The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
Page 2
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BLYTHSVlLLfc, (ARK,) COURIER International Uniform Lesson, for Jan. 10. Text: John. 3:1-17 FRIDAY, JANUARY -8,. WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON=== New Life In Christ », SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs.' Earl Buckley, Mrs Chester caldwcll and Miss Marguerite [ Mattliews hayirt? tea in Hose Room of Hotel Hoole, 2.30 lo 4.30 P. M I- ll U Has r«rt> Miss Norma Cro^e entertained 20 of her friends with R party Tuesday night in honor of hei <bhthday. Bingo, fable tennis and cards entertained the guests after the gifts had been dliplajcd. ' The hostess \\ai assisted by hci mother, Mrs* Eva Crowe, and Mrs. Elbert Crowe,Mn serving refreshments, of pop corn, hard candles, cake and hot chocolate. * • » Sttdbury P.-T, A.iMe«;ls >^ Mrs.^V. J. Rodgers presented n program at the meeting' of the Sudbury Parent-Teachei Association Wednesday afternoon, at the school. A playlet was ghcn by pupils of Mis. E F. Fry's room and Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, elementary supervisor, spoke"0n '.'Work In the Primary Grades" Mrs Joe Craig, a new leachci in the primary de-pal liuent, was introduced It was voted to cooperate with othci Parent-Teacher Associations in the City in a study course to be held and a Family Day program to be given In February Miss Mary Hublcr's room wort the dollar prize for the largest ftltendance. . Nazarcne W.M S. Has Meeting Tlie Woman's Missionary Society of the First Chuicli of the Nazarene met Thursday night for a business meeting at, the chuich ."when eight members attended. Mrs O A Dunivan led the devotional with the scrlptmc taken from Luke 12 and Mrs Hnrold Thompson and the Rev Euplw D Beasley offered prayers It waV voted ; to change the'date of meeting from .Thursday niglil . to Thursday" afternoon. Mrs.' Eicuc .Tyrone' said the benediction *. " ' Has Club P»rty Mrs C A Cunningham Mrs Harry Kirby were guests or Mrs B A Lynch when she htu _the Mid-Week Bridge club Thursday for the usual lunch and brld ge^anie ,. . , Potted plants formed a center piece for, the luncheon tkblc lind the place cards were in kccplni with the flower theme. )> Mrs^ Cecil Shane- won two set.. of crjstal sugar and cream sets for the club awaid and a potte plant went to Mis Cunningham - for the guest prizt, - * * * Entertains Club The Valentine scheme was used by Mrs Kdgar Borum when she had the Thursday ' Contract club this week. The tallies were emblematic cf the February holiday and red was predominant in the refreshments of> a salad course and ice served after the bridge games. The ..prize, bath powder, went to Mrs Carrol .Blakemorc. j * * * Clob^Mecls j Members of the Thursday I Luncheon club Were guests of ! ,. Mrs '. Russell Phillips when she used •• a spring bomicl of mixed j flowers, in pastel shades, for the • - centerpiece and"red place cards in • keeping with the springtime motif, l In the card games which followed 'Mrs Everett B. Gee won : the prize. j Club'lias Party. ; Mrs L H. Moore had the Thurs- i day Bndg6 club when Mrs J. H. , Elkitis and Mrs Henry Humphrey were guests. In the card games, Mrs. Charles L. Wylie won hosiery for club prize and the guest award, a handkerchief, went to Mrs. Elklns. > A dessert course was ssned. i . * • * j | Son Born. I A son was born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Alton Hardy at the ! Blythevillc hospital. The baby, who 1 weighs eight pounds, has been named William Charles T. E. O Has a ! Business Meeting. i A review of the book 'Tlie Et£ Sic," Pearl Buck, given by Mrs. Harry w. Haincs, featured the .. _ meeting of Chapter ''N" of the P : E. O. Tuesday night at the horns i of Mrs. Llojd Stlcimon Tills was t given after a business session dur- 5 Ing which, it was announced that ! Both local chapters of the p E O will meet wiUi Mrs. T. j. Mahan „ Saturday, January 1C, for a lun- \ chcon. Sandwiches and Coca-Colas were served .j « • • Compliments Bride. "T MrS.' Fred Flecman, who bifor her recent marriage was Miss Ruth Matthews, was guest of honor a another parly last nighl when Mrs George, M. Lee and Mrs. w. M Stanton had 20 guests for