The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1034 BLYTHEVtUJB, (ARK.) COUBIEB PAGE THREE Big Plant Busiest It Has Been Since 1930 Citv hh-desl Hit By De- nrcssion Shows Some Signs oi R<--overy. _ the Blue 'llik is the first »f < (n 'America Under Rieli'" a «rrlfs written exclusive- li- for The Courier News anil other NKA Service ncwriapers after a \ Jim-mile inurnev of survey lo tlie | cation's principal centers of no""- tolicn slmwlnr tbe situation after six months' operallnn of tbe rc- H:\erv program. * * • BV WI1.US THOnSTOX . NEA Strvlre Staff Correspondent | Six monihs of the recovery pro- oriim are history. " what hive they done for Amelia-arid to her? I just have returned from a SKO-mile Journey, taken with the sole purpose of getting answers to that ouestion. 1 sropned in Library Has Autographed Boob of Six Presidents Sued for Million roriTs treat River Houge plani is now turniii'j out i!ie largest. pr'Jiluction since 1930; Deccn\bcr .sales operations at last in the black. Other Detroit motor plants report similarly, giving ho|.e to a dty that wi.s '""^ CARUTHERSV1I.LE. Mo, —Mrs. Zulu FBwIki-s. librnrliin of Ihe Cn- viilhorsvllle Public Library, )ias re- 1 reived n book written !>>• Picsldem I Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On the lly-lenf lie wrote: '"lo (lie CimillUTSvilli' Public LII brary on Its venlli anniversary from I Franklin 1J. Hooseroll." book's title Is "Wlilthor Hound." Mrs. Fowikes hm secured six ! ; autographed books frcm preslclonls of Ihc Ui)"cd .Stales. '1'liey arc: Hoover—Ainerlcmi Individualism. Caolidgu—Have Filth In Massachusetts. Harding—ne-lcdlcnllng America. Wilson—George Washington. Hooti'vcll—liooklovfrs Holiday In the Oi>en. In I ho spring. Mrs. FowHtos rc.- rclvcil nil autographed elclwO p?.o- tugrnjili from Mrs. Benjamin Har: ri^on uf lier hu.sbiiml. which was : made during his term In Hie White I lions?. Anutlier of the library collection an usilcgriiulictl took from an almrM prt'.sldi'iil." Willlnui Jen- lsius liryiin. Ul!«l "In Illft Image." new gold policy, after all. George a dozen key cities. I Feehan. foreign trade expert of the Board of •Manufacturers . to !iter:.|iv hundreds nf business mer. NRA leaders, bank- Commerce, are very eial who heads compliance lor Michigan. His offices, ironically says, enough, occupy space in a Rreat much. downtown office buildinj; once 1933. Now the Hia nifrce estimates it again. almost back to the ].eak. This rise has helped keep rclicl il of <•'<>"'- TIlC.V Defend Tal)!t at ^.Wi:i^4 • TiMllirc 1CIIIKS I rolls In full <Ic.'/.:ile Hiring at the ! New England Hen Is Hitch-Hiker RBADROOK. N. II. (UP)—A new answer to ihe old riddle. "Why dots ii hen cross the road," has cropped up here. Clarence Souther suggests thai maybe lliu hen docs not cro-.s the loud at all, bui merely . inlo tj'e road lo thumb a ride. S'.cpplns; his automobile at n filling station lo replenish his fuel siipu'.y, Souther was startled by a Under oi wings. Out from under the car pop|Kd n hen. Perched on the brake rod of the automobile, | it had ridden several miles. American Seized As Spy in Paris and down before a downtown res- You mi°ht fe that in nnv t citv. But in Detroit you see will- a difference. A great si Irs niaEtered wcr the front of Oil restaurant. It is the employers PI>SW«- in th» same medium, to the <i*ns carried bv the nickels: "These picketing racketeers are unknown to u*. We have no f.'rik*. These neonte never worked for us, could not work for us. They are us'n? NRA emblem to mislead the neople." Strutsle for Weeks This petty' little row would mean nothing if it were not typical also of mnnv bieger employers in I his retary of hint: (\<~. less '!scales We would like to see a lit-. • of this rruitrij , RM _ a — less of i —.' The employment of me name-calling . Thn kill^ am] tjlieeil of (able I However, the total value of farm : ( r . ]ln j s . j| mlll> . jacnliKim, Icti, of ,v.