The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
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VOL. XXXIH—NO. 252 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : ™ n DOMUy^BWSPAPKR OF NOUTHRAST ARKANSAS AN p! SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Courier HlyUicvllle Dally News ' — ~ —— Blytheville Heruld Mississippi Valley .Lender lilATUP ' '. • *'! r v WjTffll >/„, *'-M J '-:.,H| ' 1 ' : ' AUKAN SAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 1<W SINGLE COPIES IIVE CEJJTS i'. ROOSEVELT PREDICTS BALANCED BUDGET Sam Sheldon, 61, Says He Shol Lee I}avis, 4 1 , In Self Defense. Sam Sheldon, 01 -year-old river- man, was held in the county jail here today while sheriffs deputies Investigated his story that lie shot lee Davis, 41, m t>elf defense at Davis' home oh, tlie A. P. Travis farm in the Tomato community yesterday afternoon. Davis died almost Instantly after lie was shot in the back, of the 'neck and head with a' shot gun load. Chief Deputy Sheriff J. P. Rcin- miller and Deputy Arch Lindsey made their way. into the Tomato community, afoot' today to probe the shooting . Roads leading into the community are all but Impassable. Davis' body was brought out Hi a wagon late yesterday to the graveled Ashport Ferry road : northeast of Luxora where it was transferred to a truck and brought here. Sheldon .Slightly Wounded Sheldon, wounded sligtitly In the right arm, surrendered to" officers at Osieola yesterday and told a story, of n gun duel with Davis in which lie claimed" that he was shot. Considerable ill feeling is known to have existed between Davis and Sheldon, allegedly over the dls- War Cargo Ship Wins j n R aPC wj tll {; ongl . css m a d.amatlc race against the American govmwent. but still facing the peril of attack ct' the freighter Ma, Is sho.n here a. It got under ,. y MeW Y« k ta d foij .pain with wa, supplies fo, the loyalists As Confess put forth every effort to pass an i«olutlon in time to halt the vessels sailing, ah daft abcard the freighte, nnd other equipment vveic rushed ,,n e, vie ruse Afte, twice being halted, the sh!p Pa s.scd the tin ee-mile limit he embargo measnie was being helc, up in the house So ,u,st> was denture that much the ea go v "lief scatteied ove, the deck, some crates being visible at Ihe s.en, of the vessel In th.s pctu°e Robe Cuse, Jcrse\ City cxpoilu. nis tlic slifppei appearance of Davis' farm '•some hogs from The older man; said, it was reported, .that he was rabbit hunting in the vicinity of Davis' home and as he passed Divis' house the latter, approached him sntl / began "cussing" him He said that Davis ( smarted V'gunnlng"> for him with an automatic ,shotgun ., and Uial^he/tM* reftjgev behind R— tree ^lille Davis '.continued to fire away at him wounding him In the arm. Sheldon told officers he returned Davis' Ore and killed the younger farmer. No Eye Witnesses Officers were Investigating reports that only one shot was heard by persons in the Immediate vicinity .but who were not eye witnesses lo the slaying Sheldon was seen fleeing from the scene by. Davis' negro farm hand, it is understood. The shooting occurred shortly after noon yesteiday but it was almost dark before- Sheldon appeared at Osccola and surrender cd. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at the Cobb Funeral Home chapel luth the Rev ir Lynn Wadu pastor of the First/ MUhodist Church, officiating Interment will McDonald Is Indicted On New Counts LITTLE ROCK, Jan 8 CUP) — Ed F McDonald, secretary of state, was indicted today on sK additional counts in connection with excessive puichases of soap and Janitor's supplies foi the statehouse by the Pulaskl county grand jury. McDonald was Indicted in De cembei on sunilai chaiges am made 52 500 bond S I L' Ziebart, partner .In the formei Fidelity Chemical company fOf^Ityrtli Little Bock, was indicted with McDonald'while (lie name of^-a fthlrd'mw'whose ariest'(vas oideTed by the giam), jurj' wltf those two was not disclosed Attornejs foi McDonpld, when mfoimed of the new Indictment!, reached an ngreementMvilh Prase cutor Fied Donham to allow til stale official until tomorrow mike bond on the new chaiges Fare Trial for Father's banning of Appiopiiations Awaits Reorganization Legislation. LITTLE • ROCK, • Jan. 8 (UP)— v'>-ivi>, uiiiujnun" inierment will -"--.