Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 23, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated Hats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. ... •. . . - ••.'••.'.••'•»_•; ^ ./.» —Spring Styles.^ DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. This Week Only We will make to order choice of any Summer Suit in our store for $20.00 cash. We also have a. few Bargains left in $15.00 suits. Positively no goods charged. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. R. S. Bice, A. 1. MmdocK, a THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $230,000. A. J. Murdook. Prcs. W. W. Kos«, Cash. J. F. Brookmeyer, Asst. Cash. DIRECTOBS: W, H. Btinghaist, Dtmnls Uhl. f. M. HHrwoofl, W. T. Wilson. Banking In ftU Its Departments promptly "tototy » ly c»tSl,oni ana StockhoWer. *°8t?on 8f Ke««rve Fund mMntalned. Are You Out of Employment. ; Hnvc you a liotso, bugsy or other personal property, • or vacant lots you would Hko to exc-liangc for a business Hint will give Ws returns? Call at 703 flichigan Avenue. DAILY JOURNAL ~-~ TUESDAY, TUNE 23, 1SOC. 20c for celliiloiJ cull's, \voi-ti; -JOc, .it Otto*. George Harrison bMd!p» Landretb's •eeds only. Reel, -vvUKe and Vuie-McKliilejvcaps, •JOe, at Otto's. Geo. Harrison bos tbe finest line of hammocks In the city. All tan shoes at a .ere.it sacrifice this week.—Antlereon & Hans. George Harrison bandies Landretn'! first claas garden, flower and fleW seeds. lOc for celluloitl, Arlington anil libcr- loid collai-s at Otto's. ' Foiiucr price, 2." cents. . , We luvre pc-nclj, rasi>berry ana pine- apple—nU fresh trait for this cvenlns:.- Johu M. Johnston. The flnest selections of ladies' low cut slices, black or tan, price reduuod 33 por coat.—Andersom & Rans. Alolse Koltx, son of Mr. :ui<l Jtrs. Michael Kolt/,, died at 0 o'clock yesterday morning at the family residence nt No. 017 Twenninth street. Age 0 mouths. The funeral will be held tills roornlnp at 8:30 o'clock from ' Hie St. Joseph Catli'oHc chiM-oh. The Itov. Father Koelme conducUns the sorvlces. The W. C. T. U. will liolil its realtor mecHnp at (lie residence of I. N. Crawford, No. 1C1S East Broadway, AVedncs- day, June 24 at 2:30 p. m. sharp. Reports of superfnte-ndents of different departments of work will bolieard; papers on She llnew of work -svill bo read by Mrs. Sara'l Howe and Mrs. Gacry- Mcsdamoa Henderson,' Cornwell and Crawford will servo refreshments and will welcome all their friends aud friends of the liulon. Come 1 . By order of president. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. CREAM BAKING POWDfR MOST PERFECT MADE. » pve Grape Cream of Tartar Powdf- *"* f » Ammonia, Alum or »ny other adu.tenwt x 40 Years Use Standard, SONS OF VETERANS. State Brcampment of the Ordtr July First. The following is a special from Fran kiln: "FraiiU Martin, commander of the Indiana air.i.slons, Sons of Veterans, ami l he headquarters' force, located in this city, Js uri'pnring for the annual rn- cainpmenr. which occurs at Frankfort, beginning .Inly 1 and continuing throughout the Fourth. The annual report of the commander will show a marked Im.proveineiit in the order during tho past year. Commando.!- Martin, who is now serving his second term, will not be a candidate for re-election, and there are a number of candidates In the Held. They include G. T. C. Newman, of Hammond; Dolbert S. Mussor, of Anderson: Captain PcHavcn, of Kokomo, and P.. S. Oglcsbio, oC Plymouth. Mr. Musscr is Ihe present senior vice- commander, and Mr. Oglesblo is Judge advocate-general on rhc staff of the na- lion.-il commander. STATE MEETING OF PRENOLO- GJSTS. Tho following notice lias been Issued: This being the CeutounJal year of Dire- uology. the event will bo celebrated in a Stare ••meeting at Kolcomo, Tnd.. August i!2, 23, 2-J, JS06. At -this meeting speeches will be delivered aud papers read by the best plirc'nolo«tai.l speakors a.nd writers in America. Tie meeting wjll be especially interesting and 'instructive to all friends of education, and of great value to all persons of all trades and profession, This meeting will be followed by a four days' National riireaolofftail meeting at Ohlca^o! beginning August 31, 1800. ' For further pa-iticnlnrs address T. V. Oiftord, 3f. D., Sec'y of ' Committco, Kokonio; 'Ind. YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. Washington, D. C.. JuJy 7th to 1.3th, .1SOO.