The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 2, 1934
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Served by the United Press BTYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS If "^^^^ ^^™ Tvrt»rTM*M»¥i fcTVOTCD4DOT) f\9 WfWTHlCA Wn AOtrAMOAB A*in arvrrvuwioTi uiucrtriuY II *«••••* THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHTA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOUHI VOL. XXX-.XO. 240 l^ D»Ily VUWlsslppl V»lley NeV». Blythertll* OMirMr. HM'THRVILLR, ARKANSAS. TUICSDAY, JANUARY 2, SINGLE COPIES FIVE.CENTS., Princess If She Wins Divorce Pin" Applied Todav I to 97 Per Cent of All Bank Accounls. WASHINGTON. Jan. 2 lUP) — Deposits of 97 onl of every 100 Americans with bank accounts siere insured in full today against failures as the federal qovoniinent put Into operation its elaborate lieposit guaranty ;::-ogra!ii. Walter J. CummniKS. chairman ot the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. reported to President Roosevelt lasl ninhi that 13,423 of lhn cnunlrv's banks had been ad- mltted under the plan which provides insurance for all deposits of S2.5CO or less. These accounts make mi more than 90 pc 1 ' cnlt °' '- ne S42.COO.OOO.OOO now on deposit in American banks. Few Banks Ix;ft Out Clerks in Cummings offices in the National Press building: worked all Christmas day. New Year's eve. and New Year's dnv nroduc- ing the thousands cf policies and other documents necessary to pnt the plan in operation. About 1.000 oneraling banks were either voluntarily or liivolunlarily without the insurance. Some bankers could not nice'.I the renuirements. Others Insisted | they did not need insurance to: safeguard their depositors. j Cummings raid that 14,013 banks j now are operating on an unrestricted basis exclusive ot some 6tO mutual savings banks, many of which also are operating normally. A total of 141 banks. Cumminss reported to the president, arc in- elipihlc for insurance because they could not qualify. Many other banks, Cummings -told the United Press later, particularly in the states of Kansas and Texas, could not apply for insurance because of state laws. He estimated 424 banks in Kansas and 154 banks in Texas were affected In this manner. Covers All Resrrve Members All of the C.033 federal reserve meujper. backs lautomaticaUy-came. under the "insurance plan, while 7.390 non-member state and mutual state and savings banks had been affected. Banks not yet under insurance will be received into the corpora- Senalov Robinson and Oth er Leaders Plan Pro- yam for the Session. 'osses Hunt Woman for Double Murder MASSILLON, O., Jan 2. lUP>— Rum lands and creek beds near Massillon were searched today by XKSCS of deputy sheriffs and citizens seeking trace of Mrs. Edith Chiistman, 41. wanted for ihe double slaying of her estranged husband and his sister. Mrs. Chrislman, mother of five children by a former husband, was iast seen as she fled through fields after sheeting to death her hns- Dodge Heiress Makes Debut law. Miss Iva Christman. 47-ycar- old invalid, at their home (wo miles south of here. Deputy sheriffs advanced the theory lht flaying were prompted bv jealousy and feared Hie woman would attempt 10 commit .suicide. Her footsteps were traced to the edge of the ice locked Masslllon [ reservoir. From there (he tracks led to the bank of a creek and were lost In the high, grass grow I WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. (UP>A legislative program stressing car- ly aclicn on Hcjuor laxcs und rc- clwccal lariil treaties 10 stimulate j foreign (raclc was decided upDii senate Democratic leaders today -h I preparation for the opening oi ion • grtts IO:I:CITOW. I Activity seeded up after the hoi | i<lay lull on bolh side-.; oi ihe capi 'tol. The beginning oi the first] ing along the stream. j regular Mission IL' l.".c 7:ird congress I has t:ik<-M added inteie.