-m^ ivw^ivj jan. » (UP)— be made at ivfaple Grove ceme- 3Me s e«atoi R R Thompson t«ry Eureka Spnn!;s chairman of the Mr Davis is survived by a sis ter, Mrs J E Neal of Yarbro, three nieces, Pauline, Eldora and Juanltn. Mr Davis had been reared bi Mr and Mrs Travis, wno ie.side here, tuning made his home with them for many years. New York Cotton NEW YORK,, Jan. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1243 1243 -1229 1235 Jan March May July Oct Dec 1248 1249 1237 1241 1237 1237 1225 1227 1227 1228 1218 1221 1193. 1194 1182 H86 1195 1185 1182 1187 six Spots closed quiet at 1201, off Closing Stock Prices senate nnd house appropriations committee, today . said that the El oup ha.J completed Its pre session work Senator Thompson, In making the announcement, said that no budgets had been submitted or approved for. eight state departments, due to the fact that proposed legislation would consolidate some of them while in other cases additional work would be provided which would call for more personnel. The departments and commissions for which no budgets had been prepared are the racing commission, jxjlicc commission, refunding board, forestry commission, park commission, state''plan- ning board, \vclfare commission and the auditorial -department. At the last meeting of the tno committees tins morning a letter of thanks for tneir co operation and efforts in completing their pre-sesslon work was read NEW YORK, Jan 8 (UP) _i, lr I'"- 50551011 ^ork i President Roosevelt's forecast of t0m Gov ~ elKt Carl E ?o.ST?l ctc '' . bi H anced bud g et ^ Already motherless, these three joung brothers of Mnntordville K.y, faced new tragedy when Orin, 15 holding the baby, abo t c was charged with fatally shooting his lather, Owen Warren 38 after being threatened with a beating for selling a chlckC" ' TI.e baby, Ora, 14 ironths old In Ins father's arms at the time suffered a leg wound, Indicated by the bandage Oris, 13, M.own at left, was accused as an accessory The father prevlouslj had been cited for cruelty to his children •lance and Biitain Suspect Na/ii Deal for Spanish Moiocco. '5 R[L|EF Snow, Cold Sweep Down From North KANSAS C1TV, Mo, Jan B (,UPI—Stlnglnif ttlmli nnd ?ero vveuther brought siilfeiini! to Ihoii LONDON, Jan 8 (UP)—Die liltlsh cabinet held an emergency session today In Ihe irildil of Showing Euioixiiiu tension met Spain based t on the question of Gentian and Italian military aid nnd the alleged Gentian penetration of Spinlsh Morocco The Inttci question has aroused Fiance, fcaiful that If Germany ?et a foothold In Morocco Prance »lll be confronted In thci Mediterranean by a powerful Fascist neighbor with attendant disturbance of the delicate balance of powci In the Inland sea Britain SehSs Fleet H wiis icpoited during tlie cabinet meeting that Biltaln and Fiance maj trv lo obtain from Germany a promise lo respect the Integrity of Spanish Morocco and lot attempt lo make a. deal with the icbels whcicby It might become a new Gennan colony ' Meanwhile it was announced tne siltlsji home fleet has lecelvcd 01- 1eib to sail foi the Medlleimnean r oi* "combined maneuvers" with the Mediterranean fleet which will uut lOa Biltlsh fighting ships wlth- Jn icach of the Spanish war zone. Demonstration of Power It was described as a routine business but with the government IncrensitiBlj anxious ' over the Spanish , slti'jtlon official avowals (hat the procedure was a normal one did not linpiess foreign naval experts ' [They said that lite order might lie unintentional but that it was jvn opportune demonstration"-a «igant|c*'pl<!lure- -o^r BrlllslPnaval strength-unfolded before the eves or GennSnj 'and "liary"~". •„ Desperate Fl e h(ln E ' at Mjurid' MADRID, Jan a (UP)—Fighting desperately to prevent further insurgent advances loyalist prtlllery drew a curtain of steel around northwest Madrid today artei ,nit all night battle In which bolh sides suffered heavy losses As details of the engagement come out of, Madild the first »ord passed by censors since Thursday afternoon, it was reported that RemisT hill, In the woods between Pozuelo and Ma- jadahonila, had been won and lost three times dining the night's lighting ess 'ILui 1,000 Now Receiving State and Fetl- cial Help. In ol re- Approxlmalely 073 persons MLsiKslppl county, exclusive fijev, colony lesldents me ceiving aid, cllhei tlnough v,oik programs or various, forms o( direct abslblance from the fcd- eial and state govcinments. Of this number 598 'me on the lolls of the Mississippi county MiiuK of poisons In the plains slates and Ihe boulhueil today Authorities, fearful thiil.the lllv.- nid might tnkc an alarming toll 'f lives, uideied emergency .supplies of fuel sent to Inindrcds ol duslltiile families, Olflclnls e-sllmuted at least 1,600 families In Kansas City weie with-1 out fuel. Mitny iicrsons were 111 Snow nnd Ice burled streets mid hlijlmavs imdei a glazed coaling that parllallj paialyml trampoi- lallon 'ihe storm limde highway Iralflc virtually impossible and de- DEB1 111 M THIS TEll T SIU - -..« u. % u», iiiio^iaoijitu vuumy "••>»11- in vuniiy jii]|«jVimi(j U11U UC* public welfaic board, lecelving dl- "<vcd tialns and airplanes reel help In four classes—old age Tie snow at Sioux city mea- nsslslance, de|X!iident children, 1 s »rcd 14 Inches Eleven inches of bllml and unclassified — extended snow blocked Mreetv at Om'aha by the boaul with state 01 fed- Fmorgcncy crews woiked, through- em! funds or In some instances: °"t tlie night with snowplo\u in botl > I'uanv cities Communications, weru About 375 are on the payroll of Impaired Ihe Woiks Progress Admlnlstra-i The bll//nrd. which swept down lion, some 309 directly undei the ' rom Hie nmtlivmt, extended deep count) administration In charge! '" lo Texnii The mercury dropped of Jesse Wiggins and about 05 '° 14 below at Valentine, Neb U olhers woiklng for tho time being below at Nolth Platte, tfeb, nnd on Ujess colony projects which la below at aoodlaml, Kans aie handled as a separate ad-' ministration undei Cone Murphy colony WI'A directoi Far Iklow 1933 Peak Although the nuinbei of persons lecelving government aid In Its various foims still hovers around the Uimisand mark In this county It Is less than one-third of the tx;ak reached In about Nov- embei, 193J. when at least 3,000 persons were on Ihe payioll of the old CWA in Mississippi county The works Piogress Aclmlnlstra, lions payroll reached Its lowest ebb last Octob"i 29 when only ,!92 persons weie employed In June last jtar 574 peisons were em- plojed b> WPA, Indicating that 'reased Mr Wiggins Js opinion lliut, addlllop of than 35 or 40 persons to iheJ rayroll would take up 'all) PRESIDENT extended the stock market rally today In another session of around three million share turnover. A T and T ............ ]8S 3-4 American Waterworks . . 26 3-4 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Youth Is Accused In Theft of Soy Beans Influenza and Pneumonia Prevalent at Manila MANILA, Ai-lc.—The inftticiiza. and pneumonia epidemic here is nearly equal to the siege of 1918. The four-doctors here have been kept busy for two weeks attending the sick. There are reported to be more than 80 cases of Influenza, and pneumonia in this town and countryside Vf. W. Fowler,, superintendent of School District. 15, said recently that 59 put 'of. 206 in high School were absent because of illness and lhal"'47 of the 354 In grade school was also absent, making a, total of ne.a'rly 20'per'cent. Two teachers Ii1 the school are also ill. They are Misses Haley and Bowen. Charles Crowdcr, has been «i-« . A. Dobbs, 763-4 ^ anaolan .township constable, and ! Arcl1 i ceuiicnem ateel ....... 763-4 an .ownsp constable, and Chrysler ......... ; ..... 118 3-4 ! Arcl1 Lindsey, deputy sheriff, charg- Citles Service .......... 4 i_j «1 with the theft of several sacks General Electric ....... 551-8 of soybeans from "ii" Lee Wilson General Motors ....... 65 7-8 ! con 'P a "y storage bin Wednesday "ht. 11 52 1-2 International Harvester 105 | —•>••-• McKesson-Robblns ..... 12 3-4' According to officers, about four Montgomery \Vard 57 I™ thc 20 sacks stolen were'found New York Central .... *.