The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTIIEV1LLK, (AUK.) COHMKR NRW8 .YiONDAV, JANUARY 193.1 •Nebraska!! Heads Coaches Coasl Eleven Given Decided Edge Over Columbia In Rose Bowl. • THROUGH THE ;.:[..•„• jn.-ntiuial :.' men oi tru- i. l-!lt]';US 5'iXC'. C'eit:.!:i fiii'tlaim; inls must, Ix; '. (.'!! i.i'i^'a rt 1 '! to form : l . [ivy.] '• icundMlon fur lir.< play. Bali ' i :u::lliiu ability, ilvi". pllon und uc- inai'. up BV GEORGE H. REAI.E United Press Stafr Corr*spondenl, PASADENA, Jan. 1 (UP)—Stanford, which landed atop the Pacific Coast Conference (oolball heap, and Columbia, nn eastern pridiron leader, meet here today In the annual renewal of the colorful Tournament o[ Roses inter- e'-ctionnl battle. . Stanford wns a decided [avorltc at game time, (tUhougli It, like I Columbia, lost one contest durlni j the 1933 season. Most critics held | '•thai the western team 'played ai lousher schedule and that cllmntlc \ conditions favored It. Sloppy go-i Ing because of rain \vns certain, i I.srire Attendance | A large crowd was assured be-1 cause ot the pro.'cncc of such; stars as Cliff Montgomery, quar-; The new president ol (lie American h terback. and Red Malal. end. of elected at the recent Chlnu-o cniivciiticin, Columbia, and Bill Corbus. AH'-" Stanford. • The crowd probably would be satisfactory even it the tennis hud no stars—for the Rose Bowl gnmc has tradition that draws fans regardless of the opposing tea;--.. ; . ;lThe New Year's Day game, a i : climnx to the 'nublicity designed! • •Tournament, of Roses, was eslab-l lishcd hs' an nnminl affair In 1D1G when n Washington Slate team defeated Brown nnd the great I'll/ .E^llard, H to 0. : Previously, one euntest had been played In 1902, with Stanford and i Utichigan as''opponents. Michigan. I led by Willie Huston, won, 4!) to 0. Strvicf Eleven? : .Th«e were no other igomcs un- j tll 1016 and cilice then teams rcp- ' rtsenting ihe-East and West have' met. annuaUy. except for 1918 and 1919, when service elevens played. PA=s!bly the best remembered of all Hose Bowl contests is the 1928 meeting, when Hoy Htegels. one of ..the earnest and best centers (he const ever produced, ran the wrong way to Rive Georgia Tech an 3 to 7 victory over his own California team. Stanford has appeared three times .since 1910. In 1925. led by the brilliant Ernie Nevers, it lost l(i.lo 27 -.0 fcotrc Dame. In 19271 it tied Alabama; 7 to 1. In 1028 it triumphed over Pitt. 1 '.to 6. . ! Today marked Columbia's drsl j Tnurnamc:!'. ?!' Ro*?es contest. No . other school from New York City ever has p'.wd the classic. '19S3 Selection Stanford was selected this yenr because it beat Southern California nnd moved to Hie Top of the Coast Conference. Tournament officials customarily name the Conference winner ns the western representative. The selection was popular ou the const because the Stanford team tins color nnd because it defeated its two greatest rivals, Southern California and California. Stanford, in turn, selected Columbia as its opponent, when Princeton was unable to take llic invitation because of a rule prohibiting it from engaging In postseason games. Princeton gave Columbia n: fancy trimming early in the season, but the Lions won all other contests, finishing