Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 12, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1891
Page 1
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k U.F-™ s —yt 4><r' ' r , :-\ *. - ^ n^ijnj; V,!'*- 1 - ISffif : "«'-«^ff\ ournaU LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, THURSDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 12. 181)1. NO. 37."- ' DE.WENTER THE HATTER. ' JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, (Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFDIM COMPOUNDED. IF YOU WANT A FINE DRESS SUIT OR BUSINESS SUIT 0 V ER°C 0 AT,' Fur, Beaver, Melton, Kerseys or any kind to suit the customer English ( Yankee any Manufacture, you can find it at 318 BROADWAY, silk lined and got up in the very latest styles to suit the purchaser. Come and examine Goods and prices. Goods sold in suit patterns'or pants patterns at reasonable rates and cut and trimed to order. ' - . JOS. CRAIG, The Tailor. A FOUL PLOT. lecretary Gibson, of the Whisky Trust, Under Arrest, Charged with Conspiracy to Blow Up Distilleries Not in the Trust — Held in Heavy Bonds. COMING IN EVERY DAY SPRING GOODS For Suits, Overcoats And Trousers. You can ]rick one out now and .get it MADE UP ' WHEN YOU NEED IT. You get a better choice that way. E. F. KELLER T a i 1 o r, .'.31-1 Market Street. THE KV1DKNCE. CKICACO, Feb. 11,—George J. Gibson, ccrctary of the great whisky trust, has aecn arrested by United States officials on the charge of being- a participant in a gig-antic- conspiracy involving the de- trnction of life and a vast amount of jropcrty. The conspiracy involved the lestriielkmoftheSlnifeldt^listillcryand evcralothers which are outside of the rust and which have {riven the whisky orabine a great deal of trouble. The arrest was m.ide'at the Grand Pacific lotel shortly after ' fi o'clock- a. m., by Inspector Stuart, of the Post-oil'ice, Department,.Deputy United States Marshal Oilman, and' Treasury Agent Jtrooks, of New York. Gibson, who .lives in Pcoria, hud just arrived in the city and was accompanied >y his wife and daiighter. He.was ,aken into custody as he alighted from a carriage at tlie. door of the hotel, and vas at pnee- hustled across the street lito. the"Governmerit building-, where ie was locked xip in the United States Marshal's office. ' . . Gibson was carrying.a small sachel at the time of the arrest, and this was japturcd ,by Inspector Stuart. In the sachel were found articles which conclusively proved the intentions of the conspirators. The contents of the sach- el were locked up in the safe in the inspector's oUiee. The Treasury Department at Washington was informed of the conspiracy some time afro, anil its .officers were-se.t ;o work to thwart it arid ajrnst the. par- ;icipaats. Special A^ent UrooUs and Snmi'iierville, -of the Internal Revenue.' Department, were sent here irom Now York some days ugo, arid Inspector Stuart, although liis department was not concerned in the conspiracy, received special instructions from Washington to . co-operate with the Eastern, officials.. The case was worked np with great secrecy and, after the arrest of tbc secretary, not a particle of information could be obtained us to the nature of the conspiracy except • that its consummation involved wholesale destruction of lifb and property. The specific charge against .Gibson is that he tried to bribe an employe of the Government, named DC War to blow up Shufelclfs distillery. All the arrangements had been completed for the fiendish'work when He War informed the Government officials of the plan and prevented, the consummation of the conspiracy. Solicitor Hart has in his possession the dynamite machine with which the destruction was to be effected and papers closing- the contract for the diabolical business. The whole conspiracy was worked up through Revenue 'inspector T. S. UeWar, who -was told guardedly some months ago that Shufeldt's^distillery was in the way of the trust and that there was "big money'' for the man who succeeded in petting the concern Out of the way. Gibson was brought before Commissioner Uoyne shortly after 12 o'clock and waived examination. He was held to the Federal grand jury in 320,000 bonds. It is probable that.the prosecution of the conspirators will be turned over to the State courts, as the conspiracy involved the crime of arson and murder as well-as violations of the United States laws. . , r Inspector Stnart of, therPost-office Department, one of the officers who made the arrest, said to a reporter: i- I am not at liberty to give tlie. facts in the casei but there.:- is nothing that your imagination can conceive of more diabolical LIIH! horrildu than the intentions of the conspirators.