bridge a _the Lee residence. Carnations, rosss and snapdrag ons, arranged in colorful holders ' Hint springtime tallies made an at .. tractive color scheme. A ' dcsscr course was ser\ed with coffee an , huts kficr the bridge games. in'the games Mrs,''Rlvcs Alle ' won a relish dUJTand tray fca; $rs _nonoK, second high prize, hand kerchiefs, went to Mrs. Jesse Tay , lor, a compact was received by Mr XT OBODY knows if years will run f 1 \ [I'lu'ougli frightened valleys tlie sun, r *t> I J'EW roads theie arc thai wind smooth and sweet, >£et for the comfoit of pilgi im feet. That is a tlnng I know. Two can bear braipble and bi iar and stone, But/oh, awful for oiie alone, ' ,' With" frightening roads to go! where all (lie people were fed \-J ,0n milk and honey and wheaten biead Is host to the very few. If we are part of the chosen band, Destined to enter the Promised Land, ' Let me march in with you ! ! P G .ETHSEMANE is a weary place ] ,,3 \ For anybody alone lo face, > , '. And Calvary's a wounded MIL \ Stay by my side, my dear, my dear, v "' • 4 ( I'll never mind theni if you are near,'' ( AJ Though the sky growjlaik and stilt. W HAT 'sliairtliey 'mattei'^liigli' hilla'and weatlier, iNew roads or old. if we go together? • _, Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Mcnard BH(l ton, Don, returned Wednesr day frp'm a : two ;weeks vacation which took them to Kllgore, .Texi, where they vlsilcd N."B, Menard ji , Hcndcikon, Tex, where* lliey visited relatives'rot: Mrs. 1 Menard, Biloxl, New Orleans, Monroe and Talhllah, Mi. and Mis. Paul Loflln, pf Atlanta',' Ga., arc, guesls of Mr. •Lenin's niother, Mrs. lln, and family. B r, Lot- Billy Sain Sheddan, of Osceola) has been'admitted 1 to the Menu phis Baptist hospital. Sam Wflrrjnelon, of Maiie, is a patient at the' St. Joseph's hospital, Memphis, Miss Jennie Wreii DHlahunty; IB convalescing at. her home follo',v- ing a tonsllcctomy operation pei- formcd Wednesday at Iho Blyi theville ,' hospital. / George Reed, son . of. Mr, and Mrs Ncill Reed, is now much better following a severe Illness. > , Coleman Stevens jr, Is now.ftt hK home here after having been at the-Memphis Baptist hospital because of pneumonia. Ho is now much improved. Walter C. Rylee Is slowly improving at his home on South Lake street from a r serious foot Injury received Tuesday while raising a beam (it the Tom Little Clicvrolct company, where he: is employed. Mrs. A. J. Hill has returned from the Memphis •. Baptist hospital, where she was 111 for some time. She Is now slowly recovering Sunday HY-WM.'B. CH.ROY D, I). Editor of Advance ; The story of the coming of lcoitaiiub to Jesus by , night Is one of the most 'dramatic . In the Testament,; and In the en- llic records of religious cxiwil- ence. It Is suggestive ,and significant as well, for details and implications In the 'story arc simple. Why did Nlcodemus come by night? Various explanations have been offered, and perhaps the one least worthy of acceptance Is • I hat which reflects upon the courage and sincerity of this "Ruler of the Jews." Tlmt Nlco- demus came by night because ho was In any scnso too cowardly or fearful to come openly by day, does . not seem in any way Justified by the facts. If Nlco- demus rmd been that kind of favorable impressions of Jesus| Jesus made It equally nianl- are greatly, to his credit 'Jeswiest that He could not explain man, manifestly • he would not lime come at all. It/is probable that he nuide !ih \\d\,. at night because he came as an Inquirer tind, i«;r- haps,: wanted •.•'.to'., talk with Jcstis when -He was. .alone. Everything •• in the circumstances would lead us lo commend . Nlcbdcmus for his coming raliicr Uian to criticize htm for his coming by night. HI 1 ; nfckhohledgmchl of his Failure, to Make,,,Safety Play Costs Declarer Grand Slam •was opcn-mlndcd. Ho saw certain ; things that Impressed him with the quality: of Jesus as a religious' teacher. These things he could.understand only on the assumption' .that God was with him. •.; '• At•>the. same.lime, he was allied In'an official way with Hie religious life of his time. He was a devout and sincere believer in (he teaching of the Jewish scriptures. He wished lo kltow » l|lat relationship the teaching of this