The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTI1EA ST AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUKI |(M&EBfflON VOL. XXVIII—NO. 5 Blytheville Courier, Bljthevllo Daily News, . Blythevllia Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BMTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, MARCH !M. lOlil SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS POLICEMEN SCORE Get $20,000 Cash from Bank at Carthage, Tenn. . i i CARTHAGE, Tenn., Mar. 24 <UI')—Robbers this morning burn-j ed their way into the Smith Conn- 1 . ' ty bunk vault, scooped up $20.000, j j and lied In a Ford sedan just be-! i for,? daylight, heading toward, j Nashville, i Officers here who said that two! a tall one and a short, wide--. LttMTTD Careless Handling of 1201 "houldcrcd companion, were seen Tons of Powder Caused I 1 ,? 1 Blast Is Charge. n; George Greb, Head of Can- BY .IOIIN' T. MEANKY United 1'rcss Correspondent ST. JOHNS. N. F., March 24. (UP)--The tragic story of t!:c sealing steamer Viking, blown apart by the terrific detonation of 120 tons of (KHvder in ihe icy wastes off Newfoundland was told loday for thu first time when ihe rescue ship Sngona reached here with 29 mutilated survivors. It was revealed that Varlck Frissell, Nc'.v York explorer, and Arthur E. Penrod, his companion, probably \vcie blown [o pieces with the ship. It was charged by the suircrlng survivors that the deadly cargo of powder was handled with exlreme carelessness, unguarded, spilled on the floor, and exposed to the hazards of light and men smoking. It was revealed even nt ihe moment of the disaster Prissell. concerned at the danger of the exposed Iw.Yder, was lettering a sign. "Powder—Danger" to place on the door of the magazine. Came at Prayer Sen-ice Henry J. Sargent. Bostorj. the American survivor of Frissel's expedition to take motion pictures oi the sealers al work, told how he was silting in the cabin with Frissell and Penrod when the explosion occurred. "I never saw either again." Sar- gcant said sadly. It was a dramatic tale of suffering and heroism in the cruel Ice j of the ncrth that the survivors ' brought back. They told how they were concluding an Informal Sunday evening prayer .and hymn serr vice'when as '.ne words of "NeareV MV God to Thee" faded away the lerrifllc blaM tore out the aft part ot the ship and left them to scramble en tne cpev. ice. W. G. Johnson, master of the watch, talked. freely of the conditions to which he attributed the explosion. Smoked in Powder Room "The ship was blown up by the explosion of the powder magazine," Johnson said. '-There is not the least doubt of that. The wonder Is it was not blown up before. on jht be the! same who robbed the Centennial ; br.inch, American National bank, i Nashville, early y«lcrday. Discov-! ning LomDany, Tells Plans for Season. Or[mtc(t normal weather condi- "Step Right Up, Gentlemen!" ery of the robbery was made by tlo - ' (hc rjivlhevllle Canning corn- Clarence Payne, negro janltov who- i wl| , p ac!t nnd markcl be- occned the building this morning.; twten $275,000 anx i $325.000 worll j of green beans this year. George W. ' Greb, president and manager, told the Blythevillo Lions club at the Hotel Noble today. Mr. Greb said that approximately 62 per cent of the company's gross revenue from "Beat Thai, Arkansasl";j Nevada's Cry as InvitationJ] Is Extended. BY I'HII.ll' J. SISNOTT NKA Srrvlie Writer (Copyright. lOlil, NBA Service, Inc.) RENO, Nev.—"Beat that, Arkan sas!" With almost al! forms of gambling legalized and divorce requirements softened to palnlessncss and secnecy guaranteed • Nevada—and particularly Reno, with lls $5.000,the sale of canned beans remained I ooo-a-year divorce Industry—now In the community, indicating that! i n , r ] 5 this challenge to the slate j the year's operations will add about i that sought to capture Us profit. $185.000 to the wealth of Blythe| ville and Mississippi county. Approximately 900 acres of beans Masked Bandits .„._.,....