The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT „.-.', • ''.''•'''.' Chicks Win Third Ste^t^STVnmK^argfiil HI ID Altn T II P I/ J ' a . rds as lle slid H'rqugli 'lie Hue 1 I n I n '••*••• ~ ~~~' "" ~ : - —•—___ < "^^ ^^ illr HUH Ml l\ Coach Irvins of tlie Thorobrcds LCUUS 1 0 MUM'S D JITl L A Dl/I1IIPJIP lnat «"' ««kc Its place In ihr- ,,,t<v,»/»> : ' ~~~ ; ~~~ *—-• Illl imU IUUH "Wtglngly crime Co'Clio nld of Ihc _. g*p7< ??%%*<* fin L 1 HliMiluSfl 1 '""•' Wilh ° Ut wwll!<! '""B »'W't"! Af ' LKV ° 01 - ' ' : B - BlIILE STifiED HSlnfi IQ QniiTiiiiii:<rrc ^*«a= £75SS=^^ Chickasavvs Come Froir. Behind to Defeat Crack Foiresl City Griclders. Carney l.asltf's Blythevllle Chicfc- nsnws met iheir first big tsst of the 103-1 football season at Haley 1'iclcl last ntglil niul finished ahead ot the Forrest Cily Thorobrcds o» the Wg «Kl of a 21 to' 13 score. H mis as exciting- n grlil menu as lias been set before locnl tarn in some time with nil the elements o( suspense, uncertainty anil scoring thrills that go to imU:e .lip a colorful game uafng Mended together Forrest City scored Die inlttol touchdown In the second period. Blythevlllc tied It up through tin medium of a 75-yard run wlih nil-intercepted pass .before the luir ended. Blyllievlllu went, ah?a<l It: the .third quarter .with n ' second touchdown, , turned it goal lijie thi cut Into a touchlinrt: by Imrl tackling, arid jiKNle n third toueii- dov,n before roiicst City touglit back for another touchdown In Ihs final period. Tlie Clifi.ka'iavvs proved they :eoiild play when behind ns weil ns ahead The Thorobrcds pr;::£Ci>led a fast, tricky attack Jfii- iiired by n constant nsrlnl threat ' nnd a stubborn dcfciisi l.fncs Well Matched The teal battle. of (lie night was waged b-twecii two well mm_ chcd linss Hint made It n matter of glic and take all through tiie game Defensively Elmer Lindsay, Chick .left Bunrd, turned in- an oiilslandhiij performance as did P Fjye, left end of the Thoro- brcds, Captain Uiidgeforth of tho visitors, iilajln-, with an Injured leg, un.s overshadowed oirensivcly by E Wright and w. Frye, other baeK but played a good defensive Eamr Basil Locke mis Blytlie- Villc's ofTensivc flat along "wlih Moiley The Chick, defense looked pnr- Uculnily ucak against Forrest. Cits- passes but v,:is fated with a bel- ter than aveiagc aerial attack • The roirast Ctly line, especially yards as he slid through the lino. Coacli Irving of tlie Thorobrcds obligingly came Co 'tho aid or the Chicks at this point by sending cnie pliiycr Into tho game for tho second time In Ihc inird qutirtcr, .. th« Thorobrcds a 5 yard penalty mid pbiclnjr Die tall about a yard Irotn tho goal line, fiallba Hindu H « loiicliitoivn in one play and added the extra [whit with n well placed kick, sending the Cliicks seven points Into the lead. Forrest, City's line seemed lo be tiring steadily as the (-nine progressed. This seemed more evident (soon after the foinili quarter opened. Again employing their pass .specialty tram n fake kick formation Forrest. City advanced Hie, unll well In lilythcvllle territory. Theiv'wlth Iho Forrest City Hissing attack temporarily .stopped niythevillc's line surgcc! throimh and partially blocked Brldeerorth's Moslcy galloped up. the field a ulmito later