—For the above occasion tickets will be sold by the Wabash Railroad i-e-mpa.ny at rate of ?1(!.T5 for the round trip. 'Tickers will be sold .Tnly 4, 5. (I and 7, 1SOG. Good for contlnuons passage in both directions. Arrangements can be made extending time of tickets returning nnt.il July 31st. Side tripe from Washington have been planned at greatly reduced rates.—C. 0. Newell, Agent. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Uninu services will be held at thu rink a week from next- Sunday. Mark Hart died at Long Cliff Sunday night and was taken to the home of his brother. Edward Hart, on Twelfth .•street. No arrangements for the funeral have yet been made. Lew Reynolds of Rochester, who i* (|iiiru well known In this city, illod Friday afternoon of Bright's disease; asoil -15 years. The deceased was for years the landitord of the Arlington hotel at Rochester. Charles Hay filud three affidavits against .Tamos Brown yesterday nwrn- Inj.'- One was for assault and battery, one for provoke and nssnult and one Cor intoxication. He was arrested and his trial set for today at 0 a. in. Tlie fuaera] of Mrs. Mary Kennedy was held ye«torday morning at 9 o'clock from the St. Bridget's Catholic church. The Rev, Father Kroeger conducting tlio services. Interment was made in Alt. St. Vincent cemetery. CAN PLAY: , • . Those Kokomokes Put up a Gilded Game. "*•' : FINE WORK ; SUNDAY Logansport Shows , Best J Disaster Conies Monday There's no use In trying 'lo^'c the tru'tli, wheu that ''truth'-' i«_ plainly evldouf. We flattered 'oin-selYViJs for a long wW'le that Kokom8_ wasn't 'lu it with us, when .it came fo'jiiaying ball, but we've nil learned fjetter since ''tie games Sunday and yasieriiiij'.' ''^''better name was never played, Hii tli'e"-home grounds than that of Sumltiy afternoon. So, at. .least, say -many' of the old-time base ba'U cranks. and they ought to, know. It was a game from start to lltvlsli and It wasn't won 'until tlle : last iniin had been wfely dlsposcnl-of in 1 ' the tiinlli liming. It was. it pitcher's batrli; ; between Crosby and Denny Lyen, ami. Crosby proved the stronger. : Denny Lyen pitched the frame <if his life, and it «m be said" for him 'that it. was an elegant game'.' But the heavy. baiters of the Ottos lauded im him for seven hits and two or Ihwn were for two bases and oni: for throe. Crosby' was hit safe birt three times, cue of which was for two bases. A nil that is the way Hie fjaim? was won to rlie homo ti'jun. The visitors had cue less error against them, but the three thoy did make were costly. Each le'ain earned a run. j The 3:30 train from Kokomo brought ;i.bo>it one hundred rooteis. each of them had a. red ribbon pinned to'hls coal wirli "Kokomo rooior" printed <ro it. The train which arrived ten minutes late, Ill-ought as many more, with fifty aucied tor good measure', and they all had their lungs with them, likewise some tin horns. The crowd was composed for the most part of flwiM. orderly people. but there were a few toughs who imagined that tlmy had to begin the rooting as soon as they srnu-k The city. They, together with a few of their kind belonging licre. were guilty of conduct which cannot be stopped too <i«lckly for the good of nil concerned. These few objectionable ones kept ' up 'n continual shouting and blowins of horns nil the way out lo Mie ball ground?:.' and such a noise was extremely disagreeable TO people living on 'Broad way, win) sat in their front yards and watched I lie loaded cars go past. There are other people in the world Mian baJl players and those who like to 'see bull played. ami i.heir rights should be considered. If i:here are «omn who will not bo considerate, they should be compelled to ho so. TlKTO were also two or three disagreeable incidents on the grounds during the game, and this should not be permitted for an Instant. If it I> contfiniod, it will work harm to nil .concerned, Fdllowing Is the clltclal score of Sunday's game: OTTOS AB R H TO A E Hoivlpy, 3li ...... i 0 0 0 2 1 Byers. c ........ :i 2 3 2 3 0 Brufon. PS ...... 4 1 3 - •' ° Bolan, 1b ........ 4 ° a lr > ? ! HaekKtt, If ...... 3 00 0 0 0 Shaver, rf ..... .. .4 0 1 4 f) i Stemlcr, cf ...... 4 O 1 1 0 0 Ha "ley, 2b ...... '» 0 0 3 .TO Crosby, p ....... 3 .0.0. 0 3 T Murray, c ....... 4 0 1 "> 1 0 Totals KOKOMO Wbiteman. Ill ...3.0 0 St.it.ts. £b Faurot, cf Boyce. If Lycn, p Stokes, iib Kimmin, rf Love, s.s :J 27 17 3' Totals 32 2 . Score by innings: Ottos .0 0.0 1 0 0 02 0-3 Kokomos 0 0 0 2 0. p 0 - 0 0-2 Earned i-nn.s—Ottos 1. Kokomos 1; stolen buses—Haekctt, Byers (2)., Klm- mln, Stokes; sactufk-e hits—Ottos. 3, Kokomos 2; two-base Uiw—Byers, 1 ' Bolan, Boycc; three-base hit—Bycw;' pa-ssed balls—Byers 2; wild pitch—Crosby 2; base on balls—by Crosby 3,'liy Lyen 1; hit by pitched' ball—Hacketr, 'Byers; struck out—by Crosby 3, .by Lycn'3; double play—Ilorsley to HanlejMO Eo- la.n; Murray to Whitemau; St'okes to WJritem.in to Stokes. Time of game, 2:10. Umpire Johnston.. . Attendance two thousand. .....' THE GAME MONDAY. Jumped Onto Fisher aud Pounded Out Twenty Hits hud Eighteen' Runs. •'•' Kokomo tod sweet revenge vesterday for their defeat of Sunday, It was considered tlia.t a victory would' menu a personal triumph for Denny Lyen an'd. 'Statls, who were fet but -becmise they. would not support Fdslier pkiperly. ; So;.-. the Kokoniokes changed thejf • elothes! early in the morning and pul ; on their •battinjr togs, and the way-'they. dJd.hifc "'• ' " ~' : •' • l! ' '.:. \< ; -': : ~ SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING i: SUIT TODAY EOR LES5 MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN JLOOANSPORT. LINE COfiPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing the ball iv:is a caution. They b;inged it for tlrirtoon sinfjlw. six doubies : aud :i triple, and still they were not sutis- lu.'il. They succeeded i.u pretMns Fisher mad and the sin It was off; he couldn't, pitch for a paper of pins. ''Old Hun" Rogers, who Is considered a lias-been, proved luLraselC a sure enough "be," and the heavy Ijlrlers'ot the Ottos could not Innd on him with any effect. Following is the score: •OTTOS AB R IT FO A B Horslcy, :ib ....... 13100 Byers. rf 4 0 0 0 0 X •Bruton, 2b 4 0 1 Z 4 ° Hunter, c 5 0 .1 "' 2 - Bohiu. .lb -I 3 2 S 2.0 Sbaver. If 3 1 0 t 0 0 Siemlor, cf 2 1 0 2 .1 0 K:iW, ss 4 0 0 .1. r. 1 Fisher, p 4 1 1 1 - ° ' • Totals «•- r, ? 2-1 10. -I KOKOMO AB R II FO' A E AVhiteman, rf ..'.«• 3 2300 Stall*, 2b .' "i 4 .1 ,7 r> I r.yen. ID' :.« 2 « !>•,.. 0,' 0 Fanrot. cf .......A 2 2 ' l' .OS.O Boycc. If <i 3 :! - ° (l SUikes, 3b ..:-....r. :? -I 1 2 .1 Love. «s.;: 3 02120 Miu-ray, c :<! 01320 Tlojwrs, p '2 1.0 0 0 0 Tolnls .'.-..40 IS 20 27 31 2 - Score by innings: Ottos . ..-..•.'...-.0 40000001— -• Kokomos • ...'...-}• 0 0 2 2 0 0 4 "-IS • THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. 'Cleveland,- with Young ''"' tjlc hox was iM-aferi iJi a good game yesterday on- rho home grounds. Baltimore won .from rJilladelphln, aud the. bread) is therefore wider by several notches than i.t wa.<. FollOTving are t:he scwes of yesterday's ga.mes: . At Cleveland—Filisbnrg 4, Clt'vo- land 2. At Philadelphia— Baltimore 34, Philadelphia 3. At Boston—Washington 4, Boston 3. At Louisville—SI. Louis I. Louis- vlJle ->. • At Chicago—Cincinnati 3, Chicago 3. STAXDJNG"OF~THE CLUBS. Clubs Baltimore .. Cleveland . Cincinnati .. Boston .,.. rirtslnn'K • Wnshiujiton Bi'oolilyn ... rhlladeiphia Chicago ... New Voi.'k St. IjOuis Louisville Lost .rc-r'Cr. IS IS ^1 21 _>o 22 21 Jl! 27 31 ,",S 30 .