The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHKVILLE, (ARK.,) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER is, 1934 Many Old Homes May Bc Restored Through Simple Moclcrnj/ing Operations There arc' few' houses Hint cannot be Improved through some alteration or repair job. The average house could be made much mora livable by certain changes. In many cases, serious damage can be averted only by Immediate repairing. Tlie mere removal o! "ginger— _. brcacl " oltcn gives an entirely new «< i'appearance to an old house. A slight £* alteration In. the roof line, a new •w'^nnd more eilcctlve chimney, an old • .porch converted Into a conservatory, or a'new wing to provide additional space, is often ail Hint Is necessary to give the home n modernized appearance. Check Koof Metal When the roof covering, flash- ings, gutters or downspouts tall, sc-^•* nous dnrimse to the Interior rc- £ suits. They should bs checked before winter weather makes arduous,demands upon them. Insulation of side walls and roof <--">hils!it also bc done at this time. ^Windows and doors should be weather-stripped for added comfort and fuel economy, and Inefficient windows and doors repaired or replaced. Casement windows or French doors may add greatly to the aspect of both exterior and Inter- fr _ ior. Shutters often improve the up* ( pcarance of the exterior. The outer walls may'require only n new coat of.paint (o put them . in tip-top condition. Any loose cllip- _' boards or shingles miisl, be tightened or'frcplacctt first, and the painting slw.ii.1 be done before freezing. weather. Some walls may be greatly improved with a new siding of clapboard, shingles or masonry Any cracks hi masonry side walls or foundations should be sealed, and the foundations mode termite-proof Kith concrete or metal, Repair torches Repairs to porch doors, columns, railings, steps ad--supports:-will .v minimize Uie'dangor of psraonal In^ jury' nnd'add to the exterior'ap- 1 pcarance. If the porch Is onl-of- ' date, it may .be altered, converted ' into n room or removed. If inadc- - quatc, U may be enlarged. Partitions, preferably''of fi^prooi material, built around the furnace and cpal bins will .render ,the rest ot the basement more uselul for laundry, food storage, work shop or iccreaiion purposes, Brightly painted and well equipped with shelves and built-in tables, the base- .nicnl will become a more pleasant place In which lo work. Additional windows will add to its brightness ,*. :and utility, and a new outside entrance will contribute to its convenience. A ceiling will add to the appearance and help lo keep dust from the upstairs rooms. If a basement Is locking, one may be dug, concreted and finished according to %.- the above -suggestions. General .improvements upslairs ' might include new floors and trim, a fireplace, bock and knick-knack, shelves, window seats, radiator covers, wallpaper or paint, and an expansion ol tlie electrical system. New partitions or the removal of old ones often adds to (he utility of a house. If additional closets are Check Home for Convenience, Safety, Comfort 1. Hoof . 2, Chimney, chimney cn|>. 2. Kh'liitii; 5. Interior uim . , . 6. Iiiitrigr wall material 7. Xtiv cliifcc spKx-, U New oulk-ls, nc', 9. I'inislicJ 10. I'lllinMiif; ,-iikl flKlurc 11. Gutters, downs 12. Built-in cqulpniuu U. Wail fmibli . . , II. lluilt-ii 15. I'iiqil.uc, iiutitcl, flue, etc. M>. Joisi 17, Intcrinr triiii IS. Grniiiny, landscaping V). 20. 21. Rafters/ studding.. 22. Roof stalling. 23. Dormers. 2-1, Doors, new hardware. 25. IVcadier-itrippitig. 26. Elcctiica! (jsturci. 27. Lail.. 28. Sheathing am! insulation. 29. Window traam and uib. 30. minds, stiuum. 31. Exterior '.vails 32. Garage, work shop 33. JWcli. 31. Stairway—treads, rails. 35. Slops. '* 36. Walks snd drives.. •n 37. Foundation iratli 38. Basement floor. 