The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1934
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COU1UBU NEW8 TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS ' TBS comma nxwa ca, FDBUSBBW 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAIN2S, AO«rtUta« 8ok Nttlontl AOvertUtoj Representative*; ArkinUi bUlta, Ice, New York, CWcuo, Detroit, St. Louta. Dillu, KmMus City, Little Rock. Publtahed Every Afitmoon Zieepc Sunday, as second class matter at ,ie poet office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under acl of Congrest Oc- RiEi lober 9, 1917. th* Oniwa Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier m tte City of BiythevlUe, 16c pet week or *6.50 per year In adtanc*. By m«U within a radius of M rnllM, 13.00 per year, $1.50 lor ilx months. 85o tor three montm; by mail in postal zones two to six, inclusive, 16 50 per year, in zones seven and eight, 110.00 oer year, payable in advance. the right of self-government is accompanied by the right to work. A government which guarantees the one must guarantee the other- To this guarantee 1933 brought us; and the dale will loom large in Hie history books. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Sam's Historic Uncle Achievement in / 933 It is a little more pvolilaljle riglil MOW to look back at 10:tf to look ahead to'193-1. What ll'.e o- ming year may hold for n?, Ihc tf'oil Lord only knows; what 1933 brout'lit us is a matter of record, the .iit'iiifu'iincu of which begins to IJE fully apparent «* the year ;emls. A lot of things happened, a lol of changes were made, and a lot of experiments were begun in tho last year; but in sonic ways the l)it'i;cst. dcvul- opment of all was the change that came over our unemployment relief policy. Starting with the forestry corps, continuing through the NRA codes, ami winding up with the $.100.000.000 Pub--,, lie Works Administration, we set' out for the- lirst time in our history to make jobs for 0111* citi/.cns. We shifted, thill is to say, to an entfrely new attitude. We accepted as part of our social philosophy the propo- . sition that society pwe,s.e«cli. individual—not living, but (he chance tu earn a living. » * * Here is a change of the most profound significance. The Declaration of Independence itself is hardly more packed with consequences. For this change implies an entirely new concept of the function and the duly of government itself. Traditionally, our government was supposed to do little in tim<> of depression except keep the track', clear for such revival as private industry might be able to bring about. Now its responsibility is almost infinitely greater. If great numbers of Americans who are able and anxious tn work can't find jobs, it is up to the government to provide jobs for them—no matter what the obstacles or what the cost. » * » You don't have to think about this very long to discover that it could contain tho seeds of changes an sweeping as any the country ever has seen. Yet there is no reason for us tu be afraid of what Ihis new attitude may bring us. It is drastic unprecedented, to be sure; but it also is n very great step forward along the dif- iicult road which democracy must travel in this industrialized era. and as such it is worth .all the risks. For democracy is a mockerv unless The Post Wants a New Party Tlu- Saltirdiiy KviMiiiiK ''' )Sv > (| c- senbiiiB Ihc present leailer-ship <>f tliu Kcptiblii'iin p:iily as lui|H-li-ss]y rwic- tioiiiiry, iintl thitl ol' Ihc Di-nioi-ralii: pai'ty as diiHKci'Wisly radical, is appealing I o miilillc-oMhu-mail doiniiiiU in l)olli parlies lo join in tin- establish inenl of it new ptirty of tin: ct-nlui'. The idea will no doiilit tiavu a strong appeal lo many, but DuinLtrals who iiiny lie in .