(147 .C'25 .011 aiftcruoon with the Cleveland National league team. This will be n game worth seeing, for Cnpny. "Litilo George," wil be in the box for the IciiKuers. with Zimmor Ix'hiiul the bat. Crosby mill probably pitch- against tho big fellows. It required a stiff guarantee to get. the team here, and the price of admission will therefore be raised to fifty cents for this otic game. The big kviguo.iejtons will not go traveling over tho coumry for nothing, a.nd the money they ask -for.cxhibition games could not be made up from even such a crowd 'as saw rhe^ramc Sunday at twenty-five ce.ats a head. The 'management dots not expect to make any thing on Hie same, bin does wish to come out whole. Those Kokonio. fellows didn't do a tilling to FJslier's curves yesterday. They hit: them for thirteen singles, six douM«s aud a three-bagger. It. was Fisher's off day. He passed eleven men to first on bad balls, and struck out five. Hackctt and Hanloy were given their -release yesterday. Both arc good ball players, but neither can keep from the .flowintr bowl. Kane, t.he shortstop who played with the Fort Wayne team has been signed and playctl wit)) leara vesl onlay. * DEATH OF MRS. H. A. GRAFFIS. Mrs. R. A. Grains died at'hor home in Frankfort. Ind.. Monday morning at 7 o'ckMik of consumption. The deceased was The wife ol 1 K. A. Grallis, the reai cstnie andjiwurance agent, in business here some years ago. and was a daughter of .-Mr. Chas. Trout-man, and a sistor 01' MY. .Toliu F. Ti'onl.ui.111 Of iliis city, She was very well known in the city. Mrs. Grallta was a most estimable woman, and was quite prominent in the W. C. T. U. .it Fvankt'oiT. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at hi'f laic residence on North Jackson slrecr. For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes worth up to $6.00 includ*- ing the Wide Toe Ox Blood R. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.98 •Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for $1.9* The Celebrated "«tto" $2.50 Button art Lace $1,48 The Free Distribution of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" HIGH COURT DECISION".. Tho Appellate court lias decided tiai where an engineer sws u pcdcstraia on the track in Ume to check his train he will be giul'iy of willful negligence 1C lie fails to do so. Also tltit a township trustee may take, a bond from a con- tr'aevor for the proper construction of a school house and the sureties of the contractor wiJl be liable tor material and labor expended cm the building when not. paid lor by tin; contractor. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, wkli plenty of exercise in the open air Her form glows- with health and her face blooms with its beauty. If her system needs tbe cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle end pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California F 1 ' "yrap Company. MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT. The Continental FratcniaJ union will have another of their popular musical a.ud social emmainments at their liaU over the Progress clothing store •\Vodiwday oveuinjr. .inne 24th. Ooine out and bring your friends. R. S, MOUNTAIN. Trcs. .220 ; AT KOKOMO TODAY. Team Will • Play Two Games There— ". .Cleveland Next Sunday. • The team .goes away this morn-injr for a-'short trip. • Two .Ramos at Kokomo. tb-is .-afternoon -and tomorrow, then Rockville; Thursday aud Friday, re- r the .game Sunday THROT;GH PARLOR CARS? BE- TAVKEN INPIANArOLlS AND SOTJTH BKND. On ."iJid afler Jnne 22il the Va.ndalia Lino will operate through parlor cars between lmTiana.polis< and Souih Rend via CoM'a.v. Xmrt.lnv.tn1 car leaves Tndi- .•iU3iix>Ms on Bi'g Four train No. 3 daily except Sunday ri:00 p. in. arrivini? at Scwrh Bend 1.0:4?! p. m. S'oi:itli'\vard.c.ir leaves SoinWi Bend on Yandalia Line train No. 13 daily except Simday ":00 a. in., arriving at Indianapolis 10:30 a. m. Fasl time and fiist-class SCITJCC. K. A. Ford. General Fassenjter Agent, St. Lonis, Mo. Men's razor to dark ttn shoes, wort!) ?3 and $4. rtxluced to $1.98.—Anderson & Rans, Purifies and Beautifies by restoring to healthy activity the Clogged, Irritated, Inflamed, Sluggish, Overworked Pores.

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