-,«icrons in the stale increased 37 per; v, MV v 0 rk and U>KSF* IMnvis ''' 'Torv" -ind 'chiseler.' and 'baloney., lT™r?l,r£o£f ^ Vr0 S; ! DrtJSlt' n wa! Il on owl "orf came !«'.ner farmers,^sig,,eu J^ i cent over 1932 and 1 tlie 20 per cent | n ..^ i'i ; ,im-s - - - • wheat j reduction agreements will receive | 111., .will -iirly in Jalniaiy. lilies in Clil- ma oui -in: v ^"^"- "•• , .Jus; in lime for Detroit whose re reduction agreements «]ii icctnc i •]•]„, lw<1 Wlin ( |, fl ( r ( [H OK 1,1 t:iil- money question is a probem, lo ^ n time i« uetrai noa ( re half mU|ton Unde , ( _ ( ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ be worked out sanely and accurate-, ^ ^^ " be _!sam. That ought to help. ; :ill ,.„„,.,,, in ,, IO lliltlwll ,i ,0,,. ly almost like an equation in al - |gan _' Wayne COUI J ty spent s23M .Ooa Auio Production Gams ^ nanient in Cluvclant. pebra." -f rtv ^ Q !^,r i~ M/M. 0 mV^r ^,^ onr-n Rni flnrin" ihe holidav season- gebra.' 1'rm hear manv misiness leaders Inot r <ir quotation) express real resentment of General Johnion-b talk "blu«lerins" and Detroit as "bullvinj;." They holiday season greatly. A Bay since Oct. 0. The city's relief bill, City paper showed by a survey, I for Hie year may approach $20,- • that there was mere money there for relief • new families went er, and 9000 But during Ihe on the rolls business improved to i:;c Soviet I'assiiorl | SAN FRANCISCO lUP) — Mrs. .' ~ i Alexandria Anasla^oxna Semeno- • i, U n C |,cun wnBii't nil tliat was | MI was the first person to visit 8crV(! ,i lo Mm. Alice Kleilmaun ! San Francisco on n passport Is- (above) an slio iliucil at tlie j tiled lo a RUFSian citizen by the swanky Colony lleataurnnt United Slates since recognition of New York's I'nrk Avenue. The ;hc Soviet government extra Hem not on tbo menu was . o suit for $1,000,000. H was tli6 Owns Window Shutter Cane I summons ami complaint of Mrs. FALMOUTH MiL r d (UP)—W ', i Margaret Stafford, wbo wants th« Eurch 'lias a -ans made from n: money because elio says Mr.. vindov.- shutter tl:?.t was v.ashed . Kleitmniin slolo her husband s af- c?hore Irom th'-' v/ieeked steamer Accused as a spy by tlie Preach yovcriiment, Robert Cordoa Swllz, above, Ea«t Oraog«, N. J, aviator, la held prisoner In Parli with bla wife and eight other aunpecta. Military doctimen'j o( great Importance vera >«Uitl when the arrests wer* made, •utliorliles claimed, labeling tb« capture the greattit spy «po- nn la rwwit ycaii. ! 000,000. j Many Jay "that rough stuff won't s° ihave here." and that NRA must have mnre calm anrl rational leadership to succeed. nirirnltar of the open shop. But ^ ng ered by Coercion Talk U is tvplcn!. ^ ^ ! one business mon with wide rontacts in the industrial world T".»ide. rhc nrr-.nrietor tells youj jnrli.Tgntlv. ''Thev a r e tr^'inp to vnioni's u-' bv force!" So whenever the. nic.ket-v anoear. out come ..ihe prourieior'4 «l»ns...or, ,-.sQme; tir"cs his own pickets. When the picketers withdraw, down come old or older, Detroit ho|»s for a far bigger year in 1034. It would j Cily of Portland, In a s'.orn) jat Christmas time than there had " e ™ ;le '- 00 **>"• }•'• ' ms people are supposed to been in December, 1929. ;. NfjXT: Chleaw lifts Itself byj ^re on the welfare" be-1 And 1034 auto production Is. Us bootstraps to a position ap- cause they had heard CWA