39. Drain. '10. Fooling. "\ Modernizing the Kitchen it L a light, warm colored roof in any ( shade that iiarmouizos with the col- jor o[ the brick. Wood shingles siding calls for a roof of weathered latural finish. Except where architectural radi- tlon limits the selection of color in<i finish or where the tones of neighboring buildings may clash, the unique ellccts which can be had by fullou'lng Die rule "light vails, dark roof—<lnrk walls, bright, 'oof," are almost numberless.'u V* V Housing QiiGslion Box How can I Icll it my healing anl is ready for scrvicu this wln- cr? It is advisable lo ask a reliable caling contractor to go over your tirc heating system, particularly he boiler and the radiator valves imi Hues, lie will Ihcn advice you vhat ought to be done in order lo insure the elticicnt performance of your heating equipment. He is . very likely to advise a thorough •leaning of the holler and possi- needed, they may be built in corners. A large, unused closet may be , transformed into a bathroom, b"d- ,., . room, sewing room, den or nursery. bii ,' a '^f "5 of the radiator - All space should be well utilized. ,\?,!f' " ", '*. , „ riant, nnd it the i|r valves nre Examine Plumbing of the o!d-(i,shloncd typo, he prob- Kitchcns and batr.rooms need naly will tell you that the re- particular attention, especially with placement of these valves with regard to plumbing aiii convcn- j IICAV valves will save money on ience. Obsolete fixtures should bejlucl as well us make your roouv» replaced with modern sanitary ones.' .norj comfortable. The floors and walls may b; done! over to harmonize nltir Die nsv. ' fixtures. The kitchen might offer greater convenience i! arranged differently. A big kitchen, awkwardly planned, may! be made mu:hj • more compact and satisfactory if .cc under the porch. Yon can close alt the opcnin&'iT In lite foundation wall of the porch nnd then cu,l,,,onc or more holes through tlic house foundation in order to let the nir from the celhir circulate under the porch. If the honso is supported on columns or picis, build a foundation wall, leaving openings for ventilation to prevent dampness. The .enclosed space should be leveled, cleaned aitc open to permit circulation of air, Insulate the - under part of the I!oor, if of wood construction, with a typo of insulation which is vermin proof and damp-proof .. part of. the flo'or space were given over to a breakfast nook an.1 th; remainder-of the wall spies cov- wall clotii In my bathroom i :comc faded through much [ ng. but can't he e.isily re- Can it bc painted'. 1 ' you c,in h.tve it painted or; enameled. First, however, it .should' be wafhcci thoroughly- to remove Improvements Mean Profits to Owners oi Dilapidated Dwellings • x Many liabilities have been turned uto valuable assets through modernization. The • actual examples hat follow arc. typical ol hundreds of such cases. • J A shrewd Michigan .'investor bought a dilapidated', shack with ^radically no visible possibilities. 3ut he remodeled : il into a com- rorlablc small home for n totalVosl of S801.49, nml made $2,893 o'n a resale. In New Jersey, there was a rcla- ilvely new Colonial house o! poor architecture. At a cost of SG,(iOO which Included two new wings, a of crnlzulion loans. •'•••'. Al! these Improvements, arc eligible under the rcguialions governing Modernization'Loans, according to FHA officials, and It lie" inquirers should bo ablo:Uo get .the loans | they desire from the' banks or : other lending Institutions' in their own communities 'provided those U'*ll <-Ummu llnLlVjf •] Mousing Aclministra t i o n instit "' im « approve. Analyzes Inquiries From Property Owners s front porch «nd endless i rows "gingerbread" cliarncterlsii c ol the completion for Sl!i,eOO—an al Itraccs of soap and grca:.e. A Chosen Tones Add to Exterior Ap- crcd with shelves and ciipbMrds. j-j gcod solution Additional windows might housekeeping tasks. .The attic should not, go to waste. ' It may be possible to transform it Into a room. Insulating material , will make the attic livable and at the same ttms enhance the comfort of the rest 01 the house. \ A ne« garage, or improvements to the old one, 1na> also bc advisable New drives, walks, terraces _,and shrubbery .would:make a splen- 'dld finishing touch for the home 1 modernization project. imp ami gica.'