The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXX1V-NO. 252. Bljrthevllle Courier Blythevilte Dally News BlythevUle Herald Mississippi Valley THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTJIKV1LLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 10, !!),'!« SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS STOREKEEPER DIES IN MYSTERIOUS FIRE BILL SPLII nm An Army Plane That Tried to Join (he WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. <UP)_ Supreme Court Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo, stricken a month ago with a severe case of shingles, showed slight Improvement today nfler several "alarming" heart attacks. I Ills physician, Dr. John Haul Earnest, announced after consul- wlth New York and Wash- Tells Senate Enactment fen „,,,„„„ ,_ BI1U WBS1I . May Cause South To ' 118to " '!. earl s P ecia »sts, that the I ' p. . ' ,,! famed liberal justice must ue kept Leave Democratic rold al >s°»'tely quiet "for some time." IS WASHINGTON, Jan.- 10. CUP)Senator Pat Harrison, Dem., Miss.) warned the Democratic leadership! today thtU enactment of the aciti-i lynching bill might turn the south away from party folds. Attacking the bill as an unconstitutional "Insult" to the south, the veteran Mississippi Democrat ,, „ , ~ , ^ pleaded with senate Democrats not Henry IJouglaS Struck DV to "knife" the southern states be- \ , rx • n „ ' cause '-the consequences may be Allto Driven Dy UCOrge Dillahunty KILLED BT momentous.' Harrison intensined the bitterly waged filibuster against the bill —although he spoke only an hour —when he accused the sponsors of (he measure of sitting "silently and splnetessly" instead of replying, to arguments that the measure was unconstitutional. At the climax of his speech Harrison tlirew to his desk Funeral services were held this afternoon for Henry Douglas, 54, who was Instantly killed when struck by a ear driven by George Dillahunty Saturday night three miles west of here on Highway 18 ^ Eye witnesses said that the pedestrian stepped directly Into the Harrison tlirew to his desk a u ™; nan stepped directly Into the handkerchief he had been twist-•' Pa r D1!lahlj nty's car, as a truck hit' in his hands, turned to faceV as tt PP" >n =hliig, and officers who Senator Robert P Wagner {Dem lnv f stl e at «d exonerated the driver N. y.) who with senator Frederl' w ™ 10u ' an lnt " lest - ick Van Nuys (Dem., inrt.i s ,, nn . _. uo }'S las ' who "ved on a farm at ick Van Nuys (Dem., Ind.) sponsored the bill, and cried: Warns "Candidates" "I say to any member of the senate who aspires to be the Democratic nominee for president that lie better put his candidacy on better grounds than this bill. "And any senator whose heart flutters when a reporter calls hfni out because of the possibility that the While House is calling to tell him he Is going lo be appointed to the supreme court had better tprv show himself a better lawyer than „' .. evidenced: by a 'th!s bill." "Hnrriii'rj "warned. Democrats that . .!!>? 'sdjAK-yrauld not forget if they "knifed the: southern people, destroyed the things we believe in." "Don't do it!" Think about it]'' He cried. "The consequences may be momentous. No man can tell.' •K W, England Accepts Hattiesburg Position J. .W. England, who recently left here for Hattiesburg, Miss., has accepted a position as secretary and treasurer of the Hattiesburg Production Credit Association. Mr. England, who was with the Valley GTn company here, came here from New Orleans, where he was for six years, senior examiner lor Federal Intermediate Credit Bonk, whicli is the discounting agency for the Production Credit Rhodes crossing, was going home from town when the tragedy occurred shortly after eight o'clock. A native of Arkansas, Douglas moved here from Black Oak six- years ago. He recently had been identified with labor activities in this section. The Rev. W. A. Singleterry, pastor of the Full Gospel church, conducted the funeral rites at the Hanna Funeral home and burial was made at Sandy Hldge ceme- '-ry. Relatives who survive him include "his wife, two sons, Jack and Irvin ; and five daughters. Miss AluiM Douglas, Mrs. Clara Davis, Mrs. Marinda Mullins and Mrs. Rose Pal lee, of here, and Mrs Fay Curtis, of Gosnell. Floating in Sni, Fnmckco Hay , S011U , srim||0 „ $70.000 army transport pictured above W! ,s only .sl, e hlly ,, all)1 i gK , «.,„,, io , ,„,„. forced Ihe slup down. Col. Davenport Johnson, at th, controls, rtlimuiy -panwkc o ran. into the water, saving Ihe lives of the live mc-n ulnrnd, and avi'rlln B u serious crack-up ,,.