new nnd remarkable man, Jesus of Nazareth, hud to the religion that lie already followed. Jesus evidently understood both the attitude of Nicodcmus and the questionings 'that -were In his mind, -for His > first words were very challenging.' They served at once lo draw Nicoclemus into a discussion of Uio most vital things, "Verily, verily, I say unto tliee." said Jesus. "Except one be born anew ( he cannot, see the Kingdom of God." > Ntcodemus was puzzled, more pumled than ' would have been expected of one who had his \ORtr; of experience, and who had the same background of knowledge of the Old Testament (hat Jesiis Himself possessed. Nlco- rii'imis understood the words lit; entity,• bill Jesus made it plain tlmt He was speaking of spiritual tilings. these tilings, that there are spiritual realities that one can no more explain than he can explain the wind. •..••' * * * : ' But the wind is a very definite reality. One feels its sweep ami power, and like the coming of the wind. Is this experience of the new life. . . ' Nlcodemus still was not satisfied, and he asked, "How can the$e things be?" Then Jesus Himself expressed His amazement that one who had been so long a teacher of Israel should not have better and more infinite understanding. He proceeded to interpret this spiritual truth of God's love and its power to bring to liien the new birth. •', .;.;-'* * • i Apparently what Nicodemus had failed lo discover was the reality of the grace of. God. He did not see how salvation is a 1 great bestowal of God's grace upon the man whose heart is open to receive it. A good man may be very austere ; and sclf-rlght*ous, may not have learned "Qod be merciful to me, a sinner." The man who learns to Say .that' is no less moral and righteous, .but he has found the way to new life, love and power. ' ' Lucille Young: Bride > of Micola Resident OARUTHERSVILLE, Md-AK- jiouucemeht hns been made of the marriage of Miss Lucille Young of Swiff, formerly of this city, and Fred Franklin, of Micola, which took place here last Friday afternoon at the parsonage of the First Baptist church, the Rev. D. K. Foster saying the ceremony. • . The bride Is the daughter of Lon Young and the late Mrs. Young. She attended the local high school nnd for a year lias been employed at the Blown shoe factory here. Mr. Franklin Is the son of Mrs. l'\cd Franklin of Micola. He is a graduate of Steelo high school and received his higher education at Southeast Missouri state Teachers college In Cape Girardeau. For a few years he taught school In the Stcele consolidated district but since the death of his father he has been superintending the farming interests of his mother He and his bride will make (heir home on the farm near Micola. Read Courier "News Want Ads. Mississippi County Float Ready for Inaugural Parade BY WM. E.jMeKENNEX '1 SccreUr), American Bridge Lcafruc '"nicy used to Inaugurate cam-- pnlgns against tiaffic accidents by placing great emphasis on safely first,'" wrote Jnck Moore, of New York, In submitting, today's hand, in which he and his partner had reached a contract > of seven hearts* '-.',. >1A I ,-t ,^. t * •• ' "Or,4jjuisc," 1 this s 'lellcr continues, I'Uic (jqntjnct Is, Ice co!d.~All tlmt s\as ncccssnry was' jdst tiio slightest safety precaution, whlcli my paitncr failed to take, and so, in, l^ 6f making n grand slam, wiih'lts premium of 1500 points, he Wont down one trick, and then we, lost the nibbcr." Today's hand Is n good illus- tiallon of how careless play can bo extremely costly^. A single dis- AK , . VA654 »7432 AQ32 *A2 , VKQJ987 » A + K7C5 Rubber—None vulnerable. South West .North East l V Pass 3 + Pass 3 V Pass 6 V ? P.iss 7 V Pass-.;-. Pass: Pass Opening lead—4H. i Today's Contract Problem ^ Sou Ill's, contract Is (our tpiulus There h;is been no adverse bidding. Aflor dummy-is spread, what card should Eabt piny to the opening trick, regardless' of Hie piny made by:'dcdiifcr-frbiiY cluirl" 1 Cui'utlicrsville , Society—'Personal (Blind). V AQ103 $>V (Blind) •E.--4 W. vul: Opener—+J. Solution in next Issue. 8 confidence in the dropping of five cards of a suit on the lead of three top honors. Orphan Sisters Will Both Have Homes Here Mr and Mrs. Paul Mchrle left Thursday foi St Louis [o take Mrs GIIToKi Edgerton and small daughter, Mary Frances, to their home Mis..Edgcrton had spent the hoi!