on n right curt run Hint swept, the ball from" the 'hicks' 20 to Forrest City's 42 yard Inc. He kicked out of bounds on Forrest City's 24 yard line when he visitors held. Hard -Tiirkli! lliwels Krye Then the visitors ciinie siirgln^ back, nppaicnlly as strong as ever" Wright, the running;, star of lie visitors, carried the burden mat of the way as Forrest City tatcd n drive deep In Its own Itory and advanced Caiil. Footsie liciilon . .Inids Ar- kamas en the nay lo a .Soulh- wcc(crn C'oiiri'rrni'i! c'Jiumjilorshin. Burns, Durbnrrow, Hargrove. Officials—Mcrlwether (Hcndrlx) referee; Prank Wbllivorlh, umpire; Dick roller, hendllnesniun; Jolm Ifollnnd, field judge. rth cut loose with Football Results LIUIe Jiock 20, Fordyce 0. North Little ; Rock 5:1 B ard pass to W.'Frye and t | le re- elver meed to the Dlythcvillc 7 y 'u»,i lc before |1C W<1S stopped, with a touchdown n scant 7011- j|lc of yards aliead of him cAr a H»e plunge, Frye let the bull shoot out of Ills arms and across the soal line under, the cited of n vicious tackle by Purtle. It was ruled :i touchbiick mid Blythei'lllc came Into possc-wlon of on Us own 2« yard line. ''lie Chicks couldn't do '« I v Ounchltit Teachers 0. the ball 0. and Mosley put his squarely behind „ kjjk 0 , nl much toe t over thcForrcst City safety oiid rolled to Ihc vlslloi/ 35 yard line Anotlier Chick Touchiiown A Forrest uivi- passer dropjxni the ball whijn he fmmd liimsell cornered nnd tackled by a group o f . lllythevllla player* that niler- c.d through the visitors' line quick's. Hie Clileks recovered on Forrest city's 18 yard line for ihelr bl!f scarl " e opPOflunllv. found the Forrest " City M °I«»ifl_up.nml rammed thru " to the visitors' (he blxgcst gah: vanccd. 1 yard line for ns the locals ad- during the rust half, held stout>)', giving its fast moving backs plenty of time to get underway as (hey piled up yardage. Possibly the difficulty of keeping (heir eye on a white linn against 'lhe, h background of n white '(or nearly i".,, so) sweater added to the prob-l,, lems of the Chick-defense. ' Thorobrcds Take Lead Foriesl City s \ept inlo the lead In the -second quarter after repulsing a Bljlhevllle threat, within its 10 yairt line in the first qiiaiter Pnssts accounted for Ihe nlS yardage as the Thorobreds Bushed steadily forward to a Ill-it •' Klthm the Chicks' 10 yard . Mosley mnde it n touchdown In short order ami the ciilcfas led 20 line. Four tnei from the 0 yard liiic and Bildgeforth, Forrest City's backneld ace, sllppsij over for the necessary yard on fourth down ami the first touchdown of the 6june 'Iheu Diidgefoftlr kicked the extra' )x>int and the chicks loimd Ihcmschei on , the" bottom ItoHng up foi the first .time this tr-ftson . " ' ;' Locke, high-ptepplng .halfbaok, ut th - klrlr - - - K 'tn 115111.11 tvas uc- urale for the extra point. , Thoroljreds Hacc Again again on the wings of nn- pass from fake kick forina- as the visitors tried desper- rtcly. to get back oil even terms. h m . bal ,'n fr °'" ml ' mcl(l 'o Biythc- Jles 19 yard. A running nltnck ilckcd up small yardage mid Ihca >v. Fiye tossed t] lc ovnl 8 ds o E. Wright who galloped the rc- "altilng distance over the goal »e, f n iii,,g fonvnrd over the last itnpe as he stumbled through the 27, Arkansas State 0' (lit). Says Porkers Are Strong Offensively But May Be Sliy Defensively. I!V KAV MORRISON Hrail C'oach, Souihi'rn Mcthriillsl . University DALLAS, Tex.