jobs Belling in swing. Detroit and iirojimatinj prosperity. . would be given to welfare depend- i Michigan are all geared up to enis only. I make and sell more ruilos than for Population Rises Again I several years. People have been drifting back | This .year's 2,000,000 uiiil broko up a bappy married life lliat Lad lasted 17 Is This Too Good For Youi- Cough? Crcomulsion may be a better help than you need. It combines t-vven major helps in one—the best helps known lo science. It Is made lor quick relief, for safety. Mild coughs often yield to lesser helps. No one cnn tell. No one knows which factor will do most for any certain cough. So careful people, more and more, are using Crcomulsion for nny cough that ttarts. The cost is a little more than a s'i;gle help. But your druggist guarantees It. so il costs nothing if it falls to bring you quick icllef. Coughs are danger signals. for safety's sake, deal with them n> tho best way known. —Adv. E C'hiikrn Cr.r.vs Yielded S20.:"il) ANT1OCH. Cal. lUPl — Two live cars was chickens purchased from n poifl- Liquor IVic'.-; Aid Canada | BUFFALO. N. V lUP) — High I pricc.s of liijuor here have driven t 'rale Into Canada, it was revealed. here recently. It was disclosed : Overtaxed by llin.l lialfic on the Pence Bridge, ' speak ing, sing- , ,„,... the sinns. One pick,.,.„ curries the legend: "T worked for this restaurant 9 vcars. ^ davs T v.ftk 13 hours a dav as chef. ' Who is rfeht? I can't tell. The Comnliance Board found no NTJA violation. The silent slrusglc of rival pickets had gone on for eight weeks when I saw it. But business, I noticed, wos fairly brisk inside the reslaurant. It is this bitter sirucule between the open shop and collective bargaining timt makes the NRA a - here told me. "We are a little an- | (alien from 1.568.W2 in 1930 to r.oyed because we as employers' 1^1,300 (estimated) in July, nre chaiged with coercing employ-I - e*j r frorri joining unions,"'yet any i -~ - ' ouliide agitator can come in here | and coerce with a lead nine nien-r who really want to work." Chairman Abuer E. Larncd to nt | ro s population had j nearly twice the production of- try market by Mrs. William Daley HUSKY THROATS tcnncctlng Buffalo with Fort Erle.i 1932. And because nearly half the viclded S20.50 in gold i aulos in the country are five years when killed and di-LtacJ. eU'Ont.. has IncrcuseJ from 200 to' | 21X1 per cent since repeal. FOR SALE 30 Acres, all In CalUvatlon, in •;i-bt of Bljtheviile. ,$1,6S»— $450 cash, balance 24 .irmual pajmenls, 6% Interest. THOMAS LAND CO. of ! the regional labor board under • NRA says his board has helped; settle 80 strikes hereabouts since | NRA. Most of these involved al-' Itoed discrimination against men, who joined a union 'and were! fired. ' i These cases are hard • to judge, j Lamed told me of one case where ' eight union men were fired at one i plant. Yet the plant proved from j its records that 12.000 men hnd KJlllLJ]^ L V ,.V - . . n lib luUOIUi liltll l^.vw llll.ll nuu . particular point of friction in ue- ^ e]j laid Q{f at )he same (jme So | Clash Bitter Over Unions The merchants like NRA, for Iheir business volume has increased. Bui the motor manufacturers 'forced through, until next September, extension of their "merit clause" in the auto coae. which permit'; Ihem to hire and fire employes \yilhout regard lo union membership. So the rumor and rumble cf labor troubles hangs heavy over Det'ol' for ihe new year. And that is unfortunate, for tbe auto capital is "shootmr Ihe works" on 1934. Municipally bankrupt, haunted by a dreadful hankiiur mess, facing a stagger•n? relief program whicb even the CWA