-, dnjs here vith her paicnls, Mr. and Mrs. cluis Mehrlc Mrs Clara Blginm left Sunday for st Louis to \lslt her daughter, 1 Miss Augusta, who has been a patient in one of the hospitals thprc Miss Bigham has bc"n di«i- Wjsscd from the hospital and 'ii entering the 'Gradwolil Laboratory School where she will sludv to be a technician Tommy Tlplon, who spout the holidays hero with hi s parents, Mr and Mrs. J. w. Tipton, left Tuesday for Shrevejiort, La , where hn is stationed at Baiksdalc neld Pierce Neclcy left, Monday foi Draughon's Business College at Memphis, where he will attend school for the next few months Rev and Mrs. W. L Meyer and Mrs. Mejer's mother, Mrs \v W ' Strathman left 'Mondaj of this "•eek for New; Orleans La , where lliey ev-pcct to spesd abort ten days Miss Martha McElvaln spent the past week end in Blythevillc m the hoiiseguest of Miss Mary Spun lit)'Irani dummy, not In Itself n srrlble play, cost tlie contract. There Is no .question about the oundiicss of the contract. The •Betty. Loulso Snydcr, sevcn-ycar- Olrt adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. : Earl Snyder t . who was severely burned • in a recent nrc, Is vcrry, happy, because her "sister, Bessie 'Lee,' Is -to 'be 'adopted by Mr. and Mrs.. Jack. .Bishop.-'. HfrS. Bishop and Mrs. Snydcr arc sisters. It all - came about because of the fire which destroyed the Snyder • house .and in which Betty Louise's feet and arms were burn- Thc Snyders decided to have Usrcy, Mr. and Mrs Wayman Poster . and should bo in seven and, Ilcr sister, -vvho was in n Hot qually, diould be rr^.te. The only Springs orphanage, to spend Christ- roubie with South, Moore's part-1 mas with her as a special gift cr, was'that he tcsk: too much -because she was sick. When it or granted — a fairly common came time for 13cssle Lee, who is ault of bridge players, even, in '«". lo return, the Bishops de- cldcd to keep her for their own little girl and so now she and Betty Louise will be both sisters nnd cousins. Betty Louise Is slowly rccovcr- he face, of meeting . freak dlstrt- mlions all the time. The opening lead was won with he king In dummy, nnd two ounils of (rumps cleared the r Pta S'S l^^n^l^ved | that th, scars on her his expensive mistake. Instead of nrm , W "V °J 11y n ? c s lg ll ' " discarding a club, he dropped a ^-, small diamond, disregarding '- the and small daughter left, last Friday for Washington, D C , where they will make their home during the session of congress. Mr. Poswr •<: .secretary to Congressman. Orville Zimmerman. Manila Society — Personal ^.Donald Stuart and Colter Asli- abranner have returned from Wll- lisvillc, III. They' drove Luke o and Mnry Sue Stuart home after a visit -here with relatives and friends. Oily McHcnry, : city recorder !• ill in MS home J^re. Mrs 'jo Newton and son cn.-l were called lo..l,itllc .Rock on account of the serious, condition of her sister Mrs. Om Allen, who was opcralcd on Tuesday night and -Is reported • n , fccl wl " not bo bad - ,,,, W - B * flr51 . bc " cved ' and tl , , BI0 ' 1 act that ho had: fou, trumps to ,' an f ' |0 ' 1 ™ .I 10 ake care: of three losing dla- , *!Wron of their own but tlie mori( i s ~ i Snyders, who have had uctty I Louise • more than three years i a 17-year-old son. and Oscar Bailey for the cut prize, and '• Mrs. necman was presented hosl- ~y. ' . '..-'•. Included in tlie guesls was Mrs. C.'R. Wrolcn 6f Cleveland, O., lioiiscgucst of her "parents,' Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lnngston. »-.«.;* Club Meets. Mrs. C. R.;Wrotcri of Cleveland, O., who ii visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. C. l^ngston, 'and Mrs. C. H. Willey were guest* of Mrs James B. Clark when she had the Town and country BHdgo club Iliursday afternoon. In the card games Mrs. J. W. Parker won first and Mrs. James Hill; second high, among club members Mrs. Willey, was presented a oox of chines* cheese for the high guest prize and Mrs. Wrotcn was presented a handkerchief. Picture' Wins Mention Raymond Sweatt, 11-year-old student In Iho sixth grade of Sudbury school, was awarded "honorable, mention" in a national art contest sponsored by the American Crayon CO., for the Texas Centennial. His, picture "A Texas Vision" was of an Indian smoking a pine with tlie smoke '.