„.,., Third Bank RobbeiV at win'bc planted'under contract wliii the canning company in March, ... . T -v the cannng company n arc, MlSSOliri lo\Vn in Year. , Apr u and May, Mr..Oreh said, with I an additional 500 acres or more ST. CHARLES. Mo.. March 24.' scheduled for July and August (UP)- -Four masked men, dressed ! planting If market conditions jus- as farmers, held up and robbed ttie | tify it. This will insure capacity People's Bank of $15,000 here to- j operation until well Into October, day. The bandits escaped toward • except for a brief period In mld- St. Louis in an auto driven by fifth man. It was the second bank robbery I here in two months and the third ' local plant, Mr. Greb said that in a year The bandits used exact- i when he came here In mid-summer, ly the same methods used once be- | 1029. he four.d two problems, first summer. Farmers Sold on Crop Recounting the history of the fore. They hid in the bank until j t! the janitor arrived, held .him cap- *" live, awaited the arrival of a bank official and then forced him lo open acceptance of the Blytheville pro- ab'.e business of rendering solace for material or marllal woes. . Al almost the same time It passed a law cutting divorce dencc requirements from 00 to six weeks—and thereby eclipsing Arkansas, which had dared to enact a 80-day law—the Nevada Legislature passed a measure legalizing gambling. Governor Fred n. Balzan signed it, and it became' effective at once. Legal—But Not New : -Now the clink of croupier-raked coins, the metallic jingle of the slot, machine, the ballyhoo of the chuck? a-luck gamekeeper, the soft click oj poker chips and the blatant "Hit me!" challenge of the beans were a profitable crop for j <*a!er are legal sounds In Nevada, them, and second that of obtaining! Bui they aren't, new to Ncvadam, vault Bank Robbers Sought by Birmingham Police u though legal. duct in the important markets' I" 1«° Nevada outlawed of the middle west as a high qunl- j "»»*• vBut ' ar a nu 2* r °ty™** »„ «„. ~f ,,^ c th"e has been gambling all over ity line of goods, i Both difficulties have been overcome. Despite last summer's drouth beans have been so generally profitable to the .growers - that this gambling the state. Reno prohibited roulette S35.000' a" year Iti —but collected able "Gambling Is illegal, but our PNH State Bank and robb;d one of the j Leading Jobbers of canned- goods: ,..«., Avondale Mills stores nt Sylocauga j have had a prejudice against the] So m ^ , ablK and M . machlltts last night, obtaining, about 85,000] output of. Arkansas and Missouri| in cash. The towns are a short dls- j canning factories, due to the pre- ance from here. 90 Per Cent Advance on Cotton to End April 15 The pool under which the Mld- | South Cotton Growers association 'It"was criminal' carelessness on | has been making 90 per cent ad- the part of those responsible for t vances on cotton delivered by mcm- the powder and the magazine. A j bers will be closed April 15. accord- few hours before the explosion 11 ing to information received here had warned the boatswain against | today by C. G. Smith. Mid-South " nalt nunlly gets money;'the county :e the rest. or fully ar.d many other points. Plan 3,500,000 Cans The anticipated output of the danger of the powder In the 25 pound sheet iron kegs. 120 tons of it thrown carelessly into the maga- director, from C. G. Henry, general manager of the association. press notices that the 90 per cent & j punchers mixed with business men thej 500.000 number two cans of beans.' and society women. But the pic ture isn't new In Nevada. . These here. t reure teulvahnt Right now, there are and no lesj Old Resort: The Bank -Palace Club, "Crew members had free access advance would end April 1 were in .i^.s'j.s.jrsi !rj.™« =.=,!"«;= »-,—».— « r - sv-jsvjS^aHS houses, just legalized bv around a chuck-a-luck board OSCEOLA. Ark.; Mnrcl i Claim Superior Officers HaiKlic?,')ped Efforts al Law Enforcement. Hii'st Promises Early Announcement of S'.ate School Relief Program. LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 24 (UP) — Plans for providing payment of hundreds ot thousand. 1 ; of dollars owing Arkansas school teachers in back salaries and for meeting Immediate needs If the slate^educational system 'are , nearlng>_com.