-some ineiisiiru alarmed at certain phases of Ihc Kuu.-evell- pix>- Kl'iiin should think lwic<! iH-f'.'i'C tii-xci'l- inir Ihi'ir parly at Ihc sn::Ko.slion of Hie I'ost. They slionlil remember that (ho reactionary Kt-pnhlicaii party was plenty good cnmigh for the- Saturday Kvuniiig I'ost !••<> IOIIR as it held power. It is only since it has -hann utterly disci-edited and demoralized by action of Ihe electorate that the I'ost has lost conlidencL- in it. Tin- Kepublk'an leaders have heroine no worse in the past [o\v' years. The people have merely awakened to their sins, and dulidi'ii- cies. And in all this there .scorns to be sonw grounds for suspicion that it is not the policies ol' Hie Kepnblican party tlnil are objectionable lo Hit.- I'ost, but thai party's impolcncy lo make those, policies eireclive. In any event of lliose who voted for Roosevelt are willing lo give his program finihei' trial before repudiating it. They will judge it by the results it pnHuccs. They won't mind if it is radical if it achieves the results they waul. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gfo. W. B*rbUi Well, I'm glad il's all over ami n.s Jim—that's my husband—says no heads cracked or Ixmes broken, but I Just come In one of sayl something to him that would make him remember that I am still his wife. It's not often that he deceives mc.tlml is.ns tar as 1 know) knit this time he went almost too snout'. He was supiwscd to •attend what he called a patch i»r- ty In the basement of the church r (jnvo. In for (his as I thought mtiyho he would eet Interested and we would get our letters to the pastor and start going this year sometime. He says he did not sa> the party was fo be in the cliurcr basement. While he was telling m< about UK pnrty he happened tc think he had heard that the. base ment of the church had sprung n leak and he was trying to tell m about tills and now lie says 1 RO mixed up on what lie was talkin about and as I don't, exactly re ineml>er just \shal he did say. I ar not in position to argue with hin T almast gave him a going-ovc for .staying out so late but he sai lie could not walk out o"n th crowd. He said two of his ol friends whom he hnd not seen fo about a year by tlie name of Ton and Jerry were there and that lie just could not get loose from them. He also said that a Mrs. Griindy was there and I told him ii looked to me like if other men could have their wives there, he could have taken me. "This won't change my appearance any will il, DncV" THIS CURIOUS WORLD 1 BORN IN 1635", HALLEyS COMET WAS VISIBLE, PROPHESIED THAT HE WOULD DIE IN 19IO,- DURING THE COMET'S NEXT APPEARANCE ... A WO HE DID DIE IN 19IO. VX/GST6RN M6ADOM.ARK. HAS TWENTY-SEVEN ' DIFFERENT MELODIES When a Life Is at Stake Strange, how all the attention of on the busy nation can be focused plight of one liny baby! When G-moiiths-old Sue Trammcil of Texas fell ill of a malady that required the most delicate of operations, the whole country held its breath until she had been got to a hospital where that operation could be performed properly. A visiting nobleman gave up the use of his airplane; one of the land's best aviators dropiwd everything to pilot the child on a long and perilous flight; officials of distant cities (lit 1 all they could In expedite matters. And the story of this- spectacular (light, meanwhile, occupied newspaper front pages from coast to uiast, and millions of people waited anxiously to learn how it came out. •Strange, and revealing, the way in which the sympathy of a nation can bu focused on one smnll baby 1 Tlic more 1 saw of Europe, llic inori- 1 thoiiL;!it ot the United Stales. —Posunr.Mcr General Jnmcs Normal Elimination Vital in Guarding Child's Health BV UK. .MOHTUS HbllliKIN ! limes develop (I'.