- 11 was nipped just-in time," .too; for the first blow-was to have beciv .sl.riu-U' here in Chicago.'-. Th.cn it would have been repeated at other points.-'' Solicitor Hart -told the'story to a reporter as follows: "Some months ago the Washington department-were assured Hint things were not just straisnt, from tbe'fiict Urn tbc-trust people tried their best to have a certain mn.n appointed inspector of the department for this district. Wo set a watcli. boon T. S. UcWar .was communicated with, siml tils 'man Gibson oponerl up a correspondence: with. him. Wo have the con-csponUcncc. Gibson felt his man cautiously, Celling him'at first thafShufeldfs concern was.In tho. wry and that they were trying to get it- out of the way. He got, a lit.tle bolder soon -n'ml finally, led on by Do- War, who was nil t.hc time in consultation with the department,-too made » straight'proposi- tion Ho oifcivO',Dc.Wiir §10,008, and then In-, creased the: oftcr to KS.OQ'J, to blow up the concern. Gibson st.ated that be had a dynamite machined that could, bo located j.ust out. side of ono .of the-large tanks, so that a few moment*'-if tcr it n-as placed it would explode. There would be plenty of time,- Gibson told DeWar, for aim to get: away and that he was the only man who could place if, because of the fact thivt as a Government, ofilcor he had access to all parts of tte. building. . • "The result of the success,of the conspiracy would hsvo b 1 :™ That the machine would hnve exploded between two of the immense tanlrs, malting a ton-lain destruction,-and leavinira sea of tli'obol on lire. Gibson - lied- when he toul DoWar that the machine .would not go off until he had time to get out, for it would b»ve exploded at.once, killing the man •who place A it the very Instant, before Jie could possibly" get away, tl.us destroying the only evidence against the trust- people and at the same time saving to them tho $20,000 that DeWar was to have received. In addlliun to the destruction of DeWar and the the succes.-j of the plot rmc-ant uo- qireSTOmvury the rteatn or rjtMncir woricinff in the place. "As I sny, Mr. DeWar, underour instructions, went the longih of the conspiracy to the point of doing the diabolical deed, ana 'when Gibson was nricsted ho ""is waiting uneasily, expecting to bear of the explosion and tho destruction nf all those lives and all that .property. We have in our possession all the. evidence to substantiate DeWar's storj; the dynamite machine, the let ters, tho conu'jft hotween. UcWn.r and Gibson, in fact, every thing. 'J'ue i:ase is practically over so far as. nnv <><.'ii".rtT!ic::t is concerned. The case is mafic." 'J'lie whisky tvnt.t is a, mammoth concern, with aijapitul of $:jj,000,000. Ever since its formation, some years ago, it has urged a bitter warfare ag-ainst all the distilkrii'S which refused to join it. The principal concern which refused to enter this cuisibiw; was S;:uf,.-kit's biy distillery on the North sid«. Early ona morning- in the fall, of 1SSS two dynamite bombs were thrown upon tho rOof of the distillery, and one of them exploded and tore a great hole in tho roof. Had the other bomb c-Nplodcd the destruction of the distillery would have been complete, as directly under it was a xpoin containing many lhour,;i.mls of barrels of in(lam-« inab'ic spirits. The explosion produced a great sensation at the time, but DO clue to the guilty parties was ever obtained. It was freely ch.m-Rcd at the time, however, that the whisky trust was responsible for the crime. It will be remembered that ''Little Knnze" and Dan Cou™hlin. of the Cronin fame, were implicated in this case. LABOFflsOCIETIES UNITED. YOU WILL Find it a Pleasure To wa k through the establishment of And note the great quantities of Glean, Colored Fresh Bright Thc Fcilcr.ition, llw Knight* »«<! tho MiiKvWtirker* J>cm»nd Klgrht Hours. ; COLD Minis, O. Feb. 11.