The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUMIC 1—NO. 25-). •BLY'niKVlLU'!, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSOAY, JUNK i), ISM!! SUBSCRIPTION HATES ON REQUEST; - THE BLYTHEVJLLB ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundtyi In the Interest of the personnel of the Army Air Force* Advanced Two Engine Flyint School of Blythevllle, by th« Blythcvllle Courier Newi. It contains the news o( Uw Air Base. is For Arkansan Open Post Tomorrow; Interesting Events Planned For Public Opon Post will 'lic^obscrviMl lotnurrnw arUiniiiuii ul tli« BlylliL-ville Army Air 'Field, I'roiii. 2 o'clm'k lo !">;;)(). For (lie iirst time the Kales will lie open lo Ihe public, in recognition of (he fii'.sl 'anniversary of Die nctiviiiion of Hie 1'osl. K of -the Air will pass in review biU'ore tlieii' olVieei 1 , Col. Kurt i\l. I.jiiidon, on Ihc piinulo in n formal relveitl coi'i'inony at 5 o'clot'U, while (he IhiK is ecrenioiiially lowered, lo (lie music of lite full '10-piecc military band. Mayors of cities wlthn » riullus « of nppi'oximiitely 55 inllos Have >cen Invited by colonel , v Landon o join In the review, witluthc officers of the staff. 1'rogiam of Events Through the mayors, ' Colonel Laiulon formally extended, an tn- 'llnllon to (he residents 'of every 9 i th Maiden 9 Will Meet eville —Photo by Army Air Forces Southeast Training Center. Second I.icut. Martin Jnlm Bdrchcrt, son of Mrs. Frtil Ilorelicrt, Stiiltiiiiii, Ark., has his new, silver wings pinned on by his wifi;, Junior Leader Hiirchert of the WAAC. She caiiie from her .station ul duty in New Vnrk (« sec her husbiind gradunte in the llflh chiss ut uviutioii cililcts to earn,'their wings at the lllylheville Army ' Air Field. Policing The Grounds Army's Field Hospitals Offer Best Care Without Any Frills SECOND ARMY MANEUVER. HEADQUARTERS, SOMEWHERE IN TENNESSEE.—So your soldier lias become ill on maneuvers, and you're worried 'about him, because, after all, the hospital he's in is only a tent. But you needn't worry —that lent hospital- has. Us;unofficial motto "We can do every- thing'that the most modern civilian hospital can do"—and it can 'prove The quote is from Lieut. Col. C..F. Adams of"Abilene, Texas. He said just "nftcr-.operating .on.a soldier with ncutc 'appendicitis in V tent of an Evacuation Hospital, training, with Second Army troops for war •/one service and at the .same time taking care of the illnesses and injuries that are bound to accompany such a large group of men as a maneuver army. ' The operating room in which the soldier lost his appendix wasn't \vhitc-tited, and there was a minimum of chromium plate. There's a minimum of germs, too. Nurses, exhibiting the operating room in its big wall lent, just pulled back the snowy muslin lining long enough to permit a quick peck at the modern operating room equipment it- contains. Modern Laboratory The hospital also has a modern laboratory which includes a refrigerating unit and the latest microscopic equipment. Another gadget will indicate the presence of bullets or shell fragments in the wounded if the American CollcBe of Sur- ;ery.nnd one is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgery— among lie highest honors which can he •won. in this field. Other surgeons verft on ihe tlneshojd of these distinctions when the war intcnupt- \; ' 'About'two-score officers and the same number of mirsc.s comprise the' hospital staff. Service and clerical, work is done by a staff of enlisted men, who also include skilled laboratory technicians. Much of -the routine ward work, such as talcing pulses and temperatures, Is taken "Off the