„„, tuc on „„. -panwkcrt- tho Accuse Lepanto Man Of Forging Check LEPANTO, Ark.-Jack O'Neal ot Lepanto, who had operated the People's Market here for the past five months, was given « preliminary hearing here lust week before Magistrate o. c. Wallace, charged with forgery. O'Neal pleaded not guilty (o tin charge. He was bound "over tc await the-,action of the grand jury anc! !iis bond fixed at $1.000 Unable to make bond, he Association. slssipplan. He is a native Mis- Search Of Missing Bomber Almost Ended SAN DIEGO, Calif.. Jan. lOi (UP) —The navy recalled ail craft but a squadron of destroyers today from the search for a bomber that was lost In the ocean last Wednesday with a crew of 'seven aboard. Eleven dreadnaughts relumed to gunnery drill, cruisers went back to routine work and the aircraft carriers Saratoga and Lexington came back to port with their swarms of airplanes. The coast guard also left the search, which was considered almost hopeless. New Plea Delays Execution of Condemned Hitch Hike Slayer LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 10. (UP)— The stale supreme court today granted Lester W. Brockelhursl's attorneys three days in which lo file n pelition for a writ of error cornm nobls nfter denying a petition for rehearing of the case. The further delay In the execution of the former Sunday school teacher at Rockford, III. probably will hgive him a stay of at least a week, court attaches said. If the writ Is granted it was said the case will be returned to trial on the question of Broekel- hurst's sanity in the Lonoke county circuit court. According to supreme court officials this is, a second time in the history, of the state that such extension of time has been granted to a convicted criminal. It wns pointed out that such action was approved three years ago In the Huclspeth case. Japanese Bluejackets Marching On Tsingtao SHANGHAI. Jan. 10. (UP) — ilapaiiese warships landed blue- jackets nl Tsiiigtao today lo occupy the city mid "punish" the Chinese for burning $100.000 worth of Japanese mill properties. The first of the blue Jackets, dispatches snld, landed at a town 10 miles from Tsingtno and began marching BJI the cily us airplanes preceded them bombing the roads to clear them of any remnants of Chinese troops. BELIHE RECTOR The high tribunal also affirmed copal cl 'urch the decision of the Crnlgheacl """' """ county circuit court in which the Republican Underwriters sought to obtain a reversal for a lower court's decision as regards a settlement for a wrecked automobile, The Minister's Car Found Near _ Scene Of H a v a h a n Bridge Leap MEMPHIS. Jan. 10. <UPj—Capt. Prank Olisson of the homicide bureau said today he "felt certain" a man who jumped from Harahan bridge lo Ills death in the Mississippi river was the Rev. W. D. Brattoi). 45, rector of Ornce Epis- committed to the county jail at Jonesboro court's judgment in fa- Harrisburg Wednesday. He is alleged to have forged the check on E. Casey of Lepanto for $60. •or of c. C. Woodall and the Mercantile bank was upheld. FM i'LL W€LL 111 T€LL YOU BY ec» BURNS _ Mystery Tree Found In Wilds Of Hawaii HONOLULU (UP)—What Is believed to be the rarest tree in the Unitod States was discovered by •foverfVnenl surveyors on Hawaii Island, 200 miles southeast of here. The tree, which resembles the amillar pine Iree, was found In n old congealed lava bed between he volcanoes Mauna Loa and Hualalai. The mile-high lava ex- lanse is reported to be one of the east explored sections of the ter- Itory of Hawaii. Botanists here were said to be unwilling to definitely identify the ree, although L. W. Bryan, chief errltorlal forester, said he be- leved the tree may be a. specimen known to the ancient Hawailans as "Hcau." Trans-Canada Highway Soon To Be Completed OTTAWA (UP)— With an eye to :he promotion of Canada's in- leasing