—The first annual convention of the. United Mine- Workers of America opened Tuesday morning in this city witli fully 300 delegates present, representing fifteen Stato of the Union. Tho special object of the convention is to make definite arrangements for the inauguration" of tho eight-hour day May 1. The beginning of this movement has been delegated to this order by tbc other labor organizations. There were, present as visitors President Samuel Rompers, of the American Federation of Labor: A. \V. Wright, member of the general;executive board Knights of Labor, and llnffh Cavanaugh. general worthy foreman of the Knights' of Labor.. They were enthusiastically gristed on their entrance to the. hall. When President . R;ic introduced 1'rcside.nt fiompcrs a signilloant incident occurred. Taking Mr. Goiiipers and Mr. Wripht by tho luind-liq said that this illiist.niU-i.iu-u; good feeling existing between the three-, prosit labor organizations. U |ii-i>arious applause--followed.:' The speeches of the visitors showed the sympathy ,of the organizations they represented with the eight-hour movement and pledged their support.' The sentiment oE all seemed to be that everything " - as in good shape for a monster stri k'o. an May I if the operators do not ai-.cede. to the demand. The convention listened to an iifhlrcss by President Gompcrs of the American Fedei-atiod of Labor at the forenoon session and considerable time was given to the cuinmiUee. on credentials before it was ready to report. The total number of " delegates admitted. _to the. convention wa's 1"0. The principal Stales represented are: Ohio, Ti.-tinsylvaTiia, Indfu-na, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Washington. Committees on resolutions, scale of prices, constitution distribution- and district boundaries were selected and tlie rest of the time given to the annual report o£ President John 15. llae and Secretary Hubert Watuhorn. '- : FOOTWEAR FOR BRAZIL. American Hoot and Slioo nrnoufacturers ' Seek the Keuiovsil-of the Duty, on Their ' PrtHlucts. ; WASHIXOTON', Feb. 11.— The boot and : sboe manufacturers of the -'large cities are endeavoring to have Secretary Blaine arrange a modification of the agreement with • Itrazil by \\-hich the irrazilian tariff restrictious will be removed, from .their goods. The agreement, allots a 2S-per cent, redaction on tarifc rates ou leather and manufactured- goods except boots and, shoes. That exemption- is not pleasing to the large- boot and shoe manufacturers of Boston. Rochester, Detroit-, Chicago and other places. Representative Halter,- acting for the Koch- ester dealers, has laid the matter before Secretary Blaine,. The -State Department is expected to make an an su-er in a few days. If it is a favorable, one the boot and shoe manufacturers will begin exporting, their products to Brazil. VICTIMS OF THE STORM. SPRING GOODS, •* . ' Of latest design and coloring-, at prices most astonish- low; While new and latest styles of dress fabrics can be bought at such low figures, no one needs to be attracted by stuff 'that has been 'in jobbers hands for two or three years. Come where the best of everything is kept at reasonable prices, and one price for all. WILER .& WISE, 315 Fourth Street. X i»«\^ 1 J WHISTLE FOR D. A. HAUK. He has the goods and prices. Best Clock for the money^ Best Watch^for the money % Best Spectacle for the money. Best work done for the money. No. 41O Broadway. Tlie Jeweler ami Optician. D. A. HAUK. THE MARKERS. l.r.dn. l'rovision». ; ^Etc. CHlp'AGO, Feb. 11. -Quiet and lower. -Vsprins Wheat patents. N'.SOOl.TS; BdUers',K.28®3.50;. Winter Wheat e'iour, iM.iK^Sft.OO lot Patents, $4.40@4.50 forClears. " ' "^ •' " WHEAT— TJulcd rather steady SnJ llrm. Ivo, 2 cash. 9i!i@9l?ii-^ May, »T«a9S'4C- CORN— Moderate truJlnf and market steady. No. 2undNa 2 Yellow, 50/,c; May; 52Ji®53c; July, 5S!K,®52V4i;. ; : : OATS— Firmer. No. 2 cash, 43V484S?io; May, 455i@46c; June, <Jb?J@457iC. Samples steady, with liberal offerlnss. No. 3, 43K@44«c; No. 3 White, 4oli@H7« ; No. :;, 4r>®45^c; No. 2 White, " Sons ot a M^nno»o»» Farmer Fcrlsli-TI Uloi:k».lo Itaisml. WlXovX, Minn., Feb. 11.