nurses' -overworked shoulders by the enlisted staff. Follows Moving Army .' The hospital follows a rapidly moving army while remaining in continuous operation, when the time to move comes, half of the set-up transfers its patients lo the other half, then is loaded on trucks and moved to Ihe new location. This half—or, as the army calls it, the forward echelon—can bo torn down and loaded in six hours, and be in operation again six hours after (he new site is reached. Meantime, Ihc rear echelon is evacuating his patients to general or convalescent hospitals and also getting ready to move. When fully set up, the hospital has almost 300 tents, including those which house the staff. A hospital loading or setting up setting up rt minds you of a circus. It should, because the army copied circus methods. Every tent has its community In the vlcnlty to come •xnd see in operation the great iraiiilng field of the Ainiy Air Forces which has sprung- inio being (luring the moiiths since lust summer. Training will continue throughout the afternoon and normal activities will go on without interup- lion, so that-the visitors : may see the Air BIISC'- under customary and normal conditions. ' An aftci-iidon of special events hus been arranged, however, with a band concert ul the Post riecrea lion Hall from 'i to 4 o'clock, and athletic formations and mass drills throughout the afternoon. Two llall Games The BAAP will play the Mnlden Army Air Field baseball lenm at 'J o'clock . in a regularly scheduled game of the recently organi/.cd i'lyeis' League, on the baseball diamond or, if it is wet, cm the Athletic Area field opposite the ricci-ealion Hall. Also at 3 o'clock the Softball team of the Negro troops will pluy a return engagement with the" Blytheville Negro Independents. This game will be played on the athletic Held c-l Hie-Negro soldier area. In a formal ceremony in Ihc. Recreation Hall area, Colonel Lan- clon will announce the winters of a military courtesy. contest and will pre.sent the urines, a S50 War Few If any more diligent thnn Bryon M. Rtlnson. CO of the Guard Squadron, In preparing for Saturday inspection. And wus his face red when the inspecting ufficir fmnid a bundle of alhlcljc clothing jammed behind boxes in the Pass Department i The Committee on Anything will, at u time to be announced, 1 meet and decide the question: If Corp. Xukas makes a telephone call every day-(and he (lops) Is-it duty? Or pleasure? • • • H is declared as a fact beyond refutation and despite any evidence or indication lo the contrary, that !>fc. Harold (Huttcrball) - Wallace would not put coke bottles in Scrgt. Iliunes' bc,d. Or anybody else's. Nor would Dan Gnimza put., eggs in Duttcrball's bed. The men' of Har- rnck • i)2 propose to submit, the whole question lo Ihe Coltihitttcc on Anything. • > Wlmt ito you wimt In know? in Ilils column » velcrnn of ycni's of exiu'ileiii'e In nil the iHmi'omiiils.sloiii'cl oll'lccr unuli'S mowers uni'sllons on Army nMom.s, prnclU'C, tnullllon nnd i •I'uiiliillons. Comment nnil i|inw>- tkins nre Invlleil. Address. com- immlrallim.s (o the I'nlille Hc- lulliHis Oil leer, Army Air Meld, IllyllK'vllle, Ark. Semi In your Illll'.Sllons. lly I'UTKH .1. WAKAKSA Wai-nut OITIm .1C NMH (Inn 11 Knimdron OmmiimtiT .sub- mil re<|iil.slllons for |)r»|irrly li equip his orKtmlnilloH ilin'cl lo tin I'usl QimrtrrnniMi'r? Mi' run — provided thill tin- I'us C'minminili'i- hits Uelei'iited (ho iiu ttuiiliy (o the :5(iim<lroi> Commiin tier. A Kipiiult'ou Cotnumntlor o any other office must Kiilnnll iiny i'ccpii.sUli)n f i) ]• propiTlj 1 Ui the Bond, a $25 War Bond, $10 in War itamps, $5 in War Stamps, nnd three War Stamp books each with Si' worth oJ stamps.. ' .. An Air Raid A: simulated vair.