The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 19«8 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TAGE FIVE California's flrsl motion picture tmllo u-ns opened In 1001 at, Los Angeles. Its Ihst iiroducllon was 'The Count .of Moulo Crlslo," whlrh required 1000 /eel of film. Two nicely furnished room'.;. Hea- Ktmre Station and Garage on reliable. 313 North Sixth. I'hoiie highway.. Doing 4QOO to 5000 57-J. 8-pk-13J Gnls. per month. Long lense, cheap r——————— -—, j rent. S350.00 cash. Write Box "15" 3 i-ooni linn. apt. with bath. Call | courier News \ 8-pk-12 . 254, lll'l W. 8-ck-lb I CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rote per lino for consecu ttvc insertions: Two times per line por day ...03c| Duplex iipurlnicm. Hardwood floors Three limes per line per day . .Oec hot water, newly decorated.- -I fix times per line per day ....05c' i'<:uins with Ij.ilh. 129 K. Ash, Mrs. l.'onth rate pur line ...(ilwiO. U. Spradlcy. Cards of Thanks 50o & Minimum charge EOe ,, Ads ordered for three or six l dines nnet stopped before cxplra- !|lon will be charged for the nnm- ler of times the add appeared and > IjiistmciU of uili made. . All Classified Advertising; (UbniiUcd hy persons residing out- lide ol the cily must be acixnn- tmnled by cash. Kates may be iaslly computed rrom above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Vserlions takes the one lime rale. No responsibility ivill be taken ix ii)ore thnu one Incorrect insertion of av.y classified ad. on Stale Lint 1 north ol JiuU'mnn. Sec It. M. liwk. 101 A.sli St. or call J03!t. 8-ek-15. . f> TITO furnished light lioiuu keeping ""' rooms. K!2 W. Ash. Call 277-W. 7-ck-12. copy) -. _- — 80 acre farm, black sandy loam. 2, 1 burn, Newly fenced. All in cultivation and well improved. . S(JO per »cre. o ..I- • !'} , o ijiv-i- 4 U 11( , ro f, lvm ulack sandy loam. All in cultivation with one house. $45 per acre. 2ft nciv lavin, black sandy loam. AUTO GLASS Kxpcrt Wortumiusliij) We Deliver Blylhcvillc I'ainl & Wallpaper Co. W« Cut & Inslall I'honc 660 HI S. Second "For Track" Business Directory Visit Harry Itoitcy's New furnished sleam healed Ijedrcom. (IK) W. Miiln, phone C42. C-ck-13 Modern furnished room, lien led with (jus. Private bathrooin and fliii'a:;c. Phone 410. rcotn fiirn. apt. 1315 Main'. Mrs. Henley, c-all 335-W. •1-ek-tl On Highway Gl at Hollasul Millie one stop i'or B c c r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crap- pic, Good Foods. IK-livcrril in niylhcville hy C. I 7 ,T>iii1il for S'l.'S and up. All C'n.-il 'J or •! room fnmisheii apartincnt. 20D W. Kentucky, Mrs. Risk. 3-ek-t; Fiirttislictl liQ'.Ht', Mr.:. C. A. Taut, call iiltl-W or 545-J. a-ck-lC Modern bedroom, fclcam heat, reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 W. dlmii. 3-ck-10 Gteanihealcri. furnished apartment in nice location. Possession given to suit convenience. Telephones 571 and 197. 29-ek-tf. One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Slcrnbcrg, 084, 1203 Holly. / 28-ck-ll Shoe 'Kepairing Everything for your slices. Free Delivery. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop 12 room unfurnished apartment Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash 01 call 1003. 23-ck-t Batteries 2 coniiortable hiHlrooins, private tath. Genlleinen preferred. Phone 70MV or J61. 