tourist trade, work is be- ng rushed on au important western link in (he scenic highway :hal is soon to span the country r in coast to coast. Between shows a bunch of comics will gather around a table in a restaurant and try to "top" each other. Between wars, the diplomats write those letters back and forth that hint between the lines lhat their country Is the best. 1 have two neighbors across the alley who don't seem to care mud for each other, and the other day one of 'em saw the other one ou In the yard hangln' up some clothes and she says "I notice you i have on stockings today that don' 4. match," The other one says, "Well ^V now 1 can understand you beln surprised at that, but that's a thing that often happens to ladles wh have more than one pair," York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 10. CUP)Cotton closed steady. open high low close 853 Jan 848 853 Mar 852 860 May 858 868 July 865 873 Oct 874 881 Dec. ...,... 876 882 844 849 857 854 869 876 Capf. Gllsson said several persons reported they saw a man lent) from Ihe bridge about 10 o'clock. Officers found the Rev. Brat ton's automobile parkeTl on the bridge. The minister's overcoat and topcoat were In the car. A driver's license rrmde out to the Rev. Bratton was found in one pocket. The Rev. Bratton was the son of Bishop Theodore Dubose Bralton of Jackson, Miss., who is bishop of Mississippi and former chancellor tit. the University of (he South al Sewance. Educator In Australia Hails American Slang MELBOURNE (UP) — American slang has fouiKi an ardent chain. .miug nun iuvuiu mi aiuL-ui UIHHII- tune to me piciiinntix. K^yuoius The link in question, known as P' 011 in Prof. O. S. Browne, dean and Mane, of Clnrksville, Ark. arc the "Big Bend" Highway, follow* "' "'" '-—"" ~ r "' ----- '— -' " " .. . the great northern bend of the Columbia River, skirting the north spur of the Selkirk Range and connecting the towns of Golden and Revelstoke in British Columbia. Tills is the last section to of the faculty of education at tli University of Melbourne. Par from pollullng the _..„ „,....„„, „, language, he sees In It one of the attorney of lhe greatest sources for keeping English alive ami growing. 'Wliat Shakespeare did for the LiiivnvKir 1) u Pont Trlls Proljci's What's Nffos- o I'liul Recession WAfilllNflTON, Jim. 1ft. <(]!'.)--- (•Imlriimu I iiimuul O» Pout of K. I Du Pont tie Ncmour.'i company Utility declared Unit "uovernnii'iit und business .should Inko counsel In 11 spirit, of forebonrnnci! und coiipi'mllon" lo enil business lothri 1 . Woiiuui's My<; iVIjiy Kosloiv Youth's Sighl MKMI'HIK. Jan. ID, (IIP) ~ Miuni-tmii nl Memphis Kyi 1 . Kill", NO-.I- und TJjroal hospllitl to<lay •n-ivi' i ilu< leli uyu of n middle •r-nl woinun ami used U In an cffml lo Klvi> tilghl to 11 ID-ycAr- oli) youlh, who lias been blind ivi' ywuu. i" v-li-iiiii'i .snld the rnre operation WHS one of llip most dcilcale known to oyr .surgery, Thi' operation Is known a,s a cnrnnil triinsplanl. 11 consists of Imnsiilunllng Hie r••rnt'iv—or I'yu wlii'.low--(rom lhe eye of one person mid uriifllnu h to that (if 011- ri'ti'.sxloii. »u Ponl iclteriued his thrro imlnl progrniu for stabilization or mtminlbtnitUm legislative, policies t» "cleiir the fog" In order that business "inlglU know the road H must Irnvel." He presented his Him In testimony liutorn lhe sen- ulu conunltlee Investigating unemployment mid relief, As VJii Pont finished reading his sl'.ili'inent with Cue conclusion lhat HiL-re must be n "spirit of forc- bcnraiife and cooperation" between government and business, Chairman James P. H.vvnes (Ut'in,, S. c.) of lhe committee snlil: "I express hearty accord with Unit stulcnieut.' Clifford Hlmmous of Arlington, Teuii., who may regain hln vision Uiroiigli I>K' operation, \viis Winded live years HUD when a lire cracker exploded In his liniul. Thij womun'.s i-yir hud lo Itc removed because of a tumor, physicians said. Physicians said it would be several weeks before success of the operation could be ilctermliied. 