The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUMR 1—NO. 220, THE ULiYTHEVIUjE AltMY AIR COIil'S NEWS Published dally except Sundays in (lie Interest of (he personnel ol the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythevllle, by Hie BlylhevlllD Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. Members Of Organization Have Spaghetti Supper and Dance Thursday Members of Hie 32CIU Base Headquarters Squadron celebrnlcil the first anniversary of the .ictlvatloiv of their organization Thursday night'try ontlnif prodigious quantities of siMeheUI ami' dancing to tiie music of tlie.",live Ijomliers," !i four-niece band composed of members of tlic 351st. Army Air Forces Bund. H \vas tlie Jive Bombers debut anil they responded nobly. They played popular .songs <>\ hot tempo as Ihc soldiers and their partners got "in the groove" and did some plain and fancy jillerbiigging. Not Hit; least of the entertainment.' however, wax the .spaghetti and chili lhat formed the menu. Especially prepared by Stall Scrgt. Charles Barllelt, mess .sergeant assigned to the 32Glh, it found favor with soldiers and their partner;; aliko and liuic if any was left. Among the guests at the amii- Yersqry ]nity. lipld at the Legion Hut, were Maj. Carl MeKcc. Muj. Charles Laylon, and Lieut, cart Wcinslein. Capt. John P. Mead is squadron commander; the first sergeant is Ozmi'nt Tucker. Pvt. Herbert Forbes Assigned To 702nd Pvt. Herbert B. Forbes has reported to tills station from Die Army Air Field at Stuttgart, and Ls assigned to tlie 702nd Squadron as an assistant to Capt. Henry Weil, trial judge • advocate of the General and Special Court Martial. Private Fortes enlisted in the Army April 11, 194^. lib was a student at Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., where he was preparing himself for a career ras a lawyer, ffe received his'A.n. degree there in 1330 nnrt had finished two years of law school when lie entered the Army. While in school he was secretary of Alpha Chi Rho, an honorary fraternity. Fifteen tribes of Indians live on 17 Indian reservations in Arizona. PX Profits Again Are Distributed The Post Exchange has nil an- olher melon. Distribution of $2,- 2li7.:iG iu dividends wus anno'.mcc'd yestcrilay with (lie approval nf Ihe comminuting olt'lcer, by Capt: I. H. Lee, Exchange o'lficer. The money is divided among the squadrons, detachments and unit* of the Air i-'leld .tii-corcllng to the number of men iti each organization. Tlic amounts range from $!U.f)1 lor the .smallest unit to $:i25.!l(i for the largest. fn addition, fitio was appropriated for the Chaplain's Fund. $250 for the purchnse of .spci'inl equipment for the Band, and SHQ.3'1 for the fund of Post Headquarters. The Exchange functions on a principle of economical and efficient operation, low prices, and the return of profits to the personnel of the Field in the form of dividends to the various organizations. Whitman Assigned As Ordnance Clerk StafT Sertt. Ozlns M. Whitman has reported lo this station from the Army Air Field at Greenville, Miss., and has been assigned a.s a clerk in the Ordnance Seclion. The non-com enlisted Feb. 3, 1941, and is a (;radiintc of Ihe Ordnance School at Savannah, On., whore he completed a course in supply and military administration. In civilian life he lived with liis mother, Mrs. Virgin L. Whitman, nt Win/ield, Ala., mid was a cook in a restaurant there. , Tays S85 fur I.b. Coffee RAN DIEGO. Cal. tll.P.)