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The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio • 9

Zanesville, Ohio
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

i fiDAY. JUNE 5. 1917. TITE TRIES RECORDER. ZANES VILLI? THOUSANDS WHO READ THIS PAGE TODAY WOULD READ YOUR WANT AD IF IT WERE HE, uit iu 1-lJtla) A.NU ArAUIllbMll I Al TOMOHII.r AMI AIX'ltSSOlUK) (Continued from preceding oolumni lhlhlJ HJK ItUl (Continued from columa lltSLNtJiS I'LACIJt roil fUJUT -Moslem ator room now '-cubld hy Htrr Piano o.

Bi 1H. TIMES RECORDER'S DIRECTORv- furnlalied lomiis. gos furniehed. ue MARIETTA ST, nil (-room houa of hath Hell phun or In.juirwl Water en. I gas In ho.jae.

peon prurnlftra I pereil. Hvll plion AVE I.lsht iry ftv- MAHKKT K. llti Tlsln" lroom rootna nth In Myeta mai tnient houa Willi kltihen. at thiee toon, a faclfi on 1 1 ecn wood I riouhl houae, tent reaaoriahle. Call kitchen rango.

water rrnt t.i.l In- I lirll phot. Kit; after m. outre for pric ami permit. W. Hauler MAYSVU.I.U AVE.

haetent. hot water heat, (a snl lectelclty. 1'naaeaafon July 1 quire Mis. Fliideisa, It N. 7th Bt, stans.

In. up. STORE ROOM Finest vacant store roorn on Main street; on corner with new front; strictly modern. Inquire W. A.

Ixiri-nier, Main and Fifth Sts. Koth phones. lil-fch. Ui4 AU OFUCf-al PKTrpLlTiTKAVTNTlB" Hank Bid-Fo rent, dealrahle aulte of offli rooms 'tl. all moder convenience.

MIM.IJJ.AKM)l Kill HKXT BARN Suitable for ol. Ilea, on pnva.l Call at 117 North Slith Ht ilKDOEWOon AVr. 12tU feet tu good condition, Fient reaaon-sbl Jo arty Hell phon 4Ta IKK hhJ4 IUK BA1J1 DCV. 'AN FALLS -The realdene, of tha 1st I' leaiia (ll on or address A. Dillay.

executor. jMincan rn io I IHU'SE AND iT on monthly psymentjO. It Flahar, Tmiaa licurdr Hid. 11FDE0 ADVERTS! Standardised and lndx4 Vat Quick hitvtUM Aooordlnar to TB BXrSIL BM1TU TBTEal Copyright.) CLASSIFIED RATES WORD RATBi iNe) ad aooeptd tor I tha II MOU. states IWM4 OB muiuun Biuubw of at word.

Qua Tim -J Three Time Seven Time Ou iluum LINE RAT HI btMl 00 I word to th line, laiuituuiu of ft Use or It oanta. Ono Tlmo a HM Ihm Tlmo a HD Svn Time 140 a Uoo Go Monia a PHON8 TOUR WANT AM TO BeU 17 Auto 2317 LOST AND FOUND Su7EUUA.S.SfcS In case, )ot on Hlck-ory SC. Thursday tvening. Kinder call Auto Sand receive reward. In Fowler "Marietta St.

-Jrrocoiy Saturday uight. Ketura lo owler'a stores I LTJlALt: llhXl' WANTfuil BOOKKEEPER. Jeily. flret claee; one wlUi tailoring Btor experience but thla not abuolutely eseiitlaL Excellent poaltlon, requiring honesty and best oharacter. Hood "alaryto competent person.

Address. The XXtn etiturv Tailors No. 104 S. Main Bt, Akron, o. CHA1IHKH at tha Clarendon hotel Apply at once.

took, expMncncad. at county Infirmary at on'. OIRIs (ten) to operate power sewlna; miifhlTiHs. Kieadv atnnloyment. K- pericm prefirred hut not neceaeary Aooly In nirwn.

The Hedge-lAidman 2 N. Srd St. hOUSEWOKK; Klrl wanted. Mini be at peri on fed anil No waahlns or Ironing- ell Hell phone 117, Aula SISfi. SiaifT TOOK' wanted at Munhattan restaurant.

iffeX Oi IRA i'i'K it. aTobd with In wholral arncery line pre arred. Tin W. VV. liariier Co.

ItTT'ENT NVRSKS wanted. New B-thaeda hospital. offer a three-venr iMiure in tralnina: to youne; women tntreatd In nuialna; profession. For neoesaary qualification write the superintendent, rOMAN. mlddlf SK'd.

to sew ssrhs on Orooe hams and Lacon. Apply In person to New Zaneavllla Provision Ca, th rft MALE HKLP WANTED ARMT OF UNITED STATES! Bos wanted. Able-bodlod unmarried man under ape of 40; ottlsens of United Stales of good character and temperate hablta, who can apeak th Lng-llah language. For Information, apply to ReciuitlngT Officer, 611 Main Bt, Kanesvlll. O.

BOT to learn ahoa buslnesa Apply Oeiat Shoe Btore. CaRPENTEU wUhperlenc. around coal; on capabl of renalrlng and building mln cars; wage 41Ta VCLCANIZE your own tires; save money, full partlouler fr. Super-lor Vulcanlser 1-J Fulton Ava, Korheatai, T. 0-HoRSE "Power PpaiSttar.

Prlr 1 riant- Sse the Sharp-Crawmer nrui ruin pi and r. oil th flouts Tlr in a. jia a nnnrul Market house miltllU Ul AM) HIOt LIJ HAuCtif-l A 1 1 si.N -Pil. elei trlcally nulppd A-l ahspa HiLiKain for quick sal. M.

tirum-iuanL Sit N. Ml. St. INMAN SIOTOltCYCLK, stnal H. In good condition, for aala at bar-liV.

L'sd bicycle with coaslar brakes Ail kinds repair work. WMklTH, 435 lindtn O. WANTED TO LEASE a coal trsct to mind sa a won mine Stat kind of coal how far from railroad, about how lonir It will tak to pn up mln. I'laa klv full partlculara. 1 Pol I 'ayton.

account of sickness which forces me to loftve Zanesvillo AT ONCE, I will sacrifice my Restaurant, Confectionary and Tool room, for any reasonable offer, which averages $10 a week clear profit the year round. nmi lnnlf if. over nnd in-' of anvone. then make me an offer. I his is a snap, lie (Hiick.