11KI I. OIIH^J ||l L1L, Court Aai'Ces To Sncedv D " 1>nnL toltl Ulc committee ^ ., . „,',-' Hint "forecasts of sulcs for the first Consideration Of porlant Test Suit WASHINGTON. Jan. 10. (UP) — The supreme court today ngrceil to sueedy consideration ot lhe Electric Bond and Share company lest of the 1935 public utility holding net. It set arguments for Feb. 7. Supreme courl action or nn early hearing of the utilities holding company act test cniue at the request of attorneys for UiCj government who pointed to the far reach- Ing Implications of the case. The Boiul and Share action seeks to test constitutionality 'of provisions of the net requiring ulllitics holding firms to register with the securities und exchange commission and barring use of malls lo firms 'whicli do not register. In addition lo agreeing on n speedy holding company act test the court gave the government an Important tax victory when it declined lo review a $2,000,000 lax assessment levied against Almours securities Incorporated, a personal holding company of Alfred I. Dii Pont and his family. *....., 1 > of sulcs for the (irst [til- six months o[ 1938 Is 23 per cent less llvnn In the Ilrst six months of 19.17." "I hope Hint this forecast proves erroneous," he said, "but on lhe . . , : , ...... — - — i-iuuiu ijuuo not be loo hopeful of Increased convicted on ti n , nf , r Ing the first half of this ycnr for It Is evident that we nrc In iv pronounced recession." Wilson Estate Tax Case Is Continued A hearing on lhe claim filed by .lie state commissioner of revenue. 11UB Amcr n against Ihe R. E. Lee Wilson cs-jj^, n le ^ tale lo collect an inheritance tnx i to ' dlschan of $81.000 was postponed until Jan. 2-1 when the case was called In basis of careful estimates 1 cim- Loiu'e I.eclbcltcr Admits .Taking Suits From Peerless Cleaners Louie House Rejects Committee Discharge, Bottles Up Controversial Measure. WASHIMGTON, Jan. 10, (UP)— Administration forces today blocked nn effort to force the Ludlow war referendum resolution to the floor of lhe house nml bolllcd the controversial measure In committee for the remainder of the congressional sssslon. The vole wns 209 lo 188. Heeding President Roosevelt's warning that the resolution would cripple the president In conduct of foreign relations und lead other ,,-• " " -—•••- -•- ••• -' nations to believe they could vio- the state commissioner of revenue llUe Amcricrm r i ghu * Hh lmpun . nealnst. Ihn R E T/., WIKm, -„..,... .. |KmS(j ^^ ^ ^^ large Hie rules mid judiciary committees. Preventing the move (o bring the resolution to the floor the vote held it In committee where It was expected (o remain for (lie balance County Judge S. L. Glndlsh Issued an order that the case lie 5 - CAfJCLlfU (U It'll postponed after the defendants O f n,| s SCSS | O11 nsked for a coiiHniuinceon grounds! Hint, they hail nol had sufficient' time to file Reynolds attorneys: for the estate. v . ... ,...-. 'Hie claim was filed December Par from pollullng the English nt Qsceola by Ready To Pay $22,000 For Haaptniann Conviction «m. i u 10 1.1 Lilt: iiVOV OCULlUIl LC) DC *" Jl '*v >->imr»v jjJtui c UH] lUl 1ILU completed In the western portion I English liuiguage In Elizabethan of the highway. j days," says Dean Browne, "American slang ts doing today. It is constantly enriching the language wtili new words and expressions. "The English themselves have added fen' words to their tongue Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 10 (UP)— . , ,, Stocks rose to the highest levrts I '" rc "" 1 , **' whcreas thc since November H today ui active 1 Amerlra ," s havc ndded man >' for .....,.._ ~— j_ , «»ay in acme wh(fh thm wcre !10 ilroper Brit . " 853 8«S 873 830 882 10. Spots closed steady at 869, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 10. (UP) —Cotton futures closed steady, 8 to 11 points higher today. Gains were made on stronger cables and Improved stock market prices. open high low close — trading. Bonds strengthened ex-, cept Japanese issues. Commodities made gains in most, divisions except grains, which yielded fractionally. Business news registered minor recoveries. A. T. & T H9 Anaconda Cop '"' 357.3 Assoc. D. G 7 3 . 4 Beth. Steel '."; 65 j. 4 Boeing Air 33 3 .. { Chrysler 59 Cities Sm f _'_'"_' 2 Coca Cola 120 Jan. Mar. May July 856 MO 86S 873 873 879 817 887 884 891 887b 895 856 862 870 877 8S2 894 860 872 679 887 891 895 ....... ____ ma Spots closed steady at 882, up 9 ish synonyms." Dean Browne is particularly enchamrri wllh the word "de- bunkfd." Waitress Gets Award; Tripped By Peg Leg Gen. Int. Montgomery Ward , N. Y. (UPl-An sioner. 