the regular season strongly. Uall Coiict'is' Association Dami X. r,lbli', Nebraska ; mentor. lilble, slm*n alxm- on right Ix'ing i-ongiutulatci! by Hurl Ing' wcrson. n.siiuair. to 11111 Juu-:, .11 L. s. U.. :s ulso ehn>!inun of a com- mltlcc to fight "iinfuir niliclsin" ciiusln- (onelies lo low their jobs i Centenary Rains Slight Favorite Over Arkansas In Grid Battle Today. PAYETTRVIU.E, Jan. 1. — "AI-1 thoutjh Centenary Is undefeated | this .season, we urc not conceding i the Gentlemen a tiling," said 1 Coach Fred Thimisi-u as he climb-. ed aboard tin- train that was tar- j rvlnc the University of Arkansas, n/orl>aeks to Dalln. 1 , for the Newj 'ear's Hay football yiune with I rnu-nnry College. 1 'nicnnsen added: "We are dls-1 minting the l>ear Dorics out of. .hreveporl lhal Manning Smith | •on't play. Smith !>. a great i]iiar- erbiick bill we've not Tom. Mur- hy lo match him. And that's the v:iy It Is all down tlie line. Cell- • enary hiis nll-Ainertcnn Paul ioLslcr at end. and we've got Paul tucker, the grcalcsi end In lliL'| milliwest Conference, to match I ilm. "Shorty" Oslln Is the speedJ of Centenary':, backliuld and I'u've. got jusl as fast and shifly back in llalpli I.uForge." There were 24 players aboard he train, the only notable fihsen- .ees bcln'5 the Jordan twins, Ark- Hooks and __ Slides a Bill Braucher No Fish Today It begins to u," accepted that Jimmy Wilson is in be imnnger of Hie PhlouncIrrliiB I'hlls. which re- Schoolboys Score Freak Touchdown By NHA Service . Nl'AV YOHK--The loiiululown ii'.-ak of the 1UJS ^lidln.n .season wa.s probably pulled off In tiir Hrioklyn Prep- Hi. John's gam.' liere recently. John O'Jirien, of St. John's at u oijiled a kk!( frotn his owti •'.0-yaid line. Tl:e punt went >.lr:iv<ht tip In Ihe air where it encountered a luavy wind. Thi wind curried tlic ball back lo- wanl the SI. John's goal, landing II on the 5-.vard line un< blowing II acrois the goal line Charley Luzcn Brooklyn Pr player, fell on tliu bull for totieiiduwn. lie ball ii to o;;e:i keep the. dcf»'i>. ir-: 'thn play. : i.lvol man :i^ i:-- stationary lu; n:::n. ;ic-..-i iK> kept 1:1 ussin^ !aiu"; from over- 'Tor two hr,'.:r; they fcuiit tiptoeing into :hc baekiot-ir. i'!ily to return 'One-Eye' awak. 1 . I'.y NK.V Senile play a n-.oroj Tilc 0 ,.i t ,i| Ml i "One Eve" Connolly wlio di:-d aixi'il 15 years nga. •i-^ll ol u'-'i Vv: ' lS " ( -' c ' 01 ' 1 " fU'inv I" spoi'-s. T:m Mi-Oralh. old-nine n«lu nnmagc-r, ;i-u:v ;;/e or 'imiXcr than Iii5''ells the (ollowiiii,' stotj' on Hip fainu'.is cra'shei of '.'.ales: i'liuid. he must phv a ravin;, plvotj "It occuircd in IJosto:i." Tim relates. "Connolly slevpin;, ;,, a •iik.n v.'liUh n'fiu's a premium, ..-alccn, and n ?-MW decided to ]>lcit his pockets, fixif.uirk and cleverness r.-.tli-1 :h:in .si'/.:'. He is I:-!y man in i -• j.lay mid wi-.i h-_- a cleverj'"" 1 " 1 ' u f o ' t lh; "' -•.cr. , CTT 'Ihe pU'.y |JC^|ii!lilk'S ol tbi.i' i:iia|j:)n lire blocks along thu i ji lii:i-.: L;'f.'.:cn Hie nmtrd aim j I'Viiud, v.'ith ;nrj without Ihi- ] .M. A very < tli-i.lI'.'e block is pas-| )k- Ij'jtv.t?™ i!ie forwmd uiiii j .ivut man and Ijctviien the ^uaid! nd jiivct man. A slron^ ix)-;«i:s-• urn uranu 1 can bi- piujed from tills I Carrtwell School and Independent Teams Win "Finally Connolly came out. thanked il:e ixirtr-ndev !