- FaUl will be fought tiff by n iiiTichhieguu antiaircraft smmd'^df ''the Headquarters Comiimnder Mr. WurakuL I'ost for through S--J. The slKiiulimt of 8-1 on liny requisition is equivalent to the npprovnl or disnpprm-iil of the I'ost Coiimniiul- er. The authority to draw property by niiytinc. in- cliKli u g t h e .Squadron Commander, dlieet. ^ Squadron, with equipment ,'Ihe 4GO-b«l hospital houses Us own lnlck| alul ' everything in'that patients m a big 20-p:ilient ward | ten[ _ c!1[lv , ls 1X)lcs _ , )c(is _ rcc0 rcls, tents. 16x52 feel, and similar tents house the kitchens, supplies, Red Cross, recreation facilities, and post exchange. Lieut. Col. Joe IHarreU of Waco, Texas, commands Lhc hospital, which handles several hundred cases a day under difficult conditions. Minor infections, smashed fim;crs, cuts and serious bruises account for many of the ailments treated. One of the busiest wards is the orthopedic, where specialists fix battered and blistered feet— which arc what an army travels on, despite all those trucks you see. Some mm have been unable to stand the pace of maneuvers and have suffered recurrences of ulcers or other afflictions. An outstanding group of surgeons comprises the staff of Colonel Har- rtll's hospital. Three are fellows equipment—has its own place in the truck. With enough practice, the hospital can be set up in darkness, u-hich is what will have to be done in a war zone. Three gasoline operated gcncrn- tcrs supply electricity for operating room and laboratory, and the operating room has an emergency lighting system for use it generators ever fail, nhe tents arc of blackout material and cannot be srcn at nlehi, although brightly lighted inside. Against the time when it may be serving troops who have been in the field for weeks without a chance to bathe, the hospital lias special unit for sterilizing vermin- ous clothing. The same unit will provide the soldier a hot shower while his clothing « being refreshed. mcunted on an armament truck, manned by two noncoms who ore veterans of irmcliineguii companies. and a squad especially trained by them. Every squadron will' play host individually to the visitors, opening its day room, orderly room and supply room to the public, and admitting visitors to a hannck so that people may see how the enlisted men live. The two big consolidated mess halls and 'the 'Negro mess hall will be open for inspection, and visitors will have the opportunity to view the Army peeps, jeeps and trucks in the motorpool area. Gas anil Training Ships The Chemical Warfare Department has arranged a gns chamber display of decontamination equipment and apparatus, protective equipment, first aid materials and equipment, and training ''materials and ammunition. : • One of the Link Traiiicr buildings be open for inspection, to af- Pvt. Jimmtc Giteard. Ml' (if the Town Patrol, now answers Jo the name of Bur Head. The Ullc was conferred by Scrijt. liiirue.s. It is said. No explanation hus ensued publicly. MP Adolph Frcsdorf was on his good behavior for two wi'cks. Tie- cause A young lady from New York y,'as visiting. Her name is Mrs. \dolpli. Fresdorf. * * • :'OLIOINC3— ARMY "I'm 'going trout fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia Hid 1 hope-1 don't see anyone all the'time "I'm there, 1 sad Capt. John "A. Martin'sqliadron commander of the 20th. as ' lie departed Sunday on leave of absence. ... * <r * It is reported that a certain high ranking noncom is going with two girls, both redheads. Thill's certainly taking li chancel ^ *. 