'Hie lengthy claim sols out specific amounts which the stale alleges is due following the deat'i of H. E. Lee Wilson, promlner.1 Mississippi county landowner, several years ago. -Oovcrnor Harold O. Employed Students Win High Rank At Temple PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Students may work their way through college without fear that their employment will affect fheir scholastic standing, Temple University officials announced following a survey. Part-time employment of students .by the National Youlh Administration Imd Inspired concern in educational circles that scholas announced today lhat $22,000 of the $25,000 reward iwstcd by Ihe New Jersey legislature for the cnp- Uve aiyj conviction of Bruno Richard Hauptmnnn, execuled for| the murder of Charles A. Llnd-| bcrgh Jr., would be distributed among ten persons. |y endless iAMtTON, N. Y. (UPl—An in educational circles lhat scholas- varlatlon of the apparent-1 Ho standings would suffer, but Ihe i« t hrtivln »\V «,l^(-,^., •- t\nr- lintVfl V frtltllfl I Ho* n riK-liii\ Brt of mishaps has befallen Margaret Mavnls, year-old waitress, who was 4.1 3_q yL.H-uui «u'i't:»j), wno was avi;im- 36 3-4 cd five weeks compensaf ion for ' ..... ........ . . Harvest ........ 68 1-2 1 tripping over a diner's ------ ..... • " j og wj-ti^s • N. Y. Central ' _ 19 3.4' tiiont" Ihe course of wooden cmploy- Packard Phillips Pet. •'.'.','.'.'.'. 42 Radio [6 \- Schenly Dlst Simmons Socony Vac. Std. Oil N. J ....... ...,.. 51 Texas Corp ...... ........ 44 3.4 U. S. Smel ...... U. S. Steel 5 1.4 The woman, in following Instructions on a compensation court •, form lo "state In the patient's own 26 3-4 words how the accident occurred," wrote: "I OTS tripped by n man with wooden leg. I fell and he fell over me, striking his wooden leg ngiilnst s p ...... 44 3.4 me, sr s wo S. Smelt ........ ...... 675-almy >f{t !cllec J ot »t ...... my light elbow." university found lhat a group so employed made a better showing than a similar group which was unemployed. - ». CUP, Hoffma T, 30, who has been iiarges of burglary confessed lo Police Olilef E, A Hlco early Sunday morning thai he stole three suits of clothing Cleaners severa from Peerless nights ago. He waived preliminary hearing In municipal court lioday and wa: held lo await the' action of clrcul' courl. Ho 'was 'returned to tin county Jnll nflcr his bond lint been set at $2,000. Ledbcller was arrested by city police and Arch Llndsey, deputy sheriff, after lie wns snld lo Imvc sold n suit of (he stolen clothe: lo a negro. When he wns nrrcstc( at 11 house on Oak street, betwcei Lilly nnd Clark streets, (lie olhni Rvo suits stolen from Ihe denning establishment wcre found In Ihe house. Officers recovered (lie suit sold. Police Chief Rice announced today he believes Ihe many recent household burglaries will be solved by the thiii! Lcdbettcr Is tried at the next term of .courl. lie said Lcdbetler told him he wnnlcd lo plead gullly and begin his sentence at once. Tlie average aero value ot American larm land wns $65,37 in 1920; in 1935. it was $31.10. Barely Escaped With Her Laurel Manila Farmers To Get Radish Contracts MANILA, Ark,—Roy Hammerl and Ray Lindemnnn, connected wjth a produce company of Chicago. Ill, announced recently that they will return to this section next month for the purpose of signing contracts with local farmers for the production of radishes. This marks several years that these two men have been coming, to Manila. They are credited \vith beginning commercial radlshj graving in this section and each) May Jul. Chicago Wheat open high low close 97 917-8 9C5-8 973-4 905-8 91 1-3 901-4 913-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 621-4 621-2 613-4 621-8 Jul. 021-4 625-8 G2 C21-4 1. F. Hemingway, 64, Apparent Viclim of Blaze Al Big Lake n. p, "Crippled Frnnk" Hem- li>B"»'ny, 04-year-old store-keeper, apparently wns burned lo dcalh lasl. midnight when u mysterious tire destroyed his combination rural store und .home on the west bank