The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1934
Page 3
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PAGE SIX STAGG STILL SURPRISES - _HLVT7fKyjI,T,K, r.AKlO COURIER NKWS Task For Coach To « Keep Players In Top j Shjipc T iHv KILL SI'AIJUHNG Hta'd Conch, U. C. I/. A. •LOS ANGELES.—A footb.ill coadi has plenty of worries oilier than io'ugh ejimss throughout t!)c season. Keeping Jils players In condition probabiy brings mere Rray lijilr to his licnd than .muttering of curbstone coaches. 'Football Is n game of rtigqeduess and .sjiccd, HIM if Mure is ons li:in; ;uorc important than any oilier ft is tbat (he player be in tiptop simps at all 'limes. •• ' •• 'Generally a coach has Ills players In condition by the tlma the first couple of games have been played This is absolutely ncccs- anrj'i as figures prove tint stis- ciptiMHty to injuries; Is 50 per cent during the first few ffnmes of (he season, due to lark Of training. ; Early conditioning systems ... coachss differ. Football' is n matter of getting around <m : the feel, 'anil for that reason ] bt-llere running is onu of the fin->.it oxsrclsts. DL'mbbeJls, Indian ciuijs. or barbells are detrimental";' because Jlietr UES tenls to nuiks-lhe athlete muscle bound. Roue skipping Is-too concentraie<i:amFwi]| direct tlirj heart If kept up. m.fpf Hie j-3ars many coaches linve ndoplcd the practice of liavin;; their players run through boxes or old uiUomoblle tires. This tends to ninko them shifty, creates a sense of balance, and at the same time exer- flscs unklcs against shocks which fipwc In actual competition. | ^Plenty of slcjp probably is one ! pf'tbe most Important, requirements. of the average co.icb. Here (he nicnloi puts his players 011 Iheir lioiior. and ii is up to. tlie boys to keep tlieir hours. ... ' It tin bo remarked here thai the fellow who observes the rules and keeps clean haMfs usually bus the inside truck with the coach'. The coy who 'conscientiously (rains may get farther in the 'game with less •natural ability Iban stars who gen- Wall jhre .far less dependable. , A football playsr should have a Minimum of eight or nine hours' Sleep to be at his best. Of course, jtpme bojs require more than others, nnd many or these are the deltas whose spare tl,i !c is taken ,Un i\orkini; tbeir way throui'h .SChoo) !)''Hi3h .schoolflxys'ar^ fajktl ;frf ,f,9 Inform without awl kimM- .cflge of \Uiat training is, anil these 'fire the players who need sloop their to bc.- 43 R? V EAR. AS A COACH AND ----- H!=r\VEP AN 87 VP. P 10 OOHN SCHNEIDER' 'must l.iy o[r smoking, watch ,d.!ets, and exercise properly I iComs stars of the fulnre V ' . . * . ti_ After a player is once in condition, the .question o[ diet Is on» of £he least'Important, but if he is mi- ,ocrweight or overweight, diet i)!a- = ,nn important purl. - Meit. vegetables; 5ala:ls. -.-. :i Aplenty of milk make up H"]i.- : >..•• the boy a -little ton l! 2 bt. ii,m'- ntng and .walking v .-ill turn the jnernclsht boy's flabby fat Into .inuscle ln d'-tier case,"avoid rich, •starchy or greasy foods, and sweet things. ., Theic was a time when football rPlajers were fed on a diet of meat ^.rfS '"T a <1n) '' "'"" Potatoes, >read and butter, r recall in my jnj;h school days when our coach •polat'"- 10 Ca ' " 1C " ty ° f mcnt and Jruits and salads. ~ Today tli? average traiuhi" t-ibt- •coring of a varied assortment of .foeds-nicat pjrhaps o,, M or twice »a diy/inclu:lmj chicken ami tur- ;key rnot fried), picnty . O f f nii i s "pature ""' vczctables of every X,I C " " C3m i 3 not tato ". and the . tHE"A\ATfp.R?rrN' I' You BELIEVE IT 7? To BUILD UP LITTLE COLLEGE OF .