4 . , * "Lady," English bulldog mascot of the Band, likes soldiers, all soldiers. For a time her affections devoted excluslvclv lo the Band. Now she follows any formation, inconstant creature. * * * First Bcrgt. Joseph Nlcodcimis or the 700th looks forward to eating fresh peaches this summer. There's a peach tree in the Squadron front yard. It is strictly imdcr.stood that any one who harvests a |>each without specific authority by the top kick gels squadron special duty. First Eergt. Call Krts of the 703rd came hack from three-day pass with a chevvlc. Completely equipped with radio, heater and all from the Issuing n^cncics, must first lie dclcgiiUid lo the individual by the Post Commander. This nilliiu Is modified h'v-lln> cases ot delui'lied units mid units In com- lial incus. Post Team Shares Top In League > The I'ost Baseball Team nnd the Walnut Hldgc Army Air Field nine me tied for flist place In the Filer League, ruch team having won Tin 1 I'osl llnsoball Ti'iim will toko ui Its blisin'M iis,slgimii'iit of the em rent seiisoii this week when it tin' MuldVn (Mo.) Army Air I 1 Mil Irani hw Thursday afternoon nnd I he Walnut Kld^c nlui', whli'h Ili'd with the local aiiKi'i' lion for the lend In I he "Fllei u'", In imolhi 1 !' home ga .Sunday. Maldi'ii, lk(l with the Tiickcrimui Indi'iH'nili'iits ioi- third place In the leiiKiii', Is nn iinknou'n (|Uiinllty and Is llnbli' to give Ihc Past Teiim .somi> imcoinlortiibli: moments before thiu.sday's tiumi 1 Is (luleil. Tlut Ml.ssoui'liuis did not look Impressive us they lost to Walnut Hldr.c lust Tlnusdivy, but Ihcv showed biitllng pimeli mid lii'MiiiK .skill n di'Ii'iit- III! .liini'.sboro 1()-.| uii thi! liitlur li'iim's home tcld ijiindiiy nfier- 10I»1. Wnlnul IJdijc, nowivi'i 1 , Is no dark loi'st 1 . 'this Army Air Field Inun Is plainly (lie ^rom:csl conliiiidi'i' the I'osl Tram liuvs In winning the 1.1'UKiu 1 I'hnmplonslilii, Tin- alhleli's ftom llii' mM|;hborhig IUUI uro ex- perli'iii'i'il ball playi'i.s, well coai'hcil, gouil liiltrr.s, and uleit Udders. They loiilcd through their giime with Miilddi, winning !!-•!, nnd liuii- biisli'd I he Tiickri'innn Independents' pilchi'i's lo svln thirlr contest fluuda\ attc'vuoon by u fl-2 storp. 'Ihi'lr game with llic I'osl Ten in here Ihls .Sunday nflemoon shonlil lie- (mu of thi! Iliicst games of the ;-i>a.son nnd mny indicate the oul- ramv of (lie l.oagnc championship race. Otlii'i' League names this week will .send .loiu.sboro atiiilnst port, and Tui'kerman agnlnsl Wnl- nul llldi'.i', on Thursilay afternoon. Suniliiy atlcTiHion Newport will play at. Maiden, ami i] uckcunan will hivadi: Jimi'sboro. two giiuies. tojun won their first game on a forfeit from the .loncs- boro Independents last Tlmrs'dny, and took tliijlr 'second victory Sunday by beating the 'l"uckerman Independents^ il-1! In n game played Micro. The Walnut UUlgo SE[Uiul defeated (he Maiden (Mo.) Army Air Field team a-i last Thursday afternoon, and licked the Newport Army Air Field nine 5-1 .Sunday afternoon. . Maiden Is tied for third place with Tiickcnnnii, having defeated the Joncsboro Independents 10-'l Sunday afternoon. This victory, us opposed to their cfirlier defeat by Wnlnul Illdge, gives tin: Mlsson- rians a .f>00 average. Tuckcrman also hus a .500 average, having won from Newport 5-4 before losing to Ulythcvillo Sunday. Newport nnd Joncsboro, each having lost two games mid won none, arc the cellar teams. Tie For Inspection Honors ' Host squadrons on Iho Field 111 Kitliiiihiy's Inspection of personnel bin nick;;, areas nnd equipment wore Ihe mini uiul the Chum Squadron. 'I hey were scored 115 nnd will sliure the "!