->l and color I vvith indications that President i Roosevelt will crime 13 the cspilol ' tomorrow to deliver his message in | poison. { Map I'rogrum [ .Senate Majority leader Robinson and nine other members ot the '.senate policy committee discussed | policy and legislation at a lengthy i morning conference. The group, after canvassing the legislative outlook, decided to snaps congressional affairs in sudi a way that they could aim for adjournment by May 1. A divorce decree that would make her u princess again is P.OM^IH by Mrs. Rerlha Smilb, uliovc, ereat-grandilaugliter ot Ulysses S. Grant, suing Bruco Smith. son ot a Louisville, Ky.. manufacturer. She charges cruelly and asks restoration ot her inaiilcn came, Princess Dcr- lli.i Canlacuzcne. Tile Smiths' \af Columbia revenue bill would fol- Speaker c! the House ilalney agreed with Robinson that i!:i; !i- j quor revenue bill would be ice first. I business. | Robinson said that the District ui:it-rlagc In 102; was a dazzliug social avent In Washington. Off icers Seek Clues to Slayers of J. S. Watkins, Leachville Farmer. Armed with but meager clues officers tcday were seeking tile bandits who shot -nnd fatally wounded J. S. Walkins. 53-year-old farmer, at his home near Leachville Sunday night. Walkins died late last nieht at the Blytheville hospital. '• low liquor tax measure. Watkins was approached by two ! The liquor tax bill with its S2 per men. about 8:30 o'clock Sunday Ballon tax on distilled spirits, nnd light he returned to his home Hicks Clayton, Manila "Bad Bov" Flees to Woods, Eludes Deputies Hicks i Clayton, cx-couvict want- (1 lindses'. deputy sheriff, -mid es-1 capcd after he had been surnris- ed by officers at the home of his father, west of Manila, late yesterday. Clayton was standing in the yard of his father's home when Eddie B. David and Lindsey, nly- theville deputy sheriffs," and Kid estimated to yield 5390,000.000 in annual revenues, will be ready tomorrow or Thursday, Chairman Doughton of the house ways and means committee said. Republicans S«k Come Back Tr.e Democratic majority bristled with confidence and optimism as its leaders predicted an harmonious session. Republicans organized for ihe 1934 elections with a campaign plan designed to bring all sections of the party together for a unified effort to return to poiver. Two lengthy conferences yester- ~c6rftrol of' congress. trom S trip lo Leachville. They asked • his help to start ll'.cir car which they said had stalled, am shot" when he (led as they pulled ;uns.' One-buUet took ellcct, p:erc- ng 'watkins' Intestine!, 17 times He rushed to the shelter. of hi garage and the men .tied. Two men believed'.tp have been the same pair, called at Watkin house a short time before the sboot ins; and asked lor him. sf.yinrj the wanted lo get a patch to fix a tire O'Neal Walkins, son of Ihe farme who lold the men his fatter wa not home, said he was doubtful if he could identify the pair. . mm 32 Score of Others Missing, Believed Victims ot For- Girl Slain in Machine Gun battL rcntial Rains. TOUT SMITH, Ark., Jari. 2 (UP) — Vci.i Oeorije, o:ie' of Ihrce IHMsons wounded ]nsi night when dltT^'in? A"kan 5 as-S,!on»|Futjell Opposes Tax Boost border, died In a hospital here today. j Deputy Shnriir Liiclen (jassowny | of Pole:tu. Oklu.. and a woman who j save her 11:1111; n* 'Miss Miller." of l O:ncord. Ark., LOS ANGELES. Jan. 2 (UP) — The alfccts oi the worst storm In southern California history were sun-eyed lo<lay as thousands of workfrs lolled lo clear the wreek- !!(' of n slonn that swept over melropclllan IMS Aimeles, leaving behind 32 known dead nnd u score| ( | L .,'. liri . a [ 31 . mO iuiis. llu escaped more ot others niKstng, believed . sv | lh , v c( ii n p nn ] 0 |^ dead, . Tile batllc broke Furiously when But Says Problem Is Legislature's. Civilian Conservation Corps and CWA workeis, aided bv hundreds of volunteers, cunlionsly probedj riilns oF homes in Ihe Foothills I urea surrounding Los Angeles in search for the 30 or more inlssinir. believed drowned ns u result «F| Ihe storm which brought 8.20 inch- | i'S of rain In approximately :16 hours. I Trinpomrv morgues were set up j in handle the bodies already re-1 covered.' Aside From the deaths at leabt 100 persons were injured when the ruins swepl down From hills denuded by recent llres, washing away foundations ot homes ami uprooting bridges across ihe nor- ini'lly drv gullies. Property damage was expected to run lo several million dellars, Hundreds of abandoned automobiles were ruined by Ihe swift LI1TLE HOCK. Jan, 2 (UP)— Gov. .1. M. Fiilreli In a message to. llw b-.iiilt. .ML 1 "; George succumbed j the extraordinary session oF the wllh eight machine (jun builds In | legislature, today said "there are tl:-: abdomen. [many things in Ihe refunding bill Olllcers said the bandit was Floyd j that do not meet, with my approv- *ho has terrorized the bor- I al," but added, "It is up to the ' legislature to decide how additional revenue Is tu be raised." Shortly after Ihe joint session was dissolved tlie senate adjourned un- lil tomorrow. The body read the j refunding bill twice and will meet ithls afternoon in a downtown hotel as a committee lo sludy the oillcers tan- in. or are permitted £ st^liw., ^.