-p. A is trisodium piios-j pcavnnce of House the bucket of •Inslng. want to modernize my kitchen and would like to know what kindi of floor or floor covering (o use. Clcan, Oil Locks Troublesome interior door locks can be rcmoied easily for cleaning and oiling. Tlic screw on the stem Of one door Knob should be lootcn- and the knob pulled off or un- . _______ ...... , ...... hale, one heaping tcaspoonfu! to water, followed _ by! Who ran resist the charm of a , i yellow shingle collage with a roof of weathered gray? Or tr.e dignity a cleamrng white colonial house oil by n deep green rooi? .- a .„ ,,, t . rl: - rolor and tone of the roof What do you recommend? , c;!n "take n house appear striking A kitchen floor or lloor covering 01 ' fom11 ionplnce, no matter what should be durable, reasonably re- ""•' ctl!or °' 'he walls may be. It to stain and'to the effect ls a 5 '"iple matter to make any of hot wacr or change in humid- tt( -'"-!Toportioned house the most ily, easy to clean and ca«- t 0 ; attractive one In a community'by stand on. The last item is'trc "—-•- the period. The cost of moderiilz- ing was only $920.91, but th c increase In value iva-s $2,000. In New York slate there was a proud old rambling house in ,-, fine location. It was bought for SGOOO remodeled Into a three-laj'nilv apartment house for $1,000 and sold ten days after tlic remodeling per cent profit. With Federal Housiiv. Administration loans uj) to 52,000 b"in» made by financial houses to- property improvement, many home owners should be inspired" bv th« success of those who have already mod- crnizcd. and improve their buildings Ior the comfort of their f,i m illc: nnd to their own profit. Business Houses and Homes Get Improvements Both homes nnd business 'firms arc having improvements miu i,, thL , week In addition to the completion recently""* 1 " ° f Pr ° JcClS :lmw ""«d The former B. J. AHen residence on Davis Avc., owned by th- Mississippi County Ut,ildin» an-i association, Is being rede™ and minor repairs made R. A. .Nfclsou is putting ,,e w por- cr.cs and new floors m his home on North Divison. n, c !a,t;o re - <lence is al.w .being ret.aim" Imjirovcmcnti tnarfc Leaky roofs arc the chief concern of city home owners, while wells and other sources of water supply are the main worry of thc farmers, according to an analysis of the requests for information belli!* received by tlic Federal Housing Administration. Painting comes next In both lists nnd frequently is coupled with icofs in the inquiries from city dwellers. Home owners and farmers nre by no means the only ones seeking modernization information from thc FHA. Owners ot apartment houses nre deeply Interested, according'-to the mail analysts, as well'as owners of small stores and shops. Some of the shop owners, however, can, av>o ibe classed as home owners, as they own the building and live over the shop. Texas Mills Active Builders, lumber men and manufacturers of special building supplies also are keeping In close loucli with the modernization program of the FHA. .Most active of them all, are lumber mills in Texas. That state heads the list iii volume of inmiiries of all kinds, with a large proportion of nil the Texas lumber mills represented. Pennsylvania comes second and the qucntly overlooked, but a hard unyielding floor Is hard on the feel of the housewife. Wt>' can . recommend no specific floor, but advise ficor covering with tj)» ol; lloor or choosing a ro,i; tone that harmou- ii'cs well with adjacent hues and cllccts. whether they appear in the side wails, landscape or surround- '-•3:U walls, generally speaking. •J/- !lt their lust with a dark roof. - - , „.. „. „,,- ,nars w»h!> arc always more attrac- scrcwcd. Tlie other knob and the I • • llvc """'encil by n light, warm rod csil then be drawn out. The j Thc floor of mv enclose.