of Big Lake, 14 miles south* west of hero. Arch Llndsey, deputy sheriff, said that n search of the ruins failed to reveal any trace of approximately $20 in silver coin 1 ) Hemingway was known to havo possessed, However, lhe officer discounted rumors (hat Hemingway hnd $500 on his person or cached somewhere In the building. Uiul Keen Holdup Vlcllni Hemingway Imd been a victim of holdups at least twice In recent yeni'A Once Rufc Persful, notorious Arkansas convict, now In Alcntrasi prison, was tried In circuit court here for robbing Hemingway but was discharged when Iho aged storekeeper failed to Identify him as the bnndlt. He' also was fired--upon at lib store OHCO by an unknown assailant bu£ wns unharmed. Neighbors said the whole building wns nllmne when (hey discovered the flrc. H,emingway'a charred body wns found In the store proper. The building wns elevated to make It accessible from Highway 18 and a truck and automobile, kept underneath the building, were also burned, despite efforts of neighbors to remove the. machines. , At Manila it was said that no ' trace had been found of Hemingway's shotgun , und,,.wrist watch but,.Depii^;,Und£ejv.whliD-admit- : ling llmt the nrc wns apparently mysterious, said he,.could'iflnd no definite clue which .might lead lo a suspicion of foul play Hemingway hart gone to Ken- , licit, Mo., yesterday lo visit his brother, T. E. Hemingway, and according to Manila reports hod $5tjfl on Ills person when lie left Kennett. He had relumed to his -store uliout seven o'clock last nlghl. •No Clue to Foul Play Some neighbors of Hemingway believed lhat lhe aged man probably (mil been killed but no tnn- gllfle clue to support their belief had been uncovered by noon today n. T, "Kid" Wright, former Big Lake township conslable, was reported lo have recalled n statement, made by Hemingway after he wns robbed some time ago, that "they'll have to kill rue tho next time." Hemingway was born in Calton, III., and had operated the Bis Lake store for 11 years. He Is survived by Ihree brothers, T. E. Hemingway of Kennett, Ernest Hemingway of Maiden, Mo., and P. E. Hemingway of Gallon, two sisters, Mrs. Floyd Wheeler and Mrs. Annie Schnltz, Pell Clly, Ind., and his mother, Mr3. Snrah Hemingway of Gallon. Traffic Drive Still Underway Says Chief The drive against violations of .he traffic laws in the down town Jlstrtct Is continuing, Police Chief 2 A. Rice has announced in a, flnal warning against those who would double park, park at the wrong angle or load and unload on Main street. E. M. Eaton was fined one dollar for a first offense on a charge or ; double parking, making a total of! five arrested. fWtSl.Sy > a scene from one of his year thus far, has proven morej own Ulm comedies, Slan Lau- Truck And Car Are Damaged In Accident A car, owned by John Bates negro of near Annorel, and j truck, owned by W. S. "Pete Barnes of Huffman and driven bj his son, collided -in an acciden Saturday night north of Armorc! The total damage to both ma. chines is estimated at approxl' mutely $300. - ; prsfitnble than the preceding one.. H Is said that the first year here' they shipped 8 cars of radishes, while two years ago 25 cars were shipped from here. Spinach was tried but was not successful. They plan to sign up 500 or more acres with the .farmers. Lead pencils are mndc of graph- He and clay. The name conies from Ihe old clays when people wrote with pieces of lead. rel's escape with a new wife from an irale ex-wife via a baggage coach may have been very funny lo everyone—except the bride, the former Vera Inanova Snuvalova, above, who smiles despite her trouble-betel wedding trip. Alter an elopement to Yuma, Ariz., the • newly weds returned to Hollywood and work, Laurel lo the studios and his Russian bride to tha cale where she slngs,_.y WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, slightly warm.' er In east portion tonight; Tues day partly cloudy to unscttlei with rising temperatures. Memphis and vicinity—Occasion' nl rains tonight and Tuesday somewhat warmer Tuesday. The maximum temperature hen yesterday wns 47, minimum 24 clear, according to Samuel : Konh, official weather observer,

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