--Admit- ting that he doesn't even consume the amount of coffee which his own ration took allows him, Dr. Victor C. Alderson paid $85 for a pound of coffee at ,aii auction staged by: the iiiwanls'cji'ib.' Tlie J85 wi])'*gb',inlb a victory garden for Ihe La Jolla Hoy Scouts, and Dr. Anderson, president emeritus of the Colorado School of Mines, said he would dole out the pound of coffee among friends who feci they arc not get- tiny enough. Read Courier Mews want ads. FORMER ALL-AMERICAN, ANDOKEOFTHEGRfAT WHO X EVER CARRIED ' THE BALL FOR THE • NOW A LIEUTENANT IN THE NAVAL AIR. FORCE,EORRlES DOWNED TWO JAP ZEROS IN HIS FIRST 5 MINUTES OF FLYING ACTION .' HEVRE READY OOIVETHEIRLlES.. OU LEND YOUR MONEY FUNNY BUSINESS HLVT1IKV1U.,.;, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL' JW, Biggest Battles Yet To Come, Colonel Kennedy Tells Class SUBSCK1PTION HATES This war has not yd begun; \ve have had mere sklrnilshe.s compared to Ihe battles yet to bursl upon the mnnlfold fronts of the pivsenl con- fllcn, Col. Emlle E. T. Kennedy, pioneer Air Corps pilot, told the graduating class of aviation cmli'is yesterday afternoon at the nlythe- ville Army Air Mold. Colonel Kennedy, commanding officer of (he Dyerslmrg iTemi.) Army Air Base, declared Hint our land, sea and air forces "have only brushed ivltli the enemy up to now." and said Hint "we luive yet to meel the Axis In all-out warfare." "We do not fully comprehend the meaning uiul full Impact of a tqlal war," he said. "But we will reali/.e It, if not now (hen laicr when the tide of battle sweeps us into violent contact with the vast enemy forces. Anil «0ie:i that I line comes you will be thankful for Ihe flno I mining you have received at fields Midi n.s lllylheville." Addressing Ihc class as "members of a select, group and well deserving of the honor of being commissioned In (ho Army of (he United Slates and privileged to wear the silver ivlnga of an Army Air Forces pilot," the cojimifljulliij; officer of Ihe Dyersbnrf Base, who became a pilot. In the first World War said: "You new pilots will hnve several . . . weeks of training before you will ""'' • vn " 1 sacrifices, Id victory In be called upon lo take your plucc i:olnl >nl. UnlOM you achieve victory oti (lie firing lino, ff during thai. '"_""-'-' -" "' '" ' period you tan bring yourselves to " a consciousness of llic vast job ahead, you will materially speed the lilylhevllle wllli n steady resolve that nothing will deter you from youi' fixed course, wllh the renllwi- liou that there Ls nothing ahead for mosl of yon but blood and luucl- the burning desire- lo make Ihe most of every minute of yciir future tralnluj; so thai yon will bo able lo meet Hie vncniy wllh skill and power—you will out days off of those years." Colonel Kennedy ,snld many would be called upon lo make the .su- [iii'inc! sacrifice as the prlcrj of vlelory, and added: "It is a serlou.s iiml deadly future we are fiiclns,'. And all 'of you, as you get. your wings today, and as you waleh loved ones getting (heir wings, would do well In make Oils rcsolulion: "'From this moment- forward L will do all In my power to so discipline myself and so direct my every effort that no one, leiisl, of all myself, may say that I failed In my duly lo my country and my fellow men'. "The training you men have received and will continue to receive is building you tip gradually lo III POST IHjInt where will be able lo plunge into lotal and cruel warfare and overcome any jmd nil oj>|X)sl- lion thai comes your way. "Remember always.", he ' "dial the ultimate said. of all your day when we can write victory with 5Q-cnlil)ie slugs on the of Adolf's and Tpjo's favorite retreats. "That <iay Is loo far away lo intimate. One thing is certain, however; it will be years, gentlemen, years before this war Is