The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 10
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' ?AGE',TEN ' ' President Ready for Show~ Down If Supreme Court - Thro\Vs It Out.'' i ^ , . '' ,By RODNEY DDTCIirR , WASHINGTON, — Holiday conferences of President Roosevelt some of his closest advisers, am certain labor leaders who really count at the White House resulted In several decisions of major Importance as to foithcomlng piopos- als for labor-Industrial legislation: , 1—Instead of seeling to legislate n 'notional maximum work week ' of so, 35 01 30 hours, as proposed l)y various labor leadeis, the administration will support a bill to delegate to a board or commission ' the power to set maMmum houri and minimum wages In Industries •vvhose business obviously Is of Ii tcrstntc character, 2—The administration proposal will be exclusively n,,"labor bill ' In that It voll co\er only wage and hour regulation it will lime no ^provisiqns as to anti-trust law c\- , cmptlons, prlce-n\lng, or trade practices such as characlerlred the NfRA. 3— Rooseiclt Is now willing to meet the u. S. Supreme Court Issue hend-on. The new wage-how law, If passed by Congress, will be the gage of bittle The adminis- tration'will not pirtlclpate in any movement to obtain a constitutional amendment or otherwise to curb tile rant's power pending a supreme couit ruling on that measure If the-court should declare the 'aw unconstitutional, Roosevelt— judging by the way he is now leaning—would summon the po«er of ' organized labor behind him and attempt io jam llnough a constitutional amendment \\llh all possible speed Aim at Major Industries , -The confeices agreed that It would be impractical to try to make nn arbitrary wage-and-hour stan- • dard apply to all industries Tliej • be ifive that it would be unwise af Mis lime to attempt fedcial regu- ijlatlon of wnges and horns i n small ' ,towns,< loeal Industrjes, and the service trades,-after the manner of 111'• fated NRA. > . -But, the steel, automobile, coal textile and other major Industries , wll be regulated it the administration hns its way., Any legislation passed with administration approval \\ttl aim at Bending a condition under ,UUch .X sweatshops" frequently jeap across ' -.state lines to obtain cheaper Inbor ' --Roosevelt Iras in mind a federal S.w n £ y eomn'ng wages «.nd hours which would-be' modeled alon» the lines of the New York-state min -*„ •£,"?•• bciard •''Tlie )»«' un'? « i^ Ch ! that ' "KM"! operates rapplylng^only to r u onion and children) hasten declared Invalid by .' a 5«to-4 U.fsJ Supreme Court! decision and Ithe^ieosoning of the In'various cases has inrti- ™.V bnmng a change of at- « lm t'"' f^ fcdcral lc s isl "tlon of -. similar, type would also be ctcclai- • cd unconstitutional jLYTgEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS White Outshines Colors in '37 Linens ; ^^__^ .^^•lAjL^^ ( *• .;• i ,- ' f " "ti*^ 8l.ta|ns examples of IB371 frost attractive linens arc these. The. monogrammcd sheet (bottom) it ?o«.f IZit Pal °r Ch ' ThC """"«»>"< «°>» * '»"-' '-«* »'lh mtulisu'^U no if. lielovv it arc lieu Ijpcs of monograms. The luncheon set (center) i s appH^efl win, cactu and gny MCMcan trodden,. NoUcc the oW-f^htoned printed cotton border on ,hi pillow si p " extreme left ami (he nautical designs on the guest towel, directly below it. wni Wlille vnr?^ ^ VC ° con sct ' Somc Ilft vo liny clus-*- YORK — 1037s Januiiy tcis of flowers cmbioidercd at Inhales really aie white, tcrvals all over the clotli. Others IMPnrW nf nnif rlr\nn~nH~.. t - * . .-..I nieio's plenty of gay decoration nnd edging and you can get col- --- u --.o ...... jv,,. ^ tll , buw mi- inn center, • anu old-la 1 ored sheets, guest towels and ta- bouquets in the cornels' .iln linrni IT \ nn {xr-l..* i.,.i *!.„ _n. ' . blo linens, ^lf joii insist, but the smartest shops featuie more plain vvliite ones than in ninny sea- i ' • n l»n- out that iu the last 20 sears 10 S h ^ C , ""?" for 'nlnlmmn Mh Dn anc! OI11y scvc » the seeming piradox be\ to the fact thot llb ^l have couie nnd gone faster than conservatives on the court .Congress to Redcnne Trade - A redefinition by Congress of commerce among (|, e sla tcs" as ^ edf f'^ 'he ^Constitution. " iV e p l a " under interpretations, In coraes to '"elude i «"'roads with tracks run ing across state lines and production Is regarded as "local be shffi J"* ,° hf t crmm> oe simnar to that under m the Pum)sf!s -a d en n , (Ion ls "Commerce among the sevrrni tes, under Sectio,? 8 Artlee j 0 "^^ of the united h , ereby deflncd 'o «PPly f ^~ e - Very tla ««tron e PJ 0 ' 1 """''" dn'clud- t limitation, agricul- re ' or mi "ing) pro- sons. Bath towels arc the one exception. Unless you have a bath- loom with colored tiling, in which case. you'Ji. ^loiit jour t9\iels to L be'white, look 'nt^llfp* licw Wight ones m stilpcs and otl«^ bold gcomotrlc patterns. PrcfeiTcd shades for voincn are tuiquoise peach and nilc green ciniy, wigc, ivlne, sand nnd brown foi icn To be ullia smart, have 10 monogram on jour oNvn tows match the coloi of jour hus- wiid's, and vice versa. Remember Hint a good bath owcl is one which creates file- ton ami is most absoibcnt, Rc- anile-ss ot how pietty (hey may e, don't .replenish your linen losct .with slippery, smoolh-sur- accd tjpcs that get >\et in two cconds. You might like to try ne of the new turkish