A. II. Haesler, 827 Marietta St. l'lCIUSONAIeS MIINK 11 A HIT My new dlacovery atop men drinking with doaea only, il.v.-n In any liquid. Safe laecret).

a. ue. r.i.Kiiue by mall. 11 do. Lr.

1 urnsworth. 1'etrolt, 212 I'eter-boro. I.AHIKH, our enfe and rellahl compound la what you need. Prlc 13 prepaid Marvcl-ol Specialty lleed, I'a HDHMJi AND VKIIICI.K8 rubber tlrd. excellent condition.

Call Auto trural) 4U5. 11. Woorehead lldUSlCS -Sorrel hors. weighing 1200; brown borne, I CIoO; on surrey; aet double and five sets single harness, A. I'oyle a livery Hoth phonta.

tUNIES, 1 head, conalatlng of on Inch, onti tn, on i. two t. on 4i, one 11 o'-mu jpiiiniiii mini two jear-olda line elx-yaar-old mar In foal, weigh l.Si.O. thre driving horses, on aet double pony harneaa, two nets lngl pony harneaa, one pony buxgy and two carts. C.

Oll-loiily. 71 W. Main HC Auto phun. 4104 i.A., 1 iFrill Vf-t A Nfl SVZTlTI ve V. irm r.rni and m1 40 head of mul.

for work, or any neigtu oturw. 1 Hurt Muln Co Roth phones. hTAl.MO.NS t'OK MKVKK I'RAFT STALLION, liuae will make season at c. veiir nam beautiful dark groy proven remark-' tl2 tn Ilunillnv J.

Ro'fz'a. Keeper. HAITT DILLON (51020) will In th stud Ht the Muskingum county fair grounds to July 1. 191.. s.

J. Arlman, owner. NORMAN atnillon 'Prince." beautiful iiiav. 6 bai.ila. weight 1600.

aired by Kniitht 1 a a s6 from Imported nock. th celebrated lruk of Heiitangy. Has wonderful action and speed of a driving I. red horae. Mill make season of 117 at L.

Ulllogly'a stubie. liant Park. VKIU'D I1AI." weight 1200 Iba, all old. liny pacing stallion, can be eit eu day after i p. m.

at owner's ti.irn In Crooksvllie, 110 to lusur standing roiu riram ana peoigiee Interested. (Jrovar s'-nt to those Intere.l.d. TO FARMERS: Th celebrated 6-yuai-olil Imported Percheron stal lion. Kaiuoutea, numtier i9v23ii i'MV3. will make the 1917 season at the Muskingum county fair grounds.

liini Ift-foie breeding. k'vm Ir.Mire standing colt. Th Zaneavlll Ilotse i'o John Hnwdum keeper. I'ofiyrnY. dogs anu i-ets HostoN'-Hull Dog (female) forsaie" House broke anil fine wntrh dog.

Apply Army Recruiting Station, 611 Main St. "III 'K EN'S, two to alx week! old, cheap If sold soon Orvlll Tay-j lor, Arlington Ave, near raxeyshurg Rd. Auto phone 476u. 1.1 Vl; KTOC'K AND I'HODtCE i LI. ALVI.S.

three Red Polls, on old enough for service. Ind. phon 27, lirntlot Eichang E. M. Krofl, Ml lerrv --i -i-v- -v 1 onreei; rresn.

wun cgives It. aide lnqutie Frank Denny, Norwich. Oh In NOTICE TO FARMERS We are paying $15.00 per cwt. for good fat hoKs delivered to our plant. The New Zanesville Provision Co.

NOTICE TO "FA RMERS We are paying nca id. ior aressea hogs. Deacon, Main and Third Cfa ORDINANCE NO. 1842 I -la, .1 loom t2. CIS Main UlNbKN and Commissioner Flvs rooms snd Lath; all modern convenl- ncea.

lot). lire o.ii.h. Young Rroa Milling Co, Comnitsaioner tit MAIN 101'i -Klv rooms, new hull.lliifc' iii. liiith nm.lern tm-tro en.un a lii'iuirH Scn. rviMi Mrua at Mia llmli phonea MAIN ST.

ollgax II. II. In. second rtoor four-room flat, good open on three aklea, str lent Ill month In advance I injur v. Hunter A ha, room MS, S13 Muln SL MAIN BT.

W' Flat, five rooms snd bath In itaeahurt ltldK- l'oaaeaaion June 16 I'ali liaaehart'a nrug Stors. MARKET 6 Apartment In Ths i lac. six rooms ana hath. Thorough-ly modern. Inquire Mrs.

C. C. Kuapp, 110 dlh St. Uell 144. BOCTll BT." 606 4-room fiat and bath on th fust flour.

Call Uell pbone llll. 4TH ST. 41 8 (Adena four!) Kour room apartment with modern conv Call Hell 24B. 6TH 8. (Montana Apt Hit ronma and ath; hardwood floora.

rlilna cloaet. hot wster heat, eletirlo and gaa lights, range, locker, laundry. Call jieii intn lout. 7TH ST, 114 8. Four or all-room apartniAnt wttli uae of l.ath Four upstair rooms unfui nlahed Apply at prmiea 8TII ST.

Five-room flat, New Monticello. Modern conveni cm. n.e Jt in pity. Newly refinisht' V. A.

lxiri- mer, Main and phones. 5th. Roth STH MAIN Th rooms and bath. 3'H'i. Wayne) --Four Call Hell phon and Harvey Sts iltavnrla Apt I liround floor flat of r.ina with bath.

Water rent paid l'i I. 14 In advance. A. Loeti, Hell Auto JI120. FLAT for rent, "third floor Bunkl building.

6 rooma. bath. ki, water rent paid, not water rnrtitHii(i, rent IliiO llell 1796. Li. A.

.111011. is. fourth. THE COLONIAU I'utnam Ave. flret block from bridge modett.

muhjih apartment. Inquire Mra i h.trlea A potwlli. Th ''oloniHl, Hell plume Hit. tlOL'MJti Hill HI.N 1 Hril.KNAP 620 Seven house, large lawn, fruit and si. a.

in tret. large barn, on tar line, inquire Hell phon 16s4. BLI'E'AVE. Cnttag of 4 rooma. front veranda and back porch fur light and beat.