•fanning a vision of the 100 years of statehood. It Is said to hove created much comment among those who visited tills exhibit at the Baths fair. RofsiAUs Like Rcmbrandts MOSCOW ; .(UP),— Tlie . Renx- brihdt, exhibition In' the Moscow Museum-Of Fine Arts was visited by 50,000 perso:is in one montn. dangerously ill. Roy Smith, has .gone' to St , . ul Louis where he .will be employed Kev. John •: Harrison, pastor o the First Methodist church, installed the officers of the Missionary Society for the year 1937. Mrs H.. M. Flecman was Installed as president, succeeding Mrs. H w Cqwans. president for the iwst two years. '. The Mississippi county float for the state inaugunvtion pnrade ^ics- dav at Little Rock is to be one of the most beautiful ever seen in Arkansas, according to members of the committee in charge of arrangements. Although the float will cost $000, it will be even more elaborate than tills sum indicates as some services are being donated and supplies are being purchased nt reduced prices. The float was ;deslgncd by. D, E. Bcrnays, who.lfas for several years designed many of the floats-in the Parade of-Roses, Pasadena, calif. Cotton, for which the county is world famous, will be the theme of the 32-foot float which will bs drawn hj four large mules Red and white will be the colors, emphasized with touches of silver and green. The. floal will bo a base of -red and white carnations with ,'the words "King cotton County,ot the World" formed by the red caYnni tionstanlong the white From,'this will 'rise a throne of simulated bales of cotton, on winch will be -writ,ten "Mississippi County",andiseat- cd on the throne will be 'Kins; Cotton,' lo be impersonated by W J McGiath, personnel officer fo^ t>" State WPA He will wear a red robe . r= with a crown 01 silver and cotton (i which will blend with the red flitter canopy, over the throne, the sil- 'cr curtain behind the throne and :he floor wnercd with green sheeting. , While the throne will dominate the float, the other decorative features' fit In. Directly behind the mules, which Will wear fresh green garlands and papor plumes, and led by a white-coated driver, will be a large bird of paradise, made of silver, anil between the bird of paradise and float will be an overflowing fountain wltl' sprays of bright, metal representing water spraying over the sides. There wj.ll- be two colonial girls. Miss Helen Hlsglns, field .captain of the Llt'tlc Rock Girl Scouts, and Miss Ella Goodrum, secretary to the procurement officer, state WPA and two seated pages, a pair of boj twins. F^ftir selected negroes from the Phllander-Stnlth college will be the side runners. For more "color' the colonial girls will hold colonia dolls, the twin pages \vill have four-foot brilliantly polished trumpets and will wear coals of arms as iwgcs of old. Hie kin<» will have an ebony, gold-headed , cccptcr, a huge "golden" wine mug, and boll the king and the girls will wea white wigs. 'Hie side runners, who .will form the "Guard of Honor, will hold the ends of rop;s covered with smilax. WPA musicians will play "Dixie" as the float moves in the parade, followed by four cars in which Mississippi county representatives will ride. • " That Mississippi county stands nn excellent chance to win one of Ihc three prizes offered by the Arkansas Centennial Commission ? Is ho .opinion of all \vljo have seen a sketch of the float. Money for he noat was donated by residents of this'county and was collected jy a committee made up of Dr. H. A. Taylor and O. W. McCutch'en, Blytheville, and Basil Segiavcs, Osceola. Tlie first prize offered Is $150. New Liberty Mr. and Mrs. Gils Ebeidt jr. and familj ha\c moved to Bly- :hevillc nnHiMr.'iand Mi's. Arrhah- trout and family, late of Blytheville, ha\e; moved lo the housi v,heie the Eberdt family resided J Mis. Omcr. -Wheat, of Blythe lle, Is the guest of her parents Mr and Mis W A Wheat. Mrs R L Marshill and daughter, Miss Willie Miss Lois Hill Everything For Your Entcrtain- mrnt and Comfort f WELL, VOL) SHOULDMr'HAVE UMK SO MUCH STRENGTH GIVING MILK FROM CRAIG'S DAIRY , THEN YOU WCHJLDNT HAVETHROWM CRAIG'S milk, may not do everything, but its RICHNESS and WHOLESOMENESS pramole VIGOROUS, GROWING BODIES ful of pep and energy, GRADE A RAW MILK Quart '.'