ended. "But if you will go forlh from (raining, all your hopes, your fntiir in eoinbnl nil Ibis ivlll hnvc gone lor jianght." Colonel Kennedy congralulatrd ll'e class, Ihe Imlruclor.s and the aircraft mechanics on its record of no serious accidents (Inrlny; the nine weeks the class hns been In training hen;, nnd coiicliidt>,s: "Ocxl spce<l you on your future missions wherever they may he. You have tlie green llsht. All Is clear for lakcoff. nhc future Is yours." all on Highlights Auxiliary M. p. Bunnctl of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, pinned one of Iho gold burs ol the second lieutenant lo the .shoulder of her brother, Lieut. Oscar A. Bonnetl. while their mother, Mrs. Onan Asbcrry Bennett, of Sweetwater, Tex., pinned on the other. Mr. Bennett, looked on proudly. The WAAC cninc from Camp Polk, La., n'bcre she is on cluty.f ' ' Sergt. Philip G. Mack, with three gold chevrons on his left i;nfT indicating 18 months \vilh Ihe AEP in the World War of a (niartcr- century ago, and a gold chevron on the right cuff for a wound in that war, hnysed two sons lightly about the neck after graduation exercises yesterday at the Blytheville Army Air Field. Then he stepped back and saluted smartly. He and his wife, who Ls on duly as a Civilian Defense Auxiliary nurse at Flushing Hospital, New York City, pinned on the gold bars and silver wings. Sergeant, Mack came from Corona, Cal., where he on duly with Ihc Ordnance Corns, for Ibe big event. The sons are Lieuts. Arthur W. Muck, 22, and Philip G. Mack Jr., ID. Sergeant and Mrs. Mack were married after she met him when he was a patient In an Army hospital in France where she was a nurse. She is vice commander of Queens County War. Nurses Post, of the American Legion. Ing at the exits or the Rccrcalimi Hall and glvini! a smart'.salute lo I lie newly commissioned ' (lying officers us tlipy eincrt'c fi'oin cailct ynulimllon exercises, scorns to he wearing out. Statistics inillcale thai nol so ninny of the new of flews rccoanl/.eil the alleged tradition Mint an officer gives a dollar ta the nrsl enlisted man to .salute him. The M. P.'.s wove their new white helmets and while gloves while dirt-ding traffic niul sdiinlins liiin'rd (lining cailel graduation exercises' yesterday. And a pretty siyhl the snappy mililmy police iimdc;- loo."< ft was a warm day, class A uniform was prescribed, niciuiing the woolen Mouse and woolen slacks. Many an overheated soldier wished it wns summer-uniform wcnlher. Not until Monday, men: llicn you change lo cottons. Prizes A\vardecl Best Dancing Couples At Post Recreation Mall H wns like ii style show when 01 i.'lrls of lllylheville mid nelirby ™nununltlos eiiteinl Ihe I'ost Hiv- renilon Hull Wednesday ul«hi, for lhl> dance under auspices of Ihe KlUTlul Seivlcc Office mid Ihe UHO. 'I'hi' ijlrls wore (heir evenlni; party dresses mid t'VOry .snldier «'ns sliii'lly Clnss i\, those who niipcnr- '••I wlllHinl Ijlouse.s being vcinilr- i'tl lo irtiirn lo iiuaili'i's (or (lu> Idoiisv in- ellniinalc thiMiiselve.s from Mil' festlvllies. Army trucks with henches Iriun- |Ji»'ioil (ho uirls from the uao Center to (lie Air Huso and buck "Iliiln. A ljusloiul ot N ulrls etunc Irom 1'ovlaeevlllc. Several (jlrls from Wilson came by an(oinoblli> wllh MrK. K, !>. Cnrjienler and Miss Anna Hay Howland, and Mrs. '' li. llnmiismi niul her mother, Mrs. May I.aCosI, IMo. OiMirue Dnrlldl. and Miss Milieu Kntli'ilKc won llu> wiill/. lirluc, anil Ihe spot liancc won iiy ri'i. Crali; Harvey anil Miss Mary Ann Klllon of I'orl- Chiipi'roucs were Mrs. nixie Cmwford, Mr.s. liermird Allen, Mrs. Corni'lliis Modliifor mid Mrs. lins- sell I'hllllps. Mrs. Modlngcr niul Mr.s. p. C!. Iliccliel assisted Miss Ocncvieve Whnlcn. UHO director of women's actMlles In re(jlslerlug Ihe dunce partners. Music was by the orchestra of Ihe :ir>lst Army Air mrcex lliirnl. CAP! BLANC COFFIN CORNER BECHATE* 5IDI AHMEDJ ,.?