^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ iveral hundred "I>- He fled as Lln'dscy got out of P. C. has pledged seve: million dollars of government money to banks needing additional capital to qualify for deposit insurance. New York Cotton the car and succeeded in eluding Ihe officers although the others attempted to cut him off. He gained refuge in a heavily timbered tract afler Lindsey's pislol fire had failed to halt him. Clayton nnd "Toughy" Williams. j reputed "bad boy" of Ihe Manila section are sought for several rob- NEW YORK. Jan. 2 (UP)-Cot-|! bjries. Both are known as dangerous men. officers suy, and resi- ton clos»d very steady. open high low close Jan 1023 1020 1020 1028 • Mar 1040 1043 1035 1042 May 10f,1 1059 1052 1057 Jul ' 1073 1073 1066 1072 Oct 1089 1093 1084 lOM Dec 1104 1107 1100 1107 S|X>ts closed steady at 1050, up 20. Spots closed steady al 1050. up 20. dents of the Manila community SEEK flCREEHT ! Crimson Water Flows j Over Niagara Falls I NIAGARA FAW.S, Jan. 2. (UP) j—The strange spectacle o[ crimson colored water flowing .over-Niagara| Falls brought hundreds of sight I seers here today. Tile water changed color during the night. At dawn, Commissioners and Tax- ^t^T^TrST '^ r^yers Meeling Today Ia ^<{^V£M.' u With Bondholders, looked as though the falls had been transformed .into a curtain of red Commissioners of Drainage DIs- i velvet. trict 17 and a numl-tr oi taxpayers| ' Reservation authorities said the; are in Little Rtick today for a crimson water must, be caused by conference with Judge J. E. Mar- some disturbance in the upper river tineau. CliKon H. Scott, receiver i or Lake Erie. Frances Dodge, daughter nf the i;,le Jolin F. Dodge, auto- inobilo pioneer, wealtliinst girl in Dcl;-oil and one o( the richest In tbo iiaiifMi. [3 sliown here aa Rhe mftdfr her ileltut In Detroit 'society. Her "earning out" uarty was one of the mosl lavish ever held in the Mil-Mean mctrnnnlis Le^islatvire Refuses to Ask Governor for Another Special Session. LI'ITLE ROCK, Jan. '2. tUPi— A resolution asking Gcv. J. M. Pu- j trell to isjite a cull for another session of the legislature Immediately upon adjournment o( the refunding so that u ll^or conlro, bill n ,,p.and east them .side to strike ™, d be ™,c dnpon was defeated in tl:e house today, (J5 to 12. A similar resolution was rejected by Ihe senate. Tile resolution was introduced by Representative Elmer Tackctt, It will be "called up again," the author said. Other members of the louse are preparing resolutions >long the same line and Indications verc today they will be Introduced Inter In the week. Voting for the resolution were: Akin. Bucrkie. Cone. Grant, Kaufman, Little, Nyberg. Tackell, Thorn. at oilier property. Most o' the deaths nnd damage ! were in Montrosc, Olendale and San Gabriel, cities fringing the La Crescenla foothills, where rccent- Iv a major forest fire raged. Tlie fire was believed the Indirect cause . ot Ihe storm's havoc, having laid ] tare the natural growth which lonnnlly acts as 11 check to the urecipltatlon's 'alley. drainage into tlie Starts Two-Year Term for Theft of One Hen CARDTHKRSV1LLE, MO.—T c n prisoners in the cnslody of Deputy Sheriff Bob Ownby. and guards Morley Kemp, Vivian Downing. Bob Ward and G. W. Ward, have been transferred from tlie county Jal here to the stale penitentiary al Jefferson City. Among ihe prisoners were Allei Tale, sentenced to two years for stealing one • hen, and Milton Bonds, who drew a sentence of two years for an attempt, lo rob the Troy Couch store In the Maplewood vicinity about two months Wilkes Hampton K. Toney. "About 30 of those voting against the bill," Tackett said, "have lold me they were in favor of voting oh liquor .control, hn*;|UaV l!t« ««0lu- tlcn was premature." i bill. The house iccesscd until 2 p.m. After a. (Ive minule session this afternoon the house adjourned until 10 a.m. A resolution by Dowell of Uoone asking that a committee oi nine be named lo draf? a refunding bill was adopted. The gowrnor said he was not In Favor o( increasing Ihe license tax on old automobiles or raising the gas lax a half cent a gallon. He tald, however, this is In the hands of ihe legislature. lie asked that the bill