The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1938
Page 8
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-PAGE EIGHT BIyYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •;• Birds of a Feaihcr Who Roosted Togctlicr in House Gallery I-;;- 1 •:' KS-'"M» . _ ... J Hawaii, Center of 5,500 Mile Arc, Speeds Enlargement of Bases By WENDEI, BUKCH, United Press Staff Carmpaiiilriit. HONOLULU, T. H.. Jan. 0 (UP). —Down a curving 5,500-mile line stretching from the Aleutian Islands to American Samoa, with Honolulu at Its center, the United States is perfecting an aerial defense curtain capable of repelling nny attacker. A Itornet's nest of fighting planes of every type already is based -in ,. Hawaii. Present plans call for extension en a vast s:ule of Ibis nil- force—not alone in point of numbers but In field rnclllllr*, land areas, anti-aircraft defenses and general equipment. Tills year's fleet maneuvers :ne expected to extend down (he bowed line from Dutch ' Harbor, nearly 3,000 miles diif north of Honolulu. to Pago Pago, 2.200 miles sauth of Hawaii, planes will take a lead- Ing part in the exercises. Army and navy leaders do not admit that the Slno-Japanese conflict has changed or speeded up I he defense program centered in ' Stress on Preparedness "It is our policy to perfect Hawaiian bland defenses so that we will be prepared for any eventuality," said Major-Gen, Andrew Moses, commanding officer of the Hawaiian department. U. s. A. Bear Admiral Orin G. Murfin, 14th naval district commandant, has summarized naval policies similarly. Necessary magnitude of such preparations, In view of the pace raf by arming nations, best Is illustrated in the air. A total of more than GOO planes couU I" hurled at anv invading , enemy if the army and navy tle- - sired to concentrate the full force of their present air slrenglh In Hawaii. Best available figures indicsile that there are 1 slightly more llian 100 army planes, and 85 or f-w- «avy planss based in (he islands. The aircraft carriers .Saratoga Lexington, Ranger and Yorklown carry 288 or more planes. . Each battleship carries three ulanes. heavy cruisers have four, and light cruisers have I/TO ench. New Carriers Speedier • /Theialrcraft carriers couH reach Hawaii in not much more than three.: days..possibly even less lime. •On.June J3. 1MB. Hie carrier Lexington reached Pearl Harbor from Fan Pedro. Calif., In approximately 71 hfMirs. and tii» »e-.v cirrier."— the Waso, York town, and Enterprise—have greater speed than (lie Lexington. The threat implied In this 'HIT- force .easily may be illustrated !>• an: incident during the hunt [->•• Amelia Earhart. Admiral Mnvflr estlmated in that search tin' planes from the carrier LBylivjtor could cover 30.000 square miles, ar area about that of tlie slate n' Indiana, in six hours' tlyhn. Hm» Any summary of (be island' aerial defense strength mu-t .~->u sidi-r tli» armv and navy units is :• .would operate under •serv'c? i-e»r lations providing fnr "uniiv 'n- Supreme command hi ca?n -f r fleet attack on H.v-jii nreV»1>l would 50 to naval loaders. sl:w the main defense task would fall t- their branch. Islands' Strength Tncrcasrfl -Hawaii's aerial strength is beiir increased doily. Under prraen' army plans a for-e of nirovoxi matcly 250 ptanes h desired for Uv islvdv Now tf.ans call for add! I'TI -' nn--'lis- sQUadron ol \'l CVI;«,IM,,!».I Air- r -,f. nitrr-.l bomb d'S, to thr Pearl H:irb,-r Fleet Ai. Ba«e. In Ihn n=nr future, bringing t* M (l, e nnmber of 5,^1, s ., lips Flatlonec*. there. oUi°r nm-i pane's may b^ ridded lo the base i 1^8 'o double (he present strength. . I>wM»mnit ?t new "flyins; fortress:*" fci" the oimv. ruiEislin? o FRIDAY, JANUARY. 7.-J<)38 ' Garuthersville Society — Personal Birds of a feather tl<x:k together, even at the one-nine of Congress. Pictured us they gathered to take seals In the nailery of (he House of Representatives are (he wives and widows of past anil present pre- officers; left lo'right, Mr.s. John N. Gamer, whose Imsbnnn presides ora- the Senate; Mrs. Nicholas ,'orlh, widow of the Inte Speaker of the House; Afr.s. Frederick H. Cilllettc, wife of another former siding . . , Speaker; Mrs. William B. BnnklieaU, wife of the present Speaker. Young Film Actress v HORIZONTAL 1, 6 Canadian born picture star. 11 To study hastily. 