rub-down onels These have linen loops 'inning through them nnd aie ondeiful circulation stmmlatois [onograni ncsijnis Arc New, Too Wy, are the principal decora- on ^on all linens Tho "dog- ired" monogram book has been ut In the basement of the nic- >t linen shops and specialized esigners aie creating new ones s they go along Smallci-than-ever monogtuns re decidedly in vogue. There is preference for hand embrold- rcd ones, freed from the pre- cribed form of the circle, square nd triangle. Also, there arc those nfch are ndapted to the type of ho room, and to the Individual OT example, a feminine French athroom requires a fancy mono- ram. And a modern bathroom must Imvc modernistic Initials of he small letter variety. The desire for n bright outlook n the day is fulfilled by the Psychological' breakfast sct mis means linen with plenty of olor. Bristling crash linens in list, yellow and brown, red and Hue, green and jellow, in stripes and plaids ore Just the thing One sct is bright canary : . , DANCING y. ; . Every Niglit ; , SILVER MOON * fcGIIT CLUB , '2 Miles' North Missonri Lin others have laigo (lowers such ns tulips, popples, marigolds nntl the like ,with long: stems and leaves. Designers have let their imaginations rim wild when it comes to cocktail and tea party napkins. These napjtlns come by the dOEcn, and there is a dllTftiiiit poker, 'hand *.enu>rordered''"on" ench napkin. > !^ • >• " Another 'style — principally tor tlio guest who, mistakes his imp- kln for his handkerchief—IK one with tho Inscription ^'return to Babs nnd Bob," or whatever the names of the owners may be, em- bioldered in one corner. ; Irave a large basket ot • (lowers in ' center, 'nnd old-fashioned The United States Is the laigcst producer.ofrrawfiirs In'.thc world, though little American wild conn- try remains. President, Prays for Rebel Cause ry jow •Kith "good morning" embroidered In brown in the corner. Another is done in Mexican motif. The cloth Is natural in color and n the center sits a Mexican dressed in a bright red bolero and a jellow sombrero The napkins rune a sombrero In one corner Daintiness and fine linens arc principal features of the lunch- WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Btrttj Bldr. Bljlheville, Ark In an atmosphere of great solemnity, Gen. Miguel Cnbanel- las, : head of the Spanish rebel provisional government, stood with head bowed in silent Prayer as hundreds of young officers were sworn in before, joining the insurgent forces o£ Commander Francesco Franco The ceremony took place In Burgos, insurgents' capital. HUNDHED tlFTY years ngo a level plain stood in the «nter of Salvador where Today l ' sc f, a restless, belching volcano Nil 'M? ' fl", •°'' UP ^ 0n ^ Mlled 250 inhabitants of San Vicente and I 2alco gpes-on madly furling , ts . ,-ocks cvcvy ^ From its birth In 1798, when it •okcout of the peaceful earth and hill "° has be(jn ' steaming and bellowing regularly, until thn People around It al mo 7t s™ s ad1r " stin »s'-.C8ulai.|ly. Bu , broke out wildly nnd destroyed thousands' of acres Of fino corrce plantations and £f in ° i $ ", l ' gcs ' so lllat mariner" M -, c ^ c uscd lo kn °w « as he 'Lighlhousc of Salvador " !, Now again, Izalco belched de- slrucHon. while San Vicente Ehook Salvador has held 'this and pthcr fuming craters in awe. One ll ,,' ls rornpanions is Mt. San. Miguel, a little farther to tlie south; which appears on many stamps of that country, a symbol of the restlessness and danger in the land. ' '' . XBA S.rvlco, lno.>; ^THURSDAY, JANUARY 7, 3937 Care of a baby Is a full-time job for 5 hours and 41 minutes everj day, and a part-time Job the rcsl of the day, it Is estimated. CIGARETTES CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, ETC. ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50c OF GASOLINE OU OIL AT -THE MARTIN OIL STATION STEELE.i MO. . oo every muu m oiymevme can own one of our famous Hart Schaffner &Marx 5^ .suitS'-dnd topcoats we stage a (i J; HISTORY MAKING n I lannedI to inaugurate the men in Blytheville, not now wearing Hart Schaffner & Marx and Mansfield clothes, into the vast group who already know what this great clothing means in •' terms of style quality and value! Our entire stock of HartScha£fner&Man% and Mansfield SUITS AND TOPCOATS The inauguraiior} this month, of the President, is a truly great historic event. And so, too, is this great Inauguration Sale at Mead's. Beginning tomorrow morning, we are interested in only one thing ... and that is to inaugurate every man in Blytheville who hasn't a Hart Schaffner & Marx or Mansfield garment in his wardrobe into the great fraternity of men who have these fine clothes . . . who know and appreciate what they stand for. , In order to do that we have grouped all of our clothing with these two famous labels into three great price'groups. We have put prices on them that represent man-sized savings. All 100^ wool. All suits with 72 Bench Tailored Details! Mkuiy high style suits such as Continentals, Windsors and sport-back models. Burly topcoats of rare wools and an extra large Selection for all men regardless of your size or weight. FIRST COME FIRST PICK As usual the best Clothing buys are always at MEAD CLOTHING Co 315 WEST MAIN STREET Blytheville's Exclusive Home Of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes

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