-fense.s ai;ainsl Ftlitur, .diurnal of Ihn Anici-ican adult tjonltol or cri'icism by synip- iMedlral Association, und nl i loins rehile.d lo ihi-ii bowels, ahd HyRCia, tlic Health Muga^ine ! ti-til this l-ypo of con.-.lipalion fte- Onc of your mosl lni|X)rlanl (In- i <,nenlly is conlrol'cd by n coin- lies toward Ihc health of yonrjplcte change of ciivirounienl. dillilrt-n H lo svc that their clii?i-:.-i For older childre; tin- use in th? luc linbils ni-'i rcLiilar. to avoid Idiot (if stewed fruits, especially (•(nistip-.uioii. j r-pplcs and jiviines, ttie lading ot Tin- imsmnl lnf«i|i. lina Ihree or plenly ot water, and a snilable. lour aclions ol Ihc bowel in LMI control of llv: toon pencrally. frc- lioiirs. However, it is not nei-e.,- j qiicnlly \vill relieve constipation. Miry lo hi'livvp Ihal any chilli hnv- It is not well lo fuim a ealhar- \:-.r. fewer actions Is constipated. He °i' laxative liaiii; early in life inmidcd. of course. Ihnt the eiiini-! This is one of the iniiiu cvi'.s ol Icii malerial is normal in ciinr- cuv lives today, ter and consistency. Some i-lul- en have only one and some only vo actions in 2-1 lumrs. und ycl | main well and iinlii wcighl. Mucli clt-ixMids 0:1 wiicllirr lliej lilrt is frd ul Ihe breast nr nrti- MON'lTiGAU <ur>—A naliounl cially. Much dcix?nds also on Iho'ilai; for Canada will bu- advocaled aluri! of Hie. food which he re-1 at Ihe next session of the Cana- elves. l-'inally a great ilcal de-tdian Parliament by C. H. Dickie, i-nds on Hie nature of tile train-1 Conservative M.P. fo:- Nanahno. He 5 given. ! lias given nolice of a resolution ex- j\ child may bo (rained lo con-j pier.sin^ the view that it is time iol his diye.s'.ist' syslein exacllyjtlie eounuy haci au ensign of 'its an adult may I'ani himself to-nun. owl or bad hiihits If >oi;r child 1 Som? years ago. .1 comiuutio: no', trainee! lo have regular, was raised in P-irliaineru and ont- iiovcincnts. consi"u;atiun n-.ay re-'side when a ol olhcial.- itil. • was appointed to i-onsirier a vari- • • • i ety uf Aiiuvjc.Mioiw and de-signs for Children who ai ? (hiljliv in the'a Canadian tin^. U wa snllackeci inslruclion of !hrir hoilie>.'cn :he i:r:>nnrl u-ai ii impiicd a cle- hoss who liave ri.-ke;s and Inil-j-! sire lo .separate from the Empire. alKloir.en'i. tind it (hnicull to:'i'3-.e Union Jack was considered | e.xpel the w.usti- mailer, li ll-.ere j uoaa enough. | .^ an excess of fa; m liic infanrs 1 In la'.rr .ip>si;jns. a liberal meui- '.. the iMi-Ael nifiv re:ir' eillariber has beon a(lvr,L-a:iti^ a Canary exeerdinii slmvne^s of ncUon-(Han fb 1 .;. b:;l -.vilhrv.ii. much en- Mrxtcans Fly Wanes Home CHICAGO (UP)—Mexican pilots new six American made airplanes through Chicago recently enroute rom Buffalo. N. Y., to Mexico City. The planes will be used as train; ships in the aviation branch of ir.e Mesican army. JACK IN-THE-PULPIT iff A A'/£)At4/D£'&/ INSECTS WHICH CRAVM. INSIDE THIS FLOWEf*. ARE NEVER. .AUOWEO TO ESCAPE. walls of the "pulpit" of the jnck-in-lhe-pulpli plain there is a slippery lining. Small msucls crawl into (he opening in search of shelter and loo*, only lo slicY lo Hie very \ottom, never to escape., .and their bodies furnish the plant, wilh nourishment. $40 a Week Clerk Once icenlly thnt his salary of $155,000 OSHKOSH. Wis. (UP) — Carl a year \vas "inadequate," Is rc- Inside Uiemmle.. movie magnate, who testified tn a New York suit re- membered by many friends as a $40 a week clothing store clerk. RiniMD ij£^ Canadian Parliament May Consider Nat'l Flag I TODAT. IMVlll 'llAXMSTEn andcrtukr* to llnil c>»< who killed TRACY lvl.