£ PACIFIC To A POWER IN TflfT FAR VJtfi'f.. TrlE FORMER CHICAGO MENTOR'^ SQUAD RRtEM-Vuv HELD 'tj IE POWERFUL TROJAMS "TO A. 6-0 VlCfORy coach h evcn nlb«-s p le "teamh s> CS1Mc >- «™* .can, has won on Saturday and he M to be in a jubilant n,oc«. * Defeat Opponents Before Best House o( Fall Wrestling Season Her.c Hnlph smitli, Jackson, Teim., professor, defeated Sammy George of .Detroit, Mlth., and Roy Welcli final .!nup.'fSnr<lm : on last night's wrestling- card at the armory before the best crowd to lurn out since the current revival of wrestlinj. Welch ntirt Pnrdln appeared to put on the best match, swapping i'oi:i:h stuff nnd mixing blows frequently, welch won, two out of three falls. Smith succeeded in defeating Ocorge despite his Inability to cope with rough lactic:*; n f the Michigan ;• -normer to npjvar hr-i-j. Qn Tl'ie Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Hurricane Still Some Breeze The showing made by (he Golden Hurricane of Joncsboro against the I'inc Uiuff Zebras should rtls- pcll any Irtens of nil easy game nhcad when the Hurricane and Chicknsaws meet. Walloped unmercifully by Hot Springs one week the Hurricane came bock to hold Pine Bluff to a •13 to 7 score the ncyt week. •nie story of the struggle is not revealed so much in the score as in a stubborn first half battle put up by the Hurricane before Pins muff's formidable reserve strength JuiTkfl.t It,- . . . '*?"> VCr> ' . pnrt of i generally check clnvMv end of the u-eek the boys have a tci a ie fat, to hold their Our boys arc allowe ,„ to Shts pry to one glass a turned the same Into a decisiv c,. -...,. in iv, <v utXIolN U victory for the Bluffers. Each team made a touchdown In the first •lair. And any team that can hold Pine Bluff to n tic for half o game must, necessarily rank tough nut for crack. fJoe-Keufer Tics " : Carney Laslic's ~ Skeet. Shoot Mark f Joe Keuler led shooters parti- ^cipating in, th= weekly event at rtho Blythcville Skcet club Sunday ,.v,th a card of 24 out of 25, ly- Mng Carney. Laslie's. record of last 'Uti v ' hic51 "ad established a .high for the club. " NU L Ki " nl »sliam was second '«ith 22 out of a possible 25 a rH Damon Mclxiod and Boono H^i 3lcd for third place iSiors vi^ f2Q . ^ Mrs Joe Kcuter shot at the >,Clay pigtoiis Sunday, being the first woma nto take part in i "^club event " Max "Can Me Balie' ryi ean n _ne,i? shooter, cracked two plgeoiis _A good crowd \vatehcd the fiioolers tost experience has shown that (lie Hurricane usually turns in otic or the best games of the fall a?ainst it's ancteil rivals here. The .ihnwncc game this week and tlie It's On A Silver Flatter aflrr th^ yS i. a ii EOC<l ttlca to kM ' ) «>'ier that ball carrier or ball vou , wllisllc bl °ws even when cause it might^nof'be 8 ^^ B °" That's probably the kind of ad v.c^Baytor-s coacli lost no time S3 FANS 40—LOSES ' Hen Bavia, aliovc, of San Tlcuito, Texas, fanned 40 men In %ireccnl , soft-ball same— and lost. Davis fanned ' 2G men in 11 innings anil, aflor Hie same had been adjourned until the next clay, duo to darkness, ho look iii'i wlicrc ho left oft ami whiffed 11 nyiro before tlio deadlock was broken in the, 2.^1 iiiniiij;, rjjvis' team losing. m emphatically giving Ills players nflcr their 0 to 0 defeat by Arkansas, it was just such a laps? that set the stage for Arkansas' victory in what might have o.her- wise been a scoreless tie. Baylor tried a lateral or backward pass within its own 20-yard Hue behind the line of scrimmage. The ball feM incomplete. No Uaylor or Arkansas man made an effort lo cover it. Finally U rolled back to about the 5-yard Hue and an Arkansas end walked over to get it and toss It to the io'licr Aerial Batlle May Re Waged at Haley Field 1'nday lly J. 1'. Tn view of Porrcs' city's .success- with tlieir tricky forward pass formation last week. It Isn't nt all ui- llt-ly u.