The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1943
Page 8
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> MCE"! EIGHT' ;.BLYTHEVII/LB (ARK.) COUKIEH NEWS TI1UKSIMY, Al'KIL 20, 1043 Paul Lewis Stops Byrd In Round 3 Paul Lewis, California Negro boxer and Inolhei of .John Hemy Lewis, laslicd out with n riglit hand punch In tlic 'third round (hat .stop- lied Jackie byrd, Blythevillc welterweight,- in a scheduled 10-round miteh at Oakland, Calif., last night, according' to n message received by the' Courier News'this morning; from Joe Craig, Byrd's 'manager. Complete details of the flgiit were not available here but it was stated in the message thai Byrd appeared to be well ahead on: points when he caught the Lewis right on the ciiln,..:, .. ... . Tills Is the third loss for the Blylhevillc scrapper in eight matcli- 011 the West Coast. He previously Jack Chase. California mid- oleweight champion, and later to '•Slugger' 1 White, recognized In many states as (he Ictlijimalc lightweight champion.' •'Last week Byrd won a decisive victory In 10 rounds over Terry Gibson at Oakland despite an injured right- hand. Marquettc Field I'louglicd MILWAUKEE, WlS. (UP) — Tlic surest- sign that lliere will be no spring football practice at Mar- queltc. University this year lies in the coiiditlqn of the stadium turf, which has been plowed as the first step. In building a new and better cushion. POW Sore Is Ocean Wave's Foot? Derby Fans Worry Over Question HANDY TO CURRY-EASY 70 USE BETTER REPAIRS add life to your Tubes Get DIXIE Patch! LOUISVILLE. Ky. April 29 (UP) —Tl'.e 1943 edition of the fabulous Kentucky Derby is just around tho corner. And the big question of :hc niomenl at Churchill Downs Ls—has Ocean Wave come down with a tore foot? It's somewhat of a mystery because trainer Ben Jones won't tell just how serious the Injury Is. Ocean Wave won the derby trial y a, margin of nine lengths,' and thereby became the leading candidate for runner - up honors to Count • Fleet, in the big event on Saturday. Sonic even Intimated that he might challenge the favored Count, But now derby fans arc in a quandary. They know only that Ocean Wave has n crack in the hoof of his left foreleg. The seriousness of the Injury may determine Die order of finish In the run for the roses. Count Fleet Buffered from a foot injury just a short while ago. But. he recovered, all set to yo in the derby—although lie did pass up- the derby trial. < - , Mow Ocean Wave comes down with n sore foot. Trainer Jones says the 'Calumet star won't be kept out of the derby because of (lie hoof. He describes It as a chronic Injury. But rival 'owners speculate it may ]>c more serious, because Jones wouldn't let Ocean Wnvc out of his stall yesterday. Jones claims he doesn't want to take any chances. He say.s he isn't going to take the bandages off Ocean Wave's leg until the last moment. Count Fleel, meanwhile, took a light workout this wornlng, after showing up. well ,011 Tuesda.y Don Cameron, his trainer, says the Count is "dead fit" for llic race, and that he's walling for post (hue. There still are 11 possible strtiiers 'or the classic, lint three of them :imy be pulled out before tomorrow Homing. It's tomorrow, you know, that the final entry fee of $500 must be posted for each horse . tit "MTii«l" I«T OF TUIE II ,Y«le«nlies while you drhe— : r. . .Oullasls the lube llselil Arab In Wildcat Shi it Identified As Old Shortstop By NHA Scrvlt'o EVANSTON.—A picture taken at an African port of an Arab wear- lug a Northwestern sweat shii'i started members of the Wildcat athletic department conjecturing about the fellow's identity, and how he came In possession of the shirt. Coach frank Hill of the track mid Maury Kent of baseball Identified the Individual as All Ben Bey, who won his letter as a shortstop on the 1040 team. AM Ben Bey, a natural hitler, hnd several big league offers, but returned to Casablanca to help his father in the rng-cutlhig business. Central Colletjiale Meet Is Moved Up lly NEA Service MILWAUKEE.—Although scheduled for June 5, Ilic 18th annual Central Collegiate Conference out- dcor track and field championships probably will be stagocl .it the Marc|iic(te University .Stadium here, May 29. Most mldwcstcrn coaches - have expressed to Athletic Director Conrad M. Jennlng of MarciucUe their I preference for the earlier date for I tile meet. Itv IIARKV (i It A V,SON NEA .Spurts Editor • YORK.