•:'• pennant for the week. n .second portion wns the 7i)'2ml Squadron, with one point hclilnd Iliu winners. The flOVlh BQ Detachment was third with » score of 03, The Ill-fool fenmlfj'stnlueof "Jiis- tlco" formerly on (op of a Canton, O., office Inilimnu has yielded 400 pounds of zinc to the lucal Kcrnp drh'i'. //o/rf Everything ford a view of the dwarfish, f r ijis__ except a passenger. The iroimd-tocked airplanes with full | sergeant says he thinks he can fix instrument panels, in which student pilols practice blind fh/lng by inslrumenls. without rsik, .and nearby will be two training ships of different types which the visitors may give a closcup examination. Officers' Chili Open The Post Theater and I'osl Chapel can be gone through, at wll and Officers' Mess and the newly opened Officers' Club will be open to visitors. FUNNY BUSINESS Traffic congestion will be avoid- a iircnrrangcd pattern of cd one-way traffic, the Southwest Gate serving as the entrance only, and the West Gate being the cxil only. Parking areas have been set aside. Military policemen will act as traffic directors, guides and guards. Ncf/ro Teams Will Play Return Game The Post Negro Baseball. Team will meet the Blythcvillc Negro Tndepcndcnt.s in a return game at Ihc Ulylhcvlllc Army Air Field at 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The contest will tic held on the dla- uond across from the Post Chapel In the first 'meeting of the two cams, the Independents dcfealcr .he soldier nine G-4 Sunday aflcr- loon. • Gates of the field will be opcr by game time Thursday and tin ;>ublic Is Invited to sec the Negro learns in action. Sci-(;t. Walter (Nelson Eddy) Ferry is off for New York on fur- ough. Romance? Nope. Ho says he can't afford it. Cadets Will Have Own Post Kxchanffc Tough Ball Turret Gunner Tells Story In 'Air Force' Slalf Sergt. Shorty Ciordon, one of the loiiyhcst ball turret gunners n the Eighth Air Force, was so •miall that he could wear his parachute In Ihe Irall turret. Shorty iked lo sny. "I'm Ihe best diinin ' gunner in this group". His story of fi|>hliiiK Ihc Jerries over Europe —and he nover missed a mission —appears in Ihc June issue of Alii FOHCE*. AAF official service journal. A Post Kxchanuc for aviation cadets is under construction at Cadet Headquarters. H will be located In the wing ncioss from the Athletic Department offices. A new soda fountain has liccn installed. Five booths, cuch cnpahle of seating six comfortably, have been Imilt, and shelves for merchandise have been constructed against one of the walls. The new r'X will he for Cadel use only and a complete slock of miscellaneous Konds such as is Mild In any Army .store of Ihl-s tjpc will lie available to the student, filers. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acroo from High School PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Hcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores "There seems to be solne .qucslion us to who was Iicrc Auto Repairs "- . ' i Expert Mechantes on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales : Ph. 519 Earl SUoc, Shop Foreman 307 K. Main SMALL LOANS O* ATirtMni •/ V.l«. F,n»t Main Loan Co. KM E Main — I'b*n« ZIM "He's goitiK lo hiivc lo think up nnolhcr nnswer the next lime I »sk him (or money for a new hnl!" 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrl Repair Work on Ger.eral Motors Cnri. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'rtw»T & Walnut rh. B53 I ; liev mommy made her. bed, her clothes and biitlcicd her bread; Ami tier favorite dress was red. OJi, inc.' Oil, G.I. she came to camp one Quickly learned the WAACy Uiulcfwear cafe nu Itiit, Oil, IMC! 0)i, mi;. 