^/H, « , MSTUNt V •flASS EL JEflfL PORTO FARINA Mediterranean Sea CAPE BON .{LHAbUARIA * .,, * ''Gulf of Tunis "METTARHENI M , HI t ««. N»i*^-f • , ill ,' ' V\\ U SOUI * W •. (>r *-j ^* ^^tibJ^v; ( £,\\,; iife >•• I.A MARSA RUINS OF CARTHAGE riA OOUUTTK MMULA BADE6 ' rSLOUSUIA. ^EsVoUR - BENI KRIAR IEUL SILIANA ENFIDAVllLE HAMMAMET Gulf of Hammamet S<«l.o»M»M Read Courier News want ads. Hold Everything The aviation cadets who were graduated yesterday as second lieutenants in the Army Air Corps, with silver wings and the training of two-engine bomber pilots, arc elected lo the glorious mission of peace-making, Chaplain Gerald .1. Hogan of the Blytlicvillc Army Air Field said in the benediction he pronounced at, the close of the exercises. •"nicy are on Ihc way to bailie against the enemies of God lo destroy His enemies and restore the right," said the chaplain. "They fight for man's right, lo pray." The interesting racket of gatlier- Complele Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drnf Sttre Main & Like Phone 2822 Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED I! the npp«rs art still good. Bring them to us for quality I work. HALTER'S Quality Sho, Slie^ HI W. M»ta Ph. | Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Chaplain Hojran Fans 'With Tlm;<; Players On Base Chaplain Gerald j. iiogun struck onl with the bases loiidei) mid thu Ale and Quail loom was detailed •1-1 In an Inlcr-stiuatlron soflball league tunic 'I'uesdny aflernoou. The slnmich sky pilot swung once, Iwice, three limes, and failed lo connect with anything more sitb- .slimtinl than iilr. The hopes of his teammnles were dashed for they depend upon bin In Ihc clutches. A former collegi star and outstanding semi - prc baseball player, the chaplain Is out of the heaviest sluggers on the field and luis liraken <lp game 'aftc: game with his timely wallops. No one was more chagrined Hun: Ihc chaplain, for a home mi: would luivc cleared the liases anil given his team a victory by a om run margin, ills friendly biittln rival, Chaplain Jtdlan Lindsay slammed out two hits and score'c 'Jam Itantr To Mau For Dance Tonif/hl At (ISO.Center Ihc only run Hie Ale and Quai: team got. Tn other games the same day the 703rd defeated the finance and Ordnance (cum 5-2, and the 702nd defeated the Band 17-9. Box score of the Ale and Quail —VOIsl gn»ie: Aln ami Quail J "Don'libet alarmed,* sir—we're I jusl tryinu to find a dime the . cook lost in ihn sourx today!" I O'Hara 2nd Bucci ss Hogan 1st .. Llndscy cf .. Bu.sch i'f ... Keilh 3rd ... Brooke If ... Nelson c ... McKnighl sf Kovacs p ... Trunks 2ml JtUosky s.s Stone p ... Jenkins 1st Dacoul c Hcrmlcy 3rd Molr If Owen.s cf Joiie.s sf Barncll, rf Ah R. II 701s( .. 3 .. 2 .. :i .. a .. 3 27 f> 0 (1 2 I 1 0 (I 0 it n o i CABRIOLETS GALORE! Just Arrived From the East! ID12 rlyinoutli Conovcrliblr Conpp. Beautiful blue Ilnlsli. lirown leather upholstery, radio, healer, 5 gnod lirrs. 1012 I'ackard Cnnvirrtllilit Coupe. Brown, with hliie up- hnlslcry. Qoocl tires ami lols of accessories. 1911 Dodge Convertible Coui« cream color wllli rfil Ic.itlicr upholstery, radio, healer, fof:- IlgMs, good (Ires. 1941 Chrysler New Yorkrr Convertible Coupe. Crcru, with green leather upholstery. Kadlo, hcattr, spot-lighl. r> whlto sidcwall tires. 