1 2 Dress proleclor M Aroma. 1C To bnlho. IT matter. 18 Headlong pluniie in water. ' ' I!) Deputies. 21 Medicine. •' 23 Behold. 24 Reel stones. 28 Became wan. 32 imbecile. 33 Marriageable. 34 f'uncluation mark. 35 Koman Ansivcr to Previous rtizz)e_ 13 Corded fabric. " ~ 15 Recession. 20 Having left a will. 22 Her first ., ' picture made her -. 2!> Bustle. 20 Brink. 27 Portuguese title. 29 Striped oloih. 30 Kindled. 31 Frophel. 30 One- who 2 Ron! ed(!o. pares. 3 Lost word of .1 38 Pertaining ID . 37 Maids. -1 3, To reach a place. . 4H Pertaining to ' n tcla. 51 Constellation. 52 Tract. 53 Empty. 54 Mole. 5Ci She is a remarkable child (pl.l. 57 She has a carefully —— voice. VEUTICAL prayer. 4 Scolds conslantly. fvMonkey. G Dower properly. 7 Up to. 8 To augur. ;tir. 39 Observed. •11 Ado. 42 Wine. •!•! limnclies. 45 Metal. 4C Valley. be asked soon, also, for an international .seaplane base to be built In Keehl Ingoon, adjoining Hickam Field and John Rodgcrs airport, a scant 10 miles outside Honolulu. Value of such a base would be tremendous In military exercises. General Yonnt believes there is a possibility that wheeler Field. Scliofleld Barracks, also may be enlarged. Present army activities at Luke Field, near pearl Harbor, will be abandoned ns soon as Hickam Field is commissioned probably late in 19-u. Commercial fields tin the Islands are being encouraged, and Intcr-Tslnnd Airways, operating a fleet of modern Sikorsky amphibians between Honolulu and other Hawaiian ports, has devel-< opet) nn outstanding commercial line In the territory. (I ancrs Entertained Mrs. George Horton, Mrs. I,eon V.ippcn, and Mrs. S. O. Stephen lutci tained the Gleaners Gloss of I lie Bnpllsl church Monday. A tliort bLislnc&i session was held Mrs. Claude Stowart Joined Iho cliiss. Games and contexts were presented and the liastpsse.s served refreshments. • * 1 * Mi' Italihv.iin Ili.•([••: MKs IJcCyo Ifablnson I'literlnln- o<l the Lutky Nitu; DrirlKv Club Mi nduy. A lv,','i ctjin.';v diitner v,'Us ntnvnl Iroui u |;UKC tubli- covered wlih ii yellow linen cloth and set with coloml chhm. Urldgo was pliycd nrter dinner, iin-j Mrs. Harold i'u])!i:ini was prw.cnted a Coventry, for hii'h .-:cuiv. uncl Mr.s. Hiil|j)i (looilij) Ijwik-i'jiiis for coiisohillon. Announcement has bi'en made of tr.e marriage of Miss Margui-ct WundEon, former member ol Hie school hiciilty.' Khe umrrlrd Trn- mcii will, ol' San Jose. Jll.. the lust ol December, und they will mal.e their honu- in Siin where she will continue lent'lilng. Mr. Woll Is connected with u mn- clllni'ry compMiiy then-. * . » Mrs. Mary IJnrns is in Memphis tills- week- with Mr.s. C. W. Brown, v.'ao is convalescing from an eye operation at n Memphis hospitul. Mrs. A. itoldon and granddaughter, Norma siiellon, who have been yiiests of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Hill, returned Sunday to tlieir liomo in Memphis. Floycc Hovis, who has been cm- ployed in Gsccola, Ark., has returned to visit his family. Little Peggy Hovis. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyce Hovis, Mas been ill for several days. IU1 Lockard ji,, young son ol Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lockard has been tiulte ill for the week. Jerry Lynnc Smith is recovering from an attack of pneumonia. Mr. mid Mr.s. Claude Steivnrl. I who recently moved here from I IJIythevflle. have moved into the Randolph house. Mr. Slewurt is ft her rlpnghtcr, Mi?,. Oi.'io firnn- nn. Hoi-tun Scott, a patient In the Memphis Methodist hospital underwent an operation for a brain tumor Tuesday. He is doing nicely. Mr ami Mrs. Cliarlie Robinson fiiinciwre the srrlvtil of a iU their licnie. Cecil Hudspeth and Sam 'Edwards were hi Memphis Monday on business. K«W the Courier News want adj. son, I Birmingham university, England, j has the world's smallest brewery,'' ' Installed lo give special attention/^ to Die study of brewing, the brew- cry measures 8 feet In height and covers a floor space of six square feet. connected with the Coca.Cola Hot- ins Company. Mrs. Henry Morgan was called la leele. Mo., Tuesday by tlie illness Water is at its greatest densitv at 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit,:, freezes nt 32 degrees, and turns, to^vapor at -2l2 degrees. ' * '•"•' 47Snal;elikc fish. 1 To trail 0 Pertaining to. -iff Being. »n id. 50 Industrious 10 New star. insect. 