourself think . . . »kr.' Mack has considerable 'thinking to do tnis year, bereft of his stare^.of other years ... so maybe iUwon't be so quiet In Fort Myers tlilj -year . .1. . A thort bus jump away-Jron l^ic A's will be the CardtwOs' ca^ip at Brodemon ... it will not be wry quiet ai BraOnton',%either- : \ with Jerome H. "DlBg^ D?*n. hiiv- "ig » few announceniwis to in Ihe front low. Doan the -.lisl,' Ivundlrd liiiers. slfiigRlinET with u pair .'•i:mpluous armchairf. which tliey :l:,cr Ircnl ll'tler nnd his companion The chancellor Mub from his )ii I'.t i!. "Thanks," he lold "tilt we'boiichl the- v:e'll remain liere." ' A total of E19 i in the wreck. i M.VI'. iincl Nile—1 ()c - 2.'c liiious armctiairf. v.iiicii tliey 'v j "-TV" d in solitary slate :it llii- vcvv t\ i j, IIIMI ,,, , ' I[OI I N"\\'"AAM1 . of ti,; house, and ,,tu- !( d 10 i Htr^band s Will Warned | JKMi 1,1 \\ UU! J! ompauir.n. | r imlled liis ticket, locket and j'.i.inccd "Hon't inve>^ in anything \ou are nol careful\of," Ihc noti' a!- Iached to Ihe WIN road. "Look tun foi Mie one anv sleeks who \i-ie. 1 : " Killed liuck With iVInl MUNEING. Mich. 'Upi--Mnck - —Powell, who stayed in o.imp while of your funds in s.i other members of ihe hunting 1 co-operative bink party of which he a inr-inbrr siuned the note "P.)i went out inlo the we.Kls. brought down his deer with :L :woh-cr. Thf Kcp VMl'iin .v animal starved into UK r-anip j MARYSV1LI.E. K:i while Powell was wiU'.ou! his rilie. White Leghorn he: Hatinp 10 lose a chance, he drew his pistol and brou.:h; lhr b-.;rk down wilh his first sho<. NSWERS ~" StHpe* ' Tiers' h»t« Uobcrt Wortb Hiiu:li»m Is the U. S. AMHABSAUOil TO OUR AT filllTAlN. There were FIFTY-SIX signers (o ttie Dec- of Inilf-pciuleucc. In Iho i:nllcil Klates, a will SICNKU, AT. AiNX.TlMi: Is Prrry Lol:. ! e. fan>-.i: "doubb duty" recent ' an rci; wilhi!, r :- n c Kiirro'.iiKlin^ I'.ie which is normal, in 1 circiunferciicc one ••..-. nine the olhr-r. W\T:\INtl ORil'l! IN THK <:»ANCEnY r-) C1HCKASAWBA hlSTIUT SfKSIPPI COUNTY RAS. R. V. Carpenter. vs. No. James M. Buckncr et nl. n.;.. nnls. The di-fenddiK M. i?-. u:r and Uirdi!- I!iya:it. aro v.i l; 'o aupear wlt'Mr ninely dr,-., Ihc court nairM In the ca:--, hereof and aniwrr ihr comii'> ni the plainiift R. V Carper, nateo this 27tn rray of 1933. R. I.. Cininrs, Clerk. By Fli7abeih lllytlie/D. F. C. DoiiRlas. Ally, for Plaintiff. 1fi-3f.-l 'i(i O'Orsny, SliKirt Ned S])'irk:i. A Cosnic)»'ita:i A Mctro-GoUtuyn-MayiT Diiccled hy KAOUI," WAUSII I'IC'IIAKI) Altl.l.N. I!OS( Ol; A'IKS. C.A1JV < OOPKIt, l.l'.ON liKKOI,. I.OI'ISi: FA/EXDA. \V. C. I-'IKI.DS. SKrKrsOAI.l,A(;i!KH. C.MIV nit AM. HAVJIOXn 1IAI- TAN. KinVAUIl I.\KKI'TT IIOIl- 'HIX. KOSCOi: K \K\S. \\.\n\ I;KOY. MAI) M-VKSH. I'lH.l.V MOIiAX. JACK lUKIl-:. KIINA ..1AK OIIVKR. >n\' ItOltSdX THASiii-. i;r(i(;i.i:s. AI.ISOX hrwiii. sKirwoRTH, M:;: SI-AKKS ,imi I-OKI) STKIJl.IXC. Dick Powell Sliorl llavrv !,;insd(in Conwlv Do Modern Wives Care— -. "the Other Woman 1 ' calls up? On llic very nighl thai Gypsy —wife of a month—moved into her new home, a mysterious womnn called her husband Tom. II \vos ihcn thai Gypsy discovered .shn could be jealous. And jealousy led to— Here's Iml one fif llic liuman interest situations in a new story lhat strikes coin\i!<comly nt the shallow ol sinni'l society. •'!> MARRIED FLIRTS Thursday, Jan. 'llli in Uie Courier ii-

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