It. A. I.anclei, ark SI. Auto phone 43; CENTRAL 140 Hrlck house" of four rooms Inquir Albert Adam Storage and Transfer Ninth Bt Rail 6H24. FTN'i'LEV AVE 7.

room house, hall, bath, furnace, gas for light and heal two large verandas. Fine location Rent reusoiiabl. Call Hell plion FOCNTAIN 711 -Four rooma, gas light and heat, bath Kent reH. sonal.le. Inquire Margaret i ln.g.

son, rear 33 (ireenwood Hell J2IH, OALIUHER IJ South aide of do.ll.lo house, six loom wllh l.alli dMS for beat and light. Rent 16 In a. lvalue. possession at once. Inquire 124 Oallgber St IIAMLINE modern residence, fully equipped bath loom All strictly clean and mmttnry Free water and screens.

tin Neo John Hunter. iiKent. Iiell I1MI.1NE AVE Five-room modern roaldence Fully equipped bath room Ail strictly clean snd sanilnry. Free ater and Rent John Hunter, agent, iiell riA.V1l.lNE AVE. Six -room modern residence.

Fully equipped I. nth Ali etrlctly i lean and sanitary. Free at.r and screens Rent Jis. agent. joss HnWARD HT Three rooms on north side of street In west sid.i i.r do.

frame houae, gas In house Call Hell Ki47 after 7 3d p. m. HOWARD ST. Six room brick house, line attic, good cellar, lias for light and heal, water in House, will paper to suit. Apply 729 orchard Hell I i sari KEEN 121 -Six-room Louse, rawly finished moi papered, k.ib or roal, rlty Js per month i hdvaric-II C.

Miller, 209 St. Auto phone 4KM KELLY ST ,71 lloiihe of five room Inquire Albert Adains Storage and Ninth St. llell 40us Jtulu bii LINDEN 960- Hons of room. Inquire Alueit Adams and Transfer Ninth St. lieil tutu, Auto 6S24; M'lNTIRE 2 3 -Seven-room modern newly built house, roHsension ,,,01,11, 1 all 1 ST.

614 five-mom brick houae; ga for Rant and hent. In- 763 St HH phone D04 RESOLUTION NO. 182S Granite from Hlrfti to lMn coin STlt, therein a sanitary snver. i II It resolvsd hv the o.urrll of lhP City of Zanesv Ills, Hue. of oiln, three- concurring: (Htreei to Lincoln Str--t.

i'i tn follow. Ing manner: Hy cm: tiiTeln sanitary pewer of hcwim p'pe riec. i- mat the Hprir.hTiorf, eetlmatea and profnea or tr.e jioeed Improvement. i -ned by owing im snd inos to an and lands bounding at.d souttlns; I uwn i uniyuew i i o.e nun. i ii ll Si I A A At 1 II 11 i I (Continued from DrcdiQK- column.

I fTlt ST 47 N. Nice furnlhed room, half square from Main, use of bath andphune TH and South Bis. Furnished rooms fur sleeping and light housekeeping I In th Nli. Autu phon 747u. I 6TH 8 Bulto of furnished irata "ri.

of" Lath' aiiS Dhou. V' ot tin "a light houatkectnir ter week ua of batiiprmivitiit tenants desired tTH ST, llfsVTwb nicely "furnished parlors oa first floor, for llht Just -ucant, huntand and wlf preferred. I'se ofbath. TU 117" Room for slaaplni purpos. On or two gntlemn ofbath.

SblTtrf SIXTH NiciTy fur-nlahsd room, cantrally located. 8ult-abl for two i 'hvI1k of batb and photi. Iiell phou 1761. TH S. 114 -l'lasant furnlehed front room.

Rath, lo.eplione. central looatlon tTH 8. itS Two "front room's fuf-nlshud fur llicht houtikrpln. Una snd elaetrlo lights, bath, hut and cold water. Man snd wif preferred.

Uust com recommended. Nicely ftirhtahad room In strictly modern spartrueiit. iu-quire Mr. Pindelas, Id N. 7th St 'if, 43 Two" urnlNhid room for ItKht honaekeeplng.

l' of phon and hath. Bull phon 21B2. ftlfstriF fumlhdfront room with all modern oorivanlenre. Rent rsaaonubla rrmancnt occupant desired. Apply S7 8.

"th Bt 7TH 161 Suit of room downstairs Hultabla for llKht houaekerp-Iiik. PrlvlleK of bath snd phon. Iiell phon 1445. KURNlSillSD RCHiM for rent In moil dealrubl part of Terrace. Call Roll phon 2992.

ROOM Modern, onf errc, fnr" Indy. Rent reanonatile. lloll J-'fifi RKNT WloepTiiK room. furnUheil. In Richards Main bet th ami 7th Ma.

II. J. Richards, Hell phone 1 6 5 a MLSICAIi INMIU-MUNTS TeTT THK put rio i e.nifr euKire'ted by th aoldli-r hoys TnarchlnK down Rroudway. Hy 120 postpaid. Munson, Ird snd M.i!n 7.unea211e.

PIANO, Muet sell. Mahogany case. Terms If de-Hlred. J. i'erter.

cr Inn lintel In.iuire I km Clar.i Lane. Ui'll phono VllH. MlhCKLUA.NKUl'S Foil SA1.K HKAN8 nod fOIIN for seed, fin qual llv. good quantilv snd right p. Ice.

Ainu delivery to any part of city. Th Henalo Co, 617 I'utnam Av. Hoth phouea. hKRIJl.NU-Pl"ANTS--Estrii fine geral nlums, tranhplanled wgctabl plants. and planta for porch an.l ceint'iory vaaea. plant grois. Mci'aalln, Mclntlr Ave. Hoth fchonea. CABHAUE ANI TOMATO PLANTS and all kind of bedding flower plants. J.

T. (ioodllve. opp. entrance to (iraen-wood i'emetery. ur.naltaie, iiiieav in cny ireen cut

bedding plant, and vegetable Zr. witkln. Ohio St Both nhones. KUKKEK KUUMISli gniaran-1 teed for 12 years. Shipped any-' where.

One-ply S1.51), two-plj $1.75, three-ply $2. J. T. Gra wViorn flno-nlw SI Fll t.l w.vv.. v.

v.tu-i. ham, 46 S. Gth Zancsville. 4T1I Jiri.f goods, flags, rubber "stamps.; addon o.

,19 N. r.ih Ht. laua, printing. Mo- ANTED TO BUt will 30n am I'ev rsi. sell caeh and give double Oold Ilond Stamps.