\n. nri-hrMrn leridrr. Bfliml*t*r t* nn timliur nnd iorm*r Bew«- ti.-incr mnn. llr irorkfl on tkB inurilrr rnsr with (5AINEY. >t»r rcin>r:rr on Ibe 1'oxl. Jl l.lliT 1'UAXCr:, blond. prcltj riml kmivrn In hnre flailed Kli • h.iril.r hi'fnrt hi. dcnlh: HERMAN -<Ci;it[.A<;il i\ho ni-ote n Ihrrntrnlnit letter: nprf JOE \lllt- <irf<»r. II I* nl»n kn<mn that }li:i.VI.VA MOr.l.lSTF.R, mil si[;<.<l «t<l<"itrr, had nunrrclrtl Al. l)lii:ii.V.\. rrlrnd ol KlnR'n, l drad r.i a vrm'kcd nulo- rliirf 10 ii't Jnllet entne In hli mint'* himic, n-*t«n«*llily HH n Kurftt r.n ilip thfr>ry that If the plrl he- HIM ex luT^elt tree tKcj- lean r,- : nt her. lir.l.l'l.\A IMH.I.ISTril K fount slir liiril itjth her hrnllirr. !Hnt- ilir\r. KIT tlrnlh Irate* him «ole hrlr td 8l.Vl.tKHI. llniini»UT tHU r.llllint COI.F.- :,IAN lir WUon .Mniclici. ll*lrr klllnl hl» iiUter nnd m.n linn- ktl!r,l Trnrj Klnc. llnnnlili Thought the» •>)•*•: te n chance I it would be d»wn thjre," ho explained. Bannister nodded. tlo sat down and began taking books from tie I hook caso. AB be took them out he sticker!-them In piles on tlie floor. He had finished with two fhelves when suddenly h« Jumped to Ills feet and went to the window. C OLEMAN was beside him. "What is it?" be demanded anil- ou»ly. "Turn the lights oft. will you?' When Ihn room was ill daikness J Bannlstor opened tlie window [cautiously and maklns as little noise as possible- He looked out shook Ills head and then closed It | again. "You can put tho light ou now, he said. "It's not lliere." -'Whal's not there?" . . [1 . "A wimlow box." •• '•"'• "Wbit? 1 "Wbj did you do thatr "Just t» he safer. 1 donl fir* much about carrylnt a loaded gua The lenience was neTer 9*|^hf<. There was a sound tn His cs«t<« corridor. Bolh men hwril It %ri4 !(ar«l *I c»ck »tr>»T. For ai. tn- st»Bt there wu quiet and then tlMT heard the nolle again. Someon* was putting a key In the lock. , There was no time for flighl. no lime for anything except what Ban- nistcr and Coleman did—snap off (bV electric Hgit Bwilch and flallen Iliemselves againtt the wall. They i| lisanl the key turning In the locf and then the dpnr swung opaa: Someone entered Ihc li»ing room. Bannister could hear Coleman'i heavy breathing. There were voice? 11n Ilia living room—low, indistinct. | One ot them was Malthaw Hollh isler's, but the other was unfarr|H- ! iar. Now the men in tha outer room were moving about, Bannia"I thoiisht he niight have hlilden i j cr heard another door open but m ( n ,-l, Ih.lll. npn nt lo coiirsisesncnt. Now liiu light is to b? taken up l)y a C'otijcrvalive. inrt iKiidnr.-vs o( tin- excretion or. in olh?! 1 1 >. liy cxir-cdiir^ isr-ss ol Ihc boui-l r.r.ii by ijicasy- looktiis inatciial. ! MidtJpf "fnw- Onc o! Ihc main c.u.srs nf (liili- " Jla g« , -, Cities amons ciM"ir'.-n is the uk-| Puzzles Vetennanans| i:, r . of a" insuflcK-m amnuiH ol j r j, nNELA . N . Di . :R . wis water. Water is "i:r cf liio ^rr ir Ilicr ran flnil the Nou i^ii nx WITH Tin: STOKV. CHAPTER XI.VII |)AKKi;il COLK.MAN looked llri fro:n tbc open hurean drawer , the gun in FL window box." Bannister told him. "Just »n iilea I got some where. But tlicro Isn't any." "Ltstcn." Coleman objected. "1 don't think wa should stay here much longer. Von can't lell what may happen." Coieinati'a eyes were bright with nervousness. Me lookcil s worried as his Toice sounded. We don't want to be found here,' it oi i most vc-iei-liiarians l-,cr< IWVL- bocn pn?.