authorizing application for a loan or $60,000 to Ihe state penitentiary this year be passed. The loan made lasl year lias been repaid, he Gfcld. [.ands Unprotected Tlie governor said "the ncoole generally for a long time labored under ihe belief lhat the legislature or 1027 hod relieved their lands From the road Improvement district bonds." Tills, he said, was not done. Tlie governor said the state at the time should have Issued Us obligations In lieu of district bonds. These would have been gladly accepted In 1929, he said. The -default occurred August .1, 1932. the governor said, and could . and Speaker H. have been foreseen In 1930. A resolution by Senator Milan, addressed to the United States congress, asking that the Hecodstruc- lion Finance. Corporation. 1 be al- Q f* Ml wood vicinuy aomu i^u mui'vu.i UOnim LoUVt »lembCl'S| aBO n t w i,| C h lime one of tlie rob- Vole to Discard Taking • of State Scrip. for the district. and representa-1 tlie district's] . said (o have been intimidated | lives of holders of .... frcmienlly by the pair. Clayton j bonds which, il is hoped, may re-1 Oklahoma City Well •.-tcei'tly escaped from three offi-isu'.t in a dennile agreement for I c 1 J C J cers of'Ihe communitv after they| lefmancing o[ the district's in- LXplOOeS OCCOnO debtedness on a reduced basis. The district has been granted had arrested him and led him to the car. preparatory to placing him in jail here. New Year's Celebration New Orleans Cotton \ NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 2 (UP).Colton closed very steady. open high low close 1026 1020 1026 102G 1036 103D 1032 1039 1049 1050 1048 1055 lOfil 1071 1064 1071 IOS-J 108B 1082 1088 1100 110-1 1100 1104 closed steady at 10'29. up Jan Mar May Jill Ocl Dec Spots 15. Sanest in Many Years CHICAGO. Jan. 2 (UP) — One hundred and twenty-five million Americans returned to daily tasks j today afler the psmest ami safest | New Year celebration in many vcars. an R. F. C. loan sufficient to pay the bondholders approximately 30 cenls on the dollar. If they accept this in full settlement sub- I stantL'il reduction in taxation In I the district will result. A change in the method of pay- the county assessor, which may result in a material saving for the county, was the principal variation in yesterday's quorum court salary appropriations for 1934 from approprialions for the past year. Appropriations as voted by ihe courl yesterday Included only $2.- OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 2. (UP) i 700 for the county assessor and —Frank Russell Petroleum corn-Ill's statutory deputy. Injhe_piwit pany's number one Reno oil well bcrs was killed. S. I,. Stacks, charged with operating an automobile while intoxicated, will serve two years. Spurrs SitecE al lOfi BOSTON (UPI — Al 106. Mrs. .locad-l and that 'ah appropriation- for school purposes be made, was adopted In the senate. ' ' The resolution said thousands of Arkansas school children will attend school less than six months and that many more will have no school at nil. ' - ' A-.resolution calling' for appointment of a joint committee on schools was adopted iti the senate. The-following v>ere nanieoT: Ashley, Johnson, Levine, Mitchell, Norfleet, Evans, Armslrohg', ilarlln, Paul Ward, and Whcatlcy. Fifteen are to be named by the house. Must Rafae $1,500,903 The Mississippi county prison [ Some $1.500,000 additional reve- Report Shows Income $f 000 in Excess of Expenses for 14 Months. Rachacl Waldfogel of Maltapan still reads without spectacles. She expects to live to celebrate her 110th' : birthday anniversary. After that, says she. "I haven't formed any plans' She has 35 grandchildren a n ri 25 great- ;.-andchildren. farm paid Us own expenses and made a good profit besides during the past H montlis, according to figures released by Paul coolcy, county auditor. A statement of the farm's finan- le dollar, u u:ey nc- clu ] allgcri;< i East Oklahoma cuy in full settlement sutt- , n [oday wlU] a imfm , r , rc nf - Cotton Office Blaze Brings Out Two Trucks Chicago Wheat May Jnl May Jul open 85 1-4 84 high RG 3-8 85- 1-8 low 84 1-8 83 1-S close 84 7-8 83 7-6 Two city fire m.cks were called A United Press survey revealed i nut when fire broke out in a cot- Automobile accidents from drunken driving fewer than usual. resultin? were far Chicago Corn open 51 1-8 53 1-8 high 52 1-2 54 3-8 low 51 1-8 53 close l 51 3-4 53 5-8 Closina Stock Price* A. T. nad T. HO 7-8 Anaconda