O. I. l'attoi swii, lll.lKe Ave. HAOS--Clean calico, muslin or other cotton rsg cotitslnlng no litu. 4c per pound dolivcrcd to Times lU cm Jffl OLD' KAISe'" "TEETH wanted Don't matter If broken.

1'ay uu to II on HKla ami i.arli.1 i.i..ii. II1S.IH aioi plate proportion" send I by parcel1' snd receive check by return mall. I Maxer. 2u07 So. 6th Philadelphia TO IMJRC1IASK TRACTS of" "standing timber.

Address Win. Snider Co SonieretO. WANTED TEETH, "don't matter If broken. 1 will pay to 11a per full act; stlltrU alol partial plutca In proportion. Send by pat-eel post una receno i-nnin oy rerurn mall, ft Terl 403 N.

Wolfe Sf Halt'mor. uOOD H'll'SEHOLD FI RNITCRE. of all soft for sale Sideboards, t.iblea. clislrs stoves, thlnira you need for your summer campltiK outfit. Ernest N'orrlg.

117 W. Muln, auto 7396. JSTOttEANI Orl'ICK FIXTC'KKS (doublet, double hinge for front of store room. Conie see them nd make offer Inde-pendept r. md Store.

7, Mnlri. TVPMVKITKIvS GREATEST RARtl A 1N8 "EVER OK-FERED Rebuilt Remington, Monarch ar.d Smith visible, to iU' Terms 11' denlred. REMINiiTo.N TYPEWRITER CO. Room 2C-1, peoples Itsnk Hldg llell 1 031 CFMETEUY WOIUi CEMENT VAULTS The reinforced cement vault that wa build I permanent. abslutely waterproof end always the cheapest arid mosi." satisfactory.

about them. Luclan F'. Black. Linden Ave. Hell phone 1839.

WHIT WORTH MONUMENT CO Opposite entrance tlreenwood t'enieterT bVbl A SOVS CKM1CN 18 A VVel 1 eai sTnn hS good aervlce at Imperial Kealau, ant, Imperial theater. HANI le I e'f "Ps 1 Rea cri. nooi iviotn snd tropical to measur at $9 up A lien Horn, Orcnnrd snd Pudcrwood PKOF I A ANNO 1 (1 I TS m. it Shaprrb. the 'leading optometrist.

I located at the cor-ner of 3rd and Main Sts over Luhy's. BEKVIC1, NCI 3IK.NV8 LAWN MOWERS Sharpened narp, Tom Lindaay, bt North sixth htrtft LAWN MOWERS sharpTne'd; makes them good as new, factory process. Ox-Act welding. All isetals. Delivery service, L.

B. Slocomb, 1851 l.ln-den. Hell 30o5. Luby, the Tailor for Oood Clothes LAWN MOWERS Sharpened and repaired. Clark Sturts, 83 South Firth st AND ACCESS.

llll ACTO'TIRE'RARaAIN'S $1x4 Non-akld Flreatona nt $22 5 S4x4V, 11 1), (londrlch Cot.l at is 95 H. Flsk plain at $2V 70 8I.X4 4 B. Federal Non-skid ut 00 Sx4' 3. Nohhy L'. at $..0.00 THE WEI'tiE UARAiiK Eo-TOC ENDERSTAND our If not, come In and we will explain It to you Don't wait too long Buckey Tile Kepalr Co, 17 Mala BeU 21 It, Auto 8525, FORD cur, five-pasieiijteV," first elaas condition.

Also runabout body with mohair top, and wind shield. Call Auto jihone KRIT CAR, In good condition; owner leaving city, will anli cheap. Can be seen at the Wcdga Uaraga. CSED CARS flood bargains In used car See them st the Auto Inn, 155 tBouh Sixth Frl ta Why not esll a Times Fecorder Want Ad-takr by ttlephona? It la tha quick way. I i i I I I I III In per by feet In in a at a lng.

ber your Vault Cleaning: For sail I. i jtn i'rompt rv Ic and a He. I phon 764. ll HI Hn4, watch an4 do. ij4jw rant, good wuia.

il.ri anil lis. K. H. CALLANDER i.Tr.HIN AM Office snd no.p.ii. Uri S.

Itk Ih. alia, t.on given to dogs, LKAR.V TO DANCE Dancing Tuesday n1sj In of i tm and Market Bt. Ail tr, t.tught. LTi I0LSTERING rMnst work, refirlshlnsr Fnrrittni' wrapped sr.d mi- I on short natle Flaher inrli 'u. 124 W.

Main. Ril 111 Auto 611 T. Surveys lllue I'rinU Farm srd survey, ma pa, bin nrlnta hv electricity, da or niahC J. HARDWARE. WINDOW GLASS.PAINT AND VARNISH Ro i per inl RtlhOHMS) roofing roil on taberna re.

a-rpen w're doo-a window. Covert a VV I 11.11 1744. Gold Bond Hread Aak your Ororer for oold Bond ltrA. pie. Cakaa Itolla.

etc. frh dally of your grixer. Irorn T. 11 i.ilevai Bag ty. i'utnam Av gtl' RELIEF Crj liFor Dyapepai.

Kwur Utomaek. II Bloating. Ouatrltl. Ilaarthurn. rrtb Irregular Action of th heart.

Hit JA KMON'rl DPlkJIT. 1VE AND I'uWbn'HS. At your Druggist or by u.all Is and 1160. I JACKSON lfF.DfrlNK CO, fl U3 Ohio TZi TAXICAR SERVICE Cll lb Zinaavlile 'lull Hall phon 177 Auto I7T TAXICAR SF, ft VICE DAY "ii I.MMKI'.T Bltf II. i .31 1 U.or Hindi' Let WTLIE M.

NOLAN eharpen yoof raaor blades any in. quick. guaranteed l.atier than new btadae. A gnowa Opera lilock, Aorta Ht. i nd Tranfer ouai.old gooda, nierohandlc n41 machinery siuieu,, ta.

Oooda packed ar.d ahlppe.l 1'lanoa mor. sod stureu. aoanis niorag aj i ran. fr Co. 9th St.

Ileil 4uoa, Aulo Salt, Undertaker und Embalmer rVSHUAL. DlltUCTOK V. M. littteman a Fifth M. Both Pboa Pipe, Stock and Dies Also baioer cftalr, drarting ward, rot.e.

iron axle, dleaaar. cuog atov, ii kind lutiiUul. ofiiu labia, bailta Houa. Ol aialo ol.