-ilty piald will to ihe icenc of Us second aerln! circus )n is mauy weeks. Friday .night w!:cn lolinny Hunii'tt parades his Gre?n Wave from shawne: against the ulylhfvil.lo Ohickasaws. • • The Thorobrcds threw seventeen air ilinist-j'during the me!?e, coni- plcllnij' eight ..lor a total of \i~> yards. One"' was completed -for n touchdown. Basil Locke, alert .lialf- uack, pulled tinollier wouH-ba scorer from the ozone nnd raced s;vcn- ly-nve yards for the tying tally. Of ill tile passes complete;) by (ho vls- lors. bill three were registered. de"p n Chick territory. Last year Coach Burnett created mm.' comment lu the local ball or- rhard when his guards lined -up iwkivnrds. aii»-e likiiuj over the mentor reins at the consolidated school the former Lynx star has ustiliited several tricky formations, iiiny of which have brought fruit- :ul raults. Despite his tricks, and a crnck air attack. Lady Luck turned her head and the Chicks rompsd off Hi: fbtcl with a 13-J2 victorv. On (wo occasions late in the game KISS receivers dropp:;! tho oval with -i clear Held. The next week they beat Jonesborci, who In turn tram- )lcd the locals. With practically ihe simc team •cturiiliijj. tlie Tribe is expecting 'lenty of trouble. The line is fall- sized and fast. The backlleld ' is composed of swift, shifty ball -icrs. AM punt, pass nnd run with he ijall. Coaches Carney Lnslic and James 'Ace" Pncketl were pJensed with he light exhibited by their cha'f»i cs aqainst Forrost City. Despite a decided dlradvunt'a'se In iveig'nt, the Maroon and Wliite, with exception of HID forward passing, more than icld their own In the line. Forrest 3Ity made 15 first downs to their even, but most of them came In lie mldd.'e of the field. The chicks nncie the breaks with vicious tack- ins, and wen: able to take at/an- agc or them. However, the Chick- isaw head men know several .weak- wsses that must be eliminated be- ore the invasion of Sliawnse. pass lefeiisc instruction followed by a lard .scrimmage started the vyeck oil<r ivork |s in store for them! "Is w'cck as they yet have to reach! • Mr peak in training. Yesierdi.y ipialnst the second stringers' their itTcnsc.wns not cllckiiu; at-all. in eiiflvc (IrilliiijT ; n that de|)artmeii is Included in the week's menu. .Slr.iu-Ijcrries, Violets Defy Frill PIER PONT. O. (UP)—WhiK Dorothy Angcll found violeU "ir ilo;«mi in n woods near her home icr brother in a nearby field fount mther evidence of a peculiar re rei-s;il of season. Wild strUwlx-irle: ivere ripe there. - SFIOSF10NE. Iilaho. (UP) - TilQ Darrah Ranch near here boasl-s at •evrrbenriHg" npplc tree. The trea was discovered to l>s bearins; rip:' apples, small green newly ibrmei apples anil blossoms—all at, ih some lime. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1934 Like Father, Like Sons I'al and .Mike Hfekc conside whcn they don oivr-sjzo 1U ot. ball siioes nnd ),. •.-,. and work out with the University squad lit Omaha. Tlic tsvo youngsters, o and •!, respectively, arc right at 'ionic on the- gridiron, for their liiildy, Kddle Hickey, | s present lead mentor at Crelj;liton and ormcr quarterback siar there, at la at left, S Neil! Reed New Commissioner For Mat, Ring Shows Neill Heed, former commander of the Duel Ciison, American f.cgion post, has been rmme;! deputy stale boxing and wrestling commissioner and will have direct control over all boxing and wrestling programs stalled here or elsewhere in Mississippi county. Mr. Reed succeeds Jeff Roland of this citj' H-lio resigned some time ago after several years of service as a commissioner. Cornstalk Rivaled Jack's Beanstalk in Growth VIOLA, In. (UP) — A s(a!k of ram in a field planted by Dillon Atherton B re«- lo a height of 131 Inches .in 75 days. Planted June U, the stalk grew with the rapkt- ity of Jack's beanstalk and reached L ','! Ches by Jlli y K - Atherton saw the corn averaged 5.28 Inches growth per day during the period from July 18 to July 25, a week in >™icn there was plenteous rain :oniBlncd with excessive heat, con- Jonesboro Wrestler In Draw On Memphis Cart! MEMPHIS. Oct. 1C (UP)—I31.T)t Weaver. Joncsboro \vrestler, and Rohby Steward, Philadelphia, battler) to a tlrnu 1 in an exciting opening mutch on the local .card last night. Neither wrestler produced a fall In the 30-miuute limit. Steward, inclined to feature rough tactics. 