1911 DtxlRC Convertible Coupe. Uluc, with Muc upholslrry. Ka"- dlo, liea(«r, 5 (jotid tires. Tliis car tia.1 only btcn driven a few tliousand miles. !tfl Other Cnrs lo CKoosc From—$75 «p Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan We Never Close Sales Dcpt. Open Until 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 The UAAI' 1 .liun Hand will piny nlBlit m the U!30 Cenler (or the weekly Prlduy nljht diuico with SeiBl, Franklin CI. ahnw ill tin: lilnno, pic. Waller M, Unke on Ihe clarinet and .saxapliune, i>fc. I'Yfink G'crmlmira ill (he uaas fld- ule, and Pvt, Anthony Cliv/.zettn on Ihc drums. H will lie Ihe first opportunity (or all liul. u (cw lo henr the new dance (|UaiieI, recently orrjruihod by Lieut, lluah Elilrlduo, enm- mandlnn officer of the Hn'nd, mill Wnrrunl Officer Hcrnhnrdt M. Kuschcl, hand niusler. J'rli'rtle Lcnlcc, louder of (ho Jam Bund, toured Europe (or i:t years \Vllh his own band, prcscnlinK music n In Atncrlcalne In the ini;lro|»- Illnn centers ol the Continent. Gradual CK Invited To Officers Dance Newly commissioned ofdccw of Aviation Cadet Class 43- IJ who were (jriiilnated yeslerduy havcliceii Invlleil lo attend (he Saturday lflhl ( (lie Offlccis Mess 'I he orcljejjlra of (he I'osl Buiui Will play. Capt. Joseph O, irons Is In'duirgo of Winter sleep of unlmiils is called lilberiinlton; (liolr sumiuer lorpov in known us eallvalion. 11ns I!c|ical on SOI) NEW YORK (UI-) - Henry C. I'aulsscn, :iD-ycar-old rallroiid con- iluelor wlio lia.s been bowline for ID years, rolled a pcifccl 300 recently. Rxnctly tlnee wcekn Intel- he dupllcaled Ihe fenl wllh an- olhcr SCO. SMALL LOANS On Anrthlnr * £a*t Main Loan Co. SO* L M»ln - Phon. IMI PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guai-nntucd liesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Fi'ITKD HY Decton J. L ud J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 BPTICDL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? H.Mtcry~Sc,il Covers Oilfiller— Radio Fog I.lglils— Lock Gas Cap A complete line of Polishes LOT EICH m 24-1 SERVICE Exticrt Hcpnlr Work on Genera! Molors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY IVdwujr & Walnut I'll. B53 Tlic Hloilern Icu Jinx COOLHUATOR Tor Economy anil Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. riioiir sin C- S : Webb Cities Service . Station (llwy. CI at Cotlnn Rcll Tracks) Phone i>21 \\s Fix Hats Washing & <!re!isln(» Our Specialty Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVK on 1'lillllpi Oualltr OMO-' line ft Oil. 1'rompl, Couri.eeus Service. Opcratcil by Sirs. H. L, iteyiiiiliis. OPERATING HOURS I ( 'or A-li-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 , A.M.Vfo 9 P.M. AU, WKKK DAYS'' 9 A.M. (o 12 Noon . • 1 I'.M. (o 8 1>.M: ; , : VfT. Fir.i, ALL nocToma- PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU HONKX STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 Easier Flowers! I'lacc TclcRrnph Orders Now. Corsagei of every docriptloa. THE FLOWER SHOP DEMVEUT ANYWHERE GI.ENCOF. HOTEt, BIJJO. rhonc 431 — Nile Phone 2811 AIRWAYS BUS LINE IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS Official."; Inslnicl our Inwcs slop tit regular bus stop* only wlnlc al the Air Ilusc. IMeasc calch llio bus at your nc»r«t,.sl»p. HUDSON CLEANERS Special care lakcn in cleaning uniforms. Bullona carefully handled—Cleats and creases hand finished—2 day service, Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia , SOUTHEAST A1H CORl'S INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, noveltl**, etc., In Blythcvlllo than at Robinson's. Latest Magazine*— FWB- taln service—sandwiches! • Service Men! 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