Bail 114, Autu 6466. dCncan faxls bus Auto lave iiaird lrug Store gni 9 a. 3 ai.u 6 p. ounoay, I a. a snd 4 m.

KiMRLE TAXI Bell 103 Auto. 8277 Cloaeu Cara ll-Jluur Barrio. V'indow Cleaning luuuw c.eaiiin eon. tract 101 an sinu of ciriuiing; floor acr.iuou, uuit-va Waal. Vry lowtaL aaliiuaie giveu g( Maiu bu bed 4tt Auto 3ta.

uneral Directors Hearing l. r.Uei t-a-i. 6th fit Uotn yttvumm. Mulor siinbunnc. tervl M.

O. CuUiouu, (jen'i Agent for tr. idiUiaiiil ikluluavi tiln imutmac owutUi.ra iiiUi-, N. tin ai.ev.:.t, ii'nl i'tuuii in'jit. Hi dtj.i-oj 1'-- Mapi A.

in il i i.uii ITCMI URARV LOCATION) COR. THIRD NORTH FOR SALE. 2i H'jRtiE POWEH Mm. i.n uooD CITY HAY GRAIN CO. HELL llul ALTO I7I Used cars advertised almost daily in our big want-ad.

pajre. I iiuunii TO THE KIDNEYS Take a tablespoonfol of3alta if Back harU or Bladder bothers -Kiat foniu urio acid. We ate a n.ition of meat e.ibr and our blood 13 filled with uric acid, sayi rb. v.a., ti 4 constantly on jruarri acrainst kklney trouble. The kidnera cjrj their utmcat to frea the blood of this Irritating, tcid, but become weak from the crverworki they pet aJutreiih; the eiimir.utive tiouea clog and thu tho wast is retained la th Dioorj a rronvm u.e entir When your kiiiney and feel lilti lumfT) of lead, and you hare stinging puins in the back or th urine it cloudy, full of sediment, or tho blaifcr ii irrl- table, oliiisriDg you to Mek reiief during tne wuen you nave aevere neat chra, nen om and dirty slecpleaa-ne.

acid or rhetmutism in bad weather, pt from your pharmacist about four otme of 'janl Salts; tak tablufpoonful in a (rla ot water before hreaJifaAt each ruornini? and in a few days your Itidr.eyi will act line. Tlii famous salts is made from th acid ol prapea and lemon jtiire, combined with lithin, and has used generational to flush and stimulato clc-l kkuiT, to neutralize the acids in urine so It i no longer a sotirc of irritation, thug ending urinary snd hia.i disordara. Jad Salts and cannot Injure; makes a delightful eircrvescml Uthia-waWr drink, and nobody can make mistake by taking a little occasionally jt keep th kidney a clean and active A i no Arthur St. Flve-room house and ator room, will rent leparat or together. Hood garden spot Call Hell phon lia.

Aulo 5 MOXAHALA and ifarrlson" New ftv. loom houae, bath, gaa. hot and cold water, cement cellar, laundry and coal loom Inquire 1 le a i ireenhouae, tfreenwood, botii pnonea Ni'liVAL PARK Foiir-ruom bona. In. quire 1..

It Lludamood, Norvsl Park. t'HIO 112 Seven room house r-ceptlon hall, bath, lctrlo light and sat. Kumar and laundry in baa-iii t. I mouth, water rent paid. Call Aulo phon 4107.

i'Altlv ST 224 Flvroom houa-fn good repair, nice gaiden tract, gaa and water In houae, reaaonabl rent, w.iier rent paid T. llarneil. 14.1 Maple Av Hoth phonea. PEAR 123 -Half of double houa, 4 tooma and garden. Inquir st 111 Kldge Av.

PEARL ST Six rooma; moderncon-v enltilu ea, cloa to cr llll, cement sidewalks, no water rent; 10 a month Above high water 1911. Talley, Hell Pl'TNAM AVE, 6TFour rooms snd bath on Hi second flour. Csll Aulo Ill DUE AVE 1 houa. good bath, veranda and porch, i'oa-etteatoii at once. lnquli 2S Itldg Ave.

Iiell 2264. ItllMiE AVE, and W. Main Four-room cottMga, hall ud porch. Inquir at Ridge Av. MIIKI.HY ST 719 -Eight-room" houa well water, good barn, fruit, garden spot, tin per month.

Call futo phone Z'J'Ji or at Dover a uroeerv. Shelhv Hi S1I.I.IMAN BT. 63 Four-room noua Willi and water, 111) per month In advance inquir of Mra Char le rye, us (ireenaood Av Hell plion 4 2 4 SPRINti 'aiid MONROlil STS. Four-room houa. IH per month.

Karl si ui hejl'allur. ELLER PLACE room modern liuuau, with bath, gaa, eleclrlclly and furnace. Will rent, li on ay terms, or trad fur farm property. C. U.

Shryock, 17 N. 4th Bt. 4T11 ST. 317 N. Six-room dwelling vvuli porcli.

Ga snd walr In houa Water rout paid. Itiquu g24 Putnam A Hell phon 2442. 4Tli hi Flv room and bath (up-tulrs. Suitable for rooming or boarding buua. lnquli Baiu 6'llllcil, (S7 Mai ket bt 6TII N.

147 Vj- Four rooms wstsr. gu and Paiitrjr. all Uell phon 764. 7TH N. Tiirie-rooui house, "rent cheap.

Apply to Ueorg II. Playford. auu llamiin Av. Hell phon1607. 1' I ROOM HOI SE for rent on Fernanda street, Wtr lent paid.

Rent a iiioiith. U. A. Elliott, 4j North l-ourth St lVL-KOtiM house with "water and gas at. 116 Prospect six rooms with bath and ga at 602 t'ndsrwood St h.

room with gaa at 720 Elm St. Inquire sig Fraillcli. 619 Main St. Uell j.hone 2213. IRiCSE of flv room.

Appsy George II. Piayfurd. 600 Hamllne Ae.Bell 1607. MY Hoi SE. 42H South St.

toppoalt post of flee evn rooms, bsth, good lepalr, ga for bst and light. Rent. I2u In advance. Poaaeaalon Jun 1. F.

M. Hook, Hell phone ill and 2163. TWO-STORY," sl-room frsma dwll-tng, water snd gss In house, good cellar snd garden; clo to car llii. II Timnehlll, Hall phon jM. NKY YfillK.