1. was warned several limes • by the referee. Steward was forced lo wrestle uaro fooled because jomeone stol. his wrestling toys, including, his ihoes. less than an hour be'fore the match. Us reported the theft to pollrp. In the main bout Leo Numa. Pacific coast senKUion. Ihrcv, George Hills, Cnnadiiui. in straight . falls, uslus tin: Hying toe liolil both limes, lie won the first in ,13' minutes ant] 30 seconds and" the second in two minutes. Charley Strack. Memphis, threw :1 Dr. Karl Sarpolis. Chicago, two out of three falls in a fast snnl- iinal nialcli. 4 A 1 ' 3 .' AMAZING NEW VALUE! Whc " hc tllat •J Icebergs me continually turning .over, as uneven melting .changes the center of gravity. possession. The touchdown followed In short order with bolh loams apparently surprised by the surt- di'n turn of events. ( The ball was not dead. A backward or lateral incomplete pass is lu cllcct the same as a fumble when incomplete. It can bo scoop- 'cil up and advanced by an offensive player or covered but not advanced by a defensive player. PHILCO Oniy PIIILCO could give you . so much for so lilllc! Think of it—a full-sized Lowboy (hat brings in all standard American programs, plus police and aircraft calls—at an unheard of price! Enjoy the unexcelled performance and glorious tune that have made I'HILCO (he most accepted radio! EASIEST TERMS PHILCO 89L Latest features include Auto- malic Volume Control, Tone Control, Electro-Dynamic nTi S S ?'"' (hi "S N«v Under the Sun And There ls Something Ncw in ]!, vlhevme . 3('s The Deluxe Cleaners and Hatters OPEN FOH BUSINESS MONDAY Across From the City Hall Phone 99 Walnut and thrcc-tnncd woods.satin-rmished throughout. Plus-In ANYWHERE! This smart Piin.CO Compact operates nn cither injror Direct Current! Latest features provide beautiful tone and ama7in K performance. An exceptional value! PHILCO 54S AC-DC Olhor"1f)35 1'hilcos $20 Up HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. dldons which are Ideal for corn. Athcrton said the entire field in which the stalk was planted averaged 2.1 Inches during the' first 60 days. Read c.'ourk'C rfcws Want Ads. Death rates from diabetes, ex- ophthalmic goiter, and Addison'.s disease ore higher In nori'.iern climates than In the south, according to findings of Dr. 'ciar- ence Mills of the University of Cincinnati. Announcement: Our store has been remodeled, re-niTangcd and eomplolely stocked with sparklinu t'resli Clollt- inj; iiiid Accessories lor men and young men . . . we invite your inspection. Now Showing Capps SUITS •for Fall- As fine clothing as you'll find til this price . . . Smart new patterns. Autumn colors, lots of hand tailoring. J00% wool fab- lics. MARLBORO SHIRTS New patterns and colors, pro-shrunk broadcloth. $1,65 New Fall Caps $1.50 Hickok Bells - Buckles New Fal! Ties 50c Up SUIT SPECIAL Attractive patterns, wool fabrics and a good selection of smart patterns. $1750 17 HUDSON Tailor- Cleaner- Clothier TREES Watch the trees this month of October. See them change to glorious color— and then strip themselves barf to the cold blasts of coming Winter. Thus they remain until the coming of Spring. It might be economical to adopt the tree system, but it would hardly be wise in this competitive world of people. New Fall clothes are a necessity for the man who wants to hold his place in business. For the woman who knows the social value of being well- dressed. ' ; Our handsome Fall clothes stay with us, decorative and protective. Adding pride to the new energy that comes with the tang of Fall, sheltering us from the cold, new Fall clothes are both a pleasure and a necessity. • " As you shop for your new Fall clothes, give thanks not only for their beauty and warmth, but for the advertisements that are your sure guides to good values. In this paper you will find each day the news of fashion, of price, of places to buy. Turn these pages at leisure, shopping as you read. Make your selections of the things you need at the prices you can afford 'to pay, and you will be well and durably clothed against the rigors of the coming weather.

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