7-ck-tf. i'ill Iradc good I93U Dodge Pick • m..: mini, umtiv ixtuuy luaiii. "1> '<"' livestock or will sell to All in eullivallon willi .one house.' eash. Ciene Bradbcrry, Dell. 15 per acre. 3-pk-H ERMS. Part, cash and balance on loiiB term payments. All three farms located nbont 4 miles north of Manila, near I'op- iu - Corner store. Sec Chnrlcs Jol- liit at Poplar corner store. I room house. Nice locution. 'Itli & IjUmerale. Cash preferred. Will ccmider terms. Call 193. G-pk-10 'or fa'alp. nice c room stucco residence located 512 N. First. Bargain, small down payment. Also 5135 SiiiBcr Comole electric sew- IIR mucliinc for SSI). Mahoyauy liuini; room suite SJ7.00. Call lad QUALITY SHOE SHOP. Complete 10 \'olume set of Slsn- dard Reference Books with loose tear binder. Cnll 239 or 792. 15-fn-fa MULES FOR SALE" DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Streamline COAL SC.25 & up per -TON. Washed and Kim Xnmtlia Phone 47 •1AT/KRT SERVICE J. Ben Cltine 8 at Tom ilntfunn ATiiiounccnient Piirjiishcd house on Holly. Call Mrs. a. S. Sternuerg at 984. 12-ck-U Repairing CHrn repairs. Guaranteed v/ork. K ' BI. Damon. 31S E. Main. EAGLE" STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 CIifchasBwlia Vlionc TO Personal 'Wanted GIRLS: increase your income by learning a profession that afford ceuslant cmoloymcnl. En roll now, in the Beauty Culture .Cil/is'cs starting Jan. 3rd at the Katie School of Beauty Culture Cooper Bldj. Walnut & Second ^H.'.UI'.' .[I f in full swing. Visit our .. :( , B|;J r.ud let U 5 meet you and show you t for Arkill1S!1B :,„,, ML 4 ollri ouv school. We will ba glad loj live full details. Eagle School 'of! ncatity Culture. Coopar Bid;:.. 2nd) >t Walnut, Blytlicviils, Ark. Phone 319. Our clns-ftK in Brai'tv Cii.'!nre- .ire WALLPAPER ew 1938 patterns. :Cio« prices ARK-MO LUMBER CO. For Country Style PORK IIKAI) CIIISKSU AND Kills, loin, Tcndpr- Sliouldi'rs. I'ure J,unl. —Prepared Uy— AM Expert German Butcher and insjicclcd mill p;issfil by former XJnilci! States Vark- 111^ House Inspector. Drive Out iiiitl S;ivu Delivery Cliiir!(js DEE'S PORK HOUSE Mule Helj) Wan led „.... MAN The black swallower, n lish ut , hi- Atliintle ditnllix. 1ms an clii.sllc ,, . . jMoumcli and often swidlowu Ilsli loi roll,;,- roiiti- Up i,, Sir, „„.(,,, Us s , si,,,,,!,)^ ik Blom . wrk Antomubile »:iven U! ,i,, dl , 0 | VmlsilllVlMK1 j, Write Al'Ji'i'l. Mills, ,li;!n | Yiunii'.uilli, Cluclliniili, Ohio. :m»s al lime «l birth, l''KEK INSTRUCTIONS In i.ati'»il Styles Knitting "HWIN.VI" JCNJ'JTJNCS VAJIN!> Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1100 Cliickusawbu 1'lionu 'I'M GENUINE . Washed (loctl Is I In- CHEAPEST COAL (•'or the Money NM slaii 1 , voi-k, sul]'!iur bulls FARM POWER UNITS IJH-hl I'lmil ]]() Volt — 300(1 WnU J'OWEK itll> SAW Second lliind Safes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. KM) N». Seniml St. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joo Isaacs' Storo "WE MAKK 'KM. SEE" PI 10110 640 I'lX'jlIIVCll ill lllO m o (I o r u mul plant in (he world. HH)St largain Lee Motor Sales, INC. J. C. EVANS IJOX 001 Illyllicvllle, Ark. Jtislrlot ManiiKCr HAMILTON TKUST HINII Siwiuored ]ly lliunlltun Ucixxsilon Cor|). & 1'cndcr Come i/i ami see Us J'l'c Motor Slllcs, Itic 1 , 1'fi'stoini Heaters Defrosters Harvey Rtewart Dr. P. A. ijoiiinson STIiWART-ROBINSON Kuccc«ds City Drnj Slot* We Speclullae in Mccilcliial wine & Liquors SOW W. Main phono 20 EI.KCTKIO & ACETH^NE WELDING AT BEST PRICK) I'nOMPT 8EKV1CE Barksdalc Mfg. Co, 1'HONE Ifl FARM LOANS' 1500 nnd Up Artaiisiis and Mlisonrl Lnwckl rates—luivtst ripeixsc Also ulty properties HUN H. KASSEK8IAN Land Co, Ofllco P. 0. Box 41Q, Phono 527. l!