(ir Iflliug him .'.Iccp nnd li I; inc. plate. "II la'.i-r found that Connolly had sbpt on hi; si<:C'. with hii glnss eye up. 'liii- tansati-rn, in-einu tlie Blnrin;;'eye, t!ion«lii lie wal awakt. 1 ." c:.l]-i' ufi.r inoit 1 Munrix opno:>Lii Dili Ten '.c-iiiis .Dually h:ivi type o[ mutviial :icn\".!irv In ;i:i:cuL.sful usi' of '.lib piny, el Nortlr.VL.sU tn Unr..'1'..'ily, America selection :i: ; fnvwau i.'.iar; lloskci, CliU 1 State, Cuiilurence c-nlc-r laM si , , . , Ciuincr of Mirhl'i'jn :it:d 11: ansas' great lorivanl passing duo.],, , uftQ nl( Ull t J( ,, 1IU| , Thomsen annminccd hi.s probable .'„,.. tll . .... ,., u ^, C) , starting lineup in the Dixie Classic " as follows: ends. P. Ruckcr and Lake: tackles. Demon and Mcasel; giitirds. Splvey and Ulack; center. Newby; (|Uitrlerback. Murphy: halfbacks. C. Jlin-ker anil LuForijc: fullback, Crlswell. In five previous games with Centenary, Arkansas has won three I times, lost otice. und last year's en-1 counter re.suhcd in a scoreless lip. I Total ixjlnts in llic five games an? 58 to 15 In favor of tlic Ra/or- I bucks. I The Genllemcn rule ns slight favorites to lake the Porkers. ' CARUWRL1,. Mo—Friday even- ! Monelte, Ark., IS) 'to 18. The Pnz- Mi/c, M. Kinsey. J. Cunninishain, ir.K the Cunlwctl hlijli school, toys z'er team u'us inmle up of: U.! J. Mann, C. Mickey, defeated S'm 2-1 to 17. Tlie . composed of: " basketball Irani l! '"_' ii! lhi> Cardwell •• lh Curdwc-U learn was All- Brcwci. f; Wells, g; Stewart. K: la^ 1 Martin. I; Green,' f; Slrader, f; AH- Johnson, f; Coburn, f; Burclium, -•'">'• c; Smith, g. Tlie same evening the Cnrd\vell ii' - 'Puzzlers," Independent team, de u f feated an Independt-nt team from can. 1 ; a story about the former Cardinals' backstop. The hero ol the tale is Dill Klcm, veleran Nallonal League umjiirc who still Insists lie "never called one wrong." Years and years ago, when Oavvy "Cactus" Cnivalh was on lliel ' — • • Phils payroll ithe Phils had some "Fict c i lcr didn't have a thing do with thai sign. Who hung It I'm not .saying." i A short time niter tlir Incident, j Fletcher left the Nalimiril lj>iigue ! to become coach of llic Yankees. | Jimmy Wilson handled the team Read Courier News Want Ads. pretty good tall players in thote days). It was Oavvy's particular oJJ t? w ,]| pleasure to take picks on Mister' Ivlem. It was Klein's [Kt aversion to be culled "Cat Fish," a nickname hung on bim because of it certain piscatorial ca«l o[ coimlennnce. • • • ', during the last two weeks of the Out (iocs .Jimmy j reason. Two years laiey he -was Oavvy Imd a large sis" paintcil,. tradi'd to the Cards. with tlie. hateful words in large I •—~ black letters. The: blgn was plain-' "" ly visible from llic Phils' club-. house—snd whenever Oavvy was chased Irom the name tor disparaging remarks concerning Klein's accuracy, he would wave the sign from a window. Seven or eight years ago. Catcher Wilson was having a bad afternoon with Klein's decisions. Art Flst- clicr was then manager of the Phils. and was becoming not only disgusted with his Job, but had soured definitely on Klem. Especially irked over some, of Klein's edicts on balls nnd strikes Wilson finally exploded and was ejected from the game. Fletcher, supporting his catcher, !et Klem have a piece of his mind, nnd when Fletcher cut locse the air would burn. The umpire sent An to "keep Wilson company" in tl:o clubhouse. 