-,-..•— . Packard Phillips Petroleum.... Radio Corp .....; n 3. St. Louis-San Francisco 4 Simmons Bed 47 1-2 Standard of N J ...... 68 1-2 Studobnker 14 1-8 Texas Corp 54 U S Smelting '85 1-4 U S Steel .;.,..•... 80 3-4 12 3-4 , aout fou 57 I™ thc 20 sacks stolen were' foun 43 3-8 '." Cr °wder's possession, it Is u n derslood that young Crowdcr da- nlcs &n ? Implication In the theft is being held at the county | a li e. . I here. Chicago Corn .high' open 1-2 ' 'low, close ICO >8 109 1-2 .._ T " * " Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Jan. 8 (0P)—Ilogs: Receipts 6,500 Top 10.90 : 170-230 Ibs 10.70-10.75 Lighter Aveiglils 8.25-10.40 Bulk sows 9.40-9.75 Cattle: receipts 1,200 Slaughter 'steers 6.50-12.75 » Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-7^0 Slaughter heifers ,560-n 00 Beef cows 4.60-5.50 ' Cutters'and low cutters 3.25-4.25 Chicago Wheat Early Audit of County's 1936 Records Expected The county audit, division of the state comptroller's office will begin an audit of the 1935 financial records of Mississippi county officials on January 15. it was reliablv reported today. Whether the audit made a number of months ago of county records up until January'!.. 1936, will be publicly revealed In the meantime or whether Ihe audit report will be withheld until It can be supplemented by the 1936 audit, is not known. Urges Ratification of Child Labor Amendment WASHINGTON, Jan.'8. (UPI- Presldent Roosevelt today appealed to the governors and governors- elect of 19 states to make ratification of tlie child labor amendment to the constitution a major Item on their 1937 legislative programs. Mr. Roosevelt sounded his appeal In letlers which directed attention to the fact that approval by 12 more stales would place In the constitution the amendment which empowers congress lo limit, regulate and prohibit the labor of persons under 18. Twenty-four of the necessary. 36 states already have ratified the change. The 4 chief executive pointed out that "nation-wide minimum slan- dards are necessary and that a way should be found.promptly to cry a I'M M-'iRn tow " j c1 ^ -£!?! '". v?^ 1 ,. saf ! g1 A nr ^ s ..P ub ' lc i 114 7-8 114 ' Measure Bans Fuither Munitions Shipments to Spain. ujiuu Hoinu lane up all) i tha trjmwwuuo conioratio stack' In eligible uiiemploM? 1 Sroip'fUctlon carhe at a ersons In thjs coimty <• i M'"|O«y. "Frarflc*-^Murphy, The county! welfare board has 1 federal conciliators, prepared 10 number (of duties lo perform reiumo conferences vylth bolh ind Its administrative, activities sides""' '/ -* * "" are cared for by an' office force F^* 1 Murphy conferred with of four persons, at a total ad- William S Knudsen, executive mlnlslratlvc expense of $41G a >lce-presldent of General Molois nonlh ihc board distributes" In nnd planned to sco^.unlpn lead- •arlous foi ins a total of $5,800 a ers lft 'er ~"> , nonth nt this time compared to. Fifty-one hundred men ore em- Jbout $2,595 a month in the caily'ployed In the Cadillac plant and pail of 1936 Approximately 280 whcn 'hey struck they brought wisons weie listed when Ihe wel- the total number of General Mo fare administration opened, most '°" employes out of work be- of them from old FERA rolls I fciuse of strikes and shutdowns The ,welfare board distributes 1002 ^ Dy midnight thc num- :hecks for old age assistance and ter w "l have grown to 77,529 1( the blind indigent, which come General Motors goes through with under social security regulations, lts announcement that the Chev- nnd for dependent children and iroM engine factory at Flint and unclassified cases. " ~ ~" WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 <UP1 — President Roosevelt today signed the amendment to the neutrality law which sols up an embargo on shipments of American arms and munitions to war-lorn Spain. Tlie president's signature enacted the legislation into law and precluded the possibility of completing an Impending deal for $9,000,000 worth of airplanes and war materials for Spain. Tlie measure was enacted by congress as Its first measure on the urgent plea of the president that the step be taken to prevent posslblllly of this country becoming involved in tiie Span ish conflict. Bailey Appoints Two Aides to State Posts LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 8 (UP)— Two assistant attorney generals were appointed lo . posts In lils new administration today by Gov.