>r> Chcv. I'leX-up ....... •I»;H Vurd t'Oiiuli cuiiil tires l():<li Vhrv. IHeli-nii, Ear-Oorn -WfliTEO- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. W. 0. Hem's, Aj;cnt Hlylhcvillc, Ark. 1'lionu 555 Now locked at 101 Noil], Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAIUIS, Propriety 41) makM at J(oliult( TyiicwrUw,, Adding Macliliicn an( Calculnlors—Kcjialrlnff—5'ari (n HI! • MAI.AKIAI, CHILLS and FEVBll rani early hcariiiR |Wi:«u n:'<l ' SWASTP FEVUK —AGUE FEVE1! fviiil treen now. Catalog free, i M All Klrby Drnj Btoiei Bass Pecan Co., Lumberton. Miss.' ~ Dinosaurs died out ht^au:^ they j had a brjiiii :,o small that i'- I : H1VET HEDGE to transplnnl v,fig!:«i only a fee; ounces, and no\v. Must be reasonable in price. they were unable t-j cope willi' Mrs. Samuel L'rainirr f \ •Pride Add., Old Spitc i'hiec To j'usis Slide Inspcc'tion SUPERIOR COAL CO Phone 700 Turn south olf Hi|;li\v;iy 111 (c gravel TON! between Lost Hoy Grocery anil Hobinson Mlling Station, then 2 Wucks smith. 20 COBB FUNERAL HOME *»* ALLEY 001 WELL Ai.l, AliOAKD—UliT THE WHO SftIP AMVTHIM& " UMFW.-VOU SIT MERE AK1DT1LG1T.UP FRONT AMD DRIVE- AMD OH»V£H-OOOLA, x"^ ^ FIND VC-ESELP '/THAMV> A PLACE BACK/^OU SO = THERE. MUCH-SO THAT TH' DANGEST CONTRAPT(ON VOU t UWPA, MV PEAR- WHATPO'VATHWKOF .THIS? CLASS, EH? S AID v , IT-AN 1 1 WON1Y. IT UM- X SEE IT MY GOOME5S, V6S! THIS is TB' STUFF; SUPER PEELOOKS.' 61DDAP, POOKY.' . proved school inecting all require Kirhv's TaslcTess j Contains More Rrcotnmenrfptt Tiealmont for Ouininc—Mnrc Irot BOOTS AND HE1J KOMKTJHNCT NKW ME MORt A&OOT Ov\, BMW... I FOR6OT '. DO Wanted To Buy F. Morris. Call i between 8:30 am! 0:30 a.m. Doing a Whale of a Job . ~ . t * WASH TUBBH V<m CAN'T m.AMK you rev TO FREE HILL. I DARE VO'J TO.' I DOUBLE-DOG DARE 'DARE'S ACCEPTEOT\ VOU FOOL! THEVIL KILL VOU! /M-I w MEM .GUARDING HEP. - THEY'LL SHOOT ^ NQ, NO! IT'5 SUICIDE. T DON'T \VA,MTYOU TO BE KILL ED, .LISTEN, DARLING, I'LL GO YOU W.&TCH THIS OAfAE PODMER, .\NDTl.L BEVERLY. FRECKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDK MOTHKR OF -^'VKiN'J'ION NECESSITY. THI-: LAUD SAKES ALiVE ! OWE OF I VEP.Y BET.3T UWEW TABLE CLOTHES /-L'_ HACkt-D ID 'PIECES ! HOVJ iw T^E: WORLD DID THAT HAPPEW •? _/ /, DO YOU MEASf STAWD THERE 1HLL I/IE A SMALL IWFAWT LIKE BUTCH COULD SW1P A PERFECT S^UAPE CUT OF A TABLECLOTH V/ELL ....HE WAS (WD1RE.CTLY 'RESPOW- SIBLE.' YOU SEE., MOM., THE MADIJ'T COME BACK YET^ AWE> :|T WAS JUST AMOTHER -CASE: OF SUPPLY AMD DEMAND .' WELL, I GUESS WE'LL HAVE 7O BLAME (T ON BUTCH. has lost much of its romanc tcieiUifnalls conducted no and hazard:;. 'Salt It ranks as 0:10 of the ino:,t thrilling ot industries. Il.irpooner.i have to chase whales lor days, frequently, belorc •!«.<ins their catch. But Iherc'.s nhvays lhat exciting mcmcnt when qur.rry oilers hlm.'cK as a lair target tor the harpoon. Then have a .scene liks Hint pictured above as a Kamchatka wiiaicr makes c strike. The leviathan spouts 'spray like a threshes the water in its death tliroes.

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