1 i'lricllu G. /. ^ I.IATS nnd shoes find skirls ,<ton'l fl'.. * Your girdle bunches where you ', Come on rookie, you can't quil, Jnsl lion DC n sigh, /liid bo C. J. n '"pYPHOin sliots mny knui'li you mil. 1 All day loin; you'll licar KAI.I. OUT" Givo ;\ grin and loudly shout. Oli, me! Oil, my! Guild [ic G.J. ta /' CMU tin' WAAC to tin- new ii'cmil, "^ "Iliya. kid, you're sure 11 bran I: Short luilr woii'l nuiUc you so culc '.' Oil, inf.' Oil, iriu.'. f. Gollu lie G, /. - ^ IN the i ness bill] she now stand's, Buried 'nrath the pols nnd p;ms. GelliiiK pi city dish-pnn hiiiuls. Oil. me! Oli, my!, Gollo be (>. /.; ^ f \ ?. summer,"S[>rinj! or fall. ' * Should yon try lo end it till. You can't (lie until SICK CAI.I.- NYoii sec, i/ you die,,'' .-*•' You (joliii die G. " had The "O. I. Snnr," whose words are reproduced above,.Is a.home grown favorite of the soldier ilrls at Korl'Ojtltlhorpe, C». It ' no "author" in Uie u.iuiil icnsc. the wordi and music havhi* (crown oul of one of the WAAO band 1 * J»m sessions. 702N<I Members. .. : ,, Make Free Calls. As Parade'Award - ^ .*>••-,. Five etillsled men from (he TO!n< Squadron made long distance calls with the compllmeiiCs of a : St. Louis brewery, fjundiiy, brciiusu their squadron presented the best np- pearuuce at the weekly parade review lust Wednesday. Tlie calls were i wauled to Slnft firrgt. K. C. Spray 'Who culled Tulsa. Okla,; Staff siirgl. Marvin I., f/jopcr, Washington, D. C.; Stuff ,Sci-Kt. Philip Wiener, Chicago; Scrgl. Itoscndo Zamorii, Tons, N. Mcx.. mid !>vl. Alvln C. Moore, 'niscaloosSa, Aln. i Names of nil the men were placed In a hat and the lucky ones were driiwn. The calls lire, awarded weekly lo the squadron which In the | opinion of a hoard of judge.'! displays the best appearance In the Wednesday parude which"is review-' cd by Col. Ktivt IM. Lnndon', com-^ inniidinK officer of tliu lilylhevlllc Army Ah- Field, and members Cl his stnlf. ! , : ' 'F r . .novcnitijcjit, reslijiellqiis nn().sim-' pllflcations of industrial nti'd "rcsl- doiillal Incandescent, llRlUiii'j',flvi- lures wll save 2,500 to 3,000 toils of metal tha year. ' <: ' WK MM, AM, rxwrons' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAV1-; YOU MONKV STEWART'S Drug Stor e ain A I.ahn I'honc W'.'i The ntodcrn Ice Box COOLERATOR' ' For Economy nnd Service. l Tom Little Hwde. CoL '. Phone/Ill •''•"•'"'' KJowcra For. Kvery sion . . . Funeral (lowers, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP WE »KI,1VKK '""' GI.BNCOE liOTEL BtDd. 1'hone 491 . ''" "• FITTIOI) HY Doctori J. L tnd J. C. GUARD Orj'OAIlCTKISTS When Ihft counter of llio *h* r litokcn and vcoin. h^va na iri'.itt ant! put in A nc\v heel Ilni»'B- not, wiAit appearing re.uilV ta H-flLTCRS QUflLITY SHOe SHOP til W. M « 1 N ST. ' IN IiI,YTHKVII,LK SINCE 1922 ice rs Uniform^ Compare (he fain EC. a ml unrloiKitisliip of tficsc line K<ii incuts ticforc Inlying! Heller Midlist's . . . . Khisliijut Trousers Pinks Summer Trousers . Summer Sliirls : . ... 13.75." ....... J3.75 :. 7.00 ."...... 8:90 OPTICflL STORE 20S) W. Main St. I'hone 2912 TIKK RKCAPPING SERVICE . . , Si-ilK-rliiiR Factory Nil LVrllfiratc Ilcrpilrrd On I'.issciiRcr Cars. Quick, Dependable Service. LOY EICH m ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties,' <• etc., In Blythevllle than nt Robinson's. Latest Maguinef-^Poiui- tnln service— sandwich**! ;' Service Men! Meet Your Friendi at Robinson's!, HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS . MADE SMALLER Khaki 75cj Tropical........?!^ S-day Strrice'.' Garrison Capt — Accessories —

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