The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 9
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fl'HljRSDAY, JANUARY 7, i9Sr - BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS yf E THE WANT-AD MARKET .Pl'LlCATION* FOR 1'OU 1UI1I,1)1NGS, O. (W)—Sinn; Ihe coiiiicil doriCBd nil Mi,ycle.s CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for consecutive Insertions: One" llmo per line ...••'••••. lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Three limes per line per day .. OGc Six tiroes per Hue per day .. 05c Monlli rate per line .'... COc Vards of Tlianks .... 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three, or six times and stopped • before expiration will bo charged for the number of times tlie ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy tub milted by. porsons residing out- iide of the city 5 must be accompanied , by cash. Rates inny be easily computed from above table Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be tak'in for more than ;one incorrect uiser tion ; of any classified ad. Wanted To Buy We Buy Old Gold PAT O'BRYANT, JEWELER HIGHEST MUCKS PAID FOR I'OULTKY HAPPY HOUR GROCERY 109 W. Main We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS, HIDES & FURS AIUAN AUTO I'AHTS 128 E. Main—Phone 110 HigKe'st Prices Paid For Used Furniture : Wade Furniture Co, 301-303 E. MAIN ' WE BUY GOOD CARS AT PRICES TO SUIT YOUR 1>OCKEtBOOIC- 193G FORD V-8 I)E LUXE COUPE. Clcaii as a 1"" 5V 1935 FORD V-8 BE LUXE TUDOlt. First class .... ?3S3 J934 F O U n V-8 DE LUXE TUHO11..A Iicaiity ...... '• 13'1'i CHEVKOLET MASTER 'COACH. Black. Mew (ires : J935 F O It J> V-8 PICK-UP. Exceplional value §350 We .Invite You lo Call or Conic • -" 'to to Sec and Drive These ' -V&J& Unusual Cars & Phillips Used Car Lot 5tli and Walnut Flumes 810 - 8U Business Directory Hides & Furs Metals arid Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & R. R. Phone 448 Goal & Wood Follow the Crowd and Compare our. Used Car Bargains We hclievc in quick turn-over and fast trading.. '1036 PLYMOUTH SEDAN 1935 TEBRAFLANE SEDAN 1935 FORD V-8 SEDAN 1335 CHEVKOI.ET COACH 1335 FORD V-8 COUPE 1931 FORD V-8 SEDAN 1934 ;BODGE COOTE 933 CHEVROLET SEDAN . $215 929 CHEVROLET COACH •. J 85 934 DODGE TRUCK ...... 5375 935 DODGE TRUCK $1(W 1930 FORD. "A" COACH BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broau^ay rort SALE— lit story rrnme dwelling a', 900 West Ash St. Small moulit cash nlid n ssuuie oau with monthly • payments of S.32. Clarence H. :Wllson. c-pk-9 Expensive saxophone. Will < sell 'cheap. Z. A. Mcbulstott. Call 334. • . 4-ck-tt COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Service -- Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. PHONE 244 FOR THE BEST COAL FROM ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, & WEST KENTUCKY. LI. RICE CALL E P. PRY at : Wonder City N Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE COAL PHONE 417 HOUSE TRAILER for car. Very cheap. Good' condition. L. & N. Machine Works, Steele, Mo. Used Continental Gin Machinery ' Farmers Gin Co. JOINER, ARK. 3 room furnished or unfurnished n pa i-1 me ill. Cull 833. 4-Ck-7 EXTERIENCKD COOK, will pay well for good worker. Mrs. Carl Davis, 314 Dougnn, dh U MEN WITH TEAMS lo clear and to fnim ;!and. Yaibro. Huffnltin Bios., tip kO (Bellied while unencumbered Housekeeper lo llvo In^sub'uibs. Mis Jlmnilo Samtcrtgo, 1700 W. Ash. Op kO ; "For Sale DPI Nb. 11 COTTON PLANTING SEED Blytheville Gin Co. t For Kent Nicely lurnlsllKl STEAMUKATED BEDROOM, bath Cull 560. Position Wanted rcima.ncnt position ns nccounlant or bookkccpci 01 will do pilvato nccbunUng or midUoi'lal work. Experienced nnd well wllllc'd, conn ty auditor for manyjycars. P. E Coolcy, Phono 117. • ^ 6c kr 5 room house, newly decorated, lights, balh, garage References required. Apply 1601 W. Ash. '2-iiktf Luck Wilt j Police CLEVELAND (U.P)' - T U r o .voullis face pilstm louna becaus n moloi'lst. iiradvci'jently: blockci Unfflc \Uillc ho stopped lo buy n newspaper. Unknowingly,-.