- •ca«--<ios" rcceni- uiiixirtant siib-s'-iiiKi'.-, for proper rtion of the -;tdv. I! aids in cli- , v p . lrch!ls( , ( | bv ., c , lc . couc:crn rMion and m excretion „; sonic j CX | libLlic|1 '. u l!lc Wo , la - s F;Ur juices months old. oi :i buli- I next year. The creature i • i-.ns It'.e head and t;iij hii;li. aiui u-ei^hs more than .1 good-sizcd !:.-> p;ircnls ^ere a nornul bull and cow. ain'l no pilrlier actor. If a flag-pole viUrv. — :m,u:t child nii]>ing al ll-.i 10 i.. lop the symptmr. 1 . (if in simply becau-ic il i er.o'.igh fc(xl. may ,y <lr- nslipn- it gel- By Williami 'i OUK WAY WELL,YOU'RE NOT TOO SICK TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR SCHOOL THIS IS THE DAY OF EDUCATION ANNOUNCEMENTS In older cliilcinv is inncii ml in ir.!;i;.; el iidrcn ^o to : U'litinn ID the tour! . to difficult llinl i child .i'lvt-lops! J (onstipatlon rathei it?clf lo cei^nre by i;s te..; ,\ers orj . c c!".col rillcnd.inls It also has been :nr:j:..-eri lluil clnlriii'i, sc i -.cli iit-j lliori/ccl to aiiiioiiiifc tl-.r- fo:i(iv.-in; , marie: :!; -' ca;ididatcs (ni j) : ,bhr ollitc. . t 'ih- l-'or . CLINTON L. CALUU'liLL Tor County T*c:isurrr JOE S. DILLAHU.Vl'Y For ti. I,. (BILLY: GA1NK.S 1QOO=Open tor policy in CHiru a-naoanced by Secretary Hay. adepts open, door policy HEROES ARE MADE -NOT 60RM watch. "We've hero li:<il been scarclilns. "There's he rcmlnnnd Pannlster. .....lins here." ho announced "•• I Tll ° olller lookert " hi3 grclftilly. itanitiptrr, on hla IJUCL-S before the clotlics closet, sjjtj, "Try tho l>::tli nioi-i next." U.iiniir.tcr was going through a pile ot pasteboaid boxca. He fin- i,-hcil anil shoved them back Imo ules." he announced. "Thcro'a another SO before there's danger of anyone coining." •'Hut Hollistcr may decide lo come back sooner lhati you Lhinl( he will!" "We'll have to take that chance.' Bannister said, apparently uuns[- flei "Well. ! didn't think we'd limi plaec. gol to his feet and paused, frowning. They had searched Matthew Ilol- lislcr's iKilrooiu high and low but 1 the inn lo liils room anyhow. i.ef« Had found no sign ot a revolver. | go back lo the bedroom." linnnister pulled out Ihe drawer of | "There's that other room we • a table and peered into it. No revolver there. He had knnwn that anyhow. hccau?o he had looked in the table before. Then he went Into the. bail, paused before the door of tho bath room. "There's no place hero where thing coulil be hidden," Cole- mail complained, "except In this cabinet." The di9r -! the meillclna cabinet stood open. On the natrow glass shelves ail assortment of boltles and boxes were arranged, most of them bearing labels M trade, name* p.nd all too small to conceal aoy- ihins as bulky as a revolver. "It's not ihere," Bannister agreed Well, come oa. We've bare- started." They continued the search. Ban- went to the kitchen and started going melhoOlcally through the cupboards and drawers. Every- was In perfect order. ,H< othing had been touchec ihers sluce Molvlna Uolllster last airatigcd her kltchemvare. Bu the revolver was no: to bo found. Coleman put his hea( around [he door and asked. "Uc you we'd hotter stay much longer? Somebody's Ha hie to come—" "I'm not going until 1 find 'that Batiuister told him doggedly. "I'm sura It's here and I'm coins the voices