—Arkansas'' Huxor- lineks won last year's Southwestern Conference championship, 0 !ily to have It rudely removed from their clinches when II was tllscovn-nl li'y had been playing nn 1 Ineligible man. unknown to themselm. This season the boys from Kiy- ettevlllc are more detennlnid linn ever lo »ln the circuit's 1,0,101* : aiul sliow the. rest Ihnt . the" victory In 153.1 was no fluke. Arkansas again has a classy leam-ras Its recent 24-10 victor/ over,-Texas Christian ilemoiislrat- cd. The team is great' pfftmively as the 24 |»hit.s scored against Ihe Horned Frogs Indicates. : But it Is a bit weak defensively, al- Coach Fred Thomsen prob- Stuttgart 0, Marlanna Helena 7, Parngould B. Joncsboro Juniors w, Pnrngoiild Juniors o. Walnut, fii ( i gc ji_ piggou 20 I'inc Bhilt 33, Joncsboro 7. Camdcn 31, Prcscotl o. nnlpli Elvin Fort Smith 22, Okimilgee, Okla. Osccola 7, Harrlsbm-g B. Dnrdancllc c, Charleston G (tie) Powibonliif, c, Sinle High of Jonesboro (i Pour backficld stars in LaPorge, Choice Rucker, Oclser and Clark . Jordan . -gvi! Ihomscn a. tlirciit, in every plav LaForge, Oelscr and .lordnn are . Atkins 13, Mnbclvale 0. Kei'meU, Mo.. 24, Hector o Bauxllfi 13, DcWilt 0. Sprlnghlll, La., 13, Stamjis 0. Shnwncc 34, Crawfordsvlitc 0 Marked Tree 13, Liixorn 7 Earle 7, Wilson 1 (tic) Hungarian excavations have produced toys of the bronze age; they were ,evidently innrie from 1IOQ to 100 B. C., according to scientists. You need only a yardstick to determine; when you arc standing ex- nctly at the North Pole,- jf your shadow measures Ihoisnme over a 24-hour period, you n rc at the Porkers have about the most Ed aiuiuj In (he confcr the rest of the Uys are gu- to find (hat, svuwjiina Just a bit Kio good for theni. Forrest City-Blytheville Statistics I!y .f. I Illythovllle V [.'irst abiy has ironed by now. out tlmt problem seinors, and Ruekcr junior. . All arc well versed in footlnll mechanics and have the natural ability to make them outstnml- Ing gainers. LaForgc j s a back of the 'pint slice variety, ffe Is a speedster will few equals in the coun'ry unit Thomson uses him sparingly, much in .'the manner thai Howard Jones makes use of Cot- Ion Warbiirton. The Porker forward Forrest CHj I3owus 15 Pa^-se.s lAtl(H) 17 Passes (Comp) Vd.v ]<Voin Itecs Passes (Inlet V<ln Utd Into Passes Yds From Rushing •'• No. Kiekolls 1:10 Yds. of Klekotls r :f:i Ave;. of Kiekolls % Yds. Rid. J'uiiis, KieX-offs Bl lil Yds. Lost from ij'lmrnngc 20 0 FuJiiWKi 4 1 fitmljle.s Recovered 0 Penalties U Yds. of Penalties P No. Punts (J'(. Yds. of Punts •!0.3 Ave. of Punts Net Gain Records (Rushing) No. Yds. Yds. Ave. Runs Ond. Lost Gain Locke (13} Moslcy (lil IP) <Ht W. Frye (F) . o 9 10 E. Wright (F) 22 B't'eforlli (F) .n li. Writ-Ill (F) 4 Individual Hccoi"-i U'asses) Ulacfcwell (B) ' l 3is o 300 W. Frye (F) 3 92 0 Oswalt (P) .. l 20 1'ipton (H) 1 Wright (P) 4 17 PIXfiD FOR TH 1 WE00W6, AN 00 AN' 6ITCHEE WCDfJINO DUOS ALL MESSEP Up/ CANT MARGY PRINCESS WOOTIETOOT, LOOKIN& I KNOW |T/ LE!5 JES CALC KNEW5UMPIN'0 GO WCON6.' OHHHH -THIS is AWFUL / UMPATEEDLE 'ET/ I THIMK 60TTA IDEA- Julius Ackcrbloom, Little