jobs have not ended. Detroit simply must fa well production in it was pretty hard lo prove dis- • crimination against the eight tin- j ion men. . ! No Complaint on Ford | "We have found no company j which has refused to live up to' the labor provisions of the code.: and we have not had a single com- ' plaint of any kind against Henry; Ford," Larned told me. "Before; yon crilicize NRA, go back to the situation jtist before it went into effect: The complete paralysis of. business, the unemployed. the! breadlines, the bank failures, the utter lack of constructive plans | ffom Ihe so-called leaders of fin- : ance. | "It Is unfair lo judge NRA yet.: I but you can't get around the dls- ' tinct benefits, the thousands lifted ; I out of a condition of starvation . wages, and the elimination of • It adds something to the Taste and makes them Milder above 1933 auto 1931 nr face a crisis. { rl ii, ]O us competition." It is a city where discussion , How abflut ^piDj.,,,,.,,^ Come r< "WJiitl money" is almost o\er- (n (|)e off|ce nf A } narnard rhadcwe<l by the local problem ot i i) c p artrntn t of Commerce of fi- "sound rcrip." Serin has even been; — counterfeited widely. Up to now,| B tax collections have kepi scrip — sound by redeeming it in money when due. Crisis on Way But bv next .lulv there may be S24 500.000 in scrip outstandmg- pnrt the haunlinst problem here is: will lax collections enable Ihe city to redeem it? Nevertheless, you hear much talk about money. Here Detroit has a divided allegiance. Us business leaders are nalurally conservative, inclining to old-fashioned "sound money." Bui with depreciation of me dollar abroad. Detroit awoke one mornln? to find signs of life in lls export trade, which was almost dead. And tills city manufactures more goods for expor than any other. Burlness Gels Better One by one. foreien markets liki Australia were finding that cheap Ameiican dollars enabled them ti buy American cars. Such compan les as General Motors and Chrvs ler reported big increases in for eign sales, and one important a producer sees on Increase of per cent I" cxporl sales. Merchants, who had a Christina business IS per cent better tha last year's, also saw an Incrcasi in retail trade coming across fron tlie border cities of Canada be cause of the new exchange rate, \ So Detroit hesitates, thinks ther -l may be something for her in In Be sore to ask for a ladles Btriht, day Almanac before they are » n: gone. At yonr nearest drag store, 1 Correct calculations and »lmu»c facts for 1534. Weather forecasts, j It tbe d[U(tlif> »»!; Il »b>nfttd ttttu T» tet onr, itille lo Tbc CbttUnKH' ; Medicine Co.. CbKlUio«Ka, TtD9. GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 7t Craig's Dairy Modern slorage warehouse, for Chesterfield lobocco EUROPEAN WINE CEUAR OMETHING like the method of ageing fine wines is used in ageing and mellowing the tobaccos for Chesterfield cigarettes. Tlie picture you see here was taken inside one of onr modern storage warehouses where the tobaccos for Chesterfield are put away. There are about four and one-half . miles of these Liggett & Myers warehouses filled with thousands of casks of Domestic and Turkish tobaccos, most of it lying there ageing and mellowing for .Chesterfield cigarettes. It takes-just about three years to age the tobacco for your Chesterfields. Everything that money can buy and that science knotvs about that can make n cigarette that's milder, a cigarette that tastes better, is used in making Chesterfields. the cigarette that's MILDER • the cigarette that TASTES BETTER , li«m * MYTH (to.

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