-When the Yankees withdrew fiom snowbound and windswept Asbiiry Park sufterlnu from chilblains and the Knlfllcs to hup six straight exhibition james :o major league clubs—five (a the j;odj!ers and another to the Braves — Ijawtull wrllcrs wrote about the full of mi empire, Hie end of an era. yui read that the New Yorks, winners (if f:lx of the last .seven American League pennants, seven ol the last 11, 10 of the last 11 and 13 of the last 22, hud cracked up like the one-boss shay. '. 1 Gone were the great Joe 1)1- M:iKi;io and his outticldlng part- not', Tommy lleinich. Absent' were Phil Ul/7.iito, the short.slopplng magician, and capable Red Ifolfe: l-'rank Croscltl, who could fill in for both, would get a late start because he shoved an umpire In the World Scries. Buddy Hassett would be missed. The Ruppcrts no longer had the steadying Influence of Rufas the Red Ruffing In the box. 1)111 Dickey could not go or forever, and the Yankees had los three-quarters of their infield am two-thirds of their ontllcld,.' ; 11 was just too bad. Joe McCurthy could no longer lean back In I he dugout and turn on a cluster of runs whenever he chose i to. Yes, (lie Bronx Bombers had finally come back to the field. So what happened Well.i tho ' Yankees who couldn't win au cx- ihibition game promptly launched n winning streak when the, real firing commenced and while play- Inn themselves into shape. What the critics overlooked, was that neither Charley Keller' nor- CaU'her Dickey and his big stick) I!y now the scribed have found that their obituaries were a bit premature. Reports on the sad situation of the Yankee. 1 ; were giu'&ly exaggerated. in the losing cxhibl- ion siring. The weather practically .shut nut lie Yankees as fur as work was :onccrned at Asbury Park. The .•lub puffed ll.s way through tin; exhibitions and into the regular •ampalen with muscles aching. Once the outfit settled into omething approaching It-'; real silicic, however, it was discovered hut tho Yankees had done a bet- er Job In the way ot lining up rc- ilnceinehts than any other bl cajjne organization. (jcoi'Be';Sllrnwelss and Dill John- 'on cover the left side of the in- flrld like ,a net. Smilfy Sthnwcis:, Is uolng to be an even more skillful shortstop when he works olf the surplus which, due to his peculiar stocky build, 'accumulates around his chest. The oullleld, with Kong Kong Keller. Tuck Stalnback, Roy Wea- tlicrly, Johnny Lindell and Hud Metbcny, is .satisfactory under the circumstances. Nick Ellen will do at first base. There was never any question about the pitching. Senators have little more than an outfield, the Red Sox no outfield at.all and the Athletics are even 'miso than usual. fco with the longer wartime series and only three interseelional trips, the Yankees arc likely lo go west for the first time May 12 with n commanding lead and certainly in condition to tackle the stronger western clubs. BASEBALL STANDINGS Birmingham Little nock , Chattanooga Atlanta . ... Nashville . ,. Knoxville . . Memphis . ICKN LI:A<JUE w. u PCI. 4 1 .800 3 1 .750 2 1 ,(!U7 3 2 .000 2 3 .400 2 .333 I 3 .250 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN No games scheduled, AMERICAN IK AC UK Cleveland 2, Chicago 0. netroit 4. St. Louis 2, Washington 3, Philadelphia 0. New York 5, lloslon 0. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston :t. New York 2. Brooklyn 4, Philadelphia 3; 10 innings. Cincinnati 3, Pltkburgh 1. Chicago 4, St, Louts 0. New Orleans 1 4 .200 * NATfONAl, I.KAUUK W. b. Pet, liiocklyn -1 I ,800 SI, Louis 3 3 .SCO rillsbiiri!h 3 3 .500 Cincinnati 3 3 .500 Chicago ' 3 3 .500 lio.ston '...2 2' .500 New York a 3 .400 Philadelphia 1 3 .250 No Vur.sily Sporl at T.C.U. FORT WORTH, Tex. tUP)—For the first time in 50 years, Texas Christian University Is without a "'•ijjlc varsity sport this sprint; Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE UirmiiigliiiiH nl Memphis (night), Atlanta at Knoxville. Little Rock at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Nashville. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston at New York. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Chicago at St. Louis, AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at Boston. Philadelphia at Washington. SI. Louis at Detroit, Cleveland at Chicago, AMERICAN LEA(iUK W. L. Pel. New York 4 1 .800 Cleveland 5 2 .114 Washington 4 3 .571 St. Louis ,... 2 2 .500 Detroit Philacleluhh . Boston . . Chicago . 