Rock 74- Jimmie Fossick, niytheville, 84. viduaj recommendations that Fossick Cards 84 in Opening Tourney Play Student Newspaper Offers Wall Street Guide CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)—The Harvard Crimson, undergraduate ead over his nearest competitor n the Louisville Open yesterday juniors weight wall, , seniors, have the .with'ii par-slmttcrlng 08 1111 Close behind were Tony experience that apt lo offset any possible vnntngc held by any In the conference. j s Dntia all with Scores of There ,are v Mensel, Haden. Paul Rucker, pupt-. Footsie Bcnton Splvey Lake, Van Sickle, n,< sophomore (ncklc wlio earned a reaii- lar plncc In the line after "his work In .(he game against T v . C. plenty of_ other material ... OVUl L'.S other line i.icludcd: Todd Houck, put the lodvLs back ; inlo the game wlfen ,hc interrupted an- othei^ steady Foirest City march and turned it, Into a niythuvllle paradc uutcid Ijy Intercepting a Thorobrert pass on his own 25-yard hue and uicing clown the s'ide- mcs lor a louclidown. Saliba's Kick added the extra point. Visilurs OlfensD IJeltcr Neither team, scored again before the hnlf ended and the out- ccmo nas still very much In The Thorobrcds had reeled oil a total of 3 first downs to ; 2 for the. Chicks in their first an offensive edge. At the claw of the game Uiey had 15 to ' for the Chicks , The second iialf found tli Thorobrcds apparently tiring mi (lei the strain ot the nip and •••)«"• *.x luck battle bcin? waged between (Place-klcfc powerful .forward walls. '•- L -"The Chicks used an exchange of punts to gain ground on th \lsltors and then with the bail with their possession around Forrest Citj's 40-jord line sent their bill carriers Into action. The drive lost headway though as they moved «lthln Forrcsl City's 20- sard line and pass attempts failed to put the locals near-r- Die visitors' goal. Then the Thoro-i breds began clicking again with! E Wright, slippery star of the ! enme, doing most, of the ball carrying on a 15-yard Jamil as ino visitors advanced to thel- omi 40-jard line. Forced to kick Brldgeforth booted the ball out on BIylhevlItc's .35-yard line. Cuts Back and AWay Locke again Jeapeci Into the center of the picture when he started toward right end and the near cast sideline, snericd back sharply In a perfect cutback play over his tackle, and raced diagonally down the field. Before the surprised Forrest City secondary could cut him down on the visitors* 14 jard line. This lime the Chicks were not lo be- denied and Moslcy; cut the distance goalward by i arms of rtespcrnfc Incklcrs The try for |»lnt failed when half the BythevlHe line hurried thru and blocked a place kick, leaving Forrest City 8 iMlnls behind Forrest City kicked off to the Chicks anil lliey moved to a first down about the 35 .yard line Then slcy got oft n long punt'that s grounded 'by n Chick player about the visitors'-. 