- .V.I-M, '° u T 'V a ls vvl! >' tllc B lisl -f»l')S lock !s released by the loosening is about 15 inch s bov",. o , t * 1 "''«™»» of a colonial hotiw «« of two,screws, and the mechanism and gels very cold in the Winer ^ w " Cil « m !> I1! «'M<l by » expotc-d by removing a loose plate Is it necessary to nil in this sm«! hi • i,,"" 1 ?. ''°° f ' ff ^' v< ' alls whcn to be fouad-on one.slde and secur- ; to keep the porch warm? ' ,.,'?. cl '- tl b - v a ''^;l l<wf - or J'sllow e<J by a single ccrtv Ko , iou aafi llave to nn ( u ::.,™-.*;--™ -uHuej b) a «rj>y or mail pouring in on the FHA Even termites, or "white anls," figure in inquiries since piotection --,-- — • .....vxio [fmuf KJ Westbrook's home Incluti to .Mr.s. I. o. Wrl>y Bros. »a ;i ;-More /rS its store rearranged for a ne-v kitchen to be installed soon This luncheonette will be a part of the soda fountain equipment. at Boru:«' 5 D r(lg S | 0re Memphian Now Associated With Cavitt Radio Co. Leonard McTyicr, ol 1ms arrived horn to Vo . with Hi? CAVitl, Radio Co. Tyler, wlio wsis fomurly in , . jcharge ol (lie im-ice (''i-=nt against this pest is a problem in some sections of the country. Hath rooms, hcntiii!; systems anil plumbing generally arc the subjects of some Inquiries, while Iar"a numbers of jiomc owners plan °o build additional rooms to their houses to provide permanent quarters for those taken in during the doubling up" process of recent years. "Father and Mother an; living with us now," several writers state, "and we need an extra room for them." I'uriiicrs' Ifllcrcsts Many Farmers also arc interested in many things in addition to ivclte Ihcy inquire about tlie possibility of modernization loans for fences gates, garascs, poultry houses! smoke houses and similar small buildings. Lightning and lire protection, insulation, reconstruction of faulty chimneys, stronger foundations, Installation of nliimbliiT Those farmers needing new wells also inquire about such items as windmills, pumps, tanks, cisterns piping, troughs and other things required to get the greatest use from the Hells ( |, ey | lonc to d!| with tnc proceeds ol their mod ])rivc Safely For your own protection nnd against "tho other fellow", I JC completely :nui adequately insured. Thai is safe di-ivinp. First Naiional Insurance Agency Notary 1'tiblic An- rat- Ada Gill Galeencr, of Los geles, collected the skins of tie-snakes, lizard's, and wfttcr moc- :ssins while she was n little girl n Texas. Now she has made sev- iral unique garments from the Buy Rylee Residence The R*v. and Mrs. J. I,, Ncwsom have purchased the former H. T. fiylce home in the fildc sub-division. This, residence, which adjoins the Tliojna.s- Begun Jiomc, wljl have some repairs made. - ^ For HEAL Protection I'hoiic 191' • CLARK-WILSON .AGENCY . General Insurance 'We Pay, All Losses ,Wi(h' a' Smile" James B, Clark : -. Baker Wilson Qett/ie tM^ •~~" " i • • FOR PERFECT RECEPTION GET A NEW ATWATER-KENT MR. FflBMEB: Come in and see the new Atwater Kent Battery Sets for farm homes. •We have a perrrjanent service nian. who can properly repair your radio. ; • .-•'.-. CAVITT RADIO CO. Exclusive AhyateriKerit Dealers ' Phone 233 : • ' ,;• Glencoe Hotel Bldir. Cliffortl Cavitt; iMg •• "New Styles Kitchen, More jast HaaTto ' •- • ' "•'•'', c',, . —Says Ediia Mi Ferguson Who has scleclcd Kitclien and Dining Iiocii)i Fur- nilui'e from our store for use and demonstration a I l.he Courier News • Free Cooking School HOOSIER Tables and Kilehen Cabinel were seieeled for the selling of ihe Model Kitchen . . . Note the many conveniences of the new Hoosier Cabinets.. . . Available in colors lo match your kitchen. Easy Terms .11' Desired FREE ' The Oold ,Sc;il Congolcum Rug shown at the School Will lie Given Away'-FRKK'to-.sflitnc I.ady on Friday! ' .' • See'amUJear the New Pliilco Radio at; the School ... Come lo onr store and new models. H U B B A R D FURNITURE CO Blytheville, Ark. 9BB

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