11 She sings —— 52 Like. music. 55 1'aid publicity THE A6E MAKES IT A FAVORITE-SO DOES THE PRICE! MELLOW SMOOTH STRA1GHT8OURBON WHISKEY Noiv 2 Vis. li Mcs. Ol:l ROHNWOOD \J> BRANU WHI5KEY Till \Vhl:key "s s r- .Ho?. Ohl SO PROOF th" sly o-- more nlso has added to j, huge planes during any possible crcss-wl'ids. and the ctrc:!. nf at-1 3 ack ' i Inckhig fire wouUI conspire further | liatlerics Are Movable i to cnmnllcfllc the task of becoming ! Stress is laid on the value of any Hawaiian mark. '. nmi-aircroft batteries by Major- m any calculation or Hawaii's .en. mrton K. Yount, command- aerial defense strength. Hie i HIRSGH DISTILLING COMPANY KANS-rtS CITY MISSOURI UK SURE THAT Your Car IS PREPARED for told Weallicr LET US MAKE THIS FREE TEST for Brakes . . . Lights ... Battery . . . Wheel Alignment Sec US for Prestone Ford Anti-Freeze V/inter Lubricants MOTOR CO. r.lh Walnut I'hcinc 8U) \vi»". since c-'-'-^c.v vitlitn n to 15 hours. tToi-v ^i-ot/>/-t, ii n ;ipr way at nres- ,ent in the is'.inrts is constvu-t'ra of Hickam FieH. slS.COOOO.') army Inn- Other experts noted th nlroort. Hers r'.^hi (Hublr gars, a huge repair clo--t. Oirec-Elory barracks arc b:in 3 com"- mile or morc'ahcad'of on objective plc ' 1 ™- , 0 . to strike it. Speed of the plane, Fr»l Sl-w-cs Ur-Jcr Ground «• ""i'liificaitlv. wlrin» and fuel ~~ .stores at Hickam will be under grr-'inb 1 . safp frpm aerial attack. Admiral Murfin and his aides connxie thM the natural routine cf: davelepmer.t at the Fleet Air Ba«> calls for placement of fuel si;i>ollcs.,an<l equipment there in underground, bomb-proof shelters. It has been rcoortert that lur;e vmrterercuntl caverns will be excavated "in Ihe Waenae or Koobu ranee 1 :, nf-ar Pearl Harbor, and fichofif-ld Barracks, lo house fuel, munitions, and supplies. With the new "super-bombers" developed bv th5 arsnv has come n new problem. Tlie planes are too l"-jc to fit the present hangs.v, planned for Hickam Field, hence vruld have to be anchored in the open. As such they would be easy targets (or bombardment. Officers .admit however, that they have I plans lor safe disposition of the . ------- -- ...... "•-" ntjiKi ut-it-iK>£ aut-Iiyui, Uie IJOICIl- ing officer of the lath Composite tinl contribution of commercial Wing air force. He pointed out craft should he considered, must that batteries, operating from the erocrts agree. Pan American Air- ground and from -prime movers" wa ys' two years of successful mall operating at speeds of 40 miles m nnd passenger flights from Ala- hour and better definitely could meda. Calif., to Honolulu, and on maintain sufficiently effective. fire to Manila and Hong Kong have lo drive imy attacking air feet afforded an invaluable source of£ thousand reel into the s skici. flight data. Similar flight infor- -— -.., ..~v*.v, ,,,„,, n (,j.,,i- malton is bsing built up for the flying at 10.000 feet altitude would rmile lo New Zealand and Austra- have to drop n bomb pr;'jably a la. slrelchtng due south o. r 'lawnil. A $5,0000,000 appropriation may —^—^^—•«""«Wa"M^iWB3J»^B^il«^^«»«l^F»«»^P«» Kukri Otiey's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips t Ql Tax "66" Gas 1«J2C Paid All Uadin; Brands of nccr, I.lquor, Wine, Qln and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, §1.15 Carton Highway fil—Holland, Mo. MEAD'S: "Once in SO years 102 HART SCHAFFNER & MARXand"Mansfield" ts <utd drastically reduced to Blytheville men know by experience that Mead sales are genuinely worth while ... and they know this is a most uunusual event judging by the way they are beginning the new year with new suits and topcoats. For this IS a most unusual sale featuring the "Golden Anniversary" highlights of that great firm of Hart Schaffner & Marx who have been making fine clothes for men for the past five decades. In suits you may choose from the finest fabrics in smartest single and double breasted models. In topcoats you may choose from British raglans or set-in-sleeve single or double breasteds. Of course, sizes for all. As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET

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