. lOc Pint Cc Buttermilk, Qt Gc Hilton Stevenson ami Mrs. Marhall's grand daughter, Katrlna Marshall, arrived home Tuesoay after spending the weekend at 'oplarsvllle, Miss., as guests' of Jr. and Mrs. Ross Marshall. Mrs. Donald Aycock is at tlie Memphis Baptist hospital. MIES Marjorie Vamer returned Sunday to ' take up her work as :eachcr after spending the holidays with her parents at Cordova, Tenn. Mrs. J. A,. Lloyd had her brothers and sisters and their families, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Epperson, at her home 'Sunday in honor of Mr. Epper Epperson's birthday. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Will:-Wheat and family of Blytheville, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Singleton and family, Mr. and Mrs. Logan Perkins and son, Jimmy, and Jim Epperson. ' famijy, Wheeler Epperson and Specials All Bay Friday,' , Saturday & Sunday PINEAPPLE LAYER CAKES PECAN NUT BREAD. Loaf . PINEAPPLE ROLLS. Doz. . . . FUDGE NUT HROWN1ES. Doz. LGE. OATMEAL COOKIES. Doz. Specials for Butereg Hour - 5 lo 6 P. M. Friday^-SaturdayrSunday COCONUT CIN- -1AC NAMON ROLL, dz IU FRUIT WAFERS Doz ............. HOT DONUTS Doz. ......... HOT PLAIN ROLLS Tonight Is Pal Kite Z Adulls Admilied for Price of 1 "Smart Blonde" With Glcntla Farrell and Barton McLanc Also i'aramount I'ictorial and Comedy —Admission— Blalinee—10 & ZGc Night—I (i & 3 Go W w 19° 10° O 0 3 5 q PARKERHOUSE QC ROLLS. Doz. .... '0 Let Us Make Those Special Cakes, Ties or Rolls Phone 110 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Saturday Only Zane Grey's "Arizona Mahoney" With Joe Cook, Robert Cummings, June Mart el, Larry Crabbe and Marjorie Galeson Watch him tame the bad men with his funny, faces! Also Cartoon and. Scj^jl—VAce ' j Drummond' <: witli "John .Kins 1 ana Noah Berry jr. —Continuous Showing— —Aumissiun— Until 5 P. M.—10 & 2So . After S P. SI.—16 & 31c Sunday - Monday Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor in "CamiSle" With Lionel Barrymorc, Elizabeth Allen and Jessie Ralph Also Paramount News, Mickcy Mousc Carluon in Technicvlor and Comedy . —Admission— Sunday—All Day—10 & 30c Monday—Maiincc—10 & 20c Monday—Nislil—16 & 36c Continuous Shuwinff Sunday TUESDAY, JAN. 12— §25.00 BANK NIGHT! Mrs. Joe Craig Now i Teaching SuiJbury Class Mis. Joe .Craig, former teacher in,-the central' Ward elementary school, is R new teacher in tl^ primary department of the Surt- bury schol. ,' Another class was organized because of crowded coudllions in She school which made another teacher necessary. Mrs. Craig rcslslgncd two years ago .after having ben a member of the faculty for' a number of years. Rubber balloon tires for wheelbarrows now arc on the market. 666 checks - COLDS and FEVER first day Liquid, Tablets, Headache, Salve, K'ose Drops Try 30 minutes "UiHi-aiy-'j ism"—World's Best Mnimcnt NOTICE Dr. Hrcwer lias moved his dental offices over Guard's Jewelry Store. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. M. Terry, Prcs.andMgt. l'honeC17 Blylhevillf.Art. Announcement" J. M.-.(Jiimiiiq) Binklcy Four Years .with W. T. Barnett Auto Sales and Cleon Tucker From Star City, Ark., experienced service station operator arc now operating the Standard Service Station Franklin and Main With A Complete Lino of .STANDARD OIL COMPANY PRODUCTS ATLAS TIRKS, TUBES and HATTERIKS EXPKRT LUBRICATION - CAR WASHING POLISHING - WAXING - SIMONIXING/ Your Business Will .Be Appreciated Lee Atchley, Owner ROXT* Adm.—Always 10 "& ZSo—lo Tax Show livery Niglil Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday &, Sunday rilalincts—25.15 Saturday Maiincc — Conlinuoua Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 1'. M Friday - Saturday Bob Allen in '"Ranger Courage" Also Cartoon and Serial—"Tl> c Clutching Hand" Continuous Showing Saturday Sunday - Monday James Glcasmi and '/asu Pitts iu "The Plot Thickens" Hist! The scream stars of the homicide .squad arc on llic (rail cf a. sizzling crime! Also Fox Movlclonc News and- Comedy

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