Jun 4 In view of lh rr Iriipendlrig ncerta I nl lea mid tomorrow's r.otiday. whirl, caused a sharp i 1 1 1 1 of operations. It was the Kci.Mial opinion that stock rti.tiUet gavn a fairly good of Itself The Russian sITuallon ar.d last Snt. in.l:.i 111. ia oral, le bank statement among tho other restraining In- fiii'-nce Ruble hovered around their lour Der cent Tl.eie wea further modersts liquids- i Mori of rail at the outset, various set.

ssues fulling one to about Ones I 'rout merit inn uat rn in tien as much unrl later, u1ttr th- hut L.i'i I .1 fi-J penril, frah i.t from tin nhrupT hrta 'n fii i pi n. fi his ri -ri I on of If Meitiiiitlh Mi-Orio ion 'inT 1 1 preferred dl virjenrla n' Urn-. the l.alaiH cf thp Ion prirwa 'ii --J hr1! fi'ii hiKh i of th flioon, t'Ai -pt In fw l.r inl u( rlH Iff ml et 1 I i-fnhrt 1 1 i- i i steel new uto-K wjiji nieii'- Ofortiei) nt a lviiiirfi i.f fotjf t(j ISs'-t ttrifl ItaUlwjfi linjinu-t i iiH uii UH'ially art! (in ex -IM-iriM vHin of 'l fiolntfi lo I j.ifMl States IStftel at one time yleM-el IS j'O I but rlia-i fr unrlf-r lant uek'a final quofatton I -f -iitiw. ptrcngth wan fimphiyfl hy rut Me i. New Voi Airbrake, Ir; -t er fiat lonal I'per, Ioi ian Motors fiii'l ai.hnldiarlea, notably 'nltcd Rubber.

KHIK T(l( KS (lo.e lit 94i I. Mer Mer pf 10 Am, tu Vi' Int. Nickel 41i, 7 r. aj, Int Tape, 73H Kan ity 22 Ar I.oro in S. A t) Ker.r.e Cop 4' sutr Rf-f.

Lacks. Meei I.eMKh sl (I'm At; A. T. 121 to. UK'.

114 Max, Mot i 'o. 4a 101 Mex Pel Sit, 106i fop 40 1, 64 Mo Pacific 2 71 T. Cent. 'o. 143 A 11 24 4 3 'IN.

A Atohism, 'i i W. I. Ha 1 el l.oeo Steel Ar nl. i'et. 22 No.

Paelfie ana Pacl flc 6t- i Pennsylvania r.t Leath Prs Steel AO oi, Rnv on. St P. 73 Reading I P. 4)A Rep 1 4 t'hlno 'op So Pselflc Co, I 3 So Ry or I'i od 3 1 'j St tide Co. Steel 7'0- Teas t'o JOS '2 219', 1 1 1 an at R.

'i Erie S. 43 L'n Pacific II' pfd I In Al I 2, 24 C. Rub Eiee 162 Steel 14 104 ti' I' Steel pfd II 'ioo'irli'h 'o 52S I. 'ah ('op 113 ot. run 1 1 wanasri pru 1.

ore Ctfa 34 vVesi l.nlnn.. 1.2 lit. cent K.2 Westlnghouss Iia. cop, I.3IA 'Columbia itK II i Int liar. N.J.

Ill Htsel I. M'r. i'!) Sinclair Ki tMi pitnnrt KI.AVIi, Jun 4. Butter Lower, tuha at 40c i.eomargaruie --Nut margsrlns If.c: mado of animal oil, high grade i-iu.

ric,'-ral olor, nw grade, t'iK. h'gh grade 27c, low grade I2c; pastiy 2o bake, ail 2rMc; solid basl. Cheese whole tnilk fancy twin flats thyiHr, Prick fanrj Jtxr.e, Swiss fancy 02c, blocks llrnhurger Eggs Fresh firsts 3o; secordi 32e Pou.try LUe chlekem 23924jc, rooster 16c; spring broilers 4Sc. potatoes Carolina cobblers $9 75 a bairel; cobbler in sack 3 3ft'5 13.40 bushel; Florida choir' linLO i 'i ir a uarrei; li i3 2Si)So a ban e.l. nirrnni no iinrnrv estoctk riTTSBCRG.

June 4. Cattle Steady, euppiy so cars Choice $1175 tg; 2 60: prim $119 Sheep- Lower; supplr 10 double deck Prime wethers llOSOJfli; cU iinon lfr37, lambs $8814, vet 1 Sll4 COtninoil eal caives i I 1 3. calves $1 4 50J1 HugsSteady, receipts 40 rlo'ible fleck. Prin heavle 1 85 mediums $1 1 0 'ct 18 heavy yorkei tll'Si 11.15 light vorkers $14 50(lE; 14. ro gti $14 oO'a iti I IIICAI.O I.IU:TO(K CHICAGO, June 4 Hogs Receipts 24 "DO; weak, I to loo under yeaterday average.

Bulk $1 5 60S 16.90; light il4.t6aiD.S0; mixed haavv 1S1I3); rouih $16. 25a 15.40: pigs 10.60314.10. Cattle Reoelpts 19.900; weak, Na-tlv beef caul It-liflLlli atocker TOE I 1 i f' hour, e-hour ay. Apply to jer-son roal Jefferaon County, Tork. O.

(white), capabl, reliable In private family. No cigarette emoajcrs, dudos nor Incompetents need spply. Slate salary expected, experience and reference. Aanress Putnam, carejl'imiia Recorder COAL MINERS (25) at W. II.

Weifer's mines, one-half mil south of South ZsnesviUe. JTARM lHANI. single and experienced. Marshall Hrown, 1 1 mile south of Pleasant Valley, Auto phon 5. "FARM HANI)! experienced.

Call on address Clyde M. Hone, R. F. l. 4, McConnelsville, 0.

"FIREMEN; good Wages; "hours, Ap-i ply Trumbull 1'ublio Service Warren, Ohio. ffOUSK-TO-HOl'SB solicitors for Zanosvlll. $12 week aalary and mission. Address Box 401. car Times Recorder.

LABORERS, ware house and kiln men. B'eady work. Apply In person Ransbottom Ilros. pottery, Roseville. O.

1" MAN to take care of lawn; good pay. BeU phone 4144 or 1721. BfON'EWARE' Jdl.l.YMEN, several competent ones wanted. Good wages. Steady work.

Apply Th Robinson I Clay Product Akron, O. plan without Interest. inquir Room 7, tiper Hlofk. 0WNF.R SAYS SELL fomn ffitiim, hdth gaa, hot mmr ra t. KiriiHD with tvot irnn lonn $JJu" Km it quicH anil what you mf willing; to ii for It I.nctttlon 1M Kormt A K-y af Mr.