- elect Carl E. Bailey! They arc Armand Shaw, of Fort Smith, who will become supervisor of the Income tax division of the revenue department, and Guy Williams, of I/moke who will be, stale fire marshal of the Insurance department and deputy insurance commissioner. Acting Postmaster at North Little Rock WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. (UP)— Acting postmasters appointed today Include: Lewis P. Gray, Annlston Ala., and Jonathan A. Hortoil North LlHie Rock, Ark. ILU1C PLftlT More Than 60,000 General Molois Employes Are Now Idle. UfcTROlT, Jan 8 (UP)— General Motors stood firm today on ~ demand Ihal "sit down" ... Us negotiations , c4u around 20g found employment else- n ese- Jrtiere with Happening,, of (he (UP)—Auto- America call... . --,,-T ..rike today In Jier; General Motors big Cadillac plant jrd 'ft. 1111 aitemptjto break n deacl- ~ .betvvetin, the union and the •*•--- colfiioiatlon time when aided by prejiared to the Bay city carburetor plant will 395 Aged Get Help "* c!osed for inck of materials: A total of 395 )ici-sons In Miss- General Motors officials, con- Isslppl county are now certmed as " rmln e tlle closing of Ihe Cadll- ellglblc and receiving old age as- Iac P lallt .. s »ld it .would be only eligible and receiving old age assistance 'to' Ihe lota] amount of $3.298 month. Once they are pro- peily certified or registered the welfare board's connection with persons receiving old age assistance is slight, except lo distribute checks and make required Invest!-' gallons. Eighteen blind persons receive »158 monthly through the office, H5 dependent children re-. .short time until . >iy Fleetwood . . body , factory also would be forced to close. H employs 1,100, Holly Names Mulliniks Assistant Collector CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — D "™fer's office Income Will Balance ^uU j> go in 1938 and Exceed v It In 1939 Fiscal Year. ! WASHINGTON, Jail 8 (UP)-i President Roosevelt Informed con- t gross In lib bijfjel message todaj ' that he <v<pected to balance Iho , budget and begin reducing the national delit In the nscal jcai 1939 v He piesLiiled lo congress a 1038 ', Hscal jcnr budget which he sild balanced conditionally except for \ statutory debt retirement—meaning 1 ! that It his conditions are met tlie I gross dendt for the fiscal year be- i ginning July i would not bs (norc r* than $401,515,000 compared with $21153,053,774 In the current flsciin jcar and $4703841,642 In the 1931} fiscal year which ended last June No Borrowing Next Year The preilrtcnt foresaw little If any boiioivlng lo finance government expenses In lite nexl llscal >eor His progiam would vlrttmlly freeze the public debt at $36,025,000,000 on June 30, 1937 nnd begin to reduce il one jLiir latei , "• But Mr Roosevelt wninod tho nation that conditional budget balance in the nexl fiscal jeai and complete balance hi thc following •car depended on Industry's cooper- tllon In hiring moie iwrsons from relief rolls All estimates were dependent up- n continued economic lmnro\c- icnt If his estimates prove to be correct the New Deal Increase In the national , iiebl (rom July i 19J3 would aggregate $12 4S7 327,«0—the net excess of expenditures ovei revenues for that period , The president estimates federal revenue in the next ns<!al jear would Increase by $1475,446,378 because of better business and high"- er taxes ^ u, ^, ' ( ' Opposes Tax Cuts *. Thc president withheld (rom con_ rcss estimates of recovery Knd relief needs In the 1938 fiscal year He reported there would be a treasury surplus of $1,135,607943 but Ihal probably will be consumed In ' recovery and relief approprialloiis lo be requested later Mr Roosevelt did not propose iew'ta\es'but''hirbppb5cd" tax re- ducllou ,of any kind He rcc»m-'i mended . ' 1 -Making the ravflian Confer- " gallon Corijs iffiimilncnt!) > '•' i I 2 — Conllhuailco ' ot ' Ihree'ccnt ( t first class postage , l ' " [ 3—Continuance of so-called nuf-', sance or manufacturers' excise tax- ' cs (gasoline, lubricating oil,"'^cvv - ^ ers; wort matches, aulonioulfis,'/ etc), tola! revenue $152580,000 T ' 4—Maintenance of current rails on taxes which otherwise would be reduced next June (stamp taxes oiu, bonds, stock transfers, future de-liveries, produce sales and ndinls-' slons) 5—Subjecting to budget bureau supervision expenditures of all emergency agencies continued 'in 1 ' the nexl fiscal jear Withholding precise cstimalcs of 1938 fiscal jear recovery and relief ' needs from congress and the pub- , He, Mr. Roosevelt expressed the hope they would not exceed $1,833,-,, 154,000 Recovery and relief will cost $2,816,157,100 In the current fiscal jear He said If business con- tinned to Improve, If revenue met cxpcclalions and If recovery ind relief needs remained within' the figure mentioned there would be no nel deficit In the 1938 fiscal jear but merely a technical gross deficit of approximately $401515000, representing tr>e sum of statutory debt retirements. ™, n „ onlc " were dispensed „.„. kllc The_ average old age assistance first of the jcar, being merged and blind payment runs about nine dollars a.monlh and the'av- " 1111 Cll " dS pai " ncnt with the collectors' offices. In Ihls county the work of th s two offices Is heavy. Holly has .... persons receiving, wrllten the attorney general to IS ° J"! 5 A 0 "? 5 H* ascerlain . * helher ° r «"» ^e sal- ---- — ...^ ul BiM ,4^ w tji t«> me unclassified must come within the - tions for eligibility set up by the ( ary of Ihe asstslant in the treas- hnim/t.H • i "•"•"•"«> ."-y m me assistant m the .treas boundaries of rules and regula- Wer's office may be paid out o Uon.s for f>llolKn;ti> ff.4 «,» i,.. 4u_ *i._t* . _ . »"••" wuw u . ..._, „ ,,„.„ „„, „ the county fund. According to ,i«t .. " ' K J " lc , >'"= .«iiiiu,y luna. According t «™f P , 6 commissl011 ai!d the I the provisions of the law abolish social security board. [ing Ote office, thc collector mus A non-political county board : Pay all salaries to his assistants passes on all cases Investigated byi its administrative officers. The board and Its employes prefer to do their investigating as quietly as possible and with little publicity. Tlid board is composed of Tom W. Jackson, Blylheville, chairman; Clay Ayer, Osccola; C. P. Tucker, Blytheville, and John Beard en, Leach vine. An appointment will probably be made soon $9.52 from the hoine of Sam Wade to fill the vacancy created by the, negro,: In the Tomato community death of J. FY.Tompklns, Burdette. ( Melcher, arrested by H R Nave The Board serves without pay. Tomato deputy, admitted ' lakln» and meek once a month. | the money. He claimed that Wade In addition i'to the duties: of owed him $10 for work on Wade's looking after Its own cases, the crop and when vtfade refused to board, through- lls officers, lnves-|pay him he walked into the house tl^ates and certifies all persons which-he said was not locked and (Conllnued on page 3) took ihe money. Took Money to Collect Debt, Negro Asserts Alvls (Happy) Melcher, 22, ncgrc farm hand, was lodged In th county Jail here this morning on f charge ot burglary in the theft o *"'" from the home of " i Acquitted of Theft Mrs. Hat He Gasklns was ntquit- ted of a charge of pelll larceny by Municipal Judge Dojle Henderson this morning Judge Henderson pointed out that there was nothing to connect the defendant with the purported theft of a small amount of money from another woman occupant of HID Bader building on Broadway. ' WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, rain In east portion turning to sleet or snow. Co!d wave* Temperature 12 to 20 In west and 16 to 26 In east por-' tlon tonight Saturday probably fair, colder in east portion. Memphis and probably turning lo j night or Saturday Cold wave late tonight ;...„ „..„.-, day. Lowest temperature 20 to'26." f ^=V The maximum temperature here yesterday was 65, minimum Sfi, partly cloudy, according to Samuel P. NorrU, official weather ob-T server. _• ;/•";,

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