—Two hoys, SODS of a Oerrnnn farmtfi- namcd-Axiffust Ford', were"'Conni' dead Monday cycn- ibg- tvvo miios nortliwcst.of Utica. They bull pcrislicd in 'the blizzard-.-. ': LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. U.—The snow blockade on the different railroad lines in this State is about over,,and'trains are ffi'iierally on time. Nearly all the 'bclati-d mpin.be.rs 'of- the Legislature have arj-ivcd. EX'Goveiiior Gordon Robbed. NEW YOBK, Feb. 11.-Ex-Governor Gordon, ot Goorpia, was robbed of his t'icltet and $148 while crossing the ferry to Jersey City. He borrowed money of A-ieot Williams, of the Pullman company, and went on to Washington. - - ., R-YE— Firm oud source. Jvo. S casn, >4c; February, 73i{c. and 'May, 77W. Samplos 74® 74V4C for No. 2, nntl 70@7-'c lor No. 3. BARI-EV— Slow and easy. Poor,' 00@61o; common, P3®i!5c; lah- to good, 6B@68c, and choice. 70®7-Jc. . ' MESS PonK--Tradlng ratSer nctivo ana prices lower. Prices ranged at $9,37«@9.50 Cor casb; $9.37«@9.50 for February; f9.«@9.W [or March, and $9.er)@9.92!,5 for May. -LAUD— Jlurltet moderately active and prices lower ' Quotations ranged at t5.52:!,J@5.55 for cash- 50.52Si35.55 for February; $5. for March, and «5.80®5.8J» for May- BnTTEH— Creamory, 17@25c; Dairy, Packing stock. .6@9c. ' POCLTRY-LIVO Chlcltens. 8®8V}e per lb.; LlveTuHteys,o@9c'per-lb.; Live Ducks, 7»O lOc per lb : Live Geese, ROOiSi&.OOjier doz. OtLS-vvrscoasin Prime White, 8c; Water White, 8'iic; Michigan Prime White, 8^0: Water White. lOJic: Indiana Prime White, 9Jic; Water White, 10c; Heafllight, 175 test, 9«c; Gasoline, 87 dcg's. He; 74 dcg's, 9»ic; Nuphtha, 63 deg's, 8c. LlQUOHS— Dijtilled Spirits ruled fjnn at fl.H per gal. for finished goods. . NEwyoRK.Feb.il. WHEVT — More active. ; February. H.ll; March, SI. loni@l.l I ; May. S1.06!4@1.073 16; June, il--04'i@!.04!4; July, «1.00X@l.OO-K: .August, 96KC--; September, atfJiSW^o; December,98Ko. CORN - Dull,, easier. No. . 2, B2H@«J4c: steamer-mixed, fi3'/,@'63Kc. ''.:*.-' OATS-Quietrflrm. Western, 51@63c, PROVISIONS— Beef steady, qniet. Extra mess, '.M.75@.7.50.--pork-.Jairly active, firm. New mess, I1D&0®11 2S; - old, mess, »9.25®10.25; extra prime, S8.UOQ9L75. Lard quiet, firm. Steam-rendered, J5.9JV _ ^ CLEVELAND. 0.. Feb. 11. pETROLEUM-Quiet. Standard white, nodes. test,«Kc; 74 saso line, .8J4o; 88 .gasoline, ISc; 63 uaphtbn, OJ5c. ' Live Stock. CHICAGO. Feb. 11. CATTLE— Market active, and feelin? firm. Quotations ranged at 55.lb®5.60 for choice to fancy shipping Steers; »4.40@5.fW lor good to choice do.; $3.25®4.« for oom- mon to fair do.; K.75&3.60 for butchers' Steers;'IS.2S®2'.60 for Stoclters; »aiO@S.70.for Texans; K.TOSS,ai for Feeders; *1.26®S. 75 for Cows; Sl.sq®S."UlX for Bulls, ana R.OOS5.00 for .Veal Calves. niunTcrcd'by Vicious "l'ol«. MAEQUKTTE. Mich., Feb. 11.—A row ; in a, boarding house in this city rc-' ; suited Tuesday night in the brutal murder of Michael Smith and the fatal injury of Micbnel \ Selka by Walanty Kovrak and son., ' The Nowaks and other Poles were carousing on the second floor of ' the building, and Smith ondSclka went^upstairs to stop the fracas when they ' were set \ipon with pick-handles. "". Smith's body was pounded into an unrecognizable mass of flesh, i P|oncer Republican-* to Meet. BOSTOX, Fo,bi':ll-—Stephen M. AHen, the surxnving presiding officer of tb* first Republican : 'convention, held at r Worcester, July,20, .1654, will issua »'• call for a convention M^ijeh 4. -XH«i « military and civic office! s of the GOT- j eminent under President Lincoln will,.'•* be represented, as "ell as -civilians-? from 1S48 to 1805 who favored the A»ti- = Slavery, Free. Soil or Kepubhoin p«r- '« ties. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE.' ONE NIGHT ONLY. Friday, February 13. THe Celebrated -Confled's Comic Opera Co. In Rndolph Mueller's Romantic Opera; i THE KING'S FOOL.' 6O Talented Artists 8O. Our Own Orchestra, Paul Stlendorl ', Condoo tor. Special Sceaerj. Magnificent Contomes. v Sixty Pretty Girl Fencers:; PRICKS Sl.OO, 5O, 33 eento. : • ' ' i" , itf!

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