10. yard line n s: Ihe game-ended.. The lineups: i' iilyth6vllle pas Ulackwell LE Hnydcr LT Lindscy LG Purtlc c Unisford .. no Walker ' RT Tiplon KE Mosley Qjj Craig '. Lp Locke PM Forrest '• City f. Frye Dicus ThUim Poolc May Brown Oswalt • . E. Wright W. Frye Parker WRESTLING AHMOIIY - - iMONDAY-NIT'E DOUBLE FEATURE 2 Matches - - '<10 Minute Time Limit 2 Out of 3 Fulls Roy Welch vs. Jack Purdin Ralph Smith vs. Sammy George BIG DOUBLE SIM SUNDAY, OCT. II MAT. & N'IGIIT—if,i- On The Stage In Person HERB MAHLE >ro, "Jii(;" McPhndcii and ,J ! !?.Jl'. ld : n f. WM»i»r is oller- a .'Wail street to offer belter than market opp'or- ( """ i " to make or lose trillion tiinities fees'." David Rockefeller, grandson of the oil magnate, is a member of the criimon staff. family • ---- ' •••'•j "m world-famous 1 , bakciitc lignitic "' industry, , usry according !o experiments at Kaiser Wllhelm ; Institute for coal search, it is claimed "that RC-: the new product is ideally suitable for making battery boxes and electric; ' switch plates. Nettles sting because "otT leaves there arc fine brittle hair>,-' IMison which enters the ?• ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & NITO—iOc - 25< BILL CODY In ;i tiip Koiirin^ Western 'WESTERN U.IlkJ Serial—Rin Tin Tin, Jr. in "The Wolf .--'- o B , lmn (C , USthevllle scoring—Touchdowns en ? '' nt f cc P'«l Pass), Sal (hnc) Mosby (lino. Ex ,,. n ^ s -Salilia (3) place kicks (Moslcy Holding, ball). Forrest City scoring -Touchdowns, Dridgeforth (line) t- Wright (forward pass from ty Extra' point—liridgcfortli . Siibstitullons—Blythevillc, Harris Baxter. Forrest Cily-B. Wright,' Saturday Only Matinee ft Night—l He - 2ac Leo Tracy and Gloria Stuarl in Til TELL THE WORLD' 1.HICK JONES SERIAL CARTOON ORCHESTRA 12-Talented Musidans-12 —FEATURING— Jimmie Thorpe GOLDEN VOICED RADIO SJNGKK Direct from Hotel Statlcr Roof Garden's IS Weeks' Engagement FEATURED OVlfo KMOX ;m,| K.SI). ST. l.OUis CONTINUOUS SHOWING - - VAUIH-'VII I F EACH PICTURE ' ' ' Sunday - Monday it!AT. ;imi Nile—Klc - 25<E D W A R D G: ROBINSON Plays the two' most sensational roles of his ca- r^er >; in one enthralling •'drama!.. F^rst National's We a K no, Watch the trees this month of October. See them chang-e to glorious color—and then strip themselves bare to'the : c61cl blasts of coming Winter. Thus they remain until the coming of Spring. ' It might be" economical to adopt the tree system, but it would hardly be wise in this competitive world of people. New Fall clothes are a necessity for the man who wants to hold his place in business. For the woman who knows the social value of .< being well- dresaed - : •' Our handsome Fall clothes stay with us, decorative and protective. Adding pride to- the new energy that. comes with the tang of Fall, sheltering- us from the cold, new' Fall clothes are both a pleasure and a nec- A REAL MUSICAL TREAT FOR MUSIC On the Screen LOVERS Kay Francis -- Leslie Howard in "BRITISH AGENT" MAN WITH fil FACES ,' r ' with MARYASTOR • RICARDO COR|EZ • MAE CLARKE \V-.ill Disney Carlonn in Technicolor Gnliliolooks -M\I\ Ihc Three Rears" Also Comedy As you shop for your new Fall clothes, give thanks not only for their beauty and warmth, but for the advertisements that are your sure guides to good values. In this paper you.will find each clay the news of fashion, of price, of places to buy. Turn "these pages at leisure, shopping as you read. Make your selections of the things you need at the prices yoircan afford to pay, arid you will be well and durably clothed against the rigors of the coming weather.

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