Wl-lor'a, next tlnor. I R1 HulSEh on easy terms Be I M.rn.ok 17 4th St TV El .1 1: II DRIVE Molarn i-ronm ho ne sm a tent or will trad for ot lw yr -pc i Hrown. Ty, LOTS Olt SAI hKiV A Jhm I-v-l bulMlng; I lot, in L't I oii jiia from A I r. ui rrt VV llllftriiB Hi r'ifv, 1 Mil Kt I rl-JioliN AVM. Thrt hill (on hill.

cmii lm tinl t'H tax vslunHoh A'l'lrona II Aiii'l'. TIL. K. lath .1 l'arn t. I el i 600 i'Hul' lota In dlfffirent purtH of Ui iily for Prtt ut i ao Ii i prii Hint I'll rtHy tiionihly payrnanta.

fine ti if i in riK of buying a lot. Th li ti lr ISr-H 4 o. I'ltol'l HI 1(111 hAI.K i a-. i .6 At llt.S of miles from city. two veins No oi.en d'i feet from A tiark (an oVioL" per ton A forton a mall Investment.

A Fulkeraon. 1 A Auto nnw 3 ii I'AIUlv A.NU fr AHM I.A.N US i ri a ii farm" foT sa i room houee. running water In bona. ai re el ra h-i rie and raspberries. ppie, merry, peach, pear, quli.c and in trs'a Seen n.Iiea from, on river.

13 mliiLite lo town hy train. mile fiom three it. aia-tlon. llJ.m 7iM) down, i eat eaay pay. menu Adiliena Box .2.

uatraniler, o. 10 ACHES, $1700. acrea, $1400." err. $2600, 64 acrea, $32(10; 167 acre. 16600; II acre.

$4100. Alao other property, rook. East Fulton-nam, Auto phone leounty) 4w4 rm iiwt.K WILL P. AD for Ford "of grr.und wlili three-tooin houa and barn, all kinds of fruit HUuated nesrl and only short distance from railway station Addre Box lines nrfl.r and 3f, flf in rows rd heifers t. sii -i.

ei'ts I I I ewea I 'u i I $1 a i api mi i ii i 'IIH 1.1141 AMI rRlllltlntt I H'A'iO. June 4 "losing Wheat -pi 3 '4 Hf-pt f.O'iSjr P' Si-pf 121 47. "-T J'llV Jill'v fl. .1 i i Ki IfiV MAItKKT i 'ilJ'MHCS, f. J'jre 4 Hr fn i rn a iaJ'J down In No i 1 "rfio'hv, No 2 No 3 lnjhr 42h' 1 i'i tl 117 1 -ch; Sept TOI.KIIO MS June 4 Wbent 12 1 July 1 1 s'i i orr.

-Cash 11 Ju.y 1114, ,11 Do-. "a 'a ''ash i.e. Jul No 2 cash 'love I see 1 i til Dec 111 4" A I si ke pr 1 a caah 1 1 0. Tin othy- Prim cash 14 in 61 e. Sept.

111. $: 1 tn: Oct Sept. Sept. Oil. MAItKFT J3.

10 Electra p. thin II 4 0 1 40 1 40 1 i'i i 4'i 1 20 I 40 1 10 I 4" I 1 :1 1 30 5 1 is 1 40 1 00 I 1 0.) 1 0,, 1 O'J 3 I 0 Thru Meoer CfiMje. nrr ir ir Lin a Lima Wooster Indiana Pr ir, on Illr.ols fciori.ei set Rnglsr.d Kan. OKI Plymouth Healdton Cors.cjinu I. 2 4 I i a 2 2 4 ra-nn Vale 1 1 1 Ce, union 2 1" adoo.

3s A. 1 3 1 Mtl.l.i, :,1 de 1 'i add. 1 crj'le 1 12 Texas 7 0 Sour Lak 1 llutiit: Mark ham 1 40 ir.ton I til. I Mill l.ltFSTOCK rf Mil' S. ir.

4 'Tattler Re. i.rf eleady. Hes 'Vl). Iigh' 50-jft-. mediums light 1 "a pght li CiraK n.edi s't, l.ol.rirr.a 14 tjj cows I1v.1l 3 llr.s 3 mark- ateadc; roe linns ar.d lights $15 5.

pigs 1 1 12 60. iovi and ro 14. stag tiyi. ZANKSVIL ARRETS i ETA Cabt lire. Celrrv hun, llr.r.ey.

ap Leaf let' ire, lb Potatoes. 1 Frulla irapefrult ft.c doa. 12c I'nuftre 22c Chicken, ih, av Haller 3 f'rearherv Fan. dairy' "jie Egg fresh Oleomargarine. Apple-.

Eat, a rl'JZ i per in. 32-240 PHOVIm Retail P. ETA TL) jrr in Sirloin Steak, i.r llr 'o 30e S'e. a. per lb Icik per per Ih Ham.

hi 'I. whole, ilced i AMI l.Ot II Wholead Ht I- Flour ll. rnr-'H. I ir 4,19, corn ti FEED Hetall Corn- -j: 00. "'4'i 00.

Hay- per 100 pound. Straw Ch.p- 20 MITH IIP APPOINTMENT Kalale of Isaac Ford. Decease. Edgai Huxley of Kaneavllle. Dhlo, ha bean appointed anrl qualified aa administrator of the estate of Isaac Ford, lata of Muskingum County, Ohio, deceased Dated thla 26th day of May, A.

V. 1117. HARVET C. SMITH. Probate Judge of said County.

2lt-tues. I 1 't YTCNfl JIAN, 21 to 3D, to scTl tea! coffee, etc, on route In Zanesvill; rj also to solicit excellent proposition. i- Urand nion Tea 618 Main St. SITUATIONS WANTED SorSEWORIv; widow with on child wanls liouseworlt. Address House keeper.

Time Recorder. UOOM8 IXili IUiNT CON VERS 3J Nicely furnished from room, with board. I's of bath and phone. Mr. Alio B.

Johnson-Call phone J17. FOUNTAIN SQCARE, 756 Kurfiiihsd room in nvlvate family. Bath, hot e. and cold water, us of talphon. One I the Engineer and now on fi.e In the Fixing th wsrs of Lnborsra In the i office of the Dire, tor of public irn.L, snd the same art ppi Water Work department, snd to K.0 That the of said repeal Ordlr.anr No.