3 2 4 I 4 3 .500 .37E .333 .200 Tn Kcptirt fur Itasclull | IOWA CITY, la. (UP)—More than 10 men, the largest all-cadet squad over to report for a varsity sport at the Iowa prc-flight school here, answered LI. Wes Schul- mcrch's call for baseball candidates. Cash for Your Car Any Make — All Models WE NEED 50 USED CARS See us :it oiu-e if you want to sell your car FOR CASH. Nn delay—drive in or telephone and our representative tvill call at once, Phillips Motor Co. Tel. 45,'J nth & Wal"ul SATURDAY h Official Si raw Hat Day! Open 7:15 , Show Starts 7:-l5 Adm. Always lie and 25« , Lust Time Today 'Silver Skates' with Kenny Baker K Palrim Morrison I'aramiiiiTil 'News "i Comedy Friday and Snturday "Underground Rustlers 1 with The llnnge Musters . Serial: "1'crils of Xyoka" Chap. -I. Saturday Midnight Show Starts 11 p.m. 'Devil Pays Off with Margaret Talichctl and \Villi.ini Wrijlii Selected Shorts • Sunday & Monday in it civ brim i shaves . . . 3 50 up 0flier Slruws I !).! AHO and L "AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE, i believe that every American should see it!" -Kate Smith Airy Straws */ Co lorf'i 1 1 Pugarees, Bands Don't know you have a hat on your head — for the lightweight of these straws! But do know you have a very smart hat on your head — for the compliments and "where'tl you get it?" you'll hear! These are the quality-made hats you want for longer lasting good looks. We warrant al! they'll need for a second summer's wear, will be a little f reshening-up ! Snap brim ninild with fairly wide brim and splcml- iilly pn>|tiutionr<l crown. ' Slightly rolled lirim ;in;l tint crown model, in "Suiilli- crn culvncl" tradition. Casual brim model in ;i straw MI llcxiblr, 5011 roll it up for travel. OOBBS Straws 85 & 7.50 R D. Hughes & Co. "THEM GREMLINS" ARE BAD, PESKY PRANKSTERS .. .BUT THEY'RE JUST PANTY-WAIST PIKERS COMPARED TO THE "FATEEG-A-JEEBtES" By ANGUS McOGGIN What! You ain't heard of "Them •Gremlins" — also Fifinellas and iWidgets? They're in the headlines; read about 'cm in Collier's, [Time, other magazines and ncws- ipapers. U.A.F. and U.S. pilots can [tell you plenty. Kremlins are just one «[ many cinds of "little people" — some rood; some bad; some.good and )ad. The folklore of England, Scot- ami and Ireland drips with 'em ... janshccs, pixies, t,clegoats, etc. To Gremlins, bombcr-lioppinp is .great sport.They've been plaguing ! pilots over the North 6'ea. They're sore at fliers, 'cause fliers laughed 'at this so-called "myth." Ridicule • infuriates Gremlins. Hut they forget that U.S. and British fliers laugh rieht in GoeriiiR's face... evea in the face of death. An ancient Scotch legend explains Gremlins. A wicked laird hanged innocent people, buried them standing up. Their spirits escaped in Ihc form of midget beings to haunt and plague humanity. You can laugh, but you'd better not. Gremlins resent it and retaliate. Recent press reports about Gremlins have created a flood of comment and letters to editors; weird tales of dozens of kinds of "little people" arc cropping up right and left. Mysterious specie in the U.S.A.; long existent, but just discovered, are the "Fateeg-a-Jec- bics." They're really lough. 'S "Fatceg-a-Jcebies," say reporters, are "mite-men, but mighty... sonic say 'termitey'." They enjoy good mean fun. They prey only upon human beings...snipe it morale. Their most potent weapons arc hunger, thirst, and fatigue, Danger! Beware of "Fateeg-*- Jecbies" . ..they'll get ya if ya don't xvatch out. PUBLIC ENEMY LIST OF PESKY "LITTLE PEOPLES" FATEKC-A-JEEBIES CKKMLINS-K1FINELLAS. WIDGETS PIXIES & BANSHEES HOPSCHNEIDERS SASKWACHTS FORMORANS FENODREES TEI.EGOATS CLUES TO HELP YOU APPREHEND THE GUILTY CULPRITS IP—your work bores you ... if memory fails... if you make mistakes ... if your "innards" brood like a guilty conscience... if you're restless and fidgety... if you feel low-spirited... suffer countless irritations, likely it's the Faiceg-A-Jcebics. IF—your machine jambs... if you bust your best tire ... if your cake "falls" ... if your zipper sticks ... if your books won't balance ... if a series of little misfortunes bcse( you... thcnmost likely it's (he Fateeg-A-Jeebies. WHEN YOU DRINK A BITE TO EAT "Fatceg-A-Jcebics"—an alias for hunger, thirst, and fatigue. A cold, sparkling Dr. Pepper is your best bet to beat 'em. Dr. Pepper is a liquid bite-to-eat; a quick-acting pepper-upper. Help yourself to keep bright, alert, and snappy. There's taste delight and keen satisfaction in every luscious swallow. Rush to the •cooler, or soda fountain, daily at 10, 2 and 4. Dr. Pepper is rationed, yes; but it's still 5c,,-. still ]?vorth\ searching to find. IT'S A GRAND ENERGY LIFT.

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