- pleticn, C. M. Hirst, "state aupcruv ,] Undent of public Instruction, told the United Press today. Hirst said fao plan under advisement would afford immediate relief to the depressed financial condition now harassing public schools of the slate and that legal, red tape would be put aside to meet Ihe emergency. • " Developments now under way cause this department to be optimistic as to the outcome, "Hirst said "The school reccdlficatlon bill Is now awaiting the governor 1 !; and will go a long way on In our work until signature to take June." The measure before the chief executive would call for Issuance of stntj bonds to aid rural consolidated school district building pro-j grams. fiT Man Kills' Woman, Turns Gun on Himself Following Quarrel. Friction within the city polU; dc' partition, rumors of which have ' been growing steadily more inslst: mil, broke Into the open today with . ;a statement by Mayor.Nelll lUea I thai Raymond Eemar and Thur- 1 mini Atkins, night officers. wcre : j discharged luto yesterday "lor In; subordination and for tha b:st In- . tcrcst of the public." The cx-offlcers countered with I charges thct "r.ur efforts to pcr- ; form our- duties" In enforcing tha laws have r.iet with constant discouragement from the chief of police and Mayor Reed." Asked lo Itcslgn Muynr R»ed refused lo comment-, en the discharge of the officers' furlhcr than lo say that their services for the past several months had been unsatisfactory. Mr. Hmnar stated today that .be had been given ati opportunity to rcslirp by tho mayor after'lip. had inf"..ied Mr. Reed thai he »i_s ' a>- nsl h'm and his chief of po- • 1' In r.c coming election." Ths If- i'pr . -r declared that he re- •:' . fu;<.> .. 'inse I hod clone my duty ^; , ns b?fit I could during the 20 months . ; 11 served on the force, handicappo:!- as v;e were by a chief of police.who tied our hands." The next n!«ht ^ ; (Monrtav), the officer said, he was •?. called lulo Ihe chief's office an'l : • j "fired" by the mayor . , '-.': (•••"I told the mayor that If I was i fired I would rathor It would be ! done before the council and police ;. : 4 commission and the : mayor slid •;. i that the counril didn't have any- "'. • thing to do with It—that -h= was • ••vrunnins that end of It, A few mm- -.' •• -'i!f?s 'intrr'Atklnt was .discharged."-"-: At Ouls FolificJlly Bomar continued: "Mayor Reed • :' told me he had heard I was ngalnst .him In the coming election' and asked'me If It was true'. I told htm It was and that I was 'a-'n.lnst him and his chief of police and. to'.d him why. He asked me If ho changed his chief would that change my opinion and I told him it would not. I said that win, lose, or draw, if : Gus Goodwin remained chief of , A 1 f : l 1D " c e two more years I didn't \vant at USCeola tor any job under him and that what fmm tiom ning season to pack the crop. to the powder room. I saw broken j error, but that the pool would be I T 110 speaker said that a kces and powder leaking out. I dosed April IB. He said that after P?'S n now . llnder *'"? bv "lien with lighted pipes were j Apr ii 15 the Mid-South probably ^'f^J 3 ™^ """•"""' moving carelessly about. Oil stoves] ^-m. no t advance more than 05 or "~"° were burning close by and lamps 173 y> T cen t. were lighted , ,. nt i Wliile Ben Phillips, manager of ",'!! f m ,h ° n ?•* staUment 1 the Mid-South's local office has %?chola S Roache, i«h.«-.n- s shin-18°™ «° Memphis for the summer. in co ! pools. Its proprletors-rJIm McKay, have a crew of men rushing con, operation with the canning com- s ruc(ll ° n ° f . a . "f*- quarters on nanv tr> arnuaint BlvLlipvlllp nnrt strect level lnstea<1 0[ the P^cnt ««« But «** thc ™'°" county people with the meeting excellent results, and that he hop- the time was not far off when °' hcy '° pl ™ . ™* no ~ In Reno, additions gambling true of other re- RIcCabe Gains Steadily Despite Bullet in Heart LITTLE HOCK, March 24. (UP) —W. U. McCabe, state representative from Baxter county, who was seriously wounded Will Meet at Memphis to Plan River Program ! Siationmaster at Qulin sorts. Out at the- Willows Club, where HOT SPRINGS. Ark., (UP)—Mrs. Ode Lancaster, dfad. and Lee \Vavcaslcr. convict, was near death loday following n shooting here last night. Waycaster shot the woman and then turned the gun on himself. Mrs.