3EJTZJ LAST ME TODAY) Miit. 2:30, 10-2Sc j fXite (iMS, in-,'!5c | ROXY Last Time Today MAT. and Nit«s—lOc - 2Sc MARY y FRANCIS Screen's firs) story of o a woman doctor NOVELTY KIWI, COMBUY b Ebenozer Scrooge Is a character in C h a r 1 e s Dickers' CHRISTMAS CAHOU Tlie jiext presidential t^rni br-plas JAN. 20, 1337. A LI, POliTS .ON THE GREAT LAKKS become iccboiiml at limes In winter. No U. K. »*fci»orts IKJCOIU^ Icebound Fletcher Gets U A short time later, the big sisu "Cat Pish" svas displayed from liie Phils' locl;er room. Klein stopix*! the game anil oixlered a Philadelphia player to lake down llic slsjn. He piillrcl 0!^ his watch, prep^rins to forfeit tlic game if his demand not compiled with iimne;l!ate- ly. The sign came down. Nest day President Hej'rtler tniiiDiinrr:! iii-'ii/\rT \/ definite suspension of Fletcher. Wil-j ill 7LL I son was fm«l S50 bulwas not HIS-. Cil , n , JN g^-p-p vvi(l ps? " tu ' ti - j dimpled dnTllngs. . Two years ago after the Cadi- • UATCH OUT for fun! For nals had beaten the Mhlollcs in! Fo1 ' eye-popjniiB spleiulo tbc work! scries. 1 asked Wllscn i Combined for cue yrnnil about [re sign. Jinnny replied: ' Icrlaliimenl! Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. U'/rs GO a (lock G. G. Caudill (Jenfral Insurance 105 N. llroadffay Thone 797 I GET A LOAD ' ill' .-'onu, love aril I'liriinioiinl News TMina Tixlt' Comcdv M AT.— i n-2rn' - Weds. N1TK— 1 n-:i:>c & BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, Rut the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We 1'ay Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We have no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to how and why. Come In and lie Convinced. We Accept the Challange. OUR MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY i Sells For Less ; And We Have One Price To All Free he W»t*r ud Rtrt Rooms for Men, Women and Children HER LOVE WAS TOO GREAT...too powerful.. .too consuming . . b,> placed on ihe blcck for Iho highest bidder! ;#; Fifi D'Orsay, Stuart Krwin, Ned Sparks, 1'atsy Kelly A Cosmopolitan Production A Metro-Goldwyn-Mnyer Picture Directed by HAOUL WAbSfl Kathleen Norris' WALLS /GOLD SALLY EILIRS MORMAN FOSTER RALPH MORGAN Roillo Mortne Paramount News Moran & Mark Cnmrdv 7n Reply to Your Classified Ad" Vow lines or threu lines or two in llic Cciii'icv News— am! a little cafe rliaiincs liands, an nvriiiij couple gets :mlr> transportation south, two licait-lirokon sweethearts are friends again. A tdo;ihnno story, focused into a few i-lear, economical words ),y a helpful ad- talior—and the second tlnor bni-k linils n roomer, Li/'/.io finds a new jrarago. Johnny Tunis his terrier. Slranjre wants, t-verydny wants, w;mt< iii'irenl and trivial lin;l a voice and an answiM' in ilip Cotirier News riassilieds—and l>ring to every Courier NI-WK reader a page lilK'd with drama ol'U'ii. with ilnill-- occasionally, with Ol'l'OUTUXlTV always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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