did not seem to go fa'r- ther away. • • • W/HAT happened after that took " place so quickly that Binnlster was never able lo describe It clearly. Me was crouching closely ' against the wall. He reincnihere(j that Coleman'a head was Just tvuely visible In tha darkness. Suddenly there wore footsteps coming towari) the bedroom door. The footstep? paused, nnd then the door was fl'an^ open. There was a cry nnd a rush and the lights came on in a blind- . ing glow, "Here they arc!" Matthew Hoi- lisler exclaimed excitedly. TLicra. were two men beside him, officeri In blue uniforms. , Quo of them sleppet' fsririrrf. "Com? on!" he said hars!:'.r. "What ara you two doing heiel Let's see i that gun!" "We found It here. OUicer." Bannister told him. "Hidden In tiiat. dressing table. It's the gui inat lavcn't looked In," Goldman nlndcd him. 'That's right." Dannlslor opened the door ot j kitM Trac y Ktn s! ' Melvina Jlollistcr's bedroom. For! "What?" n inslant It seemed Ins could slill "It's tho em" that killed ee *.ho bulky outline of the shealct! ! King—or one lust like It. We found Figure, lying on tho smooth white, It right there—" counterpane. But tlie illusion was j lie turned, pointed to Ihe drawer, gone as quickly as It had come. He ; slill pulled out and Its conlfota entered the bedroom, pulled down I rumpled. the winlcw blinds and touched the electric switch. PvNCE more the two set In ^ork. ^ Eannlster pulled ovic Hie lop drawer of the dressing table. There were Deal piles ot feminize garments ihere—chastely white cotlon and linen. None of the lacy, { shaded silk-stuff ha knew cojt wu- nien wore nowadaya. Qarrooon cut after the fashion ot another day. Carefully Bannister li(t«! them searched the drawer and then went on to the nexL H« had reached the las', of th« three drawers', was going ihrouib It carefully and methodically when Coleman heard nn esclauution. Ha turned. "You've found U!" ~ Bannister was oa hla feel and In hlj hand he held 3 dart, iblnlng object. "Yes, I've found i'.! See— It's a 32. 'And the same maV« t the 6'n thit killed Tncy King Matthew Hollister'a face WM renched ot color. "You found- hat— here?" Ha repeated slowly. In Melviua'9 bedroom? You— you mean — 1" The officer jltpped tha sun Inlo ilspor-ket. • 1 AUrlght,"he.sald. "jfj .he gun we've been IqoMns for." !]e whirled and put a hand'oq I'arkef'Cisleman'a arm. '.'You'll ba»^ ^o come w|tb us," he said. ' : Colcman't eyes were Increduloafc 'What do you mean?'' hs d«m»ni?- ed. "Are you crazy? Thii linYpr apartment. Hollister'j the man you want. The gun proves he'» " "Oh, no, It doasn't, Tou're arrest, Parker Coleman: You'll ha?« to come along—" H reo,ulrea \de two [>oHceme»> hold him. Coleinsn tried W«r- ataly to Krencb'hlmself :!ie«- l-« ma go!" he .cream^- "J ^aven It 'is th« lh»l Vlllel him! lol-l you we'd h id it here, didn't I! | |[ s i er i go! done anythtni 1 Why doa t you ar. rest HoWfierT B&nnlster, tnikt laem let ra» to! T«U lu«m It s Hoi- 10 mliintei passed. Ban-11 told you Ho.'.- lor was snllly!" ;ter ilnlslu-d with the kltcheu and ' There was trliimiin. eititemaat tn his back on 1U He found I Qannister'e voice, lit cpentd thi ... In the livliis room. He h>d I revolver, looked Into the cjlln^jr'E. the heavy writing desk (roia "Ther° '-3t four bullelE left." b» Ibt wall and nas looking | said. With • Qttlck Botemmt h« • emptied i^em from ibt S'jo. I But th, other had «tepp«a back, "I'm lorry," K» rtl«- :* 0 , u " hlT » lo ( o along with the-. Th«« tsnt anything 'I c.» «? You ml tTo B« yfl«

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