- Sallle Shepherd, the dead woman's mother, told police ter and her daughter quarreled several days ago and that he threatened Mrs. Lancaster with a knife. ... „ ... - - Officers were called and Way- West Utilities company to be held j caster was warned to stay away. Power Company Will Compete Tonight Fcur employes of the Arkansas- Missouri Power company will enter the preliminary of a national public tpcaklng contest of the Middle :h 2-1— Forrest "One nound" Chlshoim was convicted by a jury In criminal time I had served under his chl?t had been entirely unsatisfactory: He asked me If Pah-field (Reed's opponent in Ihe coming election! had promised me anvthln;, and I told the mayor he hadri't." Making the charge that "certain at the Hotel Noble tonight. Mrs- Shepherd said Waycaster re- court here yesterday and sentenced elements are flourishing under proto two years in the state pcnlten- tcctlon," Bomar and Atkins de-. llary for burglary and m\e year for clarcd that" members of the force grand larceny. He was found guilty were Instructed several months ajo of the theft of merchandise In- following three successful, raids on eluding a quantity of entireties tillered bootleg joints, that all raids and tobacco frcm the express of- In the future would be directed-by ficc at the Frisco'depct in Liisor.i. the chief. "SincD that time." ths", He wns represented by Alexander ex-officers added, "we have ma:h and Cconer of Btythevlltc and J. T. only a few minor raids." Coston of Oscoola, who arc also B)11 Hlcks formcr taxl operSto y-. of nnpcarlng In court today In the h fc ^,'moiited to flU or- rlofmie,, rxr UniiV H..ll n ,l^ „-!,„ ..•-,,. . "" 5 CC -" "PPO'-HCa lo nj.OH. Miss Alberta Ross. Miss Eunice, t, lr , 1( .,| !HH night and asked her defense of Monk Rutledgc. who was ,, , „ , ,,,, ,, t , ^ Jenkins and C. V-_Sebough. of tho; daughter for his E un. He left the lnd i catc(1 ; oln , iv wltli Chlsholra "' c va " nc!cs causcti b > the d: =, those who desire quiet swank with self with Pistol their gaming, roulette long has cliarge of the two officers, Mayor CAMPBELL, Mo.—S. G. Hunt- present variety of games for their MEMPHIS, M»rch 24. (UP)— singer. Frisco telegraph and sta- Consldcretlcn cf the program for tlon master at Qulin, 11 miles] in «''iin'viilnKn development of the Mississippi riv-1 northwest of here, committed sul- J^' hotel March 12. Is steadily Improv- j er from ^'^s'of ^ a Ji' e V i dde ! ate Sunday when h6 nrcd south and middle west here for a one day conference ot the Mis- expensively garbed clientele. Calneva. the famous resort near announced today. H. G. Lansdale, Atlanta, Ga.. salesman, is out on bond in connection with MtCabs's shooting pending outcome of the solon's condition. Lansdale faces charges of assault with intent to kill. head. Xath was Instantaneous. HuntsInger who for 20 years was telegraph operator at Campbell, sissippi Valley Association April 10, W. H. Herstern. president of the No reason could be' advanced for and will ma! enlargements this summer for San Francisco and northern California trade. This resort—last in the headlines through Clara Bow's ex- teiegrapn operator ai ^ampoen, Der r en ce—alwavs has been a ereat was transferred to Qulln recently.. ^vor^lthTa^iomlu . announced today. Check for $25,000 Found, in Alfred tingle's Pocket; of Commerce, i the suicide. ; Huntslnger was 57 years of age i and resided alone since the death [ of his wife several years ago. He I Is survived by two daughters, both T • o M i* i married and residing here. Lima UaiTlSOn mutiny . According to close friends Hunt-: ' | singer had been morose and de-, LIMA, Peru., March 24. (UP)—j spondent for several ays ar.d had] The Fifth regiment of the Lima ] remarked that he had "as soon 02 New Retorts Contemplated There Is talk ot many big new al offices, and F. O uaroner, 01 j h ou ,, nn d Mrs. Lancaster follow-. ond jj mm t,, ,i or » s f or t l;e depot """** "' l " e l " u "'"""• "">«' .mpbell. Mo, are trying for the i cd A sllot W03 nc!m ] Rn d the wo- burglary last December Rccd 5alci ' aml Ernest Rcc 's t=m- itrlct honors among men and • mari screamed. She died almost In-1 , - P-srlly fill-.nj the other post: - Appendicitis Attack j S a7nac f Alesaader Haynas • Fatal to Kennetl Man; { s '^jclim oi Paralysis women. The tvo winners will go to i s t an tly. Wayc'nsfer disappeared and Little Rock April 3, for the state; three more shots were feard. He I was found critically wounded. m-! contest. The orand prtes :or the natloi al winners will be SLOOO each for. u ... _ _.. _ „„,,. I the men and women and S500 for i Will Uftt Bids {OmOITOW j the second prize. j fln J^gg R oa( } p ro j ec t s ; o.