- lie ; cu off csenpc of the UIo us lliey flei stolen tnxlcab, • 'pursued l>; eteel^'cs. I'Oll STUUCTDKKS IN TIIK CITV OP niA'TllKVll,!,!:, ARK. Permit No. 2 Dale Dec. 20, 1038, Slwol, Niiniljcr 020 W. Mnln. Ix>t 0, Block 8. Clilekiisawba addition; S'timber of stories, l;-ynUio 'of work, 2500; mitlclintt of brick <ft framo, "lame, Material foi roof, composl- lon; Mnlerh) exterior walls,- wood; ^liiteriul of foimdatlons, concreto; Jtilldlni; on ttie. [rent or vcar, tixml; Dhlanrc lo ]n-o))fity line, 10 (cot; Distance to ncavosi. building on each sldo, 50'feot; IlulUUim lo be occupied as, lea room. I cert try that. Hie hbovc stato- nicnls nrc correct 'to the best ot my knowledge and; belief. 1'ermlt rccclyetl.ijy; RUTH 'BI.Y'THK Oily Clerk. 20-29-31-5-7-12-14-10 stoves have lamps. Now, on I, of bicycle pliorlln Collcgo;'cy- elliiir ciitliittlnsts me u>lnir keio- :.cii(! Itimpb— which nlso Keep the & ACI:TYI.I:M{ HI:UI.FOOT LAIU: HARRY BAILEY'S CAFE Al llu> Sliilc Lino i Drs.'Wert&Wert OI'TOMKTKISTB Over Joo Isaacs' Store' we MAKE ( BM SEE" Phono 540 WELDING AT BEST PRIOI53 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 Oil & Cook gloves Repaired Work Guaranteed - Low Prices W. A. Pankcy, 215 W. Davis or Phone 155, Wade Fum. Co. N. W. TRANTHAM '': Dealer in BEECH CREEK COAL Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling ' .' S. .'Broadway - - Phone DM REAL BARGAINS! ',i Ton International Plck-Up Truck. 125 inch Wheelbase. ',t. Ton International l'lek-Up Truck. 113 inch Wheelbase '/. Ton Chevrolet Pick-Up l',4 Ton Chevrolet, with Stake Body • 1',; Ton Ford vvith Stake Body 1929 Chevrolet Sea nn All are in, good "mechanical con- dllion willi good tires. Delta Implements, Inc. FOR BENT—Store Kooni 25x15, located on West Mala SI. Phone 73C. ' c kit Nice comfortable bedroom, close In. Mrs. Nolen. 310 W. Walnut. Pracllcnlly new Automatic Delco ' Light Plant. Wllli radio, fan and iron. Will sell for halt price. Delta Implements, Incorporated. .WANT TO BUY CRAWFORD & COl'PEDGH GIN CO. lllBhwny 18 - riionu 331 HAVE SECUHEH Till! SERVICES or AN RADIO MECHANIC who \.lll guarantee to repair \our radio to Orel class condition. A COTipIde Line ot.Tiilics ntnl Varls - - I!uil Prices Hubbnnl Tire & Bill. Co. Phone 476 9pen M Might ROAD AND WRECKER- SERVICE Toin Litlle Chevrolet Co GAY £ BIM.INGS, Coal - Feed « Kindling PHONE 7G Now Located ul 101 Korll: Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON nUVAIillS, Proprietor All maker) of liclmlll Tjiienrllcii, Adilhie M.iclilnts i—llcniilrliiE—Paris—Klbuo 113 QUALITY SHOE SHOP Best shop to get youi money's worth. No .amateurs, expert shoemakers Only fine materials used , Jill soles s.e\\c'd & guaranteed Lowest prices in tov,n Soles 50c «p. rubber lieels 25c up. 3:free shines with half soles. Laces, dyeing, polishes. Phone 120, Free del. H. B. Campbell, mgr. Weekly Specials!! A DIFFERENT BARGAIN EVERY WEEK In Our East Window Watch \ For Changes! . Shouse-Henry Hdw.'.'Co. J. IV. Shousc J. Wilson Henry Why worry with smoke & soot? BURN SUNSHINE Sold Only By JOHN BUCHANAN. "My coal is Black But I Treat You White" phone 107 MEANWHILE: THE MYSTERIOUS i STRANGER,WHO \VITN£SS£P ALLEY OOP'S PEPARTURE, BEATS HIS WAV THROUGH THE JUNGLE. : '••CONCRETE WORK BOB MALONE - - CALL 350 New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STOVES, OIL & GAS BURNING FUEL OIL HEATERS STOVES, SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-In Allowance for Old Stoves ,. Hubbard Hdw. Co. WE HAVE THE . BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky COAL At ihe Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US A THIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. I'lionc 218 Chickasawba & R, R. It You Want WOO!), WE HAVE IT! Ash & Oak $2 rank delivered Kentucky Lump Cotil, $6.50 ton. Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherry ' ' Furniture Cold--Weather Is Here! ! Protect Your House With Nu-Metal Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arkmo Lumber Co. rhonc 40 Real Estate I'O.K SALE—Several small farms in •SoiTllicast Missouri. .Good Improvements; near school & cliurch. Price $30 ix;r acre. Smnll cash payment. Balance terms at 5%. Possession at once. J. C. Chapin, Manila. Ark. . ' ' 6p : M WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store VlioiiB 1031 Automotive LET US CHECK YOUR BATTERY COLD WEATHER IS COMING I J.B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station—Call 8 Bus. Opportunities FOR SALE 5 Room House, bath, ( large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes In towiv Could be rnaBe into apartment. Cheap for cash. 809 Chickasawba. . dh 'tf . Poultry & Eggs POULTRY WANTElT" We pay liighcj;l market prices lor ' all ' kinds poultry. Fislicr & Gaincs at Gaincs Grocery & Jlar- ket, 118 W. Main. 1>X3RGET YOUR WORBIES1 • FRESH EGGS Sold at the Abbott-Johnston Farm BABY CHICKS—Mo. Approved and Pullorum Tested Flocks. New Hampshire Chicks—$10 per hundred. All oilier breeds—$7.00 per hundred Postpaid. Live Delivery Guaranteed. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Union, Mo. NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAI' & NIGHT CLASSES State supervised TUITION VERY REASONABLE See Mrs. Win. Beiryman Elaine Beauty Shop Personal FREE! STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, INDIGESTION relieved quick. Get free saniolc doctor's prescription, Udga, at Klrby Bros. Drug Co. MTTNt iUl_ll-<. GET lets contaITt : raw orators and other stimulants. 1 On close pops up organs, glands. I not delighted, maker refunds fe cents paid. Call, write kirby Bros Drug Store. ' . MAC—All is forgiven, come home MARY. p. s. tiring a new Zen llh radio from ll\e budget depart mcnt of Bute Jones—Tires. 5-ck- For Sale or Trade 25 by 70 Brick Building, located li Leachville. Good condition J. E Lunsford,. 1501 W. Main. 2-pk- 2 or 3 Furnished Rooms, reasonable. D14 Hciuu. 2 room FURNISHED a , C22 W. Main. Mrs Mctvlullln 4-ck-lf COMING For Quick Service COAL—Phone Three Bedroom House, •' 1133 Wesl Ash. E. D.. Pe'r'isusoii, Phono .'100 BEDROOMS, stcnmhcnUxl, Oil W Main, Mrs. Wickham. Call 280. Oc U: Wnrm Bedroom, adjoining batli '715-W.-'Asli; Call evenings. Op kl Apartment. Phone 280. EXCITEiMEN FOOZV-VOU STAY HERE- COMMAND OF TH 1 LEAVIN' QUEEN UMPATEEDLE IN CHARGE OF TH 1 GOVERNMENT- SO LON6, FOLKS- ALLEV OOP 60^1 STONE-HEADER APE! JUS' HIMMOSTff OUTPOST RE- PORTEP HIM AM' HIS P1NOSWJR LITTLE WRIGHT/ VOU MUGS! WHATCHA, STANPIU' AROUND FOR? GIT A PLATOON TOGETHER,FULL 30MBAT EQUIPMENT!! ^Ve'RE H\TTIN r FOI? SA\VALLAT THAS ON TH' 5AWALL1AN SIOE, HAFTA»DEgENP NLUCKTO PICK MM UP- BOOTS AND HBL BUDDIES Ps VOT GV CliMVtPPEWb 'OW COWE/a TvV THE TIGER MAN! VASH TUBBS (jAlN'THE TOOTHLESS TI6ER NW.KK HAT-716ER. COST ME . WHAT THE SAM HILL YOU TRYING TO ., BOSS. I. GOT THESE PLASTCR O' PARI5 GU3VES WET, AND -I RECKOM CHAMP! HE SAVED I:HIT OLD METHUSELAH TREE CHEERS FOR TH' J37 BY NM.S.E.aVH£. IKC. T. U. REG. U. S.j'AT. OFF. LOVE'S STRENGTH! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS rr HAS SEWTIMESI TAL VALUE! STUMP TOMI DOSVMAT1HE , AMD VDU CARRIED IT CLEjS,R UP FROM THE EY YOUF2SELP? WW^, THAT STUMP MU.ST N^ieHv. CLOSE TO A GOSH ; LOAD.'/ . WHAT WADE YOB HAUL THETHIW3 , ' /HUTTV. ..DoW'T ,Si ME. 1 I GUESS I MUST GOUWA.CUT rr up •io BURW n YOUR FIRE AT ONCL Tonic Tab oyster Invig

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