323 I improvement, less two eei.i ereof He It ordained hv th rouncll of th cost of lr.treeions shall lty of Znsllle, Stat of Ohio. 'aneeased by th font tn-vx upon the lots and lands lire hereby fleter- section 1 That all of th lsborer th wnter works department shall i ivrpnr lie it hour during tho time actually ployed. I Kec. z. Tnnt crdinanc entitled "Or- dlnanc No 1S23 fixing tho ses of certain emnlovea In th Wsfer Worwa'of 101, lota em-ild hy sald'tDn.

Motors mined to be speciallv i.e square nom Main inquire at premises Bel! 204J GftEEN ivtlbri 74 Fumlsbel ro9in for gentleman; bsth, furnace Vie.iJ. gas. Private ntrance. rflve minutes' walk from court bouse. yen Iis'liihon 2461.

QR BEN WOOD '22l Two room furnished for light houaekeplng; private ntrance. Rent reaaonabl. Call Bell jdione 406. 119 'j Furnished room, light housekeepln; prmlttd. I's of bath and phytic.

Cal lauto phon 2401 or 4120. RAIN 1 SI -N'iceTy iTrrT1iihd front ronm'wlth use of bath and telephone. Board If den, red. Bell phone 1044. if A IN "iTT'vs Newly' furnished sleeping room with bath and us of phon.

Inquire 227 Msta or oall Bell phon 1231. EXlN W. S14 FuniTsiied rooms for Ugh, housekeeping, with electric lights, phon and bath. Inquir Geo. Auneely.HaTlphon 461 t.Auto6461.

ST. "60il robin, us of bsth and phone. Call Bell hone4453, Auto 3SS1. 713 Furnished front room, all niodrn conveniences. Call Bell phone 839 MARKET 8r, 900 Nicely furnished trpstalra front room, desirable location, five minutes' walk from court house, modern conveniences.

Suitable Yor on or two gentlemen. cuaahl. SlEAD S. 53 (near Clov Rent rea- STEAD S. 5S3 (near Clover) Thre I'epartment'' bo and the a am la repealed.

Sec. 3. Tills ordinance ahsll tak ef- and bo In force from and after the I tlces, nulred, the earliest period allowed by law, passed May l'i, 1 1 .1 t. GRAHAM. President of Council.

F. H. BfKRHArs, Clerk of Council Approved by W. H. EBSTER, Mayor.

4L Ti: ivotivc ui lilt A list i fri I eeaament In cash wl'hin thirty du: a VI UTl'UIlorS from and after the paasog of ths aa- th District Court of th T'nlted seslng ordinance, in which car, aahl States for the Southern District of "ash assessment ha.l not irciurla any Ohio. In Bankruptcy. i Item of interest uper bonis to ta the matter of iliac Bonnet Durant, sued In anticipation of cmleoilon Bankrupt of deferred Ir.atai.'. i ii of aaaess- IN BANKRtrr'TrT 1 ments. To the creditors of Ursc Bonnet.

Sctlon S. That Woe ef the City ef Duratit of Z.ineaville, In the County I Zsnesvllls shall ud i anttrlpa-of Musltliigum and District aforesaid. tlon of tb roiUct'or. asaeasinsi.ta bankrupt. I by Installment and In an amount equal la lur.hv iriven that en the I thereto.

improvement; and trie at. of Ir ni-' provement shall Im the expense th l.rellmlnarv st-1 otnsr pirvevs of printing and ths no. resolutions ar.d es re- and the serving of aal.l noilcea. cost of construction together with interest on uonua anticipation of the collection of deferred assessments and ail other necessary expenditures.

Sec. 4. That th assessments so to be levied sbs.i be paid tn rive annual Installments Ith Interest on Oferred paymsnts at sin ar j. i. of an annum; provided that th prop- ertv may.

at h.a npiir.n pay hch coat and expense of any approprla-I tllin nrOCftrSdlnkr therefor Ahd the dltlll. 1 awarded 'any owner of adjoining land and Interest thereon, and the costs snd expenses of any such award. 1 shall be paid cut cf th Serv- H'e nnd. neruon 11 a 1 effect and be It. fore from and lifter tlio earliest period allowed by law.

Passed 21, HIT. F. BVF. flH A RPLT'at'aTJ J. T.

HRAHAM. President of Council. F. BI EHHAl'S, Clerk of Council. Approved by W.

H. WEBSTER, Mayor. l--it-tu. "iiidag eda. BeU 17, Auto llll, day of'Msy.

D. 1917, the said Section t. That the remainder of th 1 'irace Until. et Dr.iant was duly adludl-! nllre coat of si improvement, nor ciite.l i.ankiupt, ui.ri that the first urclsily uuneuM, the cost moetltig of her creditor will held of Intersections, together with the cost the office of the undersigned In any real estate or Interest Znnesvllie, ublo, on th th day ofipu-chased or aniroprlu'ed. and the unrurnlshed rooms, well arranged.

In food location, $6 a month. Cull Bell J. 6r'PHAR1 "ST.p7i4 Nicely furnished room with bnth and us of phon Plessnnt location, private family. Call or plion.Autoniatlo 468. ORCHARD 8T." 747 Nicely furnished room, use of bath and phone, Inquire 747 Orchard St.

SOUTH 414 Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping centrally lo-cnteB, Modern conveniences. Call Veil' phone 842. Automatic 4551. UNDERWOOD 115" "Furnlsheil room for one or two person; bath. nat, electricity, nnd of phon In-I quire at 115 Underwood Bt.

or call Bell 1 Jhon 722. RD SfT, N. t4 TwoTiTcely-f urnTan-. rooms for one or more gentlemen; of bath and phone. Call at prsm- June.

A. It. 1 7 at o'clock Iti th i Inrannrii. wrl.leh I rvi th MB I rt er.rl. Itors, may attend, prove their olatme, appoint a truslne, examine the bank.

rupt, nnd transact such other business may properly com before said mot-, I EDW. R. MUTER. Rfor in Bankruptcy. Zanesville, Msy it.

I). lialT. Tour name, address or phone num. need not appear at tha end of want ad. A want ad taker will explain th plan for having th replies 00m to tna Time Recorder by Utter, ready (or you when you call, iiOf.Kefotej, IRD N.

II Furnished room with f- Ti outtaoi for ntlmsr ryng oi oca Index" ads, Bail it. Auto HIT,.

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