—Funeral services street, at 2 o'clock this morning. Death followed a stroke of paraly- '' sis. ' • ' Funeral services will be held tcirxrrcw iiicrnint at 11 o'clock nt [Peru Government Quells CHICAGO, March 24. (UP)—Al-! garrison mutinied last night and I dead", frcd J. Llngle. Chicago Tribune re- j tried to capture the palace. Gov- portef. wore a diamond studded ; eminent forces restored complete j . belt buckle and carried a S25.000 control after four hours of street \ ArWOOQ to race Inftl check when killed last summer, Dr. i fighting In which It was estimated; Heiman N. Bundesen. Cook county]40 or more were killed. i coroner, testified today at Leo V. | ! Brothers trial on murder charges. meeting at the .Armory tonight; chairman.of UK> In Dell tOUrt ' om OrrOW. Bnudesen, the first witness, was called after the opening statements to Identify the slain reporter and revealed under cross examination T" \i i i r" Five Volunteer Firemen Max Anvood, local mechanic, trial before Justice'Mam at|^^fli^ta.."".J' the tf^tv\r\ffr\n- mnrnlnn f\n /inOT<JP< ... . - ° •-••" ported to be considering a Nevada jits quota "of 264. A membership approximately ICO fcot of brld,e.j, ?n(] one brothcri Owen location-but this Is yet to be con- campaign, In which R. N. Ware and ! between Joncsboro and HOM: »n. firmed by Jack. I Roscoe Crafton arc captains if rl- be received ^ How many of thest new resorts jval teams, will close a week from | ~~ will materialize is problematical.! today and will be followed by n I Operation Is hazardous to a limited I feed at which the losing team will ! bankroll. So many figure that after [entertain the winners. some frenzy, tha law of averages] _—— • T 1 IT 11 Lx i u tomorrow morning on charges in irUCK Upset; of'assault and battery and public : drunkenness. He 1s alleged to will simmer down to three or four blf? clubs In Reno, one or two in! other communities, and smaller Robert Edeson, Stage Agent to Be Called on Carpet that Llngle carried the check. Hj PHILADELPHIA, March 24. (UP) j havo'assaulted A. M. Tale, 60 year' games scatterc(1 't hrouRr i cigar! was tlu first time that point had! —Speeding to a fire last night a old farmer Sunday afternoon. ] stores and toolrooms ' ~~' been revelled. The belt was said i truck of the Malvern volunteer fire i to have been given Lingle by Al j company skidded and overturned. nnd turned over to townsnip au-, | zei? Cnpone. ' near Mslvern, killing five volunteer i thoritles for trial In Justice Oscar. -They'll run these Lewis Piquetl, defense attomey, firemen. Eleven others were Injur-! Alexander's court. His attorneys! ST. LOUIS, March 24. (UP)—A charges of "brutality r conduct as a prohibl- Ition agent" will be given Carol T. -Robert Edeson, 61, veteran of I Byrd. federal prohibition agent of r" 11 n- i Finally Finds Msn He Sought in Jail Memph's. Carl of Dyer Lexle of Reading, Pa., and ' two, Mrs. C. F. Cox of j this c;ty ar.d Mrs. E. S. Sisk of ; Mer.uhls. LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 24 (UP) — After Deputy Sheriff L. Thomason. Pine Bluff. Ark., had cominc- LEATHER S* ar Dies hearlng On Char ! CS Star, U16S on<1 | mproper ccndu ct Arwood v,-as arrested by police] And now that Eemb'ltne Is legal- stase and screcn ' dlcd hcre carl i' | Little Rock, next week, Ar.ios d turned over to township au- , | zed? K . l<xl»y at '« r a short Ulness. _ : Woodcock, federal prohibiti hibition ad- ARKANSAS— Fair, cooler, probed hitr.s;!f that Ralph Austin was ably fro;; tonight ; Wednesday fair. not In town, h; went info police Iroadquartcrs to telephone. According to the official v.-cath;r was attempting through Bundesen | ed. Another man collapsed and • asked for a change ol venue and to probe into Linjle's past v;h.en the court recessed for lunch. died when he was told his son was Justice Alexander sent the case to killed In the accident. Dell. j,j a .. or or wfi .|j on (he! Edeson was considered one or j mlnlstrator, said here today. Word- ] lions, why" avers i America's foremost actors, having I cock said he woa'.d leave here to-j Before "Chief." he told his superior, observer, Charles Phillips, the min- A'jstln Isn't In this town. What imum tc:npers'.ure hare ycstsrdjy now?" and he waited for inslruc- was 50 degrees r.nd. ' le maximum Roberts of Reno. ' ' rm\ny Important roles dur- (Continued on Page Three) Ing his career the screen. on the stage and 65 degree?, cloudy with .02 in:h of instrucllons were receiv- rain. On thj samo diy a year a;o Kansas cltVi alld {rented, a patroiman tcld him Austin the mlnlmpm temperature was 37 there he would go to Little R3cl: j * p as in Jail and had been while degrees and the maximum 53 ch whcre the hearing vdll take place. Thomasson wss hunting for him. grces. cloudy with .03 inch of rain.

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