Coper 14 5-8 Bethlehem Steel 37 1-8 Chrysler 58 Cilies Service 2 Coca Cola 91 1-2 General American Tank 35 General Eieclric 19 3-4 General Motors 35 ft-S International Harvester 40 3-8 Middlewcsl Utilities 1-8 Montgomrey Ward 22 5-8 New York Central 33 1-: Packard J J- Phillips-Petroleum 16 1-4 Radio 7 Simmons Beds IB St. Louis-San Francisco 2 3-1 Standard of N. •>• « 3-8 Texas Co. 2 -> U. s. Btcel •is s - fl only 42 deaths resulting from the I Km office over Borinn s Drug holiday celebration. This compared i 205 Wesl Main street, Monday ai- wilh 150 a year ago and 200 two ! t=rnoon. Tile blaze, originating in years ago. i O. O. Haulaway's office, did htlle For flic first time in 14 years: damage. poison liquor played an inconse-1 The blaM apparently resulted qucntial part in New Year's the dropping of a match or fatalities. Deaths resulting from I cigarette stub in cotton shootings led by n wide margin. Hr. Hnrclaway was not In the ol- ficc at the time but employes were The blaze was extinguished v,lh a chemical extinguisher kept on hand. Firemen rided in throw- l.isr out waste cotton allowed to accumulate and indicated lhat an o-dcr requiring coring ot colton -makes" Irom Ihe second Floor corridor would be iisued. Fire starting in :> cotton office in (he ewest half of tr.e building, did considerable damage last year. Rush to Sec Nudist Film Crushes Theater Front CLEVELAND. Tenn., Jan. 2 (UP) —The crushed glass front of a local theater today gave evidence ot the enthusiasm of a crowd of men j to see a fl'm showing life In a nudist colony. Two men were arrested last night near riot ensued when about men attempted lo enter the was packed ter an explosion that sent one man to a hospital. M. L. Stephens, an employe, was burned s?verely. The well, located just oulside the east citv limits in a closely drilled area, roared and flamed for a full day in late October after a mysterious explosion ignited it. Horsewoman Is Mrs. Frank Mullins Is Hurt in Road Accident Mrs. Frank Mnllliis of Barlon. Ark., formerly of here, was Injured in an nulo accident near Tmrell Saturday night and is now it htc home ot Dr. nr.d Mrs. I'. B. Elliott here. Mrs. Mullins sustained head In- iuries when the car In which she vas rirtlni? turned over. Her daugh- er. Mrs. Robert Henderson of telena and son. Thunnan. of Barion have arrived to be with her. 71,206 Bales of Cotton Ginned in Pemiscot Co. STEELE. Mo. —Pemiscot county ginned 11.206 bales of 1933 crop cation prior lo December 13, according to Murray Zarec.or, census bureau reporter for this county. Ginning has been practically completed. To Ihe same date In 1932 Peml- [.cot county ginned 101.152 bales, and In IM1 the. H(sine was 10,052. as 400 theater that already with a capacity crowd. The film was shown to separate audiences. Impatient patrons could not wait until the theater emptied For anolhcr show. The men crushed the glass front of the theater and snatched "stills" and other advertising matter, (liiorum court has appropriated Ihe enlire S5.400 allowed for Ihe assessor's oIFice, which is payable half by tlie county and half by the state. Because of this practice the county has some state fcrip on hand thai it has been unable to cash, since it has issued county scrip to Ihe assessor for his full salary and taken state scrip for the state's share of his office's salaries. Such state scrip has not been honored by the state on county settlements and consequently the county has been the | loser. Under the new method the assessor must look directly lo the The quorum court's general salaries appropriation as announced yesterday for all county officers including both statutory nnd appointive : Salaries 1034 County Judge • S3.000 (The county Judge receives an additional $2.400 from the road fund). County Clerk and deputies S4.500 Circuit Clerk and deputies 7,800 County Auditor Assessor and deputy I County Ifeallh Officer I Janitors Extra County Clerk Deputy Extra Circuit Clerk Deputy Won't Wed Yet nue mnsl b? raised, if the refunding • bill is to be a success. That point Is conceded by a majority of legislators. But how it is to be done "Is left to the legislature," Governor FutrcU said today. $29,038.38 compared to expenses of S20.9C8.01 for the U montns period. Tlie pericd is from - Tx vetaber 1, 1932, to December 31, 1933. Expenses of li^c lorm include an 3.000 2,100 000, 720' 300 600 nbove, of New York, may never rlilc again as residl of critical Injuries suffered wlicu s-lie was thrown from lier luirrlle «t AiVcu. mmnil S. C. at .1 Wr«. HHdirix-li, CS. is Ilio inoth»r of Jr., famed Total 523,520 It will be noted that no salary j appropriallons were made for Ihe sheriff and collector or the urer. Their remuneration is on a commission basis of not to exceed $5.000 above expenses. Appropriation for exlrn or part time clerical hire in the circuit and county clerks offices are to be expended only in cases o! emergency. Salaries of statutory deputies are included In appropriations for the offices. Duties of a county health officer for the chlAasawba dTSMcl are assumed by "the health unit and no separate salary appropriation is made. The salary listed for the office is for We osceola district of ll:c county. inslailmenl on the purchase price of Ihe farm, together with Interest on tile principal, general expenses of the farm.such as board and lodging of prisoners, guard hire, officials salaries, and some minor building expense. Also included Is ttc payment of fees for various cXcers. Including constables, justices of the pence and the pro'secutlng. attorney. The municipal court receives no tees for the prisoners it commits to the farm. The farm's Income is derived from sale of products of the farm, consisting principally of cotlon Henry Lutes is manager of the farm, established In 1931 by Count} Judge Zal B. Harrison. cial condition shows an income of The chief executive, has said re- eat«dly, and reiterated on the «ve T th session, that he will not Issue i supplemental call which would wrmit passage of a liquor control aw. It « almost a. certainty that l:c new beer of a higher alcoholic Osceola Baby Thrown Into Ditch In Hiway Accident The nine montlis old daughte ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Cone ot Osceola was thrown into a roadside ditch when their rar overturned on Highway 61 Saturday night. The baby, suffering from expos- i lire and almost drowned, was | brought to the Blytheville hospital as was Mrs. Cone, who sustained a gash In the head. Dr. Cone, dentist, was bruised i:i the accident. Mrs. Cone and her daughter were dismissed frojn the hospital Sunday. On yoii Imagine a prftlty girl like Pat Paterson, Here, running away Irom » roan In England and then coming straight lo Hollywood wltli the inlonll-m of remaining slnsle! It'll lie a sore temptation to overcome, but Uio famous l>on- iton actress Inslsls Bho will while Blio buIWi her ni """"""•-- WEATHER content will not be allowed In Ar- :nnsfls. Tlie state's beer bill, passed at the first extraordinary session, provides only for 3.2 beverages. Two other subjects will be considered hi addition to the refund- Ing bill. They are: 1. To finance the state penal sys- ;m. 2. To extend the time for redemption of tax-forfeited lands from Jan. 1. to April 1. On the first named subjecl, a fight is certain to be waged. ID is not altogether on the refinancing of the penal system, but on an effort to oist A. G. Sledman. prison superintendent, or abolish his office. Tnirks Face Tax Boost The bond refunding bill, in its present form, vouJd refund $155,000.000 of highway debts. Including SO per cent of the debts of municipal paving districts that paved state highway continuations, state highway bonds, road Improvement district bonds which were made a state obligation by the Mnrtlneau law, and toll bridge bonds. Revenue would be provided by Increasing truck license lees for all except half-ton trucks, by taxing tractor and trailer combinations as a single unit on the basis of capacity, by Increasing trailer license fees, by a half-cent increase In the g.itoline tax. and by elimination of the 50 per cent reduction in license Ices new extended passenser automobiles four years old or older. ARKANSAS — Increasing cloudiness somewhat wanner tonight. Wednesday cloudy probably occasional rains. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness somewhat warmer tonight. Wednesday cloudy probably occasions! rains. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 62, minimum 35. cloudy, according to Samuel P. Morris, official weatlwr observer. U. of A. Basketball Captain to Quit School FAYETTKVILLE, ton, Arkansas university basketball captain, turned In his